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Wings of Russia. Helicopters. ATVs

Wings of Russia. Helicopters. ATVs
Mention of the types of helicopters reached us from time immemorial. In the 4 century, it was proposed by the Chinese scientist Guo Hong, in 15-m - the great Leonardo da Vinci. The multifaceted genius of Mikhail Lomonosov also did not bypass this topic. In 1754, they built an “aerodrome machine” - in fact, a real small-sized helicopter. The machine, of course, did not rise into the air, but the experiments allowed to draw conclusions, which determined the subsequent development of the helicopter industry ...

The film tells in detail about the helicopters: Kaskr, A-7, TsAGI-1-EA, TsAGI-5-EA, TsAGI-11-EA, Omega / Omega-2, G-3, B-5, B -9, B-10, B-11, “W”, Yak-100, Mi-1, Ka-8, Ka-10, Mi-4, Yak-24, Ka-15, Ka-18.

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