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The Indian Air Force will extend the operation of the MiG-21 to 2015 year

The Indian Air Force will extend the operation of the MiG-21 to 2015 year

The Indian Air Force will not be able to abandon the operation of MiG-21 fighters until 2025, in particular, due to delays in signing an agreement on the supply of French Rafale fighter jets and the production of Tejas own aircraft. This was reported by the Times of India.

We are talking about 110 fighters MiG-21, upgraded in 2006 year in the version of the MiG-21bis ("Bison"). Earlier it was reported that India will completely abandon their operation by 2018-2019 years.

According to the calculations of the Indian side, by the 2022, the 42 fighter squadron will be at its disposal in comparison with the 34 units at the moment. It was assumed that Rafale will replace the MiG-21, but due to the fact that the supply agreement has not yet been signed, India will begin to replace the MiG-21 with the Russian Su-30МКИ. To date, it has adopted more than 170 Su-30МКИ from 272, ordered from Russia. By 2017, 14 squadrons of these fighters will be based in India. Air Force Commander Anil Kumar Brown said Friday that the first Rafale will be here no earlier than 2017 of the year.

The French company Dassault (Dassault), which produces Rafale, won the tender in January 2012. Under the terms of the competition, the winner pays half of the amount paid for the planes to fighter production in India. Around 110, Rafale aircraft must be manufactured by Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (Hindustan Aeronautics Limited), India, while only the first 18 are directly supplied by the supplier and delivered here in assembled form. The amount of the transaction was originally estimated at 10 billion dollars, but today it can already exceed 20 billion.

In April, India celebrated the 50 anniversary of the start of shipments of Soviet MiG-21. The agreement was signed in 1962 year, and they began a year later. In 1967, the Hindustan Aeronautics Corporation transferred the first MiG-21 to the Indian Air Force, which was built here under a license obtained from the USSR. More than 260 such fighters are still in service.
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  1. Scandinavian
    Scandinavian 7 October 2013 12: 08 New
    Still that workhorse !!!
    1. alone
      alone 7 October 2013 21: 01 New
      the plane is of course very good for its time. but nothing shines in the hands of the Indians (for so many moments their crooked-arm pilots have perished, it’s a pity for the combat vehicle
      1. Orel
        Orel 8 October 2013 06: 12 New
        the plane is of course very good for its time. but nothing shines in the hands of the Indians (for so many moments their crooked-arm pilots have perished, it’s a pity for the combat vehicle

        No matter how good the car is, but it also has its own resource, there is a resource of the airframe itself. Many disasters were largely due to the extreme wear and tear of the aircraft themselves ...
  2. smiths xnumx
    smiths xnumx 7 October 2013 12: 11 New
    The first MiG-21F type cars appeared in 1963, and the first MiG-21FL type cars appeared in 1964. In the period from 1966 to 1968, India received a sufficient number of "twenty first" from the Soviet Union. Basically it was the MiG-21FL (product "77"), received both in assembled and disassembled form. In six fighter squadrons, they supplanted such types as the "Mr. IVA" and "Vampire FB 52." After evaluating the capabilities of the new model, India decided to purchase a license for the production of this model at the HAL aircraft factory in Nasik, where the glider was manufactured. Engines were assembled at a plant in Orissa. A subsidiary in Hyderabad produced rockets and aircraft. The assembly of the first Indian MiG-21FL began in late 1966. At the beginning of the next licensed “Migi” transferred to the Air Force. Initially, engines were imported from the Soviet Union. We managed to establish our own issue since January 1969. October 19, 1970 the first MiG-21FL, 60% assembled from Indian components, was transferred to the Air Force. The first meeting of the Indian MiG21 aircraft with Pakistani fighters took place on December 4, 1965, during the second Indo-Pakistani war. Then the Indian missile pilot managed to damage Pakistan's Saber.
    During the Indo-Pakistan war of 1971, a total of Indian MiG-21s shot down 7-8 Pakistani aircraft and damaged 1 (including 4 F-104 Starfighter, 2 F-6, 1 F-86 Saber , 1 С-130 “Hercules.” The only loss in aerial combat was the MiG-21 brought down by Saber on December 17. In addition to being used as an interceptor, the Indian Air Force also used the MiG-21 on the eastern border to gain air supremacy and assault operations. The most impressive was the raid on the residence of the governor of East Pakistan on December 14. Six MiG-21FLs gave several volleys of 57-mm missiles at the residence, after which the governor threw himself into the nearest trench and wrote a letter of resignation on a piece of paper.In 1997, the Indian MiG-21bis , a R.550 Magic rocket, shot down a Pakistani Q-5 aircraft.On August 10, 1999, after the end of the Kargil war, the MiG-21bis shot down a Pakistan reconnaissance aircraft Br.1150 Atlantique.
    In total, the Indian Air Force lost 193 MiG-21 aircraft of various modifications. Everything has been taken into account, including losses in hostilities.
    Based on materials from sites;

    MiG-21FL Indian Air Force
  3. AVV
    AVV 7 October 2013 12: 27 New
    The legendary plane, at one time was one of the best !!! It will also serve until other planes come to replace it!
  4. vomag
    vomag 7 October 2013 12: 46 New
    Knowing the habits of the Indians, I won’t be surprised if Rafal doesn’t ever appear there ever so it would be necessary for every fireman to provide for modernization, for example, in the MiG-21bis version of “Bizon M or Super +” it would also be nice to sign an agreement on an additional option of su30mki cars for 40-50 good Well, rather in a joke than in essence, imagine what would start happening on the site if the article were called (because of Serdyukov)Air force
    Russia will extend the operation of the MiG-21 until 2015.
  5. Argon
    Argon 7 October 2013 13: 13 New
    The news contains a number of inaccuracies that translate it into the category of gossip, if not "misinformation." MiG-21-21 under a Russian license with the participation of the Mikoyan Design Bureau ... (the name changed several times during the work). We cannot talk about replacing these machines with the Su-80MKI, because the cost of the MiG's life cycle is less than about five times and the cost of a flight hour is three times. How serious are the Indians on these indicators (they can count money), says the fact that it was the high SLC that was the first item out of 2006 that influenced the fate of the MiG-21 in the MMRCA competition. I won’t regarding the issue of Indian-French relations, as this is a topic for another discussion. I want to say that Indians had problems with 93mi from the moment they were adopted, which was caused by the original quality of aircraft manufactured in India, plus the quality of spare parts and accessories (in Russia not officially produced with 30 d) and not wanting to organize its production at home (expensive, but the machine is worth it). I would like to note that the aircraft modifications bis and SMT, in terms of their flight and flight qualities, stand apart in the 14x line (not for the better), which is caused by them relatively high maximum take-off weight. In order to improve the water-tightness and controllability at extreme angles of attack, equipped with a system for blowing the layer from the wing, the system is extremely sensitive to quality of maintenance, quite laborious, and its effectiveness significantly depends on both the state of the board as a whole climatic conditions.
    1. Su-9
      Su-9 7 October 2013 21: 43 New
      Yes, you are right - the article was written by someone who does not have the slightest idea about MiGs. One phrase “upgraded in 2006 to the MiG-21bis“ Bison ”version” is worth what (actually, of course, this encore was modified to Bison)!
      I also heard about the fact that smt flew badly from pilots in the 80s, but no one said such an encore - they just praised it on par with other MiGs.
  6. The comment was deleted.
  7. ankh-andrej
    ankh-andrej 7 October 2013 17: 25 New
    Indian Raphael negotiator dies of heart attack