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Defender of the Fatherland Day

Defender of the Fatherland DayThe editorial staff of the Military Review congratulates all the defenders of the Fatherland on their professional holiday. We wish all the soldiers and officers of the Red Empire, Great Russia, Little Russia, White Russia spiritual and physical health, stamina in this difficult time. [/ B]

Everyone in their posts should be remembered and firmly aware - Russia stood, stands and will stand! We are Russian and God is with us!

Information: Defender of the Fatherland Day is a holiday that is officially celebrated in the Russian Federation, Belarus, the Transnistrian Republic and South Ossetia. It was installed in Soviet Russia in 1922 as Red Army Day and Fleet. From 1949 to 1993 it was celebrated as "Day of the Soviet Army and Navy." Historical justification of the holiday: in connection with the advance of the German-Austrian forces on February 23, 1918, the SNK's appeal of February 21, “The Socialist Fatherland in Danger,” as well as “The Appeal of the Military Commander-in-Chief” N. Krylenko, which ended with the words: “... All to arms. All to the defense of the revolution. The total mobilization for digging trenches and expulsion of trench detachments is entrusted to the councils with the appointment of responsible commissars with unlimited powers for each detachment. This order is sent as an instruction to all councils in all cities. ” February 25, in view of the continuing German offensive and the threat to Petrograd that arose, recruiting stations opened and a real attempt was made to start a mass enrollment in the Red Army. Nowadays, “23 February” is often celebrated as “the day of all men”, as a counterbalance - “women's day”.

Is there something to celebrate ?!

Currently, our armed forces are going through hard times, as the whole country. Even an intelligible military doctrine was not adopted - which would answer the question, who is the enemy? From whom the army will have to defend their homeland?

But in the soul, every Rus knows the answer to these questions, everything is simply Russia and everyone who attempts upon it is Enemies. And our army must be ready to confront any enemy: from the high-tech divisions of NATO, armored armadas of China to gangs of Islamic radicals, or separatists.

Therefore, our army will need to be recreated almost from scratch, adopting all the best that was in the USSR, rejecting its shortcomings. Create a new military culture in Russia, when the military will become a political force protecting the people not only from external enemies, but also internal ones.
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  1. Michael
    Michael 23 February 2011 11: 42
  2. fantast
    fantast 23 February 2011 13: 59
    I join in the congratulations. All with the holiday, all the best and most importantly a clear sky over your head !!!
  3. Kdsbet
    Kdsbet 23 February 2011 17: 15
    I join in the congratulations! On such a holiday, it is doubly felt that the people responsible for the combat readiness of our army are amateurs. And it's pretty hard to see what they turn it into with their reforms.
  4. Alexander
    Alexander 24 February 2011 07: 53
  5. plotny
    plotny 25 February 2011 16: 38
    "Dear friends. February 23 is officially considered a holiday. And he always was. But we believe that this is also a day of shame for the current government and the current leadership of the Ministry of Defense, - Stanislav Terekhov continued the topic of the rally. Because how can one celebrate what is destroyed, what is vulgarized and defiled by scoundrels and scoundrels "...
  6. Alexander
    Alexander 4 March 2011 17: 40
    THANK!! Everyone at their posts should remember and be sure to know - Russia stood, stands and will stand! We are Russian and God is with us! But it’s not clear which god is with us ?? Is not Isusik a liquid peasant ???