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Smart "Wolf" is being tested


At the test site near Nizhny Novgorod, the “Wolf” is being tested. This name received a new armored vehicle for the Russian army. In addition to the awesome name of the new armored vehicle endowed with "intelligence" and a unique system of mine protection.

This is what A. Kolchugin, the lead designer of the Wolf series, told about his offspring: "Depending on the configuration, a new armored vehicle may have a general-purpose or special purpose: for various special forces needs, for sabotage operations. On the Wolf, you can install heavy rifle and light artillery weapons ".

Smart "Wolf" is being tested

The “wolf” has a high off-road capability, the vehicle's ground clearance can vary from 25, see to 55, see, depending on road conditions, a special system allows you to adjust the ground clearance. Due to this, the machine can overcome fords and snow drifts up to a meter high. Also, the new armored car is equipped with an on-board computer that monitors the status and operation of all systems and in some cases can even block the actions of an inept driver.

The wolf has several types of swap bodies and two types of cabs, armored and conventional.

The armored cabin is protected by two layers of armor: ceramic outside and steel inside. According to the developers of the car body of the car can not damage even a shot at close range of a sniper rifle.

Another key feature of the Wolf is the presence of a new mine protection system. The bottom of the armored car is closed by an armor sheet and has a special architecture that allows you to divert the blast wave. Special seats are attached to the ceiling and the walls of the module and in the event of an explosion, the impact on the crew is not transmitted.

Now the Wolf is in active series of tests. According to the designers, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation will submit the machine during 2011. At the same time, the issue of supplying a new armored car to the troops will be decided.
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  1. Filin
    Filin 16 February 2011 21: 13
    It is unclear why in the armored cabin such wide glazing. Windshield even without a jumper, i.e. when a bullet hits, you have to change all the glass, not half.
  2. SOLDIERru
    SOLDIERru 17 February 2011 14: 39
    I think this armored personnel carrier is not bad but not good either. Another representative of light armored vehicles.
    Unique anti-mine characteristics, has only one armored personnel carrier. This is the South African Kasspir. But the result of his unique anti-mine characteristics was that besides mines, he no longer really defends anything from anything.
    From less powerful mines, any less or less competent (and not so) reservation of the bottom will protect. But how, a closed vehicle, with easy booking, and low weight. It will be able to withstand a fairly powerful landmine. Personally, I can’t imagine. The bent bottom, with rubber mats, and the seating of the seats will not help here either.
    Even such a novelty as the German heavy BMP "Puma". It does not have sky-high mine characteristics.
  3. Filin
    Filin 19 February 2011 21: 07
    Yes, against mines and landmines almost any armored vehicle is powerless. I saw tanks with torn towers and torn bottoms.
    But if you compare the UAZ or URAL (KAMAZ) which are moving now, then I would prefer to go in the WOLF, rather than in a tilt truck.
    It’s a pity there are no statistics of those who died from simple gunfire with automatic weapons, when a couple of armed fighters shoot several shops at cars and hide. This is a common practice. How many guys from THIS statistics could survive, even if some kind of reservation
  4. datur
    datur April 3 2011 22: 57
    Yes, with glass slightly lohanulsya. And so a good machine, but we can not see it. We are Italy, France more expensive b ... b.
  5. TeR
    TeR 11 January 2015 12: 21
    Interestingly, the article writes:
    "This is what the leading designer of the" Wolf "series A. Kolchugin told about his brainchild:" A new armored car ... ".
    And here - http: //ruska-sila.rf/guide/army/tr/vpk3927.shtml they write like this:
    "The machines were developed by the team of the" Military Engineering Center "(" VITs ", controlled by" VPK ") under the leadership of the chief designer Alexander Lebedev based on the experience of operating machines of the" Tiger "type in Russian power structures, including in" hot spots ". the development of the "Wolf" family was the creation of cars for law enforcement agencies with the highest possible level of unification between the cars of the family on the basis of a modular design principle with a focus on existing and future domestic mass production. "

    So it goes.