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On the verge of a hypersonic breakthrough

To create unique aircraft, Russia combines modern technologies with the backbone of the Soviet defense industry.

In May of last year, the newspaper “VPC” published an article “Recall the hypersonic Lopat, in which it was told about the decision to resume work on the creation of a hypersonic cruise missile at the GosMCB Raduga named after A.Ya. Bereznyak”. This is the leading enterprise of OJSC Tactical Missile Armament Corporation (OJSC KTRV), but is this large-scale project capable of this integrated structure? The general director of the corporation, Boris Obnosov, mentioned this and other nuances of research in this area, summing up the results of the International Aviation and Space Salon.

Boris Obnosov, General Director of JSC KTRV, compared the implementation of the problem of hypersound with the implementation of such major projects as the launch of the first satellite and the flight of the first cosmonaut. Moreover, from a scientific and technical point of view, the task may be even more difficult.

Until the beginning of the 90 of the last century, our research and development in this area was in no way inferior to the best that happened in this area abroad, primarily in the United States of America. Then came a certain decline. Some work continued, but on the "Spade" were completely stopped. Only a couple of years ago we managed to once again draw the attention of the country's leadership to this topic.

“I'm not trying to get ahead,” says Boris Obnosov, “but we looked at all our developments and came to the conclusion that all efforts should be consolidated here. And not only because it is one of the priority tasks for Russia. Speaking of hypersound, we must first keep in mind the long-term flight in the atmosphere with speeds exceeding 4 – 5 M. We have products that today fly at a significantly higher speed, but this is either a ballistic descent or its variations. And we are talking about controlled flight in the atmosphere with speeds of 6 – 7 M, in the future - 10 – 12 M ”.

Consolidation effort

From the point of view of Boris Obnosov, this is more than an ambitious project, the implementation of which could unite the whole country. It will require hard work of a huge number of enterprises - not only those that are part of the Tactical Missiles Corporation. And despite the fact that the main developers are located in it - NPO Mashinostroenie, GosMKB Raduga and others. The main platform of JSC is also aimed at solving the problem. Efforts even of such serious players may not be enough. For a true breakthrough in this area, a long-term phased state program is needed, when each stage would end not with a paper report, but with a specific prototype of the product in the metal.

The creation of a Soviet-era cruise hypersonic missile with the proprietary name “Spade” required unique technologies comparable to real scientific discoveries: the hypersonic experimental aircraft (GELA) reached a speed of about 5 M (1 M = 1230 km / h). For some reason, the work was terminated by decision from above. Dmitry Rogozin, Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation, gave a rather harsh assessment during his visit to A.Ya. Bereznyak State machine-building design bureau Raduga in May 2012 of the year.

On the verge of a hypersonic breakthrough

“The decision of the political leadership of the country of the end of 80’s to artificially stop the most advanced developments in hypersound,” Rogozin said, “I cannot call a betrayal of national interests.”

Americans were more perspicacious and continued research. And today, the work that continues in the United States under the programs X-51, Falcon, HIFire, Boeung HyFly, and a number of others present a particular danger in terms of ensuring the defense capability of our country. They offer Americans the prospect of moving from demonstration prototypes to building a long-range, multifunctional hypersonic missile in 2015 – 2018. According to a number of experts, in the next five to seven years, hypersonic guided missiles will acquire the ability to deliver lightning-fast precise strikes at command and control points of the armed forces, atomic submarine bases and mine installations of intercontinental ballistic missiles, long-range bombers in the enemy’s territory, which even possessing strategic nuclear forces , just do not have time to answer. With the help of such hypersonic cruise missiles, the United States is building a new strategy to influence world politics.

OJSC KTRV has something to counter this. Rocket systems of the same “Rainbow” represent a new generation of high-precision weapons long range. This is the Ovod-ME complex with the Kh-59M2E missile, the Kh-59MK missile of the increased range of the air-to-surface class, aviation X-59MK2 guided missile, X-58UShKE anti-radar missile, Moskit-MVE missile system with 3M-80MBE anti-ship missile. There are no analogues to this weapon in the world.

Rocket X-59МE equipped with a navigation system and automatic control. The television command guidance system ensures that it is accurate to reach up to two to three meters at a distance of up to 115 kilometers. KR can fly around the terrain at a height of up to seven meters (above the sea). There are such rockets with increased range - up to 285 kilometers.

Until now, no one has surpassed the anti-ship missile system 3М-80Е Mosquito. It is designed to defeat surface ships and transports from the composition of shipborne strike groups, amphibious formations, convoys, single ships with a speed of up to 100 nodes at a distance of up to 240 kilometers. It is almost impossible to detect such a supersonic rocket that changes the flight path. Americans could not create something like this. "Mosquito" has a speed above 2,5 M and almost flashing the ship, even without a warhead.

However, such a perfect weapon is the development of yesterday. What is ahead?

The first thing - drones

It is known that restoring is always more difficult than rebuilding. Nevertheless, Boris Obnosov made it clear that the work on “Lopate” was underway, although he did not decipher which ones. Apparently, there will be no complete repetition of the prototype. After all, old technologies, like specialists, are no longer there, but all the research and developments, as Obnosov explained, will be taken into account.

At the same time, the general director of OJSC KTRV was rather skeptical about the achievements of the Americans in this field. In his opinion, America is not so far away from us in this direction and sometimes it simply gives what we wish for it. There is, for example, no information on what speeds or maximum temperatures are reached in the combustion chambers. And it's not about secrecy, because the entire US military industrial complex works primarily for sale, and therefore for advertising.

According to Obnosov, the latest test results inspire some hope. Of course, we need people, equipment, stable financing. “Anyone who thinks he came, saw and won in one year is deeply mistaken,” says Boris Viktorovich. “This work may be for decades.”

Considerable problems in any rocket are associated with debugging control systems. Much here depends on the sensitivity of the angular velocity sensors, other devices, the characteristics of the aircraft itself. On a rocket, say, a long-range question of accuracy is extremely critical. At the same small requirements for sensors others. And on high-speed rockets one has to solve the problem of engine choice - between direct-flow solid propellant and working on ordinary kerosene.

“There is no end of work,” emphasizes Obnosov. - It all depends on the speed that is set. If we talk about the 4 – 5 M, then the ramjet engine with subsonic combustion (Ramget) is fully developed for today. We have mastered it in the corporation, together with the NPO Mashinostroenie, and the Lytkarin enterprise Soyuz, we are pioneers here. ”

If you go at higher speeds, it is necessary to achieve normal operation of the engine supersonic combustion (Scramjet). At the same time, according to Obnosov, a serious problem appears: “Scramjet does not work at low speeds, and Ramget, on the contrary, does not work at high speeds. Therefore, the problem is in reducing the size of the engine. Not to mention the temperature regimes that must be provided in the combustion chamber. Ordinary materials simply cannot stand them. ”

The same questions arise at high speeds with a fairing of the rocket. Even if one achieves its ideal form, then the question of ensuring radio transparency at such high temperatures will certainly arise. This is an almost intractable problem. After all, at speeds beyond 7 – 8 M, a plasma layer appears around the rocket, which strongly interferes with the operation of the guidance system. So, we must talk about new materials, engines, types of fuel, adapted to such conditions, control systems, new modeling.

Today, there are active conversations about passenger aircraft, which will briefly enter the stratosphere at hypersonic speeds, overcoming huge distances in the shortest time. A flight from Moscow to the Far East or to New York can take only one and a half to two hours. But, according to Boris Obnosov, before creating such a manned vehicle, it is necessary to work out the critical technologies on unmanned aerial vehicles. And this is a matter of the near future. “Anyone who is the first to master hypersonic technologies will get a palm in many areas,” Boris Viktorovich is sure. “The multiplier effect will be huge, and it is also undervalued for now.”

join forces

Not so long ago, skeptics doubted the development ability of OJSC KTRV. Today, there is no doubt about the seriousness of a clear program of concrete actions of this integrated structure, scheduled for the years ahead. By presidential decree, the corporation has expanded due to such a large holding as the NPO Mashinostroenie, all the necessary regulatory work on the merger has already been carried out.

This does not mean that the NPO Mashinostroeniye brand will be forgotten, on the contrary, everything possible is being done to make it more popular. Several stages of the expansion of the corporation, the infusion of new structures into it only strengthened their power as a whole. Today OJSC KTRV unites 25 enterprises with a total of about 40 thousand. In accordance with a government decree, OJSC ICB Iskra named after I. Kartukov and OJSC Horizon are merging within the corporation. Iskra was transferred from Leningradsky Avenue Moscow to the city of Khimki on the territory of Horizon. From now on, it will be a single enterprise, which will reduce bureaucratic costs, including the maintenance of the apparatus, and the cost of production.

The revenues of the Tactical Missiles Corporation corporation have grown significantly, having amounted to 2012 billion rubles in 60 a year. Although the past year can be considered atypical, since a large number of new serial products were mastered and continue to be mastered, the peak of production of which will be in the 2014 – 2016 years. Then you can expect a two or threefold increase in production volumes.

Develops a corporation and, figuratively speaking, subsonic technology. At MAKS-2013, for example, product samples that passed or are undergoing state tests were presented. They aroused great interest from both internal and external customers. For example, anti-ship, anti-radar missiles, as well as air-to-air missiles. Presented and new anti-aircraft missile under the symbol 338 - is the development of "Vympel" in collaboration with the main customer - "Almaz-Antey." The product is promising, which was confirmed during flight tests.

The K-31AD cruise missile (K-31PD) was also demonstrated. She has just completed state tests, went into a series and will be put into service, primarily in the Russian army. The export version has also been made, all permits have been drawn up and contract negotiations are underway.

A number of products of the corporation is ready for equipping the PAK FA T-50 (a promising aviation complex of front-line aviation) and is waiting for tests from the board. For example, the X-58 rocket inside the body. There is every reason to believe that at the end of 2013, the T-50 will be fired.

The corporation began work on the development of weapon systems for the PAK DA (a promising long-range aviation complex). This issue was discussed with the firms of Tupolev and Ilyushin, who, according to Obnosov’s testimony, already have some of the products that meet the requirements, as well as a number of other promising developments of the air-to-surface, air-to-air class. "When the final requirements for the PAK DA will be imposed," Obnosov says, "the matter will not be behind the missiles."

There are good prospects for possible cooperation with other states; a certain interest is shown in adapting the products of JSC KTRV to the Rafal aircraft. This work (with Dasso Corporation) is at the initial stage.

In the direction of hypersound, there are joint projects with France. Similar work (on engines) is being done with China. A similar program is planned with India. Boris Obnosov is in favor of expanding such cooperation, because it is extremely difficult to develop such expensive systems alone.

It should be noted that if at the beginning of the twenty-first century, the share of corporation exports reached 90 percent, now there is a reverse trend. “After reaching three-year contracts and reaching the peak of our production, this proportion will certainly be reversed: the lion’s share will be made up of products under state defense orders,” Obnosov predicts. “At the same time, the total revenue share will not decrease, but will increase.”

As for the engines, the corporation has a reliable partner in the face of Motor Sich JSC. “We are not going to abandon the products on which its engines are located,” emphasizes Obnosov. - I think this is a reliable partner with the highest quality products. And if pricing issues are resolved, orders for its products will continue. We remain in close contact with our well-established partners, wherever they are, be it Ukraine, Azerbaijan or any other country, and we don’t intend to refuse to cooperate with them. ”

Human factor

It’s no secret that the lack of middle managers is still a serious problem of our defense industry - the result of the generation gap in the 90s. Enterprises do not have enough designers, technologists, working basic specialties, whether it be a milling machine operator, a programmer, a setup man. This is a huge deficit. It is encouraging that in the territory of the NPO “Mashinostroenie” there is a whole faculty where young personnel are trained. The corporation also has specialized departments in MAI, MSTU, an agreement is signed with other leading universities in the country.

But it is necessary to address the personnel issue on a national scale. We need a unified state integrated program of training, adaptation and subsequent retention of young personnel. According to Boris Obnosov, today at the defense plants it is necessary to revive nepotism in the good sense of the word.

In Soviet times, when a person came to the "mailbox", he had a clear perspective. He was immediately provided with a hostel, and through 6 – 8 – 10 years - an apartment, especially family. The corporation is now the solution to housing problems - the number one priority, along with the creation of new technology.

“Today, we have laid four 17-storey houses on the main platform in the city of Korolev, which will slightly reduce the need for housing,” Obnosov says. - We regularly discuss problematic issues with the governor of the Moscow region, the mayor of the city of Korolev. The same policy is carried out in Reutov at NPO Mashinostroenie. And in Taganrog, several socially oriented houses were built, where the cost price per square meter is 28 thousand rubles. ”

There are serious developments in attracting personnel in St. Petersburg, where in one of the educational institutions an office for hypersound is opened, the relevant specialists are trained.

All of this shows how thoroughly the Tactical Missile Armament Corporation refers to the implementation of the most important state program - the creation of the world's first hypersonic cruise missiles, which, by their combined attack potential, can become the most formidable weapon after a nuclear one. And Russia, apparently, has quite good chances to be among the leaders in conquering hypersonic speeds.
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  1. rugor
    rugor 3 October 2013 09: 06 New
    God forbid that everything was so. We are 10-15 years of stability and make up for all the lost.
    1. fklj
      fklj 3 October 2013 09: 43 New
      If "stability" is in the form as it is now, then we will waste everything we have already achieved.
    2. seller trucks
      seller trucks 3 October 2013 10: 01 New
      to resume work on the creation of a hypersonic cruise missile at JSC “GosMKB Raduga” named after A. Ya. Bereznyak

      what kind of groundwork was made during the USSR, what would it still be used for? and what you need to be like, so that everything is good.
      1. ziqzaq
        ziqzaq 3 October 2013 10: 41 New
        Quote: seller trucks
        what kind of groundwork was made during the USSR, what would it still be used for? and what you need to be like, so that everything is good

        You wanted to say: "What kind of traitors do you have to be, what the fuck?" ...
        Answer: Gorbachev, Yeltsin and others, and others .....
        1. fklj
          fklj 3 October 2013 10: 48 New
          and other and other .....

          Modest, brief, capacious good
        2. Ascetic
          Ascetic 3 October 2013 15: 32 New
          Quote: ziqzaq
          You wanted to say: "What kind of traitors do you have to be, what the fuck?" ...
          Answer: Gorbachev, Yeltsin and others, and others .....

          In the mid-80s, the USSR was on the verge of a technological breakthrough in most of the latest developments of new generation weapons. As the veterans of the military-industrial complex say, by 2000 we would have gone 15-20 years ahead in the field of the latest armaments in comparison with the Americans. If not hump building

          our military-industrial complex, thanks to the high density of scientific and design talents, created weapons and military equipment, which had no analogues in the world. This undoubtedly caused very great concern of our opponents in the West. Therefore, in the plans for the destruction of the Soviet Union, the most important task of our enemies was to neutralize our defense enterprises through disarmament, which means reducing production volumes and reducing highly qualified personnel. In the future, the task was to put pressure on Gorbachev to “prove” that the defense plants are not canned, but are converted to civilian production through conversion. The next stage in the destruction of our military-industrial complex was the privatization of defense plants and the purchase through controlling persons of a controlling stake in these enterprises. And then the scheme is simple.
          Do not blow or break anything. You just need to preserve the work of the enterprise under your control: not to pay salaries to specialists and workers, not to invest money in production, not to buy raw materials, etc., so that, with the rapid development in the world of scientific and technological progress, these enterprises in 5-8 years hopelessly outdated, lost their main wealth and support - talented scientific and working personnel.

          Thus, the West could disarm our country unilaterally and remove the main competitors in the global arms market. Which, thanks to Gorbachev, they successfully implemented.

          Calvary of Russia power struggle. A very good documentary-based book most fully represents the scale national betrayal, which in my opinion did not know the history of any country or people.
          And now we are pulling out of the dusty tables of 80s development. We collect miraculously the surviving firms in the corporation, for there are no cadres, we are also trying to implement continuity and with great difficulty now in 25 years what was traded by the traitors. Here is the price of the activity of the Jewish brothers of the hunchbackers and eltsinoids.
      2. Gari
        Gari 3 October 2013 10: 42 New
        Quote: seller trucks
        what kind of groundwork was made during the USSR, what would it still be used for? and what you need to be like, so that everything is good.

        “The decision of the political leadership of the country of the end of 80’s to artificially stop the most advanced developments in hypersound,” Rogozin said, “I cannot call a betrayal of national interests.”
        So it was - the first traitor and criminal the hunchback.
        Such a country was ruined.
        1. fklj
          fklj 3 October 2013 10: 53 New
          I cannot call a betrayal of national interests

          Since A said, speak B. Strange, there is betrayal, but no traitors. After such statements by the official, usually a criminal case is opened. But not with us.
          1. silver_roman
            silver_roman 3 October 2013 11: 54 New
            traitors are and they are known to all. Or do you think that in reality the investigative committee, the supreme court and the prosecutor's office are not aware of all the atrocities committed by modern traitors such as the SERDYUK and the like ???
            the same NAVALYNY will soon tear the throat.
            Everyone knows everything, just the question is who is protecting them. Although this, too, has long been known.
            for fun, listen to an interview with Colonel General Leonid Ivashov and / or Evgeny Fedorov.
            Personally, these are extremely respected people, sincere patriots of their country, not gentlemen or sirs, but our comrades. Here they very brightly and characteristically dot all the "i" s, another question is that it is extremely difficult to do something, because during the birth of our modern constitution, which defines all directions, both external and internal in the country, were written under the dictation of overseas partners and their patrons. Our sovereignty is far from our hands. This is sad. This is where all this corruption, impunity and arbitrariness appears.
            Just think about what the exposure should be. when you sit at the negotiating table with your sworn enemies and discuss issues that either directly or indirectly affect the interests, and sometimes the integrity of our state, when the leadership of our country clearly and clearly understands who is behind Chechnya, modern Dagestan (the situation in these subjects of the Federation ), behind the swamp, Syria, Libya and the entire Middle East ... just imagine how much strength and endurance you need not to get up and strangle another "deputy" or "prezik" with his own tie !!!!
            By the way, whoever watched the conference with Valdai, it is clearly visible that our GDP of spruce is kept in the chair when the discussion turns into a dispute with the American representative and when all of them and our logic are clearly visible.
            ps I apologize, I broke up, but it got pained!
            pp we must conquer our country, comrades. and don’t look at the flag, which is determined by the IP address of the provider, where this my comment comes from. Like many here, I was born in the USSR and with all my heart I am a fan of almost all of us, regardless of the nation, origin or place of birth.
            1. Gari
              Gari 3 October 2013 12: 14 New
              Quote: silver_roman
              Like many here, I was born in the USSR and with all my heart I am a fan of almost all of us, regardless of the nation, origin or place of birth.

              Bravo fully respected with you in solidarity!
              I was also born in the USSR!
              I am of course an Armenian, but I am also a Soviet Man!
              1. silver_roman
                silver_roman 3 October 2013 12: 39 New
                I was also born in the USSR!
                I am of course an Armenian, but I am also a Soviet Man!

                I have a friend from Armenia. great guy, very smart, many would envy him. hi
                We are all children of our state - hostages of the situation and only our people united, can change the situation for the better.
                But unfortunately, not everyone agrees with me on this.
              2. Tartary
                Tartary 3 October 2013 13: 36 New
                Armenia is spelled with a capital letter, but an Armenian is not ... Like a Russian, a Tatar, etc. Unless, of course, Armenian is not a common noun, i.e. "rattle" ... lol

                Well this is so ... For reference. hi
            2. NEMO
              NEMO 3 October 2013 13: 53 New
              Quote: silver_roman
              listen to an interview with Colonel General Leonid .... Personally, I’m extremely respected people

              And here is a fragment of an interview with Mr. Ivashov on a network publication On the eve of ru. month old:
              "- Everyone is wondering whether the West will enter the Syrian conflict with its military might?
              L. IVASHOV - What is stopping them today? Indeed, in addition to the musty speeches of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Putin and others, we do absolutely nothing. After all, we were obliged, if there is a threat of armed aggression for a sovereign state, to do everything so that this state could defend itself - this is the principle of individual and collective defense. We had to, as a permanent member of the Security Council, promote this issue there. It does not work - it was necessary to convene the UN General Assembly - a threat to international peace, the shadow of the Third World War hangs ... "Etc. blah blah blah ...

              And here is a short "combat path" of the present geopolitical expert ":
              "About a simple "army officer" Lenya Ivashova .....
              In the life of a "simple army officer" Leonid Ivashov, several "amazing" events took place. Who honestly "pulled the strap" will understand me. In 1971, Ivashov immediately entered the Frunze Academy from the "high position" of the company commander. In 1976, after a serious injury as a result of a car accident during a training exercise, instead of being transferred to the reserve "due to flight" and health reasons, the sick major was appointed to the post of senior adjutant to the USSR Minister of Defense.
              It is unlikely that Ivashov’s deep knowledge and extensive military experience contributed to his prestigious appointment (by the way, the last post of the future “strategist and commander” in the troops is the deputy regiment commander for combat training). In Soviet times, this was clearly not enough to be included in the nomenclature; strong ties and a correct origin were needed. Just with this, Leonid Grigoryevich was all right. A high-ranking relative in the military party elite, a favorable marriage, the ability to please and guess the wishes of his superiors, all this helped Ivashov to land successfully at the age of 33 on the parquet in the "Arbat Military District", on which he lasted a quarter of a century .....
              Back in 1976, with the light hand of the Minister of Defense Marshal Ustinov, the fate of Officer Ivashov changed dramatically. Now real military happiness has come into his life. While classmates in the Tashkent VOKU and the Frunze Academy were running around the garrisons, dying in Afghanistan, resisting the collapse of the Union, Ivashov received early titles, dust-free headquarters posts, orders for length of service, rested in prestigious military sanatoriums, overgrown with Moscow apartments, summer cottages, academic degrees. "More at
              PS Do not make yourself an idol hi
              1. silver_roman
                silver_roman 3 October 2013 14: 41 New
                minute, the man took that chance. which he had. What's bad about it???
                I am sure that anyone in his place would not have stood aside. Well, let's say this. almost any. The point is not how he achieved what he now possesses, but the point is what he says and how he sets himself up.
                Moreover, if we omit his connections and rest in the most "advanced" sanatoriums, then he has solid experience in geopolitics. He traveled to many countries, had the honor to conduct a dialogue with many leaders of sovereign countries, who listened to him and "played on the mustache" of much that he proposed. And this is not all thanks to his connections, but thanks to his experience and views.
                Your comment on his words about Syria:
                in order to comment on this from our point of view, we must be at least half competent in this extremely difficult issue.
                What we see today: yes - they didn’t touch Syria ... yet (God forbid that they never touch at all), yes - Russia made a lot of efforts for this, but Syria was destroyed, many people died. Could Russia do something that would interfere with the plans of the aggressor ??? This is the main question that we are unlikely to be able to give a definite answer in view of the banal lack of information. Leonid Grigoryevich - Soviet military. Of course, when dealing with geopolitics, and recommending yourself as a specialist in this matter, sometimes it’s worth choosing the words more correctly, but still the thought of the greatness of the USSR, its influence in the world and that Russia direct heiress of the Soviet Union. I’m not creating an idol either. I just give an example of worthy citizens.
                ps everything is subjective! hi
                1. silver_roman
                  silver_roman 3 October 2013 15: 12 New
                  how many times he wrote. You can set cons and teach a monkey. justify your point of view ... or are there no brains for this? negative
                2. NEMO
                  NEMO 3 October 2013 20: 23 New
                  Quote: silver_roman
                  minute, the man took that chance. which he had. What's bad about it???
                  I am sure that anyone in his place would not have stood aside. Well, let's say this. almost any. The point is not how he achieved what he now possesses, but the point is what he says and how he sets himself ... I do not create an idol. I just give an example of worthy citizens.

                  You see, we are all here on the site, we share our opinions on the basis of our knowledge, Ivashov says a lot correct his words and expressions, and "slogans" are the same - patriotic, but if you look deeper, he is not the person he is trying to seem.
                  For some time I had to deal with him, by the nature of my career, I will not impose my opinion on him, but just try to find out at least the question - Where is the Academy of Geopolitical Problems, which he leads ?, registered in the Ministry of Education ?? - she is not in the Ministry of Defense ?? - the same is not, his Academy is a Private Shop, where are its graduates ??, where are the students ???
                  He's just a cheap PR man !!! hi
                  1. silver_roman
                    silver_roman 4 October 2013 11: 06 New
                    He's just a cheap PR man !!!

                    But what exactly is he promoting?
                    Of course, I work in a completely different field and cannot boast of your experience, but again, the fact that he advises entire governments and the fact that they listen to him speaks of something.
                    And the "shop" is private, because does not find support in the ranks of our government agencies. Those. they have relieved themselves of unnecessary frames in their judgments and do not play by the rules that are imposed on our government. Who imposed on me think and so it is clear.
                    The main thing is that their headquarters are not located somewhere overseas.
                    and again, I always come from practical values. All means are good when the goals are achieved, but the goals must be correct (patriotic) and in this I do not notice any "jambs" behind him.
            3. fklj
              fklj 3 October 2013 14: 10 New
              Here you are about the same ...
              There is a problem, those responsible for the fog, but our president will win. There is no beginning, no end. And the meaning is lost somewhere in the middle.
              First, you need to call a spade a spade. Without this, we will not solve a single problem.
              Best regards hi
              1. NEMO
                NEMO 3 October 2013 14: 19 New
                Quote: fklj
                First, you need to call a spade a spade. Without this, we will not solve a single problem.

                I absolutely agree with you, we need to really look at the problems, not engage in "criticism", according to the principle - "all passed away", but "shabby jingoistic patriotism" is another extreme hi
              2. silver_roman
                silver_roman 3 October 2013 14: 50 New
                but our president will win

                I'm sorry, is it sarcasm or didn’t I just understand something?
                I am not saying that the president will win. I say that it seems to me that our president is asking for help. His appeal to the people, his subtle monologues about Russian identity, culture, future, ... about changing the constitution (I hope they won’t be banned for these two words)! This is all there. Listen Valdai ....
                He calls and asks to unite. Encourages discussions as he is not omnipotent. You understand what it means now to take and imprison Serdyuk for 25 years. bulk, all the "guests" of Michael McFaul - the Syshya ambassador to the Russian Federation ??? Do you remember what happened when Khadarkovsky was imprisoned? the screeching was all over the world .... karauuuul ... democracy is in danger.
                The media will tear everyone and everything if authorized arrests begin on the part of our government of all the traitor. Their roof is serious. You can’t cut off the shoulder. And the situation in Russia is a chess game. 20 years have passed. 20 years essentially in the trenches, when Russia was kicked for any step unwanted for the West. and yet ... it became better. The ideal is far, but there is movement. Therefore, the help of the people is needed. Then no one will blather that there is no democracy, for the will of the people is democracy. If every day 100 people gathered on the swamp in support of the sovereignty of the Russian Federation and asking them to plant traitors, that would be good ....
                Regards hi
        2. No_more
          No_more 3 October 2013 13: 58 New
          Do not forget that in the 80s, oil and gas prices fell catastrophically. In addition to the construction of hypersonic missiles, the USSR still has many other no less, and sometimes even more, important expenses.
          Of course it’s a pity to launch, I myself saw at the university’s outskirts the middle part of a pure titanium cruise missile’s hull, and the visiting Chinese were generally shocked by the fact that this could be lying around like rubbish, even in a protected area.
      3. Geisenberg
        Geisenberg 3 October 2013 14: 15 New
        Quote: seller trucks
        to resume work on the creation of a hypersonic cruise missile at JSC “GosMKB Raduga” named after A. Ya. Bereznyak

        what kind of groundwork was made during the USSR, what would it still be used for? and what you need to be like, so that everything is good.

        This is what money was invested in the collapse of the USSR ... why be surprised? There are objective laws of the development of science, in the USSR they were observed at the very least, it makes no sense to be surprised at achievements. Now, on the site of our defense industry, I would purposefully build my internal specialized universities to train those bits that the existing system spits out. That's right. To hire everyone in a row, test, promising to finish up by ourselves, others to use whenever possible.
    3. Letun
      Letun 3 October 2013 14: 16 New
      Quote: rugor
      God forbid that everything was so. We are 10-15 years of stability and make up for all the lost.

      Yes, such articles warm the soul, I hope that all this is true, and not just another dusting in the eyes.
    4. Airman
      Airman 3 October 2013 23: 00 New
      This article once again confirms that the hunchback was a traitor, transmitting, or betraying, all our promising developments in advance. That he would rotate a propeller in a coffin, and this is not far off.
  2. Docklishin
    Docklishin 3 October 2013 09: 14 New
    We will do it, we will definitely do it. This is a strategic weapon. And I think they will not pull the cat for a causal place.
    1. Airman
      Airman 4 October 2013 00: 07 New
      Quote: DocKlishin
      We will do it, we will definitely do it. This is a strategic weapon. And I think they will not pull the cat for a causal place.

      If the solution to this issue is not given to DAM.
  3. intsurfer
    intsurfer 3 October 2013 09: 58 New
    Quote: rugor
    God forbid that everything was so. We are 10-15 years of stability and make up for all the lost.

    As it was in Alice in Wonderland - you have to run to stay in place. And guaranteed stability is only in the cemetery.
  4. Strashila
    Strashila 3 October 2013 10: 05 New
    For this, each T-90 tanker can be proud of the fact that he can now use hypersonic weapons ... armor-piercing subcaliber shells with a detachable 3BM42 pallet, an initial speed of 1715 m / s ... or that around 6M of sound.
  5. shitovmg
    shitovmg 3 October 2013 10: 07 New
    Everything seems to be falling into place! And America was put in line and the Union was criticized. I believe that this speaks of a healthy climate in the creation of "hypersound". A hopeful article in all respects!
  6. Aryan
    Aryan 3 October 2013 10: 31 New
    Perfect option
    when a rocket hits a target
    before its start

    Only politics is more ideal
    which will not bring
    before using such a rocket
  7. aepocmam
    aepocmam 3 October 2013 10: 41 New
    For all this we must thank the "marked". So that he, a traitor, not a day or a tire. Hit Secretary General Gorbach, the muzzle asks for a brick!
  8. aviator65
    aviator65 3 October 2013 11: 52 New
    Of course, one can rejoice for the "Rainbow", but for some reason nowhere are the developments of the same Design Bureau IM mentioned. Mikoyan. But in the 80s, they actively worked on this topic, and in a manned version. If my memory serves me, the topic was called "ed. 301". A new assembly and testing building was even built for it (a large square building on Leningradsky Prospekt just behind the 1st trolleybus fleet). Everything was wrapped up in the early 90s. In general, we have enough groundwork, but here the situation repeats the one that developed with the same "Buran". I do not mean the very ideology of the project, but the possibility of its implementation in modern conditions. At one time they were able to defeat him only because it was allowed by the not weak budget of the USSR and the opportunity to use hundreds of enterprises in everything Soviet space. Again, the staffing issue. It somehow seems vaguely to me how in the current domestic economic conditions without strict administrative command regulation it is possible to implement such globally strategic projects that, as correctly noted in the article, are comparable to the launch of the first satellite or astronaut.
  9. Ivanovich47
    Ivanovich47 3 October 2013 12: 00 New
    The technology of hypersonic speeds is the future development of aviation and rocketry. This concept is akin to nanotechnology. Let us miss the American "partners", it will be difficult to catch up. Therefore, with a meager budget, you need to find funds to continue work on this topic, especially since there is a backlog.
  10. AVV
    AVV 3 October 2013 12: 20 New
    It is necessary to restore everything that was done by our fathers, and it was forgotten not without the help of the traitors of Russia, Gorbaty and his associates !!! So that later it would not be insulting to the Power !!!
  11. shtanko.49
    shtanko.49 3 October 2013 12: 42 New
    I’m afraid that the next privatizer can lose everything, when Medvedev issues some sort of next masterpiece, he’s scared for the future of the country. Besides, he has fantastic stubbornness in pushing his ideas, ruining, bankrupting and privatizing state-owned enterprises. And then the path to scrap Afshory.
    1. aviator65
      aviator65 3 October 2013 15: 18 New
      That's about it. To implement such projects, a figure of the scale of S.P. Korolev and the concentration of resources of the entire state are required. Effective managers will not pull it. They will always have corporate interests in the first place.
  12. lesnik.
    lesnik. 3 October 2013 13: 30 New
    The K-31AD cruise missile (K-31PD) was also demonstrated. She has just completed state tests, went into a series and will be put into service, primarily in the Russian army. The export version has also been made, all permits have been drawn up and contract negotiations are underway.
    For 4.7 million green paper we train Americans to shoot down new missiles?

    On the basis of the RCC X-31A, the Zvezda-Strela enterprise created the M-31 target missile. This product was the first Russian aircraft missile sold in the United States. The M-31 won a tender organized by the command of the United States ILC and in 1996, purchases were made through Boeing. Their cost amounted to 4,7 million dollars.

    The tests took place at the range of the US Marine Corps Point Mugu, and were carried out on board an F-4J Phantom II aircraft equipped with a Soviet-made AKU-58 ejection device. The first launch was carried out at an altitude of 300 m, then the UR decreased to 20 m, and passed, maneuvering, about 30 km, after which the tracking radar was lost.

    According to reports, none of the first batch of missiles was shot down. Then the ILC purchased two more batches of targets. According to a representative of the "Zvezda-Strela" company, their tests were already carried out in an atmosphere of secrecy and the company not only failed to send its specialists to the American test site, but also did not receive specific information on the test results. In his opinion, the Americans do not yet have effective protection against small-sized supersonic anti-ship missiles.
  13. Windbreak
    Windbreak 3 October 2013 18: 18 New
    Does the X-59 have no analogues in the world? As if in other countries there are no air-to-surface aviation subsonic missile defense systems