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Pavel Astakhov: "Americans cannot cope with raising foster children from Russia"

How work is organized in the USA with children left without parental care, why a third of Russian children adopted by foreigners cannot take root in a foster family and what measures will help the Russian Federation to completely abandon children's homes, the Commissioner for Children's Rights told the Voice of Russia Pavel Astakhov

Pavel Astakhov: "Americans cannot cope with raising foster children from Russia"

Guest in the studio "Voices of Russia" - Pavel Alekseevich Astakhov, authorized by the President of the Russian Federation on the rights of the child.
The interview is conducted by Andrei Ilyashenko.

Ilyaashenko: Hello, dear listeners! In our studio, Pavel Alekseevich Astakhov, authorized by the President of Russia for the rights of the child. We would like to discuss with him the whole range of problems associated with this difficult work.

September 23 in Khanty-Mansiysk will begin its work the next, III Russian-American forum on the protection of childhood. Do we continue the dialogue with the Americans on adoption issues, even despite the rather harsh and tough situation that developed at the end of the past - the beginning of this year?

Astakhov: On the eve of the III Russian-American Forum on Child Protection, which will be held in Khanty-Mansiysk, we just wanted to identify the topics that we will discuss: why it is needed, why this platform was created. This means that our cooperation is expanding, it has become qualitatively new in content.

Previously, all cooperation between Russia and the United States, as well as between the United States and China, Guatemala, and Ethiopia, in the light of the problems of childhood and child protection, was that we were “donors” and supplied children to the American adoption market.

Now our relationship has changed qualitatively. The last representative talks that were held at the US State Department 26-27 June (I led the delegation) proved the following. Previously, America said: they say, you are guilty of giving unruly, sick children, hiding a diagnosis or something else, our parents, they say, did not manage for that very reason.

Ilyaashenko: So there were claims to us?

Astakhov: Yes. And we initially had complaints when the children were returned to us on the plane, when the children died, and the investigations were not conducted properly. All the time we demanded an investigation, responsibility, presentation of evidence, materials. Now all these questions remain, but we have moved to a qualitatively new state.

Ilyaashenko: What is it?

Astakhov: The most important result of these negotiations, which were with all relevant departments, both from our side and from the US. We negotiated, and everyone acknowledges that there has never been such a representative level of negotiations. At the end of June, I headed the delegation at the talks; Foreign Ministry officials and embassy staff were present. On the American side were representatives of all departments of the United States, that is, of the entire government, of all ministries.

We agreed on one indisputable truth: there are no problems purely American and purely Russian with respect to adopted children, although they left Russia and live in America. These are common problems, and we need to solve them together. Not to exchange recriminations, not to demand any actions from each other, but to work together, realizing that they are our common children, they have dual citizenship - Russian and American.

For us, they are citizens of Russia until they come of age, and for Americans, crossing the border, they become citizens of America. We came to this understanding, but for this it was necessary to pass a very difficult path.

Was история Artyom S., when I actually accepted this boy and saw that he was sent here from America with a one-way ticket. Then the question arose about limiting American adoption, the moratorium. It was still 7 April 2010.

My colleague Susan Jacobs, a special adviser to the US State Department bureau on childhood issues, my American counterpart, said at the June talks: "In general, we offer in our consultations not only to be limited to questions of adopted children. Let's talk more broadly." This is exactly what I wanted to say then.

We have other topics: education, treatment, rehabilitation of children, student and cultural exchange, rest. This is a huge number of topics that do not develop due to the fact that we stumbled over the fact that there are problems of transparency, reports, mutual claims. Let's step over them and move on to a qualitatively new job.

For this we have done the following. First, we stopped talking about all possible exceptions to the "Dima Yakovlev law", they are not and can not be. Secondly, we made out the entire list that we were represented with, these were 259 children, whom they demanded to give, which they had allegedly already prepared.

Ilyaashenko: A transition period?

Astakhov: Yes. Of these children, more than half are already in families. I explained the absurdity of the demands by the fact that I cannot even for the sake of the best wishes, the feelings of American parents, respecting their desire to take a Russian child, come to the Russian family and say: you know, there are Americans to whom we, as an exception, give your baby This is absurd. And the Americans agreed. All listings are now considered invalid. Do not deceive their citizens, the law will not be changed. But we need to move on.

Understanding that we are expanding the field of cooperation on children's issues has led us to hold this forum in Khanty-Mansiysk. He is the third, last year he passed in Chicago - the Americans accepted us. The year before last was the first forum, it was held in Buryatia, in Ulan-Ude, on Baikal. The number of American and Russian specialists who participate in this forum is growing from year to year.

By the way, at the talks in June, it turned out that not one of the 30 people sitting in the hall was in any Russian orphanage.

Ilyaashenko: Have you ever been to the American?

Astakhov: I was in an American orphanage for mentally retarded children with disabilities when I was studying in America. I graduated from the University of Pittsburgh. At the end of my street was such a boarding house. I was in other countries. By the way, at the end of October we are going to Finland at the invitation of the Finnish side. This is also a confirmation of a qualitatively new level. After all, how many mutual claims we have with Finland!

IlyaashenkoA: Yes, there were a lot of scandals.

Astakhov: Now we are going to the Finns, they invited me to talk on our topical issues, well-known, although we have won the last two decisions of the Finnish courts, we are returning the children. We will see how to care for disabled children in private Finnish shelters. This is our painful topic.

In June, I invited everyone to come to the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug and see our children's homes, and that’s all. In the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug there are few, about six. We are not ashamed to show them, because they are not worse than American and European.

I myself was in 1087 orphanages in Russia for 3,5 of the year. I mean orphanages, boarding schools, orphanages, psycho-neurological boarding schools, boarding schools - all boarding schools. I have seen the best and worst. I know boarding schools who, after our inspection, closed down, fired the directors, punished the staff.

The problem is that the system itself requires profound reform. We do not need so many of these boarding schools, they are not necessary. The number of parents who are ready to take children is growing. Foster families grow.

We can show what we have achieved in the last four years. In the near future at the RIA site News we will make direct dialogues, video inclusion regions - both good, advanced, and not very good. They will report on how the family unit is going, whether orphanages are being reduced, how children are organized into families.

Representatives of the Ministry of Education and Science, who are directly involved in this issue, public figures will speak. We will represent trends.

Ilyaashenko: Sound statistics, what is the trend?

Astakhov: Every year we close orphanages around 100, even without any programs. We offered a cardinal program "Russia without orphans", according to which we would have abandoned orphanages by 2020. In fact, this will happen because there is an instruction from the president to cut them in half by the year of 2018.

If you look at the trend, each year the approximate increase in the number of adoptive parents, candidates for adoptive parents - 6-7 thousands of people who stand in line. Three years ago there was no lineup. And now at the beginning of the year - 18 thousands of people.

Ilyaashenko: How did you manage to achieve this?

Astakhov: Due to measures taken by the state. We know about presidential decrees. For example, Decree No. 1688 of December 23 of 2012 on measures to backed by having many children, adopted children, orphans. February of this year 26 issued a decree on supporting families with disabled children. These are all measures of presidential (federal) scale. In every region we constantly check. There is a "children's special forces" - the authorized device. We do not give rest, we force to accept regional programs.

When they talk about the "average temperature in the hospital" - supposedly everything is bad in Russia - they forget to say that there is no single federal body that would deal with these issues. Powers from the beginning of the 2000-ies transferred to the level of the subjects of the Russian Federation. Accordingly, the money is transferred there.

It turns out that, for example, in the Moscow region there is an orphanage, in which the maintenance of one child costs 4,5 thousands of euros per month. This is 3 times higher than in Germany. In the poorest regions, for example in the Zabaykalsky Krai, the maintenance of one child in an orphanage costs 20-30 thousand rubles (about a thousand dollars). The question arises: why do we spend such money?

First, in my firm conviction, based on practice and analytics, it is necessary to leave specialized children's institutions, boarding schools. For example, a children's home for children with mental retardation or with damage to the central nervous system, brain, problems of the musculoskeletal system. Children need to be treated, and taught, and educated, they must have rehabilitation.

Secondly, in each region you need to do one or two - depending on the children's population - children's boarding schools, specialized in obtaining a particular profession. For example, the cadet institutions show themselves very well. There are institutions of a closed type where children are re-educated, for example, near Kazan. In fact, this is a cadet corps. Juvenile delinquents and criminals are being re-educated there. Can be made institutions of militarized and specialized types. For example, in Tatarstan, we agreed with Minnikhanov to make a boarding school for gifted children in IT technologies.

What is a boarding school or an orphanage specialized in terms of vocational guidance and future profession? This means that you hire specialists and teachers in this area. There is an additional educational program, out-of-class education on these topics, and a ready-made specialist grows through the 11 years.

There is a wonderful Soviet experience. Everything new is well forgotten old. There is an orphanage, which is now called the "Orphanage of musical art creativity and upbringing" in Yaroslavl, created in 1949 by the decree of Joseph Stalin. Orphans who had musical abilities were gathered from all over the country. A huge number of films have been made about this Soviet orphanage. These are children who attended all party events, performed concerts.

During my work I was there twice and saw how children are raised. What is music education? This is a discipline, harmonious development, organization of a child’s life. Specialized boarding schools have the right to exist.

Of course, social shelters should remain. Where to put the child who was lost, ran away from somewhere, was subjected to ill-treatment, he was removed from the family? It is usually placed in a hospital if it requires treatment, or in such a shelter. Europe has long gone ahead in this matter. Last October, I traveled to Stockholm and studied the experience of local social shelters. In Stockholm shelters (their 3) for the year receives about 1,5 thousands of children - this is quite a lot.

Ilyaashenko: Sweden has always been presented as a very prosperous country, nevertheless the same is there.

Astakhov: Two or three children come to such shelters daily. Children keep a day, for more they are not eligible. In our social shelters, children can live on the 4 year, although by law a child can stay there for up to 6 months, in exceptional cases, up to a year. We have to build a system so that even if not a day, but a month, in two weeks, the child is identified.

The child can not live in a shelter, it destroys it. It grows every day, it needs to learn, develop, and there it “dries up”. Yes, we have quite good shelters and there work rehabilitation and development specialists. But the child does not belong there.

In America, about the same number of orphans and those left without parental care, as in Russia. In Russia, the annual figure is 643 thousands, in the USA 560-570 thousands. Of these, 20 percent is in orphanages (we even have a little less). In the Russian Federation, about 103 thousand are located in orphanages, in America - 104-105.

In the US Department of Health and Human Welfare, I spent almost 4 hours studying this structure (she’s in charge of childcare facilities), but I wasn’t given the exact number of orphanages in America. She is very big. We have more than 3 thousands in various forms of children's institutions - from children's homes to boarding schools and orphanages. I think in the US about the same.

For example, only specialized institutions for the rehabilitation of children, which represent the parent organizations with which we hold the Khanty-Mansiysk Forum (this is the Association of professionals in the protection of affected children), in the US 743 such. This is the institution where the child is victims of violence, no matter where - in the family, on the street, somewhere else. This is a crime victim.

In the United States built this system. The child is placed there for rehabilitation. They have a single interrogation system. We will learn from the United States - for example, we were considered that the child, being a victim of a crime, should be interrogated 12 once during the investigation and trial.

Ilyaashenko: It is very traumatic.

Astakhov: Of course. This is a very serious injury after a crime has been committed. The child must be rehabilitated, and it is returned again and again to those events.

The Americans ensured that this was an interrogation at once - as soon as it turned out that a crime had been committed. Everything is fixed, and specialists work with the child for rehabilitation and recovery. We will study this experience.

On the other hand, we will share our experience, for example, on the creation of foster family schools and foster family escort services. Today, America is in a disadvantaged position. The last story, which was revealed by Reuters journalists and published data on the network of exchange and transfer of adopted foreign children from family to family for re-adoption (there is even an exchange, almost trade), is being studied and investigated.

We trust our American colleagues, because they themselves are outraged by this, are concerned. But such a system existed. A huge number of adoptive parents, who were unable or simply did not want to raise these children, were mistaken, thoughtlessly reacted, "fused" children through contacts in social networks.

Ilyaashenko: Including those children who have been adopted from abroad?

Astakhov: It is foreign, including Russian children. Reliably today revealed 26 children. This is only from the investigation of Reuters journalists.

About the fact that such a system can exist, I spoke at the end of 2010, when it turned out that unwanted children are sent to a famous ranch in Montana, where we still got into 2012, and where we were not allowed in this. Hearings are already under way in the Supreme Court of Montana.

Why did I conclude that there is such a scheme? The owner of this ranch said: "Parents and adoptive parents often turn to me because they cannot cope with adopted children, I help them, re-educate children." We looked at the documents, we have all the reports, starting with 2001, on the number of children, who they are, where they came from and where they left off.

When you look at the column "dropped out" and see that it says "another adoptive family", "psychiatric clinic", "juvenile prison" or "special program", you understand that some children do not return to the families from which they were sent, but they were handed over there in order to re-re-create them.

I met with the local sheriff and the prosecutor, who said: not only does the ranch exist - the so-called broker, a wholesaler who delivers children, brings the children here. These are people who know all adoptive parents. They come and say: "Do you have problems with foster children? Let me help you get rid of them, give them to another family. You will pay me a little bit for this."

Why does this system exist? America is a strict state in terms of the implementation of all laws, regulations and requirements for law-abiding. There everything is very clearly and strictly regulated.

According to statistics, about a third of children adopted abroad do not take root in American families for various reasons. Imagine, 20 of thousands of children in the United States now do not live in the families that took them from Russia. One third of the children are being rescheduled, included in other families.

You can refuse a child in the USA, as in Russia (this legal procedure). Of course, we must think that if the child is ill, let him go to another family.

But if the child was adopted, the former parents should pay him alimony. And if this is a disabled child or a child with serious illnesses, you will pay him for child support for life. And if these are states such as Texas or California, you will pay your adopted child a lot of money in the form of alimony - half of your earnings. Therefore, they are looking for other schemes.

There are "brokers". People solve a problem, they don’t refuse a child - for example, they took a child to a ranch, pay 3-4 thousands of dollars a month for keeping a child at a ranch. But they do not pay child support, which will be much more. This is one story.

We explain to the Americans that they, having opened such a network, faced the fact that, even though there are child protection services, they are tightly controlled, they are at the level of municipalities and at the state level. There is no structure above. And in the US there is not a single system, no database, no methodological support, no unified control. State Department is trying to do it.

We understand that it is very difficult. We are grateful that the State Department, at least as a federal agency, took it upon itself, although this is not an inherent function. But while the United States can not solve this problem.

We are solving it, although we have a lot of problems and there was an extremely neglected situation. But over the past three years, we have achieved the fact that there was an order from the president and a government decree on the creation of foster parents training services. Today in every region there is a school of adoptive parents. There are regions where there is such a school at every children's institution. We have requirements for the training of adoptive parents, a mandatory course - 80 hours, which they should listen. There are tests, references, a set of documents that they must submit. Only after that parents are selected, and only then they will follow the child.

The second element of this system is the service of adoptive families. We are creating such a service on the basis of closing orphanages so as not to lose specialists who often protest against the closure of the orphanage - in the orphanage for one child there are more than two adults. It turns out that it is easier to arrange a child in a family than to employ these two adults.

We offer a vacated orphanage, when all children have been dismantled into families, to repurpose and transform into a family help center, a center for training and accompanying foster families. All these specialists are already working with foster families. There is an escort center in Moscow, 19 specialists work there, they lead 175 families. These 175 families bring up around 500 children.

This is an example of how to effectively spend public money and properly allocate resources, manpower and money. Specialists are in their place, they work with each foster family, there has not been a single refusal for this center over the past five years, there is no return of children.

Ilyaashenko: You said that a third of children abroad do not survive. In this case, the question arises: how to approach the foreign adoption in the future? What state and legal policy will be carried out?

Astakhov: If we talk about legal policy, let's rely on the laws that we have passed and are obliged to comply. Laws have been passed that limit international adoption, in particular, a withdrawal from the agreement with the United States. Until 1 January 2014, it is valid for reporting and monitoring. But with 1 January 2014, it completely loses its power.

Also, a number of changes were made to the Family Code; they were adopted by the State Duma at the last spring session and are associated with the prohibition of adoption by single citizens of countries that officially recognized same-sex marriages. In this regard, it required a special explanation to the courts, because the adoption is carried out by a court decision at the level of the cassation instance. That is, these are regional and republican courts, city courts in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

It took clarification. The President appealed to the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, and an explanation was given, which was secured by the Presidium of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation 29 August 2013. It comes down to what the courts explain and orients - how to correctly apply the laws that have been approved in the last six months.

The explanation is as follows. You can not give up children for adoption in the state, which recognize same-sex marriages, if a lonely unmarried citizen comes out with such a statement; if the state whose citizen is going to court for adoption has not provided guarantees that the child cannot be reinstated to the same-sex family; if this state does not submit an agreement with the Russian Federation.

Today, only one state falls under all these criteria - Italy. In fact, today the courts of the Russian Federation will satisfy only Italian citizens. Even France, with whom we have an agreement, did not provide guarantees that children could not be re-admitted to other families and that this would not be a same-sex family in France. This is a confirmation of what I said back in April 2010 of the year - we need to move away from international adoption.

This has never happened in Russia, even 20 years ago, but until recently it has become almost the norm. For example, a high-level regional official responsible for this sphere told me: they say, you canceled a foreign adoption, the Americans will not come to us, where to put orphans? I answered: you are signing in complete inability to take your place. I was with the inspectorate in the Jewish Autonomous Region, in reports for the past years, foreign adoption was five times higher than the domestic one in this region at the beginning of 2011.

As for the current reduction of orphanages, in Tyumen there were 30, now - 11, and another reduction. In Kaluga, there are two orphanages left. In the Nizhny Novgorod and Vladimir regions there are cities in which all orphanages have been closed. All children in families - the bet is placed on the foster, substitute, family.

Sergei Semyonovich Sobyanin decided to retransmit, reform the experience of Tyumen and apply it in Moscow. We had a serious test, for more than a month we checked all the children's institutions in Moscow. According to its results, we derived the following formula. For example, a standard orphanage on 100 children. It employs approximately 220-250 people attendants, educators, leaders. The bureaucratic structure has grown, which kills a child with an incomprehensible result before he turns 18.

The Mayor of Moscow suggested the following: on 100 children - not a children's home, where 200 with more than working adults, but the same building, only 20 apartments for 5 children. And in each apartment - professional adoptive parents, who are selected at the competition and pay a large salary.

For example, in the Khabarovsk Territory, the director of an orphanage receives an average of 70-100 thousand rubles. How to refuse such a place? Sobyanin said: let's make two similar orphanages, we will give five children to each family, we will pay a good salary. There must be children with disabilities. This is the most problematic category in terms of the device in the family. It is clear that these children do not want to take.

When we compare the foreign and Russian arrangement of children in a family, the myth is imposed on us that foreigners take only sick children. It is not true. Even in the peak years of American adoption, when thousands of Russian children were taken out to 15 per year, more than 5,6 percent of disabled children were not taken by Americans, that is, on average 5 percent. In some years, the percentage was 4,2-4,8.

When there was a dispute over “the law of Dima Yakovlev,” there were all kinds of speculations. But if we study the figures of the Russian placement of children in foster families, we will see that they are not comparable. For 2011, the year was taken for foreign adoption of 176 disabled children. Of these, 89 is to America. In Russia in the same year 1175 disabled children were arranged in families. Feel the difference? In Russia, 9 was adopted in times more children with disabilities.

Adoptive parents on a professional basis take a disabled child and up to five children. They are paid a monthly salary until the youngest child reaches the age of majority, after which parents have the right to get an apartment to own. There is an incentive - both are financially secured, and employed, and the experience goes. I think this system will take root and work.

There is another interesting economic effect. When they sat down and counted, it turned out that this system was three times cheaper (even taking into account the transfer of the apartment) than to maintain an orphanage for 100 children. This is the question of "poor" regions. They usually say there: they say our parents cannot take children. It is necessary to reform the system, and when professional parents take care of the children, you will select them at the competition, you will have a queue of adults.

More than 30 years ago, SOS children's villages appeared (this is a German invention). They settled down in Russia. Today they are in Vologda, Pskov, Moscow region (Tomilino). There are family houses, a cottage for a family. Professional parents who are selected at the competition, a large salary. From the leadership in Tomilino, if I am not mistaken, there are only 5-6 people on 100 with more than children who live in the village.

There is a private charity foundation "Klyuch" in the Leningrad Region, headed by Gennady Timchenko. The foundation contains 20 of such houses. This is exactly the same village as SOS-village. Now 19 families live there, one vacant house, from 5 to 11 children in each family. The effect is several times higher. Now this experience is adopted by the Moscow region. In July, with Andrei Yurevich Vorobyov, we founded a social village. Money was given by the LUKOIL fund, more precisely, Leonid Fedun personally.

Such projects can close several orphanages, free up funds and even save money. If this were done purposefully throughout Russia, there would be a completely different picture with orphans.

Ilyaashenko: The State Duma ratified the Council of Europe Convention on the Protection of Children against Sexual Exploitation and Sexual Abuse. The topic is also heard, it is relevant and relevant. What is this convention and what are the consequences of the fact that Russia joined it?

Astakhov: There were debates on the subject of ratification of this convention, both professional and public. The public was agitated by the fact that the convention saw a threat to the family, morality of children. Allegedly, one of the articles prescribed, in their opinion, the compulsory sex education of children from a very young age, the introduction of such subjects in school. I want to reassure parents: there is no such requirement.

This article says that it is necessary to prepare adults to observe (first of all, professionals working in the field of education, training, education, health care, recreation for children, children's sports) the rights of the child and in no way impinge on the sexual integrity of the child. . Unfortunately, we have this problem.

In addition, people previously convicted, found guilty of committing such acts against children are not allowed to work with children. We have already done this. It is just about first of all preparing people who work with children, to educate them, and not children.

But many hot heads are beginning to interpret this convention as a necessity and our international obligations on the so-called sexual education of children. We have a negative experience with this kind of enlightenment. This issue was first raised in 1994 after the International Conference on Population and Development in Cairo, hosted by the United Nations Population Fund.

At that time, part of the international community believed that Russia was a third world country in terms of population. It was believed that poor countries that cannot feed their population need an international instrument to be restricted in their birth, in reproduction of the population.

Russia fell under these criteria, because at that time our population was not very rich, the standard of living was low. Then there were a lot of street children. In 1997, under pressure from the UN, the foundation, all these associations, federations, the Ministry of Education adopted a program called the “Sex Education Concept for Russian Schoolchildren”. Huge money was allocated for this program. With a small budget and external debt, 240 million rubles were allocated. And the United Nations Population Fund gave 745 thousands of dollars to this program, that is, about 10 times less.

Schools began to introduce sex education. But the purpose of this program is to limit reproduction. Then for the first time lessons appeared when children were almost taught to use contraceptives. It was absolutely a flawed program, and in 1999, it was minimized.

The Prosecutor General’s Office of the Russian Federation then sent a presentation to the Minister of General Professional Education of the Russian Federation. It was noted that these programs of sexual education destroy, corrupt the child. Then mass violations were revealed.

We hear echoes of similar programs now. At the beginning of the 2000-ies in Udmurtia, Krasnodar Territory, Arkhangelsk, Yaroslavl regions such programs were conducted at the level of public human rights non-governmental organizations, usually with foreign capital. Even over the past year, a huge amount of literature with no age limit has been seized in the Sverdlovsk region.

I repeat once again that the essence of the new convention is to counteract sexual depravity, the sexual exploitation of children, and not to teach children from an early age to have sex.

I immediately addressed all the governors with the appropriate letters in order not to repeat the 1990's experience. We forget that the law of the Russian Federation on the fundamental rights and guarantees of a child, the Family Code says that only a parent determines how to raise a child and no such program can be presented to children without parental permission.

This is a legal restriction. But there is also a warning that the convention is not misinterpreted. The Ministry of Education and Science acknowledged that the draft program of sex education for schoolchildren did not meet the needs and requirements of Russian society in the field of improving the health of children, adolescents and moral education of the younger generation, therefore such programs have been completely curtailed.

In Western countries, there is the concept of "education abstinence." Since 1998, America has spent 50 million dollars annually on such a federal program. This program, which fosters chastity, morality, commitment to family values, respect for the other sex, abstinence until the age of majority, explains why it should be done: to create a strong family so that the family is happy so that children are born. Early sex life will inevitably lead to diseases, impaired reproductive health, early abortions, orphanhood.

In America, if a child is born from minors, it is automatically taken by the state. Today, the United States and Western Europe are raising the younger generation in the spirit of abstinence to adulthood.

Ilyashenko: What would be your ideal result? What should strive for?

Astakhov: I do not separate my activities from the activities of our state and society. Many questions about which I spoke are in the sphere of competence of the government, the ministry of education, some part in the sphere of public activity. In many ways, society is responsible for problems in the field of child and family distress.

It is clear that you can draw an ideal goal and result, when there will not be a single suffering child, when all children will be in families with loving parents, that these will be happy families, but this is utopia. Although, if I had not set such a goal, probably my optimism would have dried up long ago. I see a lot of children's misfortunes, grief, trouble.

I believe that the intermediate result of activities should be considered that we have broken the main negative trends. This is obvious even to skeptics. My friends are increasingly turning to me because they want to adopt a child. They are from Bryansk, went to the Bryansk region. Up to three years there were no children for adoption, it is necessary to stand in a queue. Let's go to the Kaluga region - no children under three years old, also need to stand in a queue.

And 10 years ago it was impossible to imagine that there would be no children for adoption, would there be a queue of parents? I think that this is already quite a serious result of our activity, and not only mine. But in the future, we still need to strive to ensure that no child suffers, that all families are happy, complete and prosperous.
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  1. experienced
    experienced 20 September 2013 15: 20
    Is it really impossible to stop this "business" on children? How many more must die a terrible death? We give irrecoverable loans to the Papuans and save on orphans and homeless children as after the Civil War, only then all this was quickly put in order, and now the end of the region is not visible.
    There are many initiatives, it turns out to be economically profitable to organize "families" with additional payment, but "things are still there".
    1. GreatRussia
      GreatRussia 20 September 2013 15: 46
      Quote: seasoned
      Is it really impossible to stop this "business" on children?

      The law prohibiting the placement of Russian children into same-sex families has reduced international adoption to a minimum. To restore it, the "adoptive" state needs to conclude a new agreement. So far, only Italy and France have such an agreement.

      According to the head of the State Duma Committee on Family Affairs Elena Mizulina, even a bilateral agreement with Italy and France does not guarantee one hundred percent protection of the rights and interests of the child (such an agreement provides for strict control over the life of adopted Russian orphans abroad). Therefore, the parliamentarian proposes new measures to prevent orphans from getting into same-sex families.

      According to the agreement, the central authority of the host state (in this case France and Italy) is obliged to notify the central authority of the state of origin (Russia) about the transfer of the child to another family for adoption. Moreover, a decision cannot be made if Russia does not familiarize themselves with the information about new candidates and does not give consent to adoption (this happens if the child retains Russian citizenship).

      Under current legislation, foreign adoptive parents can jointly submit an application and actually deprive the child of Russian citizenship. This means that some provisions of the agreement will no longer apply to the child, since he will cease to be a citizen of the Russian Federation. "And if such a child is adopted into a same-sex family, then the Russian Federation will not be able to influence the fate of such a child," the explanatory note to the bill says.

      Currently, Russian consular offices keep records of minor children adopted by foreigners. If a crime is committed against a child who has lost citizenship of the Russian Federation, then the Russian side may not know about the commission of such a crime.

      More details:
    2. smile
      smile 20 September 2013 16: 16
      You are not quite right, there are positive dynamics, and significant. Why start to be indignant when something began to be done on this painful issue? After all, if the authorities had not started to act, and the marshes displeased with it had not shouted, you would not have known about the scale of the problem, right? The only thing you can be unhappy with is why your hands reached so late and why everything is not done as fast as we would like.
    3. Russ69
      Russ69 20 September 2013 16: 59
      Quote: seasoned
      Is it really impossible to stop this "business" on children? How many more must die a terrible death?

      I agree that adoption by foreigners should be prohibited altogether. But, at the same time create the most favorable conditions here. And to provide normal medical care, for sick and disabled people, followed by rehabilitation, and a job in state institutions.
      1. The comment was deleted.
        1. smile
          smile 20 September 2013 20: 16
          ... dear moderators, please remove trash from the site ... I don’t know if you have the right to do this, but without an advertising flood, the site looks prettier. :)))
    4. Andrey Yuryevich
      Andrey Yuryevich 21 September 2013 04: 58
      that's it ! I got tired of this whining, as if the whole country was selling its children! The same is with the "Finnish" wives! They will leave themselves, and then let's whine: help me my former homeland!
  2. Stiletto
    Stiletto 20 September 2013 15: 23
    And the Yankees were still excited against the adoption law ... It’s not just that our children cannot be transferred - for the transfer of little Russians anywhere abroad, they generally need to introduce a criminal offense!
    1. smile
      smile 20 September 2013 16: 18
      Yes, the Yankees are not that you can’t trust other people's children, it’s time to take their own from them ... :)))
      1. Stiletto
        Stiletto 20 September 2013 16: 22
        Quote: smile
        Yes, the Yankees are not that you can’t trust other people's children, it’s time to take their own from them ... :)))

        I agree. With two hands "FOR"! good
  3. alone
    alone 20 September 2013 15: 32
    In America, about the same number of orphans and those left without parental care, as in Russia. In Russia, the annual figure is 643 thousands, in the USA 560-570 thousands. Of these, 20 percent is in orphanages (we even have a little less). In the Russian Federation, about 103 thousand are located in orphanages, in America - 104-105.

    Well, with the numbers, everything is clear. but one fact that is important is not taken into account. The population of the United States is 315 million people, but Russia has 143 million people. It seems unprofitable for anyone to voice this.
    1. smile
      smile 20 September 2013 16: 22
      Considering. that in the mid-nineties we had about five times more homeless children than after the civil war. we have radically turned the tide and steady dynamics indicate that the problem will be solved. and in the foreseeable future, and this is a real merit of the leadership of the state. In the USA, the problem is only getting worse — along with the gradual degradation of their society — normal Americans themselves are yelling about it.
      1. alone
        alone 20 September 2013 17: 32
        Quote: smile
        Considering. that in the mid-nineties we had about five times more homeless children than after the civil war. we have radically turned the tide and steady dynamics indicate that the problem will be solved. and in the foreseeable future, and this is a real merit of the leadership of the state. In the USA, the problem is only getting worse — along with the gradual degradation of their society — normal Americans themselves are yelling about it.

        I’m glad that there is a turning point in the situation. It’s just when some specialists indicate some numbers, they try to forget the total population. And the kids really feel sorry. Why are they to blame? For me, a single tear is not worth the bliss of the world before the eyes of a child.
        1. smile
          smile 20 September 2013 19: 01
          Yes, I agree. but why should our officials, praising their true successes, do the same? how do those who criticize and fan them and exaggerate their failures or mistakes? I take this calmly.
    2. grafrozow
      grafrozow 20 September 2013 17: 32
      Quote: lonely
      . The population of the United States is 315 million people, but in Russia there are 143 million people. Apparently, it is unprofitable for anyone to voice this.
      Reply Quote Report Abuse
      or say how many Russians adopted American children?
      1. alone
        alone 20 September 2013 17: 35
        hello count! Yes, they’ll never say such a thing. I personally have not heard about such a fact. I am angry that even children try to earn money and create their own image
        1. grafrozow
          grafrozow 20 September 2013 22: 38
          [quote = lonely] I am angry that even children try to earn money and create their own image
          Well, it is necessary to "light up", again Astakhov is heard, defender, damn it ...
    3. Mikado
      Mikado 20 September 2013 18: 05
      Here Pavlusha forgets something else to say, namely about the responsibility of those who gave our children. At least one of us was punished for this? And then he says that the Americans are so bad, they return children to us on planes, beat them to death for stupidity, but where did they look when these parents, we had different interviews with psychologists and other specialists, there’s a whole huge procedure lasting about a year . Or then they were normal, but how did you return to the USA immediately dumb? Why is he not voicing this problem? What is he doing there in general, except for riding seminars in Finland, the USA, and Sweden? At least in one republic Sev-Kava was, watched how things are going with children? And how the adult Chechen judges are kicking children-football players there, he is silent, it seems he hasn’t seen or heard. Again, I don’t see anything wrong with giving disabled children to whom the state cannot provide normal living conditions, to foreigners who can do this, they just need to select the parents normally, not idiots like we did, but normal ones ( !), adequate, why is it so difficult to distinguish whether there is enough for a competent specialist to mind the person in front of you in the child’s car to cook or not. And with us, as always, we cannot cope with the problem - ban, we cannot make the law work - we will come up with another law. Not fighting that, gentlemen.
      1. smile
        smile 20 September 2013 19: 11
        Unfortunately, if those who allowed themselves violations, then these violations do not stretch to the article, even though the investigation will turn inside out.
        Interviews with psychologists should not be overestimated. Firstly, the disorder can occur later, and secondly, even super-super psychologists in the USA, for example, let either pathological sadists into their army. or serial killers. who then shoot left and right .... and where are the psychologists?
        And this problem was voiced precisely by Astakhov. I personally do not like him. as a person (I do not want to say why). but in this case he acts correctly. And he is simply obliged to hang out at seminars - someone must represent Russia there. Or, in your opinion, he should be silent and not to do a damn thing? Then will your claims be reduced?
        If you read the article. in the end, they noticed that it is the children with disabilities that foreigners do not seek to adopt, this is a bike. neglected by bogs and those. who warmed his hands on adoption.
        1. Mikado
          Mikado 20 September 2013 21: 58
          If you are not familiar with the procedures, then I will tell you, in fact, everyone is taken to the US army, they have a shortage, and they only pass tests from a psychologist (in principle, like we do), at best they will talk for 10 minutes. And here, during adoption, they often personally communicate with psychologists and not only with them, there for a whole year, or even more, they have to go through interviews with various specialists, who just determine for this long time whether the parents will approach the child whether they can get along. So the comparison with the US Army is completely incorrect, especially since the parents are obvious, even on camera, I don't really see it, and the experts haven't seen it over the years? I strongly doubt that they were normal, but when they returned home went crazy, and on a massive scale. And these violations are quite drawn to the article, called "negligence", there would be a desire. And what problem did Astakhov raise? I only hear from him what evil Americans are, and it began with the beginning of the discussion of the adoption of a law in the Duma banning adoption. And I did not know that the duties of the Children's Ombudsman were traveling to seminars abroad, I thought all the same
          1. smile
            smile 20 September 2013 22: 28
            Hitting over the US Army is justly accepted.
            The rest is not. First of all, for one simple reason - the adopted child has a chance of almost 50 to 50. that upon arrival in the USA they will immediately be resold (sorry, passed) to the real adoptive parents, this is a normal and well-established practice ...
            Next ... have you seen a lot of psychologists? I wrote one such thesis in my spare time ... sinful, I really asked ... :))) You can imagine the level of a psychologist. who agreed to work in an orphanage? Ksati, in the USA, the same problem, the Americans themselves told me about this ...- this is not Jewish psychologists in uniform for you. who are sitting at their airports .... alas ..
            And from Astakhov you only hear that you don’t have to give your children anywhere, and if you give it back, you should be able to protect them ... yeah, still, you need to use the resources of the state to protect the interests of children who are taken abroad from Russian mothers ... what radish ... really?
            And how are you going to create practices and mechanisms for protecting our children, if you do not appear at relevant seminars? To sit at home and be silent, sniffing in two holes? Will that help a lot? or do you need to move tank divisions? Please think ... think ... this is a very useful activity ...
            1. Mikado
              Mikado 21 September 2013 11: 50
              Sorry, but who is to blame if you put such psychologists, as you described, on the adoption procedure? Are they not the authorities, aren't the officials? Why does Astakhov do not raise this problem or is it easier for him to ban it than to fight? Put things in order in the adoption procedure, expel stupid psychologists and officials and there will be no need to fight for anyone abroad, normal adoptive parents will be selected
      2. aleksandroff
        aleksandroff 21 September 2013 10: 38
        He is not Pavlush, he has an education that you can’t get to, and a job that you would never have done, and you wouldn’t have done so much good for people, you can only talk.
        1. Mikado
          Mikado 21 September 2013 22: 55
          Ohhh yes, he did a lot of good for people:
          - defended the founder of the "Lords" pyramid, who threw tens of thousands of people on grandmothers, helped her to be released on parole
          - dismissed Volodka Gusinsky when he was sitting in the prosecutor's office, as a result of which he fled abroad
          - defended the American intelligence agent Pope, who caused damage to Russia through his activities

          I, of course, grow to such a growth.
  4. Ingvar 72
    Ingvar 72 20 September 2013 15: 42
    Oh, this show is the Ombudsman Astakhov! All that he cares about the problem of Russian children in the United States! And in order to think that our children would not be left in maternity hospitals, well, there’s not enough time. The maintenance of one child in an orphanage costs huge grandmas, and the maternity allowance is a penny. Give this money to people adopting a child - and the problem with foreign adoptive parents will go away by itself.
    1. smile
      smile 20 September 2013 16: 30
      Ingvar 72
      Astakhov has such a beastly job and a direct duty to get into all scandalous cases. And the government is taking real and quite effective steps to solve the demographic problem, the growth of the birth rate. life expectancy and the number of abandoned children is a visible confirmation of this. And the number of orphanages is gradually decreasing - did not you notice this in the text of the article? Did you not notice that you recognized the numbers that outraged you primarily because these numbers outraged the bad Astakhov? Have you not noticed what exactly he (of course, by direct order of the "bosses") is doing, what can he do exactly for this money to go directly to people raising children? Your righteous anger is not very well founded, is it?
      1. Ingvar 72
        Ingvar 72 20 September 2013 18: 16
        Quote: smile
        what exactly is he (of course, by direct order of the "bosses") doing, what can it be precisely for this money to go directly to people raising children?

        I do not see a real increase in child allowances. There are a lot of words, but deeds ... It seems that people give birth not because of, but in spite of. And what percentage of the statistics is occupied by migrants? I think it’s not small, because with their birth rate, OK And a citizen born in Russia automatically.
        Quote: smile
        And the number of orphanages is gradually decreasing — have you not noticed this in the text of the article?

        The number of hospitals is also declining, but this does not mean that people become less sick.
        1. smile
          smile 20 September 2013 19: 19
          Ingvar 72
          Come on you. do not exaggerate the migrant problem - their children are by no means millions. The entire North Caucasus and all Caucasians in all of Russia - less than ten million ... this does not seriously affect the overall picture, especially since their birth rate remained at the same level, so that the increase affected Russians. Do not repeat swamp cliches. Please think it over.
          Comparison with hospitals is so incorrect. which looks like a deliberate attempt to mislead - each orphanage is designed for a certain number of children who have nowhere to go if they close it. Think I explained it clearly enough? Or will evil Russian officials lead them into the woods like Snow White? :))) Once again, please think.
      2. Mikado
        Mikado 20 September 2013 18: 30
        She's just bestial, travels abroad at public expense and cries, travels and cries. Ingvar correctly noticed, Pasha very skillfully manipulates the numbers, here he did not say it, then he omitted it, so a wonderful picture was drawn. The number of homeless and neglected people is decreasing, well, indeed, due to the fact that right now, decent money is being paid for this, more children are being taken to families from orphanages, but we should not forget that we are dying out, our number is decreasing, the number of children has decreased over the past ten years by 7.5 million, moreover, mainly children from not well-off families are dying and dying out, so there is a reduction in homeless children and neglected children - they are dying out stupidly, and not being taken away by families. Further, orphanages are closed, from the lips of Pasha, because we almost defeated homelessness, well, this is partly true, only for us the old woman with the scythe won it. And the second reason, about which he casually mentioned here, is that orphanages are stupidly renaming and reorganizing, there was a "baby house", there was a "musical and artistic boarding school", that's all, there is no "orphanage" on paper, you can report on TV about victory.
        1. smile
          smile 20 September 2013 19: 26
          By your logic, he should not go anywhere. Do not create mechanisms for interaction and impact on foreign officials, do not do a damn thing. But do not cry, but joyfully tell how Europeans do the right thing when they take away Russian children from their mothers ... Are you unhappy with something?
          And do not howl about that. that we are fading precisely when our numbers finally stabilized and began to grow ... that’s a strange thing. the longer the life expectancy and the birth rate, the more panic cries that we are dying out .... you need to explain who the generator of such horror stories?
          And further. distorting is not good, even the text shows. what did he mean ALL boarding schools ... well, why do you ask?
          1. Mikado
            Mikado 20 September 2013 22: 32
            He must, first of all, put things in order at home in his sphere, and then skate abroad, but you don't even know what to call all his activities. Perhaps, this was best expressed in the presidential administration, in the Ministry of Finance and in the State Duma, where he presented his project on orphans, which he briefly mentions here, where this project was called populist and self-promotion. Do you understand? Not the journalists named, but the statesmen in the administration. This is the whole essence of his activity. The number stabilized only thanks to migrants, the North Caucasus and Gypsies, where families have ten children, and among Russians and other nations in Russia, the number is also falling, it certainly slowed down its decline, but we are still falling, and the land is already close, we still need a lot there is a lot to do so as not to crash, and we are going to cancel the capital from 2016, but not about that. I am not distorting, I have never seen in this article where Astakhov speaks about the reduction not only of children's homes, but of boarding schools in general. Meanwhile, a year ago, he just said that they would be reduced by re-profiling from "orphanages" to "boarding schools"


            "The boarding schools will remain, but they will be specialized: art, music, sports, military, technical," said the commissioner.
            Astakhov added that now in every region there is at least one unique institution. For example, in the Yaroslavl region there is a musical orphanage, and in Kostroma, an international orphanage with almost 400 children.
            "This strategy needs to be worked out, explained, otherwise we are faced with the fact that zealous officials who, having heard the call, orphanages begin to be reduced, but neither pupils nor personnel are being prepared for reorganization", Astakhov said.

            From his quote, a year ago, it is clearly seen that according to his plan, orphanages should be stupidly "reorganized" and not closed due to the lack of orphans (so that later in the media to report about the victory over the orphanages). But the officials, of course, closed them down even if there were orphans. Make a fool pray to God ...
    2. aleksandroff
      aleksandroff 21 September 2013 10: 33
      Ingvar - read the article carefully. And I am generally surprised at everyone who speaks badly about Astakhov. He does a lot. There are results. And if anyone is against it, let him try to do something, and not tryndet at the computer. You don’t even know how much is being done for children in our country, but say it. And you Ingvar is not at all in the subject. My neighbors in the house are just those who receive good money from the state for five children, of which one is mentally retarded. And the other is studying with dignity in the same class as my daughter. Before you talk about this topic, you need to know a little about it. And there would be more people like Astakhov.
  5. Stiletto
    Stiletto 20 September 2013 15: 49
    Quote: Ingvar 72
    Oh, this show is the Ombudsman Astakhov! All that he cares about the problem of Russian children in the United States! And in order to think that our children would not be left in maternity hospitals, well, there’s not enough time.

    Astakhov does not abandon children in maternity hospitals, but woeful parents. Here it is necessary to bug them first. It is naive to believe that an official, even a very large one, will adopt and adopt everyone, give money and a lollipop, pat it on the head and put it to bed, after singing a lullaby. No need to wait for the good king, who will come, and will correct everything. Children need to be adopted, and if this is not possible, then at least raise their own normally. Well, do not forget, even on holidays, throw money for gifts or gifts themselves to orphans. May the hand of the giver not be scanty, and good people will not be translated ...
    1. Ingvar 72
      Ingvar 72 20 September 2013 16: 07
      Quote: Stiletto
      Astakhov does not abandon children in maternity hospitals, but woeful parents.

      Parents of children are often upset by hopelessness and hopelessness. It is easy to judge when the salary is stable, mom and dad are at hand, and the husband is not a drinker. In reality, everything is cooler. Can you really raise a child’s child allowance? And on maternity strollers with a crib to buy? The allowance should be done in the amount of the subsistence minimum, and not those miserable crumbs that are being paid.
      Quote: Stiletto
      Let not the hand of the giver be scanty,

      The direct duty of the state is to take care of its citizens. And I don’t remember something when this hand was generous.
      1. Stiletto
        Stiletto 20 September 2013 16: 19
        Quote: Ingvar 72
        Woeful parents of children are often abandoned by hopelessness and hopelessness.

        Ingvar, and it often happens like this, read:

        A woman suspected of the brutal murder of her son is tested for sanity
        1. Ingvar 72
          Ingvar 72 20 September 2013 18: 21
          Quote: Stiletto
          A woman suspected of the brutal murder of her son is tested for sanity

          These are the exceptions that our focus is on. Agree, after all, they will talk about a dead child louder and longer than about 10 dead as a result of untimely medical assistance. And in hospitals oh oh how they pull money.
      2. smile
        smile 20 September 2013 16: 42
        Ingvar 72
        In the war and post-war times, when there was nothing to eat at all, there were not so many abandoned children. Was there a benefit? I'll reveal the secret, WELL THERE WAS NO HANDLING ... and there was no housing, half the country was in ruins, and schools were destroyed and there are practically no kindergartens, and the teachers went to the front ... and the doctors were there ... damn it, the children wrote " Mom washed the frame "between the newspaper lines with a splinter ... and no one howled - the state owes us ... so that there is no need for hopelessness and a small salary, especially since now at least some kind of stability has appeared ... Or are you an opponent of statehood in general, since no existing state can be called generous? And what can we say. about Russia. which just creeps out of the ditch ... Anarchy is the mother of fertility, right? Well, in that case I will shut up .... :)))
        1. Ingvar 72
          Ingvar 72 20 September 2013 18: 26
          I appreciated your humor, even though it is black. The war ended long ago, but at that time the state took care of children better and more fully than now.
          1. smile
            smile 20 September 2013 19: 34
            You overestimated my smile is not humor. I am very serious. And the damage suffered by Russia in the nineties is quite comparable in severity with a serious war. Including in terms of loss of life. At that time, the state was doing everything. what could. But very little could. Several orders of magnitude less than now. But this did not stop people. And yet, you know that in the process of urbanization, the birth rate drops sharply? Do you know that the birth rate of the Russian population is growing? Do you know that we have it much higher than in Europe, where there are more migrants than ours, and they have more children than our migrants?
            Well, at least kill me, I don’t understand why some people so diligently turn away from the facts ... you see, such a policy makes you doubt your objectivity and distrust your words. Excuse me.
            1. Ingvar 72
              Ingvar 72 22 September 2013 16: 52
              Quote: smile
              , the state did everything. what could. But very little could

              Why could little? Medicine, education, kindergartens, but the dairy cuisine is the same, everything is free.
      3. aleksandroff
        aleksandroff 21 September 2013 10: 49
        That's not necessary about the insecurity of families. This is our "crown" that the state does not allow people to live. Sun now live normally, if not drunks and work, and there is a lot of work. Children are not abandoned because of poverty. And nothing will change from maternity and benefits. As for maternity capital, no one will give birth. Ask a normal mother and she will tell you about it. And stop sitting on the popular topic for cattle about a bad life in which someone is to blame, but not I. And you just don't know the reality if you say so. It is the parents who abandon their children !!!
  6. albanech
    albanech 20 September 2013 15: 55
    Stop turning our children into a weapon of politicians! It is necessary to create centers for raising children with us or to give to those parents who really dream of their own son or daughter. I can tell you about one pair: they are already 45 years old - they have no children, at 46 they adopted a girl and people have a sense of life. He quit smoking, it blossomed and grew younger - happiness came to the house, last year they took the boy. They simply cannot be recognized. A good, happy, real family, where they love children, take care of them! Complete harmony! It is necessary to create conditions for people to strive to take children! That we have few families who dream of children? Of course not! You can create family type centers! All those who take their children to themselves for five years should be observed by supervisory, special bodies! Enough for our Russian children to create American - Russian struggle!
    1. smile
      smile 20 September 2013 16: 50
      Strange you ... you did not notice a contradiction in your own voice, on the one hand, you say that you cannot give our children to Americans ... correctly. On the other hand, when our people stopped doing this — and, understanding what criticism this would cause — they stopped on a sufficiently convincing pretext — you are again unhappy with .... little red letters ... you either here or there, or how .. ice hole ...
      By the way did not notice. What frantic indignation of the swamp community caused the actions to end the adoption? And how ours had to make excuses, literally poking at the terrible fate of the children. caught in the clutches of Americans? Or anyway, Baba Yaga is against? :)))
  7. albanech
    albanech 20 September 2013 15: 59
    Let our state begin to work, and not "get fat" and "get stuck" in continuous corruption! It is necessary to deal with children, and not "throw" them from their native shores to other people's reefs! Think gentlemen officials and Pavel Astakhov! It's time for us to cope!
    1. smile
      smile 20 September 2013 16: 53
      Well, who are you calling to? To the one who began to act even before. How did you find out about the problem? Yes, they try to cope - and talk about it, and you, what? Pouring them with righteous anger, not forgetting, of course, to blabber about corruption?
    2. aleksandroff
      aleksandroff 21 September 2013 10: 55
      The plaque is a fly, here is the slogan. Think for yourself what you said. Usually, so to speak, those who themselves need to work harder. And you need to know that Astakhov just returns to their native shores. But I don’t know what to cope with.
  8. Vadim-Skeptic
    Vadim-Skeptic 20 September 2013 16: 41
    "... we were 'donors' and supplied children to the American adoption market." - it turns out that's what it's called.
    1. Corsair5912
      Corsair5912 20 September 2013 17: 07
      Quote: Vadim the Skeptic
      "... we were 'donors' and supplied children to the American adoption market." - it turns out that's what it's called.

      That is, we delivered Russian children to those who are forbidden to adopt children in USA, sexual maniacs, pedophiles, sadists, psychos, drug addicts, homosexuals, etc.
  9. yury-xnumx
    yury-xnumx 20 September 2013 16: 54
    The Presidential Ombudsman for Children under the President of Russia and one of the main supporters of the “Dima Yakovlev Law,” a member of United Russia, Pavel Astakhov, graduated from law school at the University of Pittsburgh. This is how this valiant “fighter against the State Department” recalls: “I never forget that the Pittsburgh School of Law has become my second alma mater, and the United States my second homeland.” Astakhov's eldest son Anton studied at Oxford and at the New York School of Economics. The youngest son, Arseny, was born in a prestigious private hospital in Nice, and he was baptized in an Orthodox church in Cannes.
    1. smile
      smile 20 September 2013 19: 42
      That is, since he is so bad, then you propose to bury the laws adopted with his participation and sell our children to America? Yeah. forgot, also to take away all the captured Russian children from their mothers and give them to foreigners? Then everything is your way. will be right?
      Personally, we ... are on who he is and what he is ... let him be even an American, if he acts in our interests. And you, you see, our interests are not important, the main thing is to denounce, right? Most of all Astakhov is criticized by all kinds of swamps and, by the way, are the Americans on your side? Say-do not be shy, be consistent.
    2. aleksandroff
      aleksandroff 21 September 2013 11: 03
      If he had not studied there and lived, he would not have been able to act so well in the states. It is very good that he studied and lived there, but remained more RUSSIAN than many envious ones here. We have only accusers who denounce without brains, which even here, in a conversation about children, they think that officials have taken something from them. And Astakhov also took something from you? He achieved and unlearned CAM, without your help, that’s what he has. And it takes you.
  10. Corsair5912
    Corsair5912 20 September 2013 17: 04
    In the United States built this system. The child is placed there for rehabilitation. They have a single interrogation system. We will learn from the United States - for example, we were considered that the child, being a victim of a crime, should be interrogated 12 once during the investigation and trial.

    Our judicial system is something vile and disgustingly cruel to all who fall into it. It seems that in our courts not people are sitting, but alien monsters with perverse logic, not knowing about a sense of justice and mercy towards victims of criminals.
    Our judicial system is more humane for criminals than for victims.
    1. smile
      smile 20 September 2013 19: 45
      Any judicial system at any time and in any country is dry, ruthless and inhuman. So it was and it will be so. This is an axiom.
      The system is not humane to anyone, and people working in it are affected, like everyone else. professional deformation. Alas.
  11. kosopooz77
    kosopooz77 20 September 2013 17: 10
    Astakhov is a narcissistic dude with a narcissist complex (read his books), and it is not orphans who care about him, but a status position, remember at least his attempts to create a whole ministry for orphans. Of course, "Minister Astakhov" sounds much cooler than some kind of commissioner
  12. Troy
    Troy 20 September 2013 18: 44
    The people adopted a law banning the adoption by Americans of our children, so what to breed a booth, there’s nothing to talk about. Another problem is the adoption of our children in geyrop. For example, the French are allowed gay marriage. But there are no children, what will they do?
    1. smile
      smile 20 September 2013 19: 53
      Laws are being prepared and will soon be adopted to prohibit adoption in those countries where pederasts and other perverts can adopt children. I guess. that a complete ban on the export of children abroad has not yet been introduced just because it will cause a wave of rage - look how much discontent some forces have arranged against adopting children in the country where they are being killed and resold (USA). Read. how many people on a branch stigmatize Astakhov just because he protects our children. Imagine. what they yell. if children are banned at all. Moreover. the funny thing is, they yell not because they are against his actions, but because they fell under the propaganda of a certain kind. The fact that they do not realize on whose mill water is poured does not play a role - any harsh actions of our government will cause dissatisfaction with them and the like. This is such a funny thing.
      1. aleksandroff
        aleksandroff 21 September 2013 11: 10
        Indeed, Vladimir, it surprises me that even here they find moments to express their swamp crap. Children are adopted - BAD, and children are not adopted, also BAD. All of them are BAD. And they’re not yelling for the children. And the fact that Astakhov’s education is good and he is professional in his field.
  13. Alikovo
    Alikovo 20 September 2013 18: 56
    for Russian adoptive parents, the adoption process takes a long time and a lot of paperwork, but for foreigners, everything is simplified. why?
    1. smile
      smile 20 September 2013 19: 57
      Not simplified, but complicated. special firms just do it in violation of the law in those orphanages where management is nourished. Foreigners spread the company 20-50 thousand bucks, and ours are adopted for free. What do you think, who will get you a deal for the sale of real estate faster — you yourself or a company specializing in this? But the laws are normal, it is up to them to comply.
  14. drei612
    drei612 20 September 2013 19: 39
    Of course, there is no future for orphans in Russia, 99% of them either succumb, rot in prisons, or commit suicide, Astakhov knows this, and therefore lives with their family in France, by the way, on children's money, which are easily debited from various child protection forums.
    1. smile
      smile 20 September 2013 20: 22
      Serious accusation .. Facts on the barrel, please ... or admit that you are lying? :)))
      At the same time, specific claims were made about what Astakhov’s actions were detrimental to the children of Russia. :)))
    2. aleksandroff
      aleksandroff 21 September 2013 11: 20
      I know a prosecutor who is also a former orphanage. And there are many people who become "normal people". And there are, and a lot, scumbags from wealthy families. And there is no need to record children from the orphanage immediately as criminals. You can immediately see your attitude towards them, it's just that the toad chokes you, how Astakhov lives. So get that kind of education and get it all than bazaar. And don't blame him without proof. Here's how much he gets for me, the main thing is working.
  15. Yarosvet
    Yarosvet 20 September 2013 20: 50
    The bill that served as the basis for the law, which received the unofficial name "Law of Dima Yakovlev" (the child died 08.07.08), was submitted to the State Duma 10.12.12 - 4 days after the approval of the Magnitsky Act by the US Senate.

    This is not caring for children.

    1. piterkras
      piterkras 21 September 2013 03: 00
      Of course, not a concern. This is a lot of millions of losses for companies engaged in foreign adoption, and people who so hoped for free benefits. Now we have to impose on the Chinese quick-eyed residents of AI. By the way, their parents refused these children. And the state has every right to decide their fate until those 18 years of age.