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American UFO

UFOs of various forms now and then float around the world, a particular interest in unidentified flying objects arose after the end of the Second World War. At the end of the 40 of the last century, the world was covered by a real UFO-mania, which, in principle, did not disappear. Every year around the world see various celestial objects that differ from each other in shape: cigar-shaped, round, oval or triangular. A large number of similar messages are connected with America, where in fact, development of rather unusual aircraft - disk ones.

Of course, in various forums you can find information about unusual triangular shaped aircraft, the most famous of which is the TR-3B Astra. But this project at the moment seems to be nothing more than the fruit of someone's imagination, although adherents of conspiracy theory and conspiracy secrets may think otherwise. Rejecting this mythical project, it can be noted that the United States really planned to build its own "UFO" and this information is now available to a wide range of ordinary people.

Last year, the National Archives documents were posted online, dated 1 July 1956. According to the declassified archives in America, work was carried out to create the most real "flying saucer". The work was carried out under the Project 1794 program (Project 1794). This plate was created in the interests of the US Air Force, it had to be able to make a vertical take-off and landing. The device should have been distinguished by outstanding characteristics for its time - flight altitude over 30 km, maximum speed 3-4 Mach, range of action about 1800 km.

American UFO

According to The Wire, the project’s budget was $ 3,16 million dollars ($ 26,6 million dollars at current prices), the military assigned a 1,5-2 of the year to develop the prototype. Today, the reasons for which work on this project was stopped, and he himself is closed, are unknown. But, according to the source, another similar flying saucer project was also closed in 1960, for the reason that the developers did not manage to achieve the required flight altitude, their aircraft took off only a couple of meters. The creation of the American "flying saucers" was carried out by Avro Aircraft (Canada), which built test samples for the 2 military.

The 1794 project initially set itself very ambitious goals and objectives, the above flight performance of the device, which were spelled out in the 1956 documents of the year, eloquently testify to this. Of particular interest was the point about the speed of the flying saucer, which was evaluated on the basis of blowing the model of the device in a supersonic wind tunnel. In 1956, it was, at first glance, somewhat naive to argue about the speed in Mach 4. The speed record that the SR-71 Blackbird demonstrated through 20 years in 1976 was only 3529,56 km / h. What made American designers hope to achieve an even higher flight speed two decades earlier?

The second Avro Canada VZ-9 prototype tested in the USA (the first one flew a little) exhaust gases were supplied from the turbine to a special annular nozzle that was located around the perimeter of the flying saucer. The air coming out of this nozzle was supposed to “stick” to the surface of the aircraft and flow under its wing, causing an increase in lifting force due to the use of engine exhaust gases. The rest of the combustion products were sent down and used to create thrust. This solution allowed designers to obtain additional lift simply by increasing the efficiency of the power plant of the device. This increase in efficiency would be spent partly on thrust (as in aircraft), and partly on lifting force without additional (in comparison with ordinary aircraft) fuel costs. The plate was supposed to fly forward by controlling its thrust vectors, which were deflected along the perimeter of the “saucer” or the general inclination of the apparatus.

At the same time, experts now doubt that the machine presented in the declassified documents could have developed speed in Mach 4, but at the same time, the machine had significant potential. In addition to the above, through the use of a tight-fitting boundary layer, such aircraft should have the best laminar flow. In addition, all discoid-wing vehicles are potentially much safer than modern helicopters. This would be achieved due to the high aerodynamic quality during parachuting, ease of operation and a significant screen effect during landing (achieved due to the large wing chord), which made it unrealistic to land with outstanding speed.

The first take-off of the Avro Canada VZ-9 Avrocar prototype took place in December 1959, the last in March 1961. In December 1961, the flying disc development program was curtailed. The reason, and not the reason, which was the end of financing without a timely extension, was the instability of the developed plate in flight. Without moving from a place, she hung in the air well enough, but when she made a translational movement, she began to talk quite strongly. Moreover, this was quite simply explained - the aerodynamics of this aircraft (namely the aircraft, although it could take off vertically) was very far from the standard, it was theoretically extremely difficult to calculate it. At the same time, the Pentagon regarded the new aircraft as an ordinary aircraft, requiring developers to complete the work in the same time frame that was reserved for standard monoplanes. They did not understand that between the Avro plate and the traditional monoplanes lay a whole chasm. The military expected a revolution in aviation here and now, without any breakdowns of the originally designated dates.

The problem of the tested devices was the transition from the mode of hovering in the air to perform horizontal flight. Hanging in one place, the device secured a stable position due to blowing in the annular nozzle and, additionally, due to the rotation of the turbines in the horizontal plane. When trying to start the movement in airplane mode or exceeding the height of 4 feet above the ground, the aircraft appeared to be unstable: the screen effect weakened, and the lift from the wing did not reach the required values ​​(the speed was low), and the handlebars were rather weak, because control of deviating flaps needed to be further developed and finalized.

At its core, the American “Project 1794” was not just an aircraft of unusual design and form: it combined the use of the concept of a flying wing with Coanda’s virtually unexplored force at that time. At the same time, even the flying wing itself required a significant automated control system for individual parts of the wing surface. At that time there simply were no effective solutions of this kind.

The problem could be overcome by implementing a less radical model design. That was about the same time that M. Sukhanov entered the USSR with his discoplane. Despite the existence of a similar discoid-wing concept, Sukhanov’s aircraft (glider) retained its tail unit and cockpit, which helped solve the problem with the stability of the device. Only the screen effect remained, which was simply enormous due to the fairly large chord of the discoid wing. During the landing, dropping to a certain height, the pilot could not do anything until the speed of the glider would fall below a specific, quite specific value - only then the unit could land. Today we can say that it was rather his advantage. An inexperienced pilot could not make an emergency landing, making a mistake in the management. The presence of a strong screen effect would not allow him to squander the device - stick its nose into the ground. At the same time, the Coanda effect was not implemented in the Sukhanov apparatus, the development of his project stopped at the stage of a non-motorized airframe, and in its concept it was most likely aimed at exploiting the qualities of a disc-shaped wing, rather than working out new types of lift.

Later, using the Coanda effect to increase the wing lift due to its blowing with a jet engine, several aircraft will be designed and built. Among them is an experienced military transport Boeing YC-14 and an experimental American QSRA machine, as well as Soviet military transport aircraft with a shortened take-off and landing - An-72 and An-74, which were produced and produced serially.

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  1. Canep
    Canep 27 September 2013 07: 55
    A schoolboy in a notebook in a cage draws cars that he likes, so the Americans saw something and decided to create something similar. At the same time, even approximately not understanding the principle of operation of these machines, if they exist at all. More than 90% of UFO sightings are explained by factors of terrestrial origin, and for the rest, I think there is simply not enough factual material. I myself saw a UFO in the morning sky of Ekibastuz, which turned out to be the 3rd stage of the Progress rocket in orbit.
    1. Yarik
      Yarik 27 September 2013 10: 40
      Hmm ... for more than 2 hours I and all the station staff (Don-2, Sofrino-1) observed the "triangle". The station did not "see" anything.
    2. OffenroR
      OffenroR 27 September 2013 12: 43
      The Americans are no worse than the Chinese who know how to spin technology ... why do you think they suddenly began to rivet flying saucers? Based on the technologies of which country there was such a leap in aeronautics and weapons not only in the West, but also in the USSR. their own can do everything, but unlike the United States, which for a long time needed German scientists (the first rocket that flew to the moon was built under the leadership of Wernher von Braun), the USSR was quickly able to independently master this area of ​​science and create excellent devices. that someday it will become clear that the nuclear bombs dropped on the Japanese were created by their former ally, Germany (and to questions like "why did not they use them themselves" you can find a logical answer if you "wiggle" their brains a little). It's strange ... that the Americans are intact For 2 years they could not make a vigorous bomb, but as soon as they did it, they tested it again at the test site. The question is - what the hell? + Strange facts about the hostilities in Sevastopol ... there was an explosion of enormous force (I'm not talking about the destroyed "invulnerable" underwater warehouse) And after the occupation of that territory by the Germans ... many were reviled (no, they didn't @ shit after the battle wink ) And such facts (namely facts, not rumors) dofiga ...
    3. ia-ai00
      ia-ai00 27 September 2013 15: 19
      In vain you are so, about the SCHOOL student. Sometimes someone expressed the most incredible idea can push for new developments, improve existing ones.
  2. Sadikoff
    Sadikoff 27 September 2013 08: 35
    Plates with the principle of a jet propulsion, it is yesterday.
    1. Vadivak
      Vadivak 27 September 2013 09: 09
      Quote: Sadykoff
      Plates with the principle of a jet propulsion, it is yesterday.

      So the article is not about tomorrow.
    2. Sashkessss
      Sashkessss 27 September 2013 11: 46
      It would be interesting to see a plate with the principle of a pulsating motor, an interesting idea by the way
  3. July
    July 27 September 2013 09: 15
    It seems that somewhere and somehow the amers managed to spy a real plate, but it seems that there are other principles of work and despite all their screams and PR no one wanted to share with them. As I understand it, the essence of the plate mover can only be connected with its rotation, hence the form, but for us it’s all a mystery behind seven seals, and they harnessed the horse in front of the car and proudly called it the latest development.
  4. sashka
    sashka 27 September 2013 09: 30
    10-15-20 years (I don’t remember exactly, just for me Time doesn’t matter) back there was infa that the Boeing allocated money for a Russian emigrant engineer who proposed new principles of flight (antigravity). Nobody ever said more on this subject. How do you know what you can create in this time or where you will advance.
  5. Glory333
    Glory333 27 September 2013 10: 22
    For me, the undeniable fact of the existence of UFOs is the conscious discrediting of this topic by US government.
    There are of course other facts - attempts to copy UFOs from among them.
  6. Astrey
    Astrey 27 September 2013 10: 31
    Experiments with reengineering of dreamy delirium are a normal way of scientific progress. After all, the tank was also justified by arguments supported empirically.
  7. AK-47
    AK-47 27 September 2013 11: 02
    A plate created in the USSR, EKIP ekranolet.
    Not implemented due to lack of funding.
    1. Cpa
      Cpa 27 September 2013 19: 04
      The crew is not a flywheel or discolet, but a flying wing in the shape of a loaf. He needs a runway.
      1. Kir
        Kir 27 September 2013 21: 25
        Well, GDP is not obligatory at all, the take-off from the water was experimented, and in general the EKIP is translated like an Ekranolet on the Air Cushion, and in general there was a tremendous plus to the possibility of a certain amount of repair work in flight.
    2. I am
      I am 27 September 2013 22: 45
      Yes Yes. Famous thing. Two or three copies were made at the Saratov Aviation Plant.
  8. Hort
    Hort 27 September 2013 11: 47
    We and doEKIP had interesting projects.
    For example, the device "Sponge" (or "Sponge-M"), there were even several flying prototypes, but these developments fell under the "reduction" program initiated by Khrushchev, and were cut and flooded somewhere in the northern seas. The Sponges were tested in the Arctic as a means of intercepting and destroying American strategic bombers.

    And there was another project, something like a hybrid of an airship and a flying saucer. "Thermoplane" was kind of called
  9. washi
    washi 27 September 2013 13: 12
    They just took the German project and tried it under new technologies. I do not want to repeat Zadorny, but they are stupid and economical.
    In fact, there was another "breakthrough" technology.
    amers with their "brains" could not, well, our party activists got lost.
    And the designers worked.
    There were ekranoplans, there was a project "Eskip".
    For our rivers and tundra - ideal.
    Why do we need helicopters on the plains and rivers?
  10. Borat
    Borat 27 September 2013 13: 34
    Quote: hort
    For example, the device "Sponge" (or "Sponge-M"), there were even several flying prototypes

    Is it possible from now on in more detail? I missed this episode in the history of domestic aviation, and Google only knows Sponge Bob.
    1. True
      True 27 September 2013 15: 43
      Perhaps this was meant
    2. AK-47
      AK-47 27 September 2013 18: 09
      Quote: Borat
      Is it possible from now on in more detail?

      Read here.
  11. 270580
    270580 27 September 2013 14: 44
    what amers did is complete nonsense! I myself and my family saw a UFO above the forest (a huge elongated object that just hung in place) and in any case, it’s supposedly meteorological balloons, rocket stages, etc. I will never believe.
  12. True
    True 27 September 2013 15: 40
    Of course, I will apologize, but I do not know a single (adequate) person who saw a UFO / Yeti / Drummer, etc.
    1. Evrepid
      Evrepid 27 September 2013 18: 52
      Let me disagree with you. I know about 2 dozen people who have seen UFOs and are adequate. pass honey commissions every day and do not write them off as not adequate.
      1. Cpa
        Cpa 27 September 2013 19: 02
        I saw in 1991 in the sky above Novocherkassk an object resembling the moon, only four times the size of the yellow-green glow. Three points separated from it and went beyond the horizon. Then the press wrote that it was the exhaust of the Volgodonsk NPP laughing
    2. Kir
      Kir 27 September 2013 21: 39
      Excuse me. What exactly is the phenomenon of UFO unnatural? Some of the phenomena can be explained by phenomena such as ball lightning and, as a particularity, by the rosary, some are simply optical phenomena, and part - forgive not everything that we do not understand at this stage does not mean that this does not exist, it does not differ about the idea of ​​the crystal sky and others .. .... By the way, he himself several times saw celestial phenomena.
      Well, there’s a separate song about Snowy, But there is a fact. They find traces !!!, this time, and secondly, confirmation is not possible, possible - Latimeria and so on.
      About noisy spirits, the field is an energetic form as a life form that nobody seems to deny.
      The question is rather how many percent are really inexplicable in terms of modern knowledge.
  13. 270580
    270580 27 September 2013 15: 47
    that everyone else is not adequate? =))
  14. GUSAR
    GUSAR 27 September 2013 17: 23
    Well, let's write more about UFOs on this site, and call experts from the programs of Malakhov and other stubborn citizens by experts
  15. spirit
    spirit 27 September 2013 21: 59
    these technologies (new principles of flight, not jet thrust) from the category JOKER IN HOSES, so even Amers who love to PR their technologies keep everything under the heading top secret. and this dish))) from the category of initiative of individual companies (judging by the budget)
    1. Kir
      Kir 27 September 2013 22: 42
      The joker in the sleeve, But no, it’s rather like that, but what if in the sleeve?
      about PR technology Well, here it’s generally clear By the way, and light hints and omissions are the same from the series - only between us ...... and then bred two kinds
      1 Co-financing an allegedly breakthrough something there, but in fact a pyramid
      2 Desa with a double purpose
      1 The collapse of the economy of the enemy
      2 The enemy spends But Creates (the most delightful option!) And you buy for a penny that costs a certain amount, it’s even better to simply develop the campaign by removing the enemy — the collapse of the state as a result of economic collapse.
  16. Woldemar
    Woldemar 7 May 2014 09: 28
    Is the tin dish in the photograph all that the Americans could do for $ 30 billion?
    Does anyone believe that?
    Either the development program of such aircraft was a disinformation, or they managed to do something, but this craft and fake declassified archival documents were put up for avert eyes to satisfy the curious.
  17. UFO73
    UFO73 9 July 2017 14: 55
    Appeal to supercivilizations, civilizations of the world, aliens, aliens, inhabitants of other planets and star systems!
    I write in the firm belief that my appeal will be noticed and accepted.
    I humbly ask for your help, in a firm faith in your mercy, compassion and unconditional love.
    I humbly ask for your help, because it is unbearably painful for me to be and live among people without love and kindness.
    I humbly, with all my heart, I ask your patronage and shelter to live and grow spiritually among you.

    Harmony and love to all things.

    My coordinates
    54.376638, 48.570934
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