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US Navy helicopter crashed over Red Sea


The US Navy MH-60S Knighthawk multipurpose helicopter crashed into the Red Sea under unclear circumstances. Onboard were 5 military personnel. Conducted search and rescue operation.

According to available information, the helicopter was accompanied by the destroyer USS William P Lawrence, carrying the guided missiles. The cause of the crash is not clear. According to NBC, the incident occurred during the take-off or landing of a helicopter on the destroyer's deck.

At the same time, the representative of the US Navy said that it excludes any possible version of the attack or "other hostile activities." According to the latest information, rescuers managed to find three crew members. Nothing threatens their lives. The search for two more people continues. The search and rescue operation takes place with the participation of boats and aircraft.

According to ITAR-TASS, the US Navy carrier strike group with a heavy nuclear aircraft carrier Nimitz entered the Red Sea in early September in order to provide support to American forces during the proposed operation in Syria, if necessary.

The aircraft carrier, as well as the three destroyers William P Lawrence, Stockdale and Shoup accompanying it, as well as the cruiser Princeton, as the Pentagon representative noted, "took a position that would allow them to respond to various unforeseen situations."
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  1. Wedmak
    Wedmak 23 September 2013 11: 06 New
    According to any intrigues of the tyrant Assad. laughing
    1. Lord of the Sith
      Lord of the Sith 23 September 2013 12: 28 New
      Over the weekend, two American military helicopters crashed: on September 21, the Bell UH-1V crashed in Arizona, and on September 22, Night Hawk crashed into the Red Sea.

      The first plane crash occurred near the Phoenix, when a rotorcraft caught fire in the air and exploded. According to local police, the entire crew of the military transport Bell UH-1V died.
      1. Wedmak
        Wedmak 23 September 2013 12: 39 New
        I console myself with the thought that the bowl of evil has overflowed for the USA ... karma has begun to act.
      2. Botanologist
        Botanologist 23 September 2013 14: 42 New
        Quote: Sith Lord
        Bell UH-1V

        It is civilian, in private use.
    2. 23 September 2013 15: 10 New
      Who is the star on board soldier lol
  2. 31231
    31231 23 September 2013 11: 07 New
    Here are the disasters. We have not started the war, but already the losses.
  3. Airman
    Airman 23 September 2013 11: 15 New
    Assad has one extra air defense missile left.
    1. KononAV
      KononAV 23 September 2013 11: 17 New
      What do you mean?
  4. Quiet
    Quiet 23 September 2013 11: 22 New
    Вспомнилось как наша подлодка чуть не потопила американский авианосец " Энтерпрайз " laughing Может и здесь было нечто подобное ??? Ну тогда это не последняя "засада" для них laughing The scenario of the next fall - the commander of our submarine surfaced smoked on the bridge and ... with a click of his fingers sent a goby into the sky without thinking about the consequences ..... laughing
  5. Russ69
    Russ69 23 September 2013 11: 51 New
    It happens and fall, unfortunately with us too. There is no 100% reliable equipment.
    1. Russ69
      Russ69 24 September 2013 01: 52 New
      Quote: Russ69
      It happens and fall, unfortunately with us too.

      Here I am. Our Su-25 has fallen ... am
  6. DuraLexSedLex.
    DuraLexSedLex. 23 September 2013 11: 56 New
    Landing on deck is in principle not easy, so it is possible that there were external influences, a sharp wind or a pressure drop ...
    1. Sirocco
      Sirocco 23 September 2013 15: 33 New
      Quote: DuraLexSedLex.
      pressure drop...

      Well, the wind shear, but do not explain to us what the pressure has to do with it, because the vessel did not go down from the mountains, or did you mean the pressure in the onboard control systems? Well, now, according to the article, my opinion is that, Emergency situations arise differently, and in different ways, BUT, in the USA, more recently, more and more flight simulators have begun to be used on which flights, battles, and so on are practiced. And as you know, a simulator is one thing, and real life (flight) is another. So there’s nothing personal, business in the USA drives.
      1. Muxalet
        Muxalet 29 September 2013 13: 09 New
        А чего это Вы съязвили о внешнем воздействии?"Сдвиг ветра","давление в бортовых системах управления" это все спец. термины...кстати в бортовых системах управление никакого давления нету, там электрические импульсы, если уж на то пошло и отвечает эта "бортовая система" за информационную аналитику состояния летательного аппарата.Возможно Вы хотели сказать "гидравлическое давление в системе управления ЛА"...не нужно придираться к словам.. Вам жирный минус за ненужное умничество!
        What about turbulence? After all, this is a physical property of the atmosphere in which the pressure, temperature, direction and speed of the wind are constantly changing. Because of this, air masses become heterogeneous in composition and density. And when the aircraft passes through them, a vibration is created on the skin ... and if the helicopter at a low altitude falls sharply into the low pressure zone, it may shandarah ahead of schedule (there is not enough height to compensate for thrust).
  7. HAM
    HAM 23 September 2013 12: 00 New
    Slowly and Americans begin to pour in technology (the second case in a week).
  8. chunga-changa
    chunga-changa 23 September 2013 12: 04 New
    Не ну надо же, только "Пантелеев" зашёл в Красное море, у них сразу вертолёты падать начали, какое совпадение.)
    1. Ingvar 72
      Ingvar 72 23 September 2013 12: 09 New
      Quote: chunga-changa
      what a coincidence.)

      It's like a turtle from Kungfu Panda. Accidents are not accidental.)))
  9. Nitarius
    Nitarius 23 September 2013 12: 22 New
    Quote: Povshnik
    Assad has one extra air defense missile left.

    Well, most likely! why good disappear- You see the helicopter fly to him))
  10. Bort radist
    Bort radist 23 September 2013 12: 31 New
    They wanted to desert, but failed lol
  11. Basarev
    Basarev 23 September 2013 13: 15 New
    Such news cannot but please
    1. Algor73
      Algor73 23 September 2013 16: 36 New
      Two soldiers not found. How to rejoice? These are lives, these are someone's fathers, sons, husbands. They are not enemies, they are ordinary soldiers. A soldier must be respected. The loss of one or two helicopters for the United States does not do weather.
      1. Sergh
        Sergh 23 September 2013 17: 24 New
        Quote: Algor73
        How to rejoice? This is life

        I wanted to cry, I thought it was a sinful thing, though this is an honest rural plowman, an-no. This, after all, the adversary did not fly to pollinate at the plantations:
        to the Red Sea in early September, in order to provide support to the American forces during the proposed operation in Syria, if necessary.

        So I personally will not grieve over the striped mattress, he obviously flew to kill or even indirectly take part in the murder.
      2. Bort radist
        Bort radist 24 September 2013 06: 21 New
        Quote: Algor73
        They are not enemies
        The SS were also ordinary soldiers.
  12. Wiruz
    Wiruz 23 September 2013 17: 05 New
    Helicopter crashed in the Red Sea? This is probably the Russian tourists in Egypt celebrated the Day of the Armsman laughing