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Canadian spy services work for US


"Quiet Canadians", unlike "quiet Americans" in the intelligence services, are rarely caught red-handed in the line of duty. However, recently the Ambassador of Canada, Jamal Hohar, was summoned to the Brazilian Foreign Ministry. Following the instructions of President Dilma Rousseff, Foreign Minister Luis Alberto Figueiredo protested to the Canadian ambassador about the activities of the Canadian intelligence services in Brazil. Through Olympia, the Canadian Communications Safety Authority monitored phone calls and emails from key government ministries. The Canadians, as it follows from the revelatory TV reports of O`Globo, also spied on the oil company Petrobras ...

The scandal with Canadian agents in Brazil revealed that the Canadian Intelligence and Security Services (CSIS) and the Canadian Communications Security Agency (CSEC) are actually affiliates of the CIA and the NSA. The staff of the special services of Canada, as a rule, undergo training and retraining in relevant educational institutions in the United States. Management and employees know that a successful career is guaranteed if you work for the Empire.

Like their North American mentors, the Canadian special services are hiding behind the postulate that the Anglo-Saxon world must be united to defeat international terrorism. Canadian Intelligence cooperates extensively with partners from the United States, Britain, Australia, New Zealand. The level of confidence can be judged by the fact that Canada is admitted to the top-secret system "Five Eyes" in the framework of the agreement on the joint conduct of electronic intelligence.

In Latin America, intelligence agents from Canada actively “develop” politicians from countries such as Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, and Nicaragua. The priority goal is Cuba. The extracted information is transmitted to the CIA, the NSA and other US intelligence agencies. Canadians are not embarrassed that the main purpose of secret operations on the instructions of American colleagues against Latin American "populists" is the overthrow of the legitimately elected governments. They are not embarrassed by the involvement in the activities of the most aggressive unit of the NSA - Tailored Access Operations, which carries out hacker intrusions and targeted attacks, for which in the USA, Canada and other Western countries are prosecuted and imprisoned. Experts note that hackers from the Canadian special services operate without any legal restrictions against potential opponents of the United States and NATO countries.

In Brazil, spies from the “country of the maple leaf” solved specific tasks in the interests of mining, energy and other companies, as well as the financial and banking sector. All this became known not only thanks to the revelations of Edward Snowden. The Brazilian counterintelligence double-checked the information of Snowden and made sure that the Anglo-Saxons had access to all the strategic information.

It should also be noted that the scandal with "total electronic espionage" against Brazil did not lead to significant changes in the intensity of American-Canadian operations in the country. Brazilian bloggers indignantly point out that Canadian officials are behaving as if nothing serious has happened. However, in the Ministry of Mines and Energy of Brazil and some other ministries, active checks are now underway, the nature of the informal relations of some functionaries with Canadian diplomats and company representatives is being investigated. There are signals that in the near future there will be loud revelations of Canadian agents operating in the field of industrial and economic espionage.

The government of Canada, imitating the style of the Obama administration, is in no hurry to apologize to the leadership of Brazil. After a pause, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper spoke about the delicate issue in a very streamlined manner: “I am extremely concerned about the accusations that representatives of Canadian special services followed Brazilian officials.” And Harper said that the country's leadership is taking measures to normalize the situation. He refused to assess the activities of the Canadian special services in Brazil. The same position was taken by the representative of the Department of Defense of Canada. The Canadian authorities used Michel Juno-Katsuy, the former senior manager of the Canadian Intelligence and Security Services, to press charges. He recalled that several years ago, Brazilians were accused of commercial espionage, trying to get information about Bombardier aircraft and Pratt and Whitney aircraft engines. All this was done in the interests of the Brazilian company Embraer, a competitor of Bombardier. “There is nothing unusual in this practice,” Juno-Katsuya said, “we (in Canada) have been doing this for a long time. They (Brazilians) may cry about this, show their insults, but then their hands are not entirely clean. Countries that do not use industrial espionage find themselves in the weaker position. This is part of the game. In theory, we should not do this, but a country that does not do this will lose out. ”

In Brazil, Canadian agents operate mainly under the roof of the embassy in the capital and in the consulates in the major cities of Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Porto Alegre and others. However, several dozen employees were dissolved in “non-governmental organizations”, often in regions where strategically important minerals were discovered or mined. Recently, Canadian representatives and "tourists" are increasingly appearing in the Amazon. If we take into account the cautious attitude of the Brazilian authorities to any visits by Americans to this part of the country, it is clear why such a castling took place.

Canadian espionage before the scandal in Brazil was perceived in Latin America as something secondary, not dangerous. Now it has become clear that Canada is acting as a strategic ally of the United States. Prime Minister Harper shares Obama’s position on many foreign policy issues. The imperial arrogance of the president of the United States in one degree or another passed on to Harper. In Brazil, the credibility of his statements is completely lost. For this reason, the tacit control over the intelligence activities of Canadian representatives will be strengthened, the Brazilian counterintelligence will pay more attention to identifying their ties with opposition circles, especially radical ones. There are grounds for this: in Venezuela, it was through Canadian diplomats that funds were transferred to organize demonstrations against the Bolivarian regime.
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  1. Sunjar
    Sunjar 15 October 2013 06: 36
    Canadian spy services work for US

    Come on!!! Who would have thought? Canada is generally understate. What the United States says to say and do, they will.
    1. Aryan
      Aryan 15 October 2013 09: 29
      They have one device, though I forgot which one recourse
    2. S_mirnov
      S_mirnov 15 October 2013 10: 16
      The author is straight Captain Evidence! The situation with Canada in my opinion is quite natural. I’m wondering why the intelligence services of Ukraine do not work in the interests of Russia? And in general, why do we (the peoples of Russia, Ukraine) have different interests, according to our politicians?
      1. OTTO
        OTTO 15 October 2013 11: 52
        Quote: S_mirnov
        And in general, why do we (the peoples of Russia, Ukraine) have different interests, according to our politicians?

        You yourself answered your own question. The peoples have common interests, but the politicians ...
      2. vlad.svargin
        vlad.svargin 15 October 2013 15: 39
        S_mirnov (3)
        I’m wondering why the intelligence services of Ukraine do not work in the interests of Russia? And in general, why do we (the peoples of Russia, Ukraine) have different interests, according to our politicians?

        Probably you guessed it yourself, theirs "agents of influence" in our countries carry out a traditional policy of "divide and rule"
        1. S_mirnov
          S_mirnov 15 October 2013 20: 39
          Quote: vlad.svargin
          in our countries they carry out a traditional policy of "divide and rule"

          I completely agree, but instead of discussing this vital topic, the author offers us a bunch of obvious and unimportant nonsense. And he doesn’t even draw parallels with something related to Russia and our people. The brain seems to be busy, and the result is 0.
    3. Joker
      Joker 15 October 2013 21: 00
      Well, actually, Canada has been positioning itself as an ally and friend of the United States for a very long time, even collecting signatures for unification, so there’s nothing strange here, as if Belarusian shpians worked for us.
  2. Lech from our city
    Lech from our city 15 October 2013 07: 04
    Not new.
    In conjunction with the US special services is not only CANADA but also a number of other countries - scandals involving them are constantly visible in the press.
  3. Alikovo
    Alikovo 15 October 2013 07: 12
    the whole west does what the united states says.
  4. alone
    alone 15 October 2013 09: 14
    and what is this article about? so everyone knows that the special services of canada and the usa are almost the same thing. and this is not surprising. All Western intelligence services merge the data received by the CIA. To know this and understand it, you do not need to be an academician
  5. Pit
    Pit 15 October 2013 09: 15
    Damn, well, not news. Canada almost from the very beginning was the northern state of the United States, and the fact that everything is tied there tied to each other is not to go to the grandmother. I'm in this story
    I am only surprised that Canada generally has its own specials. service i
    naively believed that they have in special. services people from the CIA like
    as it’s not necessary to dismiss, but there’s no sense in keeping it anymore, here they are
    sent to Canada to finalize until retirement.
  6. Samy
    Samy 15 October 2013 09: 45
    It’s strange. I always thought that Canadians work in the interests of Turkmenistan ...
  7. Standard Oil
    Standard Oil 15 October 2013 09: 48
    And what did you think that in their backyard the Americans will allow some Canada to act independently? And in general, as far as I remember, Canada was, is and will be under the British, and the United Kingdom has 51 states in general. the spider in the face of the USA is very strong, at least for now.
  8. teleset
    teleset 15 October 2013 10: 33
    Interestingly, our special services work in these countries? To overthrow in these countries the legitimately elected authorities not in our interests.
  9. alekseyal
    alekseyal 15 October 2013 11: 40
    Do you know who is the head of Canada? British Queen.
  10. pensioner
    pensioner 15 October 2013 13: 44
    Canadian spy services work for US
    Can not be! stopHow could you think such a thing! fool
  11. wanderer
    wanderer 15 October 2013 21: 28
    Ambassador of Canada Jamal Hohar.
    I won’t be surprised if soon Suleiman will represent the Swedes, and Saeed will be the newcomer. -