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“If we do not engage in politics, we will remain without schools”

“If we do not engage in politics, we will remain without schools”

The teachers summed up the first results of the work on the new law “On Education”: there are more minuses than pluses

1 September 2013 of the year came into force the law "On Education". The problems of Moscow schools in the context of the new legislation were discussed on Wednesday at the Independent Press Center by teachers and parents of schoolchildren. The burden on teachers is growing, there is not enough money, correctional schools are gradually left without speech therapists and neuropsychologists, and ordinary ones without librarians and part-time teachers.

“This law is one of the most liberal and free laws on education, it gave free rein to regional authorities and removed all responsibility from the federal government. Now we are completely dependent on the wishes of the regional and municipal authorities, ”the teacher and a member of the board of the Teacher trade union Vsevolod Lukhovitsky began.

According to Lukhovitsky, many important provisions are not fixed in the law. So, it says nothing about the duty of the authorities to provide free additional education. Much is also unclear in the matter of financing schools and remunerating teachers. “Teaching salary should be average for the region, because of this, the average workload for the teacher is now one and a half rates. The administration squeezes librarians, psychologists and social workers from work, dismisses part-time workers. It is not profitable for schools to invite candidates of science from higher educational institutions so that they teach interesting subjects, ”the teacher resents.

As a result, teachers are forced to take more work, while being completely dependent on the administration, which, in turn, is controlled by the department of education. “According to the law, the department appoints school principals,” says Lukhovitsky, “and he can dismiss them at any time, without explaining the reasons for not justifying the trust.”

Another problem, according to the teacher, is the so-called effective contract. This refers to a temporary agreement with the teacher, in the text of which there can be literally anything.

"I saw this point with my own eyes:" The teacher undertakes to prepare for the EGE with at least 75 points from 100 in his subject. " That is, if a student scores a 74 score, then this could be a reason for dismissal, ”says the union representative.

In addition, teachers may face new challenges due to Russia's accession to the WTO, as it provides for the introduction of professional standards. “I saw a squeeze out of the draft professional standard. According to him, the teacher is a supergeny who does not understand where he studied and where it works incomprehensibly, ”says Lukhovitsky. The document states that a teacher should teach in an inclusive classroom, in which ordinary children, children with cerebral palsy, deviant behavior, children-athletes, children with certain creative inclinations, and any others can learn at the same time. “The standard is supergeny. None of the working teachers meets this standard, ”the union representative concludes.

Inclusive education has become a problem for parents of children with disabilities. “It is wonderful that the department wants to include children with disabilities in the society. Only neither the society nor the teaching staff are ready for this, ”says Elena Bagaradnikova, executive director of the Contact Center. Such children cannot study in ordinary schools, since many of them need small-sized classes with correctional support. But since the teacher’s salary now directly depends on the number of students in a class, experienced cadres are leaving, and the remaining teachers are increasing the workload.

“No one knows how to deal with these children in ordinary schools, we cannot switch to inclusion,” Bagaradnikova said. - In addition, the four hours of the free correction have now been cut twice, and this can only be done during non-teaching time. This is impossible without a prodlenki, and prodlenka paid. We do not know what to do. ”

“Since this year, it has become difficult to arrange for children with temporary registration in educational institutions. These are the children of migrants and the children of Russian citizens who have moved here to work. Financing falls into the 83 entity, and Moscow does not want to pay for other people's children, ”says Marina Ozhegova, head of the Association for the Protection of Family, Parents and Children. A possible way out of the current situation in the association is to create special policies, similar to medical ones, that could allow children to study in any subject of the country.

“If we do not engage in politics, then we will remain in the new building without polyclinics, schools and kindergartens. And in a couple of years we will start having problems with heating, ”concluded Grigory Kolyutsky, a teacher and organizer of a scientific and educational column at mass protests. - In the country, the economic crisis, and will save at all. Who will not shout loudly - will be left without money at all ".

The law “On Education” that came into force in the new school year has been developed for more than five years. 29 December he was signed by Vladimir Putin. The law describes the structure of education, ranging from kindergarten to postgraduate vocational education, and introduced a new system of financing institutions. Also, the document establishes the mandatory final certification for ninth-graders (GIA), extends the results of the USE to five years, introduces a mandatory school uniform, defines a special status for teachers and establishes that the teacher’s salary should not be lower than the average for the region. In kindergartens, the functions of education and child care are separated, and schools can receive income and independently manage them. Special attention in the law is given to children with disabilities - in particular, if possible, they should now study in ordinary schools. Critics of the law say that it greatly reduces the social obligations of the state.
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  1. Ingvar 72
    Ingvar 72 4 October 2013 15: 22
    The only right clause in the law is School uniform.
    1. varov14
      varov14 4 October 2013 16: 02
      School uniforms are certainly good, just cool. The whole question is where to get it. We have that factories appeared on sewing school uniforms, went to the store and bought. In our city, 7 schools and children are already forced to wear school uniforms, what should parents do? Atelier may have, but somehow did not collide and did not see the signage. Grannies ?, they will have time to sew several thousand children, I doubt it. Another stupidity of the authorities, you understand that there are not competent fools, they blather and there at least the grass does not grow, but they tear it on the ground without understanding how to perform it.
    2. fklj
      fklj 4 October 2013 17: 59
      The point is not entirely correct. The right idea. But in reality - each school has its own form and the next one is extorted from parents
      1. Ingvar 72
        Ingvar 72 4 October 2013 18: 26
        Quote: fklj
        The right idea. But in reality - each school has its own form and the next one is extorted from parents

        Everything is locked up for extortion from our parents. Education is part of a plan to reduce fertility and, as a consequence, reduce the population. Parents, before having a second child, think about how to dress and learn the first.
        1. derik1970
          derik1970 5 October 2013 01: 01
          it’s all in aggregate, one side is the question of family money, and the other is the school curriculum itself ... the program for children is very complicated ... it is impossible to explain to an 8-year-old son what a noun, adjective, verb and so on are, the son is stupid remembers, but the concepts in the child’s head cannot be formed, they are still kids, their brains are not ripe as they say ... madhouse ... the baby is not yet ripe for understanding such complex things, and it’s already stuffed with almost the periodic table ... no wonder that with such a program there will be a lot of lagging and simply undereducated children, the ignoramus is being prepared at school !!!
  2. New Russia
    New Russia 4 October 2013 15: 26
    "The teachers summed up the first results of the work on the new law" On Education ": there are more minuses than pluses" What a surprise! :) That's putting it mildly!

    "The law" On Education ", which entered into the new academic year, has been developed for more than five years. On December 29, it was signed by Vladimir Putin." At gunpoint in the hands of Medvedev, apparently :)
    1. alone
      alone 4 October 2013 15: 39
      )) in the country, GDP decides everything. Medvedev is just a dummy figure and acts as a lightning rod in the substation. all the people's anger goes to DAM, and the honor of GDP)) this is life))
      1. The comment was deleted.
      2. The comment was deleted.
  3. rpek32
    rpek32 4 October 2013 15: 47
    It is necessary to repeal the law. How to do it?
    1. lazy
      lazy 4 October 2013 16: 09
      change deputies
      1. alicante11
        alicante11 5 October 2013 04: 47
        Change - they will come the same, others have nowhere to take. If we change, then the social system and the elite.
  4. Ash
    Ash 4 October 2013 16: 36
    What policy? Revolution will only fix things.
  5. velikoros-xnumx
    velikoros-xnumx 4 October 2013 16: 38
    This law in its current form is a sentence for modern Russia with an innovative (not in words) economy. Without high-quality, accessible education, Russia has no future. I really hope that this will be understood and corrected, although rather saved.
  6. Goldmitro
    Goldmitro 4 October 2013 17: 09
    <<< As a result, teachers are forced to take more workload, while being completely dependent on the administration, which, in turn, is controlled by the Department of Education. “By law, the department appoints school principals,” says Lukhovitsky, “and he can fire them at any time, without explaining the reasons, as they did not justify their trust.” >>>
    Our education will go far with such a law, according to which teachers and school directors will completely depend on what foot an official from the local department of education got up to, it’s not known how he got into this position and, perhaps, even (today it’s not uncommon) with a certificate and diploma purchased about education, (if at all he has one)! Our liberals from education are true to themselves, for them the main thing is to OPTIMIZE the education process, and the quality of education - to hell with it! Therefore, the education process can be entrusted to some local bureaucrat Tyutkin (possibly even a former d-league)! But we are talking about the upbringing and education of the generation of the FUTURE of our country! Really liberalists and Tyutkins should decide what to be to it?
  7. ia-ai00
    ia-ai00 4 October 2013 17: 26
    Lord, when will there be smart people in the government, professionals in their field, and not "managers" who do not understand anything in the area they will lead? Indeed, in Soviet times, before changing something, entire research institutes worked out the issue, took into account all the pros and cons, nothing was taken from the ceiling, but now - he stole money - and a MEMBER OF THE GOVERNMENT. And how decisions are made, you can see from the head of the government, excuse me ... ocha, SOMETHING will "knock" on the head, and - the problem is solved: - "I SAID SO!", And everything.
    1. Misantrop
      Misantrop 4 October 2013 17: 34
      Quote: ia-ai00
      and now - he stole money - and a MEMBER of the GOVERNMENT. And how decisions are made, you can see from the head of the government, excuse me, ... ocha, SOMETHING will "knock" on the head, and - the problem is solved: - "I SAID SO!", And everything.

      Members governments just think this place, they don’t know how differently. They didn’t teach anything request
  8. fklj
    fklj 4 October 2013 17: 46
    This is not reform, but another stage of the gradual destruction of education! There are no pluses!
  9. alekseyal
    alekseyal 4 October 2013 17: 50
    Minister Livanov is an American agent.
    Acts on behalf of the United States.
    1. New Russia
      New Russia 4 October 2013 18: 06
      Livanov is only the executor of orders
  10. voliador
    voliador 4 October 2013 18: 18
    This is how our "kind" president cares about the future of the state.
  11. waisson
    waisson 4 October 2013 19: 06
    so much has already been missed; the West has melted the brains of our formation; shame higher institutions of Russia are not included in the 200 world ones; there is not one China and former countries in the social camp but Russia is not ......?
  12. Troy
    Troy 4 October 2013 19: 49
    It all started with the exam. And remember how a pakemon with an iPad (Medvedev) admitted that the USE is a mistake (I do not remember literally), but I remember how he said that there was no turning back. The highest degree of cynicism.
  13. Severok
    Severok 4 October 2013 22: 08
    And we are already without schools ... The qualifications of teachers again arriving to work at schools leave much to be desired at least! - average! One can mournfully keep silent about the number of schools in general.