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GRU Special Forces Officer Alexander Musienko: If chaos ensues

GRU Special Forces Officer Alexander Musienko: If chaos ensuesAn expert in extreme situations gives some advice on survival, self-defense and counter chaos.

- Alexander, today political uncertainty is clearly superimposed on the weakness of state institutions. If the so-called Orange Revolution wins, the prospect of a social explosion cannot be discounted. In one form or another, chaos is approaching us. We must be ready for all its manifestations, right up to the most extreme. You as an expert in extreme situations, tell us about the social methods of countering chaos.

Alexander MUSIENKO: The danger of a social explosion exists even in such a region as Moscow, where there are a lot of police and internal troops capable of extinguishing a major conflict. It is possible that a distraught crowd will turn over or burn everything in the street without asking whether it is a Mercedes or a six of 20 years ago who is disabled by the war in Afghanistan, who happened to be near.

As experience shows, a criminal element primarily uses this situation. Ordinary criminality, homeless people, drug addicts, etc. come to the fore. Due to their aggressiveness and dissatisfaction with the situation, they are the first to grab weapon - for a stick, a baseball bat, a piece of reinforcement - and begin their dirty work. Their goal is one - enrichment. They will run not into poor neighborhoods, but into well-developed areas. Their potential victim is the so-called middle class. Because in the cottage settlements or government houses - its own security system, security, fences, etc. there is not easy to penetrate. And the middle layers, it turns out, the most unprotected.

- Assuming such a negative scenario, we should focus ordinary people on self-defense and self-preservation. It is about the culture of adaptation to new difficult conditions ...

- If the security forces are unable to influence the situation, then ordinary citizens will not be able to do so. So, you need to adapt, adapt as much as possible to the existing situation.
Therefore, it is necessary, without hesitating, not shyly hiding eyes, to openly say what to do at the “X” hour, how to secure your life, the lives of your loved ones and property acquired by overwork. Because in our world, a person without material means, without shelter, without sources of livelihood and income means little. Our state, unfortunately, does not provide any social guarantees, even in a peaceful, quiet time. And in the period of escalation of the internal political situation, it is likely to be completely eliminated. Therefore, it makes sense to identify priority areas of social adaptation in a period of chaos.

First of all, you need to clearly understand: you can’t do anything alone. When the situation gets out of control in a separate locality, the association of citizens by place of residence comes to the fore. It is good if there are so-called “access committees” in the houses. When, in everyday circumstances, volunteers take on the duties of collecting tenants, determine the system of citizens' passes, carry out repairs at the entrance, establish playgrounds, hire concierges, etc., during the crisis, the same people are able to organize protection. These people are united, they know each other, they know the phone numbers of their neighbors.

- What should be done at the first sounds of shots outside the windows?

- First of all, restrict access to the entrance of unauthorized persons. You have to understand: one concierge will not cope with this task. Therefore, you need to organize the duty of two or three people. Better than three, because two people, in the presence of a metal door, will restrain an attempt to get inside, the third, in the absence of mobile and telephone communications, may have time to run around the floors, mobilize all men in the stairwell and organize repulse.

So, we need a duty system, an alert system, and a rapid response team. These are men, healthy and strong, who have an officially registered hunting weapon or other means of protection - for example, gas and traumatic pistols. These are not the forces that can organize repulse to some military formation with armored personnel carriers and machine guns. But we must understand that the military formation will not storm the entrance with the purpose of robbery.

And against bullies and criminal elements of such a primary defense is enough. A few shots from a rifle into the air - and the criminal element refuses to enter the house ...

On the first floors of the entrance should be prepared containers with water: plastic five-liter bottles, buckets, basins ... Because any bottle of "Molotov cocktail" and any tracer bullet will lead to a fire.

In addition to the available electric combination locks, you must have a deadlock or a dead lock with several spare key sets in the access door. All these "little things" should be thought out and spelled out.

- In the future, you can even create a special memo ...

- Exactly. Write a memo and organize quick training courses for all of this. We need a lecture hall, we need a story with specific examples. There are many nuances. And it is difficult for a civilian to foresee everything in advance.
Police professionals (acting and dismissed), special forces of the FSB and the Ministry of Internal Affairs who worked at the addresses and know the procedure for conducting special operations in the residential sector can be professionals in this area. Such people know the ways and means of entering the premises. So they can take countermeasures.

- It is clear that it is most effective to defend with firearms. But there is a psychological barrier in its application ...

- In the initial period of instability, the officially registered weapon - hunting and self-defense weapons - will be seized from the population by the bodies of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. In any case, law enforcement agencies will take all measures to take away weapons from the civilian population.

On the one hand, this is good, but on the other - very bad. In the US, there are still debates about civilian weapons, which are committed a huge number of crimes. We have recently been shooting from travmatiki anywhere. This suggests a low internal culture of people with weapons.

Another thing is that in the post-Soviet space there are a lot of illegal weapons on their hands - they were given by Karabakh, Chechnya, Dagestan, Ossetia, Abkhazia, etc. The weapon circulation is huge. I believe in Russia - more than 2-3 million units of small arms (rifled and smooth-bore) are walking.

- That is, a law-abiding citizen finds himself in a deliberately losing position: he surrenders his weapon, and around - a sea of ​​illegal trunks.

- This is true. But if we talk about priority measures to protect our lives, we must first think not about our own arsenal, but about barricading the first and second floors, creating a system that prevents entry into the house. Here you can apply the old-fashioned method, the method of defense of fortresses. Invaders because you can pour boiling water over the top or pour them with gasoline. If a person understands that one match will turn it into a torch, then, naturally, he will not take further part in the assault.

- As we know, during the period of unrest or active hostilities and anarchy, utilities do not work. How to survive without basic amenities, without heating, water supply, sewerage?

- The first threat we are talking about is a social threat - more precisely, a criminal one. And the second - yes! - man-made.

These are situations related to the shutdown of gas, electricity, water supply, up to emergency emissions of caustic and toxic substances by neighboring enterprises, the same chlorine, for example. Accidents of this kind can be both sabotage and purely man-made. If a leak occurs and the area becomes infected, what should be done? Here every sane person should provide a number of measures.

Basic tips. First, it is necessary to check that there is enough water in the house: both to extinguish the fires and for the water supply. The second is the tightness of the premises. It is necessary to take care of windows and glass, especially in winter. If glass breaks, an immediate alternative is needed - plywood or polyethylene, and then a blanket. In any case, the temperature in a multi-storey building, if the heating systems are turned off, will be equal to the ambient temperature for a certain time. This will not happen so quickly in a brick house, but the walls in the reinforced concrete structure will freeze faster.

- What to do?

- It is necessary to warm the exterior walls with carpets, rugs. Even to a wardrobe will play a role for warming a blank outer wall and will save some heat. But, again, your efforts will be useless if the neighbors leave their flat with broken windows from above or below - the ceilings and the floor are frozen faster than the walls, and nothing can be done about it.

Summer in the city: with corpses uncleaned in the streets, garbage and human waste, is terrible, but winter is worse. In winter, heating of the dwelling comes to the fore. No matter how we insulate the walls, there should be heating. Now for sale a lot of autonomous power plants in a few kilowatts. But for this device must be procured fuel. And, again, efficiency is important here - to burn gasoline in the generator in order to generate electricity, to cook food in the electric furnace and turn on the heater? Isn't it easier to have a gas stove, an oil-fired or wood-burning stove?

“When it comes to survival, both furniture and the library can be used as fuel.

- Compared with wood, paper has a very low heat transfer coefficient. And separately to stick papers - the skin of manufacture is not worth it. Now, if the paper or sawdust soaked with diesel fuel, you get a completely different result.

A trained resident of a megalopolis should have a supply of some combustible substances on which it is possible to cook hot food in an elementary way. The presence of a kerosene lamp, gas stove with spare cylinders will partially solve the problem. This is especially true of those who have small children, and you need to warm up baby food. All this must also be thought out. It is necessary to understand that if something happens, such devices in the store will not be bought. Each person, realizing this, should create his own personal emergency reserve at home.

- So we moved to the third problem - the problem of material and technical means to adapt to one or another critical conditions of life in the country.

- Here our older generation: grandparents, especially those who survived the war, will give us all a head start. They always had a minimum supply at home. My parents always buy half a bag of buckwheat, a bag of sugar, a bag of flour. The same is done by the villagers. City for some reason do not think about it, although nothing prevents them from buying a box of condensed milk, stews, pasta, flour, which can always be diluted with water and cooked elementary food. Cereals, salt, sugar, honey, canned fish are products that are stored for a long time.

No need to make a stock in 2-3 tons, you will not save enough for a lifetime! We have designated the dates. Social crisis can last from several days to several weeks. In a political crisis, the main thing is to survive a month and a half of anarchy. Then, in any case, some kind of power will come, some kind of trade will begin. The maximum political crisis can last six months. Naturally, even for one person to create a three-month supply is not so easy. Even if he consumes an average of 1 kg of food per day, you need to stock up on 90 kg for each. And the 4 family is physically hard to store 360 kg of food at home.

But here it is not a question of creating an autonomous stock - it is a question of an additional stock to what people will extract for themselves. Indeed, in any case, life will not end, everyone will not succeed in barricading themselves.
So the traditional question, where it is better to keep money in difficult times, I always answer - in banks! In banks of condensed milk, stews, etc.
If a political crisis sets in, the last bank of condensed milk will not be sold for 100 dollars. It will become priceless, but the dollar bill will turn into a piece of paper.

Each determines himself how much he needs, but the stock of products must be.

The following is a supply of combustible materials, gasoline-kerosene, which will provide appliances for cooking. In Kurgan-Tyube in Tajikistan and in Grozny, people cooked their meals on the street, made a wood fire or burned a jar of diesel fuel. You can pour diesel in a can of sand and cook even on the balcony.

We in Afghanistan prepared our tea this way, secretly from the enemy. Such fuel smokes, but under certain conditions of masking: in a ravine, ravine or in a dry channel, it can be used. But, again, this needs to be taught to people. You can tell a hundred times how to pour diesel and burn it, but it will not burn. It is necessary to show everything, to teach that the sand was dry, that the bank was filled with it by half or a third, not filled, but abundantly moistened with kerosene or diesel fuel, periodically stir the sand, and so on ... This is a whole culture with small nuances that need to be taken into account.

- A drug problem will arise during the crisis. What medications do you need in your home?

- Medications for chronic diseases of family members come out on top. There should be a supply of drugs - the maximum that a person can only store. If the ulcer is “Almagel” and others, if diabetes mellitus is insulin-containing drugs, etc. Stored preparations should be used as they expire and renew them again. That is, the required stock must always be present.
In second place are hemostatic preparations and dressing agents: harnesses, bandages, brilliant green, iodine, etc. A person should know how to provide first aid for bleeding - arterial, venous and capillary, for fractures and bruises. In the first aid kit must be gastric funds, because the transition to another food, poor quality or expired, can cause gastrointestinal upset.

The next group - sedatives, sedatives. Then - a huge group of drugs - cough, including antibiotics.

Do not forget about the epidemic. Must be antiseptics. The same bleach. No bleaching powder - domestic bleach will go: process the toilet, and the dishes, and pour some pockets of sewage on the street near your entrance ...

- The fight against unsanitary conditions then comes to the fore.

- Yes, this is a problem - where to put waste, especially in summer. It is clear that now we take out the garbage in the garbage can. But if garbage collection will not be carried out, then after two or three weeks, an extensive landfill will arise at the site of the garbage cans, and it will become unbearable in the district. We will take the garbage away, but someone will start to pour it from the balcony right under your feet. It is not joke. Therein lies the great threat of epidemics.

Ideally, you need a hole that you need to dig. For my family, I can dig a hole a meter per meter, and within a month this will be enough for me. But this hole will be filled during the day, because Ivanov, Petrov, Sidorenko and Akhmedov will not dig, but will begin to pour their garbage into my hole. It means that it is necessary to dig a hole together with the neighbors and put a controller so that other people do not empty the garbage into it. It is very difficult to adjust the mechanism, if everyone thinks only about themselves.

By the way, the products you have should be stored such that give a minimal amount of food waste. If there is a potato, it is not necessary to peel it, but cook in a uniform, like all other vegetables. And it's not just that the waste is decomposed. Thus, we save products using them to the maximum.

There will be a problem of sewage in full growth - it will not be possible to use it in an apartment building. On the last floor, the person will still be able to use it, and on the first and second floors everything will be flooded. And if a resident in the house is unconscious, the only way for people living on the lower floors to avoid flooding with faeces is to install hard plugs on the sewer system. But still, the liquid will rise up through the plastic pipes and they can not stand ... If the pipe breaks, the contents of this 20-floor column will flood the lower floors. This is a huge, unsolvable problem.

- If there is a powerlessness, the water supply will immediately turn off ...

- But people will still carry water upstairs, wash food, although it is easier to wash them outside, boil tea, cook soup. The liquid will still fall into the sewer ... In the same Kurgan-Tube, people took water from the canals. In Moscow, it can be natural reservoirs - rivers, canals, ponds, large puddles and snow. People will carry water from there on carts and sleds. Water will boil and drink ...

From here one more subject: serious stocks of drinking water in the apartment are necessary. If you use water from natural sources, then you need disinfection means: from boiling to filtering and disinfection using chemicals. One problem creates another, and it’s impossible to solve them for one person overnight ... For this, an adaptation culture is needed, with which we can determine the necessary amount of water, food, power plants, etc. All this is difficult, but solved.

“But in any case, the megalopolis turns into a death zone ... It is clear that such large cities as Moscow are in complete loss in advance.

- As soon as there is a threat of prolongation of the conflict, it is necessary to dump from a large city. At worst - in the suburbs, and better - in a distant village, in urban-type villages, to relatives, friends. The ideal option is when people unite on a patrimonial, some kind of social and professional basis or according to their interests and leave for the village - historical homeland. 10-15 adult men plus neighbors create a self-defense unit. The same thing can happen in the cottage village, where people live in mansions of 200 square meters. meters per person. They alone cannot hold such a space - all the more so, such villages are certainly under the gun.

In order to keep such a village, it is necessary to create self-defense forces. One of the inhabitants of the choir will call a friend in the city and say: "Sanya, come to me to live with your family and take someone else!". In crowded but not mad!

Residents of cottage settlements should be prepared for this, because the employees of their private security companies will flee to rescue their families during the crisis. Money at this time will depreciate, turn into candy wrappers.

If a city dweller has nowhere to run, let him flee into the forest. We remember the summer of 2010, when the peatlands were burning, and Moscow was choking with smog. I drove my pregnant daughter away from Moscow to the Tver region, on Lake Seliger. When we arrived there, all the shores of the lake were filled with Muscovites. People lived in tents, escaped from smoke. It’s good that there is clean water nearby, working shops ... It’s good that people watched themselves and one after another, observed sanitation, littered the garbage in the pits. Muscovites came in small groups, got to know each other and lived there, making household and household appliances for convenience.

There was organized camp-camp life. And it begins, as you know, from ... the toilet. Because if twenty people live a day without a toilet, the next night will not be easy to move away from the camp ... Plus hygiene issues, etc.

Accordingly, it is necessary to have a clear algorithm for what to do and where to go. It is necessary to have one main evacuation option and two spare ones. Everything, as in spetsnaz. The main route of movement and one or two backup. Suppose we live in a city, wait a week or two. The first option is to go to the Tver region, the second - to relatives in Siberia, the Urals, Voronezh or Kursk regions, even if a third cousin of a cousin lives there.

- And ideally, you should already have your base away from Moscow.

- I have many acquaintances who have purchased real estate in the villages of the Tver, Ivanovo, Kostroma regions precisely for such purposes. They got acquainted with the locals and, if necessary, can go there. Getting to know the locals and making contact is important,
Because we are newcomers there. For Muscovites, and so in recent times is not very good attitude. And then there can be aggression in general: they say, it’s not sweet to us here without you, and you, the parasites, have come. Therefore, when people come, they must carry something positive. That is, do something good not only for yourself. For example, if a specialist doctor arrived, it means that he should organize a first-aid post in this village. You can share with the locals clothing, food, medicine.

It is important to understand that in case of force majeure, to hold on to a city apartment, for property - death is like. Human life is the most expensive. I witnessed when people in Grozny were sitting on things and bags. They sat in apartments and basements, and bombs and shells fell into the houses, houses folded, and people found themselves buried alive, saving a carpet, a refrigerator or a TV. So many Russians died in the winter of 95. But you could hide more or less valuable things, make caches, or just part with them, saving your life and the lives of loved ones.

In such cases, the outcome with documents, money, jewelry, the minimum set of products will be the best option. It is better to leave by car. And if it does not work, then on foot, because even under normal conditions, huge traffic jams are lined up in Moscow and the Moscow region, and if something happens, a traffic collapse will occur. And then from Moscow, at least, kilometers 70-100 will have to go on foot.

- Behind all this, there is a huge reservoir of problems. And then one family can not cope, we need a society. Need a community. And here the first place is the possibility of self-organization of society, the creation of cell-blocks.

- The optimally self-sufficient team is the 70-100 man, where 20-30 are strong and physically healthy men, plus women and children. This is enough to autonomously adapt to the forest, anywhere. This is the so-called camp. It is already hard to feed a large number; it is difficult to provide security with a smaller one. And the 70-100 man is optimal.

You have arrived in a rural place. It is necessary to organize self-defense - first of all, block all roads, simply dig them up, make rubble of trees and dig ditches, thereby eliminating detours through the forest and the field. It is clear that a bulldozer or tank will pass, but passenger cars, on which criminal elements, as a rule, move, trucks, buses - will not pass. The bandits will need to stop, go out, dismantle the debris, and this is the time won in order to alert the rapid response team. The men will come running with pitchforks and poles and chase the uninvited guests.

Next - the warning system. Bell tower, rail hangs, empty gas cylinder. Rapid ringing - alarm. Moreover, the bells should be in two or three directions - where the roads are. Whence a bell sounds, it means a threat from there. People need to know the order of alert and action for combat crews: who and what is to be reported.

Again, in the village, survival is simpler - there are water sources, the waste disposal system is already thought out, there is individual heating of dwellings. The best option is a rural settlement.

- With access to some kind of agriculture ...

- As for the production of agricultural products, then this can be discussed if the situation drags on for years. How many years did the civil war that started after the October Revolution lasted for us? The country was in fever until the year 1924, then it began to improve more or less. This is a long period of history.

If events occurred at the end of winter and early spring, then a certain stock of seed material should be left in order to grow something. It is necessary to grow crops that require minimal effort and money. For Russia, it is potato, forgotten barley, the yield of which is much higher compared to other cereals. These are vegetables that do not require complex care. Suppose the same tomatoes are grown in the middle lane very hard, cucumbers also require a certain care, and carrots and cabbage grow normally. But cabbage has a growing season of almost five months, and potatoes have a 2,5-3 of the month, and if you take the early varieties, even less.

The forest can give mushrooms and berries. In terms of game, when a mob rushes into the forest, resources will be severely undermined. At some time, large bodies of water - lakes, rivers, large reservoirs, coastal areas - can give something. Fish is the easiest and cheapest way to get protein products in nature. But, again, uncontrolled poaching, nets and dynamite, electric fishing rods - the fish will be knocked out.

- The main thing is information, knowledge and culture, and the second is a culture of communication with each other and a culture of interaction ...

- The last 20 years are trying to convince us that man is a wolf to man. Throughout Russia's history, it was the people who determined the existence of the state, starting from the militia of Minin and Pozharsky. Even when Russia lost its statehood in the Time of Troubles, thanks to Minin and Pozharsky, it was restored.

And if, God forbid, what happens, now there will also be Minins and Pozharskys who will restore our statehood.

But we in advance, in peacetime, should already know who you can rely on, and with whom you can not communicate, with whom you can eat a pood of salt, and with whom - no ... The time will come, and there will be no pud of salt. Therefore, now, first of all, the male half of the population must assume responsibility, form a circle of people together with their friends and acquaintances, discuss all these issues, engage in information interchange and mutual education in order to survive in a critical situation.

If we called the team in 70-100 people, it should be structured so that there are doctors, people who own weapons - former and current employees of power structures, so that people with land-use, hunting and fishing skills can get there and accessories.

- Crisis conditions will require answers - increasing interaction between people, vigilance, the role and responsibility of men. A picture of society is being built, different from the one we have today ...

- It requires a society in which a person is no longer a wolf to a person. This is a different type of society and a different type of relationship, where envy is reduced to nothing, where women do not compete with each other in chinchilla coats and gold jewelry. It is a society in which there is nothing superficial, and people live as a good ideal family lives, where loved ones behave naturally and are not hypocritical to each other.

The conversation was conducted by Andrey Fefelov
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  1. Obliterator
    Obliterator 23 September 2013 12: 56
    Great article. I just doubt that even after reading it, many people will take the training measures that are outlined in the article. Type of purchase of food stock and housing in the province. Collective survival is also a good thing, but only knowing the quarrelsomeness and selfishness of our current population, we can only count on those whom I knew from the positive side before the force majeure.

    I also want to add on my own behalf: if the authorities take away firearms, why not prepare for such a turn of events and stock up on another formidable type of weapon-throwing. Bows and crossbows are sold freely, well suited for hunting, in an extreme situation for self-defense from a two-beast, they are also good.
    1. experienced
      experienced 23 September 2013 15: 12
      If the so-called “Orange Revolution” wins, the prospect of a social explosion cannot be discounted.

      Bugaga, Bulk hamsters attack !!! laughing Not an article, but the raving of a violent man, I was especially impressed by the supply of water in the entrance to extinguish fires and bolts on the doors, some child "pampered" with a bolt and a crowd of residents in front of the entrance will "happily" wait for the doors to open wassat
      Let's publish what needs to be done when the aliens attack lol
      1. Orik
        Orik 23 September 2013 17: 18
        Oh, how funny, only the residents of Sarajevo, Grozny, Bosnia are unlikely to share your laughter. In the 80s, NOBODY would have believed that a union would fall apart and internecine massacres like this would break out on the expanses of the former social camp Good laughs whoever laughs last!
        1. vladimirZ
          vladimirZ 24 September 2013 08: 21
          If in the post-war years of Soviet power, a peaceful, prosperous USSR, someone would tell us what awaits us in the 90s of the 20th century and at the beginning of the 21st century is lawlessness, omnipotence of bandits and the chaos of the absence of state people's power, and what is the state of society the people will choose for themselves voluntarily, everyone would consider such a person crazy, so this situation was not suitable for our society.
          But this is our real life and the potential threat of chaos weighs above us now, like an ax ready to fall at any moment.
        2. albanech
          albanech 24 September 2013 12: 41
          Orik (1) SU I don't want to repeat myself! That's right!
        3. Fidel
          Fidel 19 December 2017 20: 43
          And in the Donbass it’s not at all funny ....
      2. The comment was deleted.
        1. The comment was deleted.
          1. Corsair5912
            Corsair5912 23 September 2013 18: 44
            Quote: seasoned
            We probably live with you in different Russia ... belay
            I remember the 90s, but I have never seen the "horrors" that you describe. They are robbed, raped and killed in all countries of the world.

            I have never seen an atomic bomb explosion, a bullfight, a volcanic eruption, and much more that I have never seen, but I will not say that it was not.
            I am a retired corsair, by age. fool
            1. experienced
              experienced 23 September 2013 18: 47
              Quote: Corsair5912
              I have never seen an atomic bomb explosion, a bullfight, a volcanic eruption, and much more that I have never seen, but I will not say that it was not.

              You yourself wrote that in the 90s in Russia on the streets in broad daylight ... Nobody pulled you for the language.
              Quote: Corsair5912
              I am a retired corsair, by age.

              And where did you piracy? In Somalia? wassat Or you do not know the meaning of the word "corsair"? Actually, piracy is a criminal offense ...
              1. Corsair5912
                Corsair5912 23 September 2013 19: 42
                Quote: seasoned
                You yourself wrote that in the 90s in Russia on the streets in broad daylight ... Nobody pulled you for the language.
                And where did you pirate? In Somalia? wassat Or you do not know the meaning of the word "corsair"? Actually, piracy is a criminal offense ...

                It pulled you for the language:
                I remember the 90s, but the "horrors" that you describe I have never seen

                The corsair is not a pirate and we do not criminalize:
                Corsairs (privateers, privateers) (French corsaire, German Kaper, English privateer) are private individuals who, with the permission of the supreme authority of a belligerent state, used an armed vessel to capture enemy ships. The same name applies to members of their teams. Corsairs were in the service of the king and could attack enemy ships without fear of persecution by the authorities, the royal document declared their actions legal. In the event that they were captured, they could count on protection as prisoners of war.

                And where, this is not subject to disclosure. Tell you, you’d like that too. (Joke)
        2. The comment was deleted.
      3. alatanas
        alatanas 2 December 2016 11: 00
        Judging by your comment, you need to change “Experienced” to something else. The article is very correct!
    2. brodyaga
      brodyaga 23 September 2013 15: 48
      And in Belarus, this alternative weapon was banned for free sale.
        GELEZNII_KAPUT 23 September 2013 17: 04
        I would also forbid him in Russia, and not only the alternative (hunters do not count), but just arm not quite adequate people who scorch anywhere. An ordinary person needs fast legs, strong doors and a head!
        A friend of mine bought a gas pistol in the 90s and felt like a superhero, as a result of grappling with drunken passers-by at a school stadium, I lost my pistol and, rather, my clothes, they also tapped the tambourine be healthy !!! hi
    3. Pilat2009
      Pilat2009 23 September 2013 16: 55
      Quote: Obliterator
      if the authorities take away firearms

      And who will voluntarily give it to her? Now for one registered trunk, two illegal. The most advanced citizens are already ready.
      I doubt that you can sit out in the house for a long time, it will be necessary to get food somewhere and the criminal element can and wait a bit. The only way out is to leave the brigade with at least several trunks.
      In short, weapons must be obtained now.
    4. svaroghich152
      svaroghich152 30 January 2018 09: 44
      And who tells you to give up weapons? The situation will change. They themselves will not go into the same house. And they will turn around, they may not leave the house alive and there the peasants will take up defense and the extra AKSU or Makarov with two stores will not stop them. conditions of the entrance, put on knives and you will not see. You can agree and people fall out of all apartments with noise, din, children and at that moment someone will kill from the back, or caress with a hammer.
      If still not so scary, you say that you drowned the trunk in the river.
  2. Russ69
    Russ69 23 September 2013 13: 04
    Getting ready for the furry animal ... smile
    In general, the article is useful.
    1. sergey32
      sergey32 23 September 2013 18: 37
      I live in my house on the outskirts of the city. If something happens, I’ll remake the gas boiler for solid fuel in half an hour. There is also a fireplace in the house. The forest is nearby. Groundwater in the area is shallow, I will quickly dig a well. In the house of Saig, if necessary, it would be necessary to buy cartridges. Well, father-in-law with the brother-in-law in his houses nearby, together we hold out.
  3. Stiletto
    Stiletto 23 September 2013 15: 24
    Double impressions. On the one hand, everything is on the case. On the other hand, it is very similar to the story of Zagortsev, when, being on barbecue, some special forces taught others to eat frogs laughing
  4. 787nkx
    787nkx 23 September 2013 15: 24
    In the wilderness of friends, in the village.
    1. Asgard
      Asgard 23 September 2013 16: 24
      And for that friend minus ???
      The most adequate koment .........
      In the city don't survive - never .... stocks will run out in a month, water even earlier, + a deClassified element that does not know you will "wander" through the streets ...
      Yes, and even neighbors will become "enemies" - which you don't know at the entrance)))

      what socialization would survive here, but in the city you can survive at the expense of others
      There are no other options, NO industry, or do you think the authorities are organizing something ????? the same Medvedev or BerLazar (via Putin))))
      The prepared population will disarm the police - former special forces, GRU officers, airborne troops (they recall swimming in fountains))))
      I'm not worried about the weapon, the "enemies" will bring it to me))))))

      And it will be impossible to hope for the state anymore - it will soon throw the population with housing and communal services tariffs, beggarly handouts in the form of a salary, the creation of shopping centers, where there are no skilled workers and engineers))) who are able to do something.
      This is politics. ,,, ...

      And in the Village - and beauty, and subsidiary farming, and People know each other and help no, no ... fuel in the forest — heating a house, water in a river or lake, means of payment will disappear, gas will disappear and no one will get to you ....
      And you have it hidden, for the diesel generator-news on the air to listen and charge the walkie-talkie and LED flashlights)))))
      Well, power supplies for laser sights)))))

      So sell the apartment in the city - while there are suckers ready to buy it ...
      And buy a House with a stove in the village (a stove is required))))
      you will not regret and save the family .....
      time is running out, this is serious ....
      1. Mature naturalist
        Mature naturalist 23 September 2013 23: 59
        Quote: Asgard
        time is running out, this is serious ....

        How much is "not enough"?
        Who to be afraid of? Black helicopters without identification marks?
        1. svaroghich152
          svaroghich152 30 January 2018 09: 48
          Now, if Volodenka won the election, then less than 6 years.
      2. michajlo
        michajlo 24 September 2013 00: 19
        Good evening Vladimir!

        You are right, there’s less time left for anyone ...

        Well, for the sake of those who are confident in their well-being and that everything will be decided by the "thickness of the bundle of banknotes", it is not worth repeating. negative

        The fact that this is just their error, they will understand quickly, as well as the fact that "their luxury train has long gone." fool
      3. De laert
        De laert 10 July 2017 01: 21
        It was 2017 ... how much more time is there?
  5. j iz sibiri
    j iz sibiri 23 September 2013 15: 27

    ARTICLE Nonsense FULL


    1. StolzSS
      StolzSS 23 September 2013 23: 02
      You just. What property are you going to protect ??? A keyboard with a mouse or something ??? If you have to, you’ll have to leave your apartment to your loved one. And in our latitudes, if in the first week you don’t fall south or into Norway, then you’ll get the hell out of the way ...
      1. j iz sibiri
        j iz sibiri 24 September 2013 06: 04
        yes it's just awful
        where are you dear run?
        and in noregia you need someone?

        Well, in general, that's why everyone doesn’t like you there, that you’re more or less the most part just cowards (cowards are still to put it mildly) here in Siberia no one even thinks to crawl their homeland

        and I seriously pity you and your scout gru
        when the ussr shot him for such an article
        like a dog
        1. yegor_k
          yegor_k 23 November 2016 12: 53
          Take off your pink glasses, not a word about cowardice - retreat is the same tactical device as the offensive and requires serious preparation.
        2. svaroghich152
          svaroghich152 30 January 2018 10: 05
          So you will die a hero. Any looter, if he can’t profit, will shoot a grenade launcher at the window with all the consequences.
          But what you need is to take out the family and part of the property, and then think that you will protect.
          If, in the city, just anarchy has come and you are the only warrior in the field, go along with your family. If some power took power in the city and you along the way, come back and fight with them.
          And be ready to fight with the troops left to curb the rebellious region. (Like in the Donbass). And these are tanks, artillery, missile systems, civilians will not spare. Residential quarters will become the main goal.
    2. yegor_k
      yegor_k 23 November 2016 12: 49
      What didn’t suit you? Everything is correctly written, the only puncture is that in villages with garbage collection it is even worse than in the city. The rest is all in the subject.
  6. erased
    erased 23 September 2013 15: 28
    In general, it is correctly written. The idea is clearly traced - in which case the power will not hit a finger with a finger in order to protect citizens of the country. She - the authorities - citizens are needed as a source of taxes and as an electorate in the elections. The rest - at least die, at least dump - do not care. Pleasant care for people!
    1. svaroghich152
      svaroghich152 30 January 2018 10: 07
      Power also throws troops to suppress
  7. ivshubarin
    ivshubarin 23 September 2013 15: 29
    "They will run not to poor quarters, but to well-maintained areas. Their potential victim is the so-called middle class. Because in cottage settlements or government houses - their own security system, security, fences, etc." - against whom chaos is started, that and will not suffer
    1. svaroghich152
      svaroghich152 30 January 2018 10: 16
      And how will security with fences help?
      At the checkpoint, 100% sits a body without weapons, with a black strapon on the belt and handcuffs, more like a woman or a pensioner (guard of 4 categories). You cut out the gates by a stolen Chinese scoop and do what you want.
      In case of arrival of ChOPovtsev, you leave the machine gunner at the entrances to the village.
      Nonsense all these villages.
  8. comrade
    comrade 23 September 2013 15: 32
    IMHO's idea of ​​home defense is wrong, it would be much more effective to unite by courtyards-districts and in the event of a "start" to immediately cut out all the drug addicts in their district
    1. Ascetic
      Ascetic 23 September 2013 15: 47
      Quote: comrade
      IMHO's idea of ​​home defense is wrong, it would be much more effective to unite by courtyards-districts and in the event of a "start" to immediately cut out all the drug addicts in their district

      A similar movement already exists in Moscow

  9. j iz sibiri
    j iz sibiri 23 September 2013 15: 34
    all run away and all prosrut

    1. Trapperxnumx
      Trapperxnumx 23 September 2013 15: 38
      Quote: j iz sibiri

      If the events that the author writes about appear in the country, Siberia will not seem to be too small, be sure. In case of paralysis of the central authority in the country, Siberia will be quickly mastered by groups of immigrants from China. So do not rejoice. How would you not have to move to Central Russia.
      1. j iz sibiri
        j iz sibiri 23 September 2013 15: 40
        HEAD THINK

        1. Akhtuba73
          Akhtuba73 23 September 2013 16: 07
          Quote: j iz sibiri

          Of course, because by this time he will speak Chinese.
          Do not build illusions. Siberia is not a separate planet.
          1. j iz sibiri
            j iz sibiri 23 September 2013 17: 09
            in Siberia people reckon on themselves and rely on themselves

            Yes, and we can feed ourselves

            and with China you still wait and we’ll go off with them somehow
            the climate we have is draconian
            1. Akhtuba73
              Akhtuba73 23 September 2013 17: 33
              Is it an "exceptional people"? GDP warned not to put oneself above everyone else (though he broadcast it to the Americans) Now seriously. I do not argue that the special character and unspoiledness by European winds is a distinctive feature of Siberians. I appreciate and respect hi But, I am afraid, when EVERYTHING collapses (and not Manezhnaya or Bolotnaya Squares) it will help for a short time. I really do not want to check it. It is better to go to you and see the beauty of Siberia with your own eyes.
              1. j iz sibiri
                j iz sibiri 23 September 2013 17: 41
                nobody told you about exclusivity
                but that's not spoiled you're right

                just on the other side of the ural live in another dimension of small

                and here everything is different and without all the benefits of civilization we can survive
          2. Corsair5912
            Corsair5912 23 September 2013 18: 28
            Quote: Akhtuba73
            Quote: j iz sibiri

            Of course, because by this time he will speak Chinese.
            Do not build illusions. Siberia is not a separate planet.

            The reasoning of an ignoramus who has never been to Siberia. For 5000 years, the Chinese could not even overcome the Khingan. Where should these rams compete with the Siberians?
            1. Tretyakov
              Tretyakov 23 September 2013 20: 57
              A man is seen in Siberia has never been! A distance of 100 km - and not a soul - is the norm. But such residents of Russia do not understand this!
      2. Quiet
        Quiet 23 September 2013 21: 26
        Siberia will not seem too small

        Do not forget that there are many zones in Siberia where criminals will quickly establish their "order" ... am
  10. Joffrey
    Joffrey 23 September 2013 15: 42
    Most likely, it will not be a criminal element to wield, but Islamic extremists, that is, the entire Muslim population of large Russian cities will be like in Syria.
    1. Corsair5912
      Corsair5912 23 September 2013 18: 36
      Quote: Joffrey
      Most likely, it will not be a criminal element to wield, but Islamic extremists, that is, the entire Muslim population of large Russian cities will be like in Syria.

      Nonsense, there are no Muslim extremists in Russian cities, all my Tatars and Bashkirs are atheists and absolutely adequate decent people. The article says everything is true:
      As experience shows, such a situation is used primarily by a criminal element. Ordinary crime, the homeless, drug addicts, etc. are coming to the forefront. Due to their aggressiveness and dissatisfaction with the situation, they were the first to grab onto a weapon - a stick, a baseball bat, a piece of armature - and begin their dirty deed. Their goal is one - enrichment. They will not run to poor neighborhoods, but to comfortable areas. Their potential victim is the so-called middle class.

      Neither Muslims, nor Christians, nor Yusovtsy, nor NATO, nor Belolentochniki destroy the country to rob and destroy the population there is no sense, and the lumpen have no nationality and religion.
    2. alone
      alone 23 September 2013 21: 15
      Quote: Joffrey
      Most likely, it will not be a criminal element to wield, but Islamic extremists, that is, the entire Muslim population of large Russian cities will be like in Syria.

      wassat and what kind of Islamic extremists are there, who, along with the local population, do not suppress vodka?))))

      and if it’s serious, it’s wrong to call all Muslims Islamic extremists and it smells like incitement of inter-religious relations. They are afraid of the 5th column in general, regardless of religion and nationality
    3. smersh70
      smersh70 23 September 2013 21: 19
      Quote: Joffrey
      and Islamic extremists, that is, the entire Muslim population

      Friend! It’s worthless to have a negative attitude towards the Muslim population .. under a nickname and under a photograph of an Azerbaijani Muslim laughing I pointed it out to you in comments under another article fellow
    4. PHASE
      PHASE 17 August 2017 07: 57
      Yes, the Gaster will immediately get lost in a gang and remember all the grievances to the fifth knee.
  11. j iz sibiri
    j iz sibiri 23 September 2013 15: 42
    my opinion was written by an Israeli intelligence officer
    run all run
    and we will come and take everything
  12. Tambov we ...
    Tambov we ... 23 September 2013 15: 49
    That’s proof of the pernicious lack of civilian firearms - to run wherever your eyes look.
  13. Check
    Check 23 September 2013 16: 04
    no one will run away, at least the bulk, let's say that only nonresident citizens can run away from Moscow to be with their ancestors and protect what is.
  14. nazgul-ishe
    nazgul-ishe 23 September 2013 16: 04
    Some conduct joint exercises to combat gangsters (RF and BR); others are preparing for emergency situations. Tell me maybe it's time to dig out the Schmeiser?
    1. abdrah
      abdrah 23 September 2013 16: 13
      bury it first. you will dig out later.
      1. Tretyakov
        Tretyakov 23 September 2013 20: 58
        Well, the T-64 are reserved!
    2. Victor Demchenko
      Victor Demchenko 2 March 2017 18: 06
      better PPSh, more reliable.
  15. kostik1301
    kostik1301 23 September 2013 16: 08
    and still we are moving to such times that the price will be food and ammunition ............. and man to man, yes we have already become wolves over the past 20 years ....
  16. Support
    Support 23 September 2013 16: 14
    And nowhere to run. But at home I have two crossbows, two airsoft drives an automatic machine and a machine gun, by the way, airsoft drives, although they shoot with balls, they will knock out the eyes when they hit, they will tear the nose (checked on themselves), airsoft grenades (with fillers) are also not a gift. Even the slingshot toils. Well, and a collection of legal, but very cute and sharp household, skinning and tourist knives. Laser pointers, too. Also the turtle-type protection and knee pads. I'll hold out for about five minutes, one. And if I share more than one, then this is already something. And if the yard, districts, etc.?
    1. alone
      alone 23 September 2013 21: 16
      Quote: Prop
      But at home I have two crossbows, two airsoft drives an automatic machine and a machine gun, by the way, airsoft drives, although they shoot with balls, they will knock out the eyes when they hit, they will tear the nose (checked on themselves), airsoft grenades (with fillers) are also not a gift. Even the slingshot toils. Well, and a collection of legal, but very cute and sharp household, skinning and tourist knives. Laser pointers, too. Also the turtle-type protection and knee pads. I'll hold out for about five minutes, one.

      You could already admit that you have a T-72 at home)))
      1. Quiet
        Quiet 23 September 2013 21: 42
        You could already admit that you have a T-72 at home)))

        ..for the evacuation of a family of three is quite suitable !! lol
    2. Hort
      Hort 24 September 2013 11: 32
      better, instead of a drive, get a good air;) With skillful "tuning", you can knock out not only eyes from it
  17. SAG
    SAG 23 September 2013 16: 16
    it is worth adding the question of the device of initial housing in the forest or other natural areas
    1. j iz sibiri
      j iz sibiri 23 September 2013 17: 13
      you were in the forest
      at least once more than 3 days at least
      This is not a movie to watch
      1. Victor Demchenko
        Victor Demchenko 2 March 2017 18: 14
        Well, what are you pulling the mule here ?! what do you understand cool, it’s sickening to watch! can you live alone in the forest for three days? the question in the article was posed clearly: protecting the population, which is NOT READY by the hour "X". it’s written for that, and you’re here, this ... if you live in a small town, it’s like in a big village, many people personally know and most importantly know what to expect from neighbors, you can rely on them. and it’s a completely different matter in gardens with more than 260-300 thousand inhabitants. Here it’s practically impossible to predict the behavior of neighbors! examples - a lot, take at least the latest events in St. Petersburg, when the "barmalei" lived in a high-rise building, what did anyone know about them? so stop tryndet! I don’t agree - it’s your business, but I personally had to rake the ruins in Leninakan and Spitak, so almost everything is written correctly!
  18. Dimon-chik-79
    Dimon-chik-79 23 September 2013 16: 17
    We have so many illegal immigrants in our country that it remains only to pray that some economic crisis does not gasp, then it will definitely be hot here! And then it will be seen what the power structures are capable of. We laid the mine ourselves and sit on it, wait for hour X.
    1. Support
      Support 23 September 2013 16: 25
      And how many national minorities are in the ranks of power structures? So they will be quietly resolving the issues and diasporas of their and personal religious views, and only then, who survives, will fall under their protection. To work for them.
    2. The comment was deleted.
    3. j iz sibiri
      j iz sibiri 23 September 2013 17: 20
      and he will be soon
  19. Humpty
    Humpty 23 September 2013 16: 27
    From local experience, I’ll add that under no circumstances can you hand over personal weapons (any) to the authorities. It is better to extinguish Molotov cocktails with sand and wet blankets.
  20. Gomunkul
    Gomunkul 23 September 2013 16: 51
    They will not run to poor neighborhoods, but to comfortable areas
    First, everyone will run to rob shops and bases, food and manufactured goods, and weapons, too. One thing is true, in the absence of utilities, cities are doomed. By the way, with such a development of events that the military will do, military units are standing around large cities. hi
    1. Pilat2009
      Pilat2009 23 September 2013 17: 04
      Quote: Gomunkul
      By the way, with such a development of events, what will the military do

      In fact, it’s enough to launch APCs as patrols and to platoon soldiers into each region. All warehouses and bases should be protected and a card system introduced
  21. Support
    Support 23 September 2013 16: 56
    Quote: SAG
    it is worth adding the question of the device of initial housing in the forest or other natural areas

    This must be done in advance, and preferably not alone, but at least so that there are friends in the neighborhood. By the way, in many regions of the Russian Federation there are many abandoned military bunkers left in the forests. Even ZKSh. Two and three story. It is necessary to master them.
  22. me
    me 23 September 2013 16: 59
    What kind of cooperation are we talking about? The intercom has not been working in my entrance for several years, because people feel sorry for passing 30 rubles a month, to say nothing of a joint confrontation with criminal elements. Now man is a wolf to man.
    1. Support
      Support 23 September 2013 17: 06
      Fools die first. If someone has a feeling of community and community, they will unite. Loners will die out
    2. Dante Alighieri
      Dante Alighieri 23 September 2013 18: 45
      Well, you can probably rely on relatives? Although it happens. Maybe I'm just lucky with my family.
  23. Goldmitro
    Goldmitro 23 September 2013 17: 08
    <<< the prospect of a social explosion cannot be discounted in any way. In one form or another, chaos is approaching us ... The danger of a social explosion exists even in such a region as Moscow, >>>
    It seems that experts in the orange revolutions do not eat bread for nothing! Seeing that the "swamp" slogans do not bother anyone, except for a bunch of bohemian-antillegent glamorous hangouts, representing no one and nothing, and not even MILLIONS who went out on the street under these slogans and speech, they came up with a Jesuit plan of how to pull out everywhere masses of people on the street! To do this, it was decided to use the slogans of Evgeny Fedorov, who worked in Chubais's team for a long time (and now, probably, he also works there). His today's slogans (surprising for a member of Chubais's team) are thoughtfully oriented and in tune with the moods and aspirations of a large mass of people and are able to take them out into the street, and this seems to be the MOST IMPORTANT thing - to simply Pull out as many people as possible OUT OF THE STREET! Pull out MILLIONS! Isn't that familiar terminology! And then others will start to steer the people who have come out, already with their own plans and intentions, about which the people do not even know. It's just primitively used IN THE DARK!
  24. Normal
    Normal 23 September 2013 17: 11
    As experience shows, such a situation is used primarily by a criminal element. Ordinary crime, the homeless, drug addicts, etc. are coming to the forefront.

    I read this and almost gave it up. What are addicts? What are homeless and criminal elements? What nonsense? In the event of chaos, the most active element will be young people, most often athletes of the lowest level, led by grassroots representatives of law enforcement agencies, who do not know how to do anything but are strong and decisive. Just like it was in the late 80's, early 90's, when this contingent formed the basis of the "gangster" racketeering.
    Next came a free exposition of what I had already read at Berkem Al Atomi.
    Here the author has something to agree with.
  25. Nike
    Nike 23 September 2013 17: 24
    About four months ago there was an article with an interview with a Serb survivor of the 90s war. Much more specific and informative, some statements are similar to these, but everything is much more specific there. The same statements for weapons, for medicines, for sanitation, and as the Serb claims the basis for survival is to be able to do something, repair shoes, electronics, make dishes from auxiliary materials ... a lot of things can be written, but it would be better to read if a reprinted article would benefit much more than from this reasoning.
  26. Savva30
    Savva30 23 September 2013 17: 34
    It's time to get the trunk ... I will get the trunk and food and medicine, etc., addresses are known. Nariks, in my opinion, are not dangerous, much more dangerous than the stoned youth. But this is also solved, the question is: who is the senior? shot and you have extra time ...
    1. Savva30
      Savva30 23 September 2013 19: 18
      What are the cons guys? I am for a peaceful existence, with both hands and feet ... About the trunk, I want to get it legally, the behavior of drug addicts is familiar, I lived in different areas, I saw everything, dumbfounded youth - every night I see every energy bank gets in a circle, gets drunk until half, then the remnants are mixed with water, after that until two in the night they are real zombies, and the fact that the older one must be turned off is understandable ... disorganization ...
      1. aleks77
        aleks77 24 September 2013 10: 19
        If you will take the barrel officially when obtaining permission, say that for hunting, and in no case for self-defense, horseradish will give out more and put a tick for yourself.
  27. The comment was deleted.
  28. Clueless
    Clueless 23 September 2013 18: 24
    I am glad that this is all I know, but the question is different, on most entrances the doors have magnetic locks that (doors) open outwards. And now the most interesting thing is that these doors cannot be closed from the inside, there are no handles on them, they are smooth, i.e. you need to drill, cook to close the door from the inside - and this is a lost time.

    Also, if there is unrest, as we often do in Russia (meaning that officials are mostly cowardly), they will climb out to remove the trunks from the population. Here already decide for yourself what to do on this occasion, or pretend that you are not at home, or give up weapons, or make an inventory, as if you had already given weapons to other officers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs or the military, etc.

    And about what cannot happen, you tell the inhabitants of our former republics when there were ethnic riots.
    1. aleks77
      aleks77 24 September 2013 10: 21
      Stake a bolt sealed with wire.
    2. PHASE
      PHASE 17 August 2017 08: 12
      To strengthen the metal door and put the lock, the bolt is a matter of an hour. The question is who will take the initiative.
  29. j iz sibiri
    j iz sibiri 23 September 2013 18: 24
    probably there will be a crisis of 98
  30. Dante Alighieri
    Dante Alighieri 23 September 2013 18: 41
    It reminded me of the story "The Marauder" by Berkem al Atomi, where the main character on the third floor of his house and the NSV installed the house itself with monks and other explosives surrounded - one fig, when the fur-bearing animal came, nothing helped him ... But to be honest, we are in Siberia, at least in Altai, we always have reserves, and what is not stored at home in the yard in the cellar is definitely there. The economic situation and climatic conditions have tamed us to this for a long time.
  31. saygon66
    saygon66 23 September 2013 19: 38
    - Writing semi-fantastic articles as a way to convey at least some knowledge to people .... This is also an option ... What do we have on the topic of GO and individual survival at the present time? - BILL GRILL! And also? No sensible literature, no educational films, but if you are smart, you have to start with cartoons ... Conversations like "who needs it, he is interested" is a complex of supermen. Let there be at least such articles, m. what is useful in the head and will be deposited.
  32. georg737577
    georg737577 23 September 2013 19: 42
    "- Ideally, you should already have your base far from Moscow ..."

    Here is the main idea ...
  33. Maxim86
    Maxim86 23 September 2013 21: 17
    I carefully read, spread the exile to relatives, friends and acquaintances. That's it - went to the store.
  34. Just
    Just 23 September 2013 21: 36
    Quote: Pilat2009
    Quote: Obliterator
    if the authorities take away firearms

    And who will voluntarily give it to her?

    They will come with a group, with OMON, will conduct a search and all cases. If you don’t give it away, you’ll go to the monkey house. After a couple of days, you yourself will issue all the caches with weapons.
    1. optimist
      optimist 23 September 2013 22: 59
      Quote: Simpleton
      They will come with a group, with OMON, will conduct a search and all cases. If you don’t give it away, you’ll go to the monkey house. After a couple of days, you yourself will issue all the caches with weapons.

      I suspect that in case of the arrival of a fur-bearing beast, these kids will think about saving their skins ...
  35. Nike
    Nike 23 September 2013 22: 51
    Quote: Prop
    And nowhere to run. But at home I have two crossbows, two airsoft drives an automatic machine and a machine gun, by the way, airsoft drives, although they shoot with balls, they will knock out the eyes when they hit, they will tear the nose (checked on themselves), airsoft grenades (with fillers) are also not a gift. Even the slingshot toils. Well, and a collection of legal, but very cute and sharp household, skinning and tourist knives. Laser pointers, too. Also the turtle-type protection and knee pads. I'll hold out for about five minutes, one. And if I share more than one, then this is already something. And if the yard, districts, etc.?
    These are all children's toys. Type in YouTube "12-gauge machine gun" that's the thing! 800 rpm, in one cartridge 9pcs 9mm buckshot-sea of ​​lead, and portability!
  36. optimist
    optimist 23 September 2013 22: 57
    Article plus. You can certainly argue with certain aspects (primarily with the unification of citizens). Knowing the current relations between the Slavic population, one can be sure with 100% confidence that the old Russian is spoken by a shirt that is closer to the body. laughing But seriously, it is quite possible that the situation described by the author is not so far away. And here it will not be of fundamental importance what it is specifically: external aggression, "Russian revolt, meaningless and merciless" and so on. In my opinion (IMHO), this is another turmoil in the NC, followed by a revolt of Caucasians and Muslims from the former fraternal republics in megacities. Allah alone knows how many there are now. As for me personally, I have already carried out the bulk of the preparations. good There is a house in a remote village with absolutely autonomous provision on the river bank. A significant supply of gasoline, food and medicine. All available funds are stored in a "three-liter jar" so that in the very first MINUTES of the arrival of the fur-bearing animal, buy more food and necessary things on them. Something like that... repeat
    1. Arabist
      Arabist 23 September 2013 23: 00
      May I congratulate you on completing the construction of the paranoid nest?
      1. optimist
        optimist 23 September 2013 23: 27
        Quote: Arabist
        May I congratulate you on completing the construction of the paranoid nest?

        Better to be a living paranoid than a dead fuck .. laughing
  37. Evgeniy-111
    Evgeniy-111 24 September 2013 10: 08
    An article with a continuation of the theme "We must get out of Raska"!
    Only not over the hill, but to the village.
    Each for himself (or for his campaign), let the rest as they want, but do not give a damn about the country!
    On your site, there was such patriotism (all for weapons, let's defend the Motherland!)!
    At least one would write "I will arrange my own and return to defend the city" (for example).
    So you will live in wild, completely free communities!
    1. Hort
      Hort 24 September 2013 12: 35
      in order to protect and restore something, you must first survive and reorganize
    2. Tanysh
      Tanysh April 3 2014 16: 46
      First of all, to preserve your family, so that there is someone to reap on this earth. It is necessary to protect the city, but first provide its own. The weapons of criminals and security guards (who steal during off-hours) will lead to chaos. Only when they are overwhelmed will it be possible to restore order. Example Ukraine has already begun to squabble, it remains to wait, and then to rake everything.
      The article is excellent, you need to know and be prepared for any turns.
  38. Hort
    Hort 24 September 2013 11: 11
    In the initial period of instability, officially registered weapons - hunting and self-defense weapons - will be withdrawn from the population by the Ministry of Internal Affairs. In any case, law enforcement agencies will take all measures to take weapons from the civilian population.
    in such cases, as a rule, already at the first "bells", the weapon is "lost" or "drowned", although of course they will have time to withdraw some of them. Not for long, however. Until the departments of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, guns and rooms with confiscated items are looted.
    In general, if in the case of such a scenario it is stupid to barricade oneself in an apartment or house and wait for something incomprehensible, then in the end you will only wait for a gang or looters who decided to look at you in search of any values. IMHO in these situations - closer to the forest to get over
  39. Hort
    Hort 24 September 2013 11: 29
    Accordingly, you need to have a clear algorithm of what to do and where to go. You need to have one main option for evacuation and two spare ones. Everything, as in special forces. The main route of movement and one or two backup. Suppose we live in a city, wait a week or two.
    There is only one algorithm - do not wait for any week, but immediately dump out of the city (if there is where), taking with you the necessary supplies and weapons.
  40. Volga Cossack
    Volga Cossack April 5 2016 12: 56
    very nice article! Thanks!
  41. Leysur
    Leysur 30 July 2016 01: 17
    The article is good, but the military wrote right away, but in the army everything is somewhat different than in life. It was all already in the 90s, and hunger and looting and mass poverty and survival ... survived. First of all, starving children become looters, it is easier for them to rebuild their brains, while children steal adults learn to catch crows and rats. Yes, a lot of things can actually be eaten, and it is not necessary to eat every day, every other day. You need to drink regularly. You begin to lose weight after about six months of intensified hunger strike. and by that time spring comes and you can dig out the lawn and plant something or just eat some fresh grass. Grass will always be, in any chaos, it will rise and there will be a lot of it. Not everything is so gloomy in fact. Problems in your head gentlemen, you are used to eating too often. And when hunger comes you will be surprised to realize that
    1. PHASE
      PHASE 17 August 2017 08: 25
      Quote: Leysur
      it’s not necessary to eat every day, every other day. You need to drink regularly. You begin to lose weight after about six months of intensified hunger strike.

      Yeah, you say this to the blockade, wise guy. There, in November-December of 41 years, people began to die, especially young men. Learn a little physiology so that you don’t quack quickly afterwards
  42. Leysur
    Leysur 30 July 2016 02: 02
    A person needs quite a bit of food for life!
    Water can be collected by condensate, you just lay the polyethylene on the balcony, on the grass, you can always go to the river, you can drink the same from puddles, especially on an empty stomach, there appears an acid barrier and all microbes die. In general, water can be chlorinated, a couple of drops of whiteness is enough, limestone can be poured into water, whitewash can be scraped off the ceiling - it contains natural chlorine. A home distiller is easy to make from two buckets and a plastic bag.
    If there is no rubbish - you need to dig a hole and sprinkle rubbish with earth, it is better to burn plastic directly in the hole, the paper will rot.
    If the sewage system does not work, then instead of the toilet they take a bucket - they add whiteness there and no epidemics are scary for you. We dig a cesspool in the yard, we pour everything there, in the fall we fill it with grass, and in the spring - finished fertilizer, we throw it on the lawn and plant what we want.
    Did everyone forget how they survived in the chaos of the 90s? How did you not get paid for several years and ate from the gardens? How did they unite the whole yard and not let outsiders into the house? How everything became a weapon ... Short, you have the memory of gentlemen ...

    1. Victor Demchenko
      Victor Demchenko 2 March 2017 18: 24
      so since then we gave back the trunks, hoping that: the TAPERICHA POWER will protect it! .... fellow
      but in kind: am
      to shoot them, entu power, their mother! ... am
    2. sorge
      sorge 28 June 2017 00: 59
      I live in the private sector, we have two legal trunks and I’ve gotten over the entire 20000 village. I don’t know what illegal situations are like, but they have a lot of sniffing with law-abiding citizens
  43. den-protector
    den-protector 19 November 2016 18: 08
    The danger of a social explosion is growing at the present time, especially against the background of clumsy attempts by certain forces to "rally" the population into a kind of community called the "Russian nation" and persistent rehabilitation of the white movement, legalization of glaring social inequality and stratification. The impression is that this is done deliberately in order to undermine society. So it is not far before the revolution, civil war or riots. Therefore, the recommendations in this article are more relevant than ever. Thanks to the author. True, at the expense of neighborly mutual assistance or some kind of joint organization of neighbors during the period of anarchy, I also have great doubts. This is when it is very tight. First, the people will look closely at events and at each other.
  44. Mwg
    Mwg 21 November 2016 17: 50
    After reading the article I was in a stupor for some time. Since such a topic was raised in VO, is there really something in the air? Or did I just have such an opinion?
    After reading the comments, I realized how many people in VO read post-apocalyptic fiction))). Only this will not help. If anything, the one who survives will survive, and not the one who will be preparing for the scribe. For in survival there is an element of luck in a significant amount. It is necessary to be prepared, of course, but without fanaticism, for reserves of 90 kg. for one family member can become a brake when it would be necessary to run. But in general, the author is right. Saving the drowning is the work of the drowning themselves))) Peaceful skies to us and our children!
  45. Rostislav
    Rostislav 22 November 2016 13: 16
    And with whose filing did the people begin to scare the coming chaos?
    Is it that Trump suddenly became so bloodthirsty against the background of obama?
    Why did you mention Trump? Who else besides mattress covers will be able to organize and finance the next color "revolution"?
  46. dedvladimir
    dedvladimir 22 November 2016 14: 08
    .Right, ".. in any case, the metropolis turns into a death zone ..." In order to turn life in the city into a complete blood pressure, it is enough to disconnect it for a month from gas and electricity, which is not difficult for attackers and adversaries. Therefore, in order for citizens to know where to evacuate from the city, it is necessary to force officials to provide each family with an adequate plot of land for free - the “basis of life and activity”, which is not a problem with a “break through” of the land. The problem is with officials, who at the “crucial moment” are obliged to fulfill their functions to the end, and not run away, like rats from a ship, into their shelters.
    In RUSSIA, taught by bitter experience, the above events are unlikely to occur. First of all, one should pay attention to the statement: “... We will erase Russia and its vassals from the face of the Earth. Not only from the political map of the world, but also in general .... "That Hillary Clinton said, speaking to voters in the city of Cedar Rapids.
    How to react to such a statement and the foregoing is described in more detail, including in the articles “BE OR NOT BE - LIVE OR NOT LIVE” and “THE EARTH WILL SAVE THE PEOPLE ...”, which is written on the website by “Grandfather Vladimir”.
  47. polkovnik manuch
    polkovnik manuch April 30 2017 20: 04
    I’ll hold on to the approach of the federal troops!
    1. sorge
      sorge 28 June 2017 00: 55
      I just doubt that the troops will come to defend you, as I already wrote all the forces will be directed towards protecting strategic objects and power
  48. skobars
    skobars 7 May 2017 16: 58
    Normal article. Happen that the first to die out large cities. The greatest chance to survive precisely by the availability of products will be among the population in rural areas.
    1. Vvol
      Vvol 8 January 2018 19: 40
      The trouble is that in the event of a complete collapse of power (the “post-apocalyptic” situation, described with such taste in thematic forums and novels / novels / stories of a certain genre), a small community in the same “saving village” will be doomed to waves of raids by gangs of marauders. .. Only a large consolidated community can withstand the pressure of many gangs. But for large gangs that have turned into new “specific princes” and switched from robbing the weak to a more “peaceful” collection of tribute from the “filed”, it will be easier to negotiate with such a community. That is, it’s optimal when in some small city, instead of chaos, a certain power reigns - and this town takes the neighboring villages under its “sovereign hand” ... And long-term “survival” alone or by small communities - this is so, romance. Well, this is so, in theory - in the theory of "post-apocalypse." The network should be a "survival" article on the topic - "Surviving will be cities." That's what it is called.
      And as applied to reality, what is true is true - your garden has always been the “breadwinner” and “savior” for our people in all times of crisis. The garden itself. Up to the moment of terrible drought or early frosts (brrr! belay crying I remembered the "Great Famine" right before the Time of Troubles ...) - or for now exactly in your village someone "food detachment" didn’t come. recourse
  49. sorge
    sorge 28 June 2017 00: 51
    yes, only barricades alone will not help criminal circles have grenades as it seems to me and other lethal means and weapons are taken away not for deterrence but to protect the authorities, as they are afraid that these weapons will turn against this government and the people simply work hard at the state to spit their skin and property to save the conclusion, without lawlessness, not many of the main criminals will survive military power structures and those in power who will first and foremost all forces will be thrown to protect the oligarchs and their retinue
  50. Georgy Sviridov_2
    Georgy Sviridov_2 10 July 2017 16: 30
    It is written a lot and supposedly clever. But in fact ... "The authorities will seize civilian weapons," but at the same time, "The authorities will not be able to provide order, heating, electricity." Tse is nonsense. Even in Ukraine there was a coup, Maidan, chaos, civil war - but there is light, warmth even with interruptions, but there is. You just need to decide - or there is no power at all, no, which in itself is unlikely, since in any emergency the power automatically passes into the hands of the security forces. But if suddenly, a civil war broke out, where there are settlements that are not controlled by anyone (there are no other options that I can’t even imagine any), then there’s no one to seize weapons, there is no government and there’s no one to order them to be seized.
    In general, an article from the category of science fiction, such as a real situation, but too unrealistic assumptions.
    But in fact, even during the war, even during the civil war, even during the occupation, the authorities and utilities remain, intermittently, but not with the quality and volume that I would like, but they work. Why the author decided that they suddenly stop working at once is not clear, especially in large cities - there all systems are many times duplicated and have a significant margin of safety in case of emergencies. The lack of light, gas, medicine, food (at least for money, even on cards) is just the trouble of small settlements, in large cities, even with the fall of state power, the capabilities of local authorities in large cities are sufficient to support life.
    In this regard, it makes sense to run out of town only if you have your own Fort Knox, with annual food, fuel and the possibility of protecting it. But even in this case, the chances of getting into trouble in a huge stream of panic-stricken people who want to leave the city are much higher than in the apartment. Yes, again, in small towns, where everyone knows each other, looters can come to a prosperous person. In a large city where no one knows anything about anyone, the abandoned apartments will be looted sooner than those where there are people who are ready to defend them ...
    About how men with a pitchfork will come out against a criminal element if such people come to the “cooperative village” it’s all nonsense ... Nobody will go to such a village without weapons, and a couple of people with carbines can easily shoot all these men with a pitchfork. Conquistadors were thousands of times smaller than the warriors in the vast empires of the Acetecs and Mayans, and the Spanish and Portuguese muskets can not be compared with modern, even civilian trunks, not to mention the fact that crime may not have civilian weapons. From this we can conclude that such a society makes sense only either with a significant power element or when located very far from civilization - so that no one would even come to them. In any case, for the vast majority of citizens this is not feasible and unacceptable. As a result, the entire article is nonsense, related to reality, which is very, very distant.
    1. Exmuser
      Exmuser 23 September 2017 17: 41
      Yes, that’s right, the bandits have grenade launchers, machine guns, and RPOs (after the shot of which there is dead silence). But, regarding the creation (restoration) of communities of 100 people, I agree with the author. The KGB general already wrote that organized crime groups, at the moment, have turned into clans-corporations of a complete structure (Security Council, business, land, etc.). And they are crowding into the South. Fed. Okr. and in other places of unorganized small landowners (Kushchevka, shooting farmers, raider land grabs)