Serdyukov said, Serdyukov made ... Or a trip from Monino to Voronezh

In June of this year, the release of young lieutenants took place at the Zhukovsky and Gagarin Air Force Academy, located in the city of Voronezh. About 1200 people graduated from the Academy, and not only Russians are among them. Citizens of foreign countries in Africa, Latin America and Asia have also become professional military graduates of the prestigious Russian military high school. Diplomas of military meteorologists and lieutenant shoulder straps received 38 girls. 16 "freshly baked" lieutenants from the hands of the Commander of the Air Force Viktor Bondarev received gold medals for excellent mastery of professional skills. The release, as it should be, was held in a solemn and festive atmosphere. However, the holiday has hung over the moment with, to put it mildly, ambiguous coloring, which has continued to be discussed over the past couple years.

Serdyukov said, Serdyukov made ... Or a trip from Monino to Voronezh

This, of course, about the sensational translation of the famous Air Force Academy. prof. N.E. Zhukovsky and Yu.A.Gagarin from Monino (Moscow region) to Voronezh. 12 July 2011, then Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov, by order No. XXUMX, translates VUNC Air Force "Professor N.Ye. Air Force Academy Zhukovsky and Yu.A. Gagarin. The order was proudly called “On Measures to Improve the Training System in Military Educational Institutions of Higher Professional Education of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation”. And if the order to the light was born in July 1136 of the year, then the transfer of the academy was to take place before 2011 September (the same year). And it took place ...

Voronezh is certainly a wonderful city, with the richest military and educational traditions, but ... Why Voronezh is better suited for "improving the system of personnel training" than Monino, who has both military and educational ones clearly neither poorer nor paler than Voronezh? Why did it seem to Anatoly Eduardovich that the banks of the Voronezh River are suitable for academic training of future Air Force specialists better than the territory of the “near Moscow Region”. Perhaps, the land in the Schelkovsky district of the Moscow region, with its price alone, hampered the former defense minister “to improve the system”. So to say, she pressed with her material value ... And now she doesn’t press - how much land has been freed. But after all, if Mr. Serdyukov had spent a few more years in his previous position, perhaps the academy would also be transferred somewhere from Voronezh too - away. There, where with the prices of land and real estate there are no problems at all. There is no land (there is permafrost), no real estate, no problems either ... On Wrangel Island, for example ... Taimyr ...

But the “generalissimo” Serdyukov was brought under the monastery by his ladies' guards in time. Well, as summed up ... Amorous adventures were revealed, but economic crimes, you know, no. Investigators in any way, you see, cannot “dig up” evidence. But the minister’s resignation took place, and what was the root cause - “love-love” or other areas - is not so important in this context.

And after this resignation, people who were out of the academy (professors, candidates and doctors of science with vast experience) cheered up and began to hope that the academy would return to its native walls again. But time passes, and the institution of higher education is not going to transfer back to Monino. If such a transfer does not take place in the near future, then the Moninsky territories, which formerly belonged to the Academy, will turn into what all closed military higher educational institutions of the country turned into - desolation and dead silence, occasionally disturbed by the exclamations of metal hunters or rustle of leaves, which can be swept by the janitor’s broom .

By the way, former employees of an elite military high school are now working as wipers in Monino. For example, the former associate professor of the department of command and control of troops, Vladimir Saperov, for whom, apparently, there was no place in the “new” academy, sweeps autumn leaves from the tracks and grounds, which hundreds of cadets and employees of the educational institution that had prepared this Air Force

Vladimir Saperov and other members of the 19 Academy in October 2011 received a letter of resignation from teaching. More than one and a half thousand people, of whom many are real luminaries of the domestic military teaching activity, as it was announced, did not want to move to Voronezh, and therefore remained without their work. Even assuming that all teachers, without exception, offered to move "along with the work" from Monino a little to the south, while no one spoke of the provision of guarantees, including in the form of housing. Throwing their homes and go where new housing was hardly going to provide for the teaching staff - an action that people simply could not decide on. Well, in order to identify the culprits, the previous leadership of the military department went on an interesting move, announced that, they say, they “got stuck”, “they don’t want to work”, “not modern”, “outdated”, etc. Like, we are not to blame, it's all of them - “old men” ...

The “old men” did not sit on the sidelines, and began active work aimed at trying to return the academy to the place from which Mr. Serdyukov had torn it off. The number of letters that the academy sent to various government addresses is difficult to calculate. The letter was sent to the name of the then President Dmitry Medvedev, the notorious head of the Department of Education today Ekaterina Priezezhevoy, chairman of the UK Alexander Bastrykin, Secretary of the Security Council Nikolai Patrushev, parliamentary leaders, Vladimir Putin.
We present an excerpt from a letter from the head of the working group of the scientific council of the VUNC Air Force “VVA na N.Ye. Zhukovsky and Yu.A.Gagarin” I.Naydyonov addressed to N.Patrushev:

Dear Nikolai Platonovich!

We are members of the Academic Council of the Military Training and Scientific Center of the Air Force "Air Force Academy named after Professor N.Ye. Zhukovsky and Yu.A. Gagarin ”(VBVTS VVS VVA, g. Monino), we appeal to you with deep indignation at the insult inflicted on us and the entire scientific and pedagogical community of our high school on the report you submitted to the President of the Russian Federation. The Ministry of Defense of Russia (AE Serdyukov), the educational and material base and infrastructure of these academies are morally and physically outdated. A significant part of the teaching staff is in the pre-retirement and retirement age, which negatively affects the level of educational, methodical and scientific work. ”

We have no doubt that you understand the complete absurdity of such an “assessment” of the work of a teacher, teacher and scientist. With such an assessment, it remains only to submit proposals to the President of Russia for closing the Russian Academy of Sciences (the Security Council of the Russian Federation from VUNC VVS VVA presented all the necessary documents confirming this absurdity).

The letter contains information that speaks of the “reasons” for the transfer of the academy: statesmen considered that the academy “is outdated” - from work programs to faculty members. Moreover, Nikolai Patrushev himself in August 2011 of the year (after the release of Serdyukov’s order) writes to Dmitry Medvedev “the dispatch” that there is no need to worry about the future of military academics teachers. Writes in a peculiar form:

AE Serdyukov notes that teachers and researchers of the VUZV VVS Air Force and the VA Zhukovsky Military Academy of Education will be given the opportunity to continue the research and teaching activities after passing the recertification ...

They say, Dmitry Anatolyevich, nothing will happen to these teachers - Serdyukov said, Serdyukov did ... He would re-certify a little and that was all ...

The fact that someone was going to retest the doctors of science with their subsequent translation (possible, since “they will be given the opportunity) is a strong, seruyuk-style ...

In general, we can assume that now no one will return the academy to its place. And according to the old tradition: years will pass, heaps and stakes will remain at Monino from the academic complex (if they don’t even sell it to the cunning businessmen), and then a brilliant idea will come to someone’s mind - and why is Monino something “empty” for us? “Let's turn the academy back and forth ...”

Alexei Volodin
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