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Secret Stories - The Diary of a Runaway

The film is about the famous Soviet intelligence officer, who in 1938 year, being a resident in Spain, has disappeared. It was only in 1953, after Stalin’s death, that the world learned that 15 had lived in the United States for a person who was one of those who, undoubtedly, could call himself the “right hand” of the leader of all nations.
Among the countless special operations that this man carried out among the loudest are the recruitment of the famous Cambridge Five, the export of the country's gold reserves from Spain, the organization of the partisan movement in Spain, the flood of Europe and the USA with counterfeit money and many, many others.
The name of this person - Alexander Orlov, under this pseudonym, which Stalin assigned to him personally, he lived in recent years. Before 1969, the Soviet intelligence was looking for this man, but was looking not to destroy it, but so that Orlov could return to his homeland, where only honors were waiting for him.
Saving his family, saving his sick daughter, saving his own life, Orlov was forced to become a deserter. A defector, but not a traitor. It was he who knew the details of almost all the operations carried out by the NKVD, he was the one who was involved in recruiting most of the best agents of our intelligence, but the Americans would never know anything.

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  1. zstalkerzz
    zstalkerzz 22 December 2012 08: 22
    good film