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SpaceX launched a modified Falcon 9 with six satellites into orbit

The American private company SpaceX successfully launched the first launch of a modified Falcon 9 v.1.1 rocket with six satellites from the Vanderberg military base in California.

The launch of the rocket and the launching of satellites into orbit went according to a planned schedule, ITAR-TASS reports, citing representatives of the base.

The rocket delivered a Canadian meteorological satellite Cassiope, 500 kilograms, three mini-satellites Popacs, a satellite Dande, and also a Snaps nanosatellite created at Stanford University into orbit.

On the updated version of the Falcon 9, the Merlin 1D engines are installed, their position has been changed: the configuration with one engine in the center is now used, the rest are installed around it. Engine power, according to SpaceX, is 60% higher than in the previous model. The launch vehicle height is 69,2 meters, its weight is 480 tons.

According to SpaceX head Elon Mask, this "launch was not a test, the beta version of the rocket was launched." "The launch went well. All satellites are deployed in the target orbit," he said.

In turn, representatives of the Canadian Space Agency (CCA) noted that one of the tasks of the Cassiope meteorological satellite, the size of a desk and a mass of 481 kg, is to study the effects of solar radiation on the Earth’s ionosphere.

The device has two cameras that will record the processes occurring in the upper atmosphere, including the aurora borealis.

“With the help of this satellite, Canada expects to make a great contribution to the solution of the secrets of space weather,” the agency emphasized.

It is assumed that the satellite will rotate around the Earth in an elliptical orbit with the parameters: the height of the apogee - 1 500 km, the height of the perigee over the Arctic - 324 km.

The commercial carrier Falcon 9 has already made five flights before this, including three to put into orbit cargo modules for the International Space Station.
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  1. Wedmak
    Wedmak 30 September 2013 17: 23
    Competitors pulled even closer. Let’s launch the Angara faster.
    APASUS 30 September 2013 17: 29
    The Americans have brought up another competitor to you. We will use old technologies, these guys will push us from the market in 5-7 years
    1. Wedmak
      Wedmak 30 September 2013 17: 39
      So this is a private company. With money from NASA. It is unlikely that they have the resources of the state to develop more complex systems.
      1. Pimply
        Pimply 30 September 2013 18: 38
        Aviation, too, once developed largely on state money.
        1. The comment was deleted.
    2. AVV
      AVV 30 September 2013 22: 23
      This is a private company that brought out 6 satellites, And our state ones are either flying or not. The lack of personnel is affecting. Maybe the reform will change, then it’s impossible! And then the Chinese and Americans are breathing in the back of the head !!!
    MIKHAN 30 September 2013 17: 31
    I doubt that the "methiosatellites" ....
  4. Gur
    Gur 30 September 2013 17: 45
    -12 qualifying.
    Something did not fall apart from them but
  5. intsurfer
    intsurfer 30 September 2013 17: 46
    Here for some reason they did not write that they had one more task - to try to return the first stage of the rocket to Earth. But something they did not succeed there ...
    1. No_more
      No_more 1 October 2013 16: 56
      This is a slightly different project Space X - Grasshopper (Grasshopper). It is planned as the next step in reducing the cost of launches by returning to the ground the first stage with tanks and engines of medium launch vehicles Falcon 9 and heavy Falcon X.
      While the tests are carried out, there were no commercial launches.
    MIKHAN 30 September 2013 18: 57
    Oh, guys, it's not for nothing that all this is supposedly a "private company" launching "methio and communications" satellites .. There is a crisis in the states .. And then suddenly such a cool company makes private launches into space (this is a lot of money ..) I was minus and yet .. Very strange!
    1. DPN
      DPN 30 September 2013 19: 50
      In vain they are minus, the states managed to ruin the USSR, removing a political rival, now they show how to ruin the legacy of the Soviet Cosmos, Russia will go along this path and there will be no space. One private trader has already built a factory for the production of a vehicle; half of Russia is already riding on them, so it will be with Space.
  7. alone
    alone 30 September 2013 19: 12
    The commercial carrier Falcon 9 has already made five flights before this, including three to put into orbit cargo modules for the International Space Station.

    They know how to work. There is no cap-purchase at all. And no emergency. what
  8. starhina01
    starhina01 30 September 2013 19: 20
    how I would like to gloat bully but the bastards did not give a reason request
  9. GSH-18
    GSH-18 30 September 2013 19: 31
    Here amers have a private missile company, but we don’t have it .. Estimate, from a merchant, bribes are smooth. Who controls it? Under the commercial launch, you can bring anything. I wonder if there is any Amer law enforcement agency in the sponsors (generals) ?? repeat And so what do you say .. Well done of course.
  10. Scorpio
    Scorpio 30 September 2013 19: 50
    Well done! Maybe at least someone will begin to predict the weather normally. In general, it’s good when money is invested in science and not in new church churches and S-300
    1. GSH-18
      GSH-18 30 September 2013 20: 19
      Quote: Scorpio
      In general, it’s good when money is invested in science and not in new church churches and S-300

      Well, to create the S-300, you must first not sickly invest in science! And then, all science, without exception (which is worth something) is controlled by state (and not only) regulatory authorities. Here's an example for you: smart Japanese guys have built a new engine for the motor industry, which does not consume petroleum products at all (not electric!). Created a prototype, everything works! And no one gives money for the creation of mass production, that is, NOBODY at all, even banks! All by the fact that such inventions can easily leave without pants the current oil masters of the world. And there are many similar inventions. Only for some reason their authors do not live long .. request So today science will discover what they say crying
      1. No_more
        No_more 1 October 2013 17: 00
        There are sites like kick-starter for such more or less massive projects. Yes, and now there are funds specializing in innovation and investing in promising projects, again there are grants from various companies to governments and NGOs. If you look for investments on a global scale, you can find them if you want. And if they don’t invest at all, then maybe no one needs it at all and the truth is not worth the torment.
  11. FAO_48E
    FAO_48E 1 October 2013 00: 31
    Quote: GSH-18
    Here amers have a private missile company ...

    Actually, not a private missile company, but private missile companies: Orbital Sciences Corporation (, Bigelow Aerospace (, United Launch Alliance (ULA ) ( - the Boeing and Lockheed Martin space consortium), etc. And Space-X ( is more famous because it managed to break through farther than others in the design and construction of carriers and devices of low cost. In general, the move towards the use of private space companies has the goal of creating a real market for launching spacecraft into low Earth orbit in order to bring down the launch price and turning the process of near-Earth launches into a routine transport procedure (which the Shuttle could not fit into), which, among other things, it would allow NASA to completely (or almost completely) leave the near-Earth business and concentrate on breakthrough deep space exploration projects.
    Quote: GSH-18
    Estimate, from the businessman of a bribe of a smooth.
    From a merchant’s bribe, they are smooth (or not smooth) for as much as the market allows ... that is, about as much as they would be smooth with an air transport company such as DHL, FEDEX, or Volga-Dnepr that took the cargo on board and then ditched it.
    Quote: GSH-18
    Who controls it? Under the commercial launch, you can bring anything. I wonder if there is any Amer law enforcement agency in the sponsors (generals) ??
    There is no secret here. Since the launch was made from Vandenberg, it was controlled by the 30th Space Wing, more precisely, its 1st aerospace test division, which launched the device from the 4th Launch Complex (and regulatory control was carried out by NASA). By the way, here is their news release In principle, Elon Musk, the CEO (this is like the general director) of Space-X does not hide that he is not averse to squeezing ULA on the issue of launches in the interests of the US Air Force. By the way, if you are interested, here is a more detailed discussion on the topic of this launch and startup load (plus a bit of background): -launc
    h /.
  12. voliador
    voliador 1 October 2013 01: 00
    So this is a private company. With money from NASA. It is unlikely that they have the resources of the state to develop more complex systems.
    And in your opinion, the launch vehicle is a simple system? Then we can say that our "Proton" is also a toy.
  13. viktor_ui
    viktor_ui 1 October 2013 05: 41
    It’s very good news and I’ll try to knock for a certain audience - WHY ... Ros Cosmos, in its current incarnation, with its top completely rotten, EXACTLY, is essentially a mirror image of the state of AvtoVAZ - the same half-century use of OLD developments, the hell knows how much dough for him, at this stage, only leads to an increase in the number of disasters with more and more heavy. the consequences, and I still have not seen a single product from the 21st century, and everything that is shocking in terms of novelty has legs from the USSR. The costs of the specific technologies of this private office and our great and terrible Ros Cosmos are simply not comparable and we have a very interesting result on the exhaust: for someone whose dough doesn’t stink all over the district, but for a small shibzdik with an immeasurably small budget, Undoubtedly, uphill with the speed of a running hare, and many times the snail that has been managed has only been able to haughtily smite _mord_. In my understanding, Ros Cosmos is already PHYSICALLY unable to give out macro products ..., reeling in the plan: either they are going to Mars, or to the Moon, or at the Lagrange point, or on the Moon, or in a local orbit, they dream of building their personal station - they dream and apparently they don’t have a feeble salary and pay ... so I hoped it would be like in that joke: I killed him, not for what I caught with my wife, but for what he promised to return - MEEEKTATEL.
    We have a lot that got stuck in the last century in their deeds and personally to me such HISTORICAL offices that simply must be at the forefront of technological progress, as a taxpayer DOES NOT NEED for space AVTOVAZ should throw back its hooves, and from under the crust that is crumbling from it just must get out "QUEENS, HUMAN AND GLUSHKOVS OF THE XXI CENTURY", and "effective" managers-dreamers IN THE TOP OF HISTORY from the space industry.
    I have one last question: why do priests with censers of demons do not drive in this office - they came and got rid of all this snickering high-ranking horned brotherhood and there will be a true respect from me for you bully
  14. No_more
    No_more 1 October 2013 16: 49
    I never thought that an article about this event would appear here. And I respect Elon Musk, a person in the future wants to live now. Having money, he did not sleep on his laurels, but decided to invest in innovation. He showed that "space is expensive and not profitable" has long been a myth on which many parasites feed. Space is not always charity and losses, but often a business, and a profitable one.
    By the way, this is his only project, but one of the most notable.