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What does the dismemberment of Russia promise the world?

What does the dismemberment of Russia promise the world?

1. Speaking about Russia to foreigners, every faithful Russian patriot should explain to them that Russia is not an accidental heap of territories and tribes and not an artificially harmonious “mechanism” of “regions”, but a living, historically grown and culturally justified organism that cannot be arbitrarily divided. This organism is a geographical unity, parts of which are connected by economic mutual food; this organism is a spiritual, linguistic, and cultural unity, which historically connected the Russian people with their younger national brothers — spiritual mutual nourishment; he is a state and strategic unity, which has proved to the world its will and its ability to self-defense; it is a real stronghold of the European-Asian, and therefore universal, peace and balance. His dismemberment would have been unprecedented even in stories political adventure, the disastrous consequences of which mankind would have suffered for long times.

The dismemberment of the organism into its components has not given anywhere and will never give either a healing, or creative balance, or peace. On the contrary, it has always been and will be a painful decay, a process of decomposition, fermentation, decay and general infection. And in our era, the whole universe will be drawn into this process. The territory of Russia is boiling with endless strife, clashes and civil wars, which will constantly grow into global clashes. This development will be absolutely inevitable due to the fact that the powers of the whole world (European, Asian and American) will invest their money, their trade interests and their strategic calculations in the newly emerging small states; they will compete with each other, achieve dominance and "strong points"; moreover, the imperialist neighbors will perform, who will attempt to directly or hiddenly “annex” unsettled and unprotected neoplasms (Germany will move to Ukraine and the Baltic States, England will encroach on the Caucasus and Central Asia, Japan on the Far Eastern shores, etc.). Russia will turn into giant “Balkans”, into an eternal source of wars, into a great breeding ground of unrest. It will become a world wanderer, into which social and moral scum of all countries will be infused (“infiltrators”, “invaders”, “agitators”, “scouts”, revolutionary speculators and “missionaries”), all criminal, political and confessional adventurers of the universe. A dismembered Russia will become an incurable ulcer of the world.

2. Let us establish right away that the dismemberment of Russia being prepared by the international backstage does not have the slightest basis, no spiritual or real political considerations, apart from revolutionary demagogy, absurd fear of a united Russia and old hostility to the Russian monarchy and to Eastern Orthodoxy. We know that Western nations do not understand and do not tolerate Russian originality. They experience a single Russian state, like a dam for their commercial, linguistic, and aggressive distribution. They are going to divide the all-inclusive Russian “broom” into twigs, break these twigs one by one and kindle the dying fire of their civilization. They need to dismember Russia in order to carry it through the western equation and unleash and thereby destroy it: a plan of hatred and lust for power.

3. In vain they refer in this case to the great principle of “freedom”: “national freedom” requires de “political independence”. Never and nowhere did the tribal division of nations coincide with the state. The whole story gives vivid and convincing evidence. There have always been small nations and tribes, incapable of statehood. Trace the thousand-year history of the Armenians, a temperamental and culturally original people, but not a state one; and then ask: where are the independent states of the Flemish (4,2 million in Belgium, 1 million in the Netherlands), or Walloons (4 million), why are the Welsh Kimry and Scottish Gels (0,6 million) not sovereign, where the states are croats (3 million .), Slovenes (1,26 million), Slovaks (2,4 million), Vendians (65 thousand), French Basques (170 thousand), Spanish Basques (450 thousand), Gypsies (up to 5 million), Swiss Lodins (45 thousand), Spanish Catalans (6 million), Spanish gallegos (2,2 million), Kurds (over 2 million) and many other Asian, African, Australian and American lehmen?

So, the tribal "seams" of Europe and other continents do not at all coincide with state borders. Many small tribes were saved only in those stories that belonged to more large nations, state and tolerant: to separate these small tribes would mean either to transfer them to new conquerors and thereby permanently damage their original cultural life, or destroy them altogether, spiritually destructive, economically ruinous and stately absurd. Let us recall the history of the ancient Roman empire - this is a multitude of peoples, "included", who received the rights of Roman citizenship, original and protected from barbarians. And the modern British empire? And this is precisely the same cultural reference mission of united Russia.

Neither history nor modern legal consciousness knows such a rule: “how many tribes, so many states”. This is a newly invented, ridiculous and disastrous doctrine; and now it is being advanced precisely in order to dismember United Russia and destroy its original spiritual culture.

Map of the Russian Empire

* * *

4. Further, let them not tell us that the “national minorities” of Russia stood under the yoke of the Russian majority and its sovereigns. This is a foolish and false fantasy. Imperial Russia never denationalized its small peoples, unlike at least the Germans in Western Europe.

Give yourself the trouble to look into the historical map of Europe of the era of Charlemagne and the first Carolingians (768 — 843 in R. X.). You will see that almost from Denmark itself, along the Elbe and beyond the Elbe (the Slavic “Laba”), through Erfurt to Regensburg and along the Danube there were Slavic tribes: Abodrites, Lutichi, Linons, Gevely, Redaria, Ukry, Pomorians, Sorbs and many others . Where are they all? What is left of them? They were conquered, eradicated, or completely denationalized by the Germans. The conqueror's tactics were as follows: after the military victory, the leading stratum of the defeated people was called into the German camp; this aristocracy was cut on the spot; then the beheaded people were subject to compulsory baptism into Catholicism, the dissenters were killed by thousands; the rest were forcibly and meekly Germanized. The "beheading" of the conquered people is the old all-German reception, which was later applied to the Czechs, and nowadays again to the Czechs, Poles and Russians (for which the Bolsheviks were introduced into Russia with their terror).

Have you seen anything similar in the history of Russia? Never anywhere else! How many small tribes Russia received in history, how much it has honored. She singled out, however, the upper layers of the affiliated tribes, but only to include them in her imperial upper layer. Neither by compulsory baptism, nor by extirpation, nor by all-leveling Russification, has she ever engaged. Forced denationalization and communist equalization appeared only under the Bolsheviks.

And here is the proof: the population of Germany, which had swallowed up so many tribes, was brought to the German homogeneity by means of merciless denationalization, and in Russia the general censuses were first established over one hundred, and then up to one hundred and sixty different language tribes; and up to thirty different confessions. And gentlemen dissenters forget that it was Imperial Russia that complied with the tribal composition for the political dismemberment they were embarking upon.

Let us recall at least the history of the German colonists in Russia. Have they been subject to 150 years of denationalization? They moved to the Volga and southern Russia in the second half of the 18th century and later (1765 — 1809) —in the number of 40 — 50 thousands. By the beginning of the 20th century, it was the richest stratum of the Russian peasantry, numbering about 1,2 million. Everyone kept their language, their confessions, their customs. And when, driven by the expropriation of the Bolsheviks to despair, they rushed back to Germany, the Germans heard with amazement in their mouths the primordial - Holstein, Württemberg and other dialects. All reports of forced Russification were refuted and confounded by this.

But political propaganda does not stop in front of a clear lie.

5. Further, it is necessary to establish that the very dismemberment of Russia represents a territorially insoluble task. Imperial Russia did not look at its tribes as firewood to be moved from place to place; she never drove them around the country arbitrarily. Their resettlement in Russia was a matter of history and free settling: it was an irrational process, not reducible to any geographic disengagement; it was a process of colonization, withdrawal, relocation, dispersion, mixing, assimilation, reproduction and extinction. Open the pre-revolutionary ethnographic map of Russia (1900 — 1910), and you will see an extraordinary diversity: our entire territory was dotted with small national “islands”, “branches”, “surroundings”, tribal “bays”, “straits”, “channels” and “ lakes. " Peer at this tribal mix and keep in mind the following reservations: 1) all these color designations are conditional, because no one prevented Georgians from living in Kiev or St. Petersburg, Armenians in Bessarabia or Vladivostok, Latvians in Arkhangelsk or in the Caucasus, Circassians in Estonia, the Great Russians everywhere and td; 2) therefore all these colors on the map do not mean “exceptional”, but only “predominant” tribal population; 3) all these tribes over the past one hundred or two hundred years have entered into blood mixing with each other, and children from mixed marriages have entered into new and new tribal mixing; 4) consider also the gift of the Russian spirit and Russian nature to forcelessly and imperceptibly Russianize people of other blood, which is transmitted in the South Russian saying “father is Turkish, mother is Greek, and I am Russian”; 5) extend this process to the whole of Russian territory - from Araks to Varanger Bay and from St. Petersburg to Yakutsk - and you will understand why the Bolshevik attempt failed in a demonstrative way to divide Russia into “national”.

The Bolsheviks did not succeed in withdrawing each tribe its special territory because all the tribes of Russia are scattered and scattered, mixed in the blood and geographically intermingled with each other.

Politically, each tribe claims, of course, for “its” rivers and canals, for fertile soil, for underground wealth, for convenient pastures, for profitable trade routes and for strategic defensive borders, not to mention the main “array” of its tribe no matter how small this “array” is. And if we digress from small and scattered tribes, such as: Votyaks, Permyaks, Zyrians, Vorguls, Ostyaks, Cheremis, Mordva, Chuvash, Izhora, Talyshins, Kryzians, Dolgans, Chuvans, Aleuts, Varnishes, Tabasarians, Udins, and Others , - and take a look only at the national thick of the Caucasus and Central Asia, then we will see the following.

The resettlement of larger and more significant tribes in Russia is such that every single “state” should give its “minority” to its neighbors and include abundant foreign “minorities” in its membership. This was the case at the beginning of the revolution in Central Asia with Uzbeks, Tajiks, Kirghiz-Kaisaks and Turkmen: here, attempts at political disengagement caused only fierce rivalry, hatred and disobedience. It was the same in the Caucasus. The long-standing national enmity between the Azerbaijani Tatars and Armenians demanded a strict territorial division, and this section turned out to be completely unrealizable: large territorial centers with a mixed population were discovered, and only the presence of Soviet troops prevented mutual slaughter. Similar sick sites were formed during the disengagement of Georgia and Armenia due to the fact that in Tiflis, the main city of Georgia, Armenians made up almost half of the population, and moreover the most prosperous half.

It is clear that the Bolsheviks, who wished to isolate, denationalize and internationalize the Russian tribes under the guise of "national independence," resolved all these tasks with dictatorial arbitrariness, behind which party-Marxist considerations were hidden, and by the power of the Red Army weapons.

Thus, the national-territorial demarcation of nations was a matter of timeless hopelessness.

6. To all this, it must be added that a whole number of Russian tribes still live in a state of spiritual and state-political low culture: among them there are those who are religiously in the most primitive shamanism; the whole "culture" is reduced by many to artisanal crafts; nomadism is far from obsolete; having neither the natural borders of their territory, nor the main cities, nor their written signs, nor their secondary and higher education, nor their national intelligentsia, nor national self-awareness, nor state justice, they (as it was known to the Russian imperial government and how it was confirmed under the Bolsheviks, they are incapable of the most elementary political life, not to mention resolving the complex tasks of legal proceedings, popular representation, technology, diplomacy and strategy. In the hands of the Bolsheviks, they turned out to be political "puppets", put on the "fingers" of the Bolshevik dictatorship: these fingers moved, and the unfortunate "puppets" moved, bowed, obediently shrugged their shoulders and babbling party-Marxist vulgarities. Demagoguery and deception, expropriation and terror, the destruction of religion and life were given for the "national flourishing" of Russian minorities, while in the west there were fools and corrupt reporters who sang about this "liberation of nations."

The inevitable question is: after the separation of these tribes from Russia, who will take possession of them? What foreign power will play them and pull life juices out of them? ..

7. Since then, decades of Bolshevik arbitrariness, hunger and terror have passed. Since then, the hurricane of the Second World War has swept through and the post-war “national cleansing” has been carried out. It’s already the 33 of the year that the Bolsheviks are killing or starving the disobedient segments of the population and throwing people of all Russian tribes and nations into concentration camps, new cities and factories. The Second World War moved the entire western half of European Russia from its place, leading some (“Ukrainians”, German colonists, Jews) east to the Urals and beyond the Urals, and others west as prisoners of “Ostarbeiters” or refugees (including voluntarily in Germany, a whole mass of Kalmyks). The Germans then occupied Russian territory with a population of about 85 millions of people, shot hostages with masses and exterminated about one and a half million Jews. This regime of executions and movements then continued under the Bolsheviks after they regained the territories they had conquered from them. Then massacres began with national minorities: German colonists, Crimean Tatars, Karachais, Chechens and Ingushes must be considered almost ruined, and the massacre continues in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Representatives of the UNRA calculated the number of dead residents of Belarus in 2,2 million, and in Ukraine - in 7 — 9 million. In addition, we reliably know that the retiring population of Ukraine, Belarus and the Baltic states is replenished by people from the central provinces, with other national traditions and burdens.

All this means that the process of extinction, national shuffling and tribal mixing has reached unprecedented proportions in Russia during the revolution. Entire tribes disappeared completely or reduced to nothing; whole provinces and regions will wake up after the revolution with a new composition of the population; whole counties will be desolate. All previous plans and calculations of misters-disagreements will be groundless and untenable. If the Soviet revolution ends with the Third World War, then the tribal and territorial composition of the Russian population will undergo such changes, after which the very idea of ​​national-political dismemberment of Russia may turn out to be a completely non-life chimera, a plan not only traitorous, but simply stupid and impracticable.

8. Nevertheless, we must be prepared for the fact that Russian dissenters will try to conduct their hostile and ridiculous experience even in the post-Bolshevik chaos, fraudulently presenting it as the ultimate triumph of “freedom”, “democracy” and “federalism”: Russian peoples and tribes death, adventurers, thirsty for a political career, the "prosperity", the enemies of Russia for the triumph. We must be prepared for this, firstly, because German propaganda has invested too much money and effort in Ukrainian (and perhaps not only in Ukrainian) separatism; secondly, because the psychosis of imaginary “democracy” and imaginary “federalism” has engulfed a wide circle of post-revolutionary ambitious and careerists; thirdly, because the world backstage, which has decided to dismember Russia, will backtrack from its decision only when its plans fail completely.

* * *

9. And when, after the fall of the Bolsheviks, the world propaganda threw a slogan into All-Russian chaos: “Peoples of the former Russia, dismember!” - two possibilities will open up: or the Russian national dictatorship will arise within Russia, which will take over the reins of government, this the disastrous slogan will lead Russia to unity, cutting off all separatist movements in the country; or such a dictatorship will not work out, and the country will begin an unimaginable chaos of movements, returns, revenge, pogroms, the collapse of transport, unemployment, hunger, cold and powerlessness.

Then Russia will be gripped by anarchy and will present itself with its head to its national, military, political and religious enemies. It will form that whirlpool of pogroms and distemper, that “Malstrom of evil”, which we indicated in paragraph 1; then parts of it will begin to seek salvation in "being about themselves," that is, in dismemberment.

It goes without saying that all our “good people” will want to take advantage of this state of anarchy; all sorts of military interventions will begin under the pretext of “self-defencing”, “reconciliation”, “establishing order”, etc. Let us recall the 1917 — 1919 years when only the lazy did not take a badly lying Russian good; when England sank the Allied-Russian ships under the pretext that they had become “revolutionary dangerous”, and Germany seized Ukraine and reached the Don and Volga. And the “good neighbors” will again start up all types of intervention: diplomatic threat, military occupation, seizure of raw materials, appropriation of “concessions”, plundering of military stocks, single, party and mass bribes, organization of hired separatist gangs (called “national-federal armies ”), the creation of puppet governments, the incitement and deepening of civil wars on the Chinese model. And the new League of Nations will try to establish a “new order” through absentee (Paris, Berlin or Geneva) resolutions aimed at suppressing and dismembering national Russia.

Let us assume for the moment that all these “freedom-loving and democratic” efforts will be temporarily crowned with success and Russia will be dismembered. What will this experience give Russian peoples and neighboring powers?

10. At the most modest calculation, up to twenty separate “states” that have neither indisputable territory, nor authoritative governments, nor laws, nor a court, nor armies, nor undoubtedly a national population. Up to twenty empty titles. But nature does not tolerate emptiness. And in these political pits formed, in these whirlpools of separatist anarchy, human depravity will rush: first, adventurers, trained by the revolution, under new surnames; secondly, the hirelings of the neighboring powers (from the Russian emigration); thirdly, foreign adventurers, condottieri, speculators, and “missionaries” (reread Pushkin’s “Boris Godunov” and Shakespeare’s historical chronicles). All this will be interested in tightening the chaos, in anti-Russian agitation and propaganda, in political and religious corruption.

Slowly, new, fallen or separated states will be formed for decades. Each will lead with each neighboring a long struggle for territory and for the population, which will be tantamount to endless civil wars within Russia.

All the new greedy, cruel and unscrupulous "pseudo-generators" will appear, they will get "subsidies" abroad and start a new massacre. Twenty states will contain 20 ministries (20ґ10, at least 200 ministers), twenty parliaments (20ґ200, at least 4000 parliamentarians), twenty armies, twenty headquarters, twenty military industries, twenty intelligence and counterintelligence, twenty police, twenty customs and restraining systems and twenty internationally scattered diplomatic and consular missions. Twenty frustrated budget and monetary units will require countless foreign currency loans; loans will be given by “powers” ​​under guarantees of a “democratic”, “concessionary”, “commercial and industrial” and “military” kind. In a few years, the new states will turn out to be satellites of the neighboring powers, foreign colonies or "protectorates." The federal inability of the Russian population, known to us from history, and its historically proven impulse to “self-figuring,” will complete the task: no one will remember the federation, and the mutual hardening of Russian neighbors will make them prefer foreign slavery to all-Russian unity.

11. In order to visually imagine Russia in the state of this prolonged madness, it suffices to imagine the fate of the “independence of Ukraine”.

This “state” will have, first of all, to create a new defensive line from Ovruch to Kursk and then through Kharkov to Bakhmut and Mariupol. Accordingly, both Great Russia and the Don Army will have to “bristle” with their front against Ukraine. Both neighboring states will know that Ukraine relies on Germany and is its satellite and that in the event of a new war between Germany and Russia, the German offensive will start from the very beginning from Kursk to Moscow, from Kharkov to Volga and from Bakhmut and Mariupol to the Caucasus. This will be a new strategic situation in which the points of the maximum movement of Germans up to now will be their starting points.

It is not difficult to imagine how Poland, France, England and the United States will react to this new strategic situation; they quickly figure out that recognizing a separatist Ukraine means giving it to the Germans (that is, recognizing the First and Second World Wars as lost!) and supplying them not only with South Russian bread, coal and iron, but also cede them to the Caucasus, the Volga and the Urals.

This may begin the sobering up of Western Europe from the "federal" stupor and from the all-Russian dismemberment.

12. From all this it appears that the plan for the dismemberment of Russia has its limits in the real interests of Russia and of all mankind.

While there are abstract conversations, until political doctrinalists put forward “seductive” slogans, rely on Russian traitors and forget the imperialistic lust of enterprising neighbors; until they consider Russia finished and buried, and therefore defenseless, the task of its dismemberment may seem resolved and easy. But once the great powers realize in their minds the inevitable consequences of this dismemberment, and one day Russia will wake up and speak; then the solution will prove problematic and easy difficult.

Russia, as a prey thrown into plunder, is a quantity that no one will master, at which everyone will quarrel, which will cause incredible and unacceptable dangers to life for all of humanity. The world economy, already unbalanced by the loss of healthy production in Russia, will see itself before fixing this infertility for decades. The world balance, which has already become shaky, more than ever, will prove doomed to new unseen trials. The dismemberment of Russia will not give anything to distant powers and will incredibly strengthen the closest neighbors of the imperialists. It is difficult to come up with a measure that is more profitable for Germany, exactly how the proclamation of the Russian “pseudo-federation”: it would mean “write off” the First World War, the entire interwar period (1918 — 1939) and the entire World War II - and open the path to world hegemony for Germany . Separate Ukraine can only be a “springboard” leading the Germans to world leadership.

It was Germany, taking the old dream of Gustav Adolf, trying to push Russia back to the "Moscow era". At the same time, considering the Russian people as a historical “dung” intended for it, is completely unable to understand that Russia will not die from dismemberment, but will start reproducing the whole course of its history anew: it, as a great “organism,” will again begin to collect its “members ”, Move along the rivers to the seas, to the mountains, to coal, to bread, to oil, to uranium.

The enemies of Russia act frivolously and unwisely, “squirting” the politically insane idea of ​​dismemberment to the Russian tribes. This idea of ​​dismembering the European powers was once advanced at the Versailles Congress (1918). Then it was accepted and implemented. And what? In Europe, a number of small and self-defeating weak states appeared: Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania; multi-earth, but unprotected Poland; strategically hopeless, for everywhere Czechoslovakia is conveniently handled and internally divided; small and disarmed Austria; cut down, offended and weakened Hungary; ridiculously bloated and strategically worthless Romania; and not still extensive, but in a new way offended, dreaming of revenge Germany. Thirty years have passed since then, and when we now look back on the course of events, we involuntarily ask ourselves: maybe Versailles’s politicians wanted to prepare for the militant Germany plentiful and unprotected prey - from Narva to Varna and from Bregenz to Baranovich? After all, they turned the whole European region into a kind of "kindergarten" and left these defenseless "red hats" alone with the hungry and angry wolf ... Were they so naive that they hoped for a French "governess" that would "educate" wolf? Or did they underestimate the vital energy and the proud plans of the Germans? Or did they think that Russia would still save the European equilibrium, because they imagined and assured themselves that the Soviet state was Russia? Whatever the question, it is an absurdity ...

It is difficult now to say what exactly these gentlemen then thought about and did not think about. It is only clear that the dismemberment of Europe prepared by them, concluded between German and Soviet imperialism, was the greatest folly of the twentieth century. Unfortunately, this nonsense has not taught them anything and the recipe for dismemberment has again been extracted from diplomatic portfolios.

But it is instructive for us that European politicians started talking at the same time - about pan-European unification and about All-Russian dismemberment! We have long listened to these voices. As early as the 1920s in Prague, prominent social revolutionaries publicly spilled this idea, avoiding the word “Russia” and replacing it with the descriptive phrase “countries east of the Curzon line”. We then noted this promising and, in essence, treacherous terminology and made the appropriate conclusion: the world behind the scenes buries the united national Russia ...

It is not clever. Not farsighted. Hastily in hatred and hopelessly for ages. Russia is not human dust and not chaos. She is first and foremost a great nation, not wasted its forces and not desperate in his vocation. These people are starving for a free order, for peaceful labor, for property and for national culture. Do not bury him prematurely!

The historic hour will come, it will rise from an imaginary coffin and demand its rights back!
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  1. FC SKIF
    FC SKIF 21 September 2013 08: 00 New
    I did not immediately realize that the article is long-standing. Began to delve into somewhere about the lack of state - the Slovenes and Slovaks. And so a very relevant article to this day.
    1. MG42
      MG42 21 September 2013 08: 09 New
      On the forum, one statement of Bismarck that allegedly belongs to him often flashes, here's another >>
      1. Sakhalininsk
        Sakhalininsk 21 September 2013 08: 21 New
        You can say in other words.
      2. seller trucks
        seller trucks 21 September 2013 10: 37 New
        It’s impossible to predict how Russia will behave, it’s always a mystery, moreover, it’s a puzzle, no, it’s a mystery

        W. Churchill
      3. TS3sta3
        TS3sta3 21 September 2013 18: 06 New
        why "supposedly"?
    2. Ruslan_F38
      Ruslan_F38 21 September 2013 11: 29 New
      Russia is the spiritual center of the world. The dismemberment and disappearance of Russia will lead to moral and moral degradation of the whole world. The time will come for Satan's ideas.
  2. Valery Neonov
    Valery Neonov 21 September 2013 08: 27 New
    Everyone will be happy about the dismemberment of Russia, both Gayrope, the states, China, Japan ..., and the former "allies"; you can list endlessly. It is beneficial for everyone ... hi And this cannot be allowed to the leadership ...
    Zillions - you. We - the darkness and darkness and darkness.
    Try, fight with us!
    Yes, we are Scythians! Yes, Asians - we,
    With slanted and greedy eyes!

    For you - centuries, for us - a single hour.
    We are like obedient slaves
    Holding a shield between two hostile races
    Mongols and Europe!
    Alexander Blok.
    1. Vovka levka
      Vovka levka 21 September 2013 12: 31 New
      Quote: Valery Neonov
      What does the dismemberment of Russia promise the world?

      Big problems for everyone, troubled. And nobody needs it, everyone is afraid of it.
  3. Deniska999
    Deniska999 21 September 2013 08: 30 New
    The dismemberment of Russia - do not wait!
  4. Arkan
    Arkan 21 September 2013 08: 34 New
    Explain to foreigners the basic truths of our history, it is necessary. With a strong Army and Navy, this process will be greatly simplified.
  5. Bosk
    Bosk 21 September 2013 08: 38 New
    If you look through the history of the great powers ... we will see that the principle of "Divide and Conquer" is already outdated, because it seems to me that it is better to be friends with one strong neighbor than to be at enmity with ten weak ones ...
    MIKHAN 21 September 2013 08: 48 New
    Only a geological catastrophe can "dismember" Russia!
  7. tuts
    tuts 21 September 2013 09: 08 New
    1 day of the collapse of Russia The whole world applauds the most advanced democratic people of Russia + mass distribution of Nobel prizes to local kings
    5 years after the collapse: the entry of UN troops into Russia to maintain order, and allot plunder
    25 years after the collapse: the withdrawal of UN troops and the use of biological weapons against terrorist partisans
    50 years after the collapse: World War 3 for the remnants of natural resources on earth
    150 years after the collapse: the last person commits suicide the end of human civilization
    1. Cynic
      Cynic 21 September 2013 18: 24 New
      Quote: tots
      1 day of the collapse of Russia ...

      Mmm, don’t tell me about such an interesting selection of dates and events?
      In any case, it is unlikely that if anything, then everything will be much tougher and faster!
  8. vladkavkaz
    vladkavkaz 21 September 2013 09: 36 New
    Ivan Ilyin, well, it seems to be the case. But there is so much insanity regarding the life of Russia in the form of the USSR. In his hatred of the Bolsheviks, this outstanding mind, prompted, WEST, what needs to be done with the UNION (READ with Russia) and that’s exactly what happened in 90.
    Why now print these his thoughts? Once again, to hammer into the head what, what thought?
    In general, Hitler's admirer, Vanya Ilyin, didn’t convince me of anything, except for disappointment — all those "minds" who suffered in the West ultimately worked against Russia itself.
    And in one row here, Shmelev, Denikin, Ilyin, equally trying to destroy the country.
    1. ivachum
      ivachum 21 September 2013 10: 31 New

      Perhaps you are right, in part, but ...

      "Unfortunately, this stupidity did not teach them anything and the recipe for dismemberment has again been taken out of diplomatic portfolios."

      "Russia is not human dust and not chaos. It is, first of all, a great people who did not squander their strength and did not despair in their vocation. This people is hungry for free order, for peaceful labor, for property and for national culture. Do not bury it prematurely. !

      The historic hour will come, it will rise from an imaginary coffin and demand its rights back!"

      The Third Reich did not lose the war on May 9 (8), 1945. He lost it on June 22, 1941.

      So in 1991, jumping for joy on the ruins of the USSR, the "free world" began to dig its own grave. The collapse of Russia is suicide for Europe, first of all. And it's not about nuclear weapons.
      1. vladkavkaz
        vladkavkaz 22 September 2013 19: 41 New
        ivachum SU
        Partly? Since 1922, Ilyin, in exile, purposefully served and worked for the forces that fought against the UNION, for the very stupid, the UNION, there is something other than Russia, in fact the UNION is HISTORICAL RUSSIA at the zenith of its power. Ilyin worked, undermining her strength? What did everyone come to in the 90s when they began to get from the dusty senses the legacy of all these shm spruce, Denikin, Ilyin?
        The quotes separately by Ilyin are good, the activity is generally bad, since it led to the geopolitical catastrophe of Russia in the 5s.
        The fact that Russia will ultimately take its rightful place in the world, I have no doubt, but kvass-gas-hurray by patriotism, unlike those who are ready to pull out thoughts and words of people from dusty shelves to a large extent, contributing to the belittling of my country, intends to.
        Remember what A. Zinoviev said?
        So those who instructed me the minuses are actually from those who, due to thoughtlessness, inability to compare the consequences of the "victories" of such thinkers, are in fact destructive forces for the country, not for nothing Ilyin, to some extent, the banner of narrow-minded nationalists Those who jumped for joy at 91, continue to jump now, but here's the price of their jumping, the diminution of the remaining from RUSSIA from 90 ...
  9. pensioner
    pensioner 21 September 2013 10: 40 New
    What does the dismemberment of Russia promise the world?
    Yes, even thinking about it is criminal! Do not wait.
  10. Sergey Medvedev
    Sergey Medvedev 21 September 2013 11: 21 New
    The article is old, she is already 63 years old, but still relevant. Especially in light of Ukraine’s accession to the EU. In the very EU, in which Germany purely colonial pressan Cyprus. And not only him.
    1. OPTR
      OPTR 21 September 2013 13: 07 New
      Given the sympathy of I. Ilyin for National Socialism and Fascism, your thoughts about Ukraine are ambiguous.
      You have to be very careful with this author. For some reason, he decided that fascism could exist in a certain civilized form, "with a human face", limiting itself only to promoting communism. Whom would Ilyin support today on the basis of the correctness of the path of fascism? Where is it closer to fascism, in Russia or some other well-known place?
      1. vlad.svargin
        vlad.svargin 22 September 2013 17: 38 New
        Given the sympathy of I. Ilyin for National Socialism and Fascism, your thoughts about Ukraine are ambiguous.
        You must be very careful with this author.

        You are wrong here or perhaps did not understand the meaning of his article on fascism:
        Fascism is a complex phenomenon, many-sided and, historically speaking, far from being outlived. It contains healthy and sick, old and new, state-protective and destructive. Therefore, in assessing it, one needs calmness and justice. But its dangers must be thought through to the end. (And Ilyin "Our Tasks")

        In the initial phase, he pointed out the positive aspects of this phenomenon in eliminating the chaos of destruction and revealed all the shortcomings and inadmissibility of "idoplonic Caesarism":
        Franco and Salazar understood this and are trying to avoid these mistakes. They do not call their regime "fascist". Let's hope that the Russian patriots will think through the mistakes of fascism and National Socialism to the end and will not repeat them.

        And do not forget that he is a RUSSIAN philosopher, whom Russia is not alien to. And being Russian is a state of mind. Therefore, Ilyin wrote that he was most concerned about.
        1. vladkavkaz
          vladkavkaz 22 September 2013 19: 46 New
          The justification of fascism, Nazism, as it were, was presented as a crime, and he and Shmelev, even after the defeat of the Reich, justifying the Reich and his ideas, actually played into the hands of the opponents of Russia.
          THIS is “Franco and Salazar understood this and are trying to avoid these mistakes. They do not call their regime“ fascist. ”Let's hope that Russian patriots will think through the mistakes of fascism and National Socialism to the end and will not repeat them.” THERE IS A DIRECT justification for Fascism. This idea is a fertile ground for narrow-minded Russian nationalists, this is the guarantee of the country's defeat.
          Be RUSSIAN and justify fascism ??? Then hang the icons of Mussolini and Hitler in your corner of the room, if you think that these are something sensible together with Ilyin.
    2. Ascetic
      Ascetic 21 September 2013 22: 17 New
      Quote: Sergei Medvedev
      The article is old, she is already 63 years old, but still relevant. Especially in light of Ukraine’s accession to the EU. In the very EU, in which Germany purely colonial pressan Cyprus. And not only him.

      Here's an older article from another Great Thinker
      F.M.Dostoevsky Diary of a writer. September - December 1877.
      "... according to my inner conviction, the most complete and irresistible - Russia will not, and never have, such haters, envious people, slanderers and even outright enemies, like all these Slavic tribes, as soon as Russia liberates them, audits, and Europe will agree to recognize them as liberated! And let them not object to me, do not dispute, do not shout at me that I am exaggerating and that I am a hater of the Slavs! On the contrary, I love the Slavs very much, but I will not defend myself, because I know that everything will come true exactly as I say, and not at all because of the low, ungrateful, as if, the character of the Slavs, they have a character in this sense, like everyone else, - namely, because such things in the world are different and happen After liberation, they will begin their new life, I repeat, precisely by asking for themselves from Europe, England and Germany, for example, the guarantee and protection of their freedom, and even though Russia will be included in the concert of the European powers, but it is in defense of Russia that they will do this. They will certainly begin with the fact that within themselves, if not outright out loud, they will declare to themselves and convince themselves that they do not owe Russia the slightest gratitude, on the contrary, that they barely escaped the lust for power of Russia at the conclusion of peace by the intervention of a European concert, and not if Europe intervened, so Russia would swallow them immediately, "meaning the expansion of borders and the foundation of the great All-Slavic empire on the enslavement of the Slavs to a greedy, cunning and barbaric Great Russian tribe." Perhaps for a whole century, or even longer, they will constantly tremble for their freedom and fear the lust for power in Russia; they will curry favor with the European states, they will slander Russia, gossip about it and intrigue against it.
      1. Ascetic
        Ascetic 21 September 2013 22: 17 New
        Oh, I'm not talking about individuals: there will be those who will understand what it means, it means that Russia will always mean to them. But these people, especially at the beginning, will appear in such a pitiful minority that they will be subjected to ridicule, hatred and even political persecution. It will be especially pleasant for the liberated Slavs to express and trumpet the whole world that they are educated tribes capable of the highest European culture, while Russia is a barbaric country, gloomy northern colossus, not even of pure Slavic blood, persecutor and hater of European civilization. They, of course, will have, from the very beginning, constitutional governance, parliaments, responsible ministers, speakers, speeches. They will be extremely comforted and delighted. They will be delighted, reading about themselves in Paris and London newspapers telegrams informing the whole world that after a long parliamentary storm the ministry finally fell in (... a country to taste ...) and a new liberal majority was formed and that some Something theirs (... a name to taste ...) finally agreed to accept the portfolio of the President of the Council of Ministers. Russia needs to seriously prepare for the fact that all these liberated Slavs will rush into Europe with rapture, before they lose their identity, they will become infected with European forms, political and social, and thus will have to go through a whole and long period of Europeanism before comprehending anything its Slavic significance and its special Slavic calling in the midst of mankind. Between themselves, these zemstvos will always quarrel, forever envy each other and intrigue against each other. Of course in the moment of any serious disaster, they all will certainly turn to Russia for help. No matter how they hate, gossip and slander Europe, flirting with her and assuring her of love, they will always feel instinctively (of course, in a moment of trouble, and not before) that Europe was a natural enemy of their unity, it will always remain for them, and that if they exist in the world, then, of course, because there is a huge magnet - Russia, which, irresistibly attracting them all to itself, restrains their integrity and unity...."
  11. jamalena
    jamalena 21 September 2013 12: 30 New
    let's better talk about the imminent collapse of SUSH. And then Russia and Russia! Nakarka, damn it, do not dare to even think about it! We will not forgive the second collapse, they will fall apart, amen!
  12. In the reeds
    In the reeds 21 September 2013 12: 38 New
    Quote: MIKHAN
    Only a geological catastrophe can "dismember" Russia!

    Under the name Mongol
    1. Bosk
      Bosk 21 September 2013 14: 33 New
      The Mongols tried it somehow, well, where are they now ...
  13. In the reeds
    In the reeds 21 September 2013 12: 43 New
    Quote: Valery Neon
    Everyone will be happy about the dismemberment of Russia, both Gayrope, the states, China, Japan ..., and the former "allies"; you can list endlessly. It is beneficial for everyone ... hi And this cannot be allowed to the leadership ...
    Zillions - you. We - the darkness and darkness and darkness.
    Try, fight with us!
    Yes, we are Scythians! Yes, Asians - we,
    With slanted and greedy eyes!

    For you - centuries, for us - a single hour.
    We are like obedient slaves
    Holding a shield between two hostile races
    Mongols and Europe!
    Alexander Blok.

    touched strongly but do not change the two-headed to Garynycha
  14. Altona
    Altona 21 September 2013 13: 12 New
    Explanatory article, completely coincides with my thoughts? Where will the newly-formed states draw science, culture? How will they build their defenses? Alas! Many Zionist voices and Vlasov’s shortcomings dare to talk about Russia's place in Europe, when it has long been clear that they don’t expect us, they don’t want and are afraid of us ... Here I am, for example, Komi-Permyak from my mother ... Where will my people go in this case? Only 140-150 thousand people ... Who will deal with it? And so, at least take someone ... The future of the small and other peoples of Russia only with the Russians ...
  15. chushoj
    chushoj 21 September 2013 13: 17 New
    It seems that this article was dug from the blocked and closed site "Ruska Pravda". It was skillfully dug up by craftsmen from Valdai, where Putin said the same thing about the future ideology. These fat and sugary craftsmen by any means want to be close to the ruling party and the feeding trough. They don't care what they say and what they write. When talking with foreigners, in no case tell them your thoughts about the history of Russia and Orthodoxy. Only this will help you distinguish them when speaking. This is your main weapon in modern warfare - discrimination.
  16. knn54
    knn54 21 September 2013 14: 16 New
    - It is only clear that the dismemberment of Europe prepared by them, concluded between German and Soviet imperialism, was the greatest stupidity of the twentieth century.
    However, the strange "Soviet Empire", where ALL "conquered" peoples acquired their OWN writing, national culture, raised their intellectual elite? ...
    - Russia is not human dust and not chaos. It is, first of all, a great people who did not squander their strength and did not despair in their calling. These people were hungry for free, for peaceful work, for property and for national culture. Do not bury him prematurely!
    History knows great nations that have gone into oblivion. Where are the ancient Egyptians now? Those who inhabit the Apennine Peninsula are clearly not Romans ... I am already silent about the Indians (Aztecs, Incas). No one was able to predict the rapid collapse of the USSR and the fall of the Berlin Wall ... All the efforts of our peoples, given by hunger, blood, were then crossed out by Yeltsin, Gorbachev and Co. And that country, about which the author wrote, fell apart.
    Now they want to see Russia as a country that is obediently selling NATIONAL RICHES for green candy wrappers, which would leave geopolitics and have no ambitions of the Great Power.
    Indeed, the revival of the West, according to Brzezinski, should occur through Russia and at its expense. I think ... and get close to a stronger adversary, China.
    The seizure of territory is not required by armed conflict. There are governors and plenipotentiaries who store money abroad, where their real estate and children are trained. In extreme cases, there are creeping hydras of corruption, blat, nepotism, nationalism ... and Wahhabism.
    NOW we need not pathos, but specific actions to cure the society of alcoholism, drug addiction, juvenile justice ... To increase the birth rate, to stimulate the resettlement of residents across a vast territory. To engage in the education of society. Adopt a national state ideology, without which the country has no future.
    PS "A people that depends on the will of one person cannot survive, and does not deserve it." Sheridan.
  17. Enot-poloskun
    Enot-poloskun 21 September 2013 15: 09 New
    Well, the title of the article!

    My opinion: you can’t even think about the dismemberment of Russia, because it does not bode well for the world.
  18. FIRE
    FIRE 21 September 2013 16: 08 New
    “Dad is a Turk, mom is a Greek, and I am a Russian person”

    At first I thought that the article was written by Tina Kandelaki ("Russians, who are you here? Where are you here? Raise your hand! You are not!")

    Enemy Tactics and Strategy: No Ethnicity - No People!
    “We will inspire the Russian people that“ Russian ”is not an ethnic concept, but a cultural and spiritual one. We will inspire everyone that the Russian people call the community of many ethnic groups, and even its core - the Great Russian people - is not monoracial "...

    Ilyin opened up for me from a new perspective ...

    As for the topic of "dismemberment".
    All the events of the past 15 years have clearly shown that the support of power on minorities (whether ethnic, religious or religious) invariably leads to one thing - the collapse of the regime and the abolition of statehood.
    In my opinion, this can be avoided in Russia in the current situation only by betting on ETHNIC and RELIGIOUS most - Russians (Russians are not "by passport", not "by spirit", but by mom and dad). But for this, the head of state must be a RUSSIAN MAN, not a half-breed.
    The Russian Federation should be renamed into the National State of Russians with the return to the passport of the column "nationality" and consolidation in the Constitution of the Russian People, as the state-forming, and the only bearer of power in the Russian state. Ethnic groups non-complementary to the Russians (there are not many of them, but they exist and everyone knows them), should be isolated from the rest of the citizens of Russia (the island of Novaya Zemlya is very useful for this), other ethnic groups receive the same rights as the state-forming people, with the proviso that their representation in government and government and financial structures will be proportional to their number.

    Otherwise, just as the Sunni militants did not save Hussein’s regime in Shiite Iraq, as black African mercenaries didn’t save Gaddafi’s regime in Arab Libya, the Caucasian Mamelukes treated him would not save the current anti-Russian Putin regime. And with them they will drag Russia to the bottom.
  19. amp
    amp 21 September 2013 16: 15 New
    You can’t explain anything to Western donkeys, they all have brainwashed Western propaganda. I often write in English-language forums to practice English. Most of them absolutely do not know anything about Russia and do not want to listen to anything. Many believe that Russia is something like North Korea. There is no point in wasting time explaining something to them.
    1. Ossetian.
      21 September 2013 17: 19 New
      On the whole, you are right, but they need to be explained, pushed and hammered into their brains so that it comes to them and they have learned how to independently build the image of Russia from various information sources. And then they, as I understand it, read and watch only Freemason-Anglo-Saxon information resources. lol
      1. amp
        amp 22 September 2013 12: 11 New
        Pleased with the success of the RT channel. But this is not enough. This is only a news channel, but something more is needed.
        In my opinion, we need an analogue of the star channel. Well, not an analogue of course. If you simply translate the star, no one will watch it in the west. It is necessary that 70 percent of the material was about the West, and the rest about Russia. This will be more than enough to change their views on history. It is on a false history that all their Russophobic propaganda rests. And they will watch. The same RT is the most popular foreign news channel in the United States. He overtakes even the British Air Force.
  20. Ivanovich47
    Ivanovich47 21 September 2013 17: 25 New
    Yes, the Anglo-Saxons prove that Russia is a great and worthy country in world civilization, waste of time. They do not understand our Russian originality, self-identity. From this and fear and hostility to our country, our people. A few words about the "dismemberment of Russia." The very posing of this question is unpleasant to me. No one can dismember Russia. There is no such force on earth! Only if God turns his back on our country and the people go crazy, then such a scenario is possible. But, as they say in one popular cartoon, they go crazy individually, and not collectively, and the Lord loves us. Therefore, we will not talk about what will not happen - the dismemberment of Russia
    1. Ossetian.
      21 September 2013 20: 53 New
      GOD GOD !!!
      I am sure of all 100 that despite the fact that Russia at different times of its existence experiences very vague, difficult, sometimes sometimes inhuman conditions, it exists.
      Russia has been, is and will be at all times.
      KEEP US GOD !!!
  21. kush62
    kush62 21 September 2013 17: 48 New
    What does the dismemberment of Russia promise the world?

    It does not bode well. Horseradish wait !!!
  22. Postovoi
    Postovoi 21 September 2013 17: 52 New
    One collapse of the USSR to the whole world was worth what, we ourselves see how cool everything is (in the sense, dramatically and to what steppe) everything has changed and is still changing, and Russia is the savior of the whole world, just as the USSR used to be a real guarantee of stability throughout the world .
  23. -Max-
    -Max- 21 September 2013 18: 04 New
    What nafig dismemberment?
    The word is in relation to Russia must be forgotten !!!
    And you don’t even need to write articles about it !!!
    Better about the dismemberment of those who fantasize about it !!!
  24. I'm Russian
    I'm Russian 21 September 2013 18: 54 New
    Ilyin peed his articles in a quiet and peaceful Switzerland ...
  25. 1536
    1536 21 September 2013 21: 32 New
    A long-standing article by a humanities scientist is no longer relevant. Today we should not talk about the dismemberment of Russia, but about the seizure of one or another of its territories by foreign states under the slogan of creating a "single world information space" and making the material, natural and human values ​​of our country available to the whole world. The establishment of a tough government in these territories, which will not allow chaos to develop in the entrusted territory and will use the Russian people as human material, and in essence will make people slaves. For this, young people are hammered into their heads that they can be "free" and happy anywhere in the world, and many believe that where they get an iPod, iPad, Twitter and Volkswagen for their use, there it is - their homeland. All this is packed in beautiful candy wrappers, and now the well-known "blogger" repeats from the TV screen, like a spell, that he sees nothing wrong when young people leave Russia to where, in his opinion, it will be better for them. If the majority of young people, for whom, of course, the future, believes in this nonsense, uttered today from the highest tribunes, I think that the country will not have this very future in the next 100 years.
  26. Jogan-xnumx
    Jogan-xnumx 21 September 2013 23: 00 New
    Talking with foreigners about Russia, every faithful Russian patriot should explain to them ...

    And what normal person will generally think about the dismemberment of another state?fool Or, if someone thinks, dreams, thirsts for the dismemberment of Russia, is he able to heed the explanations? request Ohh, how come! DON'T CLIMP DIVIDE - YES DO NOT GET IN THE SNOW !!! angry This is the only possible explanation for foreigners who rolled their lips to dismember Russia! am And for "dessert" to remind about the fate of Hitler and Napoleon, and of all sorts of beaten Fredericks, Naglo-Saxons and other Ottomans ... lol IMHO
    NOBODY EXCEPT US 22 September 2013 00: 09 New
    Based on the author’s logic, I’m not a patriot, because I don’t have the opportunity to talk with foreigners and explain something to them, and where could the author talk with foreigners in the 50s ??? Question to the NKVD ...
  28. poccinin
    poccinin 22 September 2013 00: 44 New
    yes they "ALL" NEED RESOURCES OF RUSSIA. Russian-1% and territory 1,6 of the earth's surface. Siberian taiga. Lake Baikal with fresh water.
  29. itogo
    itogo 22 September 2013 01: 19 New
    An article by Ivan Ilyin interested as a potential prerequisite for a new section of history, it is very important to teach this science to the whole world, a lot would fall into place, and many brains would be sober up. But not in this form. The highly controversial authorial attitude towards many of the above prevails, implacable anti-Bolshevism. Well, the Russian peoples don’t have hatred for the Bolsheviks, and they never will, even whites in exile respected their opponents, with such ideas they need to go somewhere to the outskirts closer to the west, they will understand there, but they won’t understand the Russian soul, and you will be a stranger there, and they don’t care for us at all with their finely calculated life and thirst for tearing a piece of Russia, which is ridiculous for a Russian. The Bolsheviks, of course, did a lot, but there was no one else at the moment of history! Who could save Russia? Attempting to impose a personal attitude on events spoils a potentially excellent article. Classification at a high level, makes you think.
  30. Admiral 013
    Admiral 013 22 September 2013 04: 57 New
    Why go far? The example of the Soviet Union. They took dissidents and put them in cash, but then everyone remembers how it was.
  31. fennekRUS
    fennekRUS 22 September 2013 05: 02 New
    Too many high-sounding phrases, but I agree with the concept.
  32. Letterksi
    Letterksi 22 September 2013 10: 06 New
    Considering that Kalash is being destroyed, tanks are being slaughtered, upgrading of equipment is postponed, MiG-35 is not being purchased by troops, ammunition depots are endlessly burning, RAS is being "reformed", Serdyukov is not imprisoned. Considering that China is conducting exercises to advance at a distance of 2000 km in the snow, Japan demands the Kuril Islands back and builds fifth-generation aircraft, Qatar and Saudi sheikhs declare jihad to Russia, Ukraine turned its strategic gaze to the west. It can be said that the "vultures" in the person of geopolitical partners have already flocked and are waiting for the time to tear up and devour the corpse of Russia. There is not much time left for moral and physical self-preparation. And we still have time to sharpen the pitchfork, because the Kalash won't get it - they will be sent under the press

    P.S. Do you know why Serdyukov is not imprisoned? :))) Because by jailing Serdyukov, half of the ministers and the government, for example Livanov, will have to be jailed. And the top will also lose valuable "personnel" like Serdyukov. Well, who would agree to stand at the head of the industry in order to tear it apart, and then sit down too))) Serdyukov's landing means giving up his own people. If you surrender, then you will sit down or fly off the post. Therefore, Serdyuk will not be imprisoned
    1. amp
      amp 22 September 2013 12: 15 New
      People like you in the Second World War called alarmists. laughing

      MIG 35 enters the troops. Few, but do. This was a message here on fuel. Nobody is going to send ALL Kalash under the press, this is clear to the child.
      In general, I agree with criticism, but why so escalate?
      1. Cynic
        Cynic 22 September 2013 16: 08 New
        Quote: amp
        but why so escalate?

        To the flag of the respected Letterksi pay attention, the content and tonality of his comment may become clearer.
  33. The comment was deleted.
  34. michajlo
    michajlo 23 September 2013 00: 32 New
    Good evening everyone!

    This is the first time I have seen this article, I will re-read it several times. With the general idea of ​​the author, I completely agree! good

    On the contrary, we should strive for our citizens (it is not worth hoping for politicians), so that RUSSIA FASTER annex the former republics of the USSR. On the Baltic states themselves, I think you can wait until they themselves are asked to UNION-2 themselves.

    And all sorts of good intentions in different capitals (Prague, Budapest / dream / Great Hungary, Warsaw / dream / Polish empire), Bonn, Brussels, London, Washington can and should be FASTER to us "send to ***" / well, to hell!

    For fear of the restoration of the USSR-2, many of our “adviser friends” lose their sleep, indigestion occurs.
    So all of us patriots of the USSR can only all of them in a friendly way wish: “Deep vomiting”! And to wish the West heartily in revenge for "treason at the top of the KGB" (70-80s) and packs of "Gorbi and the KGB" and the ensuing collapse of the Department of Internal Affairs / 1989 and our USSR / 1991.
  35. Hort
    Hort 23 September 2013 08: 11 New
    I finished reading to the fairy tale "All neighboring tribes were mixed among themselves, and children from mixed marriages were mixed further" and it became uninteresting to read further. There were mixed marriages, of course. Only in the Russian Empire, since the author started talking about it at the beginning, it was rather an exception. Yes, and in the USSR, it did not receive much distribution.
  36. mithridate
    mithridate 25 September 2013 18: 58 New
    separatism must be crushed, not flirted with or pretended to not exist