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Analytical program “However” with Mikhail Leontyev, February 22 2011


Unprecedented in the newest stories a fire in a huge region, almost from Morocco to Pakistan. These are no longer separate mines. Tears from different ends, like a powder warehouse. Let me remind you that this particular region was declared the object of democratization. Here it is, finally, the democratization has come! Back in 2006, however, the "However" showed some kind of map developed by the ideologists of the "new Middle East".

Here, in fact, our story of that year was 2006: "Back in June in the United States under the characteristic title" Never get out of the fight, "the book of influential military expert and publicist Ralph Peters was published. The map of the" desirable configuration "of the Middle East includes a fundamental change in the boundaries of almost all existing there states, the formation of new states of Kurdistan, Balochistan, the complete dismemberment of Iraq, and, most interestingly, a radical detriment of such traditional US allies as Turkey and Pakistan, and the practical destruction of Saudi Arabia. "

This plan is a direct provocation of war, the undermining of the region. Well, well, what exploded in the wrong place and in such a way that the “controlled chaos” in front of our eyes turns into uncontrollable and what, that the current administration can no longer manage the alien chaos? But you can lead it!

"All Middle Eastern regimes should learn the Egyptian lesson: strength alone is not enough to keep people in obedience, democracy is necessary," said US President Barack Obama.

The truth is that there will be no "democratization" in the region. Under any options. And the real options are as follows: either the revolt will be crushed by one-time sadistic bleedings in the style of Gaddafi, or the entire region will be drowned in blood and chaos. The choice is small: a terrible end or endless horror. Given that the Arab street clearly chooses an endless horror. And the world market logically reflects this in the dynamics of oil prices.

Since the beginning of unrest in the region, the price of Brent European oil has risen from 75 to 108 dollars per barrel. At the same time, the American WTA fell in price until the last events in Libya, and only after that it grew to 87 dollars per barrel. At the same time, the difference between the price of the “European” and “American” barrel has been fluctuating between 15-20 percent lately.

Which, by the way, has never been before. At the same time, the American Texan Light Suite is significantly better than the European one. The price of gas in America has long been more than two times lower than European and continues to fall. What is this? And the fact that America is less in need of foreign hydrocarbons.

America can no longer control the Middle East and the Arab world. It remains to leave, igniting the oil in the literal and figurative sense. While Arab oil is burning, world prices for hydrocarbons, as well as problems for all American competitors, will reach transcendental heights. This will further accelerate the development of unconventional hydrocarbons, in which America is already the undisputed leader.

After that, these prices will collapse sharply and forever. That is, the option of uncontrollable chaos brings death and destruction to the Arabs, America - the opportunity to get out of the deepest crisis. For Russia, this is both a direct threat and an additional chance: the last gift of the oil economy.
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  1. 1@1.COM
    [email protected] 23 February 2011 15: 17
  2. fantast
    fantast 23 February 2011 20: 20
    then he would sing very differently ...
  3. XIII
    XIII 24 February 2011 03: 52
    [email protected], BE RUSSIA OR THE USSR THE FIRST COUNTRY OF THE WORLD, neither this "analyst" would be here, nor you, dear.
  4. Eugene
    Eugene 24 February 2011 09: 33
    However, the analyst! "We prevented the collapse of Iraq, Pakistan, but missed, but still warned."
  5. Wilno72cbv
    Wilno72cbv 24 February 2011 12: 14
    I never believed in Freemasonry and behind the scenes and American intrigues. I do not believe that the United States brewed this mess. Again voices are heard: America rescues Libyan citizens from the butcher Gadafi. Nobody else. Just like the Balkans: America intervened, stop the genocide, Wimi Milosevic. who pulled into a foreign warrior, America and blamed. Millions in Rome, Paris, Madrid protested against the genocide in Gaza and Iraq. Let these mildewed Islamic victims shelter these milder Islamic victims at home. Where did the tribunal resemble Gaza-genocide? .. And the matter is driving towards where Leontyev pointed out the collapse of the oil bubble. How will the EU defend themselves from a new invasion of the guns ... that's the question!
  6. datur
    datur 31 March 2011 13: 55