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Boeing closes C-17 production

Boeing closes C-17 production

Our clients around the world are facing very tight budgetary constraints. While demand for the C-17 Globemaster III is quite high, the financial volume of transactions does not allow production to continue, said Dennis Muilenburg, President and CEO of Boeing Defense Space & Security. Muilenburg also added. "Moreover, here in the United States, the current environment is creating significant planning challenges for our customers and the entire aerospace industry. This uncertainty is causing us to make the tough decision to close the C-17 production line." And he also said that they plan to assemble 2015 aircraft by 22 according to existing orders.

Today, almost 3000 employees support the C-17 production program in enterprises in Long Beach, Macon, (Georgia), Mesa, (Arizona) and St. Louis. Staff reductions will begin at the beginning of 2014 and continue until the program closes.

In addition, C-17 production cooperation is a whole industry group that includes more than 650 suppliers in 44 US states. In general, Boeing and its suppliers provide 20000 jobs in the production of Globesmaster.

Boeing will provide assistance to employees, including job search resources, financial counseling, retirement seminars, and assistance in finding potential jobs, both inside and outside the corporation.
The company assesses potential losses from a single application for closing the program in the 100 area of ​​USD million, which will be written off this quarter. However, according to Boeing, this should not affect the annual financial performance.

C-17 Globemaster III
First flight: 15 September 1991 of the year
Start of operation: 14 July 1993
Status: produced, operated (for now)
Main Air Force Operators
Royal Air Force
Air Force of Australia
Canadian Air Force
Units produced: 256 (as of September 2013 of the year)
Unit cost $ 316 million (2012 year)

Recall that today only three models of heavy military transport aircraft are mass-produced in the world: IL-76 (Russia), C-17 (USA), A400 (EU).

12 September 2013, the United States Air Force was handed over the last contract aircraft.
In June, the 2011 of the year with India signed a contract for the supply of 10 C-17 (with an option for another 6 aircraft) until July of the 2014 year. September 2 2013, the first C-17 was adopted.

The first C-17 aircraft rolled off the production line in the 1991 year. As expected, the assembly of the last aircraft ordered by the US Air Force 223 will be completed shortly.
After the transfer of the third 20 aircraft ordered by the Indian Air Force to 10 in August, the total number of C-17 "Globmaster-3" delivered to customers reached 256 units, including 222 units. - USAF, 6 units. - Australian Air Force, 4 units. - Air Force Canada, 3 units. - Indian Air Force, 4 units. - Qatar Air Force, 6 units. - Air Force UAE, 8 units. - Royal Air Force and 3 units. - NATO consortium.
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  1. Ivan79
    Ivan79 20 September 2013 07: 46
    So you came across your inflatable, green candy wrappers.
    1. Nukem999
      Nukem999 20 September 2013 08: 14
      1. domokl
        domokl 20 September 2013 08: 25
        Heavy transport is really not an allowable luxury for almost all countries. Production is not cost-effective, and the scope is very limited.
        1. Nukem999
          Nukem999 20 September 2013 08: 32
          The US Air Force originally planned to buy a total of 120 C-17 Air Force

          USA - 223 C-17, as of September 2013
  2. chunga-changa
    chunga-changa 20 September 2013 08: 16
    Wow, almost a new aircraft, competitor IL -76.
  3. Coward
    Coward 20 September 2013 08: 20
    No way polymers begin to tear.
  4. Dwarfik
    Dwarfik 20 September 2013 08: 33
    Kind! I can’t say that I’m very disappointed, 1 less competitor, especially in the camp of the Americans.
  5. Alikovo
    Alikovo 20 September 2013 08: 38
    would close the production of ships, fighters and missiles.
  6. SmacXnumx
    SmacXnumx 20 September 2013 09: 01
    Sequestration budget, however.
  7. Wedmak
    Wedmak 20 September 2013 09: 10
    Something I did not understand the logic:
    And although the demand for the C-17 Globemaster III is quite high, the financial volume of transactions does not allow to continue production ....

    Moreover, here in the United States, the prevailing conditions create significant difficulties for the planning of our customers and the entire aerospace industry. Such uncertainty forces us to make such a difficult decision as closing the C-17 production line.

    That is, there are orders, there is demand .. and production is being closed! ????
    1. zzaharr
      20 September 2013 09: 47
      Quote: Wedmak
      That is, there are orders, there is demand .. and production is being closed! ????
      Well, it turns out that so - there is a desire, but there is no money.
      Just in case, the original text of the official press release:
      "" Our customers around the world face very tough budget environments. While the desire for the C-17's capabilities is high, budgets cannot support additional purchases in the timing required to keep the production line open, "Muilenburg added." What's more, here in the United States the sequestration situation has created significant planning difficulties for our customers and the entire aerospace industry. "
    2. Gluxar_
      Gluxar_ 20 September 2013 16: 25
      Quote: Wedmak
      That is, there are orders, there is demand .. and production is being closed! ????

      The order is from India for 10 aircraft. No one has bought a plane in the last 15 years. As a result, the US Air Force bought it to support the production, moreover in quantities greater than they need it, hoping to sell it to someone later. But no one was seduced and the program is being curtailed; the fate of those already set is unknown. India, in its pursuit, it is not clear why it bought a discontinued aircraft.
  8. KononAV
    KononAV 20 September 2013 12: 42
    Something like them
  9. svp67
    svp67 20 September 2013 12: 56
    Good news, unless they have anything "in reserve" .... Maybe they decided to buy An124 or 224 ... wink