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What issues is the Russian delegation discussing in Kyrgyzstan?

October 8 - literally the next day after a visit to Tajikistan - the Russian delegation led by State Duma Speaker Sergei Naryshkin arrived in Kyrgyzstan.

A visit to this country ends with a Central Asian tour, in which, besides Naryshkin and his advisers, take part Leonid Slutsky (chairman of the Duma committee on CIS affairs and relations with compatriots), Konstantin Kosachev (head of the Federal Agency for CIS Affairs), Konstantin Romodanovsky (head of the FMS of Russia), Vladimir Kalanda (First Deputy Director of Federal Drug Control Service), Viktor Zavarzin (First Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Defense), Vladimir Pekhtin (Deputy Chairman of the Management Board of JSC RusHydro, the very one who since February 2013 first mixed success trying to prove that undeclared property in Florida belongs not to him but to his son, then resigned the deputy, but, apparently, did not stay without work). In Kyrgyzstan, the Russian delegation was joined by the Russian ambassador to Kyrgyzstan, Andrei Krutko.

The composition of the Russian delegation, in principle, speaks for itself, in fact revealing the range of issues that will be discussed in Kyrgyzstan: the development of relations between Russia and Kyrgyzstan, the problems of the spread of drugs, the construction of hydraulic structures in Kyrgyzstan, and migration policy. Certain informational additions were made by the head of the delegation Sergey Naryshkin, who announced that he was going to visit the Russian military aviation base "Kant", as well as take part in one of the events held as part of the CSTO - a meeting of the Council of the Parliamentary Assembly.
One of the first meetings of Naryshkin and other members of the delegation took place with the "tor-aga" (speaker) of the Kyrgyz parliament Asylbek Zheelbekov, who literally crumbled in flattering statements about how far the Kyrgyz-Russian relations could be developed:

Bilateral relations between Kyrgyzstan and Russia are at the proper level. All agreements reached between our countries are being implemented. Kyrgyzstan and Russia are bound by a centuries-old common история, the common path we have traveled together.

Naryshkin supported the message of the Kyrgyz colleague, noting:

We value the relations that develop between our countries. In recent years, interstate relations have been developing dynamically in all areas, in particular in the economic, humanitarian, social spheres, in the field of military-technical cooperation. Trust and friendly relations between the leaders of the two countries serve the interests of our peoples.

At the same time, Sergey Naryshkin noted the positive role of the desire of Kyrgyzstan to integrate in the Eurasian space, and even put the relations between Russia and Kyrgyzstan in this direction as an example.

If we talk about the economic plane of development of cooperation, there are, indeed, quite a few positive manifestations. The growth of trade between the two countries, as well as the growth of trade between the Republic of Kyrgyzstan and the Customs Union, is quite substantial. For example, in 2012 a year, the growth of commodity turnover in Russia and Kyrgyzstan amounted to about 25%, but only for half a year 2013 year - more than 42%. It should be noted that the growth of trade is not associated only with raw materials projects. Joint ventures make a big contribution here (these are agro-industrial enterprises, banks and construction companies, companies with joint capital, implementing energy projects - mainly hydropower). At the same time, the absolute figures of trade turnover cannot yet be called high: according to the last year’s results, it was a little over 2-s billions of dollars.

The Russian delegation expressed the hope that the growth of trade could go a more substantial pace if official Bishkek intensifies efforts to ratify the agreement on a free trade zone within the CIS. The expected increase in turnover only in 2014 year - about 60%.

For the sake of fairness, it must be said that even such a hypothetical growth in the volume of mutual trade between our countries will still not make Russia the main trading partner of Kyrgyzstan in the near future. The fact is that the place of “trading partner No. XXUMX” for Kyrgyzstan has long been staked out by China. Recently, trade relations between the Republic of Kazakhstan and the People's Republic of China have somewhat weakened, but, nevertheless, the Kyrgyz-Chinese 1 billion dollars a year is more than twofold superiority over the trade turnover of Kyrgyzstan and Russia. In order to press China out of its present place in Kyrgyzstan, Russia will have to try hard. And how successful these efforts will be, they will show, among other things, the results of the Russian-Kyrgyz contacts that are currently taking place.

A hot topic regarding Russia with the Central Asian republics (Kyrgyzstan is no exception) is the topic of migrants. According to official statistics, the number of Kyrgyz guest workers in the Russian Federation today is about 350 thousand people. According to the so-called independent statistical centers and foundations, the number of Kyrgyz migrants in Russia is over 650 thousand people (more than half are illegal immigrants). Remittances from Russia to Kyrgyzstan amount to at least 20% of the country's GDP. By the way, seeing what concessions Russia has made towards Tajik migrant workers, official Bishkek may want from Moscow similar concessions regarding Kyrgyz labor migrants. Indeed, it is often for the Central Asian leaders that the integration process mainly consists in this issue ...

Another question: whether Russia itself will draw closer economic integration with Kyrgyzstan (and Tajikistan, by the way, too)? After all, for the time being, the level of interaction between countries is approximately the following: we give you permission to stay military bases on our territories, you - we have projects, funds, migration and customs exemptions.

Perhaps, if it had not been for the withdrawal of the US military contingent from Afghanistan in 2014 announced by Barack Obama, then the conversations between Russia and the same Kirgizia would have been somewhat different. Today, the Russian authorities seem to focus on the security of the southern, as they say, underbelly, and therefore try to behave extremely compliant in dealing with Central Asian political leaders - both with Rakhmon and Atambayev. From the point of view of increasing security, such a move is fully justified, but it is necessary to take advantage of the situation also to obtain an economic return from rapprochement. True, here one must still be able to take advantage, because the Central Asian leaders will try to do everything so that economic preferences go only in one direction.

Meanwhile, Kyrgyz nationalists also prepared for the meeting of the Russian delegation. One of the local nationalist leaders Nurlan Motuev in one of his speeches suggested taking everything from Russia, and then quote:

"throw out, as in my time with the USSR. Let the Russians pay for everything ..."

By the way, the number of Russians in Kyrgyzstan over the past 25 years has more than tripled (from 22% to 7%). At the same time, the number of Kyrgyz in Russia continues to grow from year to year. Comparing the features of national policy ...
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  1. Orel
    Orel 9 October 2013 08: 22
    These countries behave as in the eastern bazaar. Whoever gives more money and benefits will go for that. Building allied relations with such countries on the basis of constant concessions to the detriment of ourselves is futile. A strong union is possible only on equal terms and when both parties are interested in it. Obviously, Russia is only being used and no one considers itself bound by any allied obligations towards us ... I think it’s time for us to seriously review our foreign policy and to proceed from the main thing - FROM ECONOMY, when building it.
    1. albai
      albai 9 October 2013 08: 32
      Kyrgyzstan from the very beginning was and has remained with Russia, only Russia is not up to us, until recently.
      1. Wedmak
        Wedmak 9 October 2013 09: 42
        Kyrgyzstan from the very beginning was and has remained with Russia

        Of course, he stayed ... who else will lend loans to Kyrgyzstan at reduced rates with the empty promise of the Kyrgyz to remove the NATO base in Manas? Removed? Nope, they just renamed it - formally there is no base, there is a supply point - in fact the most natural base. And so in everything: how to work, so Russian, how to manage and receive money, so the Kyrgyz!
        1. alone
          alone 9 October 2013 11: 06
          Quote: Wedmak
          will it also lend loans to Kyrgyzstan at reduced rates with the empty promise of the Kyrgyz to remove the NATO base in Manas? Removed? Nope, just renamed - formally there is no base, there is a supply point

          Denis, can you first remove the supply point in Ulyanovsk by yourself, and then demand it from others? But how strange it turns out, you can, but the Kyrgyz can’t))
          1. Wedmak
            Wedmak 9 October 2013 11: 22
            Denis, can first clean the supply point in Ulyanovsk

            Well, firstly, this is a transit point. Secondly, the NATO military is not there, was not and will not be. All shipments are carried out by us. Thirdly, NATO did not take advantage of this item.
            but it somehow turns out strange, you can, but the Kyrgyz can’t

            The Kyrgyz themselves promised to remove the NATO base in exchange for a sickly loan (no one pulled the tongue), as well as big money for renting Russian facilities. Received a loan, received money, even in my opinion some kind of debt was written off ... Where is the base? There too! Only the name has changed!
            Kyrgyzstan is gradually becoming a Gopnik? What is it called?
            1. mikkado31
              mikkado31 9 October 2013 22: 21
              Do not forget that Russia does not pay a penny to Kyrgyzstan for the airbase in Kant. Also, do not forget that the Dastan plant in Bishkek (military) belongs to the Russian military-industrial complex. In addition, in Kyrgyzstan there is a tracking station "Prometheus" of the Russian Navy, a Russian torpedo testing ground near Karakol, a seismic station of the Strategic Missile Forces ...

              So you need to pay;)))
      2. smile
        smile 9 October 2013 11: 49
        Good words .... but what to do with your nationalists, whose opinion was voiced by Nurlan Motuev? Indeed, too often your leadership behaves in exactly the same way as he stated. I didn’t notice that someone was pulling at you like this guy. I would be happy if I made a mistake. If you point out the facts that local nationalists are not cherished but put in place, I will be very glad.
  2. albai
    albai 9 October 2013 08: 29
    To strengthen Russia's influence in Kyrgyzstan, a more impressive presence is required, except for the air base. And more complete and tight control over the allocated funds for the army and the upcoming construction of hydraulic structures. Well, Motuev is a local balabol, to which no one pays attention. By the way, with a good education, Tyumen State University is a philologist of the Russian language, a little man, but with exorbitant ambitions. They say in some sort of brawl in Tyumen they hit him on the head, that’s inadequate, everyone blathers.
    1. smile
      smile 9 October 2013 11: 53
      I’m afraid that your leadership is unlikely to long for the Russian presence in Kyrgyzstan to expand. In what form, by the way? What are the suggestions? And we simply have no right to control the distribution of funds in a sovereign state. You yourself have to deal with this somehow.
  3. Humpty
    Humpty 9 October 2013 08: 34
    In relations with Kyrgyzstan, it is important to clearly understand who you are dealing with. Any statements by the president that are not related to his personal life are political.
    Atambaev (President of Kyrgyzstan) at one time showed every possible way friendly relations with an unfinished tie-eater. Now at
    the tie-eater is not very good and his friend Atambayev somehow does not show signs of support.
    With Erdogan, the story is about the same. Only Atambaev can’t dismiss Erdogan because has a business in Turkey.
    From statements by the incumbent Kyrgyz president:
    "The Kyrgyz used to own the territory from Baikal to the Caspian Sea, and now they are forced to huddle on a small piece of land."
    When before? The name "Kyrgyz", according to the pronunciation of some local dialects "Kyrgyz", this people received in 1936. Prior to that, he passed under other names.
    "A piece" the size of Belarus is small or not, judge for yourself.
    "This noise (oppression of the Russian language) is raised by those people who will sooner or later leave the country, for whom we are not a country, but a temporary point where you can make a career on the problems of Kyrgyzstan"
    No comm.
    At the meeting, Naryshkin declared confidence in the current Kyrgyz leadership.
    This is what Atambayev said about a week ago: “I often hear that Kyrgyzstan will not be in the future.
    Even recently in Sochi, Vladimir Putin told me about these rumors. "
    According to Atambayev, either Naryshkin is poorly informed about the situation, or Putin is spreading unverified rumors in the corners.
    1. avt
      avt 9 October 2013 10: 22
      Quote: Humpty
      This is what Atambayev said about a week ago: “I often hear that Kyrgyzstan will not be in the future.
      Even recently in Sochi, Vladimir Putin told me about these rumors. "

      request Well, why did it soak. If it’s not at all quite clear for itself that such a scenario is quite acceptable for them. Some will settle on the territory of Russia, others with the rapture of their own greatness, as they run wild, will cut each other, well, the neighbors will not yawn, somalization Kyrgyzstan is not such an impossible task, Tajikistan after the collapse of the USSR in fact into Bodokhshan and Tajikistan itself is divided and also all descendants of Iskender of Macedoni. It is ridiculous, but the only condition for the preservation of a great national state is a close alliance with Russia in various legal forms.
  4. SolomonSS
    SolomonSS 9 October 2013 08: 42
    Many probably heard about oriental hospitality - a smile on his face and a knife behind his back.
    With them you need to keep your ear sharp, and not go on about it. And if that, act sternly and harshly.
  5. anip
    anip 9 October 2013 09: 10
    As soon as I read the title, the thought immediately arose: "What other questions are there? The main one:" Denga give. "
    And here is the confirmation:
    Amounts of money transfers from Russia to Kyrgyzstan make up at least 20% of the country's GDP.

    we give you permission to stay military bases in our territories, you give us projects, funds, migration and customs exemptions.

    Let the Russians pay for everything ...

    And then, as always:
    throw out, as in due time with the USSR.

    So, perhaps, it’s much better to throw all these Gaster and illegal immigrants to their homeland? And let the economies of their INDEPENDENT and proud countries work and work for themselves.
    1. Wedmak
      Wedmak 9 October 2013 09: 44
      And let the economies of their INDEPENDENT and proud countries work and work for themselves.

      It would be where to work ... And most importantly - the desire to work.
      1. anip
        anip 9 October 2013 10: 00
        Quote: Wedmak
        It would be where to work ... And most importantly - the desire to work.

        Well, this is not Russia's problem. At least it should not be her problems. Got independence, kicked out the Russian-speaking - disentangle yourself with your problems yourself. And then in the USSR they were fed, raised the economy, and now the same thing. So then, at least there was one country, and now, nah ... are they needed?
        1. Wedmak
          Wedmak 9 October 2013 11: 09
          So it’s clear that this is not a problem for Russia. Only here their Kyrgyz decide at the expense of Russia. Stupidly knocking out money for military installations on its territory. But they didn’t cost them ... and the Kirghiz do not need these objects (test center for torpedoes in Issyk-Kul - the Kirghiz will not build the Issyk-Kul fleet with submarines and frigates !?).
          I’m wondering, they still turn off the light and how much does it cost?
          With your own cascade of hydroelectric power stations, beautiful nature, sanatoriums along the coast of the lake - just develop tourism !!! Nope .. sit ... give money, give money ...
      2. IRBIS
        IRBIS 9 October 2013 11: 44
        Quote: Wedmak
        It would be where to work ...

        Denis, this is a problem of an independent and sovereign Kyrgyzstan. Let jerboas catch ...
        Quote: Wedmak
        And most importantly, the desire to work

        But this is the main problem. And not just them. Let the Kirghiz themselves decide it, too, in their homeland.
    2. Gomunkul
      Gomunkul 9 October 2013 12: 40
      So, perhaps, it’s much better to throw all these Gaster and illegal immigrants to their homeland?
      And who will throw them out? Why are they here? The answer is obvious: it is beneficial to someone, and first of all to modern Russian capitalists (oligarchs, etc., etc.) hi
  6. godun
    godun 9 October 2013 09: 32
    The situation is similar with Tajikistan, and again our "EdRo" group will think by no means about the benefits of Russia. Deja vu, however.
    1. smile
      smile 9 October 2013 11: 59
      Nda? And why do you think they went there? To harm Russia's interests? Maybe trying to think is sometimes worth it, rather than moaning?
  7. poccinin
    poccinin 9 October 2013 10: 30
    you have to strengthen your borders between affairs. just in case. minefields. video surveillance. with all countries with whom there is a common border.
  8. Ivanovich47
    Ivanovich47 9 October 2013 11: 02
    Quote: "... the number of Russians in Kyrgyzstan over the past 25 years has decreased by more than three times (from 22% to 7%). At the same time, the number of Kyrgyz in Russia continues to grow from year to year."
    From this article, it turns out that the Russian leadership ignores the interests of Russian people living (hope temporarily) in the territory of Kyrgyzstan. There are many negotiations, representatives of Central Asia get relief when they are in Russia. And only to the Russian people, by the will of fate, who ended up in Central Asia, no one cares. Amazing callousness. It's a shame ...
    1. mikkado31
      mikkado31 9 October 2013 22: 28
      Let it be known to most Russians living in Kyrgyzstan, a Russian passport is hidden under a pillow. Those who left there (like me) left not because of the Kyrgyz nationalism, but stupidly due to lack of work. Those Russians who are still there do not leave, not because they cannot, but because they do not want to.
  9. RUSS
    RUSS 9 October 2013 12: 10
    The population of Kyrgyzstan is about 5 and a half million, I often hear that this is very small, they say they will be lost in Russia, assimilated, etc. Perhaps this is so, but rather not, firstly, their birth rate is high, especially in Russia, therefore, the increase in the Kyrgyz population will be not only from migrants directly, but also from the birth rate here. Unlike the United States, where migrants change their first names, surnames, some even religion, the Kyrgyz continue to live by their own laws, I know examples of polygamy already in Russia, of course not officially. In schools, academic performance is terrible because of the lack of knowledge of the Russian language, some do not even want to learn Russian. They live apart "they don't let anyone in themselves," but so far they don't go to others either, although they feel more and more confident every year.
  10. Wii
    Wii 9 October 2013 14: 09
    Special trust in the matter of representing Russia's interests to the “comrade” who bought up apartments in Miami. Or Romodanovsky - the Commander-in-Chief on the approval of the delivery of as many guest workers as possible.