Military Review

Mission macy

In the FIRST NUMBERS of August 1961, Maria was again in New York, and again she was Miss Glen Morrero Podcesski and ... an illegal intelligence officer, Macy.

Familiar masses of the city downright stunned Macy unbearable humidity, stuffiness and impending smog. We must get used again. The landlord and the neighbors greeted them cordially, although in communion with them she felt a hidden sympathy: she went to get married, and she returned, as before, alone.

Macy foresaw a similar reaction and composed a rather convincing legend: she practically got married. Unfortunately, the husband’s firm was in a financial distress. He was forced to sell the house to fix things. They expect to do it within a year. Therefore, we decided to temporarily leave. Macy believes that she, too, will be able to earn decently. The husband, if possible, will fly to New York, although it is expensive.

Gradually, life came into the mainstream. She found the apartment and salon in perfect order, restored contact with regular customers, bought the necessary cosmetics and resumed accepting visitors.

There was still time before the scheduled meeting with Dion. From Moscow they said: if there is no signal from him to stop work, Macy should hold this meeting. In addition, it was recommended to refrain from using the radio transmitter, temporarily short reports to be transmitted by secret logging to addresses known to it; depending on the development of events, once again return to the search for additional channels of communication. Later, in order to receive new instructions and reserve documents (if necessary), its backup cache “P” will be used.

25 August, as usual on Friday, Macy went shopping. After visiting the supermarket, she went north to Westchester County. Several highways to the north, connected by different roads and interchanges, in general, created favorable conditions for checking for spying.

The BEAUTIFUL park and forest zone, cut by narrow highways, could serve as an excuse for a walk in a car. On the way, Macy made a short stop at a roadside cafe. Beside it was a conditional place for the agent to signal a possible cessation of cooperation.
No signal has been set. After drinking a cup of coffee, the scout continued the “walk”. Forty minutes later she parked the car in a large area of ​​a large suburban shopping center. Here was the meeting with Dion.

Mission macyHe, as always, was cheerful and affable. The conversation took place on a bench, then at a light lunch in the pizzeria of a rich clothing store and lasted about forty-five minutes.

“I am very, very happy to see you again, Glen,” said Dion, “decided not to set the signal, but to report everything news personally. In general, the mood is normal, the atmosphere is calm.

And the news was: in the past three months in the service there have been significant changes, and in his position too. Reorganized some departments of the State Department, there are personnel changes. This was the information in the press.
“The changes have affected me,” he added.

It turned out that Dion was relieved of his post due to his transfer to a new job. He received thanks for his long service and was awarded a diploma, besides, he was offered a fairly high diplomatic post in one of the “prosperous” countries of West Africa.

“Perhaps this is the only country on the continent where the Americans have dominated for more than a century now.” The Yankees relocated the Negroes there — the former, and then the “civilized” slaves, so to speak, returned to their ancestral homeland. The returnees quickly “sorted out” with the leaders of the tribes of their brethren, and with the help of overseas patrons, of course, became the head of state. Now compared to other African countries, this is considered the most developed. So I agreed to work there. This is still better than the life of a senior citizen. The contract is for four years. Departure at the end of September. The country has diplomatic relations with the Soviet Union, but I don’t want any of your people there to know about me. I can only accept you and our mutual friend. It is a pity that we must part, but I hope we part as friends. Thanks for all.

Dion also recommended paying attention to John Kennedy’s attitude to Cuba. It is obvious that after the failure of the April adventure, at the direction of the President, the CIA began to develop an entire program of action against Cuba. The program provides for an economic blockade, training of special military units, widespread anti-Cuban propaganda, conducting reconnaissance and sabotage actions, up to the physical destruction of Castro and his closest comrades. Monitoring the implementation of these activities is the Minister of Justice Robert Kennedy, the brother of the president.

General Lansdale, coordinator of the CIA's secret operations with the Ministry of Defense and the State Department, was appointed as the direct leader of the preparation of events. The man is treacherous, dangerous. On his account not one overthrown government (from the disagreeable US).

In the parking lot, Macy and Dion broke up. Macy handed him 200 dollars - a gift for Labor Day. Thus, the work that has been going on for more than one year with a valuable agent, relations with which from purely material motivation, gradually grew into mutual understanding and respect.

The next day, Macy sent a letter with encrypted information to Moscow.

LIFE continued in a familiar rhythm. For the lease of the premises under an agreement with the owner of the house, Macy already paid (for the apartment and the salon with all the equipment). Both sides were quite satisfied with this situation: the landlord received the rent on a regular basis, had no complaints about the tenant, and Macy, in turn, did not feel any changes and did not feel uneasy. On the contrary, the existing living conditions and relations with the owner provided her, if necessary, the opportunity to leave New York without much trouble.

Time passed quickly. Macy worked a lot, new clients appeared. The popularity of the "beautiful master" grew. Grew up and a bank account. Macy allowed herself occasionally to visit expensive shops on Fifth Avenue, to go to the opera and to Broadway theaters. On Thanksgiving, she was invited to dinner by old acquaintances - her neighbors in West End Avenue. Simple, kind people were very proud of meeting with such a successful lady.

Macy spent the Christmas holidays in a country house. In the same place she met the New, 1962 year, as it turned out, the year of hopes, anxieties and political upheavals.

The year really turned critical in Soviet-American relations. The maximum tension arose in the autumn of 1962, when the situation foreshadowed the direct US aggression against Cuba. Open threats were heard in statements by American statesmen as early as July-August, but even earlier military preparations for the invasion of the island were in full swing and propaganda was launched in the media.

The Soviet government was forced to respond. The planet was close to a nuclear disaster. Numerous memoirs and studies of politicians, political scientists and military experts of both powers are written about all this. No one doubted that the Soviet Union was determined to defend Cuba.

Was there a need to develop nuclear missiles in Cuba? High military ranks, not to mention executors, are still lost in speculation to whom such an idea occurred.

The idea came from N.S. Khrushchev. In the memoirs of A.A. Gromyko said: "The question of the deployment of Soviet missiles in Cuba was put up for discussion at the Presidium of the Central Committee of the CPSU, and the proposal of Khrushchev was unanimously approved by the participants of the meeting."

Life for Macy since spring has become extremely tense, and the autumn months have been downright fatal. She continued to keep in touch with Moscow directly. The source of intelligence information was mainly women - her clients, many of whom were wives of influential and knowledgeable people.

The SCIENTIST noticed that these ladies, under the influence of a restless situation, had become more politicized and spoke with alarm about the danger of war, turmoil and unrest of the American youth, about anti-war movements. Sometimes Macy caught new shades in their reasoning about the current situation, shades that were most likely related to the mood of their husbands and close acquaintances.

She periodically received short cipher programs from Moscow with tips and recommendations of an information orientation. In response to the reports through Europe, Macy presented her analysis of the information that did not reach Moscow or, possibly, reached in a distorted form. For nine months, 1962-she sent about ten messages. Moscow rated them positively.

Of particular interest was the information received by Macy from Marianna. And it happened so. At the end of September one evening, Marianna, very agitated, ran to the salon and secretly (“between us”), choking with emotion, said:

“Yesterday I met with my admiral — I arrived in New York for work and only for a few hours.” Scary things!

Our warships lead to increased combat readiness. Officers withdraw from vacation. War with the Soviets is possible, and it may be atomic. You, Glen, understand what it is! New York will be wiped out! And other major cities too. He insisted that I take the most necessary and urgently left the city. In Denver - Colorado his relatives live, he gave the address. That's what's up, Glen. Let's go together, away from sin, God save us!

Macy sincerely empathized with her friend, sharing her anxiety and fear. Thanking Marianna for the trust, she asked to leave the address:
- If it becomes very dangerous, I will also withdraw, drop everything and come. Get away from here!

The scout was extremely excited by everything she heard from Marianna. “Is it really so scary? This is some kind of madness! Why does Kennedy provoke a deadly conflict? She thought. “Is small Cuba and Castro so dangerous for Americans to plunge the people, the whole world into an atomic catastrophe for the sake of political ambitions?”

The information received, as highly important, Macy urgently encrypted and sent by air mail through Vienna to the address for emergency messages.

In May 1962, in connection with the threatening situation, Moscow made a decision: to transfer illegal residency and illegal immigrants with direct access to Moscow to communicate with the residency under the guise of the USSR representation on 67-st Street in New York. It was necessary to secure people, as well as to establish joint operations and make more operational communication with Moscow.

Starting data on Macy, as well as on other intelligence officers, passed to the new resident. The immediate curator of the illegal immigrants was Deputy Resident Colonel Polyakov, officially the representative of the Armed Forces of the USSR in the UN Military Staff Committee. The term of his business trip ended in July, and the position of the first secretary of the representative office, E.P. Maslova.

No one knew at that time and could not even think that Polyakov was a traitor. He sold his country, family, changed the holy cause - the service in the Soviet Army. He trampled a high confidence in being a Soviet military intelligence officer. By the middle of 1962, he, as it turned out, had worked for more than two years, first with the FBI and then with the CIA. American intelligence services considered Polyakova one of the most valuable agents.

Macy became his victim. Polyakov knew about it as early as the fifties, during his work at the GRU, when she was undergoing training for an illegal mission. He also knew that her country of destination was the United States. But Polyakov had learned the rule even then: not to show unnecessary premature interest in colleagues.
In 1962, Macy was in his hands. He received her passport name, address, learned that the scout was reliably legalized, became the owner of a beauty salon and is popular with American women as a highly skilled master. He knew the place of the hiding place and the place where the “P” signal was set.

According to Polyakov, Macy should have been a lieutenant colonel. “Yes, you can get a lot for such a“ fish ”,“ he anticipated.

In the interests of his own safety, Polyakov developed a peculiar tactic in relations with American counterintelligence agents. He did not give them all the data he knew about our illegal immigrants, but limited himself to reporting the meeting place, describing caches and signals.

"It's enough. Detect yourself, establish your identity, keep secret development, but arrest only after my departure from America ”- this was the principle of traitor self-preservation.

Not knowing the exact activation date for Macy's backup cache “P”, at the end of May, at a meeting with his FBI leader, Polyakov called him only the signal location, conveyed a description of the signal “P” and clarified that it is quite possible to establish a permanent technical observation behind this point and wait for the day of surgery. Keeping an ambush at a cache is pointless. Fixing an object that sets a signal - and this should be a woman - not only confirms her belonging to the intelligence service, but also allows you to identify the person who appears to shoot the delivered signal.

This was the last meeting of Polyakov with his “loyal” owner. In June, he and his family (in the first-class cabin of the ocean liner) prepared to leave the United States.

On the eve of their departure, Polyakov was given a magnificent reception at the representative office of the USSR at the UN. The generals and officers of the United States, Great Britain, France and the PRC were invited — colleagues at the Military Headquarters Committee, high-ranking officials of the UN Secretariat, foreign diplomats, members of the staff of the Soviet Military Attaché in Washington, and senior diplomats of the mission.

In many toasts, praise was addressed to Polyakov, words of gratitude, wishes of health and success in the future service, handed gifts and souvenirs.

Polyakov announced that with his departure, the functions of the representative of the USSR Armed Forces in the Military Staff Committee were transferred to the military attache, who would regularly come from Washington to New York to the committee meetings. All current issues will be resolved in New York by the executive secretary - the liaison officer of the military office.

Operational management of illegal immigrants Polyakov handed over to Maslov. “Soon, he and his boss will have to answer for Moscow for failures and breakdowns. The end of your career, comrades leaders! ”The traitor gloated as he was saying goodbye to America.

ALL TIME, the events included in history like the caribbean crisis. The media injected the situation. Ordinary Americans were inclined to believe that a military clash between the United States and the USSR was inevitable. Macy noted clear signs of an upcoming panic: many families hurriedly left the city, advertised family anti-nuclear shelters on radio and television, which "can be quickly delivered and installed at any place". Smartly went trade in gas masks, protective suits, flashlights.

In the first days of October, the “P” bookmark disguised as an asphalt road fragment was delivered from Moscow by mail. What is in it - the resident was not known.

October 6 resident received a telegraphic indication from Moscow: "October 9 in the morning with the necessary precautions in place the parcels in the cache" P ". October 10 in the afternoon, check for the presence of the signal "P" and remove it. Commission the operation Maslov. Results report the telegraph.

On the same day, Macy took the cipher.

"October 9 in the afternoon, remove the package from the well-known“ R ”cache. The next day, October 10, in the morning, confirm the removal of the parcel by an agreed “P” signal. October 11 travel past the place of the signal, check its removal. The signal must be erased. "
Macy understood that the operation was being carried out by Moscow, and it would be carried out by the New York station. The operative worker will erase the signal, as reported to Moscow.

In the seized package, Macy found 5.000 dollars as a reserve for expenses in an exacerbated situation. In an encrypted note, it was recommended that in such a case act according to the “extraordinary circumstances” option through Canada. Additionally, backup documents were transferred to Macy in the name of Marianna Gray.

At the end of the note, she read: “At home, everything is fine, relatives and friends send greetings and wishes of health. Sergey asked me to convey that he loves and waits. ”
11-th Macy drove past the place where she set the parcel pick-up signal. There was no slash on the fence post. So everything is in order! However, neither Macy nor Maslov knew that both of them were photographed several times with special photo and video equipment of the American counterintelligence. The treacherous plan worked.

Meanwhile, Macy did not feel any changes in her environment. She worked, experienced with everyone, but in her own way, the terrible days of the Cuban events. Since October 18, the entertainment programs have been discontinued on the leading TV shows. The observers, ministers, scientists, members of congress, political and public figures filled the air. Main idea: “The USSR threatens with rocket fire from the territory of Cuba; The USSR is ready to start a nuclear war with America. ” The US government has prepared the introduction of "martial law in the country."

It was reported that all important institutions - of course, both the White House and the Pentagon - had already received instructions about moving to the spare underground premises. Entered into military censorship.

The panic spread. People left the city. Many walking. Traffic jams formed on the western highways. The military information was as follows: significant naval forces, marines and military paratroopers, ready to invade the island, were concentrated on American bases.

OCTOBER 22 on 19 watches Kennedy spoke on American television. "The Soviet Union," he said, "turned Cuba into its supporting base for conducting an aggressive policy in the Western Hemisphere." For the first time, the president openly told the Americans that Russians are hastily equipped with positions on the island, Soviet missiles are being installed that are capable of delivering nuclear strikes on the largest cities on the east coast of the United States, Mexico and the Panama Canal.

Kennedy also announced that a “strict maritime quarantine” was being introduced against Cuba (in other words, a blockade), that naval ships were ordered to stop and inspect all ships heading to Cuba, and that he ordered the Pentagon to increase the US military force in the Caribbean region. the pool. If necessary, the aircraft is capable of delivering bombing attacks, making up to 2.000 sorties a day.
Macy herself saw on Soviet television ships heading for Cuba and large merchant ships with missiles. Towards them moving the American naval armada. Commentators declared that if the Soviet ships were not turned in the direction of the South Atlantic, the war could begin from minute to minute.

Soviet ships turned off course. Then, with bated breath, everyone followed the hot debate at the UN Security Council meeting. Finally, the morning of October 28 brought great relief to the world. As the representative of the USSR at the UN, V.A. Zorin, "defeated the policy of reasonable compromise."

DURING the crisis and in the first days after it, Macy rarely went out into the city, only for groceries, and yet noted: there were more policemen, and the number of patrol cars increased. One day, at the end of October, not far from Macy's house, she turned her attention to a Plymouth car parked at the sidewalk. She knew that such machines are commonly used by the FBI services. In the front seat two men fell apart, one of whom was flipping through a magazine.

Strange: the car seems to be standing for a long time, and the parking meter is not turned on. Macy thought about it, but she admitted that the security service was just helping the police to keep order on the streets. Soon, however, she learned that some men were asking her neighbors and host about her. This is already very alerted scout. "What does it mean? With the rent and taxes, everything is in order, there are no fines for breaking traffic rules, I have never been to dark companies, I have never dealt with drugs. What? What? ”Thought Macy.

She decided to inform Moscow. A secret note on a postcard to Vienna reported on the interest of unknown persons in it: “... They cannot catch me in anything illegal. I will try to carefully understand everything. Perhaps there is a misunderstanding ... "

In the Soviet Union, Macy's report was highly attentive. Moscow knew: America was overwhelmed by espionage. Announced the arrests of American citizens who allegedly collaborated with the secret services of the Soviets and other socialist countries. Demonstrative surveillance of employees of Soviet institutions, provocative appeals to diplomats, breaking locks in cars, tire punctures, theft of things from the trunk, rough searches in the apartments of workers in their absence became commonplace.

These actions were designed for the fact that Soviet citizens will have a feeling of fear and insecurity. The USSR Embassy and the USSR Mission to the UN have repeatedly sent notes to the US State Department with strong protest against the actions of the American authorities.

That is why Moscow reacted to Macy’s message with great concern. An urgent telegram was sent to her: “Stop active work. Keep calm and calm. If the situation requires and you find it necessary, quietly leave the city and go to Canada. How to act - you know. Your planned return home will be decided positively. Approximately it will be by the summer of 1963. Just in case, we are introducing a new signal for you - an emergency return signal to Moscow ... ”(a description of the signal and the place of its installation were given).

The SCOPE sighed with relief as she felt Moscow's concern. She realized that the “emergency return signal” could be set up by an undercover employee of the New York residency if there were data on Macy’s clear security threat, a threat unknown to herself.

Just in case, the scout destroyed all the evidence, evidence of her belonging to illegal activities, including code tables and secret-copy copies. So, her November message was the last report.

The resident in New York was tasked with periodically contactlessly checking Macy’s position.

1963 has come the year. The New York residency reported that the situation in the area of ​​residence of the scout situation does not cause suspicion. Macy continues to accept customers and by all indications leads a normal life.

The resident offered a letter or phone call to call her to the meeting. Moscow declined this offer: Macy has clear instructions on how to act in a dangerous situation.

FINALLY, the situation around Macy cleared up in April 1963. The deputy resident Maslov, who was carrying out the caching operation with Macy's 10 on October 1962, was preparing for a vacation. He ordered the tickets for the steamer, 3 May was going to sail to England, then by ferry across the English Channel to Hoek-Van-Holland and by train to Moscow. He suspended his activities and dreamed of rest in his homeland.

But the departure almost broke. The fact is that Maslov was unofficially familiar with New York attorney Dodge, who advised an intelligence officer on issues of entry into the United States, the rules for residence of foreigners, employment, tax system, taxpayer accounting and other legal issues.

Suddenly, Dodge's wife called the apartment of the deputy resident and reported about the sudden death of her husband. She asked to come pick up the package of documents ordered by Maslov, and, as he understood it, pay for this service.

The resident was wary of this proposal, especially since before leaving the special services one could wait for any kind of provocative actions. Maslov delicately refused - the widow "tearfully" asked. In the end, the resident agreed, sternly warning Maslov about the observance of extreme caution and the immediate cessation of the meeting at the slightest suspicion.

The meeting ruined our scout. True, as a result, it became clear what was happening around Macy's ...

But more about that later. In the meantime, Maslov, after a thorough check on surveillance, arrived at the house and rang the doorbell. An intelligent middle-aged woman opened it to him:

- Are you a friend of my husband?

Maslov cautiously replied that he maintained friendly and business relations with her husband. With tears in his eyes, the “widow” suggested Maslova to go into the living room, saying that she would now bring a package with documents, which her “deceased” husband had prepared for “her Russian friend.”

Maslov entered the living room - and then a surprise! He was met by two “gays” (Guy - in English “boy.” - Ed.), Well dressed, middle-aged.
- Hello, Maslov! We are well aware of your work in New York. You are guilty of failing your scout. You know her, this is a cosmetic bag from the Bronx. You must confirm this! If you confirm, we offer to cooperate with us. And on good terms.

For persuasiveness, the traffic police showed Maslov several photographs. One was a woman of medium height, elegantly dressed, she was holding a slash of chalk on the wall of the church. The date was accurate - October 10 1962.

They showed Maslov several photographs: on one he neatly erases the line at the signal point.

In this operation, the FBI has not been fully thought through. Maslov was assembled and sustained:

- This is a clear provocation! The woman you showed me, I do not know. And if you use violence against me, I will be thrown out of the window, and you will answer under American law for the deliberate murder of a Soviet diplomat. Here I came to visit the widow of a deceased friend.

Maslova was allowed to leave the apartment, leaving after him that if he changes his mind, he can contact the FBI office on 3-th Avenue.

- Otherwise, you are threatened with reprisals in Moscow for the failure of a valuable Soviet intelligence officer-illegal.

When he arrived at the office, Maslov reported on the incident. Urgent encryption was sent to Moscow:

“... I do not exclude that Dodge was associated with the secret services or the FBI forced his wife to stage widowhood. The provocation with Maslov shows that Macy is under the supervision of the FBI. Counterintelligence needs proof of its belonging to our intelligence. That did not work ... "

A CAREFUL analysis of everything that happened in the station and in Moscow showed that Macy’s failure was not the fault of Maslov. The FBI agents who showed him were evidence that Macy was photographed at the time of the signal on the church's fence on 190 Street. October 10 was 1962-th before Maslov erased the signal and was also photographed. This meant that either counterintelligence knew exactly about the location of the signal, or Macy was already under the supervision of special services.

If so, then her alarm signal to Vienna in November had good reasons. But now it was not possible to determine the true causes of failure. One thing became clear: Macy had to be saved!

Moscow sent urgent instructions to the New York residency:

“Do not contact Macy personally or by phone. Set for her a signal of “an emergency return to Moscow ... (the location and nature of the signal were given). She knows her further actions. ”

On the bright May 6 day, on Tuesday, driving along the usual route to the supermarket, Macy saw a white cross at the appointed place, painted not with chalk, but with paint.

Everything! She is ordered to leave urgently. Macy remembered clearly what had to be done when she received such a signal. “The Center could only go for it as a last resort,” she reflected, although she didn’t notice anything special about the situation around her.

The scout was confident that in the event of even a thorough search of the apartment and in the cabin they would not find anything compromising her as a scout. She carried a spare passport and money for the last few days with her.

10 May, Saturday, Macy came out early in the morning as if for milk, bread and newspapers. She took only a small handbag and a home shopping bag. Carefully looking around, Macy ducked into the subway. Here is a bus, restless rest on the road - and Chicago. Canada is close, and friends there!
By this time, our resident in Canada already had instructions from Moscow: in mid-May, a middle-aged woman would come to the consular section of the embassy (her omens were given), she could present an American passport in the name of Glen Morrero Podcesski, a US citizen, or also a citizen of the United States. It is possible that she would call herself in Russian Maria Dobrova. Especially secretly reported that a woman - our intelligence officer, illegal. It will be necessary to assist her in sending her home; provide rest, issue Canadian 3.000 and American dollar 2.000; secretly bring her to the city; to track the purchase of a ticket to Amsterdam - there they will meet her; report the departure date and flight number to Moscow.

Arriving in Chicago, at the bus station at the travel agency, Macy picked up a three-star hotel in the northern part of the city, by phone in her name ordered a single room and drove a taxi to the received address. She did not see anything suspicious along the way.

The fourth floor room with a fridge, TV and telephone was small and cozy, the windows overlooked a quiet street, Macy had dinner at the hotel cafeteria, went up to the room and allowed herself to relax for the first time in several days.

“What could be so terrible that they demanded her urgent departure from the country?” Dion? Dion in Africa, and he’s not the kind of person to give her out and Francis, it would have fatal consequences for him. New York residency employee filming October 10 signal? But he did not know with whom he works. If he was being watched, then he appeared at the place where the trait was set up later than I did, “Macyled”, “and now everything seems to be calm.”

The scout took a light sleeping pill and slept until nine in the morning. Cheerful, collected, went to breakfast. Juice, toast with jam, coffee were the way. After breakfast, without going into the room, she decided to go to the center, look around, buy a traveling suit, a dressing gown, pajamas, a bag and various trifles needed during the trip.

MAICIE left the cafeteria, descended the stairs to the lobby. And then her heart sank for the first time in all the years: in the depths of the hall, on the sides of the entrance to the bored poses, two men fell apart in the chairs. Both are over thirty, wearing lightweight sports jackets, without ties, in sneakers. One was reading a newspaper, another was drawing beer from a can.

"They! Got the same! Hold on, Masha! the scout told herself. - Yes, the urgent call home is not in vain! And those in the chairs and do not try to hide who they really are. "

Yet Macy did not change her mind. I went out into the street - there was a car not far from the entrance, the same as the one that she had seen near her house in New York, and there were also two “guys” in it. I stopped a taxi and headed towards the center. Shopping at the department store, she twice tagged her new “acquaintances." There was no doubt: she is under close observation.

"What to do? How to come off? thought Macy feverishly. “They have no hard evidence for arrest.” So, we should expect some dirty provocation. Easy, Masha, calm. ”

On the way to the hotel, she stopped at the pharmacy, bought medicine for headaches, a runny nose and gargle, as well as Fleming's last fighter. Lunch and dinner asked to serve in the room, ordered grog.

“I'm cold, I'll stay a day or two in the room. I will lie, read, think. How to notify Moscow so that at the worst outcome you know where to start the search. In the lurch will not leave! Secret copy copies are destroyed, it is necessary to give in clear, but so that it is clear where I am and what is with me. ”

To send a letter, she decided to use the post office on the floor next to the elevator. In hotels, they often use this convenient communication channel: correspondence lowered from any floor of a mine enters a closed mailbox in the lobby, twice a day is taken away and taken away by the postman. "If only these types were not on duty on the floor."

The next day, Macy got rid of dangerous documents, cut the spare passport into small pieces and flushed it down the toilet. Room service on the floor and the waiters in the cafeteria knew that Madame from 409-th room was unwell, paid attention to her and were happy with the tip. None of the outsiders did not bother.

Macy wrote a letter to his Paris address:

"12 May 1963 of the year. Sunday. Dear friend! I am writing to you from Chicago, traveling, if you can call it that. I will say frankly: recently it has become somehow hard for me in New York. The city of heat and its mass simply crushed me. Headaches began, she began to notice irritability. So I decided to change the situation, to relax in the north. I've never been here before. What can I write? Of course, it is interesting, the Great Lakes are especially beautiful, the water is blue, like in the sea, and you will not think that Canada is very close on the other side.

The city itself is reminiscent of New York, just as noisy and dirty. I thought to get rid of a headache, but she continues to haunt me, even become even stronger. I live in a small cozy room. I feel unwell, for the third day I am not going anywhere, bringing food to my room, taking medicines, lying down, reading and watching TV. As soon as I feel better, I will try to continue the journey. Drop me a few words. ” Next Macy gave the address.

Macy went out into the corridor, walked to the elevator, lowered the airline letter to the post office mine, and quickly returned to her room. She was "ill" for two more days. In conversations with a black maid, by the way, she said that she was feeling better and that if everything went well, she would continue her journey soon.

“What will be the reaction of“ gaev ”? Surely a black woman is associated with them. "

IN THE EVENING OF 14, someone knocked on the door. And although Macy was internally prepared for this, she was still confused. If this is counterintelligence, then they still have their own key ...

In general, she opened the door. Before her stood a tall, sporty-looking man of about forty, a neatly trimmed brown-haired man with unpleasant features.

- To what do I owe this honor? asked Macy.
“Are you Miss Glen Morrero?” - the question was answered by a stranger.

Macy nodded affirmatively.

“Sorry to be worried,” said the man, smiling, “I am an employee of the Federal Security Service or, as we call it, FBI special agent Ronald Brighton.” This is my identification. We learned that you were unwell, apparently, caught a cold on the way. So we decided to help you.
- You are very kind, thank you, but I feel quite satisfactory and, fortunately, I don’t need any help.
- In that case, can I talk with you? I am sure that this conversation will interest you, ”the agent continued.
“Well, come on,” Macy suggested, pointing to a chair, “unfortunately, I can only treat Pepsi.”
- Do not worry! - And Brighton, without ceremony, used the invitation.
She sat down too.
- Listen to you.

The agent asked for permission to smoke and, looking attentively at Macy, began:

“You see, I have been instructed to report that the FBI has detailed information about your secret activities in our country,” Brighton stopped here to check the reaction to what was said.

Macy was silent, although internally she was all tense; training helped maintain self-control.

“We know everything about you,” the “guest” continued, “with whom and when you meet, from whom and what information do you receive, with whom and how do you keep in touch.” To confirm my words, take a look at these photos.

He took some black-and-white photographs from his side pocket and laid them on the table.

- Here, after working through the cache, you set a signal. The place is convenient, however, the signal is badly beaten, spies of many countries use simple chalk. And here he is - erases your strip. He is well known, still in England, a Soviet intelligence diplomat. Left the States recently - May 3. Of course, never come back here. We also know who Glen Morrero really was and how her documents turned out to be with you. As you can see, we have enough information to initiate a criminal case against you, to organize a noisy process and to allocate you "apartments" behind bars for a dozen years. No one will come to your aid. As a failed agent, your leadership no longer needs you. At best, you can get rid of exile from the "glorious ranks of the scouts." At worst, you yourself know what happens in such cases.

Brighton was silent, lit a new cigarette and said in an official tone:

- On behalf of the leadership of the FBI, I am instructed to offer mutually beneficial cooperation. With consent, we guarantee you complete security and protection from criminal prosecution. We will delay you for several days, live in good conditions, and not huddle in this closet, then we will clarify some details of your espionage activities in the United States. You will sign a contract in which the terms of cooperation and payment, moreover, considerable, of your services will be specified. Then we will let you go. I think you are probably waiting. After all, you were heading to Canada, and from there - home? Return - get a job. We will not disturb you, and when the time comes, we will find you. What we are interested in, we will clarify later. Here, perhaps, all that I had to pass on to you.

“Well, a proven recruitment attempt. We need to gain time, ”Macy thought frantically. She paused, pretending to think, then answered:

- I would like to consider everything you said to me, including your proposal.

Brighton sighed in relief.

- Of course, of course, you have the right to do so. I guess one hour will be enough for you?
“Yes, quite,” Macy confirmed.
“Okay, I'll be back in an hour.” I appreciate your restraint, Miss Morrero, and I count on your prudence, ”the agent said in a benevolent tone and, rising, added:
“I believe you understand that all inputs and outputs are reliably controlled.”

Macy's left alone. My temples ached in my head, my heart pounded so loudly: “Apparent failure, but why? Who is guilty?"

Earlier in her thoughts, she had already rejected the involvement of Francis and Dion: “They could get information on Glen Morrero through their own channels. An officer from the new york residency? But he appeared at the place of setting the signal 10 October, after me. This is proved by the photos. Our paths never crossed. It means that she inherited somewhere. But how did counterintelligence know in advance exactly about the column of the fence where the signal was set and shot? Is there really a leak of information from people who know about me? This is incredible! Scary to think! But the failure is obvious! And I am responsible for everything - before the leadership, comrades, before relatives and friends, before myself. Only survive! What to decide, I know! ”

In the minds of the scout flashed her whole life, the native faces of mom and Sergey. "How is he there?" Loves and waits? "

Beyond the door, Macy heard muffled male voices. She quickly walked through the room, opened the door to the balcony with a low grille, stepped onto the railing and stepped.

Stepped into oblivion ...

Maria’s life is unique. She passed it so meaningfully and so beautifully: she was a pianist, a singer, a housewife, a school teacher, an excellent student, a capable linguist, and a fighter in the Spanish Civil War, and a diplomat in Latin America, and a nurse during World War II, and finally, a military intelligence officer in the United States during the years of the Cold War.

Since April 1967, it is considered “missing”.

But there is no evidence that she betrayed the Motherland. Nowhere did not even pass her passport name, under which she worked in the United States. Apparently, American intelligence agencies are trying in every way to hide the cause of her death.

Today, maybe the time has come, on the basis of the assessments of the colossal analytical work of experts, data from American experts and the testimony of a man who betrayed our intelligence officer, to change the wording of her disappearance “missing” to correspond to the truth: “she died while performing a special task”.
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  1. xetai9977
    xetai9977 28 September 2013 09: 17
    Abel (Fischer) was betrayed by radio operator drunk Heikhanen. Unfortunately, morally unstable ones are sometimes sent to highly gifted scouts.
  2. Kolyan 2
    Kolyan 2 28 September 2013 10: 26
    Worthy Woman (I did not seal) Before these, you need to shoot hi
  3. GEO
    GEO 28 September 2013 12: 48
    I am proud that we had such people !!!
  4. biglow
    biglow 28 September 2013 13: 11
    I wonder what the minusers did not like.
    So the patriots of their homeland lived and died at all times ... eternal memory.
  5. Voroshilov
    Voroshilov 28 September 2013 15: 33
    Quote: biglow
    I wonder what the minusers did not like.
    So the patriots of their homeland lived and died at all times ... eternal memory.

    So I probably didn’t like it, they are probably not patriots.
    1. StolzSS
      StolzSS 29 September 2013 01: 58
      It's just that you are not evaluating correctly. Minusers are weaklings and moral to themselves, since she lived her life to live weakly and deny the past as their minus ....
  6. biglow
    biglow 28 September 2013 17: 31
    at all times in Russia, captivity was considered a disgrace and this tradition has passed through centuries and is alive to evil enemies.
  7. ivanovbg
    ivanovbg 28 September 2013 19: 34
    "... detect, identify, conduct unspoken developments, but arrest only after my departure from America" ​​- this was the principle of self-preservation of the traitor.

    I hope that they still found and twisted the traitor?
    1. Pushkar
      Pushkar 29 September 2013 19: 51
      Shot March 15, 1987. He worked for 25 years for Americans. Http://,_za_kotorym_ohotilis_c

  8. alert_timka
    alert_timka 29 September 2013 21: 01
    And how many of them remained at their workplaces, even at the increase, that several decades later, a strong USSR was destroyed from the inside. So, I think that the USSR special services lost this round at that time to the US special services.
  9. Kolyan 2
    Kolyan 2 3 October 2013 16: 32
    Quote: biglow
    I wonder what the minusers did not like.
    So the patriots of their homeland lived and died at all times ... eternal memory.

    And this pi --- siki is and always has been.