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Russia plans to purchase up to 1000 units of French armored vehicles

Apparently, to many of our officials, the joys of business trips to Paris are more precious than the interests of the Russian military industrial complex

Russia plans to purchase up to 1000 units of French armored vehicles

The French company "Panhard" is negotiating to supply to the Russian Federation to 1 thousands of light armored vehicles. ITAR-TASS at the international defense exhibition IDEX-2011 was told about this by the company's commercial director, Michel Galand. "The Russian side is negotiating the purchase from 500 to 1 thousand light armored vehicles, which are supposed to go into service with the Russian Interior Ministry troops," he said. "The contract value can be from 200 to 500 million euros."

Presumably some of the machines will be produced in France, some in Russia. According to Galanda, "the Russian partner for this project has not yet been chosen." In the near future 2-ve armored vehicles for testing will be sent to the Russian Federation. “After their completion, the first batch of machines can be delivered in six months,” said Galand. “The peculiarity of the deal is that we will transfer the appropriate technologies to Russia.”

The Panard Group recently delivered 1000 amphibious armored vehicles to the French Armed Forces. It is not known yet about what modification we are talking about, the old one - VBL, or the new one - VBR.

VBR armored car

BM VBR (4 x 4) began to develop in 2001 year, the first official show was held at the Eurosatory exhibition in the middle of 2004 year. This car is an option with an increased base of the previously developed VBL car (4 x 4) and has a larger capacity compared to it, the old model was developed back in the 80 of the 20 century. The first VBR prototype was made in the 2002 year. This machine was equipped with a 12,7-mm remote-controlled machine gun and a smoke grenade launcher. The body of the car is an all-welded armored design that protects the crew from small arms bullets. weapons small caliber and fragments of some types of artillery shells. Side and frontal windows provide the same level of protection for personnel. The power plant consists of a MTU 4R106 diesel engine that meets the requirements of the EURO-3 standard, and a six-speed automatic transmission from Allison. Standard equipment VBR includes power steering, anti-lock braking and tire pressure regulation system, air conditioning and filter ventilation system. Unlike the VBL car, the new car is non-floating, but it is able to overcome water obstacles up to 1 m deep fording. Based on this armored car, the Panar company intends to produce KShM, as well as vehicles under the MCPV index, equipped with anti-tank guided missile launchers or anti-aircraft missile systems. On the modification of MCPV to combat tanks It is planned to use ATGW ATGW or EMM / MCT (European Modular Munitions / Missiles de Combat Tactique) ATGM. To solve the problems of air defense, the car will be equipped with MBA Mistral-2 missiles, and at the request of the customer, other ground-to-air missile defense systems can also be installed.


Crew, people - 4 (2-4)
Combat weight, kg - 9000 (up to 4 tons)
Engine power, l. with. - 218 (95 or 125 hp)
Specific power, l. s / t - 24
Length, m - 4,93 (3,8)
Width, m - 2,3 (2)
Height, m ​​- 1,95 (1,7)
Maximum speed on the highway, km / h - 110 (95 km / h)

In the security forces of France more than 1,6 thousand VBL armored vehicles. They are in service with the Marine Corps, armored cavalry and amphibious units. The gendarmerie uses them for street operations or, as they say in the French Ministry of the Interior, "for crowd control." They are much more convenient than armored personnel carriers, since they are no larger than a regular passenger car.

Most experts agree that there is no point in buying French armored cars. In the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs there are machines of a similar type - SPM-2 Tiger and the newer SPM-3 Medved. French cars are more expensive, moreover, as the experience of VBL use in Kosovo and Africa has shown, their protection from mines and heavy machine gun fires is extremely low. These machines have a low ground clearance, which makes them defenseless against the Russian roads. The only advantage of the French armored vehicle is that it is an amphibian. In the same France, this model is considered outdated.
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  1. bean
    bean 24 February 2011 08: 36
    “To all appearances, many of our officials value the joys of business trips to Paris more than the interests of the Russian military-industrial complex.” For them, Russia is a source of income and nothing more, but real life is there, in Paris.
  2. Kudeyar
    Kudeyar 24 February 2011 09: 40
    500 million euros ... This is how many proven "Tigers" can be built? And promising "Wolves".
  3. VOVA
    VOVA 24 February 2011 15: 13
    it’s necessary to drive your defense minister in the neck while he has not completely ruined the country's industrial defense industry; his heart is bleeding with blood when such articles are videoed! that defense manufacturers and military officials can’t put and admonish him together at least in place! such a feeling that he and another group of American officials who want to drive defense enterprises as they did in the 90s! here to take INDIA IT PURCHASES THE BEST AND TRIES TO DEVELOP ITS DEFENSE ENTERPRISES TO SOME INDEPENDENT! IT IS LITTLE THAN THEIR FOREIGN ANALOGUES IN THIS CASE OF THE ARMOR'S ARMOR IS WORSE ALREADY AND MORE! AND SPARE PARTS FOR THESE THEREFORE, IT MUST BE PURCHASED BY THEM WHERE THE LOGIC IS SUCH AN EXPERIENCE THAT THE AUTHORITIES ARE GOING BRAIN! IF WE LET IT DO NOT LIKE WHICH CHARACTERISTICS OF OURS, THEN LET THE TASK BE RESTRICTED AND PURCHASE OUR DOMESTIC EQUIPMENT FOR THE MONEY OBTAINED, THE DEVELOPERS WILL ALREADY BETTER TO BIT!
  4. Pessimist
    Pessimist 24 February 2011 21: 16
    Quote: WWII
    it’s necessary to drive your defense minister to the neck while he has not completely cleared the country's industrial defense industry; his heart is bleeding with blood when such articles are video

    And here the Minister of Defense, if it is clearly written, the cars will be purchased for the Ministry of Internal Affairs. All these cars are against us - natives, with which I congratulate you.
  5. sokol
    sokol 24 February 2011 21: 31
    Horror stories are all for our industrialists, so that prices do not bully and bullshit did not.
  6. Michael
    Michael 24 February 2011 22: 20
    It seems to me that this is a double-edged sword and at one end - the loss of dashing 90 designers and machine tool specialists, and in their place came the managers who dig through the remnants of the backlog that the fathers and grandfathers and the country left them with a drum. But on the other - we cannot at this stage pull everything from submarines to drones, and the army must be supplied with something acceptable and somehow. It’s better to bring these colored candy wrappers back, and start picking up machines, technologies, ideas, and even at least 50 to 50.
  7. plotny
    plotny 25 February 2011 16: 33
    "I was on February 10 at the officers' meeting, where the chief of the General Staff announced that the defense industry was all destroyed, there was no defense industry. We cannot make products at our military factories. On this basis, he said that we would buy all military equipment abroad" - quote from a speech at a rally on February 23, Chairman of the Central Council of the Union of Naval Seamen Anatoly Kresik.
  8. Kudeyar
    Kudeyar 26 February 2011 09: 19
    Now, if the war begins, many will go to work on the defense and to the front, as volunteers. Then there will be no business.
  9. Slipfar
    Slipfar 26 February 2011 19: 33
    Along the way, in our law enforcement agencies (the Armed Forces and the Ministry of Internal Affairs), the roof just went to the command ...
    If these armored cars are really good and worth their money (and better than our "tigers") - this is the right decision. But it's a shame for the country. Our "rulers" simply do not want to raise and develop their factories. By the way, one gets the impression that both of these decisions (iveco from Italy and VBR from France) are political in order to "join the WTO." And they also say that bribes are not taken in Europe.
  10. There is a question
    There is a question 27 February 2011 01: 33
    Definitely no brains in our leadership. It is high time to bring the entire ruling elite to justice for treason. For this money, you can dramatically raise your industry and put into production what has long been developed and tested. Yes, and our technology is superior to Western.
  11. datur
    datur April 10 2011 17: 15
    Well, here the Ministry of Internal Affairs Nurgaliyev fell to the money pie, and then the toad crushed. As Taburetkin appetizingly budgeted.
  12. alexey garbuz
    alexey garbuz 6 January 2012 23: 33
    If we do not want to feed our army, we will feed someone else's.