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Abkhaz business trip ch.3. Heartfelt talk

Talk of the Landing Lieutenant with the Georgian Lieutenant General

Meanwhile, the shelling continued, periodically intensifying. One evening our old acquaintance, intelligence officer Michal Mihalych, came to the unit. Asking Basil to collect command and operations group in his office, he informed us:
- “Tonight the Georgians are planning an offensive and assault on Abkhaz positions on the Gumista. With tanks. We - can also pretty much get it. We need to take action. ”

Plans for strengthening the defense of the residential town and the territory of the unit are urgently updated, new trenches have been dug, and in general a feverish preparation for the battle was underway.
We called the Georgian Ministry of Defense and once again warned that in the event of an attack on a part, we would fight back. This, however, was rather psychological weaponthat Georgians themselves understood, judging by their condescending tone in conversations.

Notify the possible attack and paratroopers who already knew about it, and also prepared. On the roof of the barracks and the club organized firing points for snipers and grenade launchers, all were collected and serious. No jokes, no laughter, no ordinary army "podnachek" could not be heard ...
By nightfall, shelling from the Georgians had reached unprecedented intensity. Then it became audible, as somewhere above, from the mountains, tank diesel engines began to howl. Began.

Having run in the trenches, we were preparing for further developments. The truth of the weapons we and our soldiers were only pistols and machine guns. You can't win much against them against tanks.

All hope was on the paratroopers. They had RPG-7, "Flies", "Bumblebees" and, perhaps, something else from anti-tank weapons.

Shooting intensified and the roar of tank engines, interspersed with volley of guns, inexorably approached. They were shooting, basically, somewhere above our unit, but they also fell on its territory.

The only road on the right bank of the Gumista, from the upper reaches of the river (where the Georgian parts apparently forced it) down to the sea coast, led along the fence of our unit, so that a meeting with tanks was inevitable.

Late at night, the desperate shooting from both sides began. The Abkhazian RPGs spoke loudly, the guns and machine guns of the Georgians answered them. "Zaahali" and grenade launchers paratroopers from the roof of the barracks ...

The fight began to deviate from us somewhere in the direction of the mountains. Even tank diesel engines began to howl somewhere higher and to the left of our unit.

Until dawn, the shooting was very intense. But judging by the absence of Georgian infantry, the Abkhaz managed to cut it off. Georgian offensive failed. With the onset of morning shooting began to subside. We gradually began to "relax", to get out of the trenches and shelters.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, a Georgian BMP-2, rushing up from somewhere at a breakneck pace, appeared at the gates of the unit. Having demolished the gate, she stopped and began to “water” the territory from her rapid-fire automatic cannon and machine gun. True, it lasted only a few seconds. At first, the paratroopers “gasped” from the “Fly” twice, from the roof of the barracks. The BMP gun was silent, but her machine gun was still beating in long bursts. Then one of the paratroopers climbed out of his entrenchment, somehow slowly, took aim and fired at the BMP from the RPG. The car caught fire.

- “All right, pi ** ec! Shot genatsvale !!! ”- yelled the paratrooper.

Indeed, this intensive shooting ended.

When the Georgian armored vehicles burned down, the paratroopers visited it, which brought us to the headquarters with five burnt military tickets of the dead Georgians. The tickets were still of the Soviet type, red star ...

It struck us that, judging by the records in them, almost all of the dead Georgian tankers were drafted into the army the day before, literally 3-4 the day before their death.

Thanks to the nits - the politicians are united sons, recently, countries fought with each other and died because of their ambitions ...

Kilometers in 5, higher in the mountains, was one of the technical posts of our unit. On the night of the attack, an officer (lieutenant colonel) and two soldiers were on duty. They, at the sight of Georgian tanks and infantry that had forded Gumista, escaped from the building and hid in dense thickets of corn. In it, they had to sit for more than a day, watching how fierce, sometimes hand-to-hand (!!!) battles were going on around our building between Georgians on the one hand and Abkhaz-Chechen troops on the other. As a result, the Georgians were thrown back to the left bank of the Gumists.

Our guys were able, nevertheless, then get to their laboratory.

In the hours of 12 of the same “day of the Georgian attack”, we began to call in large numbers from the Georgian Ministry of Defense. The conversation immediately went on high voices. We were accused, almost of aggression (!) Against independent Georgia and the killing of its soldiers. They threatened to destroy our laboratory with artillery fire, etc. karami.

We, in response, frightened the Georgian commanders with counter-air strikes, destroying their ill-fated howitzer battery from the air and other unlikely retaliatory measures.

The apotheosis of these extremely nervous verbal battles was the memorable conversation of the Deputy Minister of Defense of Georgia, Lieutenant-General, (let's call him Machaidze) with our commander of the "reinforced airborne company."

The Georgian general knew that the paratroopers were covering us, and demanded their commander to the telephone.

The lieutenant, extremely reluctantly, agreed to talk with the Georgian commander.

- Lieutenant-General Machaidze, Deputy Minister of Defense of Georgia, is talking to you! - he introduced himself somewhat pompously.

- So what? - politically incorrect answered him a pupil of winged infantry. He didn’t introduce himself at all, but throughout the conversation he was brutal, gloomy and unfriendly. Every second word (literally) he had abusive. (I omit them in the above dialogue, or replace them with censor equivalents).

- There was a terrible tragedy of the Georgian people! His faithful sons died! We know that your soldiers are fighting on the side of the separatists! - continued to bend their Georgians.

- Have you seen ?! - the lieutenant darkly inquired, habitually alternating his words with motherhood.

- We know this for sure !!! - Georgians started too. “How dare you talk to me like that ?! Introduce yourself immediately !! ”

- Who needs it - they know my last name, understood ?! And for you, I am the commander of the airborne company, understand?!.

- I declare to you that the armed forces of Georgia will soon deliver a powerful blow to your laboratory and your company !!! - barked Georgians.

- Do you frighten me with your army? Remember, fuck it, in this case, I guarantee you a very big loss! Got it ...?! And anyway - fuck you !!! - the paratrooper answered him. After that, handing me the phone, he loudly asked: “Comrade Lieutenant Colonel, don't call me to the phone anymore. I will not talk with this nit! ”- and left the office.

Calls to Moscow, Tbilisi and Gudauta continued throughout the rest of the day. The situation was still very tense.

In the evening we turned on the TV. On the Georgian channel passed news. It was a report on the battles in Abkhazia, showed some kind of shooting, burning armored vehicles. Since the commentator was speaking Georgian, we could not understand anything.

And suddenly they showed the Georgian lieutenant-general, in the office with the phone at the ear, and a fragment of his afternoon conversation with our lieutenant sounded.

Including - showed the key point of the discussion:

- I declare to you that the armed forces of Georgia will soon deliver a powerful blow to your laboratory and your company !!! - declared by the general.
And here on the air sounds a worthy response of the heroic paratrooper: “But do you frighten me with your army with your army? Remember, fuck it, in this case, I guarantee you a very big loss! Got it ...?! And in general - fuck you !!! ”

It was heard and how he said, about the reluctance to negotiate with "this nits."

Georgians, for propaganda purposes, obviously, secretly kept televising and televising recordings of these talks.

After the final words of the paratrooper, the Georgian announcers muttered something angrily in their native language, apparently commenting on the skirmish that had occurred.

In our part, the fun reigned. The lieutenant, who “sent” the Georgian general on television to “three funny letters,” became the hero of the day. We, in joy, forgave him all the sins, called him to headquarters and poured 100 grams of cognac. He drank it, but our story about what his conversation with the lieutenant-general was shown on television, did not fully believe it.
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  1. Mitek
    Mitek 18 September 2013 08: 36
    And with us everything always rested on such flying and captains. I still remember our starley twice demoted. But the battle with us was always at its best and the losses in the first war were the least.
  2. individual
    individual 18 September 2013 08: 45
    Sometimes, to scare, three well-known letters are enough to name.
  3. urich
    urich 18 September 2013 12: 50
    After each hit on the territory of the laboratory, it was decided to repair everything. Broken windows were inserted, plastering and holes from bullets and splinters were painted over. We then did not understand it ... Now I understand, people until the very last hoped that now everything would end and it would be as before. Not over. Lower Escher almost completely destroyed. A rare house has remained intact. Now in the building of the barracks 24 laboratory school. Well, symbolically ... It’s a pity that they demolished the monument erected by our soldiers in memory of the victims. Now no one from the locals will remember the name of the soldier who died at this place. Although they honor and remember their
  4. Modus
    18 September 2013 20: 28
    The barracks there were excellent.
    I hope that within its walls the school will be good.
    But Monuments demolish ONLY scum and.
    Ungrateful in this case ...
  5. a39rgn
    a39rgn 21 February 2014 20: 19
    well done starley.