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Armor of the Black Panther

For the first decade of the XXI century. so few new types of basic tanks (OT) that they can be counted on the fingers of one hand. In most countries leading in the field of tank building, only modernization of previously released models is carried out. So, for example, in the USA it will be already 10 years since they upgrade the M1A1 Abrams to the M1A2 SEP V2 level (this is the 9th modernization of Abrams), in Germany the modernization of OT Leopard 2 continues, now they have reached the level of Leopard 2A7 + and Leopard Revolution ( modernization of Leopard 2 modifications - Leopard 2A6 and Leopard 2A4, respectively). Fundamentally new machines were created, oddly enough, not in the West, but in the East, in particular in Russia, Japan, Turkey and South Korea.

In Russia, it was created, built, tested, brought after tests and tested again, which became famous, but covered with a veil of secrecy, the “195 object”, But, thanks to the will of some military commanders, the matter didn’t get to adopt this weapon, in any case in Russia . Why "anyway"? Yes, it just may happen that the sensible commanders of some other country will request such vehicles to arm their army, as it was recently with the BMPT - Russia refused to accept, and Kazakhstan purchased the Terminator party, and not only them.

From the beginning of 2000, new types of tanks appeared in three more countries that had never been quoted in the list of advanced tank builders. His firstborn in the main tank family appeared in Turkey - it is FROM Aitay, a full-scale example of which was demonstrated at the IDEF-2011 arms exhibition in 2011 in Istanbul. But it’s too early to talk about this tank, although this event can be considered important from the point of view of the appearance of another tank-producing country in the world list.

The first demonstration of the prototype model of the Black Panther tank XK2 by the companies ADD (developer) and Hyundai Rotem (manufacturer). March 2007

In the Land of the Rising Sun - Japan, the main tank, the Tour 10, was created and adopted. In the near future, these machines will replace the Japanese tank park, consisting of OT Tour 90.

Who was able to surprise the international community of the main tank builders was South Korea. In this country, it was created, tested and adopted by the OT, which received the designation KHNUMX Black Panther ("Black Panther"). Korean designers were able to implement in this machine all the latest achievements, providing it with a kind of world leadership in the use of the latest technologies.

For example, it was reported that the Black Panther fire control system (LMS) FROM К2 “Black Panther” is able to automatically detect, produce recognition, accompany and fire at targets without the operator’s participation. Hydropneumatic suspension of the tank provides the tank not only variable clearance, leveling the side roll or changing the angle of the longitudinal axis of the machine, but also, thanks to the new ISU system, provides automatic individual control of the suspension nodes of each support roller, which allows you to eliminate vibration when driving over rough terrain or the so-called "comb". Naturally, as it has already become fashionable in tank building, the designers have equipped the Black Panther with all modern electronic systems, such as GPS navigators, data transmission systems and “friend’s-friend” identification systems, onboard information management system (BIUS), and active and passive protection systems. , Radar and many other know-how. Today we will tell readers about the "features of modern South Korean tank building" - about the new main tank K2 Black Panther.


The development of a new South Korean tank began in 1995. The OCD theme was given the name HK2 Black Panther. The development of a new combat vehicle led the South Korean Defense Development Agency (Agency for Defense Development - ADD) and the company Rotem (a division of Hyundai Motors, well known in Russia and in the world for its cars Solaris, Sonata and Santa Fe). According to the developers, the project used only its own South Korean design solutions and developments, which made it possible not to buy licenses from foreign manufacturers. The development, construction of prototypes, testing and refining the new tank cost the Korean budget 230 millions of US dollars and was carried out over 11 years, from 1995 to 2006, which is considered the year of the start of mass production.

The purpose of the development of the new machine was to create a tank capable of withstanding modern main tanks, which are in service with North Korea and China, while ensuring their significant superiority in their characteristics in the near future. Organizationally, the K2 Black Panther in the South Korean army should replace the obsolete medium-sized М48А5К Patton tanks, made in the USA, and supplement the main K1 tanks of their own design that are in service with South Korea. Full-scale mass production FROM K2 Black Panther was planned to start in 2011, but, in all likelihood, this event will occur some time later.

Some sources have already rushed to announce the Black Panther, allegedly listed in the Guinness Book of Records, as the most expensive tank in the world, worth more than 8,5 million USD per unit. Nevertheless, if you recall the contract for the supply by Germany of Greece tanks Leopard 2А6 Hell (Hellenic), which is the Greek version of the German FROM Leopard 2А6, then, in accordance with it, the taxpayers of Hellas paid Euro 10 million euros for the car. Maybe here lies the answer to the causes of the economic collapse of Greece?

Under the conditions of OCD, the development of a new tank laid down such requirements as achieving superiority over the main tanks in service with the armies of North Korea and China, and this is the T-55 and T-62 of Soviet production and the Tour-96 and the Tour-99 of China. Another important requirement was to create a new tank using only domestic technologies. In the future, such an approach will allow not only to maintain national security at the proper level, but also to enter the international arms market without fear of getting problems with foreign countries related to licensing issues. In this regard, ADD led the development of new machines in parallel with the development of the most modern of its own technologies.

Korean main tank K2 Black Panther, front view

In the process of creating the Black Panther, two main projects were being worked out: one involved the installation of an inhabited two-seat tower, and the second the installation of an uninhabited tower. The last option was rejected. In addition, the designers planned to install an experimental 2-mm smoothbore gun, developed by the German company Rheinmetall, as the main armament of the OT K140, but this also had to be abandoned. One of the reasons was the requirement to maximize the use of only its own technologies, and the other - the refusal of the German company to further develop this gun. According to the company's gunsmiths, the modern smooth-bore 120-mm cannon with barrel length in 55 calibers will be more than enough to ensure the solution of all the tasks to combat armored targets in the foreseeable future. The German 2-mm gun Rheinmetall L120 was taken as the basis for the gun for the K55, after which the configuration was later changed to use more powerful ammunition. The 120 / L55 gun for the Black Panther is developed and manufactured by World Industries Ace, and Poongsan has developed and manufactured ammunition.

The first South Korean main tank, the KHNUMX Black Panther, was released in March 2. The first of three vehicles launched at the Hyundai Corp plant rolled off the assembly line. in the city of Changwon. Some representatives of the South Korean media, admitted to the plant in honor of this event, then hurried erroneously (and perhaps with malicious intent) to “trumpet” that the CN2007 / L2 gun was installed on the K120 tank, the same as on the French Leclerc tank. However, our Russian media make similar mistakes more often.

Currently, the Republic of Korea’s tank fleet is about 2300 vehicles, many of which are planned to be replaced by the Black Panther and К2А1 main tanks КХNUMX. Some sources reported that the South Korean government planned to order at least 1 Black Panther units after deploying their full-scale mass production in 397. However, in March 2011, the South Korean Ministry of Defense Procurement Department (DAPA) announced that the mass production of the K2011 Black Panther tanks, expected in 2, will occur no earlier than in 2012, due to technical problems that were detected in the engine and transmission of the machine.

In January, 2012 was published by The Korea Times newspaper that mass production of the main K2 Black Panther tanks is being postponed and will not start even in 2014. This is the third delay in the start of production of the South Korean tank from the moment it was developed. This time, the transfer of the start of mass production is connected with the decision to carry out at the beginning of the 2014 of the year additional tests of the new tank.

View of the stern of the tank

The reason is the same - engine problems. It still does not suit the South Korean military for reliability and has a small overhaul resource.

In this case, no speech is not about the purchase of foreign technology or units. All problems will be solved only on their own and on the basis of their own technologies. Worthy example to follow!

In the future, with the start of mass production, in addition to the supply of the main K2 tanks to the army of the Republic of Korea, they will also be offered for export. Turkey has already successfully negotiated the import or licensed production of some systems, components and assemblies of the South Korean tank. In July, 2008, the South Korean company Rotem and the Turkish Otokar signed a contract in the amount of $ 540 million on technological and design assistance, as well as the transfer of some production technologies to the main tank of the K2 of Turkey. These technologies were used to create the new Turkish main tank, which received the name MTP Altay. An experienced full-scale model of this tank was demonstrated at the IDEF exhibition held in Turkey at 2011. Despite the use of many subsystems, components and assemblies from the K2 Black Panther in the new Turkish car, such as armor protection, the main weapon and others, tanks have different characteristics and differ in appearance.

The layout of the tower of the tank Black Panther, brown color marked elements DZ


The main tank K2 Black Panther has a classic layout with a compartment of control in the bow of the machine, a fighting compartment in the center and an engine compartment in the stern. The crew consists of three people and includes a tank commander, gunner and driver. Management Department is located in the frontal part of the hull on the left along the tank. In the upper frontal part of the hull, which has a large angle of inclination to the normal, the driver's hatch is equipped, which is closed with a sliding cover, into which prism monitoring instruments are mounted.

The layout of the elements of the power plant and suspension of the K2 tank

The fighting compartment is located in the center of the vehicle hull in a double rotating turret. On the left along the machine, the gunner’s workplace is located, on the right, the tank commander. Each of them has a personal hatch in the roof of the tower, which can be closed with an armored cover. When opening, the lid folds back along the tank, and stop in an almost vertical position,

In the aft part of the tank is the engine compartment, where the power plant is located, and the systems that serve it.


Despite its considerable mass - 55 t, FROM К2 can move with a maximum speed on the highway to 70 km / h, and off-road - with a speed up to 52 km / h. The machine can accelerate from 0 to 32 km / h in just 7 seconds.

The high mobility of the car is ensured by a powerful power plant with an automatic transmission and a modern chassis design with a unique individual semi-active hydro-pneumatic ISU suspension (ln-arm Suspension Unit) and an automatic traction belt tensioning system. Each support roller of such a suspension is equipped with an individual control system, which allows the tank to “sit down”, “bend down”, “lie down”, lean in any direction, etc. Such “gymnastic exercises” provide an opportunity for the tank to reduce the silhouette if necessary, or, conversely, with maximum "growth" to increase the permeability of the machine. Lowering the front or stern allows you to increase the maximum angles of inclination or elevation of the gun. In general, the hydropneumatic suspension from K2 provides a change in the clearance of the machine in the range from 150 to 550 mm.

Demonstration of hydropneumatic suspension capabilities

The tank suspension device itself, as well as the presence of special rubber pads on the treadmills (like on the T-80) significantly reduces vibrations when driving on rough terrain or on paved roads.

The Black Panther tank uses a 12-cylinder four-stroke diesel engine developed and manufactured by Doosan Infracore, which develops a power of 1500 horsepower (1100 kW) and provides a specific power of 27,3 hp / t. The German MTU-890 engine was taken as a prototype for the Korean diesel engine. It was also temporarily used in the initial period of testing the first prototypes of the OT XK2, while the Korean engine was not yet ready. The diesel engine, coupled with a fully automatic transmission developed and manufactured by the Korean company S&T Dynamics, forms the PowerPack power unit. The automatic transmission has 5 forward and 3 reverse gears. As noted above, technical malfunctions in the operation of the power plant, discovered during the tests of the Black Panther OT, did not allow the start of large-scale serial production of the tank either in 2011 or in 2012.

Thanks to the relatively compact design of the PowerPack power plant, the designers were able to equip the new K2 tank with an auxiliary Samsung Techwin gas turbine power unit (VSA) installed in the remaining space of the engine compartment. The power of the BCA engine is HP 100. (75 kW). It provides power to all on-board systems when the main engine of the tank is off, saving fuel and minimizing the tank's thermal and acoustic signatures.

In terms of overcoming obstacles FROM K2 Black Panther is able to climb the 60-percentage slope or overcome the vertical wall height 1,3 m. After some preparation, the machine is able to cross the bottom through water obstacles to the depth of 4,1 m. One of the main elements of equipment for underwater driving is a pipe -az installed on the hatch of the tank commander. It also serves as the commander of the machine as a conning tower when moving through water barriers. Installing a set of equipment takes about 30 min. As noted in the promotional materials of the manufacturer, when moving under water the tank tower remains tight, but the tank chassis can take up to 440 l of water. As the designers emphasize, it is even necessary in order to reduce the reserve of buoyancy created by the water volume of the machine and to maintain sufficient traction between the tracks and the ground.

After overcoming water obstacles and dismantling equipment for underwater driving, the tank can immediately join the battle.

Armor of the Black Panther
Tank K2 Black Panther with installed equipment for underwater driving

Overcoming the deep ford tank K2 Black Panther


The armament complex FROM K2 Black Panther includes the main, auxiliary and auxiliary weapons, ammunition, automatic loader, fire control system (FCS), electric two-plane weapon stabilizer.

The 2-mm smoothbore gun with a barrel-length 120 caliber and automatic loading is used as the main weapon on the K55 OT. It was developed by the Korean company ADD on the basis of a German gun company Rheinmetall, obtained under a license. Made guns in Korea by World Industries Ace Corporation.

Auxiliary weapons of the tank are 7,62-mm coaxial machine gun and 12,7-mm large-caliber anti-aircraft machine gun KB (Korean copy of American Browning М2НВ). Both of these machine guns are very significant ammunition: 12000 and 3200 cartridges, respectively. Nowhere in the descriptions is there any information about whether the anti-aircraft machine gun has a remote control. Judging by the photographs of the tank, available to the author, shooting from an anti-aircraft machine gun is conducted by the tank commander manually with the opening of the hatch cover.

Ammunition for the gun is 40 shots. 16 of them are placed in the mechanized installation of the automatic loader, another 24 shot - in special layouts in the body of the machine.

According to the developers, the automatic loader provides the rate of fire for 15 shots per minute, or one shot at four seconds, regardless of the angle of elevation of the gun. As it was reported in some sources, the design of the autoloader FROM K2 Black Panther was to some extent borrowed from the autoloader of the main Leclerc tank. However, despite the similarity of the designs of these two automatic loaders, the parts and assemblies of these automated systems are not interchangeable.

After the 16 shots are used up, placed in the automatic loader, it must be replenished manually from the packs located in the vehicle body or from the loaded ammunition.

The firing of the gun tank K2 Black Panther

For firing from the K2 tank gun, standard 120-mm tank shots from NATO countries can be used. However, in South Korea, specifically for the gun of this tank, new ammunition was developed, including shots with armor-piercing subcaliber, cumulative and guided projectiles.

According to the developers, a new APFSDS sub-caliber armor-piercing projectile with a detachable tray and a tungsten-based alloy core provides significantly greater armor penetration than the current generation of sub-caliber armor-piercing shells with tungsten cores. This is due to the use of a new technology for heat treatment of a tungsten alloy and the so-called “self-sharpening process”. In other words, when penetrating an armor barrier, the tungsten alloy core of this projectile does not deform and collapse, and as it penetrates deep into the barrier it sharpens, decreasing in diameter, while maintaining an enormous specific pressure.

To combat unarmored or lightly armored targets, the crew from K2 can use a multi-purpose cumulative action projectile (HEAT) shot, similar to the American М830А1 МR-Т shot. As noted by some foreign experts, such a projectile is effective in dealing with enemy manpower, with unarmored and lightly armored vehicles, as well as with low-flying or hovering helicopters. As practice has shown, in fact, such multi-purpose projectiles with a cumulative warhead are far less effective than anti-explosive shells in their effectiveness in the fight against the above objectives.

Antenna radar antenna elements and smoke grenade launcher unit

Korean engineers developed a KSTAM shot with a projectile with a self-aiming combat element especially for the K2 Black Panther tank. KSTAM - Korean Smart Top-Attack Munition (Korean "smart" ammunition operating in the upper hemisphere) with a firing range from 2 to 8 km. This is a self-targeting projectile, fired through the barrel of a tank gun along a hinged trajectory in the direction where enemy armored objects might be. The flight of the projectile along the trajectory is carried out by inertia, since it does not have its own engine. The flight path is corrected by a four-blade stabilizer that pops up after a shot. At a certain or the highest point of the trajectory, the projectile releases a parachute and begins searching for a target using the existing millimeter-wave radar and IR and radio detection sensors. When a target is detected (and it can be either stationary or moving), the warhead is blown up, which forms a shock core hitting the target in the least protected upper hemisphere, i.e. by the type of domestic self-aiming elements of the MLRS “Smerch”, only with significantly lower power.

Korean shot KSTAM provides the crew with the implementation of the principle “shot - forget”. Some sources point out that there is also a control channel, which, if necessary, provides the opportunity to adjust the trajectory of the projectile by the gunner-operator.

The main advantage of a KSTAM shot over other complexes of guided tank armament is the possibility of hitting enemy targets from closed firing positions, which until a certain moment ensures the tank’s secrecy from the enemy.

The main tank K2 Black Panther is equipped with a modern fire control system (FCS), which includes, along with traditional thermal imagers, a laser rangefinder and various sensors for firing conditions, millimeter-wave radars. The antennas of this radar are located on the cheekbones of the frontal part of the tower. The station is capable of detecting projectiles flying toward the tank, low-flying aircraft with automatic aiming of guns at them, as well as carrying out automatic tracking of ground targets.

Front view of the tower tower K2. The KCPS commander panaromic sight, the KGPS gunner's sight, the barrel curvature monitoring system at its muzzle, one of the LWR laser irradiation sensors and other elements of the tank systems are clearly visible.

Due to the highly effective hydropneumatic suspension, it was possible to improve the accuracy of firing from a cannon on the cross-country terrain

The complex of monitoring and reconnaissance targets for the control system of the K2 tank can detect and carry out “seizure” of targets at a distance of 9,8 km. When accompanying the target, the on-board computer, based on information from the sensors of the shooting conditions and the laser rangefinder, makes ballistic calculations taking into account the necessary corrections, which ensures high accuracy of shooting from the spot and on the move. The OMS of the Korean New Tank is working in conjunction with a modern two-plane weapon stabilizer and a launch-delay system. The latter provides high accuracy shooting on the move on rough terrain. This system takes into account oscillations of the gun barrel that occur during movement, which give a temporary discrepancy between the calculated throw angle and the axis of the barrel bore. With this discrepancy, the system does not give a signal to fire a shot until the axis of the barrel bore coincides with the calculated throw angle (in our country such a system appeared for the first time in 1976 on T-64B tanks and the shot resolution block was called RV). In addition, the Korean tank tank control system also uses the barrel curvature accounting system, which is a laser emitter, a mirror in the upper part on the barrel muzzle and a sensor on the turret above the gun embrasure. Depending on the bend of the barrel, the laser beam reflected by the mirror of the muzzle of the cannon will hit different areas of the sensor, which will be taken into account by the on-board computer when calculating the total correction for firing.

Currently, the same systems are used on the K2 OT K1 sighting systems as the Korean K1AXNUMX tank - this is the Korean Gunner's Primary Sight gunner's KGPS (Korean Commander's Panoramic Sight) gunner's sight. Both sights combined, have built-in optical, thermal imaging and laser distance measuring channels. The field of view of both sights has independent stabilization in two planes. However, as the tank developers say, in the future, the sighting systems of the Black Panther tank will be significantly improved to provide all the advantages of the newest sensors and weapon systems used on the new machine.

SUA FROM Black Panther provides duplicated fire control, at any time the tank commander can take control of the armament complex. In addition, according to some unconfirmed information, on a new Korean tank in the event of an emergency, the SLA can automatically detect and track targets using communication data installed with other machines of its unit, identify their identity, and determine the need to fire at them to prevent redundancy. fire at the same target and fire at the targets of the enemy without the participation of crew members.

In the future, it is possible to return to the idea of ​​installing a 2-mm smooth-bore tank gun on a K140 Black Panther tank. In this case, as the developers say, alterations of some weapons complex systems, including the automatic loader, will be minimal.

Korean tank gun mask


The modular combined armor, information about which is classified, is used as a passive protection on FROM К2. It is reported only that the frontal armor withstood the hit of 120-mm armor-piercing sub-caliber projectile APFSDS, released from the same gun, which is installed on K2. True, no information is given from what distance the shooting was made.

Unlike most Western-made cars, the Korean new tank also has dynamic protection (DZ), moreover, DZ elements are also on the turret roof, which significantly increases the durability of the machine if it is used to produce ammunition that forms a shock core.

The millimeter-wave radar mounted on the K2 Black Panther can operate as part of the MAWS (Missile Approach Warning System), an analogue of one of the subsystems of the domestic Shtor system. The radar of the tank detects the guided missiles of the enemy flying towards the machine, automatically gives a signal to the crew and the command to shoot VIRSS (Visual and Infrared Screening Smoke) smoke grenades in the right direction. The aerosol cloud created by these grenades effectively blocks missile control channels in the visible optical, infrared and radar ranges.

In addition, the team to shoot smoke grenades can also be passed if a tank is detected by special sensors of laser irradiation of the tank (during operation of a laser range finder or laser designator). The 2 installed 4 of such LWR (Laser warning receivers) sensors, which, in addition to detecting laser irradiation, also determine the direction from which this radiation is directed.

Also on the new Korean main tank there is also a radar countering system, which includes a radar radiation detection sensor RWR (Radar Warning Receiver) and a radar jamming generator.

The automatic fire extinguishing system is programmed to detect and extinguish any internal fire.

The system of collective protection, judging by the available information, is represented by special atmospheric sensors, which alert the crew in the event that the tank is in a dangerous (contaminated) zone.


When the Korean designers K2 Black Panther created such combat properties as command control, great attention was paid to this.

In order to improve situational awareness in accordance with modern Western standards, an automated complex of C4I controls, communications and intelligence (Command, Control, Communications, Computers and Intelligence) has been installed on the machine.

For accurate determination of the location of the machine there is a channel for receiving data from the GPS satellite navigation system.

The Korean tank K2 Black Panther is one of the few modern armored vehicles equipped with a “friend-foe” IFF / SIF (Identification Friendly or Foe / Selective Identification Feature) identification system that complies with the NATO standard. The radiator located on the gun mask sends a beam at a frequency of 38 GHz in the direction of the detected target, towards which the gun is directed. If the correct signal comes in response, the fire control system automatically identifies the target as “its” object and blocks the firing chains. If the target does not respond to the identification signal, then it is identified as an “alien” object, the OMS “gives” permission to open fire.

View of the upper part of the tower and hull K2 (elements of the DZ on the body and the tower removed)

On the new Korean tank installed combat control system (Battle Management System), similar to that used in the US Armed Forces. It involves the C4I complex of controls, communications and intelligence. The system allows you to share tactical information with neighboring, attached and supporting units, including with individual armored vehicles and helicopters. Information is displayed on LCD displays installed on each member of the crew. These same displays are used to display information of the onboard information management system (BIUS), which is also installed in the Black Panther tank. The CICS not only provides diagnostics and control over the operation of all tank systems, but can also be used to train crew members, i.e. can work in simulator mode.

Currently, work is underway to integrate the XAV wheeled reconnaissance vehicle into the combat control system of the new Korean tank. This will allow the Black Panther crew to conduct reconnaissance beyond line of sight and receive intelligence information about the enemy without giving out their position.


Korean designers are not standing still, but constantly working, as they say, “on the image”. In the coming years, they promise to present an improved sample of the Black Panther tank - К2 PIP.

The main improvements on the new modification of the tank will undergo suspension, protection and, possibly, the main weapon.

An active hydropneumatic suspension is developed for the K2 PIP FROM. Its main feature is that when the vehicle is moving, special sensors scan the ground at a distance of 50 m in front of the tank and to the sides of the sides. These signals are processed by a special computer that transmits control signals to the suspension, which will adjust to the terrain. Due to this, the vibrations are sharply reduced when driving on rough terrain, the average speeds of movement and shooting accuracy on the move increase, and crew fatigue decreases.

In terms of improving the security of the tank, Korean engineers are planning to install a new generation DZ with non-explosive elements on the Black Panther. In addition, it will be equipped with an active protection system (SAZ), which will use the millimeter-wave radar already on the tank. Information that on the K2 PIP tanks will be installed by the Russian SAZ Arena-E is most likely not true. Firstly: it makes no sense to install another radar, and secondly: it is unlikely that Koreans will buy Russian SAZ when introducing a rigid ideology “to use only their own groundwork.”

View of the aft part of the K2 tank, DZ elements are clearly visible on the covers of the gunner’s and commander’s hatches, the driver’s rear view camera

Serial tank K2 Black Panther on one of the parades

In terms of increasing the firepower of the tank, it is planned to install on it a new gun. While it is not clear exactly what it will be for the system. According to some reports, it is possible to return to the idea of ​​installing an 140-mm smooth-bore gun. For others, this is the installation of an 120-mm electrochemical or other gun. What will be delivered really - time will tell.

In any case, Korean engineers personally showed the world that the economic “South Korean miracle” that the world saw at the beginning of the 90s. last century, it was just the beginning. The company Hyundai has learned to produce high-quality cars, and the whole world has already seen this, it seems that soon it will show everyone that it has learned how to make high-quality tanks.

Unmanned XAV wheeled reconnaissance vehicles that will become part of the K2 Black Panther complex in the near future

Main technical characteristics of the main tank K2 Black Panther

Combat weight, t


Sizes, m;

- length with a gun forward


- body length


- width


- height over the roof of the tower (with clearance of 0,45 m)


- clearance

Variable 0,15-0,55



Armor protection

Combined with overhead modules and DZ


- main weapon

120-mm GP L55

- auxiliary weapon

1 x 7,62mm; 1 x 127 mm machine guns

-additional weapon

2 x 6 PU Smoke Grenades

Ammunition, shots:

- to 120-mm gun

40 (of which 16 in A3)

- to 7,62-mm machine gun


- to 12,7-mm machine gun



-type of

4-stroke, 12-cylinder diesel with liquid cooling

-power, hp (kW)

1500 (1100)

- specific power, hp / t



-type of


- number of gears

5 forward, 3 back! about move


Hydropneumatic semi-active with individual control

Power reserve, km


Maximum speed km / h

- on the highway


- cross country


- acceleration from 0 to 32 km / h, s


Obstacle obstacles:

- maximum lifting angle,%


- vertical wall, m


- width of overcrowded ditch, m


- depth of the overcome ford without preparation, m


- gpubina overcome ford with preparation, m


Country developer and manufacturer

Республика Корея


Hyundai Rotem

Approximate cost of a serial machine, million USD


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        1. ramsi
          ramsi 23 September 2013 10: 56
          the powder can be finer, and the settling time does not have to exceed the smoke dispersal time
          1. DuraLexSedLex.
            DuraLexSedLex. 23 September 2013 11: 02
            Well, the atomization system, in the sense of about firing a smoke grenade, it lights up in the process of firing and smokes already lying on the ground. In addition, a tank smoke grenade burns for at least 5 minutes, i.e. powder, during this time, should not fall ... EU honestly really would like to at least see the specifics.
            1. ramsi
              ramsi 23 September 2013 11: 06
              Something seems to me that the grenade explodes in the air and should resemble a volumetric explosion, and if this is not so, then - fu!
            2. Kars
              Kars 23 September 2013 11: 11
              Quote: DuraLexSedLex.
              , it lights up in the gunpowder and smokes already lying on the ground. In addition, the tank smoke grenade burns for at least 5 minutes

              Well, change the term smoke to powder. Powder grenade. And what 5 minutes? There time disappears in seconds.
              1. DuraLexSedLex.
                DuraLexSedLex. 23 September 2013 11: 32
                I once saw that it burns for longer, such as threw grenades and dumped until it died down ...
                1. Kars
                  Kars 23 September 2013 12: 38
                  Quote: DuraLexSedLex.
                  I once saw that it burns for longer, such as threw grenades and dumped until it died down.

                  You do not confuse different devices. The signal can and will burn. But only the tank moves at all, and is a small-sized target - what do you think the cloud will take away in how many meters with wind in 5 minutes?

                  for example, a cloud that stood on Soviet tanks (and it’s worth)
                  1-mm smoke grenade ZD6M
                  81-mm smoke grenade ZD6M is designed to create a masking smoke screen when firing from the launchers of the 902 system mounted on armored vehicles.
                  Length, mm 220
                  Diameter, mm 81
                  Grenade mass, kg 2,3
                  The average range of a grenade at a shooting angle of 45 ° C, m from 200 to 350
                  Effective smoke generation time, with at least 45
                  Smoke screen width, m 10-30
                  Smoke screen height, m ​​3-10
                  Smoke screen setting time, s from 10 to 15
                  The wavelength range of the masking effect of the curtain, microns 0,4-14
                  The temperature range of the combat use of grenades, ° C from minus 40 to 50

                  81-mm smoke grenade ZD17
                  81-mm smoke grenade ZD17 is designed to create a masking smoke screen when firing from the launchers of the 902 system mounted on armored vehicles as part of a complex of optoelectronic protection.
                  Length, mm 220
                  Diameter, mm 81
                  Grenade mass, kg 2,2
                  The average range of a grenade at an angle of fire of 12 ° C, m 75-90
                  The lifetime of the curtain, with at least 10
                  Smoke screen width, m not less than 15
                  Smoke curtain height, m ​​not less than 10
                  Smoke screen setting time, with no more than 3
                  The temperature range of the combat use of grenades, ° C from minus 50 to 50
        2. self-propelled
          self-propelled 23 September 2013 12: 27
          Quote: DuraLexSedLex.
          Smoke is the product of burning the same

          not necessary. smoke may be the product of a chemical reaction without burning
  6. ramsi
    ramsi 23 September 2013 10: 08
    what can I say ...
    1.If the X-shaped diesel is brought to mind, then the reference point will start from it
    2. The shift of the mechanical drive to the left, probably, improves the feeling of the dimensions of the machine, but increases its vulnerability to impact on the port side; besides - well, they would add one more skating rink on board, lengthen the car by half a meter so that it can climb and climb out normally
    3.Automatic loading of 16 shots is not enough, but on the other hand - at any loading angles ...
    4.KSTAM shell seems pretty useless, against the background of our guided missiles
    5.Suspension - yes!
  7. Rash
    Rash 23 September 2013 10: 17
    Beautiful device! We wait, sir, than Armata will answer.
    1. Akim
      Akim 23 September 2013 10: 30
      Quote: Rash
      We wait, sir, than Armata will answer.

      Why are you praying this "Armata"? Because of its price, the Korean Patera is unlikely to be exported. But Seoul and Russia have no common borders.
      1. cosmos111
        cosmos111 23 September 2013 11: 26
        Quote: Akim
        Because of its price, the Korean "Patera"

        Great article. The Koreans created an excellent tank. Exactly K-2 tank, 21st century tank. Almost without flaws.
        Due to the saturation of electronics, a modern MBT will cost about 10 ml. $
        Quote: Akim
        Why do you pray to this "Armata"

        Because in the future, there will be nothing new.
        You pray to your stronghold.
        and the first decade of the XXI century. so few new types of main tanks (OT) have appeared in the world,

        And all the latest MBTs are created in Asian countries.
        1. Akim
          Akim 23 September 2013 12: 06
          Quote: cosmos111
          You pray to your stronghold.

          I don’t pray or sing an ode to him. He is, but not with us and we do not need him. At least they even saw him with their eyes, but "Armata" is something ephemeral, endowed with super qualities. Better 90MS would be PR.
  8. Max otto
    Max otto 23 September 2013 11: 27
    The emitter located on the mask of the gun sends a beam with a frequency of 38 GHz in the direction of the detected target, towards which the gun is aimed, at the command of the gunner. If the correct signal comes in response, the fire control system automatically identifies the target as "your" object and blocks the chain of fire.

    Interestingly, if you hijack their tank, you can safely drive around the rear and crush them with tracks, because the firing chains are blocked?
    And yet, in my opinion he is very overloaded with electronics. Of course, I’m not a tanker, but on the basis of WWII I made the following conclusion: Actually, the technical characteristics of the tank do not decide the outcome of the war, it decides the possibility of quick recovery of losses, i.e. It should be - cheap, reliable and practical. Correct me if that. T-72 is the most, you can give packs from the factory.
    1. bairat
      bairat 23 September 2013 13: 46
      Where else would you find bundles of heroes ready to give their lives. Propaganda is now far behind the pre-war.
      1. Max otto
        Max otto 23 September 2013 14: 27
        And who said that the crew should die? There is no talk about this, the T-72 is pretty well protected.
        1. bairat
          bairat 23 September 2013 14: 37
          Well, yes, not bad. Not everyone will die.
    2. cdrt
      cdrt 23 September 2013 15: 22
      Of course, I’m not a tanker, but on the basis of WWII I made the following conclusion: Actually, the technical characteristics of the tank do not decide the outcome of the war, it decides the possibility of quick recovery

      This is only during the war in the style of Prokhorovka.
      But ...
      1. Such wars do not seem to be foreseen, thanks to nuclear weapons for this
      2. Wars are becoming more transient, but over the course of these few days either the other parties destroy most of the weapons of the other parties (6-day, Doomsday), or they generally destroy the army or completely destroy it (Iraq 1991, 2003).
      Well ... SLA is probably up to 50% of the cost of the tank.
      If you don’t set it, Iraq will repeat 1991, 2003 - when the T-72M with the simplest sights Abramsy was shot from distances that they couldn’t answer, especially in dust, at night, etc.
      It was no accident that the T-72s were not placed in the GSVG, South UGV, SGV, where fights with NATO tanks were supposed.
      And they put T-64 and T-80 there precisely because of the presence of the OMS.

      Therefore, the T-72 may not be bad, especially in 1973, but ... the normal modern SLA (TPV for the gunner, panorama with TPV for the commander, TPV for the MV) will add a couple of million dollars to it, regardless of how much it will cost the cart itself + weapons.

      If you solve the problem of maneuverability and mobility, you will need to put a new transmission, which again stands like a gold one.
      1. Max otto
        Max otto 23 September 2013 15: 49
        And no one forbade to upgrade it, I just meant the basis of the T-72, and not the first version of the tank. Here, conditionally, even the T-90 can be attributed. Why is the T-90 bad?
      2. uwzek
        uwzek 23 September 2013 21: 29
        The T-72 tank was equipped with exactly the same fire control systems as the T-64 and T-80 (not counting the mass of tanks of the first releases). Thermal imagers are installed on the T-72 during the current modernization, it costs a little cheaper than you thought, but not much ...
        By the way, the cost of the LMS - half the price of a car - is a common but extremely dumb joke. Think for yourself: a medium-power computer with five to six sensors and a two-channel command execution system ... This, in your opinion, can pull a tank at half the price, even in a military version? There is no hull - there is no tank, and a GPS-navigator with a calculator for a slingshot can be added to a three-wheeled bike (just fifty percent of the cost will go away).
    3. uwzek
      uwzek 23 September 2013 21: 06
      I have already written recently that there are no tanks in the world now whose combat losses can be quickly compensated. The principle of "women give birth to new" is hardly applicable to modern military equipment.
      A lot of T-72 tanks were manufactured at UVZ thanks to the world's only conveyor for the production of tank corps. Currently, there are only ruins from it. There’s not even any intrigue of enemies - time is running out, the equipment is dead. There was no need to restore it (yes and no). Moreover, UVZ does not make its armor - this is also a bargain, and there is definitely no stock of armor parts for the war period.
      That’s why you won’t get anything from the factory.
      And about the Korean - so it is not yet. Release dates are constantly delayed. It is unlikely that the matter is only in the engine. For the time when the diesel will be brought, the electronics and weapons will become obsolete, while the application concept will be updated. I have been in this business for a long time.
  9. Asan Ata
    Asan Ata 23 September 2013 11: 37
    Not a tank, but a Bentley, straight. Not being a specialist, I hardly believe in all this hanging beauty. It seems that in a real battle all these cartoons will fall off and will aim from the barrel.
    1. Max otto
      Max otto 23 September 2013 14: 30
      My dad said that from the explosion of an ordinary artillery bomb near a tank, all the electronics will be poached. I don’t know, maybe he’s wrong, but I believe him, he served from the mechanic’s driver to the head of the army headquarters department (5 TA KBVO).
  10. ed65b
    ed65b 23 September 2013 12: 05
    I also think Asan Ata. Samsung Galaxy will not help. laughing
  11. Cherepanov66
    Cherepanov66 23 September 2013 13: 31
    This is an enlarged copy of the Samsung GALAXY Note, it will drive up to the S. Korean T-72 and the "Tank Attack" application will freeze. there, electronics will not replace the performance characteristics of the tank.
  12. _KM_
    _KM_ 23 September 2013 13: 38
    Judging by the description, the car is interesting. But what really nobody knows with reliability and reliability.
  13. Voodoo
    Voodoo 23 September 2013 13: 43
    A worthy example of tank technology. But the price is just space! With such an abundance of anti-tank weapons - money wasted!)) Nobody will hide from a simple infantryman in a trench with RPG-7)))
  14. Hort
    Hort 23 September 2013 14: 01
    the mast amused. I remember a sailor on a frigate who shouted "Earth!"

    And so, yes, the tangech is interesting, although it seems that they took the basis of abram
  15. Max_Bauder
    Max_Bauder 23 September 2013 15: 23
    It’s necessary to drive this tank to biathlon and check, also shoot from RPGs, from above too
  16. slacker
    slacker 23 September 2013 16: 33
    The article is openly promotional in nature. Here the war between the North and the South will break out, then we'll see who will win whom in the confrontation of one against K2 against a dozen or two T-55 :))
    After that, we conclude that the high-tech combat platforms or their number is more important.
    1. Voodoo
      Voodoo 23 September 2013 17: 48
      I agree. The Germans in the Battle of Kursk also emphasized (choice) on the high-tech of their tanks ... The result ???
      1. Bagatur
        Bagatur 24 September 2013 21: 59
        The bottom line ... disappointing for the army of Rotistrove! By the evening of July 12, the 5th Guards TA had 60-70% irretrievable losses! Moreover, confronting her only 2 SS TK which had less than 200 cars on Prokhorovka against 850 Soviet. True, the oncoming battle wasn’t beaten, the Germans simply shot from preparing a position as Rotmistrov’s advancing tanks .... The number is important but ... we need a technological reserve ... we need a golden environment as we say ... it’s very difficult .
        1. Hort
          Hort 22 October 2013 14: 32
          so here the fault is not on the tanks, but on Rotmistrov, which ditched a half-corps with a stupid attack. I read somewhere that his Stalin personally blamed it
  17. Technologist
    Technologist 23 September 2013 16: 45
    Well, the Koreans understand, but tell me, what for the Japanese tank?
    1. Max_Bauder
      Max_Bauder 24 September 2013 15: 08
      maybe the tanks they can dive like seagulls =)
  18. smiths xnumx
    smiths xnumx 23 September 2013 17: 47
    North Korean tanks are considered the most secret. In the arsenal of the Korean people are about 2700 medium and about 600 light tanks. Also, KPA still has 730 T-34s. More than half of the armored fleet are vehicles made in the DPRK.
    The first time he saw him at the parade in 1985, overseas experts assigned this designation to this armored vehicle. The tank was created on the basis of the extended chassis of the VTT-323 armored personnel carrier (licensed copy of the Chinese Type 63), on which the modified PT-76 tank turret was installed. The armament consists of an 85-mm gun and ATGM "Baby", as well as two machine guns (caliber 7,62 and 14,5 mm).
    Design features:
    Layout with a rear engine compartment. The hull and tower are welded. Individual torsion bar suspension. Movement afloat is carried out with the help of water-jet propellers. The displacement of its hull is very significant, and it is assumed that the tank can serve as a means for crossing the infantry through water obstacles. Weight presumably 20 tons. The mobility of this "floater" should be good. If it has a 500 hp engine, then it must develop at least 65 km / h. According to some estimates, at least 1985 of these M500s were produced. It is possible that several modernized tanks are still being produced.
    In the late 70s, the DPRK received a license to manufacture the already outdated but very reliable Soviet model of the T-62 tank, which received the local designation as "Cheonmaho".
    Medium tank mod. 1976 "Chonma" ("Chonma") - a licensed version of the Soviet T-62. 150 tanks delivered to Iran in 1982-1985.
    Medium tank mod. 1992 Chonma-2 - equipped with dynamic protection, equivalent to protection against COP 500 mm
    Medium tank mod. 89 years of Juche (that is, 2000 according to the "global" calculation) "Chonma-98" - the tank has a mass of 38 tons. It is declared that all tanks of the Chonma series, starting with the Chonma-98, have composite reservations with an equivalent of 900 mm in armor steel for the forehead (tower)
    The medium tank of the year 90 Juche (that is, 2001) "Chonma-214" - weight 38 tons
    The medium tank of the year 92 Juche (that is, 2003) "Chonma-215" - weight 39 tons
    Juche Medium Tank, 93 years old (that is, 2004), Chonma-216 - weight 39 tons, 6 road wheels
    It is believed that about 1 different North Korean versions of the T-62 were produced. These machines can not be called modern, but they can constitute a certain headache, especially the latest modifications. In response to the North Korean threat, the South Korean military urgently armed their K1 tanks with a 120-mm gun.
    "Songun-915" ("Seon'gun-915") - a new tower. The mass is 44 tons, the width is 3,502 m, the height is 2,416 m, the tank is able to overcome a trench 2,8 m wide, a ford 1,2 m deep and a river (apparently with an ATL) 5 m deep. The specific power is declared 27,3 hp per ton (which gives an engine power of 1200 hp) and a maximum speed of more than 70 km / h. The tank is equipped with a dome-shaped cast turret with a composite filler, an upper frontal part with a combined filler, and equivalent steel 900 mm armor. On the upper part of the hull and turret, dynamic protection is installed equivalent to a COP of 500 mm. The tank has a 125-mm gun, a 14,5-mm anti-aircraft machine gun, two bulsae-3 PU anti-tank systems installed over the gun’s mask, which is declared as an analogue of the Kornet anti-tank system and has a firing range of up to 5,5 km. The tower also has a twin Hwa'Seong Chong MANPADS with a range of up to 5 km and a reach of 3,5 km in height. The tank is equipped with infrared night vision devices, a laser rangefinder, a digital fire control system with a digital computer, infrared jamming equipment, a fire extinguishing system and an anti-WMD protection system.
    1. smiths xnumx
      smiths xnumx 23 September 2013 17: 54
      amphibious tank M-1985

      Tank "Chonma-214"

      Tank "Chonma-216"

      Tank Songun-915
  19. alone
    alone 23 September 2013 22: 46
    interesting tank. and I must say quite expensive. 8,5 million dollars a lot of money for 1 tank.
  20. REZMovec
    REZMovec 24 September 2013 00: 00
    People! We recall Iraq - the amers went wild with Iraqi generals and a scribe, they didn’t need tanks - the army fled. I think that our / your generals will surrender the army, even arm it with the Bastions, even the Armats ...
  21. sergey158-29
    sergey158-29 24 September 2013 02: 00
    Serious TANK! good

    - suspension
    - SLA (BIUS)
    - modular booking ... hi
  22. Gur
    Gur 24 September 2013 10: 29
    My question is, will this super suspension fall apart after a few shots? especially if you shoot with the body tilted (no matter where), is this how to extinguish the recoil? And as for all the bells and whistles, I think in cases of war it will be like we have the Great Patriotic War, first the soldiers will clean everything up, and the tank will roll over when everything is calm and quiet (I exaggerated Comrade Stalin: - "soldiers still give birth to women, but tanks we have little ") Because I think it is not realistic to make up for the losses of such expensive cars in a full-scale war, and what material and financial damage.
  23. xomaNN
    xomaNN 24 September 2013 17: 23
    The fact that the Koreans could be able to stuff any tank beyond measure with their electronics would never cause me doubts. And here is the full-fledged development of a battle tank almost completely! A good example of military-technical progress. It’s not a sin for our designers to adopt something from their eastern comrades wink
  24. rus174
    rus174 29 September 2013 09: 44
    In the comments, the phrase has already come across more than once: "Women are still giving birth." Here she is ascribed to the "terrible and terrible Stalin." Somewhere in publications, the authorship of this expression is attributed to G.K. Zhukov. And also to Peter I, Apraksin, Menshikov. True, no one bothered to point to the source. In general: "I croaked, but at least don't dawn there." This bike smacks of Russophobia. In someone's opinion, we won all the wars, having filled up the enemy with corpses and won only because the enemy ran out of cartridges. Whose opinion is this, it's a completely different story. Just for the smartest smart guys. In the English navy there was a tradition, when a warship was sunk (in battle), the captain or senior officer would say the ritual phrase: "The king has a lot!" And having distorted this phrase, they began to attribute it to all the famous personalities of Russia. Ah .. they did not spare the people .. they walked over the corpses. I'm tired of it. Before you write something smart about someone, check out the primary sources. Fortunately, with the presence of the Internet, this is not difficult. Sorry for off-topic ..