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Self-defense courses can save your life and wallet!


On our portal there is an indispensable tool for giving confidence to your walk and pride in your posture - this self defense courses.

Top trainers offer on self defense courses training in hand-to-hand combat, sambo, judo for people of any age and gender - for everyone who wants to strengthen their safety in the face of possible extreme situations on the streets of your city. You will raise the level of your general physical fitness and master the techniques of defense without weapons and armed self defense.

 Receptions that you will be trained on self defense courses, recorded in our section "Video courses". This is done so that you can hone your skills after attending workouts at home, as improving physical fitness takes time and requires persistence.

In addition, our site has a whole library of skills in various areas of wrestling, sports training and video reviews of cases of practical application of acquired skills in a combat, street or other conflict situation. This is an integral part. self defense courses, real cases are being restored and recorded on video so that the cadets could live to work out a situation in which each of them could end up.

Self defense courses without weapons, they teach simple and effective techniques to incapacitate an attacker. These techniques are generally prohibited for use in sports battles, as they can harm a partner, but in an extreme situation it is these methods of repelling aggression that make the robber or bully run away. In addition, it must be remembered that even without a weapon, you are always armed with some means of protection - a bag, umbrella, belt or belt, others are nearby - a stick, a stone, a piece of glass. It is important to remember that the main thing in your self-defense is a charge of determination and self-confidence, which you can use at the right time in business. Therefore, remember that psychological preparation, self-confidence will decide the fate of your fight, and the self defense courses skills will help to win.

Self-defense techniques do not require special qualities, they can be used by each person who has worked them to automatic self defense courses and at home, be it a woman or a physically weak man. The main thing is to overcome fears. Not only the fear of not repelling the attacks of the enemy, but also the fear of hurting, the fear of getting hurt yourself, but escape. Psychology is somewhat unusual for ordinary civilians, but it works — it saves, and has already protected many.

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