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Wings of Russia. Helicopters. Soldiers and workers

Wings of Russia. Helicopters. Soldiers and workers
April 26 1986 years. On the 4-m power unit of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant two explosions were heard. At nuclear facilities was an accident. Scientists have suggested to tightly close the reactor on top of a protective layer of sand. But there was nowhere to approach the emergency unit, except from the air. And to perform a task could only helicopters. The temperature reached 200 degrees. Radiation radiation exceeded all standards a thousand times. In such tragic circumstances, rotorcraft and people driving them showed what they can do.

The film tells in detail about the helicopters: Mi-6, Ka-22, Mi-10, Ka-25, Mi-8, B-12, Mi-26, Mi-2, Ka-26, Ka-27 / 32, Mi -14, Mi-17, Mi-24, Ka-29, Mi-34, Ka-226, Mi-28, Ka-50 "Black Shark", Ka-52 "Alligator", Mi-38, "Ansat".

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