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At no name altitude

70 years ago, on the ninth kilometer outside the village of Vysokoye, Kuibyshevsky District, Kaluga Region, a battle for a height of 224,1 took place. This fierce battle became a symbol of the feat of those who stormed the impregnable positions of the enemy on the numerous nameless heights of the Great Patriotic War. In memory of the heroism of 18 Siberian soldiers who entered into an unequal battle with the enemy, members of the military-patriotic clubs of Moscow, Serpukhov and the Kaluga region held a militaryhistorical reconstruction of these military operations.

During the Smolensk offensive operation of Soviet troops in the autumn of 1943, in the offensive zone of the 139th Infantry Division of the 10th Army of the Western Front, the Soviet forces blocked the dominant terrain, the height of 224,1, blocked the dominant area over the area, and the city of Roslavl. It was reinforced with three rows of trenches, two tanks, self-propelled gun, densely dotted with machine gun nests, surrounded by minefields. Attempts by fighters of the 718th regiment to seize this stronghold of the enemy did not bring success. However, the 2nd Infantry Battalion managed to enter the flank of the German military guard, with a swift blow to drive the Nazis out of the villages of Plotina, Novaya and approach the height. They decided to attack the enemy at night, as the darkness deprived the enemy of many advantages and compensated for the lack of people, equipment and artillery. They formed an assault group of volunteers whose task was to break through to a height and provide offensive actions of other units of the regiment. Eighteen fighters volunteered under the command of Junior Lieutenant Yevgeny Poroshin.

At night, the strike team quietly crept to the fortifications. Siberians threw grenades at the first trench and the Nazis in it and rushed to the second row of fortifications. The suddenness of the attack, the swiftness of the actions made it possible to quickly overcome 600 meters and rush to the altitude. However, the company of the 3 battalion that followed them was cut off by machine-gun fire, and the assault group was surrounded by superior enemy forces. 18 fighters fought against several hundred Nazis until the morning. The battle lasted eight hours. The Germans launched four counterattacks. Only in the morning reinforcements broke through to the Siberians. The Nazis left on the battlefield more than a hundred corpses. And of the eighteen volunteers only two survived: Sergeant Konstantin Vlasov and Private Gerasim Lapin. Wounded and contused, they miraculously escaped - Vlasov was captured, from there he fled to the partisans, and Lapin was found by fighters among corpses.

The editor of the front-line newspaper, Nikolay Chaika, was one of the first with the advancing troops to reach anonymous height. He was shocked by what he saw: “In the puddles of his own and someone else’s blood lay our soldiers, who were clutching a grenade, who had a finger on the trigger of the machine gun. The entire height was literally littered with fragments, cartridge cases, empty disks, helmets. ” Later, he told about what he saw to the poet Mikhail Matusovsky, who after 20 years wrote poems to the song about anonymous height. If it were not for this song, beloved by the whole country, the feat of eighteen Siberians would have sunk into obscurity - there were many hundreds of similar battles for nameless heights during the war years. But thanks to the creation of Mikhail Matusovsky and the composer Veniamin Basner, the fighters standing for the height of 224,1 to death became an example of courage.

The memory of the dead "Porosintsy" is sacredly honored on Kaluga land. On the site of the 15 battle of September 1966, a monument was opened, and the 9 of May 1980 of the year was the Nameless Height Memorial.

The reconstruction of the battle has become traditional, but this year the scale of this theatrical performance and the number of participants and spectators was special. The event was held under the patronage of the Russian military-historical society. A thousand and a half people watched the spectacular action. About a hundred members of the military-patriotic clubs participated in the “battle”, some of which were dressed in the form of the Red Army soldiers, and the “Wehrmacht soldiers” were in gray-green uniforms. Used for the reconstruction of emasculated combat weapon since the Great Patriotic War.

According to the head of the initiative group of public organizations for the event, Viktor Maximov, the reconstruction participants tried to historically accurately recreate all the battle episodes at anonymous height. The documents from which enthusiasts scooped information, were very different. They mainly relied on the data of the website of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation - OBD Memorial (, where now in open access to the Internet everyone can find information of interest to him about the defenders of the Fatherland.

The battle scenario was as close as possible to the events of seventy years ago. As then, in the autumn of 1943, the fighters went on the attack and occupied the height of 224,1. The tasks of the assault group were fulfilled by members of the search team of the Russian military-historical society “Tuman” - VIC “477 Omrr”. Having taken all-round defense, they entered the battle. Siberians repelled several attacks of the Nazis ...

Of course, the recreated battle did not last eight hours, as in reality. However, the spectacle of even a reconstructed battle made it possible to present a fierce battle with the enemy. Pyrotechnic shells exploded, soldiers fired from weapons with blank cartridges, and signal rockets simulated volleys of a mortar, the air enveloped smoke, fired with the help of special means. Judging by the way the audience reacted emotionally to what was happening, the atmosphere of that battle could be conveyed in full after 70 years.

But there was a slight departure from the real battle. In addition to eighteen fighters, two more characters took part in the storm of anonymous height: the son of the regiment and the girl-fighter. They were a student of the 8 class of one of Moscow schools Aleksey Krupennikov, a member of the military patriotic youth club "Young Paratrooper", and a secondary school teacher from the city of Mozhaisk, Ekaterina Puzankova. ... It would seem that this reconstruction is so special? Well, dress up in historical costumes, play war. Someone will say - pampering. But not so simple. It is difficult to convey the feeling when a person puts on an old military uniform. In fact, he makes a journey into the past. And for the viewer such reconstructions are the best lesson in the history of the war.
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  1. FC SKIF
    FC SKIF 5 October 2013 08: 23 New
    You know, in our time, many places of intense fighting in the Great Patriotic War and other wars are depopulated, abandoned by the inhabitants, I have sad thoughts that we, the descendants of the heroes, betrayed the feat of grandfathers and great-grandfathers. They shed blood for this land, and we throw.
  2. left-wing
    left-wing 5 October 2013 08: 25 New
    Eternal memory to all wars of the liberators!
  3. Romeohihnic
    Romeohihnic 5 October 2013 08: 40 New
    Yes, let the heroes of great Russia be famous for centuries.
  4. barbiturate
    barbiturate 5 October 2013 09: 20 New
    Eternal memory to the guys, I want to believe that I can also fight for my homeland
  5. Ulysses
    Ulysses 5 October 2013 10: 30 New
    In memory of all the fallen.
    In unfamiliar cities and towns. on anonymous defense lines.
    1. MG42
      MG42 6 October 2013 00: 46 New
      The video for this song is better audio performance, video cuts from the "penal battalion", famous shots for 2-38 a priest with a maxim machine gun, which should not have been >>
  6. malikszh
    malikszh 5 October 2013 11: 53 New
    Vlasov was captured - well, the Germans didn’t shoot such seconds, but they dragged by themselves they respected the prisoners too ?!
    1. Janis SU
      Janis SU 5 October 2013 12: 36 New
      What respect could there be if they did not count the Slavs as people, and their territories were subject to complete and total confiscation, followed by the destruction of the local population? The Nazis acted strictly on the basis of profit. Collaboration with traitors, all kinds of scum that does not shun anything, including the choice of means, without experiencing any remorse or other core human moral virtues, was one of the stages in the conquest of new territories. By the way, the Americans and their especially zealous puppets with other NATO stars are doing exactly the same thing.
      1. malikszh
        malikszh 5 October 2013 12: 42 New
        I'm talking about Vlasov for heroism, the Germans did not shoot
      2. Asan Ata
        Asan Ata 7 October 2013 01: 00 New
        I remember one old-timer Dmitrov telling me how in 1941, early in the morning, at the door of his house, and he lived in a village on the west bank of the Moscow Canal, there was a knock. Asleep, he opened the door and saw the devil. It seemed to him, and it was a German in a helmet with horns. This man cursed and slammed the door. So the German stood, stood, and left. I, he says, didn’t understand right away, but when I slammed the door, it shocked me as much as I thought the German was squandering the door, but no. So in any war there are soldiers, and there are looters and sadists.
    2. Day 11
      Day 11 7 October 2013 13: 47 New
      I didn’t want to exhibit. But it’s very colorful! Do you agree? If anything, this is hevi
      1. Day 11
        Day 11 7 October 2013 14: 02 New
        Well, something like garlic. These are ethnic Russians (guard battalion), children of the White Guards
        1. Day 11
          Day 11 7 October 2013 14: 36 New
          And how do you like this? Ask me, how would I behave in that situation? --- a bullet in the head, and all things
        2. Marek Rozny
          Marek Rozny 7 October 2013 17: 27 New
          Dan, well, there’s a difference. Turkestans and Idel-Uralovites, when the opportunity arose, killed German commanders and massively sided with the Red Army, partisans, or simply went to our Western allies. Outright reluctance to fight against their own people became the reason that all Turkic units of the Wehrmacht had to be removed from the Eastern Front and thrown first to Yugoslavia and then to the Atlantic Val.
          Almost all units of the Turkestan legion and Idel-Ural marked rebellions against the Germans and a massive departure back to their own.

          Well, the Vlasovites and others like them most often fought for the new side to the last. And although there were relatively many facts of voluntary transition back to the side of the Red Army, all these "Russian liberators" in German uniform remained in the memory of Soviet veterans as a vicious implacable enemy.
  7. asadov
    asadov 5 October 2013 12: 12 New
    More need to cover and attend such events.
  8. Janis SU
    Janis SU 5 October 2013 12: 20 New
    Eternal memory to our ancestors that crushed Nazi nits not sparing their belly and in the name of our future! Both of my grandfathers, Latvians, fought from the first days of that War ... One was a divisional intelligence officer. He told me that when the Nazis were captured, they had to drag them on their own hump because of the front line. And then, after interrogation, also shoot them themselves. Especially when they retreated, it was simply not enough to direct them to the rear. The second grandfather was a fighter pilot - he fought with the Luftwaffe in the air. They knocked out three times, but survived ... The last sortie was just over Latvia. Having successfully completed the task, and upon returning, he was still shot down over the Kurzeme cauldron. I barely reached Tukums, where ours were already ... It is unfortunate that now we have made enemies of real heroes at the official level, and heroes have fallen from every Nazi and her servant ...
  9. drop
    drop 5 October 2013 15: 10 New
    The same events took place on the Leningrad Front in November 1941, when separate, well-trained strike groups at night near Mgoy occupied separate fortified skyscrapers among the Nazis to ensure the liberation of Tikhvin. Eternal memory to our soldiers.
    NORILCHANIN 5 October 2013 15: 17 New
    I am enraged by the corruption authorities of the Kursk region, which allowed me to build a Nazi memorial cemetery on Kursk land. My father participated in the battles on the Kursk Bulge and liberated Kursk, and according to his stories about these events, he miraculously survived. Personally, I am against this cemetery
    Kuryan’s stories are also against the people of the region, but the authorities did not care about the opinion
    By a lucky coincidence, no one died from my relatives in the Second World War and this stops me from the act of destroying this black plague cemetery on Russian soil. Let the Federal Republic of Germany take out the remains of its fascists and bury it on its own land.
  11. Stas57
    Stas57 5 October 2013 16: 13 New
    Quote: NORILCHAN
    I am enraged by the corruption authorities of the Kursk region, which allowed me to build a Nazi memorial cemetery on Kursk land. My father participated in the battles on the Kursk Bulge and liberated Kursk, and according to his stories about these events, he miraculously survived. Personally, I am against this cemetery
    Kuryan’s stories are also against the people of the region, but the authorities did not care about the opinion

    weak surge)
    He witnessed how this issue was resolved, which was not stipulated in the Kursk region of corruption, but according to the 1992 intergovernmental agreement of Russia and Germany, how the veterans were explained why, how they had personal conversations with them. Collected public opinion and so on.
    Many people said "let them be" - this is a worthy indicator of a real Russian person who does not fight with bones. At the same time, the Germans themselves are digging and are busy not only with their own, but also with our graves with them. For me, if the participants in those events (children, women, veterans) allowed this cemetery, the opinion of their children, who are enraged by something, does not care at all.

    But the worse is that we don’t need those dead Soviet soldiers that still lie in our family, a handful of enthusiasts who are search teams of 100 years old will dig. And if your hands itch to do something, throw in a personal contact, I'll tell you a couple of addresses of search units in Kursk, Kaluga, Orel, Tula- go on a watch, it's better than sitting behind the desecration of a cemetery.
    1. Omskgasmyas
      Omskgasmyas 5 October 2013 18: 31 New
      I believe that the cemeteries of German soldiers should be restored (with German money), compiled lists of buried people, a map of such burials, as well as potential ones, from the archives of the Wehrmacht and the Russian Defense Ministry. Our people should see that only in Russian land are the bones of millions of German soldiers and soldiers of the previous European Union, who threw our soldiers with their corpses. negative And in Eastern Europe there are even more of them. wassat
  12. sds555
    sds555 5 October 2013 17: 12 New
    It is unfortunate that on our central television channels they only remember about such feats on Victory Day, and they spin all the dregs, and this is a memory of that great war. Article Big +
  13. Kostya pedestrian
    Kostya pedestrian 5 October 2013 18: 18 New
    There would be more such articles about local battles that laid the victory of May 1945. But that’s why in Russia they hush up the victory on September 2, as the magnificent Misha Shufutinsky sings:

    Crane white wedge, your daughter and my son,
    Everybody wants warmth and affection
    We are in love, like a game in the cold wind,
    Played with you, but came by itself.

    September 3rd - farewell day,
    The day when mountain ash fires are burning.
    How bonfires burn promises
    On the day I'm all alone
    I'll turn the calendar
    And again, September 3rd,
    I'll take a look at your photo
    And again, September 3rd.

  14. Kostya pedestrian
    Kostya pedestrian 5 October 2013 18: 28 New
    "Uggr Jshschsch Kllll" - Lenin on the podium!

    PieS: I'm waiting for a comment from Dynamo it's either Ford to US or MI to the dwarf! Still, "Lincoln" cool car! And Emka is the savior of the infantry!
    1. Kostya pedestrian
      Kostya pedestrian 7 October 2013 15: 34 New
      Seven minuses, and even at point blank range? It’s just Schmeizer0 of some kind, and not Cheyz-KAN-1-AVII (read the arrows of Adailweiss from the SD, the kingdom to them from heaven, you still can never care, and we won’t open the trunk?) wreckage of fighters [Th. iad vijin] Mitsubishi and DeliverinGill toll worked, especially with the goddess Moussa soberly soaked? Yes, she does not love you, as the master said to his dog. Is it that the antes convinced you that they were driving the Bermuda triangle? This is a bad place - a swamp!

      As Pugovkin says at the DMB in "Wedding in Malinovka": "bam, bam, 9pause9 and past." Deaths as the Bandera god of war raged, as if they were let off the chain. Have you already had marines or geldings? Destroy the United States, well, the ones that bin Laden were dumped in Pakistan, well, where the earthquake was dawinche, like the rescue team in the camp of the colonists ran into strangers, and they dragged them away, for reproduction, and Sigourney had them eggs, well, these al-yen singed, they now come to this world without eggs! It's time to summon the real King Stakh for Korochva, otherwise you'll have to look at the Atlantic MOV vuchyts, and I would still have to pass exams in Cisco dialogues.

      Say no way 2 being Norwgian anders behring! The Russian folk tale about "Emelya and his pack" is much safer and more witty than the flavor of wild Vikings mixed with tnt of unbridled May-dans on South Australian cement. It's like the Germans fly to Airfrance to Queensland for von Bock's money
  15. xan
    xan 5 October 2013 21: 38 New
    These are the men! Apparently the most dashing and evil, and even the Siberians, volunteered.
    I read the memoirs of a front-line infantryman. Ours took the village, but at the bell tower remained surrounded by two German machine gun crews with guards. In the majority of the recruits, unshooted, who is capable of what is unclear. The commanders did not know what to do, they decided to wait for the artillery approach. But the guns did not fit. Well, what if the soldiers were sent to attack the machine guns. Rothnyi said that if the guns did not wait, they would have to be stormed with inevitable heavy losses. And then one soldier from Siberia, a former athlete, volunteered. His fellow soldiers suggested not sticking out, they say nafig you need it. I asked for one assistant, but no one agreed. And then he went alone. Alone, he killed all the Germans in the bell tower. The commander and fellow soldiers are satisfied, but many felt that with such a character and adrenaline in the war they could not last long. The company wanted to save the soldier from a stray bullet, offered different nishtyaki or go into reconnaissance, but he refused. Before his death, the soldier fought for three months and did not even have time to get his reward for the bell tower. But many saved the life.
    When I watch action films, or "White Sun of the Desert", I remember what I read about this soldier.
  16. aszzz888
    aszzz888 6 October 2013 00: 08 New
    Heroes of the War Eternal memory!
    "... and how many of them are left there, at the height,"
  17. George
    George 6 October 2013 00: 40 New
    It would seem that in these reconstructions is so special? Well, dress up in historical costumes, play war. Someone will say - pampering. But not so simple. It is difficult to convey the feeling when a person puts on an old military uniform. In fact, he makes a journey into the past. And for the viewer such reconstructions are the best lesson in the history of the war.

    Very true words.
    Thank you for the article.
  18. ia-ai00
    ia-ai00 6 October 2013 08: 19 New
    My heart squeezes painfully when you read how the VICTORY of HEROES of such "nameless heights" was obtained. Eternal memory to them, Kingdom of Heaven, Earth - rest in peace. Thank them for the fact that we live today!
  19. Dovmont
    Dovmont 6 October 2013 11: 06 New
    We need not only to preserve the memory of our heroes, but also pass it on to our children and grandchildren! Otherwise, the price is worthless to us !!
  20. Wii
    Wii 6 October 2013 17: 34 New
    And I'm from Roslavl, a low bow to you guys !!!
  21. Ruslan_F38
    Ruslan_F38 6 October 2013 18: 01 New
    March 1, 2000 the 6th company of the Pskov paratroopers took an unequal battle ... The company fought, holding the height, 20 hours. Two battalions of White Angels, Khattaba and Basaev, were drawn to the militants. 2500 vs 90.
    Of the 90 paratroopers, 84 companies were killed. Later, 22 were awarded the title of Heroes of Russia (21 posthumously), and 63 were awarded the Order of Courage (posthumous). One of the streets of Grozny is named after 84 Pskov paratroopers. The Khattabites lost 457 selected militants, but were never able to break through to Selmentauzen and further to Vedeno. From there, the road to Dagestan was already open.
    In our time, there are many heroes who deserve their grandfathers and great-grandfathers.
  22. studentmati
    studentmati 6 October 2013 23: 48 New
    More often and in more detail such memories and stories on which patriotism is formed!
  23. yan
    yan 7 October 2013 08: 58 New
    Glory to the heroes of the warriors of Russia, fallen to eternal memory. And such youth, schoolchildren and students should be taken out to events as a living lesson in history.
  24. Day 11
    Day 11 7 October 2013 14: 41 New
    That's what it poured out. This bastard knew how to hammer young (weak) brains with her shit. Although I have German blood, I will never forgive betrayal!
    1. smiths xnumx
      smiths xnumx 7 October 2013 14: 44 New
      Healthy countryman, but remember how it ended ...

      General Vlasov [third from right] with headquarters, composition "Hanging well!"
      Or here's another

      And more

      Dogs (no offense to animals), dog and death !!!
      1. Day 11
        Day 11 7 October 2013 14: 54 New
        Great land! Remember Muzychenko. This dog itself offered its services
        1. smiths xnumx
          smiths xnumx 7 October 2013 14: 55 New
          Then there were a lot of goats, well, the majority had one end:

          execution of traitors in Kiev, 1943

          Here is another photo of the execution of traitors
          1. Day 11
            Day 11 7 October 2013 14: 59 New
            Someone twisted. And then he rubbed how he endured all the hardships
            1. smiths xnumx
              smiths xnumx 7 October 2013 15: 04 New
              Well, not all, unfortunately, went to fertilize Vorkuta virgin soil, and build a railway.
              These, for example, also did not have time:

              But these "garny lads" were overtaken by a well-deserved bullet after the Victory: the leader of the UPA gang, Ivan Klimchak, nicknamed "Bald", who was overtaken by a well-deserved NKVD bullet. The corpse of "Bald" was hung up for public viewing in Shatsk (Volyn region). Below is his posthumous photo.

              1950 Magadan. Mine. Bandera is engaged in socially useful work, replenishing the gold reserves of the USSR.

              Well, this one was less fortunate. OUN Security Service Assistant Ivan Diichuk, nicknamed "Karpatsky". In contemporary art, this is called an installation. The installation with a dead Bandera soldier and a stretcher was carried out by the NKVD in the village of Tataria, Transcarpathian region.

              A source:

              1. Day 11
                Day 11 7 October 2013 15: 06 New
                Does the surname Lukin tell you something?
              2. Day 11
                Day 11 7 October 2013 15: 18 New
                Dogs death! Somewhere this "bald" I have already seen (still alive). Perhaps our Ukrainian friends will help us.
                1. smiths xnumx
                  smiths xnumx 7 October 2013 15: 28 New
                  Well, this is the famous "HERO". Klimchak Ivan ("Fox", "Stepan Pavlyuk", "Pashkevich") (1915-1944) - commander of a kuren (brigade). In 1942-1943 - deputy commandant of the senior school Schutzmanschaft in Matchev, Volyn region. Since the summer of 1943, the commander of the 2nd kuren "Bug" in the 1st detachment "Ozero" VO "Turov". In the spring and summer of 1944, it operates on the German side of the front in the Shamki Lakes region. From 08.1944 - the commander of the "Pilyavtsi" brigade of the "Zavikhost" military unit, had the rank of cornet. In August 1943, Lysyi's Bandera gang, which consisted of former policemen of the 103rd policemen. battalion, cut out about 1000 people, incl. more than 400 children in the Volyn Polish villages of Ostrowki and Volya Ostrovetska.
                  Well, this is a photo of his "exploits"

                  Photos were taken by the German crypto (criminal police) during the compilation of protocols for the inspection of corpses. The Germans did not use the Gestapo against these nonhumans, disdained.
                2. Day 11
                  Day 11 7 October 2013 15: 31 New
                  Romych, don’t you want to go to the cop? March-April. Men from Belarus call in the Smolensk region. Normal guys. I went with them 3 years ago. It's all garlic (FSB-shnik too). Question to all. If that in PM.
                  1. smiths xnumx
                    smiths xnumx 7 October 2013 15: 43 New
                    With pleasure. The business is necessary and noble. Just warn in advance to resolve the issue with your vacation.

                    1. Day 11
                      Day 11 7 October 2013 15: 54 New
                      OK! But the same Muzychenko
  25. Day 11
    Day 11 7 October 2013 18: 50 New
    And now, guys, I’ll tell you about the traitors from the Luftwaffe (there were some). To be honest, this topic is like a sickle to me. But nevertheless it was. So, everyone knows Herman Graf? How did he behave in German veterans spit in his direction! They don't like traitors anywhere! Was Chief Lieutenant Heinrich Schmitt a traitor who hijacked the Ju-88R-1 "D5 + EV" W.Nr.360043? Probably was. Daddy did his best. Cattle ... Who knows Einzindel? He is also a first-class bastard!
  26. Day 11
    Day 11 7 October 2013 18: 57 New
    I have already given you examples of the Stalinist falcons, the GSS, who fought as part of the Luftwaffe. And here is the pearl (whom I dug up). The bastard is first-rate. Meet Oberleutenant Eberhard Karisius, born in 1916.
    Since 1934 in NSDAP. From 1935 in the SS. Participated in the Polish, French companies and in the "Battle of England" as part of KG 55. Was awarded EK 1 and 2 classes.
    On June 22, 1941, his He111 (Stab II., KG 55) was shot down by anti-aircraft fire in the Lviv region and a few days later was taken prisoner with the entire crew. He graduated from the anti-fascist school in a prisoner of war camp. front-line work. He was a propagandist on the Don, South-Western and 1943rd Ukrainian fronts. He wrote leaflets, gave lectures at the anti-fascist school, participated in the deployment of saboteurs from prisoners of war to the German rear. In 3 he was sent to Germany, where he joined the KKE . He served in the Thuringian border police, where he rose to the rank of colonel and chief of police. about died in 1945
    1. Alex 241
      Alex 241 7 October 2013 20: 59 New
      Hi Denis, I didn’t know about these facts.
      1. Day 11
        Day 11 7 October 2013 21: 02 New
        Cool Sanya! You can develop this topic, but it’s like a sickle to me ...! Nits were here and there
  27. studentmati
    studentmati 7 October 2013 21: 08 New
    Hi friends. Psychologically, war is a clear mechanism for identifying patriots and traitors. This has been the case at all times.
    1. Alex 241
      Alex 241 7 October 2013 21: 10 New
      Hi Sanya, as always, to the point!
      1. studentmati
        studentmati 7 October 2013 21: 17 New
        Moreover, the level of patriotism does not depend on the material or spiritual state. It does not always depend on upbringing, among the educated and educated there are both selfless patriots and inveterate traitors. I believe that a patriotic feeling has a genetic basis.
        1. Alex 241
          Alex 241 7 October 2013 21: 20 New
          1. Alex 241
            Alex 241 7 October 2013 21: 21 New
        2. Day 11
          Day 11 7 October 2013 21: 21 New
          Absolutely true, Sasha! Read the biography of Vlasov-went through all the steps (to the Academy of the General Staff). So-?