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And the state secrets become investments ...

And the state secrets become investments ...Only last year more than 400 Russian officials fled to the UK

Police recently detained three people who tried to sell the post of deputy governor of the Ryazan region to a certain merchant for 5 million rubles. Scammers for several days in a row, and more than once, showed central and regional TV channels. A criminal case was initiated under the articles "Attempted crime" and "Especially large-scale fraud." The investigation requested the arrest of the detainees. But about the one who intended to buy a high-ranking official for his main (commercial) job, not a half word even in a whisper.

Moreover, in this case, it turned out that, in addition to the Ryazan region, the detainees promised to help promote candidates for any leadership positions in the 36 regions of the Russian Federation. There, too, there were those who wished to serve in such a somewhat extravagant way to serve the Fatherland.

More clearly, for the sake of what the “candidates” for high and not-so-public positions are ready to risk big money. If before officials stole millions of rubles, then somewhere from the beginning of 2000's, embezzlement began to amount to billions, and even tens of billions. The “brand” under which the country is being robbed has also changed. Previously, the stolen goods were hidden in offshores, today they are hiding abroad together with stolen money. Examples of this throughout Russia, alas, do not count. “The numbers are impressive: twice as many officials fled to the UK this year. More than 400 people. And they did not run away naked or barefoot, but with very big money. With a lot of money. About 6,5 billion dollars exported to the UK, the Queen of England ", - said last year, deputy chairman of the Moscow City Duma Committee on Combating Corruption Irina Rukina.

Runaways, without hesitation, are thrown into Russia luxurious mansions, apartments, cars. Abroad, they are waiting for more great wealth. Since December 2012, investigators have been looking for the ex-head of the legal department of the Ministry of Agriculture, Oleg Donskikh. He is suspected of embezzling 800 million rubles. through the company "Rosagroleasing". As soon as the investigators decided to file a formal accusation against him, Donskoy disappeared abroad.

This is where they are called corrupt, and there they are investors, says Chairman of the National Anti-Corruption Committee Kirill Kabanov.
“In informal conversations with representatives of government agencies (European and American), we discussed the issue that countries have committed themselves to countering money laundering. And I asked: why do so many billionaire corrupt officials run abroad? I was answered: crisis. You understand that huge amounts are invested in the economy. They steal here, plunder the budget, and there they take money, their families live there, they get insurance. This has become a trend, ”said Kabanov.

Ran officials at all levels. For example, in the same company, a much less influential and well-off representative of the government, Igor Kalachnikov, who once headed the administration of the rural settlement of Zavidovo in the Tver Region. He was taken red-handed when selling several hectares of land from the Ivankovo ​​reservoir for 45 million rubles, but was released under a subscription. And he immediately fled to Ukraine. After that, he was in the “outskirts of the capital of foggy Albion”. Home is not going to. “Very many former mayors, former deputies and their wives who leave Russia, abroad, declare that they are victims of the fight against corruption. And, as a rule, they are helped to get visas, citizenship, residence permit. Look: the whole of London is crammed, people buy real estate, pay taxes to the treasury. To that treasury, from our money, ”says Kabanov.

For three years, the investigating authorities have been looking for the former Minister of Finance of the Moscow Region, Alexey Kuznetsov. Frauds with the budget, land plots, shares of enterprises, loans allowed him to buy real estate in the United States, get a gold card «American Express» and, as soon as the problems with the law began, the minister quietly went abroad. He was put on the international wanted list on charges of embezzling more than 3,5 billion rubles. in October 2010, reminds agency "Interfax", and detained only 5 July 2013 in the Cote d'Azur at the request of Interpol.

The Prosecutor General’s Office of the Russian Federation sent a request for the extradition of a former official to France. He himself refused from voluntary extradition to Russia, as a result of which the matter will be considered by the French court 17 of October 2013. Lawyers for the ex-minister claim that his prosecution in Russia has political motives. But if the Russian request is satisfied, then Kuznetsov will be charged with major fraud. Law enforcement agencies have already decided to arrest Kuznetsov’s Russian property: eight land plots, two apartments in Moscow and two cars. But Kuznetsov, we emphasize, is suspected of embezzling at least 10 billion rubles. from the budget and damage to the area by about 27 billion

He kidnapped, appropriated, fraudulently seized, legalized criminally acquired, hid from the tax authorities, received a bribe, received a rollback, stole, stole, took away ... Almost every day newsand the third decade. And they have no end and edge.

At the end of May 2013. The Chamber of Accounts, jointly with the FSB, completed an inspection of the Federal Service for State Registration, Cadastre and Cartography, or, as the state structure is often called, the Federal Registration Service. The auditors were very interested in the funds allocated for the implementation of the “Creating a Real Estate Cadastre System” subprogram within the framework of the federal targeted program. Officially to finance the subprogram on 2006-2012. 52,8 billion rubles were allocated, and 42,3 billion - from the federal budget.

Judging by the act of the Accounts Chamber, this sub-program was never implemented, and huge public funds were squandered. Rasta acquired a truly astronomical volume. The auditor of the Accounts Chamber, Igor Vasilyev, who led the audit of the Federal Registration Service, said, inter alia: “Financial irregularities in the total amount of 23,9 billion rubles were revealed, including inappropriate spending of funds in the amount of 2,5 billion rubles.” Over all, it turns out that more than half of the targeted funds were actually stolen. “It should be noted that the main volume of violations falls on the sphere of IT infrastructure and IT technologies, as well as the sphere of cartography. Under contracts for hundreds of millions of rubles, involving the design and development of software, the results of work in the Federal Register are not available; time-consuming, expensive work, for example, on the implementation of software throughout the country according to the documents was carried out by the performers for 3-5 days; equipment equipped with mass production was purchased to equip the territories; work was ordered and huge amounts of material were purchased that were not suitable for keeping the inventory, etc. These directions in Rosreestre are supervised by one deputy leader, S.A. Sapelnikov ", - said Igor Vasiliev.

According to experts, with their actions, Sapelnikov actually disrupted the project to create the State Real Estate Cadastre (GKN), which is key to the development of the Russian economy, as it has an important impact on land relations. After all, this cadastre uniquely identifies the property, the place where it is located, how much it costs and to whom it belongs. Without an exact answer to these questions, it is impossible to consciously manage either state or private households, collect taxes, plan a business, determine the boundaries of management entities, etc. Experts draw attention to the fact that the creation of the cartographic basis of the cadastre was carried out in the Russian and American coordinates. It is impossible not to ask the question: why did Sapelnikov need to develop an analogue of the Russian real estate cadastre system in accordance with American standards?

The answer, perhaps, lies in the fact that one of the "trusted" companies of Sapelnikov is Date + LLC, a Russian partner of ESRI (USA), specializing in the development of software for geographic information systems. It is known that ESRI and its Russian subsidiary are showing great interest in the creation of the Russian Spatial Data Infrastructure. For example, Date + LLC was not only actively involved by the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation to participate in the development and implementation of the RIPD concept, but also carried out work to create a public cadastral map and a geoportal of spatial data of the Federal Registration Service. This opened for the “daughter” of the American corporation ESRI full access to the spatial data of the inventory. It seems that this access could have been provided to the Americans by Sergei Sapelnikov.

We add that ESRI, whose interests are Data + LLC, is a strategic partner of the Geospatial Intelligence Foundation (USGIF), which was founded in 2004 by the initiative of the United States Geospatial Intelligence Agency (National Geospatial Intelligence Agency). - NGIA). Thus, the NGIA is a US government agency whose task is to provide military, state, and civilian users with generic intelligence and cartographic information. At the same time, NGIA is not only part of the US intelligence community, but also falls under the jurisdiction of the national intelligence director and the US Secretary of Defense personally. I would not like to believe in it, but in fact it turns out that Sapelnikov, perhaps unwittingly, “merged” strategic cartographic data on the territorial structure of the Russian Federation to American intelligence agents, right?

The person involved in this scandalous anti-corruption test, Sergei Sapelnikov, did not wait for a call to the investigators and secretly left Russia without the permission of the special services and the leadership of the 7 September department.
According to media reports, Sapelnikov crossed the state border in the Bryansk region by car, after which he disappeared in Ukraine. Now nobody in Russia knows where the former official is. By the nature of his work, he inevitably came across information of particular secrecy. Moreover, according to experts, the person holding the post of deputy head of the Federal Registration Service knew all the state secrets. “There is a higher form - this so-called“ special folder ”and“ especially secret documents, ”explained the Chairman of the National Anti-Corruption Committee, Kirill Kabanov. - Command points of strategic purpose, command posts of the top management, hidden command posts. So Mr. Sapelnikov had this information in full. Moreover, he put all this information on the state card ”. Recently it became known that the Investigative Committee opened a criminal case of negligence against him.

If, in the near future, a former official does not voluntarily return to Russia, he can be accused in absentia, and also put on the international wanted list, it was officially announced. Experts, however, believe that this situation does not threaten Sapelnikov with anything scary. "The article" Negligence "- stillborn and rarely used in practice, because it refers to the difficult to prove. In fact, she says that the person was mistaken and unknowingly committed a crime. This is such an article-outlet, to reassure people, to show the work of the investigation on high-profile cases that, they say, something is being done, lawyer Vladimir Zherebenkov told Izvestia. - Of course, no one will ever declare a person on the international wanted list for such a small article, look for him and, especially, take him under arrest. Therefore, the official can calm down and live peacefully abroad. " To this, we add, this article provides for a penalty of a fine or up to three months of arrest.

It is like an elephant - a pellet. Therefore, it is impossible not to recall here the loud scandal of 1998 - 2001. with ex-Minister of Atomic Energy Evgeny Adamov. He was arrested in 2005 in Switzerland at the request of the US Department of Justice, which accused him of misappropriating large sums of money allocated to Russia by the American side to ensure the safety of nuclear facilities. In the United States, he was threatened with up to 60 years in prison and a fine of 1,75 million dollars. He was almost extradited to the United States on suspicion of embezzling 9 million dollars allocated to support Russia's nuclear security.

The “Adamov case” just caused a great commotion due to the fact that the former minister possessed nuclear secrets. Vladimir Zhirinovsky then offered to make all the state secret carriers not allowed to leave.
As a result, Evgeny Adamov immediately opened a criminal case in Russia, obtained his extradition to his homeland and sentenced him to five and a half years, immediately replacing the term with a conditional one.

In general, probably, everyone who watches the events in Russia has a head buzz from loud reports about the initiation of criminal cases against corrupt officials, that they, in a most surprising way, managed not only to escape abroad, but also to transfer huge amounts of money in advance. cash. But there are almost no reports of subsequent equally loud court cases. The question is: in what “black hole” do both affairs and public money fail?

Under current laws, leaving Russia abroad may be limited to those who have access to state secrets, are in military service, or are employed by the FSB. But nowhere regulated - for how long. A moratorium on traveling abroad for officials for a certain period was also proposed by the head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov. He addressed the country's leadership, parliament and society with ideas to close the border for high-ranking officials in his article, which was published on April 1 in the Izvestia newspaper. The reason for reflection was, in particular, the death of Berezovsky. “I’m worried if there were any papers left in the vaults of the oligarch that could keep state secrets after the sudden death. This is not an idle interest: Berezovsky, as you know, in the middle of 1990, served as deputy secretary of the country's Security Council, ”Kadyrov noted.

In the publication, he recalled the foreign “tours” of former politicians, including Yuri Luzhkov, Mikhail Kasyanov, Alexei Kudrin, Mikhail Gorbachev ...

“I’m just convinced that the interests of Russia's national security dictate the urgent need to limit such“ tours ”of ex-leaders of such a high rank. If not a ban at all ... In the Soviet Union there were also such restrictions, and quite justified; there was even such a term “restricted to leave”, - said Ramzan Kadyrov.

In his opinion, if you really decided to go into power, then be ready for restrictions. “It’s not at all about lowering the iron curtain between Russia and the rest of the world and prohibiting all citizens of our country from living abroad or going on vacation, studying or working,” explained the head of Chechnya. “We are talking only about those who have chosen to serve the Fatherland as a vital mission - about high-ranking civil servants.”

The proposal to introduce a moratorium, even for former owners of secrets, worried human rights activists. What about freedom of movement?
“My familiar experts say that there is only one secret - in the defense department,” notes First Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Information Policy, Information Technologies and Communications (“Fair Russia” faction) Andrei Tumanov. - And in terms of technology, we have nothing to hide for a long time. In the West, everything is known. "

After the publication, Kadyrov’s press secretary, Alvi Karimov, in an interview with the Interfax news agency, explained that the head of Chechnya meant only former state employees who have access to information of a “strategic nature”. Ramzan Kadyrov’s proposal to make high-ranking officials not allowed to travel abroad was reflected in the draft law prepared by State Duma deputy from the United Russia faction Shamsail Saraliyev, but this proposal was not supported either by the State Duma or by the highest authorities.

In this regard, I would like to recall some facts from our nearest stories, they were also featured in television shows on the bloody events of October 3 1993.

So, in 1994-1995, when Deputy Prime Minister Vladimir Polevanov took the place of Anatoly Chubais, he was amazed to find that the State Property Committee of the Russian Federation was essentially a “department” of the CIA. There were more than 40 American advisers.
Their relatives and friends bought unique enterprises of the military-industrial complex for a pittance, which then went bankrupt, the equipment was scrapped, and entire technological lines were destroyed. Secret documentation was taken out of the country by wagons.

Polevanov described all this in detail in his report to Prime Minister Viktor Chernomyrdin. No reaction from the leadership of the country followed. True, Polevanova was soon transferred to another job. “In the entourage of Anatoly Borisovich as advisers, as it turned out today, the staff of the CIA of the USA worked. But the funniest thing is that upon returning to the US, they were brought to justice for being enriched in the course of privatization in the Russian Federation in violation of the laws of their country and did not have the right to do so as acting intelligence officers, ”Putin said in a straight line from citizens of Russia (25.04.2013).

Today, Andrei Kokoshin, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Director of the Institute of International Security Problems of the Russian Academy of Sciences, says: “I find in some American publications references to special importance secret documents on defense issues with the letter“ K ”, which appeared in 90's in foreign libraries and archives . They are from the personal archive of one of the very responsible workers who had access to the special secrets of the state. ”

Now we live in a different country compared to the one that was in the infinite 1990's. The leadership defends our national interests and seemingly vigilantly ensures that state and military secrets are securely protected. But, strangely, the people's money is leaking over the country's cordons, as before, along with carriers of state and military secrets.

Let's say honestly: any official has access to all sorts of secrets, only everyone has a certain degree of access to them. And anyone, if desired, can "resolve the issue." For a certain bribe, of course. “In addition to wages, which are several times higher than from scientists, teachers, doctors, librarians, officials receive bribes — this source of income is central to the bureaucracy,” writes Alexander Potyomkin, leading researcher at the Institute of Economics, RAS. - According to the Ministry of Economic Development, bribes take more than 10% of all revenues of the country. These are official numbers. It seems that they are understated at least 1,5 – 2 times. Taking into account the income of the bureaucratic elite from direct and hidden participation in the economic activities of state monopolies and oligarchic structures, official salaries and other expenses for maintaining bureaucratic devices of all levels, the bureaucratic system absorbs up to 35 – 40% of the country's income. And these numbers are increasing every year.

The money paid to officials in the form of bribes is withdrawn from the country's economy: large bribe-takers keep them on offshore accounts, small ones - “in stockings.” Moreover, bribes that officials take from businessmen are taken into account in the price of enterprises' products. As a result, the rise in prices due to bribes is about 5% per year.

Thus, the annual growth of inflation by more than 40% is provided by the “corruption tax”, which officials impose on business.

An unprecedented economic system has emerged in Russia - the bureaucratic one, which is a conglomerate of the market, planning, administrative, and feudal systems. This is the final result of the reforms of Gaidar and his team. ”

The number of officials in our country is more than 2,4 million people, and no matter how they reduce themselves, their number is only growing. Finance Minister Anton Siluanov recently stated during a State Council meeting that the number of municipal and state employees over five years increased by 100 thousand. (By the way, the number of officials in Russia in comparison with the USSR over the past 20 with a few years increased 6 times.)

To each of them, as they say, "the observer" is not attached. And in connection with the widespread introduction of the Internet into our life, it is possible and without any “departure” to sell any secret to anyone, and transfer money abroad. No prohibitions solve this problem, and all prohibitions, in fact, have long lost their meaning. Speech, therefore, can go only about careful selection of personnel. Today, the slogan "Personnel decide everything" has acquired unprecedented relevance.
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  1. Vladimirets
    Vladimirets 18 October 2013 15: 55
    "Let's be honest: any official has access to all sorts of secrets, only everyone with a certain degree of access to them. And anyone, if they wish, can" resolve the issue. "

    "The number of officials in our country is more than 2,4 million people, and no matter how much they cut themselves, their number is only growing."

    It is only necessary to add that not each of these two and a half million can really "solve" something. It is mainly the senior officials who decide, the rest is a trifle, which is not particularly allowed to the money. But this big man does not just fall into place, it is in 100% of cases someone's protege, and the protege of persons in power. And this whole clan appoints and reappoints each other, as well as decides which of its own to put in, most often, of course, not to put.
    1. Ruslan_F38
      Ruslan_F38 18 October 2013 16: 01
      Quote: Vladimirets
      And the whole clan appoints and reassigns each other, and also decides which one of his own to plant, most often, of course, not to plant.

      Yeah. Serdyukov, Chubais, Kudrin are a vivid, living example of whom "not to imprison".
      Regarding London, our officials will not get out of there, Dvorkovich for example. And most likely the majority is hooked by MI6 and the CIA.
      1. Gari
        Gari 18 October 2013 16: 08
        Several hundred thousand Russians live in the British capital. About a hundred of them are multimillionaires, owners of expensive cars, yachts, airplanes and football clubs. Berezovsky, Blavatnik, Abramovich, Deripaska ... All of them own real estate in the most prestigious areas of London city, as they call London. And it is not necessary to live in a mansion bought for millions of pounds all the time. It is enough to fly on a personal “jet” for the weekend, take a break from the business jungle, see your wife and children (who may well live and study in Britain on an ongoing basis).

        One of the most fashionable addresses of this Moscow-on-Thames can be considered the area of ​​Eaton Square (Eaton Square) in the area of ​​Belgravia (Belgravia).
        1. S_mirnov
          S_mirnov 18 October 2013 16: 57
          The whole thing rests on the inevitability of punishment for the crime committed. We had such a State Security Committee in the USSR, so it failed to cope with its function, did not save the State. Now the committee is called differently, but whether it is capable of ensuring the inevitability of punishment, I strongly doubt it.
          1. MAG
            MAG 18 October 2013 17: 52
            Well, why didn’t he manage when the leader of the peoples found and cleaned (Trotsky). I am for such a practice-stole fled abroad to find a refund and then you can go for it.
            1. S_mirnov
              S_mirnov 18 October 2013 20: 06
              Quote: MAG
              Well, why didn’t he cope

              I could not cope, because the state he defended - the USSR, was destroyed by external and internal enemies! This is important to understand.
              Quote: MAG
              under the leader of the peoples they found and cleaned (Trotsky).

              It was long and undeniably good!
              Quote: MAG
              I am for such a practice-stole fled abroad to find a refund and then you can go for it.

              the stump is clear! but it won’t be that way. And our modern state does not implement such a scheme.
              1. MAG
                MAG 18 October 2013 20: 16
                The committee agreed at the end of HIS life and let him down, but I think this is again his mistake. "Rotation" had to be done earlier, delayed and lost, and with it the whole country.
                1. S_mirnov
                  S_mirnov 18 October 2013 23: 18
                  Quote: MAG
                  he hesitated and lost, and with it the whole country.

                  And who made the conclusions? Did you take errors into account? That's it ...
        2. Vadivak
          Vadivak 18 October 2013 17: 35
          Quote: Gari
          Several hundred thousand Russians live in the British capital.

          Close to 300 people, not Russian, but Russian speakers, such as the great British Alisher Usmanov and Abramovich
      2. Vladimirets
        Vladimirets 18 October 2013 16: 40
        Quote: Ruslan_F38
        And most likely the majority is hooked by MI6 and the CIA.

        Not on the hook, but on the staff.
        1. Ruslan_F38
          Ruslan_F38 18 October 2013 19: 50
          Quote: Vladimirets
          Not on the hook, but on the staff.

          This is already classified information. laughing
    2. Sosland
      Sosland 18 October 2013 17: 47
      In my firm conviction, corruption in any of its manifestations must be equated with state. treason with all the ensuing consequences, because nothing so undermines the foundations and principles of statehood. This should be the will of the country's leadership, and if it is not, then this is an article about the state. treason !!!
      1. Ruslan_F38
        Ruslan_F38 18 October 2013 20: 13
        Russian officials make up 26% of the total number of Russians buying luxury housing abroad. They order realtors to search for "student" housing for their children, but they do not save on its cost.
        Officials try not to advertise their purchases, but realtors say that on average, civil servants and businessmen from Russia now make home purchases for their children in one price niche - from 1 to 4 million dollars. Experts believe that the fashion to teach children abroad has gone since the time when Boris Yeltsin’s grandson Boris Yeltsin Jr. went to a UK private college.

        In the USA, for example, the daughter of Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov (prestigious Columbia University), the son of Federation Council Chairman Valentina Matvienko Sergey (Loyola Marymount University in California), was educated. In the UK, the eldest son of the governor of the Kirov region, Nikita Belykh, is studying.
        “For their children, Russian officials and entrepreneurs do not spare money and, if possible, buy the best real estate objects that they can find in Europe and the USA,” Tranio.Ru experts comment on the results of their study “Russian Real Estate Buyer Abroad - Who Is It?” ? "

        Read more:

        The article has a lot of interesting things ...
    3. starshina78
      starshina78 18 October 2013 21: 05
      You're not right ! According to polls among young people, to the question "Who would you go to work?", The majority answers as an official. Motivation - quick money, impunity. Under the quick money, everyone is not hiding called corruption. Take even the smallest official - 32 deputies 22 assistants, but who have the right to sign, and he is already looking into the pocket of the applicant. The only difference is that this one will take 3 kopecks (exaggerated), and the farther the applicant moves through the instance, the higher the rate will be. I went through this when I left the plant in 2000, and with a friend organized an LLC for the repair of boiler houses, external pipelines. How much it cost to open and everything that is needed to organize the activities of an LLC, I cannot say - you will not believe it. worked for 5 years, spat, went back to the plant. Zadolbali! Some checks and everything looks in your pocket! My brother has been engaged in trade since the mid-9s, he started with one tent, now he has turned around (three stores, one for pensioners with ridiculous prices). So he told how for each holiday they gathered and are now collecting food packages: to the City Administration, to the tax office, to the fire department, to the cop, to other authorities on which the activities of the organization depend. comes up to 0 gifts. And the most outrageous thing is that when a messenger is opened, they begin to say that, they say, I don't drink this juice, I don't eat such sausage. And this is in addition to envelopes with money for a birthday, for name days, on holidays, for Easter, and sometimes just: "It is necessary!" so everyone takes it! Only some at once and a lot, while others often and a little.
    4. vladimirZ
      vladimirZ 19 October 2013 06: 52
      The slogan “Cadres decide everything” was proclaimed by Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin. He also applied an effective method of dealing with careless criminal officials, which must be revived again to combat this massive phenomenon of bureaucratic corruption to preserve the state, "even though we are not 37 years old."
      Otherwise, these "bad people" will destroy Russia. Only a harsh punishment of criminal punishment, up to the death penalty with a change to life imprisonment, so that he could not take advantage of the loot, will save the state.
      There is no other choice, either they will destroy Russia, or the state will cut them to the root.
  2. Gari
    Gari 18 October 2013 16: 02
    Two Russian multimillionaires (surnames kept secret) staged a competition in a London nightclub, who will spend the most money on drinks at the bar. As a result, they paid over 130 thousand pounds in the account.
    According to CNBC, it took place on October 9 at night in the newly opened Kitsch nightclub in the Mayfair district of London. They began to order immediately from the elite Dom Perignon champagne, purchasing 84 bottles for two in the amount of 27 pounds for two. Then they went over to Cristal, giving over 200 thousand 30 pounds for 41 bottles.
    From accounts cited by CNBC, it is clear that the Russians still drank 1998 Krug champagne, Chivas Regal whiskey, Espresso Martini and Belvedere vodka. According to eyewitnesses, when receiving the bill, the millionaire who spent more money was very happy about his victory. The identity of the spender has not been disclosed, it is only reported that these were two young men "in their thirties."
    “At about 2:40 in the morning, when everything that was drunk was calculated, the accounts of the Russians amounted to 66 thousand 778 pounds (about 3,5 million rubles) and 64 thousand 279 pounds (approximately 3,3 million rubles) - a total of 131 thousand pounds. A service charge of more than £ 8 is included in each bill, ”writes Newsru.som.
    The competition was watched and cheered by the crowd of girls. Their companions helped to drink the ordered drinks. But they still could not finish the ordered. RBC dubbed the competition "the battle of wallets".
    Club Kitsch was opened last Wednesday by restaurateur Mark Fuller and Serge Ivo, host of the Fox reality show "Meet the Russians", which tells about the life of immigrants from Russia in London.
    From fat rage scum.
    1. Vadivak
      Vadivak 18 October 2013 18: 36
      Quote: Gari
      From fat rage scum.

      And then they wonder why it’s Russian peasants who are burning manor estates? (well, or cars)
  3. Genur
    Genur 18 October 2013 16: 08
    Introduce (restore) the death penalty and confiscation of property.
    ... and Vaska listens and eats ...
  4. rugor
    rugor 18 October 2013 16: 17
    It’s hard to read the article. A lump comes up to the throat, fists clench themselves.
    1. Borz
      Borz 18 October 2013 16: 30
      fists must clench at the throat of these traitorous mankurts
  5. deman73
    deman73 18 October 2013 16: 28
    There is one simple and radical way to deal with such scumbags as thieves and traitors - this is the death penalty with confiscation of all property even from close relatives, and the sentence should be given anywhere in the world so that they know that punishment is inevitable
  6. erased
    erased 18 October 2013 16: 49
    Does the Kremlin not know about this situation? They know. AND?..
    That's it. The Kremlin is happy with this situation. Because they stole, they steal and will steal. And there is no one to stop them.
    1. sergeschern
      sergeschern 18 October 2013 21: 33
      Who is sitting at the very top of the pyramid? Here - here: the main pike catcher, the main crane flyer, etc. etc. Who should look after the country? He spread around him friends - billionaires and he wanted to sneeze at everyone else. Sometimes he has new "achievements" ahead of him.
      1. Orik
        Orik 18 October 2013 23: 58
        So Vova fought with officials.
      2. Orik
        Orik 19 October 2013 00: 00
        Everyone fights and fights.
  7. Was mammoth
    Was mammoth 18 October 2013 16: 59
    Cheka need. Dzerzhinsky just can not be found.
  8. Andrey Peter
    Andrey Peter 18 October 2013 17: 13
    I have the impression that they are specially allowed to escape, because if they grab at one place, a chain will stretch which can lead to large heights, but these tops did not have enough. Indeed, according to the logic, it’s quite easy to block travel abroad.
  9. Yuri Y.
    Yuri Y. 18 October 2013 17: 15
    Quote: Genur
    Introduce (restore) the death penalty and confiscation of property.

    "And who are the judges", all the iconic figures are free and fattening (there is someone to take an example from), any court will be turned into a means of jail. You feel helpless but to do something, at least the truth is to begin to restore.
  10. vlad63
    vlad63 18 October 2013 17: 26
    According to the log of the development of events, the jumps of Heroes of Russia will be given to honest officials. There will be few Heroes.
  11. horoh
    horoh 18 October 2013 17: 54
    It is necessary to return articles of execution !!! And in general, what is going on in our country ?? !! Our government has everything in order ?????
  12. Vittt
    Vittt 18 October 2013 18: 06
    Hands clutch in impotent hatred, and I would like to squeeze these necks, but the power is the same as they are. There must be something to come off so that we take off these freaks.
  13. pahom54
    pahom54 18 October 2013 18: 12
    BUT WHY!!! Why do you have to read the same thing: "stole billions while trying to get to the adoption of certain measures - quietly ran away" and now THERE is fattening up ... It turns out that we get information about these crimes at the bottom, and above nobody knows anything and therefore does not take action ??? Nonsense!
    I won’t say that what the hell is the EBN drunk to please the European Union and the rest was .. e..b..e..and put a moratorium on the death penalty, but even if it existed in Russia now, it wouldn’t be useless was: they would shoot the gopniks who stole, pulled the purse from the same greasy new Russian, and these ... well, if they can’t even be arrested now, what kind of execution can be talked about ???
    The state is self-signed in its powerlessness, and more precisely - in unwillingness to restore order among this gang of thieves. Hence the conclusion: the hand washes his hand.
    We need the 37th year, and many many rounds. And first of all, we need a normal and very tough leader-ruler with a team that is not afraid of all these presumptuous worms ... Damn, when I encounter this info, by golly, the idea arises that if they started to shoot them, he would went to the executioners !!!
  14. Mikhail3
    Mikhail3 18 October 2013 18: 21
    The site has repeatedly raised the question - what can Russia offer the world? And the only answer was given — another type of social relations, different from the western one. Based on conscience ... That's just - how to do it? With these hands? After all, it is these people who rule us ...
    To come somewhere - you need to go. Crawl ... at least look in the right direction. What do people offer when reading these facts, seeing all this around themselves every day? I want to punish. Grab, plant, shoot ... hang! Have tried. Actually this is the western approach. More and more detailed laws, more sophisticated punishments, more and more interference with a person’s personality. Castration of rapists, smoothly turned into castration of the soul ... Does not help.
    We had the right type of relationship. There was a time in Russia when a verbal agreement was enough to load a flotilla of river steamers with grain. Two merchants just met and discussed it quickly ... What agreements? What "force majeure"? Hands shook - more than enough! But this is tens of millions of dollars at the present time. They served out of honor. We worked not only for the customer, but also "for God" - and now you can find old padlocks, on the inner surface of the protective cheeks which were carefully engraved "for luck", "good to you", "luck" ... But the cheek is firmly riveted , as long as the castle is intact - the inscription is not visible! And conscience sees ...
    That is who fully understood this - it was Stalin. I did not indulge subordinate volumes of elaborate orders. Appointed to posts on the case and not on paper characteristics, set the task and looked at the case itself. Not on paper rubble ... and punished, yes. If, by conscience, they deceived him, if they promised and did not manage through their own fault. And not on the basis of whose paper is more beautiful ... We want to go forward? We must go back. By the time we decided that the word paper is more important. That the seal will seal the contract, and not the word of a partner. By those times when groomed people did not go in pavas, proud that they had laid the most. Because the Word was all. He threw his Word into the mud - no one will have the Cause with you, now and forever.
    There was such a time. It was. It took 17 years from the formation of the first commercial bank in Russia to the first fraud. And a foreigner did it! "How do they live in Russia? They steal." Lying! They stole in Moscow and St. Petersburg, and then ... I advise you to read Pikul's short story about the fire in the Winter Palace. Either we take a helping hand from our past, or the future will leave us ...
    1. Vadivak
      Vadivak 18 October 2013 18: 45
      Quote: Mikhail3
      The site has repeatedly raised the question - what can Russia offer the world?

      I'll try to guess - cheap hydrocarbons?

      Quote: Mikhail3
      They served out of honor. We worked not only for the customer but also "for God"

      It’s more about the Old Believers, honest and believers - real Russians

      Quote: Mikhail3
      Stalin. I did not indulge subordinate volumes of elaborate orders. Appointed to posts in the case and not on paper

      Now they are also appointed in the case. The only question is what? For example, there is the case of DefenseExport

      Quote: Mikhail3
      Because the Word was all

      One hundred percent. In the beginning was the Word. And the word was with God. And the word was God. (first line of the New Testament book of the Gospel of John)
  15. shitovmg
    shitovmg 18 October 2013 18: 44
    It hurts to read this ...
  16. Roman_999
    Roman_999 18 October 2013 19: 02
    You don’t have to kill them, you need to return the runaways, Britain’s island in the sea, runaways to catch, put to sleep on any private board of either aviation or sea transport is not important - the main thing is to get the neutral waters there to a submarine and a special stage to Moscow, but first you need to put things in order so that the work of extracting the client and its delivery would not work in vain.
    In the end, they were able to find and execute in their Leibu Davidovich, but these legal runners are not possible? I do not believe, with modern means there is no impossible. Required: Political will, a legal sentence that has entered into legal force, and executors. Further, everything is done according to the usual procedural procedure, unless zones need to be prepared for special ones and occupational therapy is tough. Everything can be called a forced extradition or extraction of a client - no matter how, there are enough convinced officers to resolve such Orders. Is this not a defense of the interests of the motherland in real manifestation.
    1. alone
      alone 18 October 2013 19: 23
      Quote: Roman_999
      You don’t have to kill them, you need to return the runaways, Britain’s island in the sea, runaways to catch, put to sleep on any private board of either aviation or sea transport is not important - the main thing is to get the neutral waters there to a submarine and a special stage to Moscow, but first you need to put things in order so that the work of extracting the client and its delivery would not work in vain.

      you think it’s easy. Surely the runaways already have a second, and even a third passport. I propose the following, let the money be returned to those who appointed these people in their posts.
  17. major071
    major071 18 October 2013 19: 37
    The FSB does not catch flies at all. Or catches, but smaller? Or did the FSB shut down? fool
    1. stranik72
      stranik72 18 October 2013 19: 48
      The FSB is one of the most interested participants in these "escapes", I think that they have a share, information, escape corridors and other things, all this costs money. Yes, and they themselves are running, remember how the head of the VR department for the USA went there, while his wife and daughter had lived there for a long time. In general, this is a game called the accumulation of primary capital, and Motherland-Russia is not a fashionable trend in the circles of the modern elite, especially since the supreme power actively helps them in this.
  18. tank64rus
    tank64rus 18 October 2013 19: 38
    Where is the 37 year old.
  19. starhina01
    starhina01 18 October 2013 19: 51
    For the Power is insulting soldier
  20. saag
    saag 18 October 2013 20: 31
    Only a complete restructuring of the system, from the top to the very bottom, can change this situation.
  21. sergey261180
    sergey261180 18 October 2013 20: 43
    I propose to water Britain abundantly with polonium from the air.
  22. Savva30
    Savva30 18 October 2013 20: 46
    He became an official ... obliged to forget about the foreign accounts of his close relatives, real estate, studies and residence of close relatives abroad.
    Stole, sawed, received a bribe, commission, etc. - confiscation of property and money, including from close relatives, verification of property, business of partners of close relatives, deprivation of the right to hold government posts for life, forced labor with payment of 10% of monthly earnings for 10 years. For security officials - deprivation of rewards, deprivation of retirement savings.
    There is no point in letting it flow.
    Cool tale ... the truth is that they steal, because it allows the federal government, the Kremlin ... more specifically ???
  23. Silkway0026
    Silkway0026 18 October 2013 20: 46
    "It's not our 37th year ..." V.Putin.

    What a pity, Vladimir Vladimirovich, so sorry !!!
    1. Vasily Klopkov
      Vasily Klopkov 19 October 2013 00: 12
      Yes, I think, Comrade Stalin would not have allowed such a disgrace. Then there would be no such competition in officials. hi
  24. kundyshev
    kundyshev 18 October 2013 20: 51
    The cruiser "Aurora" needs to be URGENTLY restored !!!! The competition for the Crew of the Cruiser will go off scale !!!!
    1. Egoza
      Egoza 18 October 2013 21: 02
      Quote: kundyshev
      The cruiser "Aurora" needs to be URGENTLY restored !!!!

      And deliver to the Moscow River. Opposite the Kremlin to establish.
    2. Vasily Klopkov
      Vasily Klopkov 19 October 2013 00: 14
      And on the way back, it would be nice to go to Kiev along the Dnieper. And shoot a little there too. soldier
  25. Alexkorzun
    Alexkorzun 18 October 2013 21: 10
    purely childishly, I want to believe in the fairy tale about "White Arrow" ... and to shoot, shoot, shoot all this bastard !!!!!!!
  26. Grbear
    Grbear 18 October 2013 22: 12
    Shoot, don't let go ...
    As a result, others will come, only more hungry and smarter.

    Since we are in the legal field, we have to play in it.

    First, the laws "On the recall of a deputy" - such as voted wrong, "On immunity" - no immunity, "On the financing of deputy activities" - the salary of a deputy is not higher than the average for the region and declarations up to the third generation. Those. only a person who supports these three can get into deputies. Enough for the first time.

    Only then can the second, and third, and fourth appear.
  27. understudy
    understudy 18 October 2013 22: 21
    What the hell, they took it and ran away ... Behind each such "escape" there is a certain official who, at the moment of the disappearance of the defendant, turned the muzzle aside.
    Nooo, lads, only the most severe pressure on those who personify the law enforcement system is still capable of changing something. Who is it? Personally, I continue to rely on "Iron Felix's pets". But not on those who nestled on the "pipe" ...
    1. Gato
      Gato 18 October 2013 22: 56
      Quote: Understudy
      Every such "escape" has

      ... a certain amount. Or do you doubt it?
      Quote: Understudy
      Personally, I continue to rely on "Iron Felix's pets".

  28. Gato
    Gato 18 October 2013 22: 26
    Many years ago, I got a job at a curious Office. He underwent a medical examination, psychological tests, checked relatives up to the 10th knee - well, he didn’t participate, he wasn’t, he wasn’t. Passed, served for many years. But, it seems, similar tests do not apply to deputies, preziks, etc. sh. (Oh, I almost said).
    Total: what we have - we have. Or are they us?
  29. Andrey Peter
    Andrey Peter 18 October 2013 22: 28
    Quote: stranik72
    The FSB is one of the most interested participants in these "escapes", I think that they have a share, information, escape corridors and

    The FSB is the successor of the KGB, and the same "reforms" have gone through there. as in the police-police reform. Only the "best" remained. We all know the result. Only it all started much earlier. The main changes took place under Gorbachev (which not everyone knows about, with Judas, and even the showdown began between the police and the KGB). And how now to understand our power, which has awarded him?
    Many in the world praise Putin, but if you look, what did he do? Now everyone praises him for supporting Syria, and where is domestic politics, and why they have fallen into disgrace with the neighboring republics. Have you not noticed? that Russia defends its interests well only in pumping through the pipe ?.
    I am a patriot, but I do not want (like many here) to shout Hurray when there is a mess in the country.
  30. individual
    individual 18 October 2013 22: 33
    If each defector will have his own "Mercader with an ice ax", then the problem will be solved.
    There is simply no other method.
    The rest is giveaway.
  31. DPN
    DPN 18 October 2013 22: 53
    Putin seems to have short arms, if he laughs and trusts in the US service, and not in his own.
    If there used to be nonsuns that you wore nuts and nails from factories. Now it’s time for officials to haul millions, otherwise there could be a class of executives. They lived on metal bars, the yards turned into prison yards fenced, however, they didn’t have time to top to throw a grid.
  32. DPN
    DPN 18 October 2013 22: 56
    The article is correct, but it will not go further than the site, the same ones sit at the very top.
  33. 17085
    17085 18 October 2013 23: 46
    I heard about the "white arrow", really no ... I don't know. I would be incredibly happy if I heard that these creatures began to die from her.
    37th is needed.
    1. intsurfer
      intsurfer 19 October 2013 04: 34
      >> 37th needed.
      who will suit him? Putin what? He himself has children abroad ... As long as the system of checks and balances does not work in the country, officials will plunder and sell their homeland. And for this you need to solve just a few questions:
      1. independent courts
      2. free from the influence of the authorities of the press
      3. real opposition
      And more on the little things ... But the VVP comrades have turned Russia into a stable swamp that will not be cleaned up soon - there are too many officials, deputies, security officials, etc. interested in the presence of "muddy water" in which it is so good to catch billions of budget money ...
  34. x.andvlad
    x.andvlad 18 October 2013 23: 53
    Here it is, the current most important life value - MALF ABOVE ALL !!!
    Today, they do not go to the civil service to serve the homeland, but to get a better place in this life. And then, of course, topple over.
    Only last year more than 400 Russian officials fled to the UK
    After all, such a number of parasites will be hard to crush even physically, that is, you will not transmit everyone. What !!!
  35. voliador
    voliador 19 October 2013 01: 22
    Hang reptiles on the first birch that comes across. Caught on a bribe - in a noose bastard!
  36. vvpll
    vvpll 19 October 2013 02: 29
    Does the Kremlin not know about this situation? They know. AND?..
    That's it. The Kremlin is happy with this situation. Because they stole, they steal and will steal. And there is no one to stop them.

    And so:
    Therefore, one cannot fail to recall the loud scandal of 1998-2001. with the ex-Minister of Atomic Energy Yevgeny Adamov. He was arrested in 2005 in Switzerland at the request of the US Department of Justice, who accused him of appropriating large sums of money allocated to Russia by the US side to ensure the safety of nuclear facilities. In the United States, he was facing up to 60 years in prison and a fine of $ 1,75 million. He was nearly extradited to the United States on suspicion of embezzlement of $ 9 million allocated to maintain Russia's nuclear safety.

    The “Adamov case” just caused a great commotion due to the fact that the former minister possessed nuclear secrets. Vladimir Zhirinovsky then offered to make all the state secret carriers not allowed to leave.
    As a result, Evgeny Adamov immediately opened a criminal case in Russia, obtained his extradition to his homeland and sentenced him to five and a half years, immediately replacing the term with a conditional one.
  37. forester
    forester 19 October 2013 08: 35
    Quote: MAG
    Well, why didn’t he manage when the leader of the peoples found and cleaned (Trotsky). I am for such a practice-stole fled abroad to find a refund and then you can go for it.

    So I ask myself, where are the modern Sudoplatov Eitingons? I won’t take wealth to the grave
  38. -Max-
    -Max- 19 October 2013 11: 19
    It would probably not be a bad idea to announce a tender for the purchase of ICE ice axes for the needs of the FSB, the SVR and other security forces.
    It is ICE-LAWNERS, so as not to break the tradition.
  39. ia-ai00
    ia-ai00 20 October 2013 08: 24
    Lord, there are so many "patriots" in Russia who are ready to "squeeze" out of the MOTHERLAND as much as possible, and also SELL it, for how much it will turn out, dump it "over the hill" and at the expense of the PEOPLE "of their" country "burn" all the loot on a grand scale! And then - the rulers do not have enough retirement age, we need to raise the retirement age, cancel free education, medicine, etc. You’ll regret that it’s not 37 years old ... We need to NATIONALIZE the loot and return all SOCIAL SUPPORT to the people. And then already for the treatment of children, and for the elimination of spontaneous ones - so to speak - with outstretched hand, "from the world on a string", SHAME!