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Syrian tectonic rift

Syrian tectonic riftThe Syrian Arab Republic is a relatively small state in the Middle East. Until 2011, the state is calm, not threatening to its neighbors, quite secular, thanks to which people of different religions get along peacefully, Christian churches stand next to mosques, believers of different faiths communicate freely and friendly with each other. The authorities equally respectfully treat Christian and Islamic shrines, protect and preserve them. And this tradition stretches from ancient times.

Perhaps because Syria was the first Christian state. On the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic, amazing monuments of world culture have been preserved and preserved. And, naturally, the question arises: why did this beautiful and calm country suddenly turn into an arena of bloody battles? And one more question hangs in the air: why is the United States of America - more precisely, the political and business elite of the USA - so excited about the crisis in Syria and ready to gouge the most beautiful cities with tomahawks, ruin historical artifacts of ancient culture, destroy thousands of innocent people? Have Americans really fallen in love with al-Qaeda, religious fanatics after September 11, 2001 and want to make all Arabs happy? Then why not concerned Americans to put an end to the fratricidal massacre in Iraq, which the United States destroyed as a centralized state?


Somehow, everything that happens with the imaginary concern of the American policy of protecting the civilians of foreign countries does not fit. Too odious looks a number of "protected" by American minorities. In the FRY, these are Albanian drug gangs, which the special services and the US State Department, up to the middle of the 90-s of the last century, were listed as terrorist organizations, but which suddenly urgently reformed and became innocent victims of the “Milosevic regime”. In 2003, Washington suddenly burst into tears over the violation of the rights of the Shiite minority in Iraq, which the “evil Saddam” wanted to poison with poisonous gases. And weeping with compassion, George W. Bush launched a war to destroy the Iraqi Republic, in order to ensure the rights of the Shiites and Kurds, while at the same time not believing the findings of a group of international chemical inspectors arms (Blix group), who failed to find such in the presidential palaces of Saddam Hussein. And the account of the victims of the “humane” war in Iraq amounts to hundreds of thousands of people. And the Shiites, for the sake of which the Americans destroyed the state, are today the main enemies of America.

We will not find the answer to the questions posed above until we understand the essence of an empire called the United States. If you look into the history of the United States, you can find a stable political tradition - to destroy, rob, exploit, covering it all with their own invented theories, strategies, standards.

Forcibly arose on the American continent, the state required: first, to protect its independence from Europe; second, to motivate the destruction of the indigenous peoples of the American continent and the seizure of their lands; thirdly, constantly build up our own wealth by seizing new territories and establishing control over them, expanding slavery. The struggle for democracy, human rights and the freedom of other peoples appeared later, in the twentieth century, when the world radically changed the Soviet Union and the American elite needed to come up with a smokescreen to continue the old policy.

To understand the essence of the policy of Washington, I will cite several historical examples. 1640 year, meets the New England Assembly, the future US Congress. The question is being discussed: how to justify land acquisition from local Indians in a “legitimate” manner? A resolution is adopted: since all the land belongs to the Lord God, and the Indians are atheists, their territories rightfully belong to the Europeans who came to the American continent. Naturally, those who resist are subject to destruction on "legitimate" grounds. And Indian civilizations are cut down to the root. 1823 year, the US Congress approves the Monroe Doctrine, which declares the entire Americas continent as the US patrimony.

Next: the nineteenth century, adopted as a legislative act the so-called "Theory of Frontiers" by F. Turner, which legalized slavery and racism. It argues that wild, barbaric peoples have no rights, since they are not political nations. And the intervention in the affairs of these "inferior" nations is the duty and obligation of the United States. "The theory of predetermined fate" J. Strong, (1885): "This race (Anglo-Saxons) is intended to force some races out, others to assimilate, and so on until all of humanity is anglo-Saxonized." J. Bargees, geopolitical theorist, statesman (1904): “Intervention is a right and a duty of political nations towards non-political ones, since there are no human rights at the barbarity stage”. But Admiral Alfred Mahan (1840 – 1914) is still considered to be the main geopolitical strategist of the United States. I think it is worthwhile to cite some of his thoughts, especially since he expressed “tenderness” in our address. So, I quote the admiral: “Sea power is a special type of civilization destined for world domination. America’s maritime fate, and this “manifest” fate lies at the first stage in the strategic integration of the entire American continent, and then in establishing world domination ... Fighting Russia, with this continuous continental mass of the Russian Empire, stretching from western Asia Minor to the Japanese meridian East is the main long-term strategic task for the sea power. ”

Developing the Monroe Doctrine (in terms of territorial integration), Mahen demanded to prevent integration processes from the enemy ... (Apparently, following Mahen’s precepts, Mrs. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, hearing Vladimir Putin’s proposal on the Eurasian Union, nervously shrieked that the United States would not allow this. - LI). Eurasian powers (Russia, Germany, China), according to Mahen, should be strangled in the rings of “anaconda” - squeezing them at the expense of coastal zones taken out of control and blocking, if possible, the exits to the sea spaces. His quotation about the fate of the Russian people deserves to be given in more detail: “To start mastering the whole strip of southern Asia between 30 and 40 degrees of northern latitude, and from this base gradually push the Russian people to the north. Since, according to the laws of nature that are obligatory for all living things, with the cessation of growth, decline and slow dying begin, the Russian people, who are tightly locked in their northern latitudes, will not escape their fate. ” (A. Mahen. “The Influence of Sea Power on the History of 1660 – 1783”. 1890).

So, in American geopolitics, one can clearly see the self-conceit of God's chosen people, a focus on world domination, conquest and robbery of other nations, pronounced racism. I will note only one more American passion - to destroy first of all the objects of world culture: Leipzig, the shrines of Kosovo, Babylon, Libya, now Syria. Such a hobby.

What has changed in Washington’s policies after World War II and the beginning of the twenty-first century? Nothing significant. World domination as a geopolitical idea and goal-setting the US elite remained unchanged. But strategy, tools and methods are changing. Here strategists and methodologists work tirelessly. What is only Z. Brzezinski alone with his theories of “controlled chaos”, “world crisis arc”, “controlled instability”, “humanitarian intervention”, etc. Since the end of the twentieth century, the methodic J. Sharp (Einstein Institute, USA) “From Dictatorship to Democracy,” where scenarios of color revolutions, organizing mass riots, overthrowing regimes are clearly stated. 198 recommendations outlined in a specific sequence. The latest "achievement" of American strategists is the "pre-emptive war" proclaimed by George W. Bush and enshrined in the US National Security Strategy 2006 of the year. The essence of this war consists, firstly, in the fact that its content is geopolitical operations; and secondly, the goals, objectives and stages of these operations are completely different than in classical wars. The first stage is the overthrow of “dictatorial” regimes and bringing “democracies” to power. The second (very interesting) is the construction of a new nation. And only then, after the completion of construction (re-settlement of the country), is the economic recovery envisaged. At the same time, “building a new nation” is not only filling the target country with migrants from other countries, but first changing the mindset of the citizens of the conquered country, so that the results of this conquest are permanent, better — forever.


Probably would not be quite correct to assert that the Syrian society and the state all right, between the government and the people reigns harmony. Arab East, as the core of Islamic civilization has its own historical and cultural features of their model values, formed the archetype of man.

The special features of the Arab tradition include:
- slow development, a conservative attitude to change;
- adherence (sometimes fanatical) religion (orthodoxy behavior);
- rejection of alien (Western first) values;
- the need for an authoritarian leader.

The UN places the Arab region among the most undemocratic parts of the planet, but just Syria is considered the most democratic among Arab countries.

The geopolitical position of the Arab (Islamic) world in the system of civilizations of the XXI century:
- The Islamic world (more than 1,5 billion people) has not yet found its place in the geopolitical structure of the 21st century as a world civilization;
- The Arab East, like the entire Islamic world, does not have its own geocivilizational project;
- Arabs failed to find an acceptable formula for combining historical tradition, religion and the modern direction of development;
- The Arab East is fixed in the position of the global “village” supplying raw materials and cheap labor to the countries of the West, and now to the East (the GDP of the Arab world is 21, Spain’s GDP is seven times smaller than in the Arab countries - 280 million person);
- for the Arab world, the catching-up development model is characteristic: after the fall of the USSR, the model of Arab socialism collapsed, there is no new model;
- The Arab world has become uncompetitive both in the West and in the East (in 2005, domestic investment in the Arab world amounted to 8 – 10 billion dollars, foreign investment more than 1 trillion dollars.).

Socio-economic situation in the region:
- on average unemployment covers more than 15% of the population;
- Arab youth and women are seriously lagging behind in intellectual development (the number of non-attending schools at the age of 12 – 17 reaches 40%);
- in the Arab world, three times less scientists per 1 million people than in the rest of the world;
- The brain drain from the Arab region over the past 20 years has grown almost 20 times, losses from it amounted to approximately 250 billion.

The Arab world, being the historical core of Islamic civilization, is far from homogeneous, not consolidated, does not have its own geopolitical development project in the current twenty-first century. So, it serves as an object for other global forces and is included in their projects. The raw material type of the economy even with the prosperous material situation of the population freezes the development of education, culture, science, production, and hence the development of society and the individual. One of the reasons is external interference in the affairs of the region, the implementation of geopolitical concepts and strategies of the West. After all, in the 20s of the last century, a British intelligence resident Lawrence of Arabia wrote to London: "The objectives of Britain’s policy in the Middle East are to force Arabs to fight against Arabs for British interests."

And again in Syria and Libya, all these negative manifestations were less pronounced than in the rest of the Arab world.

Why Washington was so angry Damask

In the Syrian Arab Republic, the development of the state and society is built on a secular basis, taking into account the moral foundations of the historical, national and religious traditions. There is a high proportion of Christians among the Arab population (about 15%), there is no inter-confessional discord. The state strictly monitors the maintenance of civil and inter-confessional peace, suppresses the manifestation of Islamic and other extremism. The country's leadership pays serious attention to education, the development of scientific knowledge, the creation of modern productions. And one more point: among the Arab states only Libya, Syria, before Iraq and to a lesser degree Yemen and Lebanon tried to conduct an independent foreign and domestic policy and be friends with Russia.

With such countries are severely cracked down. The Syrian people are also constantly under military pressure from the United States, Israel, and NATO. After all, after the betrayal of Egyptian President Anwar Sadat and the defeat of Iraq, Syria consistently continued its struggle against Israeli occupation of Arab territories, provided assistance to the Palestinian resistance, supported Lebanese resistance to Israeli aggression, accepted Iraqi refugees. And she aggressively combined independence with a policy of peaceful resolution of all conflict situations. The political strategy of the president of the UAR Bashar Assad, the leadership of the republic as a whole, a serious attention to the issues of defense and security of the country, the socio-political unity of the Syrian society, orientation to Russia ensure an independent course of development.

However, in Syria there are a lot of negative moments in the socio-economic sphere, which created the ground for discontent among a part of the population, stimulated immediately from abroad. Plus, the long-standing state of emergency and the Security Service’s activities in its conditions created the potential for political discontent. The young leader of the country, Bashar Asad, elected president of the SAR after the death of his father, an outstanding statesman and international figure, Hafez Asad, in 2001, felt the need for reform of the Syrian state and society. However, the conservatism of the Syrian elite, external hostile (Israel) and watchful (monarchical and pro-American regimes of neighbors) environment did not allow them to carry out.

The author had a chance to have detailed conversations with the presidents of ATS Hafez Asad and Bashar Assad. The impression from these meetings: the leaders of Syria deeply understood the processes taking place in the Arab world, lived by the problems of their own country, sought to give new impulses to its development. The revolutionary events in North Africa, especially in neighboring Egypt, allowed the Syrian President to offer the society a constructive program of transformations, as a result of which the creative potential of the Syrian people will unfold, the country will make a breakthrough in its development, the society will acquire new democratic features. In 2011, Bashar Asad proposed to the public to discuss drafts of a new Constitution, laws on political parties, on media, on elections, a program to modernize the economy, education, and abolished the state of emergency. The Syrian public is actively involved in the discussion of presidential proposals. But let's think: how profitable is it for the United States, Israel, the “golden billion”? Their goal is to keep the Arab world scattered, hostile, impoverished, undeveloped. And most importantly - to prevent the Arab unity, the revival of Islamic civilization. That is why the constructive proposals of President Bashar Assad for the modernization of the state and society caused alarm among the opponents of Syria, since they could become an example for neighboring countries. In addition, Syria is an ally of Iran and a friend of Russia. Western and Israeli intelligence services launched the “color revolution” geopolitical operation, and the US cyber command created in October 2010 started working.

The operation began

In early February, 2011, in the building of the secret CIA mission near Istanbul, a closed meeting was held, which was headed by the US Undersecretary of State. ATS vice-president, ministers, and other corrupt former officials who fled from Damascus were summoned to the meeting. The heads of the special services of Turkey and a number of Arab states actively participated. In mid-February of the same year, microblogs are launched in Arabic and Farsi, where Syria and Iran are posing a threat not only to the region, but also to the entire “civilized” world. Experts of the Academy of Geopolitical Problems in April 2011 of the year noted that Gene Sharp's recommendations “From Dictatorship to Democracy” are actively disseminated in microblogging in Syria.

Since March 2011, the headquarters of the future Free Syrian Army has been formed in Turkey, the recruitment of fighters from various countries begins, and camps are being prepared for future refugees. Then everything is practically known: militants - mercenaries from the territory of Turkey are attacking Syrian border posts, attacking border settlements and stealing their population to Turkey, where they are awaited by refugee camps. Al-Jazeera, Al-Arabia and others screamed the whole world about the uprising of the Syrian people against the “bloody regime of Assad.” In Homs, protest rallies are held, attacks on police stations are being carried out at night, Ba'ath Party activists, officials and civilians are simply being killed who refuse to go to protest rallies. Bashar Assad limits the rights and functions of the Security Service due to the cancellation of the state of emergency. The army remains in the barracks, the police are forbidden to use weapons. The country is widely discussed a program of modernization of the country. Opposition rallies are beginning to thaw, the former vice-president of the UAR, who lives in Paris, refuses to head the future regime, the other “candidates” for democratic dictators are small, and they avoid participation in the revolution in every possible way. In early June, 2011, feeling the beginning of the failure of the operation, the ambassadors of the United States and France make an unprecedented step in the history of diplomacy - accompanied by their military attaches, without notifying the Syrian Foreign Ministry, they leave for Hama, come out at the rally platform, continue to call on Assad and continue fighting under the slogans "Down with the bloody regime." The author at this time just talked with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the SAR, a wise man and a highly qualified diplomat. When I asked the minister what Russia would do in such a case, I replied that it was an open interference in the affairs of a sovereign state, a clear violation of international norms on diplomatic missions, and such “diplomats” should leave the host country within 24 hours. The Syrians, in order not to aggravate the conflict, limited themselves to a note of protest.

What the US, its European satellites are pursuing, of course. But what do the American satellites in the conflict region want to fuck - in particular, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and others?

Let's start with Turkey. At the beginning of the 2000s, there was a turnaround in Ankara’s policy in favor of rapprochement with Syria and Iran. Turkey has taken an anti-American and anti-Israeli stance, and talks and consultations with Damascus and Tehran on the Kurdish issue have become regular. It came to the threat of a military conflict with Israel in connection with the detention and inspection by Israeli “commandos” of a Turkish ship that was trying to deliver humanitarian aid to the Palestinians. Before Prime Minister Erdogan and President Gul, there was a prospect of becoming leaders of Islamic resistance to the West and Israel. Naturally, the Americans took appropriate measures and “accidentally” threw Ankara a plan to reorganize the Greater Middle East (General Petraeus’s plan), where a significant part of the territory is being shredded from Turkey, as well as a color revolution plan, which resulted in several independent states in the current Turkish territory. Besides, the commissions of the US Congress began to actively discuss the issues of the Armenian Genocide in 1915, the recognition of the government of Western Armenia in exile.

Intensified American and Israeli intelligence agencies, NGOs, the opposition movement began to stir General Gul, living in the States, in the Turkish language began to spread tips J.. Sharpe. In the western media have compromising on the Prime Minister of Turkey. Erdogan hint understood and agreed again to faithfully serve the same masters.

That Turkey belongs to the most provocative role in the Syrian drama. We have already talked about the breakthrough of the Syrian-Turkish border. The world media reported about the "random" flight of airplanes into the Syrian airspace of a Turkish military aircraft, as well as the subsequent deployment of NATO air defense systems. Recruitment and training points for militants have been deployed in Turkey, and their transfer to Syria has been organized. Chemical weapons were delivered from Turkey to militants fighting against Syria. In the plans of the US military operation against Syria, the Turkish army plays the role of a ground invasion force, which all other US allies refuse. Plus from Ankara runs the biggest lie about the situation in the SAR. For all this, Erdogan was promised the northern territories of Syria, his personal well-being and abstention from the color revolution.

Saudi kingdom. The events taking place in North Africa frightened King Abdullah and the Saudi elite in earnest. In Riyadh, it seems, they understand that it is much easier and cheaper to organize a coup and remove the monarchist family from power and its subsequent crucifixion than in Libya or Syria. Plus, the capital of the Saudi oligarchy is kept in American banks, and their owners are very impressed by the fate of Muammar Gaddafi and the foreign exchange reserves of the Libyan Jamahiriya, when the Americans declared such money as a dictator and simply appropriated, forgetting to share with the French and the British. And this is almost a trillion dollars. Plus the hostility with Iran, which is gaining political and economic power in the region, despite the Western blockade.

The royal elite was frightened by the events in Egypt, where the Muslim Brotherhood came to power — not without US help — by no means sympathetic to the Wahhabis and the Saudis who were fattened by petrodollars. Therefore, Saudi Arabia became the main sponsor of the military coup in Egypt and agreed to compensate the military authorities for all the losses from disobedience to Washington by Egyptian generals. The same can be said about Qatar, Bahrain and other participants in the anti-Syrian conspiracy. About the same Jordan, it is unclear by whom and how involved in this conspiracy and daily feeding the "Syrian opposition" a few hundred mercenaries from two camps for training terrorists located on its territory.


I understand that it is too early to sum up the final results, but even the intermediate results of the Syrian drama are impressive. The Syrian people stood before a carefully planned by the United States and generously endowed with armed aggression. It was the Syrian people who supported their president and fought for their country, for their future. Attempts by liberals, neo-fascists and homosexuals of the West, their agents in Russia to imagine that only Alawites and members of the Asad family are on the side of Bashar Assad are untenable. The Syrian people have already won, standing before the united forces of the West and the regional puppets of the American oligarchy.

This victory has a global dimension: for the first time after the collapse of the USSR, Americans are losing the geopolitical game. On the side of a small Syria, a large part of the world community led by Russia spoke. And this is very significant. Russian initiatives were supported by a group of BRICS countries (more than 3 billion people), the SCO (with observers also about 3 billion), some European countries (refused to support or participate in aggression), the whole of Latin America, the majority of the US population and even the Joint Chiefs Committee US headquarters. In the entire anti-Syrian campaign, Russia and China acted together, although not always decisively, especially in the first stage of the aggression.

And a number of notes. It was Russia represented by Vladimir Putin and Russian diplomacy who committed a noble act in relation to the Nobel laureate Barack Obama, indicating the way out of the impasse in which he had driven himself. The threat of voting in the US Congress against the military operation in Syria was real, after which the American president would become a “lame duck” ... And America, mired in global debt (under a hundred trillion dollars), frozen in economic development (450 cities in a state of stagnation or bankruptcy ) and losing political weight in international affairs, could go into a dressing.

Another note. In the Syrian crisis, the beginnings of the new world are clearly marked - the world is not at all American. First of all, it is Russia, which ceases to follow orders from Washington without a murmur, it is a slowly forming Eurasian Union, then the SCO, BRICS and, I suppose, further on, as a snowball, the whole changing world. The United States, in its attempts to destroy the post-war international security system and revive fascism implicated in perverse liberalism and homosexuality, remained alone. But triumph early. The wounded American beast is still strong, and the forces that have lost in unleashing a big war for profits and world domination are capable of anything. The strongest minds of war customers are now working on the “big provocation” operation, which will make war inevitable. One must be vigilant and offensively develop the emerging success into a strategic victory of goodness and justice.
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  1. serge-68-68
    serge-68-68 30 September 2013 08: 52
    -24 qualifying.
    In this article, Ivashov proved his complete inconsistency as a theoretician. His reasons for the aggressiveness of the United States from the 17th and 19th centuries do not stand up to criticism, demonstrating the author's complete ignorance of the context of the political actions he describes. Using the concept "people", which is completely meaningless from a political point of view, he proves his inconsistency as a political scientist. A military executive would not have climbed into political theory.
    Syria has become a "tectonic rift" primarily because the Russian Federation has decided to put an end to an unrestricted attack on its interests at distant approaches, just as it had done the same in its "underbelly" (Georgia) before. If it were not for this desire of V. Putin and not for the weakness of B. Obama, there would be no "rift", but there would be another semi-hot point of conflict.
    1. 31231
      31231 30 September 2013 10: 11
      Well then, you can call not only Baran Khasidovich a wimp, but also most of the US residents and congressmen. Do you really think that Obama would show his strength by deciding against the majority of America ?! He would just show his stupidity even more.
      1. serge-68-68
        serge-68-68 30 September 2013 11: 03
        -14 qualifying.
        If Obama were a real leader, he would have hit Syria without waiting for additional support on the wave of general confidence in Assad's guilt, and then he would have hit him. And he would have been right on the principle that "winners are not judged." Similarly, no one condemned Bush for Iraq and Putin for Georgia. They chewed on snot, chewed - and fell silent.
        1. 31231
          31231 30 September 2013 11: 40
          Already hit in Korea and Vietnam. With the current dissemination of information, his own citizens would be torn to pieces by him.
          There they have a Macintosh, that doooo would hit. Only he is not a lucky little, he would have tamahawks could safely get past some Israel.
          1. serge-68-68
            serge-68-68 30 September 2013 12: 51
            Threatened already. And in Iraq and in Libya ... And the bump in place.
            1. 31231
              31231 30 September 2013 16: 07
              And that Russia and China were on the side of Iraq and Libya ?! What did the USA have such a shitty economic situation as it is now? Menstruation and menopause come to any hegemon.
        2. DEfindER
          DEfindER 30 September 2013 11: 44
          Quote: serge-68-68
          If Obama was a true leader, he would hit Syria

          By this he would show his lack of independence as a politician and inability to answer for his words, because his campaign slogan was the end of wars, and social programs for the population.
          1. serge-68-68
            serge-68-68 30 September 2013 12: 53
            Come on. "By doing this, he would show his inflexibility in upholding democracy around the world and his willingness to face difficulties and costs in the name of an idea !!!!" the American media would say, and everyone else would repeat after them.
        3. Ihrek
          Ihrek 30 September 2013 13: 17
          I doubt that everything would be so smooth, otherwise he would hit. Rather, it smelled like a big war. After all, they are not amateurs sitting there, they have calculated everything.
    2. Dazdranagon
      Dazdranagon 30 September 2013 10: 22
      Quote: serge-68-68
      His justifications for US aggressiveness from the 17th and 19th centuries do not stand up to criticism
      - i.e. Indians and blacks are not cut?

      Quote: serge-68-68
      If not for this desire of V. Putin and not the weakness of B. Obama
      - more than all the desire of Putin. He hinted that the missiles would not have reached Syria. At the same time, there would be no conflict between us and America - "eliminated the possible threat to our base in Tartus."
      1. serge-68-68
        serge-68-68 30 September 2013 11: 05
        -11 qualifying.
        Tired of ignoramuses to help.
        1. Learn political history.
        2. Learn geography.
        1. Dazdranagon
          Dazdranagon 30 September 2013 11: 16
          You are the smartest along the way. Do you read American-Israeli books? laughing
          1. serge-68-68
            serge-68-68 30 September 2013 12: 06
            Learning from the enemy is much smarter than boasting of one's own exclusivity and assuming that by covering the "base in Tartus" the Russian group of ships will not only cover the coast of Syria, but the whole of Syria from cruise missile attacks. Of course, I am not the smartest, but how stupid are you? Maybe it's worth reading books after all? At least the Russian ones. :)
            1. Dazdranagon
              Dazdranagon 30 September 2013 13: 21
              Rude, dear, where is your dignity ?!
              Quote: serge-68-68
              how stupid are you
              - in order to understand that the Americans in the 17-19th century (the British and other European evil) arranged genocide for the indigenous population? And the fact that our ships were a deterrent in Syria?
              1. faraon
                faraon 30 September 2013 15: 49
                It’s no secret that Russia had nothing to put up in this conflict to demonstrate its power. There was no full-fledged grouping in the Mediterranean, so they gathered from all fleets and sent it. Well and added the BDK for mass.
                Carefully read on this resource all that relates to the Russian fleet and its power. No matter how regrettable it is to say that there is something. For the states they did not pose any military threat, much less a deterrent.
                1. 31231
                  31231 30 September 2013 16: 11
                  Well, for mass added BDK.

                  This is the first time I see such a rationale for the presence of the BDK in the Eastern Mediterranean. Yes, Jews have their own "geese".
         30 September 2013 20: 17
                  The BDKs were sent to transport weapons; nobody will check them.
                  1. gunnerminer
                    gunnerminer 1 October 2013 00: 47
                    The BDKs were sent to transport weapons; nobody will check them.

                    To increase the visible number of ships. This was designed for citizens of the Russian Federation. The coalition command, and so it was clear that they are BDKs of forty years old. Plus the placement of two reinforced companies of the Marine Corps. A hasty Mediterranean group.
                3. Rusich51
                  Rusich51 30 September 2013 22: 13
                  Quote: faraon
                  For the states, they did not pose any military threat, much less a deterrent.

                  But I do not agree with this. Having shown determination, Russia showed that it is able to restrain the aggressiveness of not only amers, but also other cannibals.
                  1. gunnerminer
                    gunnerminer 1 October 2013 00: 49
                    But I do not agree with this. Having shown determination, Russia showed that it is able to restrain the aggressiveness of not only amers, but also other cannibals.

                    Just the same! The fighting in Syria does not stop for a minute.
                4. gunnerminer
                  gunnerminer 1 October 2013 00: 47
                  It’s not a secret to anyone that Russia had nothing to put up in this conflict to demonstrate its power,

                  To increase the visible number of ships. This was designed for citizens of the Russian Federation. The coalition command, and so it was clear that they are BDKs of forty years old. Plus the placement of two reinforced companies of the Marine Corps. A hasty Mediterranean group.
                5. Dazdranagon
                  Dazdranagon 1 October 2013 08: 32
                  And the Jews generally behaved like vile dogs - without declaring war, they attacked the territory of a sovereign state! Cowards, traitors and just G. Neither honor nor dignity! hi
                  1. Corneli
                    Corneli 1 October 2013 08: 42
                    Quote: Dazdranagon
                    And the Jews generally behaved like vile dogs - without declaring war, they attacked the territory of a sovereign state! Cowards, traitors and just G. Neither honor nor dignity!

                    De jure they are at war. Syria itself does not even recognize this state. So "righteous anger" about an attack "without declaring war2 is inappropriate.
                    1. Dazdranagon
                      Dazdranagon 1 October 2013 13: 07
                      All the same, Israel behaves like a jackal - it bites stealthily!
                  2. gunnerminer
                    gunnerminer 1 October 2013 12: 52
                    And the Jews generally behaved like vile dogs - without declaring war, they attacked the territory of a sovereign state! Cowards, traitors and just G. Neither honor nor dignity!

                    Whom did the Government of Israel and the IDF betray? Assad or something? The peace treaty with Syria has not been signed. The Syrian government supports how Hezbollah and its detachments can. The blows were carried out on objects of defense. Assad had to create an air defense complex, engage in army, and not talk about victories over the opposition.
      2. 30 September 2013 20: 11
        The Indians were mostly plagued by European diseases, from which the Indians did not have immunity, while Negroes were imported from Africa as slaves.
    3. DEfindER
      DEfindER 30 September 2013 11: 22
      Quote: serge-68-68
      His justifications for US aggressiveness from the 17th and 19th centuries do not stand up to criticism, demonstrating the author’s complete ignorance of the context of the political actions described by him.

      Well, if you think that there was no genocide of the Indians, then where then are these very Indians whom it is almost impossible to meet in the United States? And where is at least one US president with Native American roots? Even a black man became president because the former slaves fought for their rights, and the Indians are just physically few to fight for something?
      Quote: serge-68-68
      Syria has become a "tectonic rift" primarily because the Russian Federation has decided to put an end to the unrestricted attack on its interests on the distant approaches,

      Partly you are right, but if you look, the interests of Russia specifically in Syria are negligible compared to the interest to preserve international law. This is the main meaning of the defense of Syria.

      Here is an interesting link:
      Complete List of All War Crimes of the United States of America
      1. serge-68-68
        serge-68-68 30 September 2013 12: 12
        That's because Christmas trees, sticks ... :)
        Speaking of Ivashov as a failure, not knowing political history, I had in mind that using the context of the 17th and 19th centuries any state can be accused of war criminal roots and genocide of both the indigenous and its own population. And, following the logic, any man is a fratricide because Cain killed Abel. In addition, in the 17th century, the future US Congress consisted of an overwhelming majority of the British, and therefore this crime is rather a crime of the English crown against the native population of America. You cannot take an event out of context and sculpt it anywhere else, just because you really want to blame someone.
        And in the 19th century, almost all the leading states were marked by racism against Aboriginal people (the British had such a fashion and asked it, the Americans and Germans picked it up), with the exception of Russia (and even with reservations), but the latter was engaged in oppressing its own serfs, and in the beginning of the twentieth century engaged in the destruction of their own people with perseverance worthy of better use.
        1. The comment was deleted.
        2. grandfather
          grandfather 30 September 2013 20: 51
          serge-68-68 you are not competent and prove your ignorance of history, and you are also trying to teach someone.
    4. Rusich51
      Rusich51 30 September 2013 22: 08
      Article Unconditional +
      In many ways I agree with Ivashov. First of all, the intervention of amers in the internal affairs of the Syrian state. As a matter of fact, in the internal affairs, by the way, both Russia and all post-Soviet states.
  2. Dimy4
    Dimy4 30 September 2013 08: 55
    ... committed a noble deed against the Nobel laureate Barack Obama ...

    Do not flatter yourself that this nobility will be appreciated. Yes, and there is no noble cause in politics, it is just necessary that such a large ball as the United States does not burst immediately, and is quietly blown away. The first portion of air has already been released from it.
  3. mirag2
    mirag2 30 September 2013 08: 58
    All have long been known to everyone who at the moment is uncomfortable for the states and their allies is the enemy. An international court and others have been created and are working on this subject.
  4. avt
    avt 30 September 2013 09: 14
    request Dap many beeches composed in tricky words. One could just cite one quote, this one -------, back in the 20s of the last century, the resident of British intelligence Lawrence of Arabia wrote to London: “The goals of Great Britain's policy in the Middle East are to force the Arabs fight against the Arabs for British interests. " ------- and do not strain your geopolitical brain anymore. Although, if, in accordance with the new fashion, it simply winds up the number of scientific publications on the counter, well, to get what title is no longer in your geoacademy, but in some state scientific institution, then it is understandable.
    1. gunnerminer
      gunnerminer 30 September 2013 13: 44
      "The goals of British politics in the Middle East are to force Arabs to fight Arabs for British interests."

      + 100!
  5. Arabist
    Arabist 30 September 2013 10: 22
    And again Ivashov. And again, the article is in the style of an old man who has become clear at the end of his life and has begun to sing laudatory odes to the current regime. It looks rather disgusting, at first we are controlled from Washington and here we are suddenly pursuing an independent policy. Then we can’t make new equipment and don’t have an army, and here we are a superpower. Dear, you decide who we are and what is with us. And then how the pen-turned-picture has changed. Not funny, not small, after all.
    1. a52333
      a52333 30 September 2013 11: 01
      AHA, I agree with you. A strange change of tone. Well, God bless him. The article is good. An interesting point of view on the general IQ of the Arab countries and the Maghreb countries. I didn’t think about it. hard to disagree. Well displayed are the motives and throwing of Turkey. THOSE. that. what lies on the surface, such as the Qatar pipeline, has already been discussed, and this aspect was in the shade. Asked what is called the author of a topic for thought. good
    2. gunnerminer
      gunnerminer 30 September 2013 13: 46
      And then how the pen-turned-picture has changed. Not funny, not small, after all.

      Yes. Secretary General L. Ivashov, a man who has gone astray.
  6. Budilnik
    Budilnik 30 September 2013 11: 15
    As always, Ivashov writes very correctly. More such appearances in the media. unfortunately they were all bought by the partners ...
  7. eplewke
    eplewke 30 September 2013 11: 50
    Sakharov is not enough for these Americans ...
  8. v.lyamkin
    v.lyamkin 30 September 2013 12: 04
    In fact, the USA is a state without history and its culture. Rabble, adventurers, etc., came to America from around the world. And I agree with the US assessment given by the author of the article.
    And about Syria, in my opinion, an interesting thought was born, but, unfortunately, utopian. Right now, about 100 thousand bandits and terrorists have gathered from all over the world on the side of the so-called opposition. If only the UN could prove itself as an international organization that cares about the whole globe. Adopt a resolution requiring:
    1. To provide assistance to the government army.
    2. Ring around the whole of Syria with international forces.
    3. Together with the government army, destroy the entire opposition army.
    In the war in Syria, the main forces of terrorist organizations are probably involved. How much calmer the world would become for a while.
    1. gunnerminer
      gunnerminer 30 September 2013 13: 49
      3. Together with the government army, destroy the entire opposition army.

      It reminds the idea of ​​fighting small rodents - to drive everyone under the closet and quickly file the legs.
    2. alone
      alone 30 September 2013 21: 48
      Do you know what is the position of Russia on the Syrian issue? exclude interference in the problem of any third party. That is, no one should support one side or another by military actions.
      Quote: v.lyamkin
      3. Together with the government army, destroy the entire opposition army.

      By offering this, you simply cross out the work of the Russian Foreign Ministry. If someone starts military operations on the side of the Assad, the rest will support the other side, and a regional fire with a huge glow is ensured.
    3. 31231
      31231 30 September 2013 22: 27
      Right now, about 100 thousand bandits and terrorists have gathered from all over the world on the side of the so-called opposition.

      Alas, the majority there are Syrian rebels.
      1. Arabist
        Arabist 30 September 2013 22: 31
        Really? All the time I thought that 2 \ 3 mercenaries are from abroad.
        1. alone
          alone 30 September 2013 22: 39
          Andrei, I welcome. The fact is that if there is no internal recharge, some mercenaries of half the country will not be able to control the main part of the fighters, the Syrians themselves.
          1. Arabist
            Arabist 30 September 2013 22: 41
            I don’t want to believe in it, but I will not deny the proven facts.
  9. Strashila
    Strashila 30 September 2013 12: 15
    Washington is angry with Damascus ... not much ... not any ideological or religious claims ... just business and nothing more. Pay attention to the time of the emergence of "claims" .. the last decade of 2010, and possibly the beginning of 2010. What is the point, yes, the amers are suffering losses in Afghanistan and their NATO allies ... there is a scream and groan about the withdrawal of troops from there. It comes to the point that they turn to Russia to provide land transit, routes through Pakistan are actually blocked. Although the Americans are stupid, they took into account the experience of the Soviet troops and their realities. They do not have such a coherence of combat units, a team hodgepodge of all that is not possible. They do not have the support of even a part of the population. They need to drape ... but how, they will break it. This is where projects Libya and Syria appear ... from being attracted by more profitable work of radical Islamists. With Libya, they missed ... Gaddafi. There, two tasks were solved to give work to radical Islamists and create the problems of a NATO ally in the form of refugees and disruption of oil supplies to Europe. With Syria, this aspect was taken into account ... yes, they support, but somehow not particularly ... here it is important to delay the process. .. and again, they have returned a certain world significance to themselves ... the same sheikhs are asking, persuading ... they are shoving loot into their hands ... well, what is the benefit to amers from the gas pipeline, this is for the Europeans, and they are competitors in business. In general, they have achieved their tasks and are resting on their laurels ... peace and quiet in Afghanistan, the overland route from Pakistan operates and Ulyanovsk is not needed in FIG, Europe is strained from refugees and radical Muslims ... what else to dream about.
    1. 30 September 2013 20: 34
      In my opinion, to the point.
  10. VenDora
    VenDora 30 September 2013 12: 42
    Quote: serge-68-68
    At least Russian. :)

    They certainly spelled out everything crying
  11. Agent 008
    Agent 008 30 September 2013 13: 10
    Quote: serge-68-68
    If Obama were a real leader, he would have hit Syria without waiting for additional support on the wave of general confidence in Assad's guilt, and then he would have hit him. And he would have been right on the principle that "winners are not judged." Similarly, no one condemned Bush for Iraq and Putin for Georgia. They chewed on snot, chewed - and fell silent.

    You apparently don’t know what the SUFFER of people whose relatives and friends die under the blows of bombs and shells ... If you had seen reports from Syria, where death is at every step, houses are destroyed, where children cry ... This is a real tragedy. ..You are a cynical person, if you write this ...
    1. 30 September 2013 20: 38
      We have a 10-kilometer polygon. Babakha so that the glasses are shaking. And imagine that it will fly to you !!!!!
  12. harrymur
    harrymur 30 September 2013 22: 41
    Of course, it is clear that the Russians want and can punish everyone and everything, and this resource promotes this property of Russians, but gentlemen, let me tell you, where was there a well-reasoned analysis on the resource, namely, it’s not a secret to anyone that a protracted citizen-partisanism is possible only if it is fueled by internal resources, personnel, remember the 2nd and Chechen companies, for a Russian soldier you need a goal, wait, it’s Wahhabis and everyone who supports them, amers are ideal, no one argues,
    and now look, somebody wondered how such a terrible massacre could have happened in Syria, and this is not the last question, as far as only one demon of the war understood this, our beloved Brzezinski-like the capitol was able to say that the Assad should leave because of many years of drought and the subsequent impoverishment of the peasants and the ripening social crisis of overpopulation, this is where the root of the citizen,
    namely, the stupidity of the Assad government,
    Yes, the amers and the company fit inertia, we are the same, somewhere we merged, somewhere in the ladies, but the trawl remained, HOW TO FEED millions of Arabs, and who will feed them, winners?
    so I think it’s too early to win the victory, maybe we were framed, and we need to cut the budget of interest by 10-20 again, Syria-bros,
    The question is, did anyone see the exit program, how will the Syrians feed themselves without revolutions?
  13. michajlo
    michajlo 30 September 2013 23: 45
    Good evening everyone!

    In this article of Ivashov himself, you can praise or not, but I generally liked the content e and the author from me “+”.

    Probably everyone agrees that we will not find a “completely ideal regime” anywhere, there will always be someone dissatisfied or not entirely satisfied.

    But since those many of the forum users, you think that the main thing in the Syrian conflict is “internal forces” (and I call them Wahhabist intervention), please answer me
    to 3 questions:
    Why did the military events and “how would the conflict” begin during the “Arab spring”?

    In my opinion, none of the adults and minded people believe that the synchronous arbitrary “country by country” procession of the “Arab spring” in the Maghreb countries is NOT possible.
    Why is it that all this Wahhibist evil spirits from many countries suddenly moves freely through the territories and border posts of the "friendly" Syria countries?
    This is Turkey, Jordan, Israel, and there it is “undergoing training”, has rest and is being treated for its wounds.
    How do you imagine that the "developed system of underground tunnels" in Syria, dug under fire "with an ordinary shovel and a wheelbarrow" working Wahhabis, who only like to shoot and make a "ax-head"?
  14. kostya_a
    kostya_a 1 October 2013 09: 17
    History repeats itself. A century ago, everything was the same with Spain. Then the Second World War began. The US military lobby wants war, just like during World War II, when America was allegedly dragged into the war!