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DPRK creates anti-ship "super rocket"

DPRK creates anti-ship "super rocket"

The DPRK is developing a newest ballistic anti-ship missile, which the South Korean military cannot intercept with their types of weapons. The North Korean rocket has a speed greater than the speed of sound 4-5 times, has a range of up to 300 km. About this with reference to sources in the military of the South reported the local newspaper "Choson Ilbo".

“According to the information we received, the DPRK is currently testing an upgraded version of the KN-02 ground-to-ship missile. If the old rocket has an 140 km range, the new model has a range of 200-300 km. We are trying to collect additional data The new DPRK rocket, "a source in the South Korean Ministry of Defense told the newspaper on condition of anonymity.

At the same time, it became known that the new rocket is ballistic and develops speed, 4-5 times the speed of sound. This means that South Korea does not have effective means to intercept this missile. Even the new destroyers, equipped with the latest military information and control system "Izhis" and SM-2 interceptor missiles, will not be able to neutralize the "super-rocket" of the DPRK.

All this seriously disturbed the southerners. It is possible that their likely adversary created weaponwhich could seriously threaten the ships of the South, as well as even US aircraft carriers.

In Seoul, they immediately recalled that Iran, with whom the DPRK maintains close relations, officially announced in 2011 a year about the successful trials of an anti-ship ballistic missile with a radius of 300 km. "Taking into account all this, we do not exclude the possibility that Iran has assisted North Korea in developing a new rocket," the South Korean Defense Ministry said.
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  1. Lord of the Sith
    Lord of the Sith 16 October 2013 11: 13
    How annoying these names are "Superfood"
    1. alone
      alone 16 October 2013 11: 16
      look like ordinary rockets and no super-duper. what can I say to them. there’s an information war-scarecrow. who will erase anyone in words in powder
      1. Army1
        Army1 16 October 2013 16: 06
        If North Korea is threatening and feared with its wunderwolf, then why should we be afraid of the "powerful and invincible" US fleet.
      2. Vovka levka
        Vovka levka 16 October 2013 16: 41
        Quote: lonely
        look like ordinary rockets and no super-duper.

        The main problem and the most technological one is to teach a rocket to find a target, correctly identify it and achieve accurate guidance. And while it is desirable to achieve stealth flight.
        And frankly, it is not clear at the expense of what they are going to achieve this.
 16 October 2013 22: 04
          High flight speed 4maha. We have it.
    2. Vadivak
      Vadivak 16 October 2013 11: 19
      Quote: Sith Lord
      How annoying these names are "Superfood"

      Super is not the right word. Super super

      KN-02 short-range ballistic missile Non-upgraded version to understand where the legs grow

      A single-stage solid fuel ballistic missile based on the Soviet TRK 9K79 Tochka missile (SS-21 Scarab). The missile is mounted on a 3-axle automobile chassis of North Korean production. Firing range - 70 km, KVO - 160 m. Designed to replace old unguided missiles FROG-7, can carry a nuclear, chemical or conventional warhead.

      In 1983, Syria received SS-21 missiles delivered from the USSR. In mid-1996, Syrian missile technicians underwent two-week training in North Korea. It was reported that Syrian technicians provided data on the SS-21 missile to North Korea. In August 1996, Syria sent SS-21 missiles to North Korea.

      North Korea conducted a test launch of a short-range missile on May 1, 2005 from the east coast towards Japan. A missile flew over the East China (Japanese) Sea, presumably 100-120 km. In North Korea, the missile received the designation KN-02 and is an upgraded version of the SS-21. The name of the KN-02 rocket was first announced in Seoul by Kim Sung-il, director of information technology for the Joint Chiefs of Staff at a closed parliamentary meeting.
      1. kopleev
        kopleev 16 October 2013 19: 37
        You can't hit an aircraft carrier with a "point", the guidance system is not designed to engage mobile, small targets. If the DPRK has developed an anti-ship missile system with a ballistic flight path, it must be something like the Iranian Khaledzhe Fars, with an optoelectronic / infrared seeker.
 16 October 2013 22: 08
          A point with nuclear weapons does not have to be hit.
    3. ShturmKGB
      ShturmKGB 16 October 2013 11: 42
      The aircraft carriers want to scare off the American ... and what to do, do not provoke ...
    4. SolomonSS
      SolomonSS 16 October 2013 11: 56
      All "Super-duper" missiles of the DPRK are written "Made in the USSR" or "Made in Russia" or even to the most ridiculous "Made in China". I think that there is no talk of some kind of innovative technologies in the DPRK, their science is not at that level, my opinion.
    5. Andrey Yuryevich
      Andrey Yuryevich 16 October 2013 13: 52
      but we have no analogues !!! smile
    6. Vovka levka
      Vovka levka 16 October 2013 16: 32
      Quote: Lord of the Sith
      How annoying these names are "Superfood"

      What else are they left to do? Just tell how cool they are.
  2. svp67
    svp67 16 October 2013 11: 17
    DPRK leads the development of the latest ballistic anti-ship missile

    I hope our "competent authorities" have already figured out where the "leak" occurred ...
    1. Vadivak
      Vadivak 16 October 2013 11: 24
      Quote: svp67
      I hope our "competent authorities" have already figured out where the "leak" occurred ...

      Back in 1996. From the brothers of the Syrians. But unlike them, Koreans are seriously engaged in modernization. The most important thing here is that KN - 02 refers to managed systems. If an ordinary ballistic missile after turning off the engine goes further by inertia along the ballistic curve as an artillery shell, and it is relatively easy to intercept, knowing the launch parameters. That KN - 02 is controlled by aerodynamic elements, and before hitting the target changes the angle of attack. Thus, the missile is quite suitable for further modernization in the direction of increasing maneuverability, changing flight algorithms, etc., which can make it less vulnerable to existing anti-missile systems.

      Knowing all this, we can safely assume that the Korean Tochka has a great future, including in the arms market, where local products are in steady demand. KN - 02 will take its rightful place next to local SCADs and the now classic Nodon rocket. In addition, it can be equipped with a television homing head with image identification, integrated with ACS, UAV-type reconnaissance systems, etc. There is no reason to doubt that buyers will like such ample opportunities.
  3. il grand casino
    il grand casino 16 October 2013 11: 20
    Ponte, Ponte ... Well, or super Ponte. Since they like these names
    1. Vadivak
      Vadivak 16 October 2013 11: 26
      Quote: il grand casino
      Ponte, Ponte ... Well, or super Ponte

      Take our old rocket and pass it off as your new one. As always.
  4. Aryan
    Aryan 16 October 2013 11: 28
    speed of sound = 340 m / s
    340m / s * 5 = 1.7 km / s
    300km: 1.7km / s = 43seconds to pop an enemy ship
    Yes, for such a time, even the boatswain does not have time to curse and blow into the sphyglass
    1. Andrey Yuryevich
      Andrey Yuryevich 16 October 2013 13: 54
      but he will have time to say: YOUR MOTHER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! laughing
  5. Zymran
    Zymran 16 October 2013 12: 29
    Most likely another flying trash. And not even the fact that flying. laughing
    1. T80UM1
      T80UM1 16 October 2013 14: 15
      Underestimating the enemy cost the southerners a sunken destroyer and unpunished shelling of their territory ...
  6. major071
    major071 16 October 2013 12: 33
    Again a clone of a Chinese or Soviet rocket. Scientific potential while does not allow the DPRK to catch up and overtake other countries in rocket science. But in the absence of money, they can still create something of their own. You must not underestimate those about whom we know almost nothing. soldier
    1. 16 October 2013 22: 14
      Why do not we know? This is We Soviet 20 years ago, I envy them.
  7. leon-iv
    leon-iv 16 October 2013 13: 55
    hmm are they onyx chtol bought? wassat
    And mach 4-5 on the whole plot laughing urgently need to hammer on our hypersound and buy from them.
  8. andrei332809
    andrei332809 16 October 2013 14: 10
    oh, pees ... t !!! well, straight ahead of the rest ...
    1. Jogan-xnumx
      Jogan-xnumx 16 October 2013 15: 04
      oh, pees ... t !!! well, straight ahead of the rest ...

      hi Let me ask you who exactly? Information, sort of like from southerners ...
  9. nazgul-ishe
    nazgul-ishe 16 October 2013 14: 55
    Zvezdanuli they southerners something. Maybe this is not a myth. Who dares to check?
  10. My address
    My address 16 October 2013 15: 53
    Not a fig did not understand.
    If the missile is ballistic, i.e. uncontrollable, the ship will not fall. And if controlled, then not ballistic. And if it is controlled in the final section, and even gets into the ship from above, then write so, but I doubt it at a speed of more than one km / s.
    Tuff it.
  11. NKVD
    NKVD 16 October 2013 16: 37
    Next copy
  12. Ivan Tarasov
    Ivan Tarasov 16 October 2013 17: 17
    So this is the American Hawk in the photo.
    Probably copied, and remade into RCC, it must be assumed that with the declared characteristics of the warhead for this RCC does not exceed 15 kg.
    More like a fake minus a note.
  13. Vittt
    Vittt 16 October 2013 17: 20
    Quote: "The DPRK is creating an anti-ship super-missile."
    It would be better if the infantile Eun created a super-brain for himself, so that he would finally understand that Denis Rodman is not an American president.
  14. Rus2012
    Rus2012 16 October 2013 18: 38
    Quote: il grand casino
    Ponte, Ponte ... Well, or super Ponte. Since they like these names

    ... mb and not show off.
    For example Iskander-E has a range of -280 km. It is a further development of "Tochka-U" (120-140 km).
    If you implement a MS on the Aerophone theme - it can recognize, capture and homing in a photo-image, then why not ...