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Pentagon inspectors found a 363 defect in the F-35 fighter design

When inspecting the program of creating an American strike fighter of the 5 generation F-35 (Joint Strike Fighter), inspectors revealed a 363 defect in the implementation of this large-scale US Department of Defense project.

As stated in the report of the Pentagon Inspector General, made public on Monday, “the deficiencies found may adversely affect the flight qualities of this combat vehicle and its reliability, and also lead to a significant increase in the cost of the program itself,” ITAR-TASS reports.

The inspection report notes that the creators of the new fighter, Lockheed Martin, five of its contractors, did not pay “proper attention to quality control,” which contributed to increased costs and the appearance of shortcomings that questioned the fulfillment of all safety requirements stated in the operational development of this multifunctional fighter.

The supersonic F-35 (Lightning II), created using stealth technology, should replace the obsolete AV-8B Harrier, A-10, F-16, F / A-18 Hornet, and British GR.7 Harrier and Sea Harrier aircraft.

In the future, some modifications of the F-35 will be able to carry nuclear weapon. The Pentagon expects to produce over 3 thousands of such fighters, including for foreign partners participating in the project, which has become one of the most expensive Pentagon military programs.

According to the latest data from the US Department of Defense, 2001 billion dollars have already been spent on this program, implemented since 395,7, and putting F-35 into service has been postponed due to numerous delays and problems on 2016.
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  1. Refund_SSSR
    Refund_SSSR 2 October 2013 09: 45
    I don’t understand, is this new information or a repetition of the old?
    1. Trailer
      Trailer 2 October 2013 09: 52
      This is not a reason to relax yourself.
      1. Refund_SSSR
        Refund_SSSR 2 October 2013 10: 30
        Yes, not about that.
        News with similar text flashed half a year or even a year ago.
        So the question arose, is this yet another "last year's sensation" or is it really a new check that revealed another four hundred violations?

        After the previous publication on the identification of violations, news soon surfaced that only a dozen problematic issues remained unresolved. And this was done only for a few weeks.
        Here and again de ja vu ... And even more so there is no reason to gloat because "iron" will fly, the United States will not abandon this project.
  2. AVV
    AVV 2 October 2013 10: 04
    This is a repetition for consolidation! Amerikosov will ruin this development at the end, a lot of money has already been swollen, and how much more remains to be invested !!! And the project, as it was raw, remains so raw !!!
    1. My doctor
      My doctor 2 October 2013 18: 37
      F-35 will destroy not the Americans, but most of the world. Everything that is done with American money is paid for by World resources. And it doesn’t matter what kind of resources, whether raw materials, labor, intellectual, but all willfully invested in the supremacy of a higher nation. Do not forget that American dollars are the world currency and there is no alternative to it.
      (even among precious metals crying )
  3. vietnam7
    vietnam7 2 October 2013 11: 52
    Quote: We refund_SSSR
    I don’t understand, is this new information or a repetition of the old?
    it seems old
    30.09.2013/35/XNUMX Pentagon ordered F-XNUMX seventh series
    © The US Department of Defense for the first time placed an order for the supply of F-35 Lightning II fighters for Italy and Norway, Defense News reports. Under the terms of the contract, the Italian Air Force will have to receive three fighters in the regular version of the F-35A. Two more aircraft of this type will be delivered to Norway. Production and transfer of aircraft to the customer should be completed by October 2016.

    Orders for aircraft for Italy and Norway were placed under a contract for the seventh batch of small-scale production of the F-35 (LRIP VII). This contract commits Lockheed Martin to collect 2016 combat aircraft worth $ 35 billion by October 3,4. Four fighters in the decked version of the F-35C will have to get the US Navy, six in the version of shortened take-off and vertical landing ─ Marines and 19 F-35A ─ Air Force.
    The contract for the seventh batch of F-35 was signed simultaneously with the agreement on the release of the sixth batch of LRIP VI. The total value of both transactions amounted to 7,8 billion dollars. As part of the sixth installment, Lockheed Martin will have to supply the Pentagon with 36 F-35 fighters for $ 4,4 billion. According to Reuters, according to the results of the signed agreements, the cost of the F-35 has significantly decreased.
    In particular, under the LRIP VI, each aircraft cost the US Department of Defense an average of $ 122 million. At the same time, the cost of F-35A fighters dropped to $ 103 million in LRIP VI and to $ 98 million in LRIP VII. The price of the regular version of the fighter for the first time during the development of the aircraft fell below the mark of one hundred million dollars. In general, the cost of LRIP VI decreased by 2,5 percent compared to LRIP V, and by six percent compared to LRIP VI VI.
    It should be noted that the indicated prices for Pentagon-bought planes concern only gliders, avionics and the entire spectrum of components and assemblies, with the exception of engines. The Pentagon buys power plants for the F-35 in separate contracts with the American company Pratt & Whitney. not everything is bad
  4. aleks.baa2012
    aleks.baa2012 4 October 2013 00: 40
    But as advertised on Discoveri, this F35 is such an unbeatable type, maybe everything lol .
    1. mikkado31
      mikkado31 4 October 2013 22: 56
      So far, the opposite has not been proved.
      1. Arabist
        Arabist 4 October 2013 22: 59
        Well, of course, how do you know if he has never participated in hostilities.
  5. samoletil18
    samoletil18 14 October 2013 14: 16
    I read about the F-22 and 35 for the first time in Krasnaya Zvezda in 1990. It's nice that they still have problems, but they identify defects, and therefore correct them. You have to be on the alert. They got burned with the F-117, now they will be very careful, then you will catch up with hell.