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Big blood or what can you do? (theses on the crisis)

When will explode - will not seem a little

Big blood or what can you do? (theses on the crisis)

Need I say that the US crisis is systemic? Although, sorry, some categories of citizens still have to explain. Well, I'll start from afar, otherwise it will not be clear.

So imagine a physical explosion model. The explosion must be fueled by a reaction. And it needs fuel. For example, for the explosion of gunpowder, powder and oxygen are required.

The current economic model is very close to this description. Here there are the same two components that support each other: Money and consumers. The problem is that this explosion is almost uncontrollable. Needless to say, an uncontrolled explosion causes destruction not only at the point of contact with the area of ​​application, but also destroying everything around. Today, these two components are on the verge of exhaustion. Money lost its potential due to the devaluation of their fraud and speculation. At the same time, they, like soap bubbles, inflate, trying to instill in themselves more respect than they deserve.

Consumers can not buy to the extent that the production of this money is expressed. Hence, a disappointing conclusion for capital arises - there is nowhere to sell, but I want to live. Overproduction crises have happened before and even in the USSR. Yes, yes, do not be surprised, for example, in 91-th year in the USSR an unprecedented harvest was obtained for all the time of its existence, but the counters turned out to be empty. Why am I talking about the crisis of overproduction now? Yes, because money = goods is no secret to anyone that there is now much more money than real goods. What happened in the United States is a consequence of thoughtless consumption and the dominance of money supply over the real economic sector. Now everyone is waiting for the Republicans to agree with the Democrats and everything will again be "good." However, it is almost impossible. But even if the size of the US government debt increases again, it will only be another attempt to increase the already accumulated pressure of money supply on the market. However, no matter how you try to pull down the bomb with patches of fistula, sooner or later it will explode and the further you go, the more damage there will be. To our misfortune, we are so bogged down in US dollars that even a minor default in this country will lead to huge losses in our country. I will not refer to Marx, I hope the reader will not master this heavy article without an elementary knowledge of economics and, of course, Capital. The crisis that comes, and the one that was - this is not a crisis, this is so ... Simply, as they say, "the lawyers have moved away" - will sweep away half of the world's population.

What can you do?

So I want to say - they - VONA! And we - who? But let's see. Yes, we are deeply stuck in relations with the United States, and our economy is in a state of recession. However, if we do not do anything, then he will beat us, as well as everyone. What should be done?

So, the very first - it is necessary to industrialize №2. Since we have already conducted deindustrialization - not unsuccessfully in the 90-s, thus increasing the pressure of money on the market. The second step, to ban loans at least temporarily - due to an excess of delays, the money supply is about 30 times more than the money itself. To return the ruble to the rails of non-convertible currency, that is, to get rid of the excess dollar mass - just understand for yourself, the dollar will collapse no later than 2015, even if the US crisis can now be “settled” by raising the national debt ceiling. It is not a secret for anyone to return the territories of Russia owned by foreign companies that a very impressive share of our natural wealth belongs to foreigners, respectively, the money they get by exploiting our natural wealth is flowing abroad. Actually, this is characteristic of any living organism, according to the laws of nature, almost all organisms "stick together" when interacting with an aggressive environment. Alas, this is possible only in one case - a revolution! No one voluntarily throws away his dollars, no one agrees to give away the “bought” for free, no one will give up his BMW to become a machine. And all these citizens are now sitting on the atomic bomb and trying to patch the fistula with the help of patches. Guys, the atomic bomb will still explode, only the more patches, the greater the damage will be.
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  1. vlad_m
    vlad_m 19 October 2013 06: 37 New
    For example, gunpowder explosion requires gunpowder itself and oxygen.

    A mistake by the author! For the explosion of gunpowder, gunpowder itself and its effect are needed. Thermal or mechanical.
    Oxygen for gunpowder explosion NOT NEEDED! Gunpowder is capable of exploding on its own even in a vacuum, since there is a substance in its composition that during the reaction itself releases oxygen in the required amount.

    Error 2 - the dollar will not collapse. It will be intensely pulled and pulled. Everyone will do this, as the United States owes everything. Everyone will drag the usa from the grave by the ears until debts are paid off. This process will be very long. Until the US government decides to admit that a terrible end is better than endless horror and does not declare refusal to pay debts.
    But this will not happen. No government will dare to do this. In the worst case, they will introduce a moratorium on payments for 10-20 years in order to straighten out their economy. And the whole world will gladly agree to this! If...
    If by that time there would be no other reserve currency, which by that time would be as widespread as the dollar, and its security would be an order of magnitude higher.
    Here in this case, options are possible ...
    But that's another story ...
    And in the general article, a plus. Although I can’t put it, the status does not allow it.
    1. vladimirZ
      vladimirZ 19 October 2013 08: 51 New
      The United States has one choice from this situation of the global crisis, which they themselves gave rise to when they owe everything. This is a method they have repeatedly used to unleash a world war, which will write off all their debts automatically.
      When and where it will be a matter of time. First, a local conflict of the Syrian type with the gradual retraction of other countries. And the main goal of US expansion is Russia. The natural pantry of Russia, along with the military expenses of the states participating in the war, will write off all US debts.
      The only limiting factor today may be the still existing nuclear potential of Russia, but it will not be eternal and can be overcome by destroying Russia from the inside, according to the experience of the collapse of the USSR.
    2. dddym
      19 October 2013 09: 13 New
      Mistake # 1 are you talking about saltpeter? Well, yes, it emits OXYGEN for no explosion will take place without oxygen. Do not argue I am a chemist by education.
      Mistake # 2 The dollar can be tightened for a couple of years, which is what it is written about. But this does not mean that the margin of safety will be eternal.
      1. tungus
        tungus 19 October 2013 11: 01 New
        Quote: dddym
        The dollar can be pulled a couple of years later and what is written. But this does not mean that the margin of safety will be eternal.

        The dollar is not pulled. To recycle the dollar, the financial sector of the economy was invented. Exchange Securities market, stocks, etc. And most importantly, treasury. US Treasury Bond.
        The financial sector exceeds the real one tenfold. So he then utilizes the extra dollars.
        In principle, the financial sector can be inflated further by simply increasing the value of stocks, inflating bubbles in various sectors. And releasing new treasury bonds and throwing them to the market. Another thing is that sooner or later all this will collapse. The shares of an enterprise with a turnover of 10 million dollars cannot cost 10 billion. Already now, the price of shares of some companies is such that the payback period of investments is 100 or more. Yes, and the main buyer of Treasuries today is the Fed, and not world governments, as it was intended.
        However, the collapse of the dollar is not beneficial to anyone. All world currencies are pegged to the dollar. All major resources are valued in dollars. All developed countries of the world have treasure. And if the dollar collapses, there will be chaos.
        Now the main global consumers live in debt. With the destruction of the dollar system, living in debt will not be possible. Accordingly, the world level of consumption will fall significantly. And after him, production will fall. Well and further, the reduction of jobs, reduction of salaries, unemployment at the level of 20-25 percent, the collapse of pension systems, the total impoverishment of citizens of developed countries, a social explosion.
        Nobody needs this. Because everyone pulls a dollar. While there is no alternative model, they will keep the dollar as much as they can. And not the Americans, the whole world.
        1. Tektor
          Tektor 19 October 2013 11: 57 New
          Mistake number 3: you can’t give up the dollar right now - we will simply be destroyed economically. We have to keep the reserves to the last and sacrifice them so that we are not hurt much.
          1. dddym
            19 October 2013 13: 09 New
            this is of course - right now it’s impossible; this process does not agree on 100% for more than one day. But the revolution is not limited to 25-October 1917 year.
          2. tungus
            tungus 19 October 2013 14: 14 New
            Quote: Tektor
            you can’t give up the dollar right now

            And this is not possible. To abandon the dollar, it is necessary to change the entire financial system of the country. And the constitution in addition.
            You can act step by step. To start, create your own emission center. That is, untie the money supply of the ruble from the gold reserves and begin to print rubles without regard to the dollar. This will reduce the cost of loans and companies will begin to be credited domestically and not abroad. There will be a lot of money inside the country, they will become cheap and this will push the economy, and at the same time reduce dependence on the dollar. In general, you need to do what the EU, China and others do.
            But under an agreement with the IMF, we cannot print money without taking into account gold reserves. This agreement was signed in the nineties and is essentially an act of surrender. Refusing this act will be the first step to reducing dependence on the dollar. But in any case, no one can completely abandon the dollar today. There is simply no alternative.
    3. a52333
      a52333 19 October 2013 09: 23 New
      Quote: vlad_m
      2 error - the dollar will not crash.
      Come on! There are laws of the economy, for example: the ratio of a country's currency to GDP is 0,6 dash 0,7.
      etc. etc. State service debt now they have 60% !!!! the budget. I don’t even see the point in continuing. Further emission leads to an increase in the percentage of budget funds for debt servicing.
      1. S_mirnov
        S_mirnov 19 October 2013 11: 53 New
        Again, everyone is worried about a systemic crisis in the United States, I’m wondering, is this a systemic crisis in Russia? Or just gloating the hunt? Like we are not alone in J., so compared with our GDP = GDP of one large US state, it seems silly to worry about America.
        1. dddym
          19 October 2013 13: 11 New
          our crisis is an echo of the crisis - that. And there’s one common thing - that’s why we are looking for ways so that it is not general but local.
        2. Botanologist
          Botanologist 19 October 2013 19: 48 New
          Quote: S_mirnov
          Or just gloating the hunt? Like we are not alone in J., so compared with our GDP = GDP of one large US state, it seems silly to worry about America.

          You are not right. Nobody wants to gloat, but this is not a reason to pretend that everything is fine. Everything is just bad, and you need to understand that soon we will have to solve our problems ourselves.
          As for the fact that Russia's GDP = the GDP of one US state - something you are very confused. Exaggerated, very mildly, significantly. Texas GDP - 18 economy in the world, Russian GDP - 5. And I haven’t yet figured out that the US GDP by 75% consists of services. Which, in fact, as they want, they believe, and which in no way are the products themselves. This is mainly banking operations, that is, nothing.
          So do not lie, do not fantasize and do not distort.
          1. S_mirnov
            S_mirnov 19 October 2013 20: 52 New
            Quote: Botanologist
            So do not lie, do not fantasize and do not distort.

            I agree, stop juggling laughing
            turn to the numbers
            1. dddym
              21 October 2013 16: 40 New
              alas, my friend - external debt service is not taken into account here; this is purely production. This means you can buy a car on credit and be considered secured, but after the collectors come to you, your car will not cost a dime. That is, the US development table is described well, but take away 60% external debt servicing and the picture will become much less interesting than described in your link ... As for other economies, this is true. that Russia is lagging behind, which is what the article is about.
    4. 222222
      222222 19 October 2013 12: 19 New
      A crisis in the economy is like a person’s diarrhea (he ate something wrong) .. About ..., he removed toxins and the lightened and purified body functions again ..
    5. Mikhail3
      Mikhail3 19 October 2013 16: 08 New
      Trying to refute the author, you refuted yourself. Explosion requires oxygen, which you showed, trying to explain that it is not needed. Where does the oxygen in general come from? In your further explanations there is the same error. You are apparently a financier ... As a rule, I try my best to discuss the thoughts expressed and not their authors, but in this case ... I'm sorry, but the dollar is doomed. The forces that came into action are immeasurably more powerful than all governments combined and multiplied by each other. Sell ​​what you have in time.
    6. Botanologist
      Botanologist 19 October 2013 19: 40 New
      Quote: vlad_m
      2 error - the dollar will not crash. Everyone will drag the usa from the grave by the ears until debts are paid off.

      You fantasize too much. Today, service payments (note - servicing, not repayment) of US debt account for 60% of the budget. By 2015, they will reach 70%. And how were you going to pay off these debts? There is not so much money in the world, even if all countries of the world decide their entire budget and give all their gold reserves to the United States. So to drag the USA out of crisis is the same as to drag an elephant to a trunk. The navel will fall out, but no result. Do not dream.

      Quote: vlad_m
      In the worst case, a moratorium on payments of years on 10-20 will be introduced in order to straighten out its economy. And the whole world will gladly agree to this! If a...

      The whole world will agree ... But will banks agree to service all debts for free? I doubt it.
      In addition, such a moratorium does not solve the main thing - debts will not decrease anyway. It’s just that nowhere will they diminish.

      Quote: vlad_m
      If there is no other reserve currency by that time, which by that time will be as widespread as the dollar, and its security will be an order of magnitude higher

      There will be no single currency, do not dream. Have to get used to the regional. Get used to it, don’t worry.
    7. 755962
      755962 20 October 2013 14: 22 New
      Quote: vlad_m
      Error 2 - the dollar will not collapse. It will be intensely pulled and pulled.

      What Ron Paul told about the end of dollar hegemony
      It all ended on August 15, 1971, when Nixon closed the golden window and refused to pay any gold out of the remaining 280 million ounces. In essence, we declared insolvency, and everyone recognized that in order to bring stability to the markets, some other monetary system must be invented.

      Surprisingly, a new system was invented that allowed the United States to manage the print presses of the world reserve currency in the absence of any restrictions imposed on it - even without creating the appearance of its convertibility, without anything at all! Although the new policy suffered even deeper vices, it nonetheless provided opportunities for expanding the hegemony of the dollar.

      There is no doubt that the United States is experiencing and will continue to experience serious financial difficulties, unless they make drastic (and politically impossible) changes. The only salvation for the US is its ability to print the world's reserve currency. But if you lose this special privilege, they will return to the measures that all other governments have resorted to throughout history.
  2. Peaceful military
    Peaceful military 19 October 2013 07: 14 New
    The conclusion is obvious. Industrialization and the State Planning Commission (not a fiction, but a powerful organization at one time). AND STALIN!
    As for the crisis, it is naive to believe that this is something taken for granted. This is a planned and directed action.
    1. CHILD
      CHILD 25 October 2013 18: 43 New
      Our crisis has not stopped since the late 80s-early 90s)))) .... it is only called differently in each period of exacerbation)))) and then I think we are definitely in the first place in world history .. can start being "proud"))) after the Second World War we rebuilt faster ... and that it all happened this way ?????
  3. borisjdin1957
    borisjdin1957 19 October 2013 07: 26 New
    from the Don.
    This is understandable to the hedgehog! It’s impossible to defer default on the USA! The Jews will find a way out (at our expense). We can only watch how our country is being pulled!
  4. borisjdin1957
    borisjdin1957 19 October 2013 07: 26 New
    from the Don.
    This is understandable to the hedgehog! It’s impossible to defer default on the USA! The Jews will find a way out (at our expense). We can only watch how our country is being pulled!
  5. Lyokha79
    Lyokha79 19 October 2013 07: 28 New
    The author calls for a revolution, again calls like "we will break everything, and then ...". What then? Civil War? The author pours water on the mill of our western "friends". They are just waiting for us to start killing each other ourselves, and on this they will improve their economic health through the plundering of Russia.
    1. Ustas
      Ustas 19 October 2013 08: 19 New
      Quote: Lyokha79
      The author calls for a revolution, again calls like "we will break everything,

      Well, a revolution is not a revolution, but the correct thought from the drafts.
      1. APES
        APES 19 October 2013 16: 10 New
        The Great War is a way out of the crisis for the USA. Russia in its present state is not profitable war. Therefore, all the efforts of diplomacy are directed, I would say, to delay the imminent war. In this regard, Russia is forced to “for now” support the existing financial system. The United States, in particular Abama at G20, said plainly: "we have no more strength, but if we leave, it will be bad for everyone."
        Nevertheless, work is underway, in particular, we agreed with China on mutual settlements (in rubles and yuan) - in parallel with this, they really began to invest in the defense industry - in modern weapons systems (the primary task is to create a communications system - the most problematic place of our army) .
        Regarding the revolution — it will be a disaster for Russia — in today's, and in principle, any situation. If you look at what the "holding" do our power - in the part of the economy, they headed for the state. Capitalism. I want to believe - they started to do something to solve internal problems. In general, I got the impression that they finally realized that there (over the hill) they don’t need anyone, that at any moment, all the capital that they hold there could be expropriated according to the Cyprus scenario. And this inevitably leads to the fact that IM will have to negotiate with his people - which is already at the limit (in terms of tolerance).
        1. Altona
          Altona 19 October 2013 16: 33 New
          It’s stupid to start a war if managers hired by compradors are involved in the management of the country ... Therefore, the first bullets should go to our oligarchs and their singers, and then the weapons will be turned outside ...
  6. Yon_Silent
    Yon_Silent 19 October 2013 08: 13 New
    The author was smart. Only emotions.
    I tried to imagine an explosion of gunpowder, it did not work. For for this phrase, when I was a student, they kicked me out of the ballistics exam. Gunpowder, as a typical representative of propelling explosives, does not explode, but burns quickly. This process is called deflagration, in contrast to the detonation, which the author seems to have in mind.
    With regard to the economic aspect of the article, it can be summarized - basically this is a long retelling of the saying "If the debtor owes $ 1000, this is the debtor's problem. If the debtor owes a million, then this is the creditor's problem." To the burning question "what can you do here" many of my compatriots already know the answer, stocking up on salt, buckwheat, pasta and cartridges ...
    1. dedroid71
      dedroid71 19 October 2013 10: 00 New
      Greetings, Yon_Tikhiy! I agree, as the author is very emotional and not very logical.
  7. major071
    major071 19 October 2013 08: 18 New
    Everyone will drag the usa from the grave by the ears until debts are paid off.

    Pull the US economy by the ears will not work. Ears of such gravity can come off or the hands of the dragger, if the ears are strong.
    1. 755962
      755962 20 October 2013 14: 26 New
      The sun sets over the superiority of the dollar, and with this, over American power

      A serious alternative to the dollar is still far away, but the recent fuss on Capitol Hill has given her a new impetus to the search. The United States is reckless in disregard for its future.
  8. andruha70
    andruha70 19 October 2013 08: 43 New
    Is it necessary to say that the US crisis is systemic? Although, sorry, some categories of citizens will still have to explain this.
    I will not refer to Marx, I hope the reader will not master this cumbersome article without basic knowledge of economics and, of course, Capital.
    to the author - maybe it should be more modest, and not count readers de. am
    The crisis that is coming, but the one that was - this is not a crisis, it is so ... It's just, as they say, "the gazers have moved away" - will sweep away half of the world's population.
    just understand for yourself, the dollar will collapse no later than 2015
    Guys, the atomic bomb will explode anyway, only the more patches, the greater the destruction will be.
    Chef, the mustache is gone ... we wrap ourselves in a white shroud and slowly crawl into the cemetery ... lol everything is solved simply (and you don’t have to be a dohtur of economics. to understand this) you need to limit PERSONAL consumption ... buy 2-3 pairs of shoes instead of 10-15 (dear, do you really have a centipede? so many shoes? laughing ) 2-3 bottles of beer instead of a box (you look at the box, a discount of 50 rubles is given, let's take drinks ) ride a single vehicle, not 2-3 years, but 5-10 years (shaw? did you buy a new boomer? ... and we need to update it? ... why? we stand at the same time in a traffic jam for 3 hours) and instead of watching TV ads, it’s better to do 10-20 squats or push-ups ... or go to the topwar website and read a smart article (not this repeat ) etc. and then, the economy itself will come to an equilibrium (from the point of view of nature) state. and not a single rockefeller, Rothschild, or whatever they can do anything ... tongue
  9. baku1999
    baku1999 19 October 2013 08: 58 New
    as they say in Odessa, but what is it for a dollar like that, and who has them ????????????
  10. saag
    saag 19 October 2013 10: 30 New
    Quote: Lyokha79
    Author calls for revolution

    Well, he calls - he does not call, but sets out his opinion, and I won’t say that it’s completely wrong, it’s impossible to change something fundamentally in the current system using separate measures, the business interests of individual groups and individuals are intertwined, it doesn’t smell of any statehood, the theses on the revival of Russia are based on the fact that now there can be relatively safe life for businessmen in Russia, and there beyond the horizon they can plant or take away money laundering like in Cyprus, so we need to build a new system in parallel and implement it
  11. HollyGremlin
    HollyGremlin 19 October 2013 10: 39 New
    One of the default dollar patterns:
    1 day.
    1. Russia: people exchange dollars for rubles and sweep away everything from store shelves (the past taught that the hardest currency is goods), the state does not understand what is happening. The ruble is sharply cheaper.
    2. Europe: people exchange dollars for euros and express an increased interest in goods, states come up with a plan. Euro is growing
    3. China: people continue to work, the state swears at America. Yuan just like that.
    4. USA: people are indignant but continue to watch television shows and go to work, the state reassures everyone and convinces that everything is fine, the dollar is getting cheaper sharply.
    1 week.
    1. Russia: people have a rest (bought as for 3 new years), shops urgently buy goods in Europe and China in double batches (all the same, they take it all apart), the state starts selling oil for rubles, the ruble rises in price.
    2. Europe: people exchange dollars for euros and express an increased interest in goods, states come up with a plan. Euro is growing. There is a shortage of goods.
    3. China: people continue to work, trade flows are redirected to Europe, Russia and other countries, the yuan is growing.
    4. USA: people are very indignant but continue to watch television shows, the state reassures everyone and makes sure that everything is fine, the dollar is sharply cheaper, the counters are empty.
    1 month.
    1. Russia: people are working, the state continues to steal, the ruble is uneven.
    2. Europe: people buy goods and relax, states come up with a plan. Euro is falling.
    3. China: people continue to work, the yuan is growing, the state is cursing with America (I want to tear it apart).
    4. USA: people are very indignant, are buying everything, the dollar is getting cheaper, the counters are empty. The state is not reassuring anyone.
    1. Russia: we are still on the oil needle, we are going to a bright future (medium).
    2. Europe: on the same path from nowhere to nowhere (medium).
    3. China: Realize that they are cool.
    4. USA: hello wild west.
    1. Lesnik
      Lesnik 25 October 2013 19: 21 New
      author zhzhot! I want ischo !!!!!!! laughing
  12. vlad.svargin
    vlad.svargin 19 October 2013 12: 12 New
    Money has lost its potential due to the devaluation of their fraud and speculation. Moreover, they inflate like soap bubbles, trying to inspire more respect than they deserve ... Yes, we are completely stuck in relations with the United States, and our economy is in a state of recession. However, if we do not do anything, then he will fuck us, as well as everyone.

    The author is right in spite of the objections of the members of the forum. And we have to do something. The collapse of everything in Russia began with the coming to power of "agents of influence" (Gorbachev, etc.), and the avalanche collapse began after the pegging of our economy to the dollar (by Yeltsin's decree, the dollar became an "internal currency") and the "quiet" distribution of our territory to foreign companies. It's time for our leaders to start realizing reforms in the national interest. It is in the national interest. Not only pay attention to the development of the Army, but also THINK about the restoration of our national economy and industry (which will accelerate the development of the military-industrial complex, and this will strengthen our Army). All these "crises" lead, in the end, to a global catastrophe, if we do nothing and will greatly affect us. What the author suggests is not devoid of common sense. Perhaps our cautious Leader is doing something, but then how can we keep either "agents of influence" or incompetent members of the government nearby? Author Dmitry does not call for a revolution, but calls for a sober understanding of our situation.
  13. Silkway0026
    Silkway0026 19 October 2013 13: 00 New
    nationalization of all objects received for a penny
  14. cormorant
    cormorant 19 October 2013 14: 46 New
    Sweep liberals out of government. It is necessary to nationalize the entire mining industry. Methodically plant thieves, regardless of caste. Sell ​​oil and gas for rubles. And most importantly, pay less attention to what is advised from behind a hill.
  15. Indifferent
    Indifferent 19 October 2013 16: 42 New
    As long as we have the current government headed by the iPhone specialist, nothing will change. They read like a mantra - they are waiting for new investments in the economy. They themselves are doing everything to finish the last. There are no or almost no investors, the industry is chewing on the latter. We stopped making "buckets with nuts" and did not learn anything new. As a result, we make a couple of dozen tractors a year, several combines, only a few excavators, and so on. In general, I wonder how an enterprise that produces 12 harvesters a year can live? Metal-cutting machines seem to have completely ceased to be made! So Russia has a colonial life ahead under the auspices of international corporations. Through agents of influence, they have been running our country for a long time. It's time to climb the pines and cling to the tail, only bananas do not grow on pines. By the way, Russia has 15 years of oil left.
    Almost all of us get from abroad. Do not believe, look around you. What is Russian-Russian about you? Machine, kitchen equipment, TV, telephone ...
    So if the world economic system falls into pieces, and this can happen, however much they call for a dollar stretching, we will be hit hardest! 1998 is at least. And most likely much worse.
  16. VladimS
    VladimS 19 October 2013 18: 16 New
    Enough of the revolutions!
    Moneybags will not suffer, dump or somehow level the problem for themselves.
    But the hard workers will be able to tear each other's forearms and skin - meaningless and merciless.
    1. vkrav
      vkrav 20 October 2013 14: 14 New
      Quote: VladimS
      Enough of the revolutions!

      This is enough for us ... Go out on the street and you will see the crowds of those who need it. There is a lot of everything, right now and, if possible, to the ball ...
  17. Grbear
    Grbear 19 October 2013 20: 52 New
    To the author (——) for his amateurish approach to the topic and the lack of respect for the audience. EVERYTHING WITH THIS.

    No complaints, vskidku.

    Why should it crash:
    • No one is allowed to violate the laws of the economy (T – D – T) with impunity.
    • The money supply of economies (more precisely, the state that has arrogated to itself the right to produce money supply) exceeded the amount produced in the world, material assets (services - from the evil one, information - not for everyone).
    • The economic model of the States may begin to exist, again, only in another territory (monetary unit), i.e. preparations are underway - the yuan, the ruble, the Australian pound or ...

    Why does not crash:
    • In addition to purely technical issues (banking system, deposits, insurance, etc.) the collapse of the dollar is collapse of the worldview system, which was joined by 1/6 of the land (abandoning its own alternative system).
    • No one really knows where the world's reserves of gold are (it rots), where and how it will shoot. Who knows, he is silent, or is afraid to "be late for the distribution."

    That’s really what it’s shitty - both options do not exclude WAR.
  18. saag
    saag 20 October 2013 08: 52 New
    Quote: VladimS
    Enough of the revolutions

    Then you will live in the present state for an indefinite time, all the time invoking the spirit of Stalin, and cursing the moneybags, without a goal and confidence in the future, like yesterday the conversation about education turned up, and it turned out that now they study longer, they begin to study already from kindergarten, then school is 11 years old, and know less than we in Soviet times who studied "only" 10 years of secondary school. you can take production, now there are no separate areas, such as machine-tool building, among other things, the most important in the industry, private capital, which was predicted to be saviors, is in no hurry to invest working capital in modernization, for example, in hydroelectric power plants (Oleg Deripaska). you can continue with what you will have to live with. Revolutions are always almost bloodless; they are civil wars with great casualties. When an idea appears in Russia that unites the people, then whether you like it or not, it will burst out. While there was a faint call in the form of Biryulyov, when the people rallied despite the views and he rallied against the government as well, I don’t think that he is the last, most likely there will be others.
  19. anushin10ru
    anushin10ru 20 October 2013 19: 33 New
    To carry out industrialization 2. The question is who, at what expense, and most importantly, according to what plan it will take place. I do not argue that the state still has money. In theory, you can set up a couple thousand modern enterprises. But first, a state plan is needed, then 7-10 years for personnel training, and in 15 years they may be on their feet. The main condition is exit from the WTO and protective customs barriers. Are our "leaders" capable of such actions? The answer is no. They dance to the tune of large foreign and partly domestic capital. Who is Putin - the protege of Sobchak and Yeltsin, the defender of Chubais, etc. While he and his team will not have any industrialization in power 2. There is nothing to dream about. The main condition for real changes in Russia is the departure of Putin and his friends. The coming to power of the left. Everyone understands that the current government will not voluntarily leave. Draw conclusions.