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Bringing the head to a normal battle

“The ruin is not in the closet, but in the heads,” said Professor Preobrazhensky’s hero Bulgakov. Approximately the same opinion is shared by our author, an instructor in fire training. He is confident that the current collapse of the rifle training system in the Russian special forces units is the result of a mental crisis among the people responsible for it.

One of the positive qualities of AK, including shortened versions, is an excellent balance and controllability. weapons. Shooting from a vertical obstacle with an exit under a “weak” shoulder without a change of hands at a distance of “room” or “home ownership” is absolutely predictable, aimed and, as a result, ricocheting is safe. Difficult shooting, but excellent ergonomics - the advantage of AK

I am glad that I can again appeal to readers from the pages of the magazine "Weapon". Those who are constantly reading my articles and waiting for them, I ask you to excuse me for the long silence. After my incorrect statement about the apologists of sports areas of combat training (think about this phrase), a lot of time passed, they calmed down, went into hysterics - tears dried out. Now, we can and should sum up the interim results and calmly talk about our problems.

It is gratifying to see that the information field is growing around the shooting, in general, and around its combat aspects in particular. Video portals on the Internet today are just overwhelmed with tutorials. The choice is huge. From oligophrenia in the degree of dibilizma to genius. It is possible for a minute, for example, to purchase a "basic rack in the work with the machine." They will show you how to do it at home, and then add: “next Saturday, we will show you how to turn around,” and say goodbye. This is very similar to the situation around any science science, such as dietology or conflict management, thrown into the mass consumption market. In view of the simplicity and accessibility of common, mostly external bases, everyone who has at least the slightest opportunity is engaged in the combat aspects of the shooting - in general, this is a huge plus for the population.

The downside is that this wave has also spilled a mass of strange people to the surface. Basically, they are gurus of different levels of enlightenment and just instructors of various, all kinds of special forces. The minimum set of tools for such specialists consists of clothes, slang, light charisma and inability to fire at the destruction of living targets. By the way, this problem is international.

So, for example, when watching videos of training groups of antiterrorism of neighboring countries, our, to their misfortune, potential opponents, a certain similarity of their instructors with our “killers” immediately strikes. The shooter handled the corner in the "cross", then

to the “center”, from the “center” I shot at the target, with a voice I reported - well, everything is as it should be in such situations and during this work. And when assessing the result of the shooting, the instructor said to him: “This is what you hit, but overlooked here (he points his finger at a hole two centimeters further south).

Do you know why? Because you broke the entry scheme. ” The question involuntarily arises: “Why put it on the Internet?”.

Shooting in motion in long and short bursts is the main type of fire for a machine gun at short distances. Shooting from the AKSU without a DTC in training allows for good control of the sights in motion. And in the absence of other light sources - infrared or thermal spectrum devices - allows you to adjust the fire from "probable" to "sighting"

The main view of the fire after the first second of the fire contact at the “room” distances: the shooter is completely behind the shelter, only the machine gun works. The density of automatic fire, even completely non-targeted, in the direction of a target not equipped with individual armor protection and tactically untrained is the only and most effective fire in the “contact”

Automatic fire from a machine gun is far from uncommon in competitions in the army and is completely absent in commercial and sports competitions. The criterion for evaluating ten shots per second is the work of instructors, ognevnikov, tacticians and doctors of pathologists, and not athletes and businessmen.

It is good that such instructors, including those in Russia, occupy the lowest stages of rifle development: small station, grip, sticker, photo. Where speed and range matter, and in general questions of external ballistics - these individuals are not observed. They will not be there. I think this fact explains a lot.

This can be said to be the first intermediate conclusion.

Practicing fire missions under the conditions of “armed resistance” - for the first and the fearful shooters in the assault team, the finger is always on the trigger, even if the shooter does not observe the target and his weapon is not aimed at the target. Any situation that requires the preservation of life - immediately "fire", even before the weapon reaches the line of sight. In this case, from the “waiting” position. Does it make sense to deprive the fighter of the response shot in the first tenths of a second and the possibility of hitting the target with a ricochet due to the possibility of being disqualified for the same at sports competitions?

"Vortex". An automatic machine that sends a pound of iron of large-caliber armor-piercing bullets into the target in two seconds - there is one on the planet. When held for the forearm, the barrel is fully in the hand of the arrow - excellent handling. The rate of "Whirlwind", causes hysteria in those who can not shoot short or long bursts. Complete unsuitability for "external tuning", competitive practice and dementia of some individuals, made the most deadly weapon the most forgotten

The error in aiming - the main component of the first response shot at the near fire contact - is reset due to the density and speed of fire, and not due to accuracy and accuracy. Accurate shot in these conditions - loss of time and life, and more like the work of a hypnotist than the work of an instructor

With the beginning of the development of the combat aspects of the shooting, this “cart” both stood and stands - in the same place, however, there were many times more passengers, slogans and slogans on it. Previously, there could at least sit down, now everything - there are no places. And the disputes in this dump are still the same: “And which caliber is better? And which AK is more beautiful, with or without trims? A stylish shoot bursts or not? And where to buy, ... and how much? To be honest, as a person who is unable to overcome his disgust with respect to this category of people, I am rather pleased with this state of affairs. As a person who is passionate about shooting and who is jealous of her, is deeply disappointed. Have the last years and almost two hundred dead employees not taught them anything?

It is bad or good, if you earn money from it, then you, in fact, are absolutely indifferent. But if you are serving and ex officio not “sitting at headquarters”, but “running around with a machine gun”, then, of course, there is a certain degree of dissatisfaction. And it lies in the fact that in any course of shooting, no matter what departmental affiliation it is, sports, or rather, commercial start, for the present - the main thing. And you do not like it. The topics offered to you at commercial fees for which you paid a lot of your money on your vacation are all “dead”, the methods are far from perfect, and you don’t like it either.

Those who lead these charges, those who teach you to fight - you don't like them either. Seminars, fees, competitions, courses, advanced courses, etc. etc., all this does not carry in itself even a hundredth part of a rational grain, applicable in real combat training. Today it is so - and everyone sees it.

There is a lot of noise - there is little use.

It was a mistake to introduce sport into combat training. It should remain a sport: a spectacle, recreation, communication, money.

The outflow of Special Forces troops from Practical Shooting and other similar disciplines imposed on them in the form of the basics of rifle training is completely predictable, and this is sad.

Many of their best-minded officers spent money, were eager for something and ... "I will not teach this fighter ..."

Someone did not consider, someone did not appreciate, someone did not "flooded" - it does not matter. The result is important: people tried it - people did not like it. Something very stupid is hidden in all these screaming, pompous pictures about sporto-special forces. As a big man from the Ministry of Defense once said: "Between any rational initiative at the top and its execution on the ground is the abyss of morons." But this is not a topic for discussion - we work with it.

Shooting "prone" - the lowest visible silhouette of the arrow, the advantage of rectangular sights AK. With the possibility of aiming, shooting is very accurate. In this situation, the collimator is justified and accelerates aiming at times

One of the first versions of AK, converted into a "bullpup". Not factory modification turned out easy, manageable, simple

In order to understand the essence of any question, it is necessary to get rid of subjective perception, that is, to bring your main weapon - the head, to a normal battle. The head brought to a normal battle is the strongest protection against all that delusion that is growing exponentially today. Let's start in order.

Suppose that there is a certain division, let's call it conditionally “division”, in the abbreviation of which there is necessarily the word “special”. He has a full-time or freelance fire training instructor: wearing 5.11 pants and a Blackhawk cap. What is he doing? Few people know. But I will enlighten you!

Firstly, it absorbs terabytes of any rifle infection from the Internet and from the introduced flash drives and becomes strange: it is not clear, it complains about the lack of ammunition.

Secondly, about once every six months, when asked by the commander: “What are you doing?”, A miracle consisting of AK-104, always with a “snail”, a collimator, an IR LCC, a conventional LAC, tactical source of tactical light (lantern), IK lantern, on a tactical bipod, with strips along the entire length, with a front handle, “single-chechnik”, with a telescopic butt and necessarily, where without it, - a flow-slotted muzzle brake-compensator: everyone stops - for such a miracle all sins are forgiven him. Once a year, closer to Christmas, he can also show AK converted into a bullpup, well, it's like a revelation from John - for the elect.

Thirdly, when visiting colleagues, such an instructor necessarily asks: “Is there anything in electronic form?”. And if there is, he immediately copies all this mercilessly, and on this, his life cycle closes.

Such today is the very shooting culture in which everyone pulls in his direction.

It is in such conditions that a certain shooting product appears, which must be tested and accepted, either not accepted for service, or that person in his pants and cap punches the next “fees” or “workshop” on the subject.

But what categories does the average instructor think? This question is relevant precisely because it seems outwardly that the movement itself has a movement: videos on video portals, outdoor photo shoots, magazine articles are all signs of life. But at the same time there is not a single (!) Official methodology. No manuals. Not a single textbook. And as a result - no result.

Let's look at the problem that most often knocks out an officer’s normal rifle life: AK and its modifications; methods and methodologists; criteria for evaluation.

Add allegories.

Suppose that in the place of permanent deployment of our "division" a certain woman lives, conditionally we will call her "our common woman." In all military camps there are such persons. But now she realized that a little more of such a life and everything - they will never be married again. She went to the hairdresser - cut her hair and dyed her hair. Then to a plastic surgeon - somewhere I increased the size, somewhere, on the contrary, I pulled it up. And then, as it happens, jumped out to marry a young lieutenant. And everything would be fine, life goes on, but the officer cannot understand: why does he always have problems with “our woman”? But the fact is that the instructor in a cap and pants, who wore “this woman” to him, did not say that her “rifling step” remained the same; In other words, no matter how you change the AK, it is still AK, with all its flaws and virtues. And the difference between the AK-5.45 and any other modification of it - no, except in the caliber. A divorce will follow, and our young lady, will go to another military unit, after the next young lieutenant. She goes hand in hand and in time she will understand that she is the same as everyone, albeit with buffers.

In navara in all this stories left a hairdresser and a plastic surgeon. The instructor in the cap and pants chose the role of a pimp.

A simple test “Roly-Poly”: 30 shots with a change of position for each shot, A4 sheet, 1 minute 50 seconds, 80 meters and thirty hits, plus a backpack weighing 30 kg puts everything in its place: cutlets separately - flies separately. No tuning, no scary stories about past battles - nothing helps. 30% loss of rifle performance in 90% shooters after an 10 shot. The result of the "tuning" and simple, the same - a penny in a penny

But the visibility of the case has the scale, in truth, a grandiose one.

AK really amazing machine. He is already so many years old that few people believe in his modernity (they believe in modern wound ballistics). As a result, people begin to take some action, consisting in changing the cosmetic appearance of the weapon. We have already dealt with the topic of "tuning", but then nobody heard anyone behind the general noise around the Chpox - everyone was making noise like at the fair. But time has passed. All zatarilis all. Everyone has everything.

But as a practicing instructor I will say: The results have not changed at all. Not one hundredth. Neither combat nor competitive. Moreover, in some divisions, where the “tuning” was raised to the degree of obyazalovki and it was confused with the preparedness - the result fell.

Individual tactics, sharpened by tuning, completely oskokinili consciousness of a whole generation of shooters. They have to retrain to at least somehow flew. It was a massive attempt to shift its rifle incompetence to iron, which fortunately did not take place. And they were carried away by it because looking “real”, even for money, is easier than being one. This is the second intermediate conclusion.

And in this dance the instructors stopped understanding the difference between the rifle training and the fire training, and their general difference from the tactical fire.

Generally interesting things happened.

Where the actions of the fighter are closest to the actions of the so-called "operators", the gunners, it is precisely the rifle efforts of the staff that break through in an amazing way. For example, machine gunners who are defined as "gunners of the machine gun" by the NSD, shoot from their hands - in an automatic manner, at sighting devices, in the vast majority without additional sighting devices. And very weakly shoot. Even competitions are held. Shooting large-caliber, without restoring the “sighting line”, with the accumulating recoil momentum is carried out with the hands. This could be considered wrong only because it could not be. Previously, it was so. Today, this skill is already in service. It's nice.

And, on the contrary, where exactly the rifle skill should dominate in sniping, there today the shooter is not able to make a quick and accurate (sniper) shot without prior preparation, which completely excludes his participation in short-term fire contact. The work of the sniper in the overwhelming majority is the work of the gunner-operator of the rifle and its carrier to the place of the shot. In training, as a rule, snipers work separately - not in composition. They demonstrate effective fire at different ranges from previously prepared positions.

Returning to the AK, the trends of recent years are more likely chaos: stupid debates about caliber and ricochets. Tuning, the purpose of which is the preparation of weapons for a specific task, on the contrary, in the hands of many, makes the weapon ineffective. For example, the very "snail", because because of it, many even go to the caliber 7.62, to attach it to the machine, because it's cool. But ... If this is a "snail", it means that the shooter decided to give the machine gun the function of a machine gun. It is all clear and understandable. Then where does the collimator come from? And there must be a bipod, not an assault grip. And the shooter himself should, at least from afar, remind himself of an arrow, and not a mockery, in which the second, third and all subsequent ones to the 75 cartridge, fly past the target - into the sky, when firing in a queue.

Farther. When firing single, out of the fully-equipped “snail”, the recoil impulse of the weapon increases significantly — it stretches and hits the arrow in stages. This is very inconvenient when shooting fluent single, which means - “snail” is, first of all, a lineup. For this

The congenital property of the AK family is an increased impulse on the details of the trigger, prevents those who use the machine not for its intended purpose and gives the opportunity to work as intended, with significant pollution. Shooting from beneath low horizontal obstacles lay ** the “strong” shoulder, the window of the slide group to the ground. The question of this "window" was decided on AK12

and came up with it. And the turn is the destruction of the enemy, at distances to the 1 / 10 real fire. Then why with a “snail” collimator? With the "destruction" at melee distances, the time interval for the effectiveness of hitting the target will not allow you to aim "at a point" using sights - only the "target location". If the shooter does not have fluent, sighting, single fire, or he is not allowed to do this by the rifle complex, why does he take away the chance to hit the target? All those killed in the last five years at distances to 1 / 10 real fire - all died from the queues (I do not take into account the "ambush" shooting, when the enemy did not find the shooter).

A collimator and a bipod, such as a paradoxical EO-tech, are also mutually exclusive elements - they look ridiculous. Plus the butt, not performing the function of the butt, but rather an emphasis. And the belt, which is used where it is not needed and completely useless and interferes more, where the belt function is needed, is a different kind of "... dots", designed for submachine guns.

The shooting skill, which is often cultivated today in fire training, does not at all correspond to the speed and conditions of fire contacts that exist in life. After all, it is necessary to distinguish the training of a civilian, an American reservist, with a weapon and an employee of the Russian unit acting under a tactical plan. Yes, I agree, beautifully shot, I also want to wear glasses and a hat, start gesticulating accordingly. But you can not transfer viruses from the Internet to the combat practice.

Each subunit has “its own” distances, “its own” speeds at these distances, dimensions of targets, fire modes, its intensity and tactical tasks solved by fire.

For example, again to the question of methods. If today in training we work with “our” size and the purpose of the training is not going beyond the limits in all fire modes, this skill can be shot through without tactical equipment. And if we work with an error when aiming, which will be a component of the first response shot at the target at distances to 1 / 10, where we also use the target size, which is affected by the return fire density, then the clearance for the clearance is already laid down in the conditions as initial - this , and tactical equipment is also required. But this is no longer a shooting skill, as you guessed it, this is an individual tactic that is “shot through” to get a real picture of speeds, distances, density, and modes.

These "golden" rules, giving us the opportunity to simulate the combat use of small arms, are being trampled upon today in subdivisions absolutely godlessly.

In any occupation, it doesn't matter if the rifle is training a fighter, fire or tactics, “tuning”, the concept of destroying living targets, suppressing firing points, shackles, the concepts of distances and dimensions - these are all key points. And the orientation on the video during the lessons in the unit is an imperceptible death. For some, unfortunately, it can become a reality.

External entourage will never be superfluous, and we each have that cap and those pants as evidence of belonging to a sect whose members consider a shot at the medulla oblongata an art. But we must be able to distinguish between: what can be sold and what cannot be survived in a fire contact.

The special forces say that in the mountains and the forest it is necessary to take only that without which it is impossible to do, and not what you want or like. In the fire training as well, only to many it is not clear what this is - something without which it is impossible to do. This is roughly what makes the line between the living and the dead, in the first half of a second of visual contact in a duel confrontation.

And all those skills that are needed in the "shooter", when working on the goal or the area on which the goal, and not on the volume.

The essence of the destructive impact to which the special forces community and our rifle elements on the part of sports and commerce were subject to the fact that there are two types of attitude on the part of employees to these "external manifestations", "new directions", "tuning", etc.

The first believe in it as a deity. The latter use it. The second is smarter. And if something happens, the second ones will say, the whole, the trouble is that the “tuning” was incomplete.

Errors in shooting, teaching methods will always and in all - not without it. But to get to the bottom of the causes of these errors, and not to the “body kit” on AK, is much more effective. The only question is, will we be able to admit that for this, if not sadly, we will have to take a step back? Two forward we made and very wide.

Short automatons. AK and "Whirlwind." The number of delays on 800 shots per day without cleaning, equal to - one by one. The question "wedges / not wedges" is removed. To the expression: “But here,“ Whirlwind ”is wedging”, the answer is: “Think, maybe not only“ Whirlwind ”is wedging?”. The noiselessness of the "Whirlwind", the rate of fire, handling, size, ergonomics - in this he surpasses all. Get the "Whirlwind" from the gun - it is worth it. His only "minus" - you will not be allowed to compete with him
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  1. Zerstorer
    Zerstorer 20 September 2013 09: 56
    Excellent article!
    1. hiocraib
      hiocraib 20 September 2013 18: 45
      15 th
      another opus of the Internet shooter ... or a whole group of scribblers who pulled clever thoughts from near-war forums and blogs .;)

      without full name and place of work - in the paper version is another substitute for toilet paper!
      1. Dzungar
        Dzungar 2 December 2017 19: 09
        Wind - fire training instructor TsSN FSB
        Quote: hiocraib
        another opus of the Internet shooter ... or a whole group of scribblers who pulled clever thoughts from near-war forums and blogs .;)
        without full name and place of work - in the paper version is another substitute for toilet paper!

        Accordingly, he is not obliged to report everything to everyone here.
  2. unclevad
    unclevad 20 September 2013 10: 05
    Thanks to the author!
  3. Rosomaha67
    Rosomaha67 20 September 2013 10: 26
    ........ MUCH THANKS to the author !!! good per article.
    ..... but this:

    "Secondly, about once every six months, to the commander's question:" What are you doing? ", - a miracle, consisting of an AK-104, always with a" snail ", a collimator, with an IR LCC, an ordinary LCC, a tactical source of tactical light (flashlight), IR flashlight, on a tactical bipod, with slats along the entire length, with a front grip, "one-point", with a telescopic butt and always, where without it, - a flow-slot muzzle brake-compensator: everyone is silent - for such a miracle all his sins are forgiven. Once a year, closer to Christmas, he can also show the AK converted into a bullpup, well, it's like a revelation from John - for the elect. "

    - well, just pleased, and the story about the "common wife" is very intelligible .......
    ..... one of the main thoughts formulated in the article is that our grief "rationalizers" from weapons, shift their inability to shoot on the lack of an AK body kit, I fully agree with the author and constantly defend this point of view on this site.
    .... by the way, about the practical shooting system, I also never understood their constant requirement to remove the finger from the trigger, an experienced shooter who has a stable skill in working with a weapon quite confidently controls his "shooting" finger, and will never allow " accidental "shot. This requirement is rather necessary for beginners, and is completely incomprehensible in competitions in which venerable gunfighters participate.

    In general, the author of my gip-gip hooray !!! Come on WIND push on Cardenoff! angry There would be more such articles, from real practitioners, and not from Internet specialists, then it is really possible that the head "will lead to a normal battle."
    1. StolzSS
      StolzSS 21 September 2013 13: 23
      So he described everything correctly. He himself asked the peasants why you do not favor the whirlwind ??? but these cunning they say he doesn’t lie well in my hand, and the other poured that he doesn’t have enough hours to shoot and to master it properly ... in general, it’s a dark matter, but I’ll let the guys think about it, or who knows where after the new year they will send ....
  4. Vasia kruger
    Vasia kruger 20 September 2013 10: 27
    Bravo! The article is great!
  5. _KM_
    _KM_ 20 September 2013 10: 36
    Controversial article. Strange attitude to practical shooting.
    1. StolzSS
      StolzSS 21 September 2013 13: 26
      Why is it controversial ??? What is more valuable to you than beautiful photos from the competition or half a kilo of lead on the enemy in the first seconds of fire contact ??? I’m so at the competition only for photos, a hedgehog and new toys to watch live laughing
    2. papik09
      papik09 23 September 2013 07: 18
      I pass your comment. It is about PRACTICAL shooting that everything is stated correctly. And, after reading the article, I came to the conclusion that a knowledgeable person wrote it. I think that he is even an instructor in firing special forces.
  6. denisey
    denisey 20 September 2013 10: 58
    I would like to add, compared to the shooting courses, the "younger" the course, the more moronic the task.
  7. Rosomaha67
    Rosomaha67 20 September 2013 11: 12
    Quote: _KM_
    Controversial article. Strange attitude to practical shooting.

    ...... argue dear, the author has reasoned enough to set out his arguments, or somewhere at the level of sensations it seems like it is not correct, but there is nothing to formulate with words ........ but still wrong! After all, he dared to encroach on the sacred - on "practical shooting". The author, by the way, does not hait her at all, good teaching practice, for the entertainment of competitions, in order to generally learn how to handle weapons, nothing more. But as a training system for the army, nothing, I agree with the author completely, and sometimes even harmful ...
    1. Rex
      Rex 20 September 2013 11: 55
      In general, there are bloopers like "Whirlwind". An assault rifle that sends a pound of large-caliber armor-piercing bullets to a target in two seconds - there is only one on the planet "

      And "a miracle appears to the world, consisting of an AK-104, necessarily with a" snail ", a collimator, with an IR LCC, a conventional LCC, a tactical source of tactical light (flashlight), an IR flashlight, on a tactical bipod, with slats along the entire length, from the front handle, "one-Chechnik", with a telescopic butt and always, where without it, - a flow-slot muzzle brake-compensator "- Cardin must be thrown off smile
  8. chunga-changa
    chunga-changa 20 September 2013 11: 28
    Well written. Right to the root.
  9. SIT
    SIT 20 September 2013 11: 56
    But at the same time there is not a single (!) Official technique. Not a single training manual. Not a single textbook.
    That killed me. Well this is a crime. How can such a key issue as fire training be allowed to take its course !? This is a question naturally not to the instructors on the ground, but to the corresponding department of the Ministry of Defense. Can still return part of the order number 227 "Not a step back" where about penal battalions for officers? This is for the absence of such basic RD and Instructions of those who are responsible in the ministry for this as privates in the Caucasus for six months or until they are redeemed in blood. Maybe those who come after them in their chairs will stop sleeping at night until these documents appear.
    1. hiocraib
      hiocraib 20 September 2013 18: 49
      Quote: SIT
      But at the same time there is not a single (!) Official technique. Not a single training manual. Not a single textbook.

      leave this nonsense on the conscience of the afftor.
      he's a "specialist" ...
  10. Haro
    Haro 20 September 2013 12: 52
    Of course, the article is excellent. I myself am a civilian practical shooter and I know some of the regular winners and champions who had the opportunity to practice with the special forces (I will not name the units). They said that after training with special forces, the ipsc seemed like airsoft or paintball. The author criticizes IPSC as a practice for special forces, but I believe that if I (God forbid) get into the war zone, the long-standing practice of ipsc will give me a little more chance of survival than a civilian or soldier conscript and for that it’s worth it to do.
    Regarding pseudo courses and pseudo instructors. Civilian shooters have a demand for new skills, but unfortunately there are not many proposals to satisfy this demand, and in some cases they are not very high quality. Likely, we have not yet learned how to make a highly marginal business out of it in the West. We do not have private schools like Magpul, and this is very sad, personally I am ready to pay for new knowledge.
    About the training of special forces. I can’t say anything - I don’t have enough information to reason here, but I can tell you an interesting case. At the Russian Cup in practical shooting from a carbine in April 2013, there was one special forces of the Ministry of Defense (I will not name it), an exercise imitating a residential building or apartment. 4 rooms 2 doors, 10 or 12 scoring targets 4 grandmas on top of scoring targets. I went through the exercise without penalties and 4 seconds faster than a commando who failed 3 out of 4 attendants (distance 3-5m). You can omit the question of time, this is a purely sporting indicator, but the accuracy of shooting cannot be omitted.
  11. vkrav
    vkrav 20 September 2013 13: 16
    Briefly and briefly. There is combat work and training, and there is a dumb business on the rich Pinocchio, claiming some kind of elitism, to steal expensive iron.
  12. Haro
    Haro 20 September 2013 13: 26
    Quote: vkrav
    Briefly and briefly. There is combat work and training, and there is a dumb business on the rich Pinocchio, claiming some kind of elitism, to steal expensive iron.

    Who are you talking about? Wealthy Buratino go on safari to Africa and kill elephants, zebras and other animals. Then they bathe in the SPA and eat the innocently murdered inhabitants of Africa while saying "oh, my shares are growing."
    1. vkrav
      vkrav 20 September 2013 14: 12
      On courageous and fearless target fighters laughing who go to shoot ammunition and then brag about whose barrel is more expensive, but better tuned. But on a real hunt (not shooting gophers), let's say they’re lost for some reason. The target will not throw at you, and the return fire will not open ... And to Africa - this is the next level laughing
      1. StolzSS
        StolzSS 21 September 2013 13: 30
        No matter how the local natives have arranged a hunt for you at this next level, laughing
  13. Manul
    Manul 20 September 2013 13: 27
    Join now! Great written!
  14. Max_Bauder
    Max_Bauder 20 September 2013 14: 43
    Earlier in cowboy times, grabbing a revolver and shooting from the hip was born not because of beauty, but because of the preservation of one's own life. While you pull out the gun, opening the holster, raise your hand, screw up your eyes, aim your sight at the front sight you will be finished off. Everything must be done quickly and shoot accurately if you want to live. These skills must be worked out now, relevant in any era. Speed ​​and accuracy.

    PySy. I was reading records of a Hungarian priest (more precisely, a book with a reference to it), when in the 13th century the Mongol forces attacked Hungarian cities, the defenders of the city made a stuffed animal out of a sack stuffed with hay, similar to a human body, and exposed for several seconds through the loopholes of the fortress wall, and during this period of time 5-6 arrows managed to get into the head of the scarecrows. So with the fire training the Mongols were all right. =)
    CHIM SMOKE 20 September 2013 17: 00
    For the article BIG +! Thanks to the author. I suggest that the author prepare and submit to the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation a methodology for the preparation of military units of the RF Armed Forces.
  16. denkastro
    denkastro 20 September 2013 17: 06
    It’s the same as everywhere else. Some people catch three perches per spinning rod with a reel for 50 pieces once a year, while others round the corner from the reeds every day they catch fish in a bucket of old stuff. Demand gives rise to a proposal. Although the basis must exist.
  17. Pimply
    Pimply 20 September 2013 18: 17
    From the very first phrases it was clear who wrote
  18. patrianostra
    patrianostra 20 September 2013 18: 20
    Therefore, instructors don’t go to all kinds of competitions for specialists, then they persecute fighters for the seventh sweat because the experience gained during any kind of war and war is constantly being systematized and promoted.
    1. hiocraib
      hiocraib 20 September 2013 23: 52
      Quote: patrianostra
      Therefore, Jews do not go to any competitions specialists

      there is such a magazine K-ISOM, constantly describe the competitions, competitions and joint exercises taking place in different countries. both police special forces of various levels, and army.
  19. AX
    AX 20 September 2013 18: 51
    In principle, capacious and simple. I liked it. Somewhere, my eyes opened ...
  20. Asan Ata
    Asan Ata 20 September 2013 23: 26
    Cool wrote. Thank.
  21. georg737577
    georg737577 21 September 2013 00: 16
    When the population en masse has a practical need to quickly learn accurate shooting (and sooner or later the time will come), then you look and the army will "go over to the tendency" ...
  22. bunta
    bunta 21 September 2013 00: 51
    The issue of this “window” was decided at AK12

    I wonder how? wink
  23. Strashila
    Strashila 21 September 2013 06: 30
    "In other words, if you don’t dress up the AK, it is still AK, with all its flaws and advantages." ... I always write in comments ... the main barrel and cartridge, the rest of the application. Bring the cartridge to mind, then decide what to do with As with any mechanism, everything outside is susceptible to damage and contamination, if this is used, then only specialists, and even then not all, if it is special. Another leash for Western advertising ... you can it ... you can do that ... but really you need it ???
  24. specKFOR
    specKFOR 21 September 2013 12: 55
    and the pants and cap 5.11 are really good! I have been wearing it for a year now! About preparation, I would like to learn from you ...
  25. Comrade1945
    Comrade1945 22 September 2013 17: 47
    Roth Front, comrades.
    Wonderful article. Definitely a plus good
  26. papik09
    papik09 23 September 2013 07: 24
    I put the article "+" without thinking fellow drinks
    The author is great. He fully disclosed the topic. There would be more such articles. I especially liked the parable about the "common woman" soldier
  27. _KM_
    _KM_ 23 September 2013 14: 08

    Practical shooting is not one discipline, but several. Moreover, there are several international federations. And what is good in one is not permissible in the other.

    "Nice pants" is not a sign of a good athlete. In addition, the very idea of ​​making 5.11 equipment or "blackhawk" an obligatory attribute of practical shooting is vicious. And the quality of 5.11 is lame, to put it mildly.

    Another vicious idea of ​​the article is the imaginary absolutization of PS. In life, PS is one element of fighter training. And not the worst. It is he who allows you to put the right shooting equipment.

    Another site article (Secrets of Tagged Shooting) says

    “It has been experimentally established that in order to turn any action into a motor skill, it is necessary to perform it 5000-8000 times. This idea is not new. Back in the early XNUMXth century, the founders of Russian military psychology wrote that the principle of automatism should be the basis of military training of personnel But in fact, this idea is realized in practice only in special forces, where charters and manuals are openly skimping. "

    and PS is an excellent tool for developing the required automatism.

    About equipment and weapon tuning. Comparing military special forces and sporting weapons is stupid. Even more stupid is not to see the difference between conventional weapons and tuned ones. It’s enough to shoot a little from the tuned one to understand what is the difference between them.

    Let's not forget that sport has always moved technology forward.

    I summarize. The author of the material could not catch the essence of the PS, his mind was eclipsed by collimators, DTK, etc. behind the trees of the forest he did not see. Moreover, the shortcomings of the organization of shooting training in individual units, he blames the PS:

    “Let's say that there is a certain unit, let's call it conditionally“ unit ”, in the abbreviation of which there is necessarily the word“ special. ”It has a full-time or non-staff fire training instructor: in“ 5.11 ”pants and“ Blackhawk ”cap. "Few people know. But I will enlighten you!"

    Firstly, it absorbs terabytes of any rifle infection from the Internet and from the introduced flash drives and becomes strange: it is not clear, it complains about the lack of ammunition.

    Secondly, about once every six months, to the commander's question: "What are you doing?", A miracle appears to the world, consisting of an AK-104, always with a "snail", a collimator, with an IR LCC, a conventional LCC, a tactical source of tactical light (flashlight), IR flashlight, on a tactical bipod, with slats along the entire length, with a front grip, "one-piece chechnik", with a telescopic butt and, without fail, where without it, - a flow-slot muzzle brake-compensator: everyone becomes silent - for such a miracle, all his sins are forgiven. Once a year, closer to Christmas, he can also show the AK converted into a bullpup, well, it's like a revelation from John - for the elite. "

    There really is a shortage of ammunition in the army. And this is stated in the article "Secrets of marksmanship". The regulations are such that the soldiers are not able to get used to weapons ...


    But in general, what am I crucifying ?! The author writes cleverly about PS and does not know that bursting in PS is prohibited! And what he takes as a queue is actually single shooting.
  28. tatar1978
    tatar1978 1 October 2013 11: 05
    I do not agree with the author, mixed everything. There is clearly no love for tuning. but at the same time the snail 7.62 is mainly discussed. I believe that in PS there is a lot of interesting and useful things, there is something bad, but everywhere you need to be approached with a head and reasonable initiative, as well as rely on the combat experience of the unit and adapt the PS to use in units. PS gives the most important ability to handle weapons and develops motor skills, otherwise it cannot be done. About tuning, I agree on something, but this is a personal matter for each employee and their physiological characteristics. Regarding that now there is a large amount of information - I agree, but why do you have a head on your shoulders to think and analyze, so go ahead, it’s bad when there is no information at all.
    1. Dzungar
      Dzungar 19 November 2017 18: 55
      The wind itself said that it has nothing against PS as a sport and basic shooting training ...
  29. REED
    REED 27 October 2013 03: 59
    Another article by the author "Thoughts of color to cartoons" has been published
    Bravo "Wind" !!!!
    1. Dzungar
      Dzungar 19 November 2017 18: 51
      A long time ago it was already .... Two years like ...
  30. Dzungar
    Dzungar 19 November 2017 18: 51
    I read that article in the magazine Arms where he went through * practices *. Emo.ionally, but fairly, I think ....