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Services of military medical institutions

Military hospitals are working to protect and restore the health of not only military personnel, but also their family members. Here diagnostic and therapeutic procedures are carried out, rehabilitation assistance is provided: stroke rehabilitation, heart attack or complex surgery.
Military clinics are not prohibited from providing medical assistance to civilians as well. This assistance is provided in the paid version. At the same time, the cost of providing various medical services in military clinics and hospitals is sometimes significantly lower than in private medical institutions. People come to military medical centers, hoping for qualified help, and they receive exactly such help here. Qualified patient care is the main credo of military medics.
An important feature of clinics working from the Ministry of Defense is that there are not those huge queues to the registry or to specific doctors. In a typical district clinic, the queue lengths of many people in need of medical care are often simply scary. And not every person struggling with an illness has enough strength (both physical and moral) to stand in a long queue and get an appointment with a doctor.
In military medical institutions this problem is absent. Here it is possible to get qualified medical care exactly when the patient will be necessary.
Military hospitals may vary by specialization. There is a special segment of medical institutions working for the military ministry that deal with the so-called combat injuries. For combat injuries include gunshot and mine-explosive wounds.
In the course of combat operations, servicemen are injured of various types, the most frequent of which are firearms and fragmentation ones. These types of injuries are observed in 74% of cases. The greatest difficulties in the process of treatment here can cause gunshot and mine-explosive fractures of the extremities. In these cases, the bones have to be literally rebuilt in small parts, and medical professionals of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation do a great job with this work.
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  1. Msergio
    Msergio 9 October 2013 22: 15 New
    The person who wrote this article has never been in military clinics.
    The lines are gigantic, there are no medical specialists, the equipment is ancient. And there are only a few of them left in the country.