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Leonid Ivashov: "The purpose of the West in Syria is to stop the development of the Islamic world"

Leonid Ivashov: "The purpose of the West in Syria is to stop the development of the Islamic world"What do Western countries want to achieve by unleashing a war in Syria? Will the US strike at this country? Who and why is pushing Ukraine into the European Union? Why do contradictions arise between Moscow and Minsk? Leonid Ivashov, President of the Academy of Geopolitical Problems, answered these and other questions to the Voice of Russia.

The guest of the program is Leonid G. Ivashov, President of the Academy of Geopolitical Problems, Colonel-General.
Lead - Armen Hovhannisyan.

Oganesyan: Good afternoon. Leonid Ivashov, President of the Academy of Geopolitical Problems - guest of our program. Good day.

Ivashov: Hello.

Oganesyan: I am glad to welcome you. There is an interesting question from Kazan on the name of your academy. "Geopolitics, which was previously the subject of the study of units, is becoming today a question that is being revealed to many. You are engaged in geopolitics. Please tell us what conclusions can be drawn from the current geopolitical layout?"

Well, this can be devoted to the entire transfer. But the question is interesting. I think the listener managed to find something important. Indeed, geopolitics used to be considered even something doubtful.

Ivashov: abusive.

Oganesyan: Yes. And now, more and more comes into use. With globalization, more and more people began to realize that behind many phenomena of world politics, geopolitics is hidden. Do you feel an increased interest in geopolitics? Previously, she was paid less attention.

Ivashov: Indeed, the attitude to geopolitics has been ambiguous since its formation at the junction of the 19th and 20th centuries. Until 1930 in the Soviet Union, it was perceived as a normal science, promising, even in the first Soviet encyclopedia there were good words. But then it was declared "bourgeois" and developed mainly in the West.

It was strongly moved by the Germans - Ratzel, Chellen, Haushofer, Karl Schmitt and others. But after the Second World War, she was convicted, Karl Haushofer was summoned to the Nuremberg trials, accusing it of geopolitics of fascism and aggressive aspirations. But today geopolitics is in demand.

Oganesyan: What is geopolitics? "Geo" - geographical, but we must add, of course, economic. Geo-economic interest that lies behind the actions of a country or a subject of international relations, which explains certain actions. Is this so, or is there something more?

Ivashov: There are many definitions of geopolitics. I like the definition of Karl Haushofer that geopolitics is the geographical mind of the state. But in general, geopolitics is the political activity of people associated with geographic space.

That is, people tie their behavior, including their policies within the state, to specific geographical spaces. The archetype of man is formed due to the space, starting from Polybius and Ibn Khaldun.

Oganesyan: Klyuchevsky preached this very much.

Ivashov: Yes. They said that it is geography and climate that shape the character of people. But there is such a thing: the sea forms one type of person and his behavior, that is, sea peoples always aspire ...

Oganesyan: Islands, the main consciousness.

Ivashov: Yes. And why do they go to sea? They go for prey. The search policy "mining" can be traced to this day.

We conduct research, I teach geopolitics, including at MGIMO, at Moscow State Linguistic University under the slogan "Geopolitics rules the world and determines the future." Many are beginning to understand that politics, especially world politics, is the realization of geopolitical theories, concepts and strategies. Evidence of this is manifested in fact every day.

Oganesyan: Recently they say that modern geopolitics is not only, but maybe not even so much about territories, as about communications, it’s not so much the “body” itself, but its “nerve endings”, if you want - the “circulatory system” . In the modern world, not only the land itself is very important, but also those communications nodes that pass along certain routes ...

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  1. Apollo
    Apollo 10 October 2013 15: 12
    video is still better than audio recording.

    The main points of L. Ivashov:

    Middle East, Iran and Russia
    1. Continued destabilization of the entire Middle East.
    2. To make the Islamic (Arab) world boil. To slow down the development of the Arab world.
    3. Through Syria, pick up the keys to Iran and further to the Caspian region.
    4. Russia is the main geopolitical rival of the Anglo-Saxons.
    5. Mankind in the conditions of chaos relies on Russia.
    6: In the event of Iran’s defeat, American ships will appear in the Caspian region and Russia will be squeezed out from there.
    7.Russia refusing to supply defensive weapons to Iran are signed under the failure to pursue their own policy in terms of arms supplies.
    8. Geopolitical interests are determined primarily by national interests.

    Who determines the strategic line of the United States, in matters of war.
    1. US military
    2.Transnational oil sector.
    3. Banking system.

    On the use of chemical. weapons in Syria by fighters against civilians, the data provided by Russia are based primarily on intelligence.
    In the future, provocations against Syria are not ruled out. The threat of war against Syria has not been eliminated; it has simply been postponed indefinitely.

    EU and Ukraine
    It is not necessary to bicker with Ukraine, but to show with negative facts that the association in the EU promises it in the future. There are ordinary people who see their future with Russia and there is national (large business) capital that aspires to the EU.
    The crisis in Greece and Bulgaria did not become a lesson for Ukraine.

    Unfortunately, sometimes private corporate relations prevail over state relations. Although it should be exactly the opposite. Lukashenko defends national interests and the Russian government advocates fraudulent oligarchic capital.

    Infe plus good
    1. avt
      avt 10 October 2013 17: 18
      But what is the plus? And what is this smart and cunning hitherto unknown and previously unknown conducted by this geo-gentleman? Here you even have
      Quote: Apollon
      4. Russia is the main geopolitical rival of the Anglo-Saxons.

      wasn’t such a concept known - "The Great Game", from which all the other points presented by you actually proceed? Didn't Kipling say - "When everyone dies. Only then will the big game end?" “I like Karl Haushofer's definition that geopolitics is the geographical mind of a state. In general, geopolitics is the political activity of people associated with geographic space. "------- laughing What a geoarician, and even with megalomania. A normal person would quote and would not stick next to the statement in the form of his own. Well, in general, you can be happy for him - the pension is general, they pay for lectures, but now you can blow different nonsense to students, even about flying saucers and nothing, hawala, they even pay money. So there is no analysis, and even material backed up from the ground. Satanovsky and Kurginyan even quote in fun language with much larger and relevant text quotes and links, and not so boring and dried up. A stupid story of a stupid political officer from Lenin’s room designed to mean that no one will open his mouth in view of the stars on shoulder straps, they say I’ll spoil the profile and they don’t take in the wipers. Leontiev generally shot a rather sensible book and documentary, where he popularly told everything that our geo-general is pushing for. No, you need to tie his articles to read - he doesn’t amuse him anymore, but begins to anger.
      1. Apollo
        Apollo 10 October 2013 18: 01
        Quote: avt
        And in fact, what is the plus

        in that he spoke honestly and openly about
        1. In relation to the EU and Ukraine, in terms of do not escalate the situation in a relationship between Russia and Ukraine regarding the possible entry of Ukraine into the EU.
        2. About Belarus, about Uralkali and the oligarchs.
        3. What will happen if Iran falls.
        1. avt
          avt 10 October 2013 19: 16
          Quote: Apollon
          in that he spoke honestly and openly about

          requestHave mercy! A person does not claim to be a TV presenter in a news program. I put myself next to Haushofer. And even there people try to present even banal things to the audience as something more fresh and interesting. These are all cheap attempts at the title of "engineer of human souls" not supported by any work of the brain in terms of analyzing events, a simple retelling of the editorial of the newspaper Pravda in Lenin's room. Exactly the same people in the church believe that it is enough just to wave a censer and everyone in a crowd is must go.
    2. timurpl
      timurpl 10 October 2013 20: 39
      Thanks comrad for detailed analytics.
      ps I congratulate you on Aliyev good
      1. Apollo
        Apollo 10 October 2013 20: 46
        Quote: timurpl

        You are late, Vladimir Vladimirovich, to you already congratulated on arrival in Baku, but not me but him.
        1. timurpl
          timurpl 10 October 2013 22: 43
          and what ... normal such oriental thanks for congratulations ...
          1. Apollo
            Apollo 10 October 2013 23: 01
            Quote: timurpl
            and what ... normal such oriental thanks for congratulations ..

            You made a mistake with the address. Just nothing more. As compensation in this your comment, plus.
  2. The comment was deleted.
  3. George
    George 10 October 2013 15: 21
    As it was, it remains - the war for living space and resources.
    Thank you for the video.
    1. Quiet
      Quiet 10 October 2013 20: 17
      "The goal of the West in Syria is to stop the development of the Islamic world"

      America's goal is to first stop the development of the Islamic world, then strangle and destroy Russia, and for dessert break the vaunted gay europia's point like a hot water bottle ... As a result, "Mattress makers" are the kings of the rest of the wretched world !!! am laughing
    2. Very old
      Very old 10 October 2013 21: 35
      Yuri, avt clearly distorts. A article +. I personally wasted my time on it.
  4. The comment was deleted.
  5. knn54
    knn54 10 October 2013 15: 51
    From Iraq, oil is pumped at $ 2 per barrel. And they also want from Syria.
    Undermining Iran’s influence in the Middle East.
    Weaken Arab resistance to Israel.

  6. smersh70
    smersh70 10 October 2013 17: 10
    to compare his articles and interviews .. in one he says one thing in the other .... well, that I don’t have time, my whole appetite would have deteriorated .... wassat ....
  7. IGS
    IGS 10 October 2013 18: 27
    It seems to say the right thing, but balabol and verbiage are the same. Are all these hackneyed phrases the result of his activity on the field of studying geopolitical problems? We are here on the forum, we give this out every day, and not for money, but in our free time.
  8. alone
    alone 10 October 2013 20: 16
    it’s time to send him off to rest. A man has already overworked. In one interview he says one thing, in another interview he says something else. The old man is completely confused in his thoughts.

    said nothing new. as if before giving an interview read our forum)) wassat
  9. individual
    individual 11 October 2013 09: 13
    He who understands life is in no hurry.