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Fight at Khmelevka. From the staged exercises need to go

Fight at Khmelevka. From the staged exercises need to goThe Zapad-2013 exercises, which took place from 20 to 26 in September, at three Belarusian and two Russian (in the Kaliningrad region) testing grounds caused strong skepticism of many observers with their script. It is extremely difficult to understand where the large, well-armed terrorist groups in Polesie and the Amber region will suddenly come from? It is quite obvious that they have nowhere to take it. As a result, either hypocrisy came out (under the guise of fighting terrorists a classical war is being worked out), or absurd. It turned out rather absurd, since the exercises were really anti-terrorist. In particular, the battle with terrorists on the Baltic coast (at the Khmelevka training range) on the final day of the exercises was a frank performance (albeit spectacular), very far from real life.

This was indirectly confirmed by Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu. At a meeting with experts and journalists the day after the “battle at Khmelyovka,” he said: “We need to finally abandon the staged exercises.”


Nevertheless, there is no reason to arrange another batch of criticism of the army for the “West-2013” for a number of reasons.

First, an absurd scenario is better than an exercise. Without a military training army die, meaninglessly devouring the people's money. From any point of view, the “battle at Khmelyovka” is better than the barrack massacre and the painting of dandelions in green.

Secondly, parts of the Armed Forces of Belarus and the Western HE of the Russian Federation in the framework of the CSTO operations may be in those regions where the anti-terrorism topic is really relevant.

Thirdly, the most important task of the exercise was to work out the interaction of the armies of the two countries in terms of the use of new equipment and control systems, and for this the exercise scenario is secondary.

Fourthly, during exercises in the territory of Russia (in the Nizhny Novgorod and Smolensk regions), things that had been forgotten over the past two decades were checked. We are talking about the interaction of the Armed Forces with civilian authorities and economic actors in a war and territorial defense. In Soviet times, the authorities, enterprises, and organizations should, during the period of danger and in time of war, present the armed forces with everything necessary, set out in advance in the mobilization plans. The current authorities, and even more so private structures that have appeared on the site of those enterprises and organizations, are not going to carry out anything. It is necessary to develop new mobilization plans, summarize them with a completely new legislative base and practice all this. Brand new challenges are also facing territorial defense (protection of rear facilities) in the conditions of the appearance of long-range high-precision weapons and a significant increase in the threat from well-trained sabotage units of numerous potential opponents.

In addition, the international dimension must be taken into account. Any exercises in the European part of the former USSR are furnished with a maximum of various restrictions under numerous international treaties. But this is not even the main thing. The “analytical conclusions” that have already appeared in our media that Russia and Belarus have shown to the West with these teachings that they will not allow the “Syrian scenario” to take place - a heavy paranoid delusion. The point is just the opposite. Since the beginning of this year, politicians and journalists of Eastern and Northern Europe (especially, of course, Poland and the Baltic countries) have been fanning outright hysteria about the “West-2013” (although these exercises were planned, they were known last year). There are still waiting for the "invasion of the Russian aggressors."

We do not need to laugh at this: European anti-Russian paranoia is no qualitative difference from Russian anti-NATO paranoia. Moreover, the first is more excusable. They are small and weak, and we are large and strong, so our paranoia is more indecent. Apparently, it was precisely in order to calm our western neighbors that the exercises were intentionally given the character that was farthest from the scenario of the classical (army against the army) war, especially from the development of the offensive operations of army formations. 80 tanks and 90 aircraft are not enough for aggression. Moreover, the maximum openness of the exercises was ensured: foreign military attachés occupied half of the Tu-154, which arrived from Chkalovsky, near Moscow, at the Khrabrovo airfield in Kaliningrad on the morning of September 26. Moreover, at the same time as Zapad-2013, Russia and Poland conducted joint air force exercises to intercept a passenger plane hijacked by terrorists, with the Su-27 deployed in the Kaliningrad Region taking part in the exercises from the Russian side.

According to Sergei Shoigu, large-scale exercises of the RF Armed Forces, different districts, fleets, military branches and types of armed forces are no longer a sensation and become a routine. They will inevitably lose their entertainment precisely because they cease to be staged. But they will be closer to the real scenarios of those wars and conflicts in which the Russian army and the fleet. The Minister also noted that in the sudden inspections through which all the Russian Armed Forces went through this year (the summer sudden exercises of the Eastern and Central districts were especially grandiose), it is necessary to involve CSTO allies, primarily the armies of Belarus and Kazakhstan (which is really useful and we still have mutually beneficial interaction only with them). This requires the development of a new regulatory framework.

Indeed, the maximum intensification of combat training and bringing it closer to reality become the “trademark” of the current minister. Moreover, a lot of attention is paid to strategic mobility, working out the actions of units, ships' connections on "foreign" theater of operations, at a considerable distance from the places of permanent deployment. In particular, inter-fleet transitions are constantly being worked out (and this is much more complicated than the transfer of ground forces and air forces within their own country, albeit over long distances). For example, if at the beginning of the year two Baltic BDK landed the Black Sea Fleet infantry on the coast of the Krasnodar Territory, then the Black Sea BDK Azov and the North Sea Georgiy Pobedonosets participated in the “battle at Khmelevka”, from which the Marines BF landed, respectively. The Pacific BOD "Admiral Panteleyev" was located for a long time off the coast of Syria, and now two Pacific BDK "Admiral Nevelskoy" and "Peresvet" also go there from Novorossiysk. And this is actually almost a routine.


The exercise also worked out the use of new technology, the receipt of which in the troops began in recent years. In particular, the Su-2013 fighter-bombers, all three corvettes of the 34 Ave, obtained by the BF from the 20380 of the year, were involved in the Zapad-2008 exercise. Of the four BDKs that represented all three European fleets, the marines landed on the BTR-82А that had just entered service. The arrival of new technology in the army is becoming more and more noticeable, although some randomness and unsystematic nature are seen here. The problem of dictatorship of the military-industrial complex over the Armed Forces (the military-industrial complex gives the army and the navy not what they need, but what it can create) took place back in the Soviet era, and in the post-Soviet period it was considerably aggravated. However, as in the case of the teachings, it’s better than nothing.

Unfortunately, in the case of rearmament, not everything depends on Shoigu. And ahead is a much more serious problem. There are big fears that the shortage of money forgotten in the past few years may return to the army. This trouble has objective reasons - serious problems of the Russian economy. But there are also subjective reasons: the installation of a certain part of the Russian elite that the Armed Forces is a parasite that senselessly devours money and is generally extremely harmful for the country. And the “exorbitant appetites of the military” must be curbed as much as possible. This installation is not just wrong, but criminal. Nevertheless, it is very strong and can work. Especially if it is carried out under the hypocritical pretext of the redistribution of military spending in favor of social. The hypocrisy here is that the social part of the Russian elite in fact is no more concerned about the strengthening of the country's defense.

A significant reduction in funding for the Armed Forces will break all the positive trends of recent years - the intensification of combat training, albeit chaotic, but re-equipping with new equipment, improving the conditions of service and the standard of living of servicemen. And it will be, without the slightest exaggeration, a catastrophe. The second shock in two decades will not stand, and their death is equivalent to the death of the country. It is necessary to understand this very clearly, before it is too late.
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  1. Ruslan67
    Ruslan67 5 October 2013 07: 28
    Something I have not yet heard about cutting military spending request But the exercises are held regularly And it pleases good
    1. bask
      bask 5 October 2013 07: 38
      Sergey Shoigu. At a meeting with experts and journalists the day after the “battle at Khmelevka,” he said: “We need to completely abandon staged exercises.”

      In this matter, with Shoigu MO, I agree 100%.
      Only as close as possible to combat (let’s not occupy our army). There is someone and how to learn.
      It is a pity for many combat officers and generals in reserve.
      1. Sergh
        Sergh 5 October 2013 09: 30
        Author Alexander Khramchikhin
        I remembered this writer! A sucker for power. He worked and noted in all election headquarters, up to the headquarters of Boris Yeltsin. Jumped in all parties, participated in the election campaign S. Kirienko, the founder of United Russia, Our Home-Russia, etc.
        But the most important thing is that it prints its articles in military journals and military headings, is engaged in military policy, also leads the field of activity on issues of military construction and the armed forces, BUT ... IN THE ARMY I DO NOT SERVE!.

        Where, in confirmation of his illiteracy in military matters, he throws a clear vyser:
        Alexander Khramchikhin is one of the supporters of the theory of the US disarmament strike against Russian nuclear weapons, and gives an original explanation for this strike - to give Russia a reason to invite NATO troops to its territory to defend Russia from China:

        A gathering of impotent people from NATO would not risk a military occupation even if Russia lost its strategic nuclear forces. After all, we still have tactical nuclear weapons. And ordinary aircraft, though also rapidly degrading, will still be. This means that the losses of the invaders will still be unacceptably large. But, the fact is that, remaining without strategic nuclear forces, we can invite NATO troops “peacefully” and voluntarily. Because the alternative will be the Chinese occupation. As already stated in previous articles, for China this is not a whim, but a vital necessity. The NATO occupation is the lesser of evils because it is obviously mentally closer and much milder in regime. At least theoretically it will be possible to get rid of it in the future. From the Chinese - under no circumstances.
        1. varov14
          varov14 5 October 2013 18: 20
          What do you dislike about the Chinese? If NATO comes, then in the future we will become Africans, at least Arabs, but if the Chinese, then we will turn a little yellow. And the mentality is somehow not so wrong.
      2. Papania
        Papania 6 October 2013 16: 57
        And they will be there, and even more so in the distant ass. Because the generals are not interested in this experience ... they would only have to stroke their own "tummy" ... Involuntarily they want to 1937 ...
    2. Russ69
      Russ69 5 October 2013 13: 24
      Quote: Ruslan67
      But the exercises are held regularly And it pleases

      Yesterday, the Strategic Rocket Forces said that security and escort units would increase the ammunition consumption for exercises for all types of weapons in 5 times.
      1. varov14
        varov14 5 October 2013 18: 31
        Yes, it is better to actually shoot from an old "Berdan" than three times in service. And to unload the warehouses, they will explode less, frightening the population.
        1. Blackgrifon
          Blackgrifon 5 October 2013 20: 14
          Quote: varov14
          And the warehouses are underloaded, the frightening population will explode less.

          The warehouses explode, because where the officer used to be, now there is an conscript who has nothing to do with the drum.
          1. military
            military 7 October 2013 10: 50
            Quote: Blackgrifon
            The warehouses explode, because where the officer used to be, now there is an conscript who has nothing to do with the drum.

            warehouses are a kind of "infrastructure" ... and any infrastructure requires financial investments to maintain it ... they have not invested anything for twenty years ... explode ... and WILL explode ...
  2. intsurfer
    intsurfer 5 October 2013 07: 48
    Quote: Ruslan67
    But the exercises are held regularly And it pleases good

    But there is a problem - if a person does not participate in such exercises regularly and after the end of the service, then all skills will be forgotten in 2-3 years. And considering how much we even have a hunting rifle and "how many" opportunities to legally shoot from it at shooting ranges, which are not enough even in large cities, then the exercises are only for guidance ... The more I read about the Swiss system, the more I like her. THE WHOLE country is armed and knows how to use weapons! And even women call upon learn to handle weapons.
    1. Aristocrat
      Aristocrat 5 October 2013 10: 38
      Skills are not forgotten. I don't think I'm special. But 13 years after my dismissal from military intelligence, I note reflex skills when handling weapons. For example, I reflexively direct the barrel to the ceiling if someone "substitutes" under it. At the same time, I note the complete illiteracy in the handling of weapons by people who own them ... Including those who served. My life experience shows that not all troops and not all are trained in certain skills. It's bad when I forgot, but much worse when I didn't even know ...
      There should be a state program for acquiring skills. For example, something like DOSAAF, practical shooting clubs, etc. Where you can both acquire and maintain skills.
      1. biznaw
        biznaw 5 October 2013 16: 41
        What are DOSOAF? This is for the youth in front of the army. All those who served should be gathered at least once every five years for a couple of months, to restore skills and learn new "devices" if any. When paying for the time spent on "partisanism" there will be plenty of people who want to shake things up and plunge into, let's call it that, a different state, especially if families do not financially suffer from the absence of the head of the family.
    2. rumpeljschtizhen
      rumpeljschtizhen 5 October 2013 14: 37
      here the problem is in relation to the authorities and the people .............. horseradish and not arms will be handed out to us .... (they’re trying to eliminate the old stocks of Kalash so God forbid
    3. The comment was deleted.
  3. ded10041948
    ded10041948 5 October 2013 07: 53
    "... the attitude of some part of the Russian elite that the Armed Forces are a parasite, senselessly devouring money and generally extremely harmful for the country ..."
    Why "some part"? The Armed Forces are a real threat to, practically, EVERYTHING, allegedly, the elite (I wonder who, besides themselves, considers them as such? The people use a different name, less censorship). Based on this, the attitude is to make a puppet clown out of the army.
  4. ddmm09
    ddmm09 5 October 2013 08: 00
    Quote: bask
    Only as close as possible to combat (let’s not occupy our army). There is someone and how to learn.

    It is also important to apply this combat experience in life in a timely manner.
  5. givargi
    givargi 5 October 2013 08: 35
    Shoigu muzhik!
  6. mirag2
    mirag2 5 October 2013 08: 39
    Yes, what nonsense! What is the difference, how to name the enemy? And why is this scenario bad?
    The exercises should not take place in order to correctly name the enemies, but in order for the troops to know the territory in which they are serving, and learn to interact!
    And we don’t need entertainment. The main thing is that the officers would train once again. YES, officers. For their brains and decisions made by them are paramount!
  7. Valery Neonov
    Valery Neonov 5 October 2013 09: 02
    Training exercises- it's like a "sudden" alarm when EVERYONE knows (and sleeps in their clothes)STOP, STOP,I DO NOT SPEAK FOR EVERYONE, yeah, BUT rare if not .... for a "tick". soldier hi
  8. Marek Rozny
    Marek Rozny 5 October 2013 10: 38
    It is clear, however, that "terrorists" in the exercises of the troops of Russia, Belarus, and Kazakhstan most often mean normal enemy armies, and not groups of mujahideen.
    By the way, a month before the sudden exercises took place in Russia, for the first time such "surprise" in the troops of the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Internal Affairs took place in Kazakhstan. The security forces of our countries are working harmoniously, it pleases.
    1. Avenger711
      Avenger711 5 October 2013 15: 10
      Learning from the Americans is implausible, but surely lying.
      1. FAO_48E
        FAO_48E 6 October 2013 09: 13
        Quote: Avenger711
        Learning from the Americans is implausible, but surely lying.

        Could you please give more details? And it is painfully interesting.
  9. Sewer
    Sewer 5 October 2013 11: 03
    There is nothing wrong with these exercises, only pluses! And the soldiers in business and officers, and equipment, and enemies see that the army can fight! Such exercises should simply be done as an initial stage of training, so that soldiers and officers learn how to interact and everyone understands their place , so that in real wars not to interfere in front of each other and because of this, simplifying the situation for the enemy! The first stage has passed. Let the second run, exercises-competitions, so that they "fight" among themselves with full gear, otherwise it is easy to kill a fictional enemy, in real life, he will not sit and wait when they will gloriously cover him with all the guns and then finish off the Airborne Forces, Special Forces or someone else! But of course it pleases that the exercises are all there, just recently, this was not real! So I believe that everything will be fine with us And even better! The main progress has begun, and the command is talking about mistakes and not completions openly. Recognizing what is needed and what is not! Peace to all Slavs, but the guarantee of peace is a strong army!
  10. Ulysses
    Ulysses 5 October 2013 11: 20
    In addition, the maximum openness of the exercises was ensured:

    And in Khmelevka everything is always as open as possible.
    The people no longer react particularly.
    They sailed, fulfilled their tasks, sailed away. fellow
  11. georg737577
    georg737577 5 October 2013 11: 26
    What is the shape of the people in the picture? Is this for pop music?
  12. 128mgb
    128mgb 5 October 2013 11: 45
    It is extremely difficult to understand where large, well-armed terrorist groups in Polesie and Amber Territory will suddenly come from? It is obvious that there is nowhere to take them from.
    Have you forgotten about the "forest brothers"? They are there, they have not gone anywhere. And if something happens they will crawl like snakes.
    1. saygon66
      saygon66 5 October 2013 14: 10
      - The "Forest Brothers" can recover and smoke ... In the region there are tens, if not hundreds of thousands of guest workers, and other various migrants ... At best, they will all be creepy, and at worst ... even dumb. But maybe big bosses think differently. For example: to put together a "Wild Division" from them and send them to a raid across the Baltic.
  13. washi
    washi 5 October 2013 11: 57
    Staged exercises must be avoided
    Such a good headline and such bad text.
    I mean, it's enough to stage plays with a script. The enemy was appointed - these are his problems as, on whom and with what forces he will attack. And the defense should ALWAYS be. There is not enough money for practice - work out, for a start, interaction on strategic toys of which is full. In the 80s, according to veterans, the special forces trained on nearby units (a mad dog is 100 km away) without warning the command of the units and, naturally, avoiding injuries and casualties. It was good for everyone. Everything was carried out according to the plans of group exercises approved by the unit commander. The capture is successful - the attacked is punished. They also talked about the teachings "Ocean". With what pleasure the MPs beat the defending ground troops (mainly officers).
    Let there be injuries, maybe even the death of military personnel. But the sun will be really in constant readiness.
    1. Sewer
      Sewer 5 October 2013 12: 20
      Quote: washi
      Let there be injuries, maybe even the death of military personnel. But the sun will be really in constant readiness.
      Did you seriously say that right now?
    2. uwzek
      uwzek 6 October 2013 23: 06
      These legends are simply amazing! It is clear that it was not you who invented them - an ordinary zampolitic political commotion. I heard tales about such attacks more than once, but no one claimed to have witnessed the events.
  14. Corsair5912
    Corsair5912 5 October 2013 12: 01
    It is extremely difficult to understand where large, well-armed terrorist groups in Polesie and Amber Territory will suddenly come from? It is obvious that there is nowhere to take them from. The result was either hypocrisy (under the guise of fighting terrorists, a classic war is being worked out) or absurdity

    There is no absurdity in the Baltic States and Poland full of unfinished enemies of Belarus and Russia, ready to slander to the maximum.
    Our irreconcilable enemies NATO and USA are not arming for parades and processions the last of the nasty "Kraiova army" that shot in the backs of the soldiers of the Red Army who liberated Poland from the Germans, and the descendants of the unfinished Pribludian blowers from the WaflerSS and "legions" of punishers and camp executioners.
    The army must be ready to destroy any enemy.
    1. The comment was deleted.
  15. atalef
    atalef 5 October 2013 12: 03
    Quote: Corsair5912
    There is no absurdity in the Baltic States and Poland full of unfinished enemies of Belarus and Russia, ready to slander to the maximum.
    Even to fight? Well do not tell
  16. os9165
    os9165 5 October 2013 12: 26
    If the maximum openness of the teachings was ensured, why this circus. The scenario of the exercises cannot be secondary. If the main objectives of the exercise are to work out the interaction of the Armed Forces with civilian authorities and economic entities in war conditions, and to develop territorial defense - show the result of these actions. Testing the interaction of the armies of the two countries under the conditions of using new equipment and control systems What control systems are BTR-82A, Su-34, corvettes, etc. 20380-STRONG. Where are the results, where are the conclusions, where are the solutions.
    1. Russ69
      Russ69 5 October 2013 13: 29
      Quote: os9165
      Where are the results, where are the conclusions, where are the solutions.

      Conclusions and decisions no one will publish openly, at best get off with some phrases.
      1. os9165
        os9165 5 October 2013 13: 50
        I agree. So let them fart at least for orientation.
    2. AleksUkr
      AleksUkr 5 October 2013 13: 57
      Quote: os9165
      Where are the results, where are the conclusions, where are the solutions.

      Let's ask Shoigu personally to report to you what, where and how. You are clearly not ours. Could it be a hidden W?
  17. Politician
    Politician 5 October 2013 13: 43
    It is extremely difficult to understand where large, well-armed terrorist groups in Polesie and Amber Territory will suddenly come from?

    Naive question! Where do you think they came from in Syria? We have a huge army of Wahhabis in our country who are waiting in the wings to start jihad. This is the immediate danger of Russia, the CIS and European countries. It’s blazing so that mom don’t grieve. It is absolutely correct that solutions to this kind of conflict are being worked out, together with our closest allies.
  18. saygon66
    saygon66 5 October 2013 13: 57
    - It was a great opportunity to widely use the mobreserve! And this was not done. After all, the reservists will probably have to guard bridges, railway stations, oil and gas structures, ports, take part in measures to combat DRGs, rescue operations of the Ministry of Emergencies, and evacuation of the population from the combat zone. There will not be enough personnel for all this ... At least, they notified about possible training sessions, checking at the same time the work of the half-dead military enlistment offices. At the same time, we would make sure how many "bayonets" you can actually put up, and not on paper ...
    1. Sewer
      Sewer 5 October 2013 14: 18
      You say the thing!
    2. nekish
      nekish 5 October 2013 19: 15
      reservists were
  19. Ivanovich47
    Ivanovich47 5 October 2013 14: 46
    In my firm conviction, the article is nothing. In order to analyze the process, in this case, military exercises, you need to be a specialist. Then the article will be interesting to read.
    1. Ivanovich47
      Ivanovich47 5 October 2013 17: 06
      It’s sad to read an article where the author mumbles ...
  20. tank64rus
    tank64rus 5 October 2013 14: 54
    You just have to call everything by its proper names enough to be clever in front of the States. The enemy is the enemy. America's doctrine of Russia is enemy number 1. And if in our so-called "elite" there are those who do not like it, then they have a place in Kolyma. And then we have liberals get up such things for which in their beloved and "democratic" America, they were put in hard labor.
    1. FAO_48E
      FAO_48E 6 October 2013 09: 38
      Quote: tank64rus
      In America, Russia, according to the doctrine of the enemy number 1.

      I wonder how you can prove this ... Here you are, my dear, the two main American doctrinal documents (in pdf format) in the national security sphere that are in effect today:
      1. National Security Strategy, May 2010 Here is a link to the White House website containing the document:
      2. National Military Strategy, February 2011 Here is a link to the website of the Joint Chiefs of Staff containing this document:
      f. Where do you find evidence of this statement in them?
  21. Avenger711
    Avenger711 5 October 2013 15: 14
    Khramchikhin, as always in his repertoire, is a poor little NATO. It is strange that China did not mention the big and terrible. I wonder why in the same little Finland there are no tantrums that the Russians will enslave them? Perhaps because the Finns of Russia themselves have long been lacking? As the saying goes, a cat knows whose meat has eaten.
    1. alone
      alone 5 October 2013 19: 48
      unfortunately, most of the current military experts are inadequate.
      did not serve in the army, do not know the problems of the army and the military in general, they do not understand military technology at all. I once read an article by one "competent" expert, who in detail pointed out the advantages of the T-55 tanks, calling these tanks the best tanks of their time. I agree that the t-55 was a very good tank of its time, but it became a shame for the t-55 when a photo of the t-64 was put in the article)) as if it was impossible to find a photo of the t-55 on the Internet)
  22. Mark III
    Mark III 5 October 2013 17: 26
    As usual, a well-known expert drives the whole Russia fuflyatina. Even military parades on holidays forced and are making our 'partners' wonder whether it is worth it. And the teachings, even if staged, are a reminder between the holidays of the same. The memory of our `partners` is painfully short.
  23. waisson
    waisson 5 October 2013 19: 11
    the exercises should be sudden as in the 80s I remember raising a sudden mash throw 40 km ford across the river in autumn with a golek (then there were no mother committees and in difficult conditions the army made men out of poets) at 90 we were already serving by contract they said the alarm would start suddenly at 6 in the morning the Urals are waiting for everyone on the outskirts of the city at a certain point, and here we contract officers reached at night through the whole city to the pick-up point, and then we got a little and did not go by taxi and they were all infantry to the pick-up point;
    1. uwzek
      uwzek 6 October 2013 23: 13
      Forty kilometers in how many days have passed?
  24. KEKS44
    KEKS44 5 October 2013 21: 24
    Quote: intsurfer
    But there is a problem - if a person does not participate in such exercises regularly and after the end of the service, then all skills will be forgotten in 2-3 years.

    Quote: KEKS44
    Do not forget. It is like riding a bike. Once I learned and for life.
  25. Setrac
    Setrac 6 October 2013 05: 02
    That's when Russia regains the Baltic states, then terrorists will appear there. Significant doctrine.
  26. AlexVas44
    AlexVas44 6 October 2013 08: 16
    Quote: Aristocrat
    I note the complete illiteracy in the handling of weapons of people who own it ... including those who served. My life experience shows that not all troops and not all learn certain skills

    That's right. Those with whom they were the main means of warfare and, accordingly, were trained very firmly handle the weapons correctly. These are special forces (military of course), motorized rifles, marines, and airborne forces. But such as even tankers, artillerymen, especially aviation, communications, air defense and all the rest, most often small arms are only occasionally dealt with during routine firing. What are some safe handling skills.
  27. lpd1
    lpd1 6 October 2013 16: 45
    Train in controlling the movement of terrorists, all contacts, etc. And use special forces.
    "The partisan movement is growing like weeds, primarily in those areas where the occupation authorities are not able to create conditions for the population that are tolerable in political and economic terms. Here, the fight against partisans must, first of all, be carried out by special bodies. The soldiers are not in able to uproot this weed. " (Guderian)
  28. Papania
    Papania 6 October 2013 17: 02
    All this is window dressing ... And our generals can only stroke their tummies ... I am nostalgic for the pre-war years (before World War II), of course, the "freaks" remained in bulk, but at least something was cleaned out ... Pity that it is not enough ... Because that led to 2 ...
  29. nnz226
    nnz226 6 October 2013 17: 37
    Quote: "80 tanks and 90 aircraft are not enough for aggression." Enough for any of the spratniks! Remember the parade in latvia ... To hold onto something more is needed, but the capture - in the presence of infantry - without any problems ...
  30. Realist58
    Realist58 6 October 2013 20: 27
    Sramchikhin is a little right, it’s really time to move away from delusional scenarios.
    Any self-respecting army not only has the right, BUT it is MANDATORY to have strategic plans for any potential threats, up to fantastic ones. And to carry out exercises according to these strategic plans, regardless of the stench of the six countries.
    And the author about our "paranoia" would like to remind- United Europe (NATO) only in the last 100 years committed aggression against our country TWICE. So this is not paranoia, but based on historical experience SKEPTICISM.

    I personally care more about how things are in the army with exercises on electronic platforms. There you can not only practice tactical and operational and strategic and other exercises and trainings with the most fantastic scenarios, but also conduct research on promising models of weapons, equipment and equipment.
    As far as I understand, (unlike the Western armies) we do not have this in its infancy.