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Brest Fortress 1941-2013

"Peaceful sky over the fortress of Brest,
In a cramped apartment, happy faces,

Waltz, political instructor invites the bride,
The new cube glitters on the buttonhole.

And outside the window, outside the window is the beauty of the new moon,
Whispering willows whisper with Bug.
The year forty-one, the beginning of June,
Still alive, still alive, still alive, everything, everything, everything. "

Brest Fortress took the very first strike of the Nazis. In 04: 15 in the morning on 22 on June 1941, heavy artillery fire fell on a fortress, then German assault groups began to attack. Despite an unexpected strike, the garrison of the fortress put up a heroic resistance to the invaders. In the conditions of continuous bombing and shelling, left without water, food and communications, organized resistance to the superior enemy continued until June 30. After that, separate groups of defenders of the fortress and individual heroes fought the Nazis for another month, hiding in the ruins and dungeons. The destruction that we see in the photographs allows us to imagine the degree of fierceness of the battle for the citadel.
It is clear that our fighters and commanders had no time for photographs, and we can use only German photo chronicles, and, as we know, it is always one-sided. Nevertheless, I tried to restore a small picture of events and tie them to today.

01.Brest Fortress 1941-2013. The Nazis on the Kholmsky bridge.

02. Brest Fortress 1920-2013. Kholmsky bridge before reconstruction.

03. Brest Fortress 1941-2013. The German gun PAK-38 is firing at the Kholm gates of the Brest Fortress.

04. Brest Fortress 1941-2013. Kholmsky bridge, repair.

05. Brest Fortress 1930-2013. Pre-war volleyball in the fortress. This photograph could also have been taken in other parts of the Ring Barracks, most of which was not preserved.


06. Brest Fortress 1941-2013. The Germans at the Terespol Gate and the barracks of the 333 Infantry Regiment.

07. Brest Fortress 1940-2013. Terespol Gate and barracks: on the left - 9 of the 17 outpost of the Red Banner Border Detachment, on the right - the 333 of the rifle regiment.

08. Brest Fortress 1941-2013. Terespolsky gate from the side of the Bug. The ground level at the gate was one and a half meters higher than it is now.

09. Brest Fortress 1941-2013. The Germans at the Terespol Gate. The difference in the height of the ground at the gate is clearly visible then and nowadays.

10. Brest Fortress 1941-2013. Bronze frontier guards engage the fascists at the walls of their outpost.

11. Brest Fortress 1941-2013. German soldier at the walls of the citadel.

12. Brest Fortress 1941-2013. Bridge at Trekharochny gates. From the wall of the Ring Barracks in this place is preserved only a preserved foundation. On the fence of the bridge there were bullet holes, which made it possible to precisely attach to the old photo.

13. Brest Fortress 1941-2013. Bridge at Trekharochny gates. Behind the bridge you can see the restored cathedral and the unretained wall of the Ring Barracks.

14. Brest Fortress 1941-2013. Unarmored Treharochnye gate. On the right you can see the main monument of the memorial - "Courage".

15. Brest Fortress 1941-2013. Three-arch gate

16. Brest Fortress 1941-2013. Soldiers captured at the southern gate of the fortress. I had to shoot from the undergrowth, so the quality is not very. And the shrub grows the same.

17. Brest Fortress 1941-2013. Captured Soviet officer.

18. Brest Fortress 1941-2013. The wall of the Ring Barracks from the side of the Bug, in the distance Terespol Gate can be seen.

19. Brest Fortress 1941-2013. Guns in the fortress after the end of the fighting.

20. Brest Fortress 1941-2013. Hitler and Mussolini in the fort in August 1941g. In the background - St. Nicholas garrison cathedral.

21. Brest Fortress 1910-2013. St. Nicholas garrison cathedral. The cathedral was built in the year 1876, consecrated in the year 1878. Rebuilt beyond recognition under the Polish government, and then turned into a garrison club, the cathedral was badly damaged during the defense of the fortress. Now fully restored in its original form.

22. Brest Fortress 1930 -2013. St. Nicholas garrison cathedral, rebuilt by the Poles in the Catholic Church of St. Casimir and restored again.

23. Brest Fortress 1930 -2013. St. Nicholas garrison cathedral.

24. Brest Fortress 1950-2013. The destruction of St. Nicholas garrison cathedral.

25. Brest Fortress 1941-2013. German technology at the North-West Gate of the Brest Fortress.


26. Brest Fortress 1941-2013. The painting "Defenders of the Brest Fortress" by Peter Alexandrovich Krivonogov was written in the 1951 year.

27. Brest Fortress 1944-2013. Russian soldier returned. 28 July 1944, Brest was liberated from the Nazi invaders.
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  1. Zhenya
    Zhenya 14 October 2013 08: 53
    Great photos!
    1. Ingvar 72
      Ingvar 72 14 October 2013 09: 21
      The author is handsome. good
  2. aszzz888
    aszzz888 14 October 2013 09: 11
    Thanks to the author for the work. The double feeling of the photo, albeit montage. At the same time you are in two temporal dimensions - the beginning of the war and our days.
    Eternal memory to the fallen Heroes!
  3. Sirozha
    Sirozha 14 October 2013 09: 20
    Very wonderful photos! I would also like to see the originals ...
    Eternal memory to the defenders !!!
  4. Lech from our city
    Lech from our city 14 October 2013 09: 26
    Yes, not bad - there was a feeling of interweaving of the time of those times and our years.

    As if stepped there from a TIME MACHINE.
    1. Evrepid
      Evrepid 14 October 2013 13: 47
      For all 100! hit the point on sensations
  5. avt
    avt 14 October 2013 09: 34
    good Beautifully done! The author creatively approached the topic - in small forms, but with great effect. Good work! A plus .
  6. Tyumen
    Tyumen 14 October 2013 10: 01
    Thank you, Sergey, as if plunged into the past. I advise everyone who is not in the know to read on the lists did not appear.
    1. Gari
      Gari 14 October 2013 10: 39
      Quote: Tyumen
      I advise everyone who is not in the know to read on the lists did not appear.

      Good day to everyone, ,, The lists did not appear, my favorite book I read exactly ten times.
      The Brest Fortress is the beginning of the war, but it was there that the first time our fighters showed themselves as Heroes, the first Victory was won there!
      And then May 9, the Great Victory!
    2. aszzz888
      aszzz888 14 October 2013 12: 05
      The first publications "Not included in the lists" were published in the magazine "Youth", unfortunately I cannot remember the year.
      Older people should remember such a magazine.
  7. omsbon
    omsbon 14 October 2013 10: 51
    Sergey Larenkov - surprised and amazed! WELL DONE!
    Twice I was in the Brest Fortress - a holy place!

    Who set the minus? A shame!
    1. chehywed
      chehywed 14 October 2013 21: 28
      Quote: omsbon
      Who set the minus? A shame!

      And here it turns out there are these ... well, from the LGBT community. They are also politically correct to be called gay. Quiet, hiding ...
  8. E-Burg-63562
    E-Burg-63562 14 October 2013 11: 07
    Next summer I’ll definitely go, and the author is well done, indeed, as if at that time, you would all overlook from the side. Not even a little creepy
  9. ddmm09
    ddmm09 14 October 2013 11: 25
    Good memory to all the defenders of the Brest Fortress!
  10. svskor80
    svskor80 14 October 2013 11: 40
    Great idea to combine photos of those and our days. I myself was not in the fortress, I just drove by. Eternal memory to the defenders.
  11. George
    George 14 October 2013 12: 15
    Hello all.
    Yes, a great idea to combine the time of different eras. Already seen similar photos, and these on top.
    Particularly striking is the contrast from the photo, where a German soldier bends to the ground, and a couple peacefully wanders nearby.
    The author is a plus, and wishes to continue in the same vein. good
  12. Day 11
    Day 11 14 October 2013 13: 27
    Brest Fortress ... There is such a photo. Remember the inscription on the wall of the Brest Fortress: "I am dying, but I do not surrender! Farewell to the Motherland! 20.VII.41g" This is their banner.
    1. smersh70
      smersh70 14 October 2013 13: 36
      Quote: Den 11
      There is such a photo.

      Hello, land !!!! they were shown great in the film .. especially when they expose the spy .... and it’s a pity .. that they didn’t keep the banner .... probably after that this battalion was disbanded ... because the banner fell into enemy hands .....
      the truth is said ... but there are few concrete facts .. that this battalion shot even on the night of 22 ... prisoners in basements .... request
      1. Day 11
        Day 11 14 October 2013 13: 47
        It’s great to land. Yes, I also heard something about them, but it is unproven, so it makes no sense to discuss it. How myself?
    2. Day 11
      Day 11 14 October 2013 13: 44
      And here is the flip side of the banner found
      1. Day 11
        Day 11 14 October 2013 13: 55
        The exact number of battalion squadrons is also unknown. It is known that there were no more than 100 of them remaining in the fortress. Of these, 30 were in the platoon on duty, and the rest served outside the fortress. It is known that the 3rd company guarded the bridges on the river Mukhavets.
        1. smersh70
          smersh70 14 October 2013 14: 29
          Quote: Den 11
          . It is known that the 3rd company guarded bridges on the Mukhavets river.

          Thanks bro !!!!! by the way, just 3 companies passed these bridges in the first minutes of the battle ... I even watched the newsreel .. the Germans made it ..
          but how do you know that the inscription was made by the NKVDshchnik ... by the way, I loved climbing the basements in the fortress ... but many places are bricked up with concrete and brick ... they say they allow search engines now ... and in the late 80s they didn’t allow anyone ... ...
          1. Day 11
            Day 11 14 October 2013 14: 36
            This inscription was discovered in the barracks of the 132nd separate battalion of escort troops of the NKVD of the USSR.
    3. Day 11
      Day 11 14 October 2013 13: 58
      Here is this inscription
  13. Eldar
    Eldar 14 October 2013 14: 34
    The last photo (No. 27) is priceless.
  14. Vittt
    Vittt 14 October 2013 16: 39
    I myself live in this city, the author has a fat plus: I didn’t make my collages of photos. As I myself was imbued with, what the defenders of the Brest Fortress did, so the author of the photo shoot was imbued. Offtopic: my child pediatrician was the daughter of the hero of the Soviet Union Naganov. The Nikolaev garrison cathedral is now very beautiful, was married there even when it was not so beautiful (Brest residents are very fond of being baptized and married there) .Already in childhood, when I approached the westernmost edge of the fortress, a border guard from the tower looked at me kindly .
  15. kaktus
    kaktus 14 October 2013 18: 20
    GLORY TO THE HEROES!!! soldier
    1. The comment was deleted.
  16. Torquemada
    Torquemada 14 October 2013 20: 24
    Sumptuously! Many thanks to the author for the work done! A new look at the Fortress even for a Brest citizen.
  17. lexe
    lexe 14 October 2013 21: 48
    Also there is somewhere a photo from Brest
    The great and holy land of White Russia in this sense ...
    But the color fragments in my memory (Brest) are still alive and will never be erased.
    Beautiful photos like life itself ... Sometimes someone really blocks this beauty ...
  18. Murzyak
    Murzyak 14 October 2013 22: 42
    On the 132nd separate battalion there is an article by Yuri Fomin "Convoy of the NKVD - soldiers, like everyone else" in the collection of Rostislav Aliyev Brest Fortress
  19. Klim podkova
    Klim podkova 15 October 2013 01: 19
    I take off my hat, because I can imagine how much time and effort Sergei spent on this work. The result is beyond praise.
  20. Bibliographer
    Bibliographer 15 October 2013 01: 55
    Many thanks to the author! Good, quality work and most importantly - noble!
  21. samoletil18
    samoletil18 15 October 2013 20: 18
    Personally, I am delighted with the approach to photography. From me fat +! "We are dying, but we are not giving up. Farewell, Motherland!" The fortress turned out to be a trap for those who happened to be there. But the trap turned out to be a fortress! A fortress where the military, doomed to defeat, showed that the war would not be quick. This German infantry division, I wonder, where would it have locked the semi-encircled, dropping equipment, but breaking through to the east? In whose memoirs was there not enough infantry for another complete success? On the western border of the Soviet Union on June 22, 1941, the defeat of Nazi Germany began. This is not a trivial phrase. Everlasting memory!
  22. Swetliy
    Swetliy 24 August 2014 11: 36
    Strong photos!