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Gru destroy ?!

A large-scale military reform is underway in Russia, which affects not only all types and branches of the armed forces, but also such specific structures as military intelligence.

Some call these reforms the destruction of the army and fleet Russia, others believe that all costs are part of the creation of new armed forces of the Russian Federation, giving them a "new look". But everyone agrees that leaving everything as it was impossible.

A vivid example of this situation is the position of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the General Staff of the Armed Forces. At one time, the country's second most powerful intelligence service, after the KGB-FSB, is going through hard times. A new complex of buildings on the Khodynka field, an area of ​​70 thousand square meters. meters, commissioned in the year 2006, emptied.

In the course of the “backslide” campaign, which was accompanied by a media campaign, the GRU was defeated. One of the episodes of the struggle was the arrest of Colonel V. Kvachkov and rumors about the creation of underground combat groups.

Gru destroy ?!

Information: 1 was created on November 1918 of the year, when the staff of the Field Staff, consisting of six directorates, including the Registration Directorate (Registrupr), was approved by a secret order of the Revolutionary Military Council of the Republic (RVSR). It was the first centralized and full-fledged intelligence agency of the Soviet Republic. Since the order was announced on November 5, it is this date that is celebrated as Military Intelligence Day. From April 1921, Registrarp was transformed into the Intelligence Directorate of the Red Army headquarters (Intelligence Agency) with the inclusion of the military intelligence department. In the relevant Provision it was determined that this structure is the central body of military intelligence, both in wartime and in peacetime. In the same period, the residency of the Intelligence Directorate of the Red Army Headquarters and the Foreign Department of the GPU (the prototype of the future Foreign Intelligence Service — the main source of political information for the country's leadership) was merged. However, the effectiveness of the unified residency was low, so later everything returned to its place, and the military-political leadership of the country again had two independent sources of information. In 1921-25, the Intelligence Agency carried out the so-called “active reconnaissance” - led the actions of the pro-Soviet partisan detachments in the territories neighboring with Soviet Russia and the USSR. In 1939, management was renamed 5-e Red Army Directorate. In June 1940, the 5 (Intelligence) Directorate was again transferred to the General Staff and was called the “Intelligence Directorate of the General Staff of the Red Army”.

October 24 1950 was signed by Directive of the USSR Military Minister No. ORG / 2 / 395 / 832 with the “Secret” stamp. It marked the beginning of the creation of special-purpose units (SPN) (deep intelligence or special-purpose intelligence) for operations in the deepest rear of the enemy. In the autumn of the same year, in all military districts, 46 separate mouths for 120 people each were created. Later, special forces units were created (for the brigade for each military district or fleet and a brigade of central subordination). From the middle of the 1960-s to the 1990-x - the best period in stories Gru. Management States are expanding, logistics is a priority. Special attention was paid to military-technical reconnaissance, the first orbital groupings are being created, belts of radar stations are being built, huge areas of antenna fields are growing, unique objects for monitoring space are being built, the latest radio and radio reconnaissance ships are being received for each fleet. With the 1990-s, the GRU decay began, associated with the general collapse of the Soviet system. The subunits and units of the Special Forces GRU played a positive role in the Afghan war, in Tajikistan, and in operations on the territory of the Chechen Republic.

The destruction of the gru ?!


- Lieutenant-General Dmitry Gerasimov, the former head of the GRU department, who led all special purpose brigades, said in an interview with The New Times: “I am deeply convinced that the GRU special forces were completely disorganized. Of the 14 brigades and two training regiments of the GRU, at best, no more than four brigades remained. At the same time, it should be understood that this is no longer GRU special forces, but ordinary military intelligence, which is part of the Ground Forces. One of the best brigades of Berdskaya was liquidated. With great difficulty, we managed to defend the 22 Brigade, which in peacetime received the high rank of “Guards”. This is our most combat-ready unit, constantly fighting in the most acute areas in Afghanistan, Chechnya and other “hot spots”. I can assert that the so-called "osnaz", part of electronic intelligence, has also been eliminated. In essence, we are building armed forces that cannot see or hear anything. ”

- A high-ranking GRU official, who quit together with Korabelnikov from the central military intelligence apparatus, stated to the New Times on condition of anonymity that he considers the service to collapse as a targeted action: “The first attempts at systemic weakening of the GRU were made under Pavel Grachev. At the initial stage, the main blow was dealt to the "sniper", as a result of which all electronic intelligence centers in the USSR were liquidated both in our country, with the exception of the Transcaucasian sector, and at Russian military bases. Further, all the main lines of work of the GRU, from strategic and undercover intelligence to auxiliary units and the Military Diplomatic Academy, which trained reconnaissance officers for both military attachés and illegal residencies of the GRU, were subject to gradual weakening and reduction.

“The GRU Empire is dying,” says the “professor,” an impressive middle-aged man in a starched shirt, seemingly a typical representative of a creative bohemian. - I have such an image in my eyes: a professional athlete, who had amputated legs, hands, knocked out an eye and damaged the eardrum. He is still alive, he understands everything, he sees something else, he hears with difficulty, his heart is still beating, but he can’t be reborn anymore. ” “Professor” is an analyst with extensive experience in intelligence intelligence. Fluent in several European languages ​​and Arabic, has traveled more than 50 countries of the world. Fired as superfluous. Now unemployed.

- “Furniture assembler” - space intelligence officer. About 40 years. He was educated, educated, a military bearing, correct literary speech and unusual competence for the worker are striking. Earns in the Italian furniture salon. Assembles imported furniture, mounts household appliances. “It's disgusting to see how our pathetic attempts to save at least something from the Soviet cosmonautics stand out for the achievements of recent years,” he says irritably. - Well, this is necessary: ​​Serdyukov (Minister of Defense) advertises the Resource satellite! They are still of Soviet assembly, stored in warehouses. And they were made not for the military, but for the oilmen. There is no permissive capacity, you can hardly distinguish a cruiser from an aircraft carrier, and he is completely confused in armored vehicles. ”

“We and troop reconnaissance are two big differences, but the GRU special forces were merged into the Ground Forces,” said a tightly-knit man, about fifty years old. “But it was we who were the most productive: both Khattab and Basayev are our work.” A senior officer of the GRU special forces, was awarded four military orders. Extensive experience of participating in special events around the world. He performed special tasks in Yugoslavia, fought in the North Caucasus for many years. Is no longer needed.


“According to experts, of the thousands of 7 officers serving in the Soviet era, fewer than 2 thousands remained. More or less, the GRU’s former head of the GRU, V. V. Korabelnikov (1997 — 2009), was able to retain the importance of the GRU; after his resignation, military intelligence was finally “cleared out”.

- Almost destroyed the electronic intelligence intelligence of the GRU.

- In the specialized research institute of the GRU, all development and research works were discontinued (OKRy and SRI). The Military Diplomatic Academy (ACA) began to reduce faculty.

- According to The New Times, the number of "mining units" of the GRU, responsible for undercover and strategic intelligence on the territory of foreign countries, has been reduced by 40%.

- Mass reductions are among the most experienced officers of the GRU, dismissed on formal grounds in connection with the achievement of statutory service years. Unlike the Foreign Intelligence Service, which has a sufficient number of specialized educational institutions for recruiting and reconnaissance training for very young people, the specificity and traditions of the GRU require that only the most experienced army officers, whose age at the time of entering the GRU is at least, be selected for military intelligence. 30 – 35 years. The dismissal of such specialists is an obvious waste of the “gold reserve” of the intelligence community of Russia.

Reason for reform

GRU accused of not being ready for the attack of Georgia. Thus, the Deputy Chief of the General Staff, Colonel-General Anatoly Nogovitsyn, said that the surprise for us was the presence of Georgia’s Buk air defense systems from Georgia, which were supplied by Ukraine and the western airspace control systems. As a result, the Russian Air Force suffered serious losses for such a small conflict. Serdyukov directly accused the GRU of not having prepared the necessary intelligence.

The officers of the GRU, say that the information was provided, but was not properly considered. The country's top leadership and the Ministry of Defense received all the necessary data from the GRU. In addition, the head of military intelligence lost the right to direct personal report to the president, and the information sent to him passes through at least two filters - through the Chief of the General Staff and the Minister of Defense.

The voiced reasons for the reduction of the GRU

- The GRU has great potential for collecting information, compiles a file on businessmen, politicians, has information on corruption schemes, money laundering, and bank accounts. With such capabilities, the GRU is not controlled by the “manual” FSB-SVR.

- In the Russian Federation, a “shadow intelligence service” has already been formed, having people in the FSB, the SVR, the Ministry of Defense, the presidential administration, the government, the Interior Ministry, according to the so-called "Network principle." This structure serves the interests of a narrow group of individuals - the “clan” that governs the country; they do not need a competitor in the form of a GRU capable of independent comparative analysis.

- FSB and SVR under the protection of the highest officials of the state, the GRU is alien to them. Therefore, military intelligence and is subject to defeat.

“The GRU has come out, or it could potentially reach the“ customers ”of instability, the terrorist underground of the North Caucasus, the threads from there reach for Moscow.

Is everything okay

“All this is zaum and conspiracy,” said Colonel Vitaly Shlykov, a former employee of the GRU, a member of the Council on Foreign and Defense Policy, to whom The New Times presented the arguments of his former colleagues, GRU officers. The main problem, Shlykov is convinced, is “the cowardly sabotage of the reform of the armed forces, carried out by Minister Serdyukov, on the part of individual“ arrogant generals ”. The situation prevailing in the GRU is not a deliberate collapse, in his opinion, nothing terrible happens at all. The highly professional special forces, the expert answers to General Gerasimov, in general, in his opinion, should not be subordinated to military intelligence: an independent body should be created, which should be entrusted with command of special forces, as is customary in most of the most developed countries of the world, Shlykov believes. As for the actually destroyed global GRU electronic intelligence network, then, according to the expert, today, with all the desire, it cannot play the geopolitical role that the USSR had during the Cold War, as there is no global confrontation between the two camps. So why spend a lot of money on it?

It is quite another thing, according to Shlykov, strategic and undercover intelligence. This resource of Russia cannot be lost. But he is convinced that the GRU has developed a situation where the value of an agent was leveled by unqualified analytics: “Agents - yes, value, but fools sat over them!” The recognized expert in the field of military construction believes that the GRU, which possessed a huge information and analytical service (it consisted of 6 thematic departments and 6 departments within the structure of the 7 administration, which operated only through NATO), for a long time abused the exclusive right to analyze and interpret the information obtained, without possibly giving ty to work in this area by other analytical groups, for example, such as the Center, headed by the former head of the Foreign Intelligence Service and former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Academician Yevgeny Primakov. “It was high time it was time to demonopolize the extracted information,” says Colonel Shlykov. - a community of Russian special forces veterans. Virtual club for those who served or serves in special purpose units.

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    Serdyukov is funded by American intelligence agencies, and he personally received money from Khatab (verified information). To whom is he going to remove from the post of Medvedev and Putin to put the Chechens at the head.
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