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Will Sweden and Finland join NATO?

Will Sweden and Finland join NATO?

For several years now, the question of Finland and Sweden joining NATO has been haunting politicians and the military of many countries.

Finnish cooperation with the North Atlantic bloc is becoming closer every year. The Finnish army has repeatedly taken part in NATO exercises. The Finnish servicemen were part of a NATO military presence in Afghanistan.

Practically in all Finnish political parties there are supporters of the country's entry into NATO. The main supporters of this idea are the President of Finland Saule Niiniste and the former head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Alexander Stubba. The information service of the National Defense Commission of Finland constantly conducts sociological polls in order to find out the opinion of the population about the prospects for the country's entry into NATO.

At the same time, it should be noted that, despite the efforts of supporters of "atlantists" in the country's leadership, 70% of Finns do not agree with the entry of their state into any military bloc.

The head of Finnish diplomacy, Erkki Tuomioya, as a true official, gave a dual assessment of the plans for Finland’s membership in NATO: “As recorded in the government’s program, Finland is not a member of the military alliance, but it cooperates with NATO and retains the possibility of applying for membership in it”. In order to maintain good relations with the United States and NATO, the Finns decided to purchase air-to-surface cruise missiles in the States for 145 million euros, 70 tactical missiles, and additional equipment worth $ 132 million.

It cannot be said that the “naive” Finns do not see what threatens them to join one of the aggressive military blocs of the world. After all, if such a decision is made, the borders of the country, in a matter of months, will acquire defensive components of the American missile defense system and offensive military equipment. And these clearly unfriendly actions will certainly create tension between Finland and Russia. It is possible that Finland’s accession to NATO will lead to a change in the global geopolitical situation in the entire region.

A reasonable question arises - why should the Finns of NATO, for they have already lived without it for a long time?

First, the population of Finland is small (only five million people), although the country is the fifth largest in Europe by the size of its territory. It is known that the Finns put the security of their country first, and they are ready to lose some of their sovereignty in favor of a strong defender.

Secondly, the Finns expect that by joining NATO they will increase their status and become significant, influencing the decision-making of the largest military-political European bloc, because any member of the North Atlantic alliance can block the actions of the military-political colossus.

But if the Finns fear for their safety, then where, in their opinion, does the threat come from? According to the residents of Finland, the first threat is terrorism. But the second is Russia's imperial ambitions. But the fact that polls show an annual decrease in the number of Finnish citizens who believe that the Russians will attack their country - and today the “atlantists” in an absolute minority - is encouraging.

Finland positions itself as a neutral country. Experts say that joining NATO will inevitably turn it into a testing ground for the deployment of military facilities of other NATO member states. At the same time, this action has another one - the economic side. After all, the deployment of US military bases on the territory of other countries is well paid by the United States, and the Finnish economy also suffers from the global crisis that has affected almost all countries of the world. However, the Finns have long been involved in all the military operations of the alliance, so the neutrality of the country can no longer be said. As the events of recent years show, Finland really wants to participate in the formation of global politics, and the entrance door to this "magic world" for the Finns is NATO.

Currently, more than two thirds of the EU countries are members of the North Atlantic Alliance. In reality, Finland’s entry into NATO would not affect the current level of EU pressure on Russia.

Experts predict that if Finland, having joined NATO, still refrains from deploying foreign military bases on its territory, relations with Russia will most likely remain the same - cooperation and good neighborliness. But in the event that an American military contingent appears in Finland, it will be regarded by Russia as a direct military threat.

Flirting with NATO, in Suomi, they are very interested in visiting their country by tourists from Russia and preserving good-neighborly and mutually beneficial relations with their eastern neighbor.

From the foregoing, we can assume the following version of further events - Finland is likely to join the alliance, but will not deploy strategic weapons and large military allied forces on its territory.

The situation is similar in neighboring Sweden.

The Kingdom of Sweden has two hundred years neutrality. Sweden has the most powerful army among neutral states. Every year five thousand recruits join the country's army. If necessary, the Swedish Defense Ministry can mobilize up to 60 thousands of people. Swedish civil society has long put forward the requirement to cancel the call. In this situation, the country's leadership is thinking about joining NATO or another military alliance.

A long stay of Sweden in a state of neutrality left an imprint on the country's military doctrine. During the years of the USSR, the Swedish military doctrine was based on a defensive strategy and the defense of the country from the "Soviet threat". At that time, Sweden could have set up a million-strong army, and this was taken into account by NATO strategists in their plans. They are quite satisfied with Sweden, as a shield of the Scandinavian bridgehead and an ally of the North Atlantic bloc. Swedish army has weapon and equipment of their own production, and the Swedish JAS 39 Grifen fighters are even exported to countries such as the Czech Republic, Hungary and Norway. The soldiers of the Swedish army are armed with assault rifles Ak 5 and Ak 4, produced at Swedish enterprises. Tank parts are also provided with products of the local military-industrial complex - tanks Strv 121 and Strv 122. Sweden itself builds ships for its Navy, including Visby-class corvettes and submarines. The quality of the equipment is such that the United States rented diesel-electric submarines from Sweden, as American manufacturers could not offer the American Navy modern models of diesel submarines.

In the 90s, the issue of Sweden joining NATO was openly discussed. In 1994, Sweden participated in the NATO Partnership for Peace program and this was the first and significant step of the Swedish kingdom towards the North Atlantic alliance. Sweden was confident that in the event of a military conflict, NATO would come to the rescue, but increasingly Swedish-government officials began to talk about the need for the country to join NATO. In connection with the NATO aggression in Iraq, the Swedish public did not support the initiative of the "atlantists" - no one was pleased with the prospect of being in the Iraqi theater of military operations. In Sweden, the social movement was expanding, acting under the slogan “NATO, get out of Sweden!”. A public opinion poll showed that most Swedes oppose the kingdom’s entry into NATO. But, despite the opinions of the citizens of their country, the Swedish army actively cooperates with NATO, participating in numerous military exercises and joint operations with NATO members in Yugoslavia and Afghanistan.

The issue of Sweden joining NATO also has an economic side. Even as small as a Swedish army requires annual funding of $ 7 billion, which is 1,7% of GDP. The Swedes are not averse to shifting to the shoulders of the Allies at least some of these costs. Therefore, cooperation with NATO, the Swedes will continue. At the same time, Sweden will take all measures to increase its role in the military structure of the European Union and will try to become the leader of the Northern fighting group.

It is also necessary to note the fact that the governments of both countries in the matter of joining military blocs are bound hand in hand by constitution. The holding of referendums, at the present time, does not make sense, since the majority of citizens of these countries are against their countries joining NATO. The issue of financing is also not so simple - NATO membership will require an increase in the military budget from Sweden and Finland, which these countries are not ready for at the moment.

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  1. Canep
    Canep 25 September 2013 08: 22
    If you ask the question: - "What will Finland and Sweden gain from joining NATO," the answer will be - nothing, but they can lose seriously, and first of all there will be a duty to participate in hop-stops arranged by the Americans.
  2. smiths xnumx
    smiths xnumx 25 September 2013 09: 42
    Will be ...

    A parody of the Commander-in-Chief of the Swedish Armed Forces, Sverker Joranson, aroused concern in the authoritative Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet. The initiative of the general, who made the statement at the beginning of the year that the Swedish army would not last even a week in the event of an attack by Russia, became a serious and acute political issue for the country, the newspaper writes. The general made a statement on the eve of the annual national conference "People and Defense", which was attended by NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen, which discussed the issue of Sweden's accession to NATO. The general himself, having made so much noise, fell ill right at the conference and will be on sick leave until March 17. And finally, Sweden waited for the response of the “Russian bear”, notes Aftonbladet. According to Aftonbladet, Channel One presented the Swedish army as a "frail, dressed in yellow-blue tights." Under the well-known composition of the ABBA group Mamma Mia, a team that looks more like IKEA managers dances against the backdrop of Russian fighters. First in the foreground is a figure who talks about the Russian attack. Of course, the retelling of Aftonbladet is very, very inaccurate. (A TV presenter appears in the video, which quotes the words of the commander in chief. Then comes the general’s output.) “Finnish defense is not enough to defend against the landing of 1000 military groups,” according to the newspaper, a figure representing Sverker Joransson sings. (The words say in the video: “It is unlikely that we will be protected from Finland by a shield if thousands of guys from the airborne forces attack ... Russians walk on foot, it’s even worse.”). Taunts about the possibilities of the Swedish defense were broadcast throughout Russia, Aftonbladet emphasizes. (In the video: “They’ll conquer the country in a week, so that they can rest on Friday ... On the table they are about to spread the map of Sweden, but, ironically, the table is from IKEA
    1. Zhenya
      Zhenya 25 September 2013 15: 54
      GOOD I raised my spirits.
    2. K9_SWAT
      K9_SWAT 25 September 2013 22: 04
      Fine!!! Well done boys!!!! good good
  3. Betahon
    Betahon 25 September 2013 09: 48
    It seems to me that neither Finns nor Swedes will join the NATO military organization purely because of their mentality - non-participation in an active military doctrine by their weak military resources
    1. Denis
      Denis 25 September 2013 16: 07
      Quote: Betahon
      its weak military resources
      And in rat-baby animals the most powerful armies?
      1. Tambov we ...
        Tambov we ... 25 September 2013 17: 08
        This is the misfortune of the Balts - they were simply zombified. And their pity. Where are they climbing?
  4. chunga-changa
    chunga-changa 25 September 2013 09: 56
    Peaceful, neutral Sweden is a great substitute; in general, tactical nuclear weapons are enough for it.
    1. Tambov we ...
      Tambov we ... 25 September 2013 17: 11
      Why poison their northern territories with NW exposure, Enough explanatory effects of non-nuclear airborne forces.
    2. The comment was deleted.
    3. Wanderer27
      Wanderer27 7 August 2015 21: 06
      This is a private matter in Sweden.
  5. apro
    apro 25 September 2013 11: 16
    Whether they will join NATO or not is not so important, these countries are already actively participating in European games acting in concert with Brussels. The neutrality of these Scandinavians was due to the power of the USSR, and now the center of power has shifted. Another question will they go in line with the policy of the SGA?
  6. slacker
    slacker 25 September 2013 12: 15
    As long as the economy of the West, to put it mildly, is not completely healthy, you can forget about Finno-Sweden’s entry into NATO. It will not be very beneficial to the leading military European countries of NATO (primarily Germany and France). And as the economy improves, it will be disadvantageous for the Finns and Swedes themselves.
  7. Lexx
    Lexx 25 September 2013 13: 36
    Finland wants a second time to step on the same rake? This time it will be more painful, there may not be a third time.
    1. Tambov we ...
      Tambov we ... 25 September 2013 17: 25
      Yeah, be consistent. In the days of ona - the end of the thirties, there was a grater about the borders between the USSR and Finland. They fought a little, although not very successfully tactically, but they decided on strategic intentions - the borders were pushed back. But this is not because Finland, small and not particularly developed, decided where to step on it — whether it was on a rake or on the boot of Grandfather Stalin. What was, was.
  8. Denis
    Denis 25 September 2013 16: 05
    Finland's population is small (only five million people)
    But it’s very ratty, like gadgets. No matter what friends he is, just be afraid and shit like little things
    From Peter we know better
    1. Tambov we ...
      Tambov we ... 25 September 2013 18: 50
      Yes, I saw in the days of Ona how our finicky cops flew away from a drunk Finn. A shame!
  9. Tambov we ...
    Tambov we ... 25 September 2013 16: 36
    Or maybe the Finns should think about joining the Customs Union? They’ll have more diverse than from cooperation with moldy tolerant-mid-sexually decomposed Europe?
  10. ivanovbg
    ivanovbg 25 September 2013 20: 48
    Sweden and Finland will gain nothing if they join NATO. If they decide to shift part of their defense budget to the United States, they will receive in response such requirements (missile defense, offensive weapons on the Russian border) that Russia's reciprocal economic measures will negate the entire economy of the military budget.

    But the citizens of Sweden and Finland will write the citizens of Sweden and Finland in the list of their enemies and with the next selection of the next object, captured by representatives of the "religion of peace", the Swedes and Finns will be terribly unhappy. Although the jihadists officially consider the louse "an adornment of the warriors' beards" and quietly tug the donkeys in their caravans, they will always have time to distinguish the Swede and the Finn from the Swiss.
    1. ivanovbg
      ivanovbg 25 September 2013 21: 56
      And minus me for what, for a louse or for donkeys ??? There was a special fatwa for a louse, here on VO I read it in one of the "Geopolitical Mosaics". Everyone knows for donkeys, as well as for drugs and all the other "virtues" of the warriors of the "religion of peace"!
  11. vahatak
    vahatak 26 September 2013 21: 55
    In fact, they can benefit from participating in NATO, but not by fighting against external forces, but by fighting within the alliance. It is known that the Germans and the French themselves want to take control of all of Europe, driving the Americans out.
    1. Stasi
      Stasi 13 October 2013 21: 15
      Without the Americans, NATO as such is of little value, the European armies, due to the economic crisis, were greatly reduced, hence their power decreased. So no one is going to expel Americans, Europe is rather weak without them. The fact that the Germans and the French want to take Europe in their hands is also no secret, for this the EU was created to economically subjugate the European continent. But it’s bad luck, the project stalled and the countries of Eastern Europe trite on the neck of the Westerners pumping money out of them and not wanting to do anything. Moreover, Germany has to pay for everything, at the expense of German taxpayers. If Sweden and Finland join NATO, then in addition to purely military-political problems, these countries will acquire enormous economic ones. You will have to pay very solidly from your budget for participation in the Alliance, as well as pay for all the problems of Europe on an equal basis with other countries of Western Europe. So, as they say, the game is not worth the candle.
  12. Crrusader40
    Crrusader40 5 November 2013 23: 30
    Finns guys are good, they won’t go to NATO.
    But the Swedes are unknown. They are at a crossroads now
  13. kelevra
    kelevra 13 December 2013 23: 18
    Finland will be for sure, after all, it borders on Russia!
  14. Wanderer27
    Wanderer27 7 August 2015 21: 10
    This is the result of the annexation of Crimea. Now Finland and Sweden are afraid of us and climb into NATO for protection.