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Kshatriya caste. The growing power of the Indian Navy


If in the Indian film a gun hangs on the wall - in the final scene it will surely sing or dance.

Comparison of the naval forces of India with the shooting studios of Bollywood is not accidental - after all, like any Indian movie, the Indian Navy is a real thrash. But at the same time, the highest level thrash! Bright appearance and loud slogans, bold tactical decisions and colorful samples of the sea weapons - the people who had a hand in the creation of the Indian Navy were real professionals in their field. Nevertheless, in the end it turned out thrash ...

Everything! No more mockery of Indian sailors.

The modern Indian Navy derives maximum benefit from the funds allocated for their development. A colorful mixture of technology from around the world - Russian and Israeli weapons are successfully combined with our own radio electronics. At the same time, resourceful Indians do not hesitate to exploit the American anti-submarine aircraft "Poseidon", and promising NSNS prefer to order in Europe (the French-Spanish project "Skorpen"). The half century old British aircraft carrier Viraat is still on the move. Leasing Russian K-152 "Nerpa" serves in the same row with the first Indian atomic type "Arihant". Outdated British frigates of the Linder type are inexplicably in harmony with the large anti-submarine ships of the 61-ME project of Soviet construction. And the legendary Varshavyanka submarines - with German diesel-electric boats Type 209.

Despite all the comic nature of the hodgepodge of technology from all times and peoples, familiarity with the Indian fleet leaves a very distinct impression:

1. Indian fleet is developing! Whether he can ever compare in strength with the US Navy or the Chinese Navy is unknown. But the trend is evident.

2. Despite the absurd, at first glance, ship structure, the Indian fleet absorbed the most promising concepts of modern naval battle - deck aviation, long-range anti-ship missiles, nuclear submarines, diesel-electric submarines and nuclear submarines, frigates and destroyers of various sizes and purposes. One can criticize the Indians for the lack of a clear program for the development of the Navy, but one cannot but recognize the merits of the leadership of the Indian Navy in improving the country's defense capability. Hindus almost always choose the best (at least from the one suggested).

Behind - half a century of sea victories. Fighting minesweeper "Bengal" with two Japanese auxiliary cruisers (1942). Defeat of the Portuguese squadron during the landing operation on Goa (1961). Two Indo-Pakistan wars: the sinking of the Gazi submarine, successful raids of Indian missile boats on Karachi. The prevention of a military coup in the Maldives and the successful interception of a cargo ship captured by mercenaries. Every time the Indians showed themselves to be excellent sailors.

Ahead is the unceasing growth and ambitions of a regional leader seeking to reach the leading global positions.

What is the modern Indian fleet? Do his capabilities correspond to the tasks before him?

"The Holy Cow" of the Indian Navy

To accurately characterize the Indian Navy, one word is enough: "BrahMos." Everything else fades before this foul of hell.

The Russian-Indian development is a medium-range supersonic anti-ship missile, currently the most advanced in the world. The flight speed of the BrahMos at extremely low altitude (sea-skimming mode) is capable of reaching two speeds of sound - even the American Aeges is unlikely to repel such an attack!

Brahmaputra - Moscow. The rocket was developed on the basis of anti-ship missiles P-800 "Onyx". The mass of the warhead - 300 kg. The maximum launch range is up to 290 km with a high-altitude flight profile.

Despite successful attempts at intercepting the BrahMos target (the American GQM-163 Coyote drone) with the help of the PAAMS marine air defense system in ideal polygon conditions using external target designation, we can confidently ascertain that at present there are no reliable means and methods interception of the Indian super-rocket. A flock of "BrahMos", rushing at a height of 5-10 meters, is able to penetrate any anti-missile shield and destroy any enemy squadron.

High flight speed is just the beginning of a terrible tale about an Indian rocket. The creators of BrahMos prepared another unpleasant surprise for the enemy - modern technologies made it possible to achieve acceptable weight and size characteristics and reduce the RPC starting mass to 3 tons (the lightweight aviation version - 2,5 tons). Just a great result for a supersonic rocket, especially compared to its predecessors, for example, the P-270 Mosquito (4 ... 4,5 tons).

A radical reduction in the launch mass and dimensions of the missile made it possible to significantly increase the range of possible carriers of the BrahMos - the anti-ship missiles can be used from both ground-based launchers and combat ships of the "destroyer" or "frigate" class.

The options for equipping the BrahMos missiles of combat aircraft were developed: Su-30MKI multi-role fighter - up to 3 missiles (in reality it would be great if he picked up at least one), IL-76 multi-purpose transporter - up to 6 missiles on an external suspension (cheap and cheerful ), anti-submarine aircraft of the Indian Navy: IL-38 (up to 4 missiles under the fuselage), Tu-142 (up to 6 missiles on wing pylons). The first tests are already scheduled for 2014 year.

Layout PKR "Brahmos" under the fuselage of the Su-30MKI

In September 2013 of the year, the Indian company Bramos Aerospace issued a statement that the underwater-based BrahMos version was ready for installation on the Indian Navy submarines. Due to the large diameter of the hull (700 mm), the rocket does not fit into a standard torpedo tube — the installation could be the installation of additional missile silos (as on the Los Angeles submarine).

Indian sailors get into their hands a truly universal weapon for sea battle: extremely fast, powerful, but most importantly - massive and omnipresent. The striking mix of submarines or Su-30MKI squadrons equipped with BrahMos missiles are capable of grinding into powder any AUG of a potential enemy.
The adoption of a super-missile "BrahMos" automatically takes the Indian Navy to a new level. One of the few fleets ready for a real naval war.

Meanwhile, the Indians are not going to stop there: there are already reports about the beginning of the development of a special aviation modification "Bramos-M" (mini) with 1,5 tons of mass, as well as the absolute "vundervaffe" - "BrahMos-2" with a speed of sound exceeding the speed of sound five or more times (for now it's just a dream).

If you leave history with a super-rocket, the rest of the Indian fleet appears to be a gathering of rusty junk, as well as equipment acquired abroad with intentionally limited characteristics (export modifications). As an option - their own crafts, more reminiscent of the replica of warships, as a rule, with foreign "stuffing."

Sometimes among the trash come across very decent samples, but they are too few to completely change the situation for the better.

Aircraft carriers

The whole story with the Indian aircraft carriers reminds a joke: theoretically, the Indians have three aircraft carriers. Practically, it has not yet been transferred to the Russian side by the Vikramaditya (impromptu based on the aircraft-carrying cruiser Admiral Gorshkov of the 1982 model of the year) and being built by the Vikrant, which is smaller than even the not too large Vikramadity.

INS Vikramaditiya

Both ships will not reach operational readiness soon. The only aircraft carrier in the ranks is the ancient Viraat, it is also the former British Hermes launched in the 1953 year.
All this is nothing more than the profanation of combat service, the Indians entertain their own pride and play in a real fleet "like the Americans." The real strength of the Indian Navy lies in a completely different plane.

Underwater fleet

The pearl of the underwater component of the Indian Navy is the leased Russian nuclear submarine K-152 “Nerpa”, which temporarily changed its name to “Chakra”. We can only congratulate the Indians on their excellent choice and sympathize with the Russian sailors that they lost such an atomic-powered vessel on 10 years.

The Hindus got the most powerful ship - the multipurpose underwater killer of the 971 project “Pike-B”. One of the most formidable and sophisticated multi-purpose submarines of the third generation.

Kshatriya caste. The growing power of the Indian Navy

Good Masha, but not yours. In addition, it is only one. Indians do not have their own submarines of this level, and are not expected in the near future. It is noteworthy that the similar name - “Chakra” was carried by another Russian boat K-43 - SSGN of the 670 “Skat” project, transferred to the Indian Navy under leasing conditions from 1988 to 1992 year.

The first Indian submarine of its own design should be commissioned as early as next year - at present, Arihant is undergoing comprehensive tests and a radiation safety test. The fierce desire of Indian sailors to enroll in an elite club of owners of nuclear-powered ships overshadows the only circumstance: “Arikhant” is a deliberately outdated project against the background of modern “Virginia”, “Sea Wolf” or Russian “Schuk”.

Ins arihant

The composition of weapons gives the Indians headlong - X-NUMX ballistic missiles K-12 Sagarika with a launch range as much as 15 km in a lightweight version (for comparison, the Russian SLBM R-1900RMU29 "Sineva" has a 2 11 km launch range). Why did the Indian navy need a dozen short / medium range ballistic missiles? Too weak to solve strategic problems, while completely ineffective in local wars. The answer is obvious - the technical lag of the Indian military-industrial complex. Creating a “blank” K-500 is much easier than the high-precision SLCM “Tomahawk” or “Caliber”.

As for non-nuclear submarines, here everything looks very decent among Indians: 4 German diesel-electric submarines Type 209 / 1500 and ten Varshavyanok of Soviet and Russian construction (one of them - Sindurakshak sank during the explosion in the port of Mumbai, 14.08.2013). Under the terms of the agreement, the Indians have no right to repair Varshavyanka anywhere other than Russia; Diesel fuel-submarines regularly undergo overhaul and modernization at Russian shipbuilding enterprises. During the modernization, part of the boats was equipped with sets of Indian electronic equipment and cruise missiles of the “Club” complex (an export version of the “Caliber” with a limited firing range).

In the coming 5-10 years, the Indian fleet should be replenished with another six French-Spanish submarines of the “Skorpen” type, equipped with an air-independent power plant in accordance with the Stirling engine type. Such ships are closer in their capabilities to nuclear-powered ships, they are able to continuously be in a submerged position for the duration of 2-3 weeks. At the same time, any submarines surpass any head in the “stealth” parameter (small size, absence of thundering turbines and pumps for reactor cooling circuits).

naval aviation

16 May 2013 The P-8I Poseidon first anti-submarine aircraft arrived at Rajali naval base - the Indians chose an American car as a replacement for the IL-38 and Tu-142, set back in Soviet times.

Boeing P-8I Poseidon on the Navy Rajali

Long-range anti-submarine aircraft IL-38 Indian Navy

"Poseidon" is a special version of a civilian aircraft Boeing-737, equipped with the most modern equipment for conducting maritime reconnaissance and detection of enemy submarines. Total Indian Navy plan to purchase 12 such machines.

The Russian MiG-29K was chosen as the main deck aircraft to replace the British “Sea Harrier”.

Among the helicopters, the Westland Sea King model helicopters prevail (American Sikorsky SH-3 assembled under license in Great Britain). A number of Soviet machines of the Kamov design bureau are used - anti-submarine Ka-25 and Ka-28, DRLO Ka-31 helicopters, as well as French helicopters Aerospatiale Aluett III.

Westland seaking

Surface component

The meticulous enumeration of monotonous designs, can cause boredom even among the most devoted lovers of maritime affairs. The surface battleships of the Indian Navy do not differ in their impressive abilities: despite eight projects of ships of the ocean zone, the Hindus never had anything like the British destroyer Daring or the Japanese destroyer URO of the Congo type.

“Delhi”, “Shivalik”, “Talwar”, “Godavari” ...

Two dozen completely ordinary squadrons of destroyers and frigates, mainly with Russian weapons and detection systems. The “Shtil” SAM, RBU-6000, AK-630 batteries, П-20 anti-ship missiles (export version of П-15 “Termite”) and X-35 “Uran” ... Everything is quite simple and not always effective, however, with side creates the appearance of a powerful and numerous fleet.

The destroyer "Mysore", one of the three ships of the type "Delhi". The largest of its own built destroyers, the flagships of the Indian Navy. Full displacement - 6200 tons. Crew 350 man.
The CODOG type GEM - two diesel engines and two afterburner GTEs, total power 54 000 hp Full speed - 28 knots. Navigation range - 5000 miles on 18 nodes.
- 16 PKR X-35 "Uranus";
- 2 air defense system "Shtil";
- 1 Israeli-made air defense system "Barak-1";
- Universal artillery caliber 100 mm, self-defense systems AK-630, RBU and torpedoes.
- 2 British anti-submarine helicopter "Sea King".

Among the more or less modern ships, there are real “dinosaurs” - for example, five Soviet BODs, 61-ME, despite their swift silhouette and updated project, this is just a variation on the theme of the Soviet “singing frigate” of the 1959 model of the year (named “singing "For the characteristic rumble of gas turbines). What are the only M-1 "Wave" anti-aircraft systems - a real rarity for the naval museum!
The Godavari or Nilgiri frigates look no better - improvisations based on the British frigate Linder of the early 1960-s.

The destroyer D55 "Ranvijay" project 61-ME

Among the Indian surface ships, the Talvar frigates are of particular interest - a series of six ships built in Russia from 1999 to 2013 a year. Excellent in every sense of the ships. Perhaps the best frigates in the world in terms of cost / efficiency.

On the technical side, Talvar is a deeply modernized petrel project of the 1135 Petrel: the latest combat systems in the hull using stealth technology have completely changed the look and purpose of the ship. Universal shooting complex on 8 cruise missiles "Club" or anti-ship missiles "BrahMos", anti-aircraft complexes "Shtil" and "Dirk", helicopter hangar - time-tested "Burevesnik" got a second life.

The frigate was so good that the Ministry of Defense of Russia ordered a series of four similar ships for the Black Sea Fleet (project 11356).

In the future, the Indian Navy should be replenished with three more Kolkata-type destroyers - the latest Indian destroyers will be equipped with 16 anti-ship missiles BrahMos, as well as installing a vertical launch on 16 cells - up to 64 anti-aircraft missiles Barak-1 and Barak-8 production of Israel.

All three ships have already been launched, it is expected that the leading Kolkata will be commissioned next year. However, it is reported that at the stage of construction, the Indians faced a huge amount of difficulties - the entry of the ship into service was delayed at least by 4 year. The final cost of the destroyer increased by 225% compared to the original estimate - as a result, the construction of the Kolkata cost the Indian budget 1,8 billion dollars. Approximately the same is worth a much larger and perfect "Orly Burke".

Also, in addition to large warships of the ocean zone, the Indian Navy has a developed fleet of corvettes, missile boats and ships to control coastal zones; a dozen landing ships, minesweepers, as well as an auxiliary detachment of naval tankers, military transports, training ships and oceanographic ships. The Indian fleet becomes like the multi-armed Vishnu, gaining versatility and the ability to act far from his relatives

Recently, another strategic project is being implemented - the naval base in Madagascar. The Indian Navy is preparing to defend its national interests in every corner of the Indian Ocean.

Indian sailors remain faithful to the precepts of a kshatriya warrior caste: they are obliged to protect anyone who asks them for help; they are forgiven for anger and violence, as this is their nature and necessary for them to fulfill their duty.

Indian Navy in international exercises: Tanker INS Jyoti and the destroyer INS Mysore, accompanied by destroyers of the Japanese Navy and the US Navy.
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  1. edge
    edge 3 October 2013 08: 22
    well, that’s very good. If NATO fleets in the oceans caught only Russian boats, then now let them rush between similar Indian and Chinese boats, you look, they’ll not sink those good Yes, and more opportunities are added to us .........
    1. Canep
      Canep 3 October 2013 09: 48
      Quote: hert
      - You look at the wrong people drown

      They (the Americans) will not drown anyone, they now smell of default, they would scrape grandmas for salaries.
      1. Geisenberg
        Geisenberg 3 October 2013 12: 28
        Quote: Canep
        Quote: hert
        - You look at the wrong people drown

        They (the Americans) will not drown anyone, they now smell of default, they would scrape grandmas for salaries.

        Tell the makeyin. the machine will be turned on and everyone will be paid.
        1. Lord of the Sith
          Lord of the Sith 3 October 2013 17: 38
          The machine did not stop. 85 billion a month is printed.
  2. Corporal
    Corporal 3 October 2013 09: 47
    "... are able to grind into powder any AUG of a potential enemy"

    I wonder who is this PROBABLE adversary?
    1. Apollo
      Apollo 3 October 2013 11: 14
      Quote: Efreytor
      I wonder who is this PROBABLE adversary?

      Most likely, because of graters on the border of Pakistan, China is also close by. In general, India should not be debited from the accounts, the player is a strong player who is rearming as soon as possible.

  3. vahatak
    vahatak 3 October 2013 09: 49
    The review is good, but why laugh at the Indians? They recently began to build a fleet and are still ahead of them.
    1. Santa Fe
      3 October 2013 20: 35
      Quote: vahatak
      but why laugh at the Indians?

      Have you ever seen such a miracle? Indian field artillery ...

      How do you have to be a stubborn drug addict to "reward" the fighters with such a gait?

      (fun starts with 01: 00)

      1. Ulysses
        Ulysses 3 October 2013 21: 00
        Thank you, neighing.
        Imagine. how they crawl around. belay
      2. saturn.mmm
        saturn.mmm 3 October 2013 21: 16
        Quote: SWEET_SIXTEEN
        How do you have to be a stubborn drug addict to "reward" the fighters with such a gait?

        This is not a walk, but a marching step. Well, here it is with the Hindus, for us it is cool.
      3. 0255
        0255 3 October 2013 21: 41
        How do you have to be a stubborn drug addict to "reward" the fighters with such a gait?

        and this gun of whose production?
        1. Santa Fe
          3 October 2013 21: 52
          Bofors. Sweden
        2. cdrt
          cdrt 3 October 2013 22: 05
          and this gun of whose production?

          Swedish FH-77 either Swedish or local licensed production seems
      4. vahatak
        vahatak 3 October 2013 22: 19
        Thanks for the video, of course; had fun, but still the Indians need to be compared with their neighbors who have their own cockroaches. Against this background, India is quite a normal regional power with great prospects.
        1. The comment was deleted.
        2. Santa Fe
          3 October 2013 22: 32
          Quote: vahatak
          must be compared with their neighbors who have their own cockroaches. Against this background, India is quite a normal regional power with great prospects.

          it is undeniable

          although western Pakistan is also burning (eastern, it is Bangladesh, unfortunately, was blown away and turned into garbage)
      5. lazy
        lazy 4 October 2013 16: 52
        I have such a suspicion that the British tried, well, they loved to neigh over the locals. By the way, the Greeks are also in the guard of honor funny pretzel
  4. 123dv
    123dv 3 October 2013 10: 16
    To maintain a balance of power in the world, it was necessary to support China and India in their military development programs.
  5. Magellan
    Magellan 3 October 2013 10: 26
    It is curious why "Bramos" has not yet been adopted by the Russian Navy?
    1. Poppy
      Poppy 3 October 2013 10: 40
      so I had the same question, especially after the next article comparing our and American ships
      1. bif
        bif 3 October 2013 13: 53
        bramos "truncated" version of the p-800 Onyx (more precisely, its export modification with a limited range of anti-ship missiles Yakhont), it has been in service with the Russian Navy since 2002
        1. Santa Fe
          3 October 2013 20: 34
          Quote: bif
          bramos "truncated" version of p-800 Onyx

          in what way is "Bramos" "truncated" in comparison with the p-800 "Onyx"?
          Quote: bif
          he has been in service with the Russian Navy since 2002

          Are there many Onyx carriers in the Russian Navy?

          spoiler: 3 coastal launchers "Bastion" and small missile ship "Nakat" of project 1234.1 (experimental impromptu).
          For comparison - the Indian Navy is armed with several hundred Brahmos, which are already equipped with up to 9 frigates (Talvar and Shivalik) + mobile coastal complexes

          MRK "Nakat" of the Russian Navy
          1. bif
            bif 3 October 2013 21: 38
            Quote: SWEET_SIXTEEN
            in what way is "Bramos" "truncated" in comparison with the p-800 "Onyx"?

            1. Range reduced (no more than 300km)
            2. An export version of the complex and missiles, the missile probably differs in a somewhat simplified control and guidance system.
            Quote: SWEET_SIXTEEN
            Are there many Onyx carriers in the Russian Navy?

            - SSGN K-452 pr.06704 - re-equipped for testing the anti-ship missile "Onyx" SSGN pr.670M. 03.09.1992/452/22.12.1997, the boat was renamed B-10, and 1986/1992/315, the Veliky Novgorod. Re-equipment of the SSGN was carried out at the Shipyard No. 8 in Polyarny from 30.05.1998 to 1992. The SM-1998 launchers were installed for the Onyx TPK (three TPKs in one launcher, a total of XNUMX launchers in place of the Malachite missile launchers). SJSC "Rubicon" was replaced by SJSC "Skat-M". The boat was excluded from the fleet and transferred to long-term storage of ARVI in the Ara Bay (Vidyaevo village) on May XNUMX, XNUMX. The anti-ship missiles were tested between XNUMX and XNUMX.

            - SSGN pr.885 - 8 PU SM-315 (24 anti-ship missiles "Onyx"), the first SSGN pr.885 (K-329 "Severodvinsk", serial number 160) was laid on 21.12.1993, the second - in 1996. SSGNs in the fleet were planned for 2004 and 2006. As of 2008, the first boat was redesigned and is being completed at FSUE PO Sevmash (Severodvinsk) The fate of the second is not clear.

            - SKR "Novik" pr.1244.1 - it was supposed to install 6 TPK in vertical launch installations. The ship was laid down on July 26.07.1997, 2004. As of XNUMX, it was not accepted for service.

            - frigate (SKR) pr. 22350 - June 2003 approval of the draft design (created on the basis of the SKR project pr. 1135.6), the first ship of the series was laid down on February 1, 2006 on the slipway of OJSC "Severnaya Verf" (serial number 921). The ship was named "Admiral of the Fleet of the Soviet Union Sergei Gorshkov". delivery of the lead ship to the fleet is planned for 2009. The laying of the second ship was planned for 2007. The total series is 20 frigates. Placing anti-ship missiles "Onyx" - 8-16 vertical launchers in front of the superstructure.

            - MRK "Nakat" pr.1234.7 - modernized in the mid-1990s MRK pr.1234. Installed inclined PU SM-403 (2 x 6 TPK). In 1996, an MCR with Onyx missiles was put into trial operation.

            - MRK "Scorpion" pr.12300 - by 2008 it is proposed to arm RTOs with missiles "Onyx".
            - The bastion and aircraft version "Yakhont-A" is intended for arming the MiG-29, Su-30, Su-32, Su-33, Tu-142 aircraft.
            "Bastion-P" 2010 starting position
            1. Santa Fe
              3 October 2013 22: 00
              Quote: bif
              1. Range reduced (no more than 300km)

              Onyx also has 300 km.
              Quote: bif
              An export version of the complex and missiles, the missile probably differs in a somewhat simplified control and guidance system.

              Which export?
              Hindus are now independently working on the Brahmos theme and are developing a super-rocket (emnip has already gone into series II Block II)
              Quote: bif
              - PLARK K-452 Ave. 06704

              In 2013 (and in the near future), the Russian Navy will have only one Onyx carrier ship - Nakat MRK + 3 coastal launchers

              Everything else that you have listed is either future projects or samples taken out of service (years ago 10)
  6. Skiff
    Skiff 3 October 2013 10: 48
    Indian sailors remain faithful to the precepts of a kshatriya warrior caste: they are obliged to protect anyone who asks them for help; they are forgiven for anger and violence, as this is their nature and necessary for them to fulfill their duty.
    Ltd. a cool rationale for animal instincts. wassat
  7. Xroft
    Xroft 3 October 2013 11: 04
    Here we would have new AWACS aircraft, both in the Navy and in the army. They wrote a large article about the need for their presence in modern realities
  8. Pimply
    Pimply 3 October 2013 12: 21
    Oleg, I’ll throw a tomato. This is not a review, but an Indian song to Bramos. Too sweet, sorry.
    Brahmos is a good rocket, but it is not a miracle or a panacea. Judging by your article, you need the whole fleet to be scrapped, and leave only this missile.
    1. Santa Fe
      3 October 2013 20: 27
      Quote: Pimply
      Judging by your article, you need the whole fleet to be scrapped, and leave only this missile.

      Well, you yourself came up with it, I didn’t say that

      What could be better than Brahmos for naval combat?

      But the fleet exists not only for battles in the open sea with the same stubborn romantics
      1. cdrt
        cdrt 3 October 2013 22: 12
        What could be better than Brahmos for naval combat?

        Well, two options - 60 Tomahawks in the RCC version (as an option for loading one Burke for anti-ship work) or ... AUG with AV type Nimitz laughing
        The first is not much worse (in combination with Aegis for self-defense), the second is better laughing

        However - probably there are no scenarios for the appearance of such opponents in the Indian Navy.
        1. Santa Fe
          3 October 2013 22: 25
          Quote: cdrt
          Well, two options - 60 Tomahawks in the version of RCC

          BGM-109B TASM retired from 10 years ago

          In addition, the destroyer could not launch them all at the same time (unlike the ubiquitous Brahmos, which are launched from dozens of different carriers)
          Quote: cdrt
          .AUG with AV type Nimitz

          Do you keep up against the full-fledged Su-30MKI aviation regiment?
          Quote: cdrt
          However - probably there are no scenarios for the appearance of such opponents in the Indian Navy.

          But there is Bramos
  9. washi
    washi 3 October 2013 15: 03
    I was interested in the headline: Kshatriya caste - i.e. warriors.
    But we also had such a caste. From it went the nobles, who transformed into a nobleman who ruined the country.
    Can send nafig Greek and Roman democracy, created on slavery and restore their own - Slavic.
    Where is the word of a warrior worth more than the words of a tradesman and a jester (stage)?
    Maybe you should introduce differentiated suffrage?
    Ready to ditch my life for the good of the Fatherland - more votes. If you want to engage in entertainment - there is no voice.
  10. Bear52
    Bear52 3 October 2013 15: 18
    Thank you for the article. But there is a little lack of information: an "old man" like "Hermes" - in the fleet? Are you flying? If so, which aircraft? Or, really, there are no aircraft carrier forces at all? .....
    1. Santa Fe
      3 October 2013 20: 24
      Quote: Bear52
      An "old man" like "Hermes" - in the fleet?

      Yes, due to a 5-year delay in the delivery of the Vikramaditya, the Indians undertook a major overhaul of the veteran and put Hermes / Viraat back into operation

      INS Viraat, the Navy's only aircraft carrier, is currently getting a major overhaul at the shipyard in Kochi which will allow it to serve till 2016.
      - New Delhi Newspaper, Updated: March 08, 2013 12: 40 IST

      Quote: Bear52
      Are you flying? If so, which aircraft?

      turntables "Sea King"
      fighters "British Aerospace Sea Harrier"
  11. kavkaz8888
    kavkaz8888 3 October 2013 16: 32
    "to restore your own - Slavic, where the word of a warrior is worth more than the word of a merchant and a jester (stage)"
    It should be.
  12. pinecone
    pinecone 3 October 2013 17: 28
    Comparison of the naval forces of India with the film studios of Bollywood is not accidental - after all, like any Indian cinema, the Indian Navy is a real trash. But at the same time, thrash of the highest level!

    It is not clear why the author needed to call the Indian Navy a foreign word meaning "trash".
  13. CARBON
    CARBON 3 October 2013 17: 37
    Against this background, laughter at the Indians. Their ships are inferior to "Daring" and "Arley Burke" - you can see the fleet is bad, so what?
    Take the number and year of commissioning:
    New ships
    1 nuclear submarine 2012,
    13DEPL pr.877 and pr.209 1986-2000,
    1 light aircraft carrier "Vikramaditya" 2013
    3 destroyers type "Daly" 1997-2001,
    9 frigates "Talvar" and "Shivalik" types 2003-2013.
    3 frigates of the "Brahmaputra" type 2000-2003.
    Under construction:
    1 nuclear submarine test
    2 nuclear submarines
    s diesel-electric submarines "SCORPEN" - laid
    1 light aircraft carrier, launched
    3 destroyers URO launched into the water are being completed.
    Add 5 bpc -61me (1980-1988)
    3 frigates "Godovari" (1983-1988) -which, by our standards, probably became obsolete?
    1. Santa Fe
      3 October 2013 20: 17
      Quote: CARBON
      Against the background of which laughter over the Indians.

      Against the background of

      US Navy
      Royal Navy of Great Britain
      Navy of the People's Liberation Army of China (Navy PLA)
      French Navy
      Japan Naval Self-Defense Forces (JMSDF)
      South Korean Navy

      Murasame-class destroyers, Japan
      1. CARBON
        CARBON 4 October 2013 01: 05
        And I do not dispute the clear qualitative superiority of the "old" maritime powers (USA, Great Britain, France, Japan). "The skill is hard to drink."
        PLA Navy-put on a par with the Indian. Although they build more and faster. But they also have different goals. China is getting cramped, and one wants to "comb" someone at sea, while the Indians think more about defense.
        South Korea is sorry bust.
        But with all the qualitative superiority, only the USA has total. England and France do not have such superiority in surface ships and submarines.
        It is sadder for yourself to compare their Navy with our fleet.
        1. Santa Fe
          4 October 2013 02: 08
          Quote: CARBON
          Navy PLA-put on a par with the Indian

          are you kidding ??

          Do the Chinese EMNIP 12 own nuclear boats (including 5-6 SSBNs)? - Chinas have been designing and building nuclear powered ships since the 1960's, ahead of India by the 50 years

          Hindus have not a single ship capable of providing zanalnoy air defense - the PLA Navy has at least 10 destroyers with S-300F air defense systems or its Chinese clones


          Navy of China and India are simply INCORPORABLE

          S-300FM launchers aboard the Chinese destroyer Type 051C. The phased antenna of the fire control radar and the Fregat detection radar is visible

          Chinese frigates on a visit to Malta. Worst of all, a few dozen of them were built

          Quote: CARBON
          China is getting cramped, and one wants to "comb" someone at sea, while the Indians think more about defense.

          China thinks of defense no less than India - why alone ballistic anti-ship missiles DF-21 and its own space reconnaissance and targeting system

          Hindus don't even have that.

          DF-21 Test Results

          Quote: CARBON
          South Korea is sorry bust.

          Not at all

          Koreans have only destroyers with zonal SAM and UVP Mk.41 - 12 pieces, more than all modern Indian destroyers and frigates combined.
          incl. three Aegis destroyers "King Sejion" (analogue of the American Burke)

          There are no nuclear powered ships, but in the ranks of the 3 boats with an air-independent installation on hydrogen elements (German Tip214, almost equal in combat capabilities of the submarine) + 9 diesels Type209

          NAPL Type214 at the berth of Navy Busan

          A small nuance - the Korean Navy is armed with the Hinmun 3 SLCM - a copy of the shock Tomahawks. The Indian Navy has nothing close

          Korean Aegis destroyer
          1. vahatak
            vahatak 4 October 2013 11: 08
            It’s clear that China is superior to India, but the reason is that the Chinese used to be involved in the arms race (and this is precisely the arms race), but at today's growth rate India is not inferior to China, and if you keep in mind that China will operate in two oceans, and India is only in one, then there their forces are comparable.
          2. CARBON
            CARBON 5 October 2013 03: 31
            Thank you for the answer. Sorry for the suggestion.
            2. The southern part of the Bay of Bengal.
            3. Two AUGs. Red-blue Chinese. Orange Green Indian.
            4. Composition.
            4.1. China AVU "Liaoning", 3 E.M. URO type 052D, 1 MPLATRK pr. O93 ("Shan")
            4.2. India AVL "Vikramaditya", 3 EM URO 15B ("Kolkata"), 1 MPLATRK PR 971. ("Pike-B")
            * AVU "Liaoning" -24 Su-33 (made in China)
            AVL "Vikramaditya" -12 MiG-29k.
            5. Experience and learning are commensurate.
            6. The conflict is local.
            7. The Chinese AUG is conducting an operation to protect maritime communications with Africa. Indian Navy counter-acting, catching with ... and counter-gang am . (Apparently, the insoluble contradictions have accumulated).
            8. Who will win?
            My answer is Hindus. Thanks to BrahMos and an umbrella over the MiG-29k compound.
            1. Santa Fe
              5 October 2013 04: 10
              Quote: CARBON
              My answer is Hindus. Thanks to BrahMos and an umbrella over the MiG-29k compound.

              Chinese nuclear submarines deployed in advance in the conflict zone are shooting them all.

              It also seemed that there was every chance of success. Alas ... (sinking General Belgrano, 2.05.1982)
            2. vahatak
              vahatak 5 October 2013 12: 42
              What about ground aviation? In the Bay of Bengal, the Indians will be under the cover of their aircraft.
    2. cdrt
      cdrt 3 October 2013 22: 23
      The thought made me laugh laughing

      Here is a very funny fleet of Hindus ...
      Well, in comparison with the Japanese, American, royal, French, perhaps yes, although it certainly surpasses the Indians only the US Navy.
      But in. If you compare with the Russian Navy - especially if we do not consider everything that is, but only combat-ready:
      We have:
      The incapacitated is actually a pre-aircraft carrier - well ... Perhaps, all the same, they will be able to weigh under the Su-33 according to anti-ship missiles. OK.
      One nuclear and two conventional cruisers - well, with them approx. Maybe the three of us will probably drown anyone who is letting in from under him.
      Destroyers - 2 destroyers and 8 BOD, 3-4 SKR, including 2 ancient 1135. Not to say that it is so much stronger than what the Indians have - in terms of number and power of weapons they are superior to the Indians, but comparable with them.
      Submarine - 16 Varshavyanka and foggy prospects for submarines with VNEU. Against 9 already Varshavyanka, 4, and the income of 209 submarines from VNEU. As if the rize and the state and prospects are more than comparable with ours.
      Submarines of different types - well, here we have the superiority. Well, the source of everything is

      Why am I? I need to be respectful to them somehow, nevertheless, a powerful, fairly modern fleet, with good sailors, with a great school, founded by RN. More respectful
      1. Santa Fe
        3 October 2013 22: 40
        Quote: cdrt
        although certainly superior to the Indians only the US Navy.

        all listed fleets have absolute superiority over the Indian Navy
        especially in terms of quality mat. parts and preparation l / s
        Quote: cdrt
        If you compare with the Russian Navy

        What for? Here, and so everything is obvious: one fleet is bent, the second blooms on the contrary
        Quote: cdrt
        a fairly modern fleet, with good sailors, with a great school, founded still by RN. More respectful

        at best, the seventh in the world. although the Russian Navy also doesn’t like it - how many did not plunder - even before the fig, what remains - what are the naval strategic nuclear forces alone (do the Indians have at least a semblance of low-frequency transmitters?).

        The complex of strong Soviet large landing ships and the sacred cow of the Russian Navy - "Peter the Great", which has a combat value like all Indian destroyers put together

        Do you recognize the photo? 43rd communication center "Vileika". Without this thing, the entire submarine fleet will turn into an incapacitated and uncontrollable pile of trash
  14. xomaNN
    xomaNN 3 October 2013 18: 34
    Paradoxical billionth country India wink The combination of slums and tens of millions of hungry and poor with breakthrough developments in rocket science. But in general, well done, military Indo-Indians, ships are exploited in exercises and in battles. True, how to end the analysis of the explosion on the submarine with its flooding?
    1. Uhe
      Uhe 3 October 2013 19: 34
      According to statistics in the economy, India is far ahead of Russia. Including the stratification of the population, and poverty, which in India is much less than in Russia. For example, 80% of the national. 1% of the population owns the wealth of the Russian Federation, and 40% in India. The level of corruption in India is much lower than in Russia. In general, to my deepest regret, we are far behind this country, which has become famous just for its luxury and at the same time poverty, venality of officials. And here we have long surpassed it in this, and our economy rests only on the Soviet stock and on natural wealth, while the Indians are developing industry very actively.

      Do not forget that the higher castes of India are the same Caucasians, the closest relatives of the Slavs who came to India and conquered this country, having recaptured it from the Mongoloids. Therefore, the poorest segments of the population come from the lower castes. But in India there is an extremely effective program for educating people from the lower castes of the working profession with the subsequent provision of work (well-paid by Indian standards), so they are now struggling with poverty very efficiently, and they are not tightening the screws on the population, unlike;).

      By the way, they have one problem - the rapid growth of the population of lower castes. And this despite the fact that for marriage you need to pay a tax of $ 5000, which is simply not up to them. Well, morality there is at a very high level, so the heyday of sodomy began, violence happens (more often against foreigners), but on the other hand they went the right way than the Chinese - they have no skewness in the number of men and women. In general, an amusing society built by our closest relatives. It is not for nothing that Sanskrit and Russian are the most similar of all European languages.
      1. cdrt
        cdrt 3 October 2013 22: 28
        the closest relatives of the Slavs who came to India and conquered this country, having recaptured it from the Mongoloids.

        It’s about the Mongols who repulsed India by the Slavic relatives (it is clear that the northern Indians are Indo-Europeans in large part).
        There are two options:
        1. You said a new word in world history
        2. Somewhere you get drop dead grass laughing
      2. 77bor1973
        77bor1973 3 October 2013 23: 19
        Judging by the way their ships are built, their corruption is even more abrupt than ours, and what is poverty is a subjective question “for some pearls are small, for others they are thick cabbage soup.” For example, according to the latest data in Russia, the poverty rate has decreased from 24% to 12 %.
    2. vahatak
      vahatak 3 October 2013 20: 00
      Quote: xomaNN
      The combination of slums and tens of millions of hungry and poor with breakthrough developments in rocket science.

      Sound familiar?
      1. Santa Fe
        3 October 2013 20: 11
        Quote: vahatak
        The combination of slums and tens of millions of hungry and poor with breakthrough developments in rocket science.

        Sound familiar?

        Switzerland? belay
  15. Ulysses
    Ulysses 3 October 2013 19: 42
    An Indian tanker (in the bottom picture) sent orders instead of a minesweeper to the head ??
    An interesting tactical decision. laughing
  16. Denis_469
    Denis_469 3 October 2013 21: 12
    I apologize to the author, but specially registered, to find out what the author generally knows about Virginia, since he writes this:
    "Arihant is a deliberately outdated project against the background of modern Virginias, Sea Wolves, or Russian Pikes."
    I don’t know which boat Arihant will be, but it’s unlikely to be worse than Virginia, because the real situation with Virginia is this:
    And part 3 I will write how the lead boat of the III series comes into operation

    I apologize to everyone for not restraining myself. Usually, sometimes I read a site to cheer up from sentimental stories about what the authors do not know about. But already such deep ignorance of the author of the article was very outraged. Therefore, I decided to register here and give a little explanation on Virginia 1 and 2 series. The 3rd series is still under construction.
    And the article about submarine air defense amused a lot. The author is so off topic that raises the mood gorgeous. Thanks for that article. So good for a long time did not laugh.
  17. moremansf
    moremansf 4 October 2013 16: 48
    Despite everything, the Indian Navy is growing, and the ship’s composition is being updated ... of course, far from the famous sea powers, but given that India has never claimed this, changes in person ... from the end of the line, here you are and a topic for discussion ...
  18. postman
    postman 6 October 2013 16: 29
    Quote: Author
    because, like any Indian movie, the Indian Navy is a real thrash

    Comrade Kaptsov ... I DON'T UNDERSTAND
    You mean the Indian Navy RUBBISH?

    Moscow - New Delhi, 2012 April 03– A scandal, unique for this country, broke out in India: the letter of the Commander-in-Chief of the Ground Forces, Lieutenant General V.K. Singh, to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh with a high security stamp got into the press. From a document released by the newspaper Daily News & Analysis, it follows: despite the fact that India has come out on top in the world among arms importers, the equipment of the army is in disastrous condition. First of all, this applies to tank troops and air defense. The Commander-in-Chief informs the Prime Minister that the tank troops "are deprived of the ammunition necessary to defeat enemy tanks." He gives a derogatory assessment to air defense systems, calling them "97% outdated," -.

    Minister of Defense A.K. Anthony Summoned to Parliament did not disavow the report of his subordinate, calling the main task “the search for those who leaked”. He promised to defend “every inch of the homeland,” accelerating the modernization of the armed forces, and called on the deputyto “prevent the demoralization of soldiers and fully support the prestige of the armed forces. ”
  19. catapractic
    catapractic 20 October 2013 11: 43
    there’s nothing to laugh at the Indians, the devil knows for himself what - we buy the Mistrals from the French, who don’t need them, and their shipyards in ... opera. India is quite a decent regional center of power and so far even such a collected with a pine tree fleet, it’s enough to control your region and the neighboring countries where its influence is strong (Sri Lanka, Bangladesh ...), as well as compete with the Pakistan Navy, which is also not the most powerful and not the most modern.
  20. Hektor
    Hektor 19 November 2013 17: 17
    Despite successful attempts to intercept the BraMos simulator target (American flying drone GQM-163 Coyote) using the PAAMS marine air defense system in ideal range conditions using external target designation, we can confidently state: at the moment there are no reliable means and methods intercepting indian super-rocket.

    Logic is a good thing ... especially when it excludes itself fellow

    In general, about the article ...
    Advantages of the Indian Navy:
    Proper financing, developed foreign cooperation, a wide range of types of ships allowing to carry out all types of tasks (at least in the Indian Ocean), strong ship and coastal aviation.
    The lack of advanced bases that actually limits the fleet only to the Indian Ocean zone, very weak shipbuilding (actually at the level of second-rate European countries), which clearly does not correspond to its composition and ambitions, the dependence of the Navy on overseas shipyards.