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Justice of world order

Before any person living on our planet, regardless of their social and religious affiliation, sooner or later the question arises of the justice of the world order. And if for the poor justice is a matter of meeting daily immediate needs and survival in conditions of meager consumption, then for the propertied strata it is a question of how to fight off those who want to redistribute the “pie”, from the racketeer with the iron to the terrorists with the grenade launcher, and, in fact, same question of physical survival in the aggressive world. The answer to the question of what kind of justice it is, what criteria and principles the laws adopted by society and the state should meet, will provide the basis for a stable and sufficiently peaceful development of the entire planet.

What should be the trade-off between personal desires and social needs? Consider the fundamental principle of the whole of human civilization “the circulation of money”. What should be the total volume of money supply in the world ?, unconditionally proportional to the amount of goods produced in the world or generated electric energy, as the most accurate equivalent of these goods, but also proportional to the number of constantly growing world population. With a fixed amount of money, people simply have nothing to buy the goods and products they need, and manufacturers do not need to increase production — there will be no effective demand. That is, the money supply should increase, with an increase in the volume of electricity production and increase in the population.

How much should the money supply increase? What should be the proportionality factor between money and energy? The concepts of humanity and justice suggest that in all social groups, strata, clans, regardless of their geographic location, state or religious affiliation, a minimum level of personal consumption of citizens, from birth to death, must be ensured. That is, after the World Bank, humankind is simply obliged to create the World Social Security and Pension Fund (FSF), coordinating its work with national funds and ensuring the survival of the population where local government institutions fail or simply do not exist. The volume of money supply emitted by the FSF should be proportional to the number of the population and its way of life, that is, to physical factors of the environment.

The next question, the most socially acute, is the issue of distribution — the redistribution of money in society, and in the foreground is the bank interest. From a mathematical point of view, the issue of the circulation of money supply is similar to the circulation of water from the pool to the pool, given the fact that the pipes are constantly changing their diameter, length and location. Accordingly, for a stable existence of the system, the rules of distribution-redistribution should also be constantly adjusted. That is, a “floating” tax interest is needed, a fixed tax rate is possible only in case of a failure of the banking system to collect interest. With such a system, only payments for banking operations remain (of course, subject to timely return of funds), the bank should only have money “earned” by it (payments for account servicing), nothing more, otherwise all cash will soon be in one-two-three pods and ... depreciates, since it can no longer go back to the person and turn into a product or service. Depreciation occurs through the exchange of money for securities, artificial growth of their value and subsequent devaluation in one form or another. Since it is impossible to simultaneously abandon the existing banking system, it is necessary to create a world credit bank (WKB) or an interconnected system of state credit banks (GKB) and a parallel system of "electronic money". At the same time, it would be advisable to reduce the speculative value of securities by introducing time limits for the sale (pledge, donation), for example, no earlier than one year after purchase.

These financial institutions (credit banks and social pension funds) need to be supplemented with a management and pricing system for the production of consumer goods, housing, housing and public utilities, and transportation (intracity and intercity). For enterprises producing goods and essential goods, as well as builders of mass housing, a minimum percentage of the final (retail) price of goods must be guaranteed. This will make senseless its resale through a chain of intermediaries. For housing commissioned, clear restrictions on its size and location are required, then if the standard size and location of buildings near lakes and rivers is exceeded, while citizens have limited access to natural objects, as well as simple non-populated housing, significant coefficients will be applied to taxes, charges and payments for heating buildings. But the development of transport infrastructure and housing and communal services is possible only with the return of the priority right of the state and the municipalities representing it to land of all forms of ownership and apartment buildings. At the same time, apartment owners remain owners of apartments and can participate in the management of the house and the adjacent territory by creating a HOA, and the state (municipality) becomes the ultimate owner and gets the right to make final decisions on all issues of housing and communal services and land use, as well as priority right the purchase of apartments from their own housing stock (in front of other buyers, with equal offer prices).

The restriction of land speculation in the construction of transport infrastructure and other socially important objects should obviously take place in the form of identifying other sections of the same area and building equivalent new housing instead of the one that was withdrawn. Private ownership of land should be replaced with the right of unlimited use with the right to transfer by inheritance and the right to resell the right to use.

Thus, a system of commodity-money turnover will be formed less dependent on the current market situation and jumps in stock market indices and more focused on real sectors of the economy. For private commercial banks, there remains a fairly wide field of activity in the field of expensive real estate, luxury car manufacturing, and expensive luxury goods.
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  1. Igor39
    Igor39 9 October 2013 07: 13
    The money supply increases without increasing the volume of production, people take money from banks and give it off with interest, these percentages are the increased money supply, shorter workers work and increase inflation with their work.
    1. Sunjar
      Sunjar 9 October 2013 07: 28
      The article states that both the interest rate and the availability of securities are harmful to the economy. Only the author leaves in silence how will this be achieved? As for me, one of the main issues is the eradication of the exploitation of man by man. Hence, usury and other forms of exploitation are growing.
      1. Ustas
        Ustas 9 October 2013 09: 02
        Quote: Sunjar
        The article states that both the interest rate and the availability of securities are harmful to the economy.

        So it’s clear as day. This is the injustice. Obtaining interest, surplus value, without spending a single drop of energy and resources.
        Securities, debentures, liabilities, in fact, just changing money. From here come inflation, financial crises, etc. All securities that replace money must be eliminated and prohibited. In this case, the financial soap bubble will deflate itself.
        By eliminating the cancerous tumor of the economy and usury on Earth, humanity will heal by labor, not by interest.
        1. bilgesez
          bilgesez 9 October 2013 14: 13
          To achieve this, you need to destroy an entire nation. Otherwise, nothing.
      2. Vladimir-35136
        12 October 2013 20: 34
        In the West, they are already struggling with inflating financial bubbles of securities (introducing a ban on short sales) and loans at their inflation level ... they only do this not for social justice, but to maintain social inequality. We in Russia do not live very well, but when I come to Siberia, to the Sayan Mountains and even to Moscow, I feel like a free person .... I doubt that among the fenced palisade of private estates in England-France-Germany, you can stay with them, even with a chubby wallet and own ranch.
    2. xetai9977
      xetai9977 9 October 2013 08: 30
      There is no justice in this world and never will be.
  2. Canep
    Canep 9 October 2013 07: 53
    Of course, the world order is completely unfair, from the American point of view: "Why did a country like Russia get such a huge territory with such a huge amount of natural resources?" It seems this idea was voiced by H. Clinton.
    1. major071
      major071 9 October 2013 08: 00
      I think, through 50, some African politician will say: why did Russia get such a huge territory as North America and all of Europe! laughing
      1. Canep
        Canep 9 October 2013 10: 09
        As for Europe, what the hell is it for us? There are no minerals, there are Islamists and homosexuals, fence around them and let them go out in their own juice.
        1. major071
          major071 9 October 2013 10: 26
          Well, let homosexuals attach Islamists to themselves, or vice versa, although the second option is unlikely wassat
          1. Canep
            Canep 9 October 2013 11: 41
            They will kill each other and this will end. Islam and LGBT are not compatible.
            1. bilgesez
              bilgesez 9 October 2013 14: 16
              You do not know them, yet how compatible
              1. sams
                sams 9 October 2013 14: 53
                Homosexuality for the sake of jihad allowed by Wahhabis
    2. bilgesez
      bilgesez 9 October 2013 14: 15
      Got all over Russia, and ended up in the hands of a handful of Jews. And the Russians became slaves in their own land.
  3. optimist
    optimist 9 October 2013 09: 16
    Article minus. Another "manilovism". The usual chatter on the topic: "If my grandmother had x ... she would be a grandfather ...".
  4. Stiletto
    Stiletto 9 October 2013 09: 19
    "Justice of the world order" is an oxymoron in itself. The fairness of the existing world order is also a mockery of common sense.
    1. Vladimir-35136
      12 October 2013 20: 09
      Of course, the world order is unfair - if it were fair, then there would be nothing to talk about, but the article that the time of banks, in the traditional sense of commercial interest, has passed, there comes a time of electronic money circulation with fixed payments for account servicing, t .e. banks will earn only on customer service, and usury will be squeezed into the sphere of trade in luxury goods, etc. Accordingly, state and public structures will be rebuilt .... this is my personal opinion about justice in the world .... if someone sees the future in a different light, put forward ideas, ideas will move the world
  5. alone
    alone 9 October 2013 11: 43
    I’m going to seek justice in this world. everyone talks about how she is gone. And no one wants her to triumph.
  6. dropout
    dropout 9 October 2013 12: 26
    [q ensuring the survival of the population where local institutions of power fail or are simply absent. The volume of money supply issued by the FSF should be proportional to the number of people and their lifestyle, that is, to the physical factors of the environment. uote] [/ quote]

    Well, they will lie under a palm up in a belly and multiply.
    1. Vladimir-35136
      12 October 2013 20: 18
      Even a Papuan under a palm tree can be useful ... no less than a moneylender who buys everything and everything at our interest and on unsecured dollar wrappers ... the Papuan will take at least real goods ... real people will do this product for him.
  7. revnagan
    revnagan 9 October 2013 14: 30
    Quote: dropout
    Well, they will lie under a palm up in a belly and multiply.

    Still, the slogan of the Bolsheviks was correct: “He who does not work, he does not eat!” True, there was such a time as war communism. But now the situation is turned inside out to the point of absurdity - a working hard worker who produces material values ​​has practically no nothing. And "office plankton" lives on a grand scale. I understand that the role of a manager is important in modern life, but they eat real products. And at the same time they despise the workaholic. No, you have to think something.