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Putin's alternative to the “unique nation”: a change in world order through the eyes of world elites

Russia's diplomatic victory in the Syrian issue and Putin’s Valdai speech were perceived in the West as a major turning point in international relations.

The idea of ​​forcing Bashar Assad to give up chemical stocks weaponswhich unexpectedly lit up the Russian diplomats, already at the next moment it seemed to everyone almost taken for granted. “Brilliant improvisation, which shows that Moscow is regaining influence on the world stage and again can conduct a dialogue with the United States on an equal footing”, - this is how the Russian initiative was commented in the world media. Indeed, no one has seen such a strong and decisive policy that Russia demonstrates in the Syrian issue since the pre-perestroika times. Instead of gaining the trust of Western partners at the cost of abandoning their own principles, President Putin was able to show character and defend his own vision of the problem.

“In Syria, Putin and the American people were the two main players,” said Thomas Friedman in The New York Times, “which was impossible to predict, but with enormous long-term consequences.” “Putin won,” the New Yorker columnist said, “because unlike other world leaders, he knows exactly what he wants and what he is ready to do to achieve his goal.”

"Russia does not play giveaway"

“He fulfilled his main task,” said Dmitry Simes, President of the Center for National Interests, however, showed that Russia is a great power and its preferences cannot be ignored. He made it clear that from the Russian point of view, the use of force is unacceptable without the sanction of the UN Security Council and will be perceived as an act of aggression. Obviously, Russia will not play more in giveaway. And so, for the West, Putin is an uncomfortable leader. But he is a serious and significant leader, and in Washington almost everyone understands this. ”

Although many representatives of the American establishment, accustomed to meeting the submissive views of Russian officials, who only think about how to demonstrate their loyal feelings towards Washington, Putin’s independence is annoying. When, in his article published in the New York Times, the Russian leader questioned the concept of US exclusivity, many American politicians mistook it.

In this sense, the letter of four influential US senators - Republicans John Cornine and Kelly Ayotte and Democrats Richard Blumenthal and Jean Shahin, who called on the US administration to impose sanctions against large Russian banks: VEB, VTB and Gazprombank deserves attention. The main share in the share capital of these banks belongs to the state, and, according to some experts, in fact, we are talking about the declaration of economic war against Russia. Senators claim that these banks allegedly violated the sanctions imposed by the US, EU and UN against Syria, helping Damascus pay for C-300 missile systems and refusing to freeze the personal assets of President Bashar Al-Assad. However, it should be recalled that the UN did not introduce any anti-Syrian sanctions. As for the US and the EU, it is not entirely clear why Russia should follow their decisions. After all, it is not an American colony and does not even think about integration with the European Union.

It is clear that the initiative of the senators is an attempt to take revenge for the painful defeat in the Syrian issue. And probably, first of all, it is explained by the wounded pride of the Americans, deeply affected by the mentoring tone of the Russian president, who did not deny himself the pleasure of inserting the pin on the reboot partners after he outplayed them in the diplomatic arena. “Putin’s little worried about the opinion of the right Republicans, because he’s not going to take part in the fight for the White House,” says Symes. - The Russian leader just wanted to explain his position on Syria, talk about the foreign policy priorities of the Russian Federation and express some thoughts about the philosophy of American exclusivity. And he coped brilliantly with this task. Of course, this could not cause universal approval in the United States, because he stroked many people against wool. ”

American Scipio: On Senator McCain's Manic Ideas

One of those who clearly does not like being “petted against a hair coat” was an American senator and former presidential candidate John McCain. On that day, when Putin spoke at the Valdai Forum, he published his column on, which was conceived as an answer to the article of the Russian president (the senator seriously believes that Pravda remains the most influential and popular publication in Russia ). “We see a nervous reaction from the part of the American establishment that Russia is again gaining influence in the world,” said Piotr Dutkevich, member of the Valdai Club Advisory Council, “It irritates many in Washington that President Putin has raised his prestige in the international arena and irritation slips into every phrase of Mr. McCain. " The senator, in fact, did not respond to Putin’s theses, as outlined in an article in the New York Times. “He did not say a word about the so-called“ American exclusivity ”- which forms the basis of the official ideology of the United States, and which Barack Obama remembered again in his address to the nation,” says Alexei Pushkov, chairman of the State Duma’s International Affairs Committee. “But this concept, not only in Russia, but throughout the world, raises legitimate questions: does one nation have the right to call itself exclusive in relation to other nations?” Does one country have the right to declare its a priori superiority over other countries? And does the self-proclaimed “American exclusivity” give the US exclusive rights on the world stage? ”

John McCain never gave the impression of being a balanced person, and after losing the 2008 presidential election, he finally lost touch with reality. The idea of ​​a fix for him is now the fight against the “Kremlin autocracy,” and President Putin, to whom McCain for some reason turns his attention, causes the old senator to simply manic hatred. The main idea of ​​McCain - Russia deserves better power. “Probably - that is, not probably, but for sure - Russia deserves a better-quality government,” Putin retorted at a meeting of the Valdai Club. “But is there such ideal power in other countries, including the one that Mr. McCain represents?”

The coming confrontation with Russia, the American hawks have already dubbed the "third Punic War." The first is, of course, the “big game” waged by the Russian and British empires in the nineteenth century, the second is the “cold war” between the United States and the USSR, which embraced most of the twentieth century. And finally, the decisive third battle, in which the United States and other heirs of Rome must destroy Russian Carthage. And the role of modern Scipio, apparently, went to Senator McCain, who comes from a noble patrician family and suffered during the “Second Punic War” (he was shot down by a Soviet pilot and spent several years in Vietnamese captivity).

The psychological factor

It should be noted that diplomatic success did not turn the head of the representatives of the Russian political elite. "History made us vaccinated against excessive grandeur, - said Alexei Pushkov in an interview with "However", - and we take things far more rationally than the Americans, who call themselves an "exclusive nation" and are confident of their complete permissiveness. Moscow understands that the Russian initiative on Syria is a great success of our diplomacy, the personal success of Vladimir Putin, who dealt with the Syrian issue very substantively. But we are not going to proclaim ourselves the saviors of the world. Western politicians, on the contrary, are characterized by a distorted perception of reality, triumphalism and ideological narrow-mindedness. ”

Back in early August, Obama quipped that at the recent meetings of world leaders, Vladimir Putin "had the bored look of a bad student in the back row." A month later, he had to bite his tongue and even utter words of gratitude to the Russian president. Touchy, narcissistic leader of the United States, who hates when someone puts his weak-willed weak-willed, obviously will not forget this moment. And those two years that he has yet to spend in the White House, will devote to settling accounts with Putin, who so easily and naturally managed to beat him, temporarily taking the place of the main character on the world stage. For star-suffering Obama, this is a real blow. “Despite the fact that many are now talking about a successful resolution of the Syrian crisis, in reality the situation has only become complicated,” writes The American Thinker, “and the main problem here is not even in the geopolitical confrontation of the“ great powers ”, but in the psychology of the leaders. Obama is used to acting as the ruler of New Rome and will not tolerate competition. He has a narcissistic personality type. Recall his pursed lips, crossed arms, offended naughty facial expression. American presidents have never looked like this - it looks more like stubborn youths and newly minted provincial teachers. And most likely, we will see how he will scold the careless student of Putin, who dared to challenge him. ”

As for the Russian president, in contrast to Obama who is reflective on any occasion, he was always confident in his own abilities, but now he clearly felt himself on the crest of a wave. “At the Valdai Forum,” says Dutkevich, “we saw a“ renewed ”Putin, a man who perfectly controls the public and holds all the threads in his hands. “He looked like a leader, confident in himself,” Sims echoed him, “firmly knowing what he wants and does not want, a politician who feels confident enough to show flexibility, compromise and avoid personalities, even dealing with representatives of the irreconcilable opposition. "

Conceptual differences

But it's not just the leaders psychology. Much more important are conceptual differences in approaches to world order that exist between Russia and the United States. Western countries, constantly issuing a verdict on the "legitimacy" of a particular regime, radically change the usual pattern of relations between recognized states and separatist movements. Russia is trying to defend the status quo, perceiving Western crusades as a threat to the Yalta-Podstamsky system, in the formation of which the Soviet Union played a leading role at that time (after all, the USSR, not the Anglo-Saxon countries, insisted that “The sovereignty, territorial integrity of each state, non-interference in internal affairs and respect for the rights of the people to elect their own social system”). Modern Russia perceives an attempt on these principles as a challenge, a kind of invitation to a duel. And if in the era of Primakov, the arguments about a multipolar world order seemed meaningless spells, which no one took seriously, now they are listening to the voice of Russia.

Speaking at the Valdai Forum, the President noted that our country has traditionally fought for the stability of the world system, recalling that both the Vienna Conventions 1815 of the Year and the Yalta Agreements 1945 of the Year, in which Russia played a key role, ensured a long peace in Europe. Whereas the Versailles Treaty, concluded after the First World War without Russia's participation, in many respects became the cause of a new global conflict. Putin made it clear that even now Moscow does not consider the threat of the use of force a panacea for all ills and is ready to offer an alternative to the American model of the world order.

Moscow assumes the traditional role of protecting the system of collective security and the principles of international law. The Russian leader has repeatedly reminded the Western powers that in the European Union, since 90, a document has been in place prohibiting the supply of weapons to conflict zones. “Democratic partners”, who stand up for the “rule of law”, only brush it off and continue to supply the Syrian rebels with modern weapons. However, Putin’s position is understood among lawyers and human rights defenders who are forced to admit that Russia, for the umpteenth time in its history, is the only power defending existing international agreements.

In addition, the Russian president warns the United States against using radical Islam for their political purposes (in history, by the way, this is not the first case of such a risky strategy of the Anglo-Saxon powers). “Now you will help radical Islamists to come to power, and then what will you do? - Putin has addressed to the western partners, speaking in Valdai. “Take a newspaper and drive them away from this power?”

Another important element of “soft power” of Russia on the world stage is opposition to politically correct concepts, which in the West are brought to the grotesque. Recently, China and Muslim countries perceive Moscow as a center of power, which, in contrast to the United States, upholds traditional moral values. In Western countries, as Putin noted, the excesses of political correctness reach the point that politicians talk about registering parties aiming at promoting pedophilia and actively advocate lifting restrictions on same-sex marriage. Russia, on the contrary, opposes the wave of homophilia, and this attracts the sympathy of those people who do not want the destruction of traditional institutions.

In Valdai, Putin proclaimed that "the sovereignty, independence and integrity of Russia are those red lines beyond which no one can enter." However, according to Dmitry Symes, “having drawn these lines, the president made it clear that he was ready for a dialogue with the Americans, if, of course, they themselves are capable of hearing someone else’s point of view.”

The question is, can they? Or the irritation associated with the need for once and for all to negotiate conditions, and not dictate them, will spill out into a new ultimatum? It is clear that the transfer of chemical weapons under international control - even in peaceful conditions - is not an easy operation. What can we say about the period of a fierce civil war. The temptation to provoke another shock is very great. And in the case of a provocation, fear of appearing incompetent, most likely, will push President Obama to an impulsive reaction: any failure or hitch with the implementation of the plan (and they are inevitable) can be immediately interpreted as a reason for the invasion of Syria.

No less serious knot of contradictions is Iran. If the United States is cool about the initiative of the new President of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Hassan Rouhani, who spoke this week on the pages of The Washington Post to build bridges with America, Tehran will, of course, strengthen the position of opponents of dialogue with the West. And since Russia makes it unequivocally clear that it is ready to renew the strategic partnership with the Islamic Republic, finally fulfilling its obligations under the C-300 air defense system, it is possible that, following the Syrian crisis, the Iranian and great powers will follow. in the Middle Eastern religious wars, will steadily be drawn into the maelstrom of global conflict.
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  1. awg75
    awg75 25 September 2013 07: 38 New
    "unique nation" ...... laugh at these pindos
    1. Canep
      Canep 25 September 2013 07: 43 New
      Barak Huseynovich, like a stubborn schoolboy, repeats the same thing: - "We are exceptional !!!".
      It seems he is reading someone’s previously prepared text, like a parrot, I think this is a doll.
      “In Syria, the two main players are Putin and the American people,” says Thomas Friedman

      Their eyes are completely blurred there, at least 60% of Americans supported Putin in a position on Syria.
      1. Nukem999
        Nukem999 25 September 2013 07: 58 New
        -22 qualifying.
        Barack Obama before the UN representatives during the General Assembly said that the United States poses no threat to peace. The US, according to the president, taking on the burden of leadership, fills a void that no other state can fill
        1. Guun
          Guun 25 September 2013 08: 02 New
          What the statement of Hitler reminds.
          1. Canep
            Canep 25 September 2013 08: 31 New
            This American "exceptionalism" is nothing more than Hitler's otherwise expressed idea of ​​the superiority of the Aryan race. Barak Khuseinovich had only to name the subhuman nations and put an end to this question. Although such statements have already been made by American politicians. Remember the "Axis of Evil": Syria, Iraq, North Korea, Iran, Serbia.
            1. Apologet.Ru
              Apologet.Ru 25 September 2013 10: 10 New
              Alexander Tytler, (1747-1813), an English lawyer and historian once wrote that
              “States are developing in this order -
              - from slavery to spiritual faith,
              - from faith to great courage,
              - from courage to freedom,
              - from freedom to abundance,
              - from abundance to selfishness,
              - from selfishness to complacency,
              - from complacency to apathy,
              - from apathy to addiction,
              - from addiction back to slavery. "
              The question is backfill, at what stage of development is P.Indostan, and in which Russia ?.
              1. slacker
                slacker 25 September 2013 10: 52 New
                Who knows McCain's address? I want to send him a parcel with phenazepam!
                1. Far East
                  Far East 25 September 2013 14: 02 New
                  Quote: Loafer
                  I want to send him a parcel with phenazepam!

                  good not better with the GOLF! laughing
                  1. Canep
                    Canep 25 September 2013 17: 55 New
                    Customs soldier yours
                    Quote: Loafer
                    I want to send him a parcel with phenazepam!
                    Quote: Far East
                    not better with the GOLF!
                    will expand stop , and if these pills are psychotropic wassat then serious uncles in uniform will come to you. lol
              2. Mikhail3
                Mikhail3 25 September 2013 14: 05 New
                Russia has never been in this row. We think radically different.
          2. Orchestrarant
            Orchestrarant 25 September 2013 09: 32 New
            I already wrote according to Wange - the black president will be the last. Further apparently will be the FIRST Führer. stop Full muck! No.
          3. Apologet.Ru
            Apologet.Ru 25 September 2013 11: 39 New
            “All human culture, all the achievements of art, science and technology, of which we are witnesses today, are the fruits of the Aryans ...
            He (the Aryan) is Prometheus of mankind, from whose bright forehead at all times sparks of genius have flashed, kindling a fire of knowledge, illuminating the darkness of gloomy ignorance, which allowed man to rise above other creatures of the Earth. "
            The question is, who is the author - Adolf Hitler or Barack Obama?
        2. Alexander Romanov
          Alexander Romanov 25 September 2013 08: 20 New
          Quote: Nukem999
          Barack Obama before the UN representatives during the General Assembly said that the United States poses no threat to peace. USA

          That's just the world thinks differently! The USA unleashes one warrior after another and you say that it doesn’t pose a threat. Listen American, you remove the USSR flag from your nickname. Be proud of your American mattress.
          1. Nukem999
            Nukem999 25 September 2013 08: 39 New
            Putin lost the USSR on his watch
            1. Alexander Romanov
              Alexander Romanov 25 September 2013 08: 43 New
              Quote: Nukem999
              Putin lost the USSR

              Putin is now reviving the new USSR, the customs union, and the EurAsEC. And the US is drowning in debt at this time tongue
              1. Nukem999
                Nukem999 25 September 2013 08: 48 New
                He is upset that he lost
                1. Alexander Romanov
                  Alexander Romanov 25 September 2013 09: 35 New
                  Quote: Nukem999
                  He is upset that he lost

                  Who has Putin lost? To whom?
                  1. Nukem999
                    Nukem999 25 September 2013 09: 51 New
                    Alexander Romanov
                    Who has Putin lost? To whom?

                    he was part of the communist party. and they fell apart. if you don't know the story don't tell
                    1. Proud.
                      Proud. 25 September 2013 10: 20 New
                      Quote: Nukem999
                      he was part of the communist party. and they fell apart. if you don't know the story don't tell

                      Did you translate through Google? I watched the series, "The Sopranos", translated by Puchkov, so he translates something like this, Indians, Pakistanis and others. I remember the moment when the Indian said on the phone: "You tell me ..yu!"
                    2. Alexander Romanov
                      Alexander Romanov 25 September 2013 12: 04 New
                      Quote: Nukem999
                      he was part of the communist party. and they fell apart. if you don't know the story don't tell

                      It’s hard with you and the Americans, if you have brains, then they’re definitely not in your head.
                      Okay bye shard tongue
              2. Nukem999
                Nukem999 25 September 2013 08: 52 New
                Putin is now reviving the new USSR.

                1. Nukem999
                  Nukem999 25 September 2013 08: 54 New
              3. Nukem999
                Nukem999 25 September 2013 09: 43 New
                that's why he wants to change the character
                1. olviko
                  olviko 25 September 2013 12: 43 New

                  By all indications, under the nickname Nukem999, McCain visited the site.
              4. Nukem999
                Nukem999 25 September 2013 10: 08 New
                is it your hero
                1. shark
                  shark 25 September 2013 14: 09 New
                  YES! And your hero will sit down for five years for petty theft of wood
            2. varov14
              varov14 25 September 2013 15: 30 New
              So thank God, he would have to reconsider domestic politics. Not for the return of the USSR, but for great Russia, relying on the people, but not on the oligarchs, but private property, and may God develop with it.
        3. Victor
          Victor 25 September 2013 10: 23 New
          Quote: Nukem999
          The US, according to the president, taking on the burden of leadership, fills a void that no other state can fill

          All the United States can fill now is the void of the closet pit. Return to the foundations that your Founding Fathers laid down. Stop hyping and worshiping the "Golden Calf". Stop the "neo-fascism" to which the United States is heading, declaring its exclusiveness (just a new fascist Germany in its heyday), learn to observe international law, and only then will the United States have the opportunity to preserve itself as a truly democratic state. Your country has existed by the standards of history for only a couple of centuries, and you undertake to judge civilization states with a multi-thousand-year history. You are gopniks, gopniks.
        4. JIaIIoTb
          JIaIIoTb 25 September 2013 11: 47 New
          Nyukem999, adults gathered on this site with rich life experience, I'm afraid your stuffing goals will not be achieved. We love our country. We will defend our interests. The USA has already repeatedly proved its hostility towards Us, regardless of Our political system. We want to live according to our laws. And we do not require the United States to live according to Our laws. Let them live on their own and do not interfere with others. If a neighbor lived near your apartment who would constantly go into your business, in your personal life, block your access to your water supply, turn off your light, etc. then you would quickly fill his face. Or would you say thanks?
        5. Mikhail3
          Mikhail3 25 September 2013 14: 04 New
          Peacefully bombing other nations, these lovely people who send missiles for humanitarian purposes do not pose a threat.
      2. Sadikoff
        Sadikoff 25 September 2013 08: 05 New
        Not for nothing, and more than once Baraka was called American Gorbachev and he is the same last president of modern America as our Bear is the last president of the USSR.
        And Putin will play well on his psychological mistakes. One can already dream of what form the medals or orders "For the defeat of the USA" or "For Victory" will be and the likely lists of those awarded. And the EU represented by Frau Merkel will also have to be given, they will eventually choose They will also do the right side and their contribution to this cause. The main thing is that it would be on time. Otherwise, maybe the Islamic European Union will not be in time, the Americans want to do this, arming and setting fire to the Middle European Islamists, including their official opponents, criminals.
      3. Alexander Romanov
        Alexander Romanov 25 September 2013 08: 20 New
        Quote: Canep
        Barak Huseynovich, like a stubborn schoolboy, repeats the same thing: - "We are exceptional !!!".

        Hitler said the same thing.
      4. Vladimirets
        Vladimirets 25 September 2013 08: 28 New
        Quote: Canep
        Their eyes are completely blurred there, at least 60% of Americans supported Putin in a position on Syria.

        Well, what’s the point, the American people and Putin have defended Syria, at least for now.
      5. Fin
        Fin 25 September 2013 11: 34 New
        Quote: Canep
        It seems he is reading someone’s previously prepared text, like a parrot, I think this is a doll.

        Obama comes from an ordinary family, where the father is a Kenyan, an American mother. He did not have any influential relatives. He climbed upstairs himself (mostly) and reached the highest-became president of the United States. And now let's find at least one of the commoners of the US president in the 20th century. There is none of them. All were henchmen of family clans and lobbied for the interests of their business, improved the condition of the family and those who joined. In 2008, it became obvious to everyone that the US was bankrupt, there was nothing to repay debts, unemployment was growing, etc. According to the conclusions of the so-called world government, the time has come to destroy the established world order. But families do not want to go down in history with such results of the reign. To do this, put a puppet, a simple guy Obama.
        I mean, everything is ahead. From Syria, we only drove them a little. If it doesn’t work, they will find others. Still to come.
    2. GreatRussia
      GreatRussia 25 September 2013 07: 43 New
      (After all, it was the USSR, and not the Anglo-Saxon countries, that insisted that the principles of “sovereignty, territorial inviolability of each state, non-interference in internal affairs and respect for the rights of the people to choose their own social system” be fixed in the UN Charter).

      It's time to realize that they wanted to spit on all UN charters.

      "Shaking hands with their partners steel fist in a like glove, Russia must demonstrate to the world its firm determination to uphold the world and its rightful place in it. ”

    3. Guun
      Guun 25 September 2013 08: 05 New
      The fascists considered themselves unique (the amers follow that path) - the outcome was deplorable for them, although ambitions were far-reaching.
      1. eplewke
        eplewke 25 September 2013 08: 54 New
        Who are the Americans ??? You remember! These are the descendants of the impoverished rabble and the marginal population of Europe. These great democrats killed the entire indigenous population of America and settled. Slavery flourished in this country right up to the 19th century! And until the 60s of the 20th century it was intolerable and Nazi in relation to blacks. And now this is a serious problem for America. It was they who used the first atomic bomb on the civilian population. It was they who created the oligarchs and bomb those countries that in one way or another do not recognize their power! The USA is Hitler's Germany No. 2, talking about the exclusivity of its race! There is no such race - American! This is just a group of different people living in the same country. On the other hand, Russia! This is a country with a thousand-year history, with a glorious history, I would say with an exceptional history! We have always confronted the most intoxicated evil! We defeated Napoleon, Hitler, survived the coup of wars and revolutions! And we are still a great power since the 15th century !!! This is the story! Here he is an exceptional people! And not this rabble with green candy wrappers from across the ocean ...
        1. kapustinmax
          kapustinmax 25 September 2013 13: 39 New
    4. vadimus
      vadimus 25 September 2013 08: 23 New
      And why not unique? It is still necessary to search for such seedlings of the negals!
      1. Crocodile
        Crocodile 25 September 2013 08: 59 New
        3.14nd0s0vsky unique people have thought up to hand over the army and fleet to the Saudis, and here such a bummer!
        Unique d0lb0 "fuck!
        They can already be proud of this, this is a unique new decision - to sell the American army for American dollars!
    5. Crocodile
      Crocodile 25 September 2013 08: 49 New
      Here is the news - so the news!
      It turns out there is american people !
      By and large, ordinary amers do not even know where Syria is! Or did all of America learn about Abamus' plans and take to the streets in a single emotional outburst?
      A TRUE American can only be outraged by the increase in the price of a hamburger!
      In Syria, the two main players are Putin and the American people, says Thomas Friedman in The New York Times, “which was impossible to predict, but that would have huge long-term consequences.
      1. kargrom
        kargrom 25 September 2013 23: 32 New
        Yesterday a friend from California arrived: “Most of them don't know, it seems like they defend democracy in Africa, the advanced ones read Putin's addresses on business, but there are questions.” Something like this, the truth still depends on the social layer.
    6. Lyapis
      Lyapis 25 September 2013 10: 23 New
      Yeah unique americans are unique laughing
    7. Apologet.Ru
      Apologet.Ru 25 September 2013 11: 44 New
      Does the self-proclaimed “American Exclusivity” give US exclusive rights to the world stage?

      "Let's bring up German people Americans from a very young age in feeling exceptional recognition of the rights of our own people, let’s not corrupt our youth from childhood, let’s free it from the curse of our “objectivity” in such matters as the preservation of our own “I”. Then, as soon as possible, we will make sure that and немецкий Americanй Catholic following the example of Catholics in Ireland, Poland or France remains German Americanremains loyal to his people. "
      “I will never agree that other nations have equal rights with German by the Americans, our task is to enslave other nations. German people American called to give the world a new class of gentlemen. "

      Adolf Gitler/Barack Obama
  2. domokl
    domokl 25 September 2013 07: 47 New
    I agree that now the West must solve either a confrontation with Russia (and possibly with China) to solve the Iranian problem, or a strong move and a sharp improvement in relations with the Iranian side. Syria for the West has now become a litmus test, or or.
    Putin has driven Western politicians into a corner.
  3. a52333
    a52333 25 September 2013 07: 51 New
    McCain's sponosors are the military-industrial complex + the Saudis. Hence the irreconcilable "opposition" to Putin.
  4. Valery Neonov
    25 September 2013 07: 55 New
    The touchy, narcissistic leader of the United States-similar to Oorfene Deuce with his wooden soldiers in the person of McCain and Kerry ... And in Syria, and in Iran, Russia is replaying amers 2: 0. And then the Iranian president refused to meet with Obama ... winked
    "The Iranian delegation found holding a meeting between President Hassan Rouhani and his American counterpart Barack Obama" too difficult. "
    MIKHAN 25 September 2013 07: 58 New
    Now there is a lull .. The next crisis will be arranged before the Olympics. And prepare thoroughly for this ...
  6. mirag2
    mirag2 25 September 2013 08: 14 New
    Uh ... This is a little different. In addition to the above, there are such things as, for example, the Strasbourg court (on human rights). For example, I don’t really believe in its impartiality (I don’t even believe at all). But! ( and there’s nothing to be done) - there’s no other. This is recognized by the whole world as the last resort in search of justice. And such things are full in Europe and America. Here, in order to win the information war that is NOW ON, you need Russia to have similar things. Last resort.
    Remember the recent story with the judges of figure skating? We wanted to remove our judges (there are most of them, it seems) - they say they judge our skaters.
    -This is the key to forming the direction of the course of the correct (necessary) world politics.
  7. igor36
    igor36 25 September 2013 08: 23 New
    Quote: MIKHAN
    The next crisis will be arranged before the Olympics. And prepare thoroughly for this ...

    That's for sure, opponents of Russia will not miss such a chance. Both the propaganda machine and pocket terrorists are already being prepared with might and main.
    1. Crocodile
      Crocodile 25 September 2013 09: 09 New
      Well, the geyropey sportbodies will not come, we will not see rainbow flags in Sochi, what else will they scare?
      In my opinion, it has long been clear to everyone that the money spent on the Olympics cannot be beaten off by Russia, and sport has long passed into the category of competitions between pharmacists, doctors and team financiers!
  8. My address
    My address 25 September 2013 08: 45 New
    Sorry, dear colleagues on the site, I will make a standard conclusion for you.
    As a former specialist in control systems, I see one thing. The President of the United States, and not only the President, does not know the basics of government. Which, roughly speaking, recommend to periodically think over: "Am I not a dunduk?" Even the Bible says about the dangers of conceit as a violation of self-government, the first sin is arrogance ..
  9. Valery Neonov
    25 September 2013 08: 53 New
    Quote: domokl
    Syria for the West has now become a litmus test

    You know, it seems to me that Syria is like a red cloak for a bull for Amers, but Russia as a bullfighter ... hi
  10. Heccrbq .2
    Heccrbq .2 25 September 2013 08: 59 New
    Circus for you and me, from start to finish.
  11. Igarr
    Igarr 25 September 2013 09: 41 New
    Ehhhh, good Mother Rasea ...
    They told us nothing about the fact that the foreigners praised Putin.
    We also praise him. And sometimes scolding.
    But, if there were crowds of Americans ... or Belgians ... or the British - at our embassies, asking for citizenship and registration; if Goldman and Sachs asked the borrowers to come to us ... well, etc. - That would be life, huh?
    Though dreaming ... and that’s good.
    When they voted for Putin - everyone thought that now we will wipe America's nose? Sweden? Republic of Côte d'Ivoire?
    As I - so, I thought - well, that's it. Now the thief is being transplanted, money will be returned to Russia, industry will go up.
    The most important thing is that it is. And thieves are planted, and money is returned, and industry ..
    At ... one place I saw - the rest of the world. I live in Russia!
    What is it for?
    There was one figure, in 1985 he was elected. Also, passion was successful - in the external arena. Like a clown Ginger. True - Tagged, called.
    Everybody here knows what this all led to.
    I voted for the President of Russia.
    not for a successful international class leader.
    1. Val_y
      Val_y 25 September 2013 14: 05 New
      You know, Dear, if you consider your Leader to be BAD, pay attention to all the rest, for example Ukraine or Tajikistan or Kyrgyzstan (I mean the economy, salary, goods, including politics, in Ukraine, I have profiled the shelf and sold Moldova’s exit to the Danube). So before you become like an anal whistler, think about how much it costs to build a bridge, or a hydroelectric station, or a nuclear power plant, or a cruiser, how many enterprises are involved for this, etc. etc., and then rant !!!!!!!!!!!!!! hi
      1. Igarr
        Igarr 25 September 2013 16: 40 New
        Well, I thought.
        Then I thought again.
        Can I start?
        To rant
        So ... at the seaside the green oak ...
        Do you even understand what I was talking about?
  12. HAM
    HAM 25 September 2013 09: 58 New
    Back in early August, Obama snapped that at the last meetings of world leaders, Vladimir Putin “had a bored look of a bad student at the back desk”
    What communicating with and d and about t and m and you need to be fun?
  13. Ivanovich47
    Ivanovich47 25 September 2013 10: 23 New
    The foreign policy of the USSR was provided by the powerful potential of the Soviet Army. The West understood this very well and was more "accommodating" and made compromises when considering issues of world politics. Remember the Cuban missile crisis. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russia no longer possessed powerful Soviet-style Armed Forces. The Americans and NATO understood this and gradually resolved international issues, pushing Russia out of the circle of countries deciding the fate of the world. Putin, by his actions on the Syrian issue, enables our country to influence the fate of the world on an equal basis with other, leading states of the planet.
  14. deman73
    deman73 25 September 2013 10: 29 New
    yes amers more and more drive themselves into the hole with their idiotic behavior
  15. Yuri Y.
    Yuri Y. 25 September 2013 11: 43 New
    Quote: Igarr
    I voted for the President of Russia.
    not for a successful international class leader.

    One without the other seems to me not to be. Especially considering that some internal problems start abroad.
  16. VadimSt
    VadimSt 25 September 2013 11: 44 New
    Quote: awg75
    "unique nation" ...... laugh at these pindos

    I personally believe that the word "unique" is better applied to the position of Russia, it was she who sent the entire West into a state of shock, having confirmed in practice its independence and authenticity. The world has recognized that Russia, as one of the world's leading leaders, has taken place!
  17. stroporez
    stroporez 25 September 2013 11: 48 New
    esteemed for McCain's "successes" in education .............. it seems that the ambassador to Russia sent such an utyrk ---- och looks like a direct insult .. like "don't be worth more." ........
  18. Jober
    Jober 25 September 2013 11: 54 New
    The US offered Iran a meeting of Presidents Barack Obama and Hassan Rowhan on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly, but were refused, a senior White House official said on Tuesday. The author is right in his conclusions. We will wait for further events.
  19. Ddhal
    Ddhal 25 September 2013 12: 02 New
    We are really very pleased that the authority of Russia in the world has risen.
    Still inside the country who put things in order ...
    And then corruption, misuse of funds, bullied prices for goods and services, diasporas .. Police - to the police, peril ... An absolutely distant government ..
  20. Standard Oil
    Standard Oil 25 September 2013 12: 09 New
    A small inaccuracy, perhaps speaking of the Punic Wars, did they want to compare old man McCain not with Scipio, but with Cato the Elder? For Scipio, who for his time was a kind of golden boy and playboy, McCain is absolutely not like, but the old man-moralist Cato Perhaps it smacks. And in general, comparing the Cold War with the Second Punic War, you can find a lot of coincidences, even to the point of shivering a lot. Especially when Carthage himself surrendered "at the mercy" of the Romans, he disarmed himself, flooded the fleet ... Does it look like anything?
    1. Igarr
      Igarr 25 September 2013 12: 43 New
      Probably Publius Cornelius Scipio meant ..
      Anyway - the comparison does not roll.
      And on Cato ... obviously does not pull.
      Cato looks like Barack.
      But Mark Portius Cato is a lump.
      And Barack - well, barack.
  21. shark
    shark 25 September 2013 14: 15 New
    Russia was lucky with Putin. Of course, not the same scale of personality as Peter1 or, say, Stalin, but a banal comparative analysis with other leaders of the post-Soviet space (and not only him) will be in his favor. The rise of Russia speaks for him. In my opinion, it’s insufficient and slow, but still raise it. On the contrary, it is indulging the liberal bourgeois elites. and in his team as well. The sooner he pulls up his courage and squeezes this particular part-time scum, the better. And if he goes next to them, he’s worse