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"Baikal" - the choice of professionals

"Baikal" - the choice of professionals

The deputy chief designer of Izhmekh (brand Baikal) Rashid Shigapov in an interview with talked about the most reliable pistol of our time, a firearm weapons lighter than a cell phone, a gun for lefties and much more.


- During the post-Soviet period, the plant designed more than 50 models, mastered it in production, and produces up to 700 thousand barrels per year. There are two combat pistols in this row: Makarova and Yarygin. In 90's, we won a tough competition with a Yarygin gun. It was put into service in 2003 year. The plant has mastered this product for its money, produces it and fulfills all orders. On the basis of the pistol Yarygin a civil model was designed, which is used by practical shooters.

We have more 50 models in stock. Not one weapon enterprise in the world has such an assortment. The plant has a unique design bureau with extensive experience in arming, which is of great value.

In order for the plant to work, we were forced at one time to switch to gas weapons or traumatic weapons, focusing on the needs of the market. Thanks to this, we saved the only specialized production of pistols in Russia. Now only pistols are produced in this production, including civilian versions based on Makarov pistols, Yarygin pistols, etc.


- Most of our practical shooters, who won the championships, Russia, Europe, the world, shot with the MP-153 rifle, which we took out of production and offered its improved version of the MP-155 rifle. Today we produce a version of this gun for left-handers. Prior to that, no one in Russia made guns for left-handers, at least serially.


- A lot of work had to be done to modernize the Makarov pistol. We designed an interesting store. The task of the designer is not to give birth to any original idea. The original idea is not an interesting thing in itself.

It must be done so that it was necessary for the consumer. AT stories with a Makarov pistol, it was necessary to do everything possible to preserve everything that was gained in 40-50 years, but at the same time to improve its tactical and technical characteristics. We in the original way increased the charge, improved the orgonomics and wanted to increase the power of the shot. But, unfortunately, the Defense Ministry patron, which was announced, did not adopt. Therefore, a modernized Makarov pistol is produced, but under the usual Makarov cartridge. We had a very interesting idea how to make the gun work without serious changes for a modernized cartridge, which has more power in 1,5 times. We are not making this decision now, because there is no powerful patron. But, nevertheless, this gun even under the usual cartridge found its consumer. The main consumer of this product is FSO.

Today it is impossible for one person to do everything, because fundamentally different technologies are used, etc. Here, take the Makarov pistol. The author is well done, he developed an interesting design, won the competition, but this gun would not be the most reliable gun of the present, if he had not come to the plant, if the plant had not been involved in the development of this gun, during which his design was changed. The technology was tested, the plant has been working on it for 10 years.

When we were working on the Yarygin gun, we laid the possibility of only two delays on 1000, but even that is not the case. All tests periodically pass with a 2-3 result delay on 5000.


“Weapons are a conservative thing.” A Kalashnikov assault rifle, a Makarov pistol, a Yarygin pistol in the next 20-30-40 years will serve.

It should be understood that without making a cardinal approach, simply changing the details of the issues can not be solved. But of course there is some progress. For a radical change in the situation, the latest achievements of science and technology should be introduced into weapons.

I firmly believe that armaments electronics should appear. We have several models in which electronics is integrated.

For example, ten years ago there was a very interesting work on the traumatic pistol "Guard". The Institute of Applied Chemistry invented a cartridge with an electric fuse. And we came up with this cartridge for a very light plastic pistol. Inside which is a processor of its own production. The whole pistol with two cartridges weighed 180 grams. Cell phones are heavier. I was directly involved in the work on the concept and orgonomics of this pistol.
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  1. Apollo
    Apollo 17 October 2013 09: 19
    quote-– Most of our practical shooters who won championships, Russia, Europe, the world shoot with MP-153 shotguns, which we removed from production and offered its improved version of the shotgun MP-155.

    pistol MP-461
    1. ShturmKGB
      ShturmKGB 17 October 2013 09: 20
      Success and big orders!
      1. S_mirnov
        S_mirnov 17 October 2013 12: 00
        and big orders!

        Yeah, now success depends on orders, and judging by the fact that not a single inscription on the pistol is in Russian, orders are planned foreign.
  2. The comment was deleted.
    1. Apollo
      Apollo 17 October 2013 09: 24
      Infa, Viking pistol

  3. Ezhaak
    Ezhaak 17 October 2013 09: 24
    Inside which is a self-made processor

    But why didn’t they call this trifle a computer? This name sounds cooler! I did not change the battery in time and get the usual, useless, set of parts. It does not impress me.
    1. Goodmen
      Goodmen 17 October 2013 11: 07
      )))) hit the rain, shorted and broads))))
      such "hothouse toys" do not excite me ... although the stopping power probably inspires confidence in the guard ...
      And to manufacturers - good luck and more good developments !!!
    2. saygon66
      saygon66 17 October 2013 13: 11
      -The battery is only for LCC, the electric valve is triggered by a piezoelectric element (like, damn it, a lighter) ... if it's wet, it doesn’t work.
      1. Locksmith
        Locksmith 18 October 2013 23: 07
        Quote: saygon66
        the electric valve is triggered by a piezoelectric element (like, damn it, a lighter) ... if wet, it doesn’t work.

        there is no piezoelectric element there, the MIG is there, as on a grenade launcher, I hope its reliability suits everyone? wink
  4. erased
    erased 17 October 2013 09: 40
    The Senezh Center of the Defense Ministry of the Russian Federation purchases more than 17 Glock-300 pistols. The PYa was abandoned there because of the unsatisfactory quality of the weapon. The news went through yesterday. These are the realities of life.
  5. DuraLexSedLex.
    DuraLexSedLex. 17 October 2013 10: 18
    Well, it’s the choice of professionals that they have turned down. Patriotov yes, but not professionals))) The point is in wretched quality that bury any good idea. The same early VIKING (sports analogue of PJ) did not stand up to criticism, then it was corrected, but it was corrected, but not everything is not up to the end, you can shoot from it and he scored in reliability ... But the sediment remained, those who shot him then did not take it into their hands anymore (((
    In the shooting complex, I met the shooter, he performed with the MR-153, it turned out that he had been “bringing it to mind” for a long time, so to say, one of his words explained everything: “Well, it’s not Remigton or Benelli, I got it out of the box and shoot right away, but tuuuut, you need to think, adjust, finish something. It's more interesting! "In general, I think that this weapon is from its price category for amateurs," napiling ", such people do not go to VAZ because of money for another car not enough, but because "... it's interesting!"))))
    1. placidus
      placidus 17 October 2013 11: 15
      Just for information: the current budget Remingtons (870th model) also need peeling. Effective Management ...
      1. DuraLexSedLex.
        DuraLexSedLex. 17 October 2013 13: 22
        Well, I'm talking about the price category and said)
        Quote: DuraLexSedLex.
        "In general, I think that this is a weapon from its price category for amateurs," peeling "
  6. rpek32
    rpek32 17 October 2013 15: 21
    Wild West. Saloon. A young cowboy bursts in and immediately starts firing. All the bottles and glasses to smithereens, all in fragments ... Finally, with the last well-aimed shot, the young cowboy extinguishes the light by the candle. Then the old cowboy gets up, approaches the young one and says:
    “They saw the fly, son.”
    “And why else, grandfather ?!”
    - Son, once I was as smart and apt as you. But one day I ran out of ammo. Three came up to me, took Colt, put him in my ass and turned him three times. They slept a fly, son.

    Injury for the most part only annoys the attacker