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Media: Churchill used chemical weapons against the Bolsheviks

According to British historian Giles Milton, in 1919, Winston Churchill sanctioned the use of the new British chemical weapons against parts of the Red Army, which, according to the politician, should help the white during the Civil War, British media reported.

"Churchill authorized the use of chemical weapons against the Bolsheviks, "- cites the statement of the Milton Daily Telegraph.

According to the historian, many decades before the recent chemical attacks in Syria, Winston Churchill developed a plan for delivering chemical attacks on the Russian north.

Milton explained that Winston Churchill, who during the First World War held the position of minister of war, thereby wanted to help the whites in their struggle with the Bolsheviks.

“Under a big secret, the British developed a chemical weapon called the M Device, which was a projectile with a gas tank at the end. It was developed in military laboratories in Porton, Wiltshire, ”said the researcher.

The senior British military of the time considered the M Device "the most destructive chemical weapon ever invented."

Milton said that 50 thousand devices were loaded onto planes, and then dropped into the positions of the Bolshevik Red Army and the villages, which were controlled by the Bolsheviks.

According to Milton's research, chemical strikes using the M Device started at the end of August 1919, but were curtailed in September, because their effectiveness was lower than that which Churchill was counting on due to the wet autumn weather.
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  1. Airman
    Airman 2 October 2013 11: 59
    That's where the dog rummaged! The tests were held on our people, but why are our modestly silent about this?
  2. Altona
    Altona 2 October 2013 12: 01
    Well, now when will we start bombing? Crossing the "red line"?
  3. svp67
    svp67 2 October 2013 12: 05
    And why was Soviet propaganda silent about this? It turns out that no one noticed the very fact of using OM?
  4. Rattenfanger
    Rattenfanger 2 October 2013 12: 20
    Wai-wai-wai! It’s not kosher for the Britons, it’s all right: you just got ready to raise a chemical weapon, and here it is!) Before climbing to Assad, they now, in a good way, have to bomb in London, no?
  5. Thunderbolt
    Thunderbolt 2 October 2013 14: 02
    Welcome all!
    It’s hard to believe, because ours wouldn’t forget or forgive such a thing ... But it turns out that the bombing of our territory is chemical. weapons, but still not known type of hiding ??? What for?? Or in the fire of civil war, they simply forgot about this fact. But from the article it follows that the bombing was not single, and forget it ... and even if there were losses among the personnel of the igrazh. population.
    1. starhina01
      starhina01 2 October 2013 14: 45
      NO ONE IS FORGOTTEN NOTHING FORGOTTEN remembered the inscription in front of the fraternal cemetery
    2. SAG
      SAG 3 October 2013 02: 58
      And I do not doubt the truth of the article, it is so in English-Saxon to drop bombs on foreign settlements (including with civilians), knowing that they will not be able to answer you, at a time when the country is weakened by the civil war.
      And I assure you, for Churchill, there was no significant difference against the "whites" to use, or against the "red", or "green".
  6. kirieeleyson
    kirieeleyson 2 October 2013 16: 10
    Anglo-Saxons again. Empire of Evil.
  7. MolGro
    MolGro 2 October 2013 16: 25
    Yes, this bloody tyrant managed everywhere!
    Few people remember the 80 million people who died in the colonies of England because of the paper signed by the Churchill, 100 Irish castrated on his orders? And much more that this man has done!
    You can safely put this person on a par with Hitler !!
    1. Thunderbolt
      Thunderbolt 2 October 2013 17: 10
      Yes! with Ireland in general the situation was "bad". And the problem has not yet been resolved.
  8. koksalek
    koksalek 2 October 2013 18: 17
    it remains to pay a return "visit" by popular demand
  9. cyberdamn
    cyberdamn 2 October 2013 18: 28
    "Russian North"? there has always been "Russian north"
  10. Mails
    Mails 2 October 2013 19: 10
  11. Sergey Medvedev
    Sergey Medvedev 2 October 2013 23: 53
    He knew that Churchill was a bastard, but he didn’t think so. How many more blank spots in history!