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Nothing is done to improve the AUC.

The country's leadership continues to rub points that a similar system has long been established

On September 27, a round table was held in the State Duma on the theme “The state, problems and development prospects of the Aerospace Defense Forces”. The meeting was chaired by the member of the State Duma Committee on Defense Vyacheslav Tetekin. In the number 39 "MIC" published the first part of the most significant speeches.

There is no unified management

In 1998, we, together with headquarters, developed the concept of reforming our system. I then held the position of commander of the third separate army of a warning about a special-purpose rocket attack - the future army of rocket-space defense as part of the Air Defense Forces.

But it turned out what happened: the transformations were based not on state needs, but on the selfish interests of some managers. In order to support the fading structures of the Strategic Missile Forces, they decided to send back an army of rocket and space defense, tearing it out of the air defense system in the direct sense of the word. They invented fake figures that, as a result of the transfer, the combat effectiveness of the rocket forces rose by 20 percent. This, believe me, nonsense, this could not happen.

Nothing is done to improve the AUC.

Then came the next stage, when there was a threat of liquidation (demotion) of the Space Forces. I will not say that these are the main reasons, but it was as if some kind of rock was hanging over the whole situation, that the army of anti-personnel missiles and, in general, the missile defense forces left the air defense system. When this happened, the structure of the air defense, one might say, began to disappear.

When the SPRN army was removed from the Strategic Missile Forces, the latter, as a type of the Armed Forces, also ceased to exist. Because the number of missile troops has become less, the level of the problems solved has fallen.

They tried, figuratively speaking, to insert the army into the Space Forces. The same thing happened as in the unforgettable Strategic Missile Forces. Believe me, there were no space troops as such, there were only control and measuring complexes and a few launching points at Baikonur. Then they took them. In the Space Forces, the launch positions remained at the Plesetsk training ground, and even in the center a small group. But to give them a new status, they put in an army of rocket and space defense. And then they began to somehow justify it.

After that, the control of the third army is removed, it is dismembered its components, operating according to one algorithm. As a result, the combat cycle is disrupted as one of the components of the entire work, and these are missile defense systems, anti-ship missile systems, and the UCCS. In a word, razderbanili and began to somehow manage. Aerospace defense began to form.

I repeat: the components of the RCO army work in one cycle, they simply cannot live without each other. And the key element here is the missile attack warning system, because all information links are tied to it. The missile defense cannot start working without an SPRN, an outer space monitoring system, because it has virtually no means of its own: it is based on information received from an SPRN.

And in this situation, the division of missile defense was given to the East Kazakhstan region. And the remaining units and formations formed into one structure, calling it the center, hesitating to call at least a corps, division or army: suddenly the adversary will think that again the Russians are rattling weapons.

All these perturbations entailed other negative consequences. I used to have six deputies in the army - generals, division commanders - from a colonel to a major general. 12 served thousands of officers, and now ... Today there are very few of them left ... and one general's position.

That's the whole social elevator, which is simply broken, it is not. It turned out as in the unforgettable Air Force. Remember the old joke, when the senior lieutenant at the age of 40 years retires to the reserve, and in his description they write: he is inclined towards careerism. So it will be here. For some reason, it is believed that for decent money, people will serve better. No, they will not do. We have never served for money. For a young man important career, the prospect of service. "In the civilian world" do not hesitate to talk about it, there it is called a career, but in the Armed Forces? We can’t even have wives near us serving, relatives.

Alas, the changes that took place were motivated mainly by the personal ambitions of the respective leaders, who in no way thought about the future. How can we talk about a single control now, if there is no command center in the structures of the rocket-space defense? Before this “round table” I suggested (jokingly) to form an army of rocket-space defense and transfer it to the rear of the Armed Forces for one year. Believe me, nothing will change, except that maybe the food will be better. Because everything else, including the control system, which supposedly now exists in the Space Forces, the current reform does not affect, as, by the way, the past. And, in particular, command and control, control of the combat cycle of several systems, without which it is impossible today in the Space Forces.

Previously, the status of the army commander was quite high. And this is justified. The timeliness of the transmission of the most important information to the Supreme Commander - the President of the Russian Federation - depends on the people who are in the supreme governing body of this army. Including about the launch of intercontinental ballistic missiles, nuclear attack, launch of missiles from submarines. This information goes straight to that very “nuclear suitcase” of the country's first person. The fate of the state may depend on its reliability and efficiency. And today, this person (army commander), who is responsible for performing tasks every second, every second, was simply equated with a motorized rifle unit commander, or even placed below.

How are the Americans going to fight now? They have ensured that they have a return potential of warheads that are stored and can be returned to the carriers at any time. And we agreed to destroy them. They went and the elimination of rocket mines, warheads, the missiles themselves. I'm not talking about the Gor-Chernomyrdin agreement, when 500 tons of highly enriched Russian uranium were sold in the USA for 11,8 billion dollars at a cost of 1,8 trillion! And the Americans have kept everything. They have it all and now they say: if the need arises to strike back, they can simply do so, from the warehouses, the arsenals, to place warheads on the missiles and finish us with you.

There is no other such country in the world with a potential that ensures guaranteed destruction of the United States, except Russia. Therefore, the Americans are preparing to fight precisely against us. In the relevant documents they have clearly written: we are for them the enemy No. 1, and not partners, friends or comrades.

The US military doctrine is changing, we are not doing anything to improve our aerospace defense, we continue to rub in the glasses to the leadership that it is supposedly already created. More than two years have passed, and in fact nothing has been done.

I'm talking about my army. What prevents to make a command post, to create a detailed training system? At one time, the Zhitomir Higher Military Command School of Radio Electronics, the Kiev Higher Anti-aircraft Missile Engineering School, the Minsk Higher Engineering Anti-Aircraft Missile School, the Marshal of the Soviet Union Air Defense Academy named after A. Govorov in Kharkov, the Military Academy of Aerospace Defense named after Marshal of the Soviet Union G. K. Zhukov in Tver.

All of them trained specialists for the EWS army. And there were also Pushkin Higher School of Air Defense Radio Electronics, Moscow Higher Military School of Air Defense Radio Electronics in Kubinka. And now? There is nothing. Only one department remained in Tver, and it was transferred to the Academy named after AF Mozhaisky. What for?

I would like common sense to prevail in all our decisions. Do not be afraid to say that this is an aerospace defense force with all the consequences and tasks arising from this. That this is not just one system, but a set of the most serious systems and means ensuring national security, the future of a country like Russia. It is impossible to recreate the state air defense system in its previous form, but it is necessary to work in this direction.

With all due respect to the current leadership of the Space Forces, more precisely, the IACVA is necessary for it to look at itself from the outside and assess its readiness to respond to the challenges of time, to solve the most serious tasks, and most importantly to be responsible for their implementation. One thing is to inflate the cheeks of importance and quite another to effectively manage the entrusted structure, to achieve concrete results.

Anatoly Sokolov,
Commander-in-Chief of the Special Army (1991 – 1998), Lieutenant General

The importance of CTP is underestimated

There is an underestimation of the importance of aerospace defense. Until now, very high leaders consider the Ground Forces and combined arms groups to be the dominant type and force of the Armed Forces. It is harmful to the sun nostalgia.

Let's talk about military officials today. I served in 17 years aviation Naval fleet and 30 years in the aviation of the Air Defense Forces of the country, five times he was chairman or deputy of the state commission for aircraft, starting with the MiG-25, MiG-31, A-50, Su-27. For ten years he was the commander of air defense aviation. Therefore, in air defense, obviously, a person is not random.

MiG-31 actually trampled, and in fact the modification had excellent prospects. Now two MiG-XNUMHD, which I oversaw, are rotting in Balkhash. Such machines should have been included in the EKO for work on low-orbit targets.

Further, the Americans have spawned thousands of UAVs. Who will fight them? Or will we rank our complexes large? But in the 80-ies on the MiGs, we have already destroyed cruise missiles.

So, about bureaucratic obstacles. For five years, my colleagues and I, at the Ministry of Education and Science, were trying to convert the first cadet corps into aerospace. This would allow direct training of personnel at the VVKO. We achieved, but other problems appeared. Now the cadet corps is headed by a 72-year-old colonel, who does not even have a higher education. We would like to see another person at the head of the school and include the corps in the Air Force, and then, if possible, in the VVKO. We ask for support.

Nikolay Moskvitelev,
Commander of Air Defense Aviation (1977 – 1987), Colonel General of Aviation, Honored Military Pilot of the USSR, Candidate of Military Sciences

No machines, no rockets

Compared to 1991, the volume of domestic production in Russia has decreased dramatically this year. In contrast, in Belarus, the increase in the order of 50 percent. Our country produces almost nothing. We swing oil, on another elemental base we collect cars, TVs. Speaking of high, we dream of creating an information field, groupings, training personnel. But the basics on what to do, no.

We began to change the element base on the Proton launch vehicle - a good, reliable truck. In the year Russia produces 14 – 16 such PH. At the same time, we give a significant part of the missiles to the goals of the European and international community. Therefore, we will never increase the grouping of GLONASS with the NSA “Hurricane”. In 1994, when I became the head of armaments, there were more than 430 spacecraft in orbit, and now less than 50. As soon as the Proton drags the cargo to the international station, it flies. As soon as it is launched with our NCAs, it falls. Why? I think because of the lack of its own element base.

Mace is the same. I explain: it is very difficult to make an SLBM. All give an example with a liquid PCM-54 "Sineva". Good, but its age has already outlived. When it was put into service, the 32 launch was unsuccessful. When testing, first check the surface start, then start from the 15-meter depth, then from the 50. A liquid rocket below 50 meters can not be allowed: crushed tanks, an explosion will occur. This can not happen with a solid rocket. Therefore, initially the considerations of increasing security in the Bulava are correct.

Let's return to aerospace defense. There are several aspects, especially legal. For the sale of combat plutonium and for positioning areas in particular.

By international agreements in the USSR, it was allowed to have two missile areas. The Americans covered the basing areas of ground-based ICBMs. We covered Moscow and Balkhash. The metropolitan missile defense system was made up of 106 missiles, of which 36 was a long-range missile, the rest of the short-range interception (chief designer Peter Grushin). In 2005, the warranty period came out. Now there is actually nothing. By the deadline began to prepare more in 90-x. First born "Favorite", then C-300В. But these are near-interception systems. Their capabilities are limited.

The second aspect is the presence of a single radar field. We only in the stationary version for the air defense of the country had more than 12,5 thousands of detection stations and they were constantly breaking down. But then there was the Soviet government, which produced 430 – 450 stations per year. For ten years it was possible to make four thousand radar. Now how much do we produce? To tell? You will cry.

Therefore, when we are talking about a single information space, we must clearly understand: Samara, Rostov, Krasnoyarsk - all are based on the stations “Motorola” of English, Italian production, and so on. Airspace control, which was in Soviet times, is not there. There are zones of control.

Therefore, I consider it paramount to restore a single information space that would allow space, ground, and air echelons of an early warning system.

Further, a system is needed to ensure the collection and processing of information and the transmission of target designation. MBR from the USA reaches our territory in 30 minutes. Pershing from Europe could reach the USSR in 5,5 – 7 minutes. Need a distributed network.

The issues discussed are related to the philosophy of the information space, common coding systems, data transmission, and phono-target environment. All this in Soviet times and before 2000 was developed and maintained, because the MO was about 60 institutions in each area. Now the work is minimized and is not being conducted. Creating a single information space, we must build a processing system. It is not, we all buy the elements of computing equipment abroad. In order for “Bulava” or any other not to fall, a protected network is needed, in particular, by information and other means. Now we can not make bearings for aviation, even plug connectors, and most importantly, we have eliminated the means of production industry. No machines, no equipment.

In order to provide a circular radar field system, we planned to build four over-the-station stations - Kovylkino, Omsk, Zeya, Magadan. In Ukraine, there was a station near Donetsk. In the Russian Federation - in Nakhodka. The United States covers the entire land part of the trans-horizon stations. The field of such a radar provides reconnaissance at a distance from 800 to 2800 kilometers. In addition, over-the-horizon radar should be supplemented with conventional ones. Two intersecting systems will provide guaranteed cover.

The Soviet Union realized that every time preparing 12,5 thousands of radar stations was extremely costly. Reutov NPO Mechanical Engineering has proposed the creation of the Almaz orbital station, the basis of the space flight of radar surveillance. The information base is formed primarily by the space echelon, first of all we are talking about the warning of a rocket attack.

Airborne and ground long-range radiation detection systems are extremely important.

Rather serious systems of power suppression have been created - С-300, С-400, С-500, С-300В. Everything that we have done in a short-range, medium-range complex, works great, including cruise missiles. It is necessary to move on to creating new “smart” missiles, multichannel and jam-proof homing heads. And again we run into the element base. The entire control system is built on the computers we buy, they are not protected. There used to be a profile 22 th Central Research Institute of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. He eliminated.

We turn to the forces and means. Who will manage this system? Command. And without KP this can not be. Those command posts that were in Soviet times ended their existence in 2008.

What now? Decides to reflect the global raid of the president. To reflect on the theater of operations such a decision for those who command theater. When attacking a division, the decision is made by its commander. When officially there is a local conflict, everything is clear. And if a sudden attack, to whom and where, relatively speaking, call?

At one time, they made an M-17РМ - high-altitude (H - 20 kilometers) radio-relay aircraft. They offered to put in Chechnya. Not a single short-range rocket will bring down an aircraft, and the equipment will provide high-quality communications and surveillance. Fought in 2008-m with other people's cell phones. So, control systems, information transfer and orders are paramount. And this all rests on a regular basis. There will be no state, there will be no structure, nothing will be.

Anatoly Sitnov,
Chief of Armaments of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation (1994 – 2000), Colonel-General, Member of the Public Council, Chairman of the Military-Industrial Complex, President - Chairman of the Board of Directors of Aviadvigatory Company Vladimir Klimov - Motor Sich
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  1. soldat1945
    soldat1945 19 October 2013 07: 33
    But yesterday, an office uniform like that of Latin American police officers was issued !!! fellow
    1. vladimirZ
      vladimirZ 19 October 2013 08: 30
      I don’t understand who is leading our state?
      Who are they in fact, the actions taken to destroy the army, to reduce the defense of the state?
      How can they be explained, how would it be softer to say, incompetent actions to collapse the country's defense?
      What is this if not a direct betrayal of Russia !!! What a pity that we do not have such a leader as Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin was!
      1. S_mirnov
        S_mirnov 19 October 2013 12: 00
        Quote: vladimirZ
        How can they be explained, how would it be softer to say, incompetent actions to collapse the country's defense?

        No, they have very competent actions on the collapse of the army! They are merchants, and merchants need personal protection, not the army. And the country's population is like workers in a capitalist factory — they are trying to minimize current expenses for the maintenance of workers in order to increase their profit.
        Quote: vladimirZ
        What a pity that we do not have such a leader as Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin was!

        I think there are such people, they simply are not allowed to come to power, because this will be the end of the trading era.
    2. AVV
      AVV 19 October 2013 11: 04
      And things are there now! It was enough for the Army to manage, a furniture marshal, it was impossible to calculate the losses from his activities, America could not do as much as he did with the women's battalion! He ruined everything and everything! And Medvedev justified him! More total enemies are not terrible outside, but enemies and traitors inside !!!
      1. I do not care
        I do not care 19 October 2013 11: 42
        It was not reported to Putin that ...
        minuscule sm-nick
        Everyone somehow unanimously forgot who our Supreme Commander-in-Chief is,
        bearing personal responsibility for everything that happens in the structure entrusted to him. And it is Serdyukov, oh, no, Vasiliev’s infection is to blame.
        1. Andrey Yuryevich
          Andrey Yuryevich 20 October 2013 13: 11
          angry and Colonel Kvachkov said ...
      2. shtanko.49
        shtanko.49 19 October 2013 13: 49
        I think Medvedev didn’t justify Serdyukov as much as his beloved, he was at the helm, and he is now the most effective manager, where everything goes bankrupt and into afshores. You need to change the state’s structure, gangster capitalism is not capable of building up, and it’s not possible to defend Russia necessary, they have no homeland.
    3. kris
      kris 20 October 2013 10: 20
      The worst thing is that such news is no longer surprising!
      Under Putin, they became commonplace.
      And manual media tell tales about the revival of the army.
      Only the deadlines carry everything. We started with the 2008 year, and now more and more often 2025-2030!
      1. S_mirnov
        S_mirnov 20 October 2013 11: 48
        The destruction of Satan's missiles alone pulls him to death. I propose to recall how it was.
        "The House of Representatives of the US Congress on Sunday night met the request of the Russian Ministry of Defense and allocated $ 39,6 million to further strengthen the security of the nuclear warhead storage facility in Russia.
        The funds allocated by the House are $ 16,6 million more than was requested for this purpose by the Bush administration, and are provided "to expedite security measures for the storage of nuclear warheads in accordance with the Bratislava Accords,"
  2. Kibalchish
    Kibalchish 19 October 2013 07: 43
    The author is well done. I painted everything correctly. Here, many tear a vest on themselves, they prove it with foam at the mouth, they say everything is being reborn, work is going on. Where is going? Is there evidence? Secret - so secrecy can hide both incompetence and lack of progress. As a person who has some relation to the troops described (served there) I will say that much is true.
    1. Starfish
      Starfish 19 October 2013 13: 01
      "The author is well done. He painted everything correctly. Here many are tearing the vest on themselves, proving with foam at the mouth, they say, everything is being reborn, work is underway. Where is it going? Is there evidence? Secret - so secrecy can hide both incompetence and lack of progress. As a person who has some attitude to the described troops (served there) I will say that much corresponds to reality. "

      Something of course is being done in the direction of increasing defense capability, but it is somehow sluggish, a little, in no hurry. but how to break up, steal so cosmic speeds, activity rushing, and rushing so that even ordinary people notice. but the guarantor does not notice for years, although he may notice, but like Ivanov, he is silent so as not to frighten laughing
  3. borisjdin1957
    borisjdin1957 19 October 2013 07: 51
    from the Don.
    Reading such a heart bleeds! No words!
    1. Very old
      Very old 19 October 2013 09: 01
      And I, it would be better if I didn’t read. We know about many dirty tricks of democracy (whether -?). We do not know: when will the robbery, humiliation and collapse of the country stop
    MIKHAN 19 October 2013 08: 08
    Criticizing is always easy .. Of course I agree with the author of the problems above the roof. But not so gloomy all!
  5. igorek45
    igorek45 19 October 2013 08: 38

    Quote: MIKHAN
    Criticizing is always easy .. Of course I agree with the author of the problems above the roof. But not so gloomy all

    Well .. You don’t seem to realize how bad it is ..
    1. Ascetic
      Ascetic 19 October 2013 19: 32
      Quote: igorek45
      Well .. You don’t seem to realize how bad it is ..

      Sokolov know served under his command. I will say it was very bad, now just bad.
      That is, the temperature dropped from 39 to 37.6. The patient is still sick but the condition is stabilizing. The main thing is that there is a realization that the new aerospace theater should cover single type of troops. under a single command and in a single information space and not disparate parts of different subordination. For this, a unified command of the East Kazakhstan region was created. And the generals always have few posts and status, so everyone pulls a blanket for themselves.
  6. lotar
    lotar 19 October 2013 09: 29
    You know, everything that was written in the article really causes a feeling of deep hatred for the current government, but there is one thing. One way or another, we ourselves are to blame for the fact that this power was formed, we ourselves encourage them to steal and other negative manifestations. I expect that many drawbacks dripping, but close my eyes to what I see, not accustomed.
    1. vvvvv
      vvvvv 19 October 2013 09: 51
      Power is heterogeneous. For example, even Putin himself, and especially Rogozin, Shoigu, has a fairly high trust in me. It is evident that they are trying to give something even in such terrible conditions described. And there are advances. Regular users of the site should remember a lot of good results in the military-industrial complex, which were mentioned in the articles.
      Another thing is that under the USSR everything was clear, systemic and massive. So you need to increase the movement in the right direction, and toughly deal with saboteurs.
      1. I do not care
        I do not care 19 October 2013 11: 52
        Your words would be yes to their ears.
      2. Very old
        Very old 19 October 2013 13: 10
        So remind the Supreme Commander (by the way, I trust him): Where are the landings? At the forum, all languages ​​have become popular, and nowadays
      3. vvvvv
        vvvvv 19 October 2013 18: 15
        Whoever expressed his disagreement with his minuses (as I understand it) that Putin should be trusted should, being in a healthy mind, assume the existence of a powerful patriotic force. Which for some reason does not manifest itself in any way and is not known to anyone. Only a few individuals with patriotic rhetoric and can be extremely weak groups. Those. forces that are not able to radically change something themselves. Right?! Further. If we assume that, nevertheless, Putin and the part of the elites supporting him are patriotic (such an opinion exists and it does not depend on someone's consent or disagreement with him), then PUTIN WOULD BE SUPPORTED IN PATRIOTIC AND COUNTRY GOOD CASES. Together this would give strength, but the entire West and a significant part of the elites and society only sabotage and oppose the authorities. Every corrupt official yells that Putin needs to be removed, every creature sold to the West yells exactly the same thing. Yeah, do you know that Putin did something for Russia ?! But, in my deep conviction, this only indicates a deliberate bias, extremely low knowledge or even dementia. For example, almost every day I absorb a large amount of heterogeneous political and other information from various sources, including opposition ones. And for many years. And once, when I knew less, I was stupidly waging an information war against Putin. But, over time, my thinking has made an analysis of the entire set of information and synthesis of the current opinion. I am not idealizing Putin, but I would give him a very high positive assessment. And I see when a person speaks and behaves sincerely. And when Putin said in Serbia that those who kill people in Libya should first of all think about the victims and their souls, it sounded sincere. And his tears when the Russians supported him in the elections. Every person has different origins. Anyone eats, cf. no, fucks, wants money, helps friends, etc. But, everyone has a concept of Fatherland or not. I believe that Putin has it, in addition to all other human advantages and disadvantages, good deeds or not. And now it’s not the conditions to be able to quickly name something revolutionary without industry and decline in all spheres with powerful external and internal opposition. There are no material or human resources competent. And to apply, as in the old (Stalinist) times, those approaches to forcing society to work and "five-year plans" - today it is NOT REALLY easy. The whole West will howl, and everyone inside the country will howl, because everyone wants not to be forced to work extra-economically, but someone else.
      4. vvvvv
        vvvvv 19 October 2013 18: 15
        They pressed the oligarchs and shook them and, in general, some "uncle" did everything. And the oligarchs have already been shaken and will continue, no doubt. Now it's muddied with Lukashenko across Uralkali - it's not just that ... I myself thought, but also heard from Zhirik, that it was probably muddied by squeezing out the company ... After all, recently Lukashenko proposed to the state (Russia) to buy the pier will ensure a doubling of capitalization and knows how. And if someone does not understand situations and does not know the information at least as I have just voiced just a little, then SO JUST CANNOT HAVE TRUE JUDGMENT ABOUT ANYTHING! Without owning information, one cannot make correct conclusions. And we often have false information, which the West churns out and implements in the war against Putin through NGOs in the media and social networks. networks. It is even clear that a global war is being waged and everything is turning over to the fact that Putin is to blame for everything. Even that someone himself cannot wipe it off. One person cannot do everything for 140 million people in the whole country and who themselves are only ready to rage and demand, but not to conduct public or other work for the country.
        But in our country all strategic areas are already nationalized. Yes, there are shares of private investment capital, but investments are needed. In addition, on the example of TNK BP, we know how Russia can throw out foreign capital ...
        And in Russia there are a lot of tricks and financial groups that have huge power and rule, and stir up their own way and not in the interests of Russia. And figs you pick them up legally ... Immediately a howl rises. Yes, even if you were yourself Jesus and an ideal patriot, but with such an information war you are so slandered and misrepresented that they will turn you into Satan. How can one do something radical in a country even to an ideal and omnipotent ruler in such conditions ?!
      5. vvvvv
        vvvvv 19 October 2013 18: 15
        Total: I am a supporter of pressure on the existing government in a patriotic manner and forcing it to act in the interests of Russia. But, pressure should not be on Putin, but on that part of the elite that impedes and sabotages all this.
        Won Albats recently called for Russia to surrender Siberia. Why are you all not outraged to kick her out of the country ?! Or do not know this - what and who is doing ?! Or Navalny’s calls that Russia's strategic spheres be given to private business ... And, again, you didn’t know ?! What then do you know at all and what can you judge about ?! But all the stories are on YouTube and other resources, where everything can be seen and heard with your own eyes and ears.
        Gentlemen and comrades, sometimes I just go nuts from the "darkness" of fellow citizens and the haste of their judgments. They hammered into their heads Western propaganda and the opinion that the country's global problems can be solved "with the wave of a magic wand." Here we have a riot on any topic - as in Krylov's fable about a swan, cancer and a pike ... And the West is leading an offensive on all fronts ... I think that we need a single patriotic position and we have it, it is the same - development and security of Russia. But, instead of public pressure on the elites and forcing them to adhere to this course, many are inclined to dream of "destroying the old world and building a new one" ... I think this is not real. And there is no one, and it is dangerous, because Since the fall of Putin, Russia can then permanently lose its sovereignty and we will first return to the 90s, and then we will follow the Libyan-Syrian scenario. It is now that we are returning our presence in Central Asia, we are working in the CSTO, the SCO, the Eurasian Economic Community, Clinton is yelling about the re-establishment of the USSR-2, the war in Chechnya is over and Kadyrov has openly declared himself an enemy of the Wahhabis, the Chechen "East" is at the forefront of Tskhinvali, seriously raised all strategic forces, 2020 trillion will be allocated by 23. rub. in the military-industrial complex and some have already been mastered. And many other positive things. FOR ME THE POSITIVE OUTSIDE. Yes, more is needed. But, I believe that we should all effectively influence the vector of movement of our elites, and not try to destroy something and it is not clear how to build later, having the risk of losing the country, in a civil war and subsequent intervention.
        I am ready to argue at least at such a detailed level, and not on unreasoned, self-suggesting opinions and enemy propaganda cliches.
        All this is just my opinion - what it is. If I have outweighed negative arguments, then I am not conservative and not stupid, but able to change my mind. But, at the moment it is like that.
    2. Debryansk
      Debryansk 19 October 2013 12: 41
      lotar-under the expression, we ourselves are to blame for the fact that this power was formed-who do you mean, people who do not have any rights and opportunities to influence the policies pursued by the authorities or those who are in power. Are you a representative of the government? Then your betrayal is obvious and the collapse of the country's defense capability is up to you, and the common people are to blame for the fact that they don’t want to work for food and can’t eat pasture, so our officials work tirelessly.
      1. lotar
        lotar 20 October 2013 14: 15
        Are you a representative of authority?-no
        whom do you mean, people who do not have any rights and opportunities to influence the policies pursued by the authorities or those in power-I will answer the question with a question: Does the people themselves know their rights, and indeed they want to know? People, if they want to influence, they influence when there is such a desire, and if not, then it makes no sense to talk about the very possibility of influencing the government. people can only wag their tongues, and in order to do something themselves, various excuses immediately appear like: no time, no power, no money, etc. etc.
        Then your betrayal is obvious and the collapse of the country's defense capability is up to you, and the common people are to blame for what they don’t want to work for, and can’t eat pasture- Traitors and pests are not only officials (far from all officials are), but also those who indulge them and do nothing to correct this situation.
        1. vvvvv
          vvvvv 21 October 2013 05: 29
          Totally agree.
  7. KazaK Bo
    KazaK Bo 19 October 2013 09: 55
    Served under the "banners" of A. Sokolov (from his command of the division, deputy commander, commander of the 3rd A SPRN ON). I knew him as a fairly balanced and sensible boss ... who never raised his voice ... who did not lose his composure ... And in this speech I don’t recognize him ... Apparently he was so sore from the REFORMER itch of our new leaders that it was just strength not anymore. AND ALL THE TROUBLE IS IN THE MANAGEMENT !!! All current media unanimously revile V. Lenin for his phrase that the cook can rule the state (in reality, V. Lenin never had such a quote! This is taken out of context and twisted by another quote!). Now let's see who controls ... directs the development of our Armed Forces ... This is where all our troubles lie! If the builders (EBN) ... law teachers and Marxists (MEDVEDEV and BURBULIS), furniture makers (Serdyukov) managed the processes of strengthening Russia's defense capability, then such are the results! And the military men assigned to them ... such as NGSH MAKAROV, could only loyally look into the eyes and click their heels ... Hence the collapse of the Armed Forces at the level of sabotage. And also for this, MEDVEDEV, in quiet to this unfortunate NGSH for the collapse of the control of the Armed Forces of the Hero, HANGED on his chest ... although it would have been more correct to HANG ...
    So all our troubles are in the absence of professionalism, the absence of leaders who, from the heights of their posts, would see the scale of not only what they are doing, but also the consequences of their REFORMING ITCH!
    1. Boa kaa
      Boa kaa 19 October 2013 16: 25
      Quote: KazaK Bo
      And now let's see who controls ... directs the development of our armed forces ... And this is all our troubles! E

      This is true, but only by half. Below I will explain my point.
      Now about the leadership of the aircraft. The Soviet system was different from the state, but could effectively resist it, maybe,
      - in 1's, it was led by 2 military professionals - the Moscow Region and the National High School - who had gone from summer to marshal, who had experience of databases (local conflicts);
      - in the 2's, they relied on a streamlined, deficit-free military command and control system, modern for its time;
      - in-3's, they accurately represented the initial period of the war, the role and place of the types of armed forces in this period, for which it is necessary to prepare the armed forces and the country.
      In light of this, construction and training of the aircraft was underway.
      The leadership of the country, seeing professionals at the helm of the armed forces, trusted their competence, sensitively listened to the recommendations and requests of the military. The country's defense was based on developed science, technology, production, training, state ideology, which was shared by the vast majority of the population. The industry was able to provide the aircraft with almost all the assortment and nomenclature of MBT.
      Then came the dashing 90, and we got Sun collapse at the level of wrecking. Science, technology, industrial base, personnel training system were reduced to Zimbabwe, the Armed Forces were "reformed" to 800 thousand, but the police and the Internal Troops were doubled. The laws were written by advisers from the State Department, all profitable industries were seized by crafty managers and lawyers. And the leadership of the Armed Forces appointed those about whom you wrote above. Then 2 years of plundering of natural resources and eating up the backlog of the Union. But that was over too! It's time to collect stones. Yes, the "pipe" gives money, it seems that it is possible to restore the country and its armed forces in a new form. But no! NO material base of production! Hence all the troubles. There is no one and so far nothing to produce on a national basis new MBT models. Therefore, you need to "look at the root": there is nothing and no one to make new models of weapons and military equipment. Therefore, the construction of new production facilities, the training of professional workers, and the release, so far single (in small batches), of world-class MBT are underway in parallel.
      And the last one. In my opinion, the RF Armed Forces of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation should be a pilot, air defense officer, sailor, signalman, astronaut — any person associated with advanced technical weapons that require knowledge and a certain IQ when entering the Higher School of Education. With a stable psyche and character, the role of the creator. IMHO.
  8. user
    user 19 October 2013 09: 55
    Quote: MIKHAN
    MIKHAN SU Today, 08:08

    Criticizing is always easy .. Of course I agree with the author of the problems above the roof. But not so gloomy all!

    You’re just like a political officer, read a lecture on love for the motherland. . .
    You still have a poor idea of ​​what is happening at the enterprises of the military-industrial complex, just do not say "they showed it on TV...." And the military-industrial complex is directly connected with the troops, plus problems with the Ministry of Education, plus the reform of the Russian Academy of Sciences, I'm not talking about specialized research institutes and production problems.
    This problem with aerospace defense looks approximately in this order today.

    Here we have recently, the rector was ill, the dean spoke at the academic council and in a rash (still young) talked about all the problems of our University and the options for solving them.
    Do you want to know what reaction - we have a new dean, and this one does not work at the university (well, that he is young and promising, a doctor of sciences and a corresponding member, if you do not share the policy of management, then work elsewhere, but that , to put it mildly, not right, so it’s still necessary to prove)
  9. major071
    major071 19 October 2013 10: 27
    To close our eyes to the problem, to pretend that everything is fine and to come up with the slogan "We have the best VKO troops in the world" is what the authorities are feeding us now. If everything is so good, why are such articles appearing? Well, some Vasya Pupkin would have written, who has nothing to do with this issue, simply from the desire to promote himself. So, after all, a completely adequate person writes, who devoted more than one year to this direction. Problems should be solved, not hushed up and splurge.
    I am ashamed of power, ashamed gentlemen, comrades. IMHO.
  10. Yuri Y.
    Yuri Y. 19 October 2013 10: 27
    Nowadays, we cannot make bearings for aviation, even plug connectors and, most importantly, we have eliminated the capital goods industry. There are no machines, no equipment.

    That's right, after the collapse of the economy, what kind of restoration of the army can be discussed, only about the collapse of the rest.
  11. Sergeant
    Sergeant 19 October 2013 10: 48
    For some reason, it is believed that for decent money people will serve better. No, they will not do.

    Probably, many ALREADY understand that working for "decent" money is NOT BETTER either: only the "appetites" of consumption (and the increase in "wealth"), greediness ... but not the level of work and productivity increase. This is more consistent with the term "debauchery with money." We need a different "incentive" system. (something like "ideological and material" ...)
    ... sought in the Ministry of Education and Science that the first cadet corps be redeveloped into aerospace.

    ... the same thing as to seek any improvement for Russia in the US State Department: either they will ban it, or the Jews will come up with some new, even more destructive scam in the future ..

    Quote: Tyler Durden

    As I understand it, the author calls for massive shots the creation of a separate command of the aerospace defense! smile

    And what does it scare you?
    So far (!) The question is about sweeps in Russia, and not in the USA.
    Or do you propose to deal with pests and saboteurs with the help of the Jewish-American system of "rights of some people" imposed by you (the West)? Does anyone else naively believe in these ostentatious "human rights"?
    Only harshly and, if possible, silently (!).
    There are no other options...
    ... Or disappear and compose legends about "Great Russia" for future archaeologists.
  12. MIKHAN
    MIKHAN 19 October 2013 10: 53
    Quote: igorek45

    Quote: MIKHAN
    Criticizing is always easy .. Of course I agree with the author of the problems above the roof. But not so gloomy all

    Well .. You don’t seem to realize how bad it is ..

    I saw the looted mines (rocket) abandoned airfields .. I understand everything that is happening (if the minister (former) of defense is under investigation ..) the wave of the collapse of our army has not yet been stopped .. has been going on since the 90s ..! Now the trend is again similar to 80 = 90s .. "Yes, we in Russia can not build and produce anything we have only thieves nomenclature .. all equipment is rough and made with files by drunken locksmiths ...) Remember, I hope who is older as the radio squealed in all media and TV .. This is one of the well-known psychological methods of info war .. Like to sow among the Russians decadent moods and anger at the government and the state system .. It turns out that you are not very bad.! Someone called me political instructor above .. (with malice) yes, maybe I am like that .. I just know that the core of any nation .. a country is love and devotion to one's fatherland (bad or good) .. I know for sure that if something happens, EVERYTHING WITH US WILL RISE, FLY, etc .. So we don’t need all this .. Our military engineers do not work for money and ranks (most ..) It’s just necessary and that’s all! Let's not humiliate them guys .. Hurray, it’s too early to shout Something I wanted to say so much. military school, I wanted to enter in the early 90 = x ..)
  13. Ivanovich47
    Ivanovich47 19 October 2013 11: 22
    Quote: The volume of domestic production in Russia has sharply decreased compared to the 1991 year. On the contrary, in Belarus, an increase of about 50 percent.
    In Soviet times, the quantitative and qualitative characteristics of the domestic military-industrial complexes were closed. But now we know. that thousands of planes, missiles, tanks were fired. But in our time, they will release one plane, and up to the President, the Supreme Commander-in-Chief, they rejoice. Why rejoice? The military-industrial complex is practically destroyed. And organizationally, a constant leapfrog! Either they combine the East Kazakhstan and VKS, then they disconnect. As if some kind of evil force is sitting in the General Staff and scoffing at soldiers and officers. What are only the Serdyukov reforms! When does it stop ???
    1. EGORKA
      EGORKA 19 October 2013 16: 05
      And what does Belarus have to do with it? which you think lives at the expense of Russia, which provides such non-frail privileges to her) Vaughn’s dad has already rolled his lip so that Russia also pays for his army, he’s already not enough for the supply of weapons and the payment of exercises for loyalty)
  14. Dart2027
    Dart2027 19 October 2013 11: 33
    Quote: MIKHAN
    Remember, I hope someone older than squealing in all the media of radio and TV .. This is one of the famous psychological tricks of the info war ..

    Simply put, you need to revive the article "For alarmism".
    I myself work in the defense industry - there are a lot of problems, but gradually the process has been going on, and for eight years now, without heroic jerks, but purposefully.
    Quote: user
    Here we have recently, the rector was ill, the dean spoke at the academic council and in a rash (still young) talked about all the problems of our University and the options for solving them.

    Have you personally supported the young dean?
    1. user
      user 23 October 2013 09: 36
      I am, but because you asked a question, you have a vague idea of ​​the relationship in this kind of TERRARIUM
  15. Silkway0026
    Silkway0026 19 October 2013 11: 36
    why would the President not address the people and introduce martial law in the country for several years? I would support.

    Government resigned (majority to prison)
    media control
    -education (until there are enough brains to come up with a better one) to return the Soviet
    -control pay
    migrants - to drive, (pay their own, and so many unemployed)
    -economy - for domestic consumption
    -nationalization of the central bank
    - lending rates for small businesses - at least to zero
    -rotate confiscation of property, including with the next of kin in repayment of the stolen

    and so on, you yourself know what we need and what is really ...
    1. michajlo
      michajlo 19 October 2013 19: 14
      Silkway0026 (2) SU Today, 11:36 AM _131019 / Sub

      Hello dear Sergey!

      Sorry for the directness, what are you writing about? Which president?

      (You mean the "flying-diving clown" who is pulled by the strings / sorry for the * eggs ...)?

      Which country?
      (USA, EU ?, so about Russia you hear only "empty chatter")?

      If in Russia over the past 13 years there was REALLY a PRESIDENT, a patriot of his country such as Lukashenko in Belarus, then where would she be TODAY?

      You are all adults with life experience and all like "blind", appeal to the head of the "OCCUPATION AUTHORITY" (at the whim of the Soviets of Deputies entrenched in the Kremlin) and even WAIT for the TRAITOR to do something for his country, which he does not care about ?!

      After all, the same Muscovites, outraged by the ARBITRATION in Biryulyovo, did much more for their country than WE ALL with you in all CIS countries !!!

      However, in reaction to the "broken face" of another riot policeman fighting against his PEOPLE and at the same time referring to the empty "protection of the constitutionality" of the POWER, which, in its ORIGIN and BEHAVIOR, is simply TRADITIVE and HARMFUL,
      some "bearers of shoulder straps" and teachers of higher wages and pensions, all urge ordinary citizens not to "get excited" and within the framework of the constitution continue to endure all the arbitrariness of power at all levelsx "PEDESTRIAN vertical".

      As I understand it, most advocates of the "constitutionality of NOT-legal authority" and "non-rocking the boat" "the stream of time has ALREADY been carrying to the waterfall", it will take a push when the immigrants slaughter your loved one,

      - simply because they have the RIGHT TO CRIMINAL,

      since they bought YOUR POWER for themselves long ago, through orders from aligarchs for cheap slaves from ...

      Then you may see the light and understand that what this is about for many years "trynd the Kremlin-Lubyanka" traitors to the Motherland, that for them the MAIN thing is the well-being of the Fed, the US budget and SovDep, but they don’t give a damn about the Russian people and the whole post-USSR.

      But in order to understand something, you still need a really big trouble to come to your house!

      Until this time, you will all be blind and deaf supporters of the "constitutional fall" in the cesspool.

      What can I say?

      Sit ka you quietly in the boat and do not rock it, and do not eat peas, and then after the "ordinary fart * a", this whole boat suddenly "just rolls over" !!!

      Since the "laws of physics" and history, not a single "guarantor of thieves and pests", CHANGE is not able.
  16. MIKHAN
    MIKHAN 19 October 2013 11: 51
    Stop crying .. In Russia they harness for a long time but they drive fast .. It has always been and will be! There are no ideal armies in the world! We in Russia always like to be poor (some "comrades") do not know how to do anything and do not build "Who would teach us the poor .." .. A very familiar topic from the ancient times of Russia .. Only in case of something Russian weapons and the army broke the backs of many invaders .. before which most of the technologically advanced countries bowed meekly ..!
  17. voliador
    voliador 19 October 2013 12: 30
    Our "valiant" leadership will bring the country to its handle. I do not believe that what he did with the army of stinkers with his slut was not known to the duckling with the teddy bear. But this bastard continued to destroy the army!
  18. Altona
    Altona 19 October 2013 12: 32
    A friend of mine served in the space forces on Baikonur ... He showed me the condition of his former command post, the ruins are like those of the Brest Fortress ... Concrete skeletons, no roof, no doors, no filling, all the looters pulled ... I I don’t understand the long discussions about the caliber and the accuracy of the machine, if you’ll just be bombarded with everything you can on top, and you won’t even be able to use a super-duper machine ... And even a super tank ... In an extreme case, a super plane ... We discussed yesterday MiG-25 (MiG-31) ... Why did you decide that the plane is out of date? It is revolutionary in many ways ... Many solutions are cheap and technologically advanced ... Heat-resistant steel, welding of the fuselage and the entire airframe ... No titans and plastics ... The plane is perfectly modernized ... So is the space defense ... All our satellites successfully drowning in the ocean and no one answers, it turns out that the boy-collector of the pole got it wrong ... It's sad ... I served in the air defense, worked on archaics in general, plexiglass tablets drove glass sheets, but there were powerful special computers, powerful equipment began to arrive ... II ... ehhh ... And they no longer say parts, the elite village is there ... near Minsk ...
  19. Altona
    Altona 19 October 2013 12: 41
    I read about over-the-horizon air defense systems in the United States in the army, "Military Parade" or some other magazine came out then ... Everything was clearly described there how it worked, how many people there were the staff of the station (about 14-15 in total and our command post was 200 people plus an autorot with the same number of guards), computers were still 286/386, it seemed incredible steepness ... the USA is good, they have two oceans ... You can look far ... We have the same reliefs, the Basically ... Without VKO, we are in general trouble ..
  20. Mark III
    Mark III 19 October 2013 12: 59
    For some reason, it is believed that for decent money people will serve better. No, they will not do. We have never been served for money. Then it’s interesting, how did the generals build cottages?
    Our country produces practically nothing. Well, actually, are we still alive?
  21. rudolff
    rudolff 19 October 2013 13: 53
    Talking about problems is necessary, of course, but it is advisable to do it competently, rather than verbally. What kind of 32 unsuccessful launches of Sineva are we talking about? Cognac should be drunk after discussions, not before! Sineva, this is only one of the modifications of the RSM-54, R-29 RMU2. In addition to it there are also R-29 RM, R-29 RMU1, R-29-RMU2.1, as well as the Shtil-1 and Shtil-2 launch vehicles. It is too lazy to consider, but so many unsuccessful starts will not scratch them at all, including throwing from submerged platforms. Maybe all the unsuccessful launches of the entire P-29 family were meant. But then here you can ply R-29, R-29D, R-29DU, R-29R, R-29RL, R-29RK, R-29RKU, RKU-1, RKU-2, as well as the Volna launch vehicle.
    About the fact that the tanks at Sineva will be crushed at the start from a depth of more than 50 meters, but the Bulava does not, generally bullshit, not an argument. Let at first I would take an interest in the depth of start of that same Mace!
  22. shtanko.49
    shtanko.49 19 October 2013 14: 03
    My son graduated from VIRTA them. Govorov, he studied for 6 years and has risen now for 20 years before the battalion commander. And his classmate graduated from the Kamyshin construction academy with the help of some courses and became a lieutenant colonel in the radio-technical troops. This is how things are with our career, well, with competent personnel.
  23. Russ69
    Russ69 19 October 2013 14: 06
    An article that is critical to the extreme, but these are exactly what we love ...
    And when the news about the Strategic Missile Forces comes out. the pluses are put together, in general, everything is fine, the technique arrives, the exercises are held constantly. But if someone writes harsh criticism, then, the same people begin to remember once again the stool. DAM, GDP. And it’s friendly to write that we don’t have anything and in general from day to day the Strategic Missile Forces and all East Kazakhstan region will die ...
    Guys, maybe enough for any article to be conducted. Sometimes it’s still worth turning your head on when reading that critical, that laudatory articles ...
    If a person writes about the Tver Academy, then he should know that Shoigu stopped her reformation, this year the selection has already been increased decently.
  24. scientist
    scientist 19 October 2013 14: 21
    Troops missile defense, SPRN, SKKP is a single technological complex. You can spend any org. regular changes, but functional relationships will remain unchanged. Otherwise, the system simply does not work in principle.
    What the missile defense system was brought to in the Strategic Missile Forces and Air Defense Forces as part of the Air Force was to be expected. This has been said many times over the course of 20 years, but no one in the government wanted to listen. The generals of the Strategic Missile Forces and the Air Force, fearing to delve into the gigantic complexity of the missile defense and air defense structures, simply bleed these troops. Technicians and specialists tried to somehow survive, wait for better times or when the "roast cock will bite". Finally finished off the entire system of Serdyukov, who, having eliminated specialized universities, a number of research institutes under the guise of reorganization of the type - united. In fact, Serdyukov destroyed the last and most important thing, these are scientific schools at universities and research institutes, and broke the continuity. Now even the previous level will be almost impossible to restore, there is simply no one.
    Meanwhile, the United States is agitating to join its global missile defense of all who can, ranging from Europe and ending with Japan and South Korea.
    Once, Russia managed to revive the military-industrial complex through foreign orders. It may also be possible to revive the missile defense system. I think China, India and many other countries are happy to join the creation of missile defense on our technological basis as an alternative to the American one.
  25. lobik
    lobik 19 October 2013 15: 42
    And what to do? And the funny thing is that everyone knows that., You just need to replace one person, the supreme commander.
    1. EGORKA
      EGORKA 19 October 2013 16: 10
      made fun ............................ .............
  26. optimist
    optimist 19 October 2013 20: 27
    I liked the picture of the "fungus" over the Kremlin very much. That's when such a "fungus" "grows" in nature, and even at the moment when the putler and accomplices will sit there, then everything will begin to change for the better ...
  27. kaktus
    kaktus 20 October 2013 10: 49
    "There will be no machines, there will be no missiles"
    Briefly and clearly
  28. Onyx
    Onyx 20 October 2013 11: 34
    The article did not like. Much is being done and this cannot be overlooked.
  29. common man
    common man 20 October 2013 11: 43
    For some reason, everyone forgets one wise saying. "The king is made by his retinue."
    And further. As long as ass-licking flourishes in Russia, from top to bottom, nothing will change here. "As you guys do not sit down, all musicians are not suitable."
  30. undusk
    undusk 20 October 2013 12: 52
    The combat readiness of our Army and Navy is complex. Immediately find the guilty will not work. We must look globally. Naturally, it was not without help from outside, but just the opposite. In the 90s, the well-known personalities from TU SF prepared a justification for the disposal of ships of the 667 RBM project. What our "allies" were ready to immediately allocate money for. Yes, the situation was depressing, no spare parts, no fuel and lubricants, no repair base, repairs have expired. However, thanks to the efforts of wonderful people who served at that time in 31 DPL and 3Fl. The submarines of the SF were saved (what efforts I will not tell) and are now fulfilling their role as part of the containment forces of a potential enemy. What I am getting at is much to the local people, their professionalism, foresight, love of the motherland, and obstinacy at last. In the 90s and early 2000s, there were quite a lot of incompetent comrades in the upper headquarters, such as “come and go, don’t get in the way”, who later became “cool” bosses who cannot make any decisions on their own, just collect statistics and dust in the eyes with imaginary improving rates. We need pros in their field in every place, from the primary post to the supreme one, then everything will turn out, but for now it remains only to dream ...