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AGM-176 Griffin missile will be used on ships

Modern local wars are often asymmetric, which creates new threats. A few days ago, the American company Raytheon, in conjunction with the US Navy, conducted tests on a new missile system designed to protect ships and combat boats from the attack of poorly armed formations.

The Mk60 missile system with the AGM-176 "Griffin" missile is supposed to be used to protect against small-sized high-speed targets trying to break through to the ship. This could be a motor boat with enemy manpower or some kind of watercraft equipped with a powerful explosive device and intended to attack a warship. The characteristics of the Mk60 complex allow you to destroy a target before it enters the zone of action of small-caliber artillery or machine guns mounted on a ship. Thus, the operation of the Mk60 complex provides a multi-layered defense against small surface targets that pose a danger to the combat ship.

On September 27, as part of testing the Mk60 missile system, a demonstration launch took place at the Point Mugu test site in the state of California. One of the patrol boats of the Cyclon type took part in the tests. In accordance with the test launch plan for the rocket, a light boat with a remote control tried to approach the ship. The calculation of the Mk60 complex in time discovered the training target and successfully hit it with a rocket. It is worth noting that this is not the first successful launch, during which the "Griffin" rocket, applied by the Mk60 complex, was able to hit a conventional target.

AGM-176 Griffin missile will be used on ships

The Mk60 complex consists of several modules that can be installed on any suitable ship or boat. On the ship mounted launcher and control panel. In addition to them, the complex includes the AGM-176 missile, delivered in a transport and launch container. This rocket was created in the middle of the last decade as a cheap alternative to widely used aviation AGM-114 "Hellfire" missiles. In its appearance, the Griffin missile is significantly reminiscent of anti-tank guided munitions, which is due to the widespread use of developments gained from previous guided missile weapons projects, including the FGM-148 "Javelin" and AIM-9X "Sidewinder". Currently, the AGM-176 missile is used in the US Air Force as an armament for combat helicopters and attack aircraft or unmanned aerial vehicles.

The AGM-176 guided missile with a length of about 1,1 meters has a starting weight of 33 pounds (about 15 kg) and carries an 13-pound (about 6 kg) high-explosive fragmentation warhead. Ammunition is equipped with a solid-fuel engine. When launching from a ship, a rocket is capable of hitting a target at a distance of 5,6 kilometers. The Griffin missile guidance system is a combination. Depending on the type of target, the calculation of the missile system can use the most appropriate guidance system. So, for the attack of fixed targets it is proposed to use inertial guidance system or satellite, receiving signals from GPS satellites. In the case of an attack of a moving target, the operator of the complex has the ability to direct a rocket using a semi-active laser system. As stated, the controls of the Mk60 complex have the most simplified interface, which greatly simplifies the work of the operator. When using a laser guidance system, it is enough for the operator of the complex to hold an aiming mark on the target. Highlighting the target and guidance missiles are made automatically. Allegedly, several variants of the attack of the target, differing from each other by the rocket's flight path, have been developed. Depending on the tactical situation, the operator of the complex can send a missile in a straight line or attack the target from above. Undermining the warhead can be made as a contact fuse, and on command from the remote.

Recent tests have confirmed the combat effectiveness of the new missile system. The official Raytheon press release cites the words of the representative of the US Navy, Captain M. Ledner. Representative fleet noted that the Mk60 complex provides the required accuracy and effectiveness of hitting targets. According to the management of the company Raytheon Missile Systems, which was engaged in the direct development of the complex and the Griffin rocket, the use of the Mk60 will ensure the safety of ships and minimize possible side effects without reducing combat effectiveness.

In the near future, the Mk60 missile system will be adopted by the naval forces and the United States Coast Guard. Thus, the AGM-176 "Griffin" rocket will expand the range of its tasks. Now this ammunition is used in versions intended for the air force and ground forces. Now the rocket will also be used by naval units. It is assumed that the use of missile systems Mk60 will allow in the future to protect ships from all sorts of attacks from the water, including with the participation of suicide bombers. The contract for the supply of missile systems Mk60 for installation on ships and boats of the coast guard may be signed this year.

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  1. tlauicol
    tlauicol 3 October 2013 10: 42
    it's time to get rid of bulky machine guns in favor of light air defense systems in UVP
    1. Nuar
      Nuar 3 October 2013 11: 14
      Quote: Tlauicol
      it's time to get rid of bulky machine guns in favor of light air defense systems in UVP

      Nikita Sergeevich, are you alive?
      1. vadim dok
        vadim dok 3 October 2013 18: 57
        We need not only air defense systems but also artillery
  2. abc_alex
    abc_alex 3 October 2013 16: 37
    I do not understand, but why the heck is it necessary? Cannon artillery fail to defend against "attack by poorly armed formations"? The destroyers are equipped with heavy-caliber artillery machines with advanced control systems, and a helicopter is at the stern.
    1. tlauicol
      tlauicol 3 October 2013 17: 41
      AK 630 weighs almost 4 tons (instead of it they put 16 SAM Barak), Falanks approx. 6 tons, Chestnut 9 tons. Complexes are not foreshortening, so you need to put a few on the ship. Huge weight and size characteristics, dead zones, number of moving parts, the need for frequent replacement of trunks, maintenance, etc., etc. Yes, and inferior in accuracy. All this is yesterday. We need light rockets in UVP. Even the Indians understand this
      1. Santa Fe
        Santa Fe 4 October 2013 19: 58
        Quote: Tlauicol
        630 AK weighs almost 4

        much more - installation (1,8 tons) + bed, cables and power equipment (800 kg) + ammunition (~ 2 tons, tape 2000 shots)

        + Ogem control radar MR-123 "Vympel" (5 tons with drives and control station)
        Also note that usually a standard ship battery includes two AK-630Ms - one shoots, one cools down

        The Yankees are all easier - the phalanx replaces the 2 AK-630 with Vympel, only 5 tons, compact installation

        An even simpler option:
        Mk.38 mount (MGL-25) - installation weight 1984 pounds (900 kg with b / c 220 shots)
        25 mm gun Bushmaster, 175 rds / min. One hit will smash the gum of the terrorists to shreds. The main thing is TIME TO DETECT. And this is a problem.


        Remote control from a gun of a similar purpose - EMNIP is "Millenium"

        No jokes with the Griffins, Phalanxes and Mk.38 will save the Yankees - in the event of a real war, only an armored belt will help.

  3. Starover_Z
    Starover_Z 3 October 2013 17: 02
    On a small boat or motor boat with a rocket and only up to 5,6 km - "From a cannon to sparrows" the system is called!
    And the cost of a missile system, against the cost of shells of high-speed ship artillery systems that are already on ships?
    Yes, plus a separate service charge ...
    Again lather money.
  4. ivanovbg
    ivanovbg 3 October 2013 17: 04
    A speedboat will not attack a warship on the high seas, but will jump out at a speed of at least 20 knots. (36 or more km / h) due to some cape or large ship. A helicopter will not help in any way, unless it is already in the air.

    Here it is necessary either automatic quick-firing cannons of caliber 20-40 mm or such special missiles of the near zone. There is little hope on machine guns alone. It is good if a normal fighter is on duty on a machine gun and carries out service strictly according to the charter. And if you get any slack or an old fighter decided to smoke weed or go away for a minute - the end of the ship.
    1. vadim dok
      vadim dok 3 October 2013 18: 59
      We need not only air defense systems but also artillery
  5. rosomaha
    rosomaha 3 October 2013 20: 44
    and the rocket "Griffin" has the designation AGM-175 or AGM-176, met both .. which is correct? Or are they different models?
  6. Fofan
    Fofan 3 October 2013 23: 03
    absolutely useless system and it pleases
  7. Zomanus
    Zomanus 6 October 2013 08: 39
    Well, the idea is interesting. Vertical take-off means a circular defense of one PU. Well, the question of course is the cost of the rocket, but in my opinion this is not worth saving. Of course, no one canceled the cannons, but it is also worthwhile to have such missiles on the 6-12.