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Self-propelled howitzer FH77BW L52 Archer (Sweden)

September 23 in Sweden was a long-awaited event. The Department of Defense Procurement (Försvarets Materielverk) took the first batch of self-propelled howitzer FH77BW L52 Archer (“Archer”) on a wheeled chassis. Four new combat vehicles adopted by the Artillerisystem called 08. About a year later, the Swedish Defense Ministry intends to receive a second batch of self-propelled artillery systems as part of 20 vehicles. In addition, 24 ACS for Norway will be built soon.

The long-awaited transfer of self-propelled guns to the customer was due to a number of technical problems. In accordance with the first contracts signed during the development, Archer self-propelled guns were to replenish the composition of the Swedish armed forces as early as 2011. However, during the tests of prototypes, some shortcomings were identified, which took some time to correct. As a result, the first batch, consisting of only four pre-production combat vehicles, was transferred to the customer only in September 2013 of the year. In the future, the Swedish army will receive serial equipment.

Separately, it is necessary to note the situation with the artillery in the Swedish army, which was formed as a result of the disruption of the delivery time of the Archer ACS. At present, the artillery of the armed forces of Sweden is represented only by the 9 artillery regiment consisting of two divisions. By the end of 2011, in view of the development of the resource, all the existing towed 155-mm howitzer Bofors FH77B were written off, which is why the Swedish armed forces completely lost any field artillery. Initially it was assumed that the new Archer self-propelled guns would replace the towed howitzers, but the problems accompanying the creation of self-propelled guns thwarted the implementation of these plans, and as a result, the army of Sweden had no artillery for almost two years.

The project to develop a promising self-propelled artillery unit was launched in 1995 year. In accordance with the terms of reference, the implementing organization had to develop an ACS armed with a modified FH77B howitzer of 155 caliber of millimeters. The customer demanded to increase the characteristics of the gun by increasing the length of the barrel. The result of the modernization of the howitzer was a modification of the FH77BW with a barrel length 52 caliber. Such a tool should be used in the new ACS. In addition, customer requirements implied the use of a wheeled chassis.

The preliminary stage of the project took several years. Only in 2003, the Swedish Ministry of Defense signed a contract with the company Bofors. This document provided for the completion of the project and the subsequent construction of serial self-propelled guns. In 2005, the first prototypes of the advanced ACS were built. Testing self-propelled guns began after the conversion of the company Bofors in BAE Systems Bofors.

The Volvo A30D with the wheel formula 6х6 was chosen as the chassis for the new self-propelled artillery. The chassis is equipped with a horsepower 340 diesel engine, which allows the combat vehicle to reach speeds on the highway to 65 km / h. As stated, the wheeled chassis can move through the snow to a depth of one meter. When damage to the wheels, including the explosion, ACS Archer can continue for some time.

An interesting feature of the Archer ACS chassis is the applied architecture. The A30D car is made according to an articulated pattern that improves maneuverability. In front of the chassis, above the first axle and to the articulation unit is the engine compartment and the cockpit. The engine and crew are closed by anti-bullet reservation corresponding to the 2 level of the NATO standard STANAG 4569. In the cockpit are jobs of three or four crew members. Depending on the nature of the operation being performed, there may be one or two weapon operators in the crew. The driver and commander are constantly present in the crew. On the roof of the cockpit there is a place to install a remote-controlled turret Protector with a machine gun.

On the back module of the articulated chassis are placed all the units of the gun. Above the rear axle of the chassis are the mechanisms for raising and turning the gun turret. Pointing guns produced by turning and lifting the entire tower. ACS mechanisms allow you to direct the gun vertically in the range of angles from 0 ° to + 70 °. Due to the characteristics of the wheel chassis, the angles of horizontal guidance are limited: the Archer can fire at targets in the front sector with a width of 150 ° (75 ° to the right and left of the axis). A double outrigger at the rear of the chassis is used to stabilize the machine when firing. In the stowed position, the gun module is rotated to the neutral position, lowering the barrel of the howitzer in a special tray, covered with covers. The dimensions of the base car required an interesting solution. So, when converting the ACS to the stowed position, the recoil devices of the gun move the barrel to the rearmost position, which allows it to be placed in the existing tray.

Wheel Arun Archer has a fairly large size. The maximum length of the combat vehicle exceeds 14 meters, width - 3 meters. Without the use of the Protector turret, the height of the self-propelled gun is 3,3 meters, and after installing this combat module it increases by about 60, see. Dimensions and weight of self-propelled artillery FH30BW L77 allow you to transport it by rail. In the future for this purpose it is supposed to use military transport aircraft Airbus A52M.

During the combat operation, the crew of the Archer self-propelled gun is constantly at its workplaces and does not leave them. All operations are performed by commands from the control panels. In this regard, all the mechanisms of the gun turret operate automatically. The main elements of the equipment of the tower are loading mechanisms. According to reports, instead of a single self-propelled system Archer uses two interacting with each other mechanism. One of them feeds 155-mm projectiles. Capacity mechanized styling - 21 projectile. The second loading system operates with propelling charges, supplied in the form of cylindrical blocks with a burning shell, resembling a charging cap. In laying the tower self-propelled guns Archer placed 126 blocks with propellant charge. When using a transport and loading machine with a cargo crane, it takes about eight minutes to fully load the ammunition.

Depending on the task, the crew of the self-propelled howitzer FH77BA L52 Archer can increase or decrease the total number of throwing mixture, changing the number of charges placed in the gun. With the maximum number of missile charges, the Archer self-propelled howitzer is capable of sending a projectile to a target up to 30 kilometers. The use of active-reactive or guided munitions increases the firing range to 60 km. The latter is claimed for the Excalibur adjustable projectile. ACS Archer can conduct direct fire, but in this case, the effective firing range does not exceed two kilometers.

Gun loading mechanisms provide firing rate up to 8-9 rounds per minute. If necessary, the crew of self-propelled guns can fire in the MRSI mode (the so-called barrage of fire), for a short time making six shots. On a volley in 21 shot (full ammunition) takes no more than three minutes. In developing the Archer self-propelled gun, the need to reduce the time to prepare for shooting and leaving the position was taken into account. As a result, the self-propelled gun can carry out part of the preparations for firing on the way to the position. Due to this, the first shot is made already after 30 seconds after stopping at the desired point of the route. During this time, an outrigger is lowered and a tower is brought into a combat position. After completing the fire mission, the crew moves the combat vehicle to the stowed position and leaves the position. It takes about 30 seconds to prepare for the departure from the position.

ACS FH77BW L52 Archer is equipped with a modern digital fire control system. Electronic equipment and associated systems allow the crew to perform all the necessary operations without leaving workplaces. In addition, automation takes on some of the important actions associated with the preparation for shooting: determining the coordinates of the ACS, calculating the required guidance angles and firing according to the MRSI algorithm. When using a guided Excalibur projectile or the like, automatics prepares the ammunition for firing.

As already mentioned, the first serial archer self-propelled guns were supposed to be delivered to the troops back in 2011. However, during the development, some problems appeared with a number of applied systems. It took several years to eliminate the shortcomings, which ultimately led to a breakdown of the deadlines. Even during testing and refinement, the first contracts for the supply of serial combat vehicles were signed. In 2008, Sweden ordered eight new SPGs, Norway - one. A few months later, the Scandinavian states decided to jointly finance the project. In accordance with the 2009 contract of the year, BAE Systems Bofors must supply self-propelled artillery to two 24 countries.

Negotiations are currently ongoing regarding possible export contracts. SAU Archer interested in military from Denmark and Canada. These states are negotiating the supply of a certain number of combat vehicles. It is known that Denmark can acquire no more than two dozen self-propelled guns. Until recently, negotiations were underway with Croatia. This country was going to buy at least 24 ACS FH77BW L52 to replace Soviet-made obsolete equipment. However, economic problems prevented Croatia from acquiring Swedish combat vehicles. As a result of lengthy comparisons and negotiations, the Croatian armed forces decided to buy from Germany 18 used PzH2000 self-propelled howitzers. Delivery of purchased self-propelled guns will begin in the 2014 year.

Combat and operational characteristics make self-propelled artillery FH77BW L52 Archer a worthy representative of its class of military equipment. However, some technical solutions applied in the project at one time led to the appearance of several difficulties. All this could have a negative impact on the project’s reputation. Because of the difficulties in developing Archer's ACS, the Swedish army remained without field artillery for quite a long time, and before the mass deliveries of the new ACS remain, it remains several months. It should be noted that even before the start of mass production Archer self-propelled gun attracted the attention of potential buyers in the face of third countries. It is possible that in the very near future new contracts for the supply of self-propelled guns will be signed.

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  1. xetai9977
    xetai9977 1 October 2013 08: 55
    "Archer" is one of the most advanced self-propelled guns today. Like all Swedish technology, the creators went their own way.
    1. Apollo
      Apollo 1 October 2013 09: 01
      Quote: xetai9977
      Like all Swedish technology, the creators went their own way.

      stock footage in the topic
    2. Akim
      Akim 1 October 2013 11: 04
      In Baku From Turkish self-propelled guns refused? And from their attack helicopters?
      1. xetai9977
        xetai9977 1 October 2013 12: 33
        No, and they don’t think. Self-propelled guns "Fyrtyn" will arrive in 2014. And the ATAK (helicopter) project has not yet been implemented.
    3. OffenroR
      OffenroR 1 October 2013 18: 06
      I think the PzH-2000 will be better .... if the claimed characteristics are true.
      1. OffenroR
        OffenroR 1 October 2013 18: 14
        And so the ACS is not bad .... they know how to make equipment to a Swede and constantly prove it .... that's just an expensive one they get ... You can make it cheaper ... for example: install this gun on a KAMAZ, and the cost of the ACS decrease by a third wink
    4. Civil
      Civil 1 October 2013 18: 39
      Over the peer, this howitzer, as if in first place, and on the Discovery and on the National Geographic, and on Weapons on all channels))
  2. Evgeny_Lev
    Evgeny_Lev 1 October 2013 09: 18
    But doesn’t anyone doubt the fact that the gun has a deviation from the tractor axis of only 75 degrees? Those. Target designation needs to be obtained on the go, and then decide on the positioning of the car.
    30 seconds on the first shot is certainly good, but again, you need to get target designation on the way and know exactly where the car will fire from.
    1. os9165
      os9165 1 October 2013 09: 40
      Everything is very good. to know exactly where the car will fire from is not necessary.
      1. Evgeny_Lev
        Evgeny_Lev 1 October 2013 09: 59
        in the sense of? And what then is "part of the preparations for firing the self-propelled gun can carry out on the way to the position"?
        Here at least you need to know where the goal is and where you are.

        Hypothetically, it can be assumed that you can do it alone, knowing the location of the target, such as automation makes online changes to the ballistic calculations, taking into account the movement of the gun. To do this, the Swedes need data not their zhipies. HZ Does the army of any state have the moral right to sharpen equipment for anyone other than itself?

        By the way, it is not written whether there is a proprietary aiming system, besides digital data acquisition?
  3. smiths xnumx
    smiths xnumx 1 October 2013 09: 34
    Base from articulated dump truck, like MoAZ
    I had to give birth to such a stuffed animal
    the Swedes always have some kind of perversion
    then road-based fighters, then tanks without towers
    1. datur
      datur 1 October 2013 10: 00
      Viking descendants, as always, make fun of their own way !!! laughing
    2. postman
      postman 1 October 2013 18: 04
      Quote: Kuznetsov 1977
      like MoAZ

      it is not articulated, but a self-propelled scraper based on the American "Terra Cobra" (test in 1947 VNIISstroydormash)
      Classic articulations available (s): Astra, Bell Equipment, Case, Caterpillar, Hydrema, JCB, Komatsu, Liebherr, Moxy, Terex, Volvo

      Quote: Kuznetsov 1977
      I had to give birth to such a stuffed animal

      I spent driving a Bell 40d - about 50 minutes at their training ground,
      There is no BEST PASSER.
      According to the parameter Ud. Fuel consumption per tonne kilometer and the preparation of transport infrastructure (roads: quality, slope), any quarry
      And the use of the base chassis A-30D-makes it cheaper that the entire artillery system, that its operation is probably an order of magnitude
      1. AlNikolaich
        AlNikolaich 1 October 2013 22: 31
        Quote: Postman
        According to the parameter Ud. Fuel consumption per tonne kilometer and the preparation of transport infrastructure (roads: quality, slope), any quarry
        And the use of the base chassis A-30D-makes it cheaper that the entire artillery system, that its operation is probably an order of magnitude

        I know the Volvo crocodile not by hearsay. Like a dump truck, a very cool car! Minus is a small resource, the drive is only on the front and middle axles. Very gentle, with weak service staff it is unrealistic to pour in! Such machines work at Volskcement ...
        They want to replace them with others ...
        1. postman
          postman 2 October 2013 03: 59
          Quote: AlNikolaich
          front and middle axle drive only

          is it some kind of budget or chinese option
          Quote: AlNikolaich
          They want to replace them with others ...

          Bell 40D !!! Only he, he will "pump" Volvo easily enough
          Taxis !!
          If not for scrap ..... 1 500 000 r piece (about)
      2. bask
        bask 1 October 2013 22: 38
        Quote: Postman

        I spent driving a Bell 40d - about 50 minutes at their training ground,
        There is no BEST PASSER.
        According to the parameter Ud. Fuel consumption per tonne kilometer and the preparation of transport infrastructure (roads: quality, slope), any quarry

        And the Bell 40D (40 tons) Postman, what’s not a quarry?
        BELL Equipment articulated dump trucks at its plants in Germany, South Africa and the USA. BELL is one of the three world leaders.

        Quote: Postman
        And the use of the base chassis A-30D-makes it cheaper that the entire artillery system, that its operation is probably an order of magnitude

        It must be added that the chassis of the Volvo A30D articulated dump truck (30 tons payload capacity) has increased cross-country ability and handling.
        Therefore, they chose a wheelbase under the self-propelled guns ,, Archer ,,.
        1. postman
          postman 2 October 2013 04: 07
          Quote: bask
          And the Bell 40D (40 tons) Postman, what’s not a quarry?

          I meant the classic quarry: Belaz, komatsu, etc.
          Type These:

          they require a road (canvas, SLOPE), overburden on them is generally difficult to implement
          do: in spite of a smaller gp, a larger number of drivers, they will carry more and with less fuel costs

          Quote: bask
          BELL Equipment articulated dumper trucks at its German plants,

          a bunch of photos, drank vodka with G. Bell
          There is a "tricky" mine near the plant, I advise you to visit it on occasion.
          note: in Germany they are assembled from car kits that come from a South African plant
          German: Engine - Mercedes (best for this class), Michelin (rubber), Body
          + painting at the factory

          Quote: bask
          have increased cross-country ability and controllability.

          Bell vs BTR want to demonstrate who whom
    3. bask
      bask 1 October 2013 22: 46
      Quote: Kuznetsov 1977
      Base from articulated dump truck, like MoAZ
      I had to give birth to such a stuffed animal
      the Swedes always have some kind of perversion

      This is not a perversion, but an excellent cross-country ability (at the caterpillar level). fellow
  4. Prohor
    Prohor 1 October 2013 11: 12
    If you make 21 shots at a decent range in 3 minutes, then the accuracy of such a shot will be no higher than that of the Grad.
    1. postman
      postman 1 October 2013 19: 36
      Quote: Prokhor
      21 shots at a decent range in 3 minutes, the accuracy of such firing will not be higher than that of the Grad.

      with what fright?

      - BAE Bofors / Nexter Bonus = 35km
      2011 Spacido Shooting for DGA: PRECISION INCREASED 4 times at a great distance without ALL GPS

      Technologies Junghans T2M and INSNEC, Spacido is based on a system that includes a multi-function electronic fuse, aerodynamic brake, software and muzzle radar.

      -Raytheon / Bofors XM982 Excalibur (up to 50-60 km) - DO WE TALK ABOUT ACCURACY?

      direct fire = shooting mode at 2000m (tank destroyer)
      forget about the "hail", find an artillery system with similar accuracy, accuracy, range and fire performance ????
  5. Prohor
    Prohor 1 October 2013 13: 27
    It is known that Denmark can acquire no more than two dozen self-propelled guns.
    Just in case, I looked at the map of Denmark: nothing new - next to Germany, Sweden, Norway, the Netherlands. Why Denmark artillery?
    APASUS 1 October 2013 14: 14
    They really went their own way. Somehow the Swedes have a sense of beauty! Here is another Swedish invention XX-20
  7. MilaPhone
    MilaPhone 1 October 2013 15: 07
    Cool disks camouflaged.
  8. vthrehbq
    vthrehbq 1 October 2013 18: 29
    A strange howitzer, while judging by the purchases by the Swedish army only a few pieces, we are talking only about advertising, an attempt to promote an unsuccessful project. 1. poor patency of the highway only and only in good weather 2. the problem with aiming, but in theory everything is fine but in reality everything is very bad ..
    1. postman
      postman 1 October 2013 19: 25
      Quote: vthrehbq
      1. low traffic only highway and only in good weather

      laugh, not knowing write crap:
      -high skew axis
      - large front longitudinal flotation angle (29 degrees for BELL, 23,6 degrees for Volvo)
      - Self-locking differentials of all three axes
      drive 6x6
      -WHEEL LOCK(there is a button right under the steering column in the floor)
      -distribution of traction (50% for the front axle 5% for the rear block) / Bela is better at 33% for each
      - Ground clearance 521 mm
      - The hinge system is located on tapered roller bearings / maintenance-free /
      -Volvo D13F = engine life 25000 hours
      -in curb A30D is able to reach speeds of about 60 km / h.
      All-wheel drive dump truck design allows the machine to get out from impassable dirt. Thus, the car does not get stuck and moves forward, even very slowly. Most importantly, this design of the car contributes to almost 80% cross-country ability in spring and autumn thaw and to overcome very steep climbs: 40 ... 50%.
      / This is for Volvo A30D, Bell 35D will buy Volvo
      Take a look: good weather? urban condition (highway) ???

      Quote: vthrehbq
      2. The problem with aiming, but in theory everything is fine, but in reality everything is very bad ..

      which one? what kind?

      firing range - more than 50 km
      highest mobility and deployment speed (30 seconds!), high rate of fire, long range fire, the use of high-precision ammunition "Excalibrur".
      GPS! UNIQUE ACCURACY, SELF-HAVING APPLIANCE MRSI mode (Multiple Rounds Simultaneous Impact)

      IN PRACTICE - EVERYTHING IS EXCELLENT, in your theories (sleep of reason) everything is bad
      1. postman
        postman 1 October 2013 19: 42
        Quote: Postman
        5% on the rear block

        true and 50% torque on the rear block
      2. AlNikolaich
        AlNikolaich 1 October 2013 22: 45
        Quote: Postman
        drive 6x6

        Nope, drive 6x4!

        Quote: Postman
        - The hinge system is located on tapered roller bearings / maintenance-free /

        Well yes, with the 500 watch resource!

        Quote: Postman
        -Volvo D13F = engine life 25000 hours

        This is where you saw such a motorcycle resource? Share on 4, and get real! (Do not believe the advertisement!).

        The only trump card in the Volvo D13F engine is its long service interval.

        Quote: Postman
        IN PRACTICE - EVERYTHING IS EXCELLENT, in your theories (sleep of reason) everything is bad

        On the contrary, in theory (advertising) everything is fine,
        but in practice ... well, the same is not bad, but not perfect, so to speak ...

        IMHO, the dump truck is not bad (better than the Chinese), but for the self-propelled gun you need a different chassis!
        1. postman
          postman 2 October 2013 00: 28
          [quote = AlNikolaich] Nope, 6x4 drive! [/ quote]
          What is NEA?

          we load, we study, model D is removed for civilians, but Ф essence is the same:

          I can say "sit" on this technique
          There is no need to dull, articulation without front-wheel drive is pointless.
          = ШСР - allows you to keep traction on all wheels, even on rough terrain, while serving to change direction.
          [quote = AlNikolaich] [quote = postman] 6x6 drive [/ quote]
          Do not smack nonsense
          Volvo is gone now, in Kemerovo TR Bell40D, 2006-2007, 9250,7800, 8900
          HINGE NATURAL, what to send the date card and photo of the hour meter?

          [quote = AlNikolaich] This is where in Volvo you saw such a motor resource? Divide by 4, and get real! (Do not believe the advertisement!). [/ Quote]
          Do not say stupid things, stupid things unreasonable
          do you have any idea about the Volvo D11F engine?

          Valve regulation 1N once a year or after 209 000 km
          [quote = AlNikolaich] The only trump card of the engine is a long service interval. [/ quote]
          .. on the A30D is Volvo D11F!!!
          If memory serves me right, the Volvo D13F- is mounted on an excavator
          Tell a fairy tale about your "only" trump card at YaMZ

          [quote = AlNikolaich] IMHO, the dump truck is not bad (better than Chinese) [/ quote]
          after such a statement I recommend to pass the idioten test, in Germany for free you can

          [quote = AlNikolaich] but self-propelled guns need a different chassis! [/ quote]
          It is possible and necessary = different concepts
  9. Technologist
    Technologist 1 October 2013 19: 04
    I looked at her at Discovery, an amusing little thing, unless of course everything said about her is true.
  10. Rus2012
    Rus2012 1 October 2013 20: 33
    Well, a beautiful toy for the Pepsi generation that grew up on World-Panzer-Vara :)
    And if you look at the real situation, is it possible to apply it in the Caucasus, for example, like "Msta"? Or in Syria, Libya ...
    I doubt it. For not even an aimed shot from "Exhaust" or from another large-caliber rifle will make the crew scatter. Not to mention the possible impacts on the roads (explosions, RPGs ... undiscovered fords ...) from the so-called. "local peaceful hostile population." Those. to use this device, isolation and sterilization of the theater is required. Under good road conditions (the Russian Arctic, even in general on the territory of Russia - does not roll. And thank God!). This means that it can only be used on its loyal territory and when the enemy, for example, is "across the river". In a working GPS, UAV ... and much more ...

    Ahhh, yes, I forgot, cool thing, to shoot avalanche-dangerous slopes, ice congestion, - in peacetime :))) Well, practice at the training grounds ...
  11. Yemelya
    Yemelya 2 October 2013 00: 16
    And 21 shells - not enough?
  12. Snoop
    Snoop 2 October 2013 05: 13
    The view is formidable and on the TTX paper is impressive, especially about mobility. But worthwhile equipment or not, it will be necessary to look at the practice of using an artillery truck in real combat conditions.
  13. DesToeR
    DesToeR 2 October 2013 21: 45
    Chassis for the operetta war. During the Second World War, during operations, up to 25% of trucks were lost due to shrapnel, mines and shell hits 20 ... 30mm. And this is in its rear, on controlled supply routes. The protection of a vehicle weighing 30t from 155mm is clearly weak (one artillery system weighs about 10t, plus ammunition). I agree that the machine will not hold a blow, and not only from ATGMs and RPGs - "antimaterial" rifles cal.12,7mm will do the same. By the way, does the second class of protection hold a bullet with an armor-piercing core from SVD?
    1. Rus2012
      Rus2012 3 October 2013 11: 29
      Quote: DesToeR
      Chassis for operational war.

      + 1!

      ... nevertheless, there are many who sing this hosanna ...
      Probably agitators and writers from all overseas and detractors of domestic technology ...
  14. bublic82009
    bublic82009 2 October 2013 21: 49
    such nonsense came out. Well, yes, it shoots not bad. Well, a lot of innovations. but this thing is poorly agile and not very passable. 14 meters road train. it can only be tied to well-paved roads.
    1. Witold
      Witold 8 October 2013 00: 16
      It was not created for Russian roads.
      1. Sura
        Sura 11 February 2016 16: 24
        Military equipment has no national roads, there are roads of war. And the roads of war can be anywhere. One of my brothers served as a carrier in the GSVG, I had to move around the settlements in jewelry, God forbid you hurt anything, but here as much as 14m try to fit into the turn.