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The hopes and anxieties of the Syrian capital

On the square of Yusef Al-Azme - the Minister of Defense of Syria in the early twentieth century, who died fighting the French invaders - the Syrian flags are flying. Hundreds of people have gathered to express their contempt for American threats. "Down, Down You-Hey!" ("Down with the USA!") - the Syrians are chanting.

The hopes and anxieties of the Syrian capital

Socialists, communists, volunteers from youth organizations, national patriots are all united, all are protesting Obama’s brazen threats against Syria. In the hands of the gathered - posters in Arabic, English, Spanish "No to aggression!", "No to war!" and portraits of Bashar Al-Assad, who became a new symbol of resistance to the old-new NATO-fascism. Syria is threatened by new invaders, and new heroes right here, in the square of the hero Yusef Al-Azme, are ready to enter into a deadly clash with the enemies of the Fatherland.

Beyond distant seas and oceans, on the other side of the globe, Washington politicians change their position like gloves. Their statements are contradictory, but each of them is false and malicious. Like swindlers of cards, they play with Russian diplomacy. While Obama continues to threaten Syria with war (however, postponing congressional voting, for, according to preliminary data, the idea of ​​attacking Syria does not enjoy the support of a parliamentary majority), Kerry is negotiating with Lavrov. Then the parties give a press conference at which, for all attempts to demonstrate the visibility of the agreement reached, the foreign ministers of the Russian Federation and the United States say different, sometimes opposite things. So, Lavrov argues that according to the agreement reached on chemical weapons in Syria, we are not talking about any force actions or new sanctions - but Kerry, speaking after his colleague, threatens to use Chapter Seven of the UN Charter - which provides for the use of violence.

Even within the framework of one press conference, the US “forgets” about what they had just spoken about during the negotiations, and they are trying to replace the rules of the game as they go along. Not a day goes by - as the female lips of Jennifer Psaki, a representative of the US State Department, are saying the long overwritten phrase: they say, Assad has no place in the political future of Syria. How many times in recent years have women’s lips declared monstrous wars? The female mouth of Albright proclaimed the bombing of Yugoslavia - a country that once sheltered this Madame and saved her life when Madeleine was just a two-year-old Jewish girl. Condoleezza Rice’s mouths of women spewed out speeches about the war with Iraq - a war based on false evidence that Baghdad allegedly uses chemical weapons. The card was spotted - but now the cheaters once again get it out of the greasy sleeve. The female mouth of Hillary Clinton wasted a womb of “Wow!” When terrible tortures and death of Muammar Gaddafi were shown on the TV channels ... And now the next women's mouths spew fascist speeches ...

That is, a compromise on the formulation of chemical weapons under international control, the accession of Syria to the Convention on the Prohibition of Chemical weapons - All this is once again not satisfied with the official Washington, despite his earlier statements. Truly, it is time to rename the White House to the Yellow House. But since when is the presidential election in Syria to be held in the US State Department?

However, some women's lips have already disgraced themselves in the USA. War hawks, such as Senator John McCain, liked to refer to the "outstanding expert" on the Middle East, 26-year-old Elizabeth O'Beggi.

More sober politicians have said that it is impossible to render assistance to the so-called “Syrian opposition”, since the majority in its ranks are members of Al-Qaida and other extremist organizations. “No,” Elizabeth reassured, “it’s not. Al-Qaida is only a minority of rebels.” American newspapers liked to publish her conclusions; supporters of terrorists were constantly referred to them with money and modern weapons.
And now it turns out that this woman, who was a leading analyst at the United States Institute for the Study of War, has ... a fake Georgetown University diploma. She has great connections with the Syrian "oppositionists" and receives money from them. And so “hawks of war” relied on such ladies in their conclusions and conclusions, imposing them on American society. And not only American, but the whole world. Colin Powell is involuntarily remembered - first with a test tube, loudly stating that Iraq absolutely definitely has chemical weapons, and after a few years - awkward and confused, admitting that its sources turned out to be wrong. Just do not return the lives of dead Iraqis. Do not restore the terrible damage caused to the country. And no one was responsible. Impunity and breeds new insanity. Now one of the leading "experts" failed miserably - but the weapons and money to the terrorists have already been delivered, and many, many people have already died from them.

And while the Syrians hopefully go to rallies in Damascus, new alarms appear on the horizon. Just like in the song of the time of the revolution carnations in Portugal: "There is a struggle for the right to live, breathe, laugh and love, but there is anxiety among hopes. There is a struggle between good and evil. Freedom has called us all, the road is scarlet from carnations."

One of the terrible tragedies is the tragedy of the Christian town of Ma'alyulya near Damascus. In the old days, tens of thousands of tourists and pilgrims stretched to this holy place - to visit the monastery of St. Thecla. According to legend, the girl was from a noble family, distinguished by extraordinary beauty. Adopted Christianity under the influence of the sermons of the Apostle Paul. Her parents were against the convictions of her daughter, moreover, they wanted to marry her unloved forcibly. For refusal, she was imprisoned, then relatives of the loser-groom got a cruel sentence for her - burning at the stake. But during the execution the fire was flooded with rain, and the girl was saved. After that, she fled to places near Damascus, where she healed people for free. For this, the doctors who earned money took up arms against her and sent the robbers. When Thekla ran away from them, a crack in the rock unexpectedly opened up in front of her, and the girl was able to hide in the doorway, after which it was again closed to the pursuers. The word "Maalyulya" means "passage." So the name of this place has gone. They still spoke Aramaic, the language of Christ. To save this language from extinction, Syrian President Bashar Al-Asad even founded an institute for its study. This place was visited together by the head of the Syrian state and Hugo Chavez who arrived on a visit to Syria. Both the authorities and the people of Syria deeply respected his holiness.

But for the bandits there is nothing sacred. And on September 8 they invaded Maalula. Desecrated the temples. They shot from a grenade launcher at the statues of Christ and the Virgin Mary. According to an Iranian correspondent for the FARES agency, who visited the site of the tragedy, the “oppositionists” beheaded 30 Christians. 70% of civilians were forced to leave their homes. Currently, the battles are proceeding with varying success, the main square of the town passes from hand to hand - the rebels constantly receive support.

Christians of Maalouli addressed Obama with a letter in which it was said: if now, when the Syrian state is strong, such incidents against Christians happen, what will happen when you weaken the state with your bombardments?

The USA and their puppets in Europe are now going against Christianity. And not only against Christianity, but against all the values ​​of humanism. No wonder so great is the resistance to the inhuman war against Syria in the whole world. No wonder the people of Washington and Paris, Prague and Moscow, Caracas and New Delhi - on all continents, even very far from the Middle East - take to the streets. They speak different languages, but their slogan is one: "There is no war! Hands off Syria!"
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Elena Gromova
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  1. Ivan79
    Ivan79 17 September 2013 08: 11
    Everything is probably simple here. For false claims to protect the people of Syria from the chemical. weapons, are the interests of trans national corporations and the money of the SAR and Qatar. In fact, they wanted to spit on the fact that people were dying in Syria.
    1. Pit
      Pit 17 September 2013 09: 46
      Quote: Ivan79
      Everything is probably simple here.

      Yes, probably not, but it is. And as much as possible to clean up the territory from the aborigines, so that there was where to settle for the "chosen people"
    2. mejik
      mejik 17 September 2013 10: 15
      Quote: Ivan79
      Everything is probably simple here.
      Just to disgrace, to disgust. All the exceptional cynicism of sshaki, izgayela, LAS, in full view. am
    3. adm656
      adm656 17 September 2013 18: 23
      what a bright epiphany ... Ivan, no offense will be told to you, were you just born yesterday?
  2. Tuzik
    Tuzik 17 September 2013 11: 12
    and the West has long been against Christianity, remember Yugoslavia, where the same radical Islamists supported.
  3. Next
    Next 17 September 2013 11: 31
    it is bad that the states, after the chemical disarmament of Syria, do not give any guarantees of security and will not give of course ... The question arises: should this be done at all? Then what will keep them from being hit?
    1. Gur
      Gur 17 September 2013 17: 53
      Russia only
  4. vedmeddd
    vedmeddd 17 September 2013 11: 38
    Bullied amerikosy! They themselves do not understand what they are associating with, Al-Qaeda, with which they created, will turn against them!
  5. Dazdranagon
    Dazdranagon 17 September 2013 11: 46
    Pleased with a photograph of the Syrians with the flags of the USSR! I really hope that Putin will not let you down, hold on!
    And good luck to you, Elena! And be careful there! Thanks for the article!
    1. gorsten79
      gorsten79 17 September 2013 14: 48
      A sickle and a hammer are visible on the flag, but no stars are visible. I would also like to see the USSR flag. But here most likely the flag of the Communists, but rather even the socialists. When anti-globalists appeared in Europe, there too I often saw such flags (without a star) .. .
  6. eplewke
    eplewke 17 September 2013 11: 56
    How much can you talk? On this site, probably every forum member already knows the truth about the Syrian problem, the question is how to bring this truth to the rest of the world ???! to eating burgers and cola of thick-necked ordinary Americans.
  7. smiths xnumx
    smiths xnumx 17 September 2013 12: 12
    While mattress makers and other Geyuropeans are preparing for the invasion of Syria, and the so-called. "rebels" diligently pull their people into the Middle Ages.
    the militant poses with the pilot's head of a downed Syrian Air Force aircraft.

    As a sign of respect and gratitude to the exploits of the Syrian troops in front of the country in the fight against terrorist activities, the authorities of the province of Latakia organized a massive collective wedding. Married 15 pairs. All suitors are army men.

    1. Sandov
      Sandov 17 September 2013 17: 29
      I hope all the evil created by the amers will return to them multiplied - a boomerang.
      And rats commit their crimes from cave stupidity, which does not relieve them of responsibility. Neanderthals must answer for their crimes.
  8. wax
    wax 17 September 2013 13: 40
    20 years after the collapse of the USSR, it is impossible to know the world, capitalism is ready to devour everyone and everything, morality is completely crushed. Goebbels propaganda compared to today is simply naive. But there is God's judgment, confidants of debauchery. And we will help God.
  9. Proud.
    Proud. 17 September 2013 15: 03
    "Down, down U-S-Hey!" Very symbolic, if you don’t bother with the translation laughing
  10. Ddhal
    Ddhal 17 September 2013 15: 22
    Thanks to Elena Gromova for the good article. Take care of yourself!

    And the states act like a school bully who has felt his impunity.
    Well, enjoy it for now, but we will all grow up soon .... And then even your supervisors will refuse you .. It has always been and will be ..
  11. Gur
    Gur 17 September 2013 18: 00
    A terrible picture, Hitler naive invented the greatness of the race, and here everything is just that he is an inhuman puncture and that’s all, well, the root is that it all started with Yugoslavia if Russia was Putin then maybe we didn’t see the test tubes waving.
  12. George
    George 17 September 2013 21: 16
    They speak different languages, but their slogan is the same: "No war! Hands off Syria!"

    I support the slogan.
    All that remains is to hope and worry for Syria.
  13. repytw
    repytw 17 September 2013 22: 11
    I repeat once again, it is necessary not to think about the costs of helping Syria with weapons and specialists, since the more militants will destroy Syria, the less they will be in the Caucasus.
    And Syria needs to create self-defense units from Kurds, Christians, Alawites, if every man in the Christian village had a machine gun, at the entrance of the posts and a defense plan in case of an attack, this would hinder the activities of the militants, and watch your fellow villagers cut off their heads, and running is not a thing. In addition to self-defense units, one could organize a massive casting through other countries of their scouts and agents. There are prisoners, it is possible to organize false detachments of militants to destabilize their rear and clash detachments of different directions of the opposition, let our specialists of the GRU GS go there.
    1. Corsair
      Corsair 18 September 2013 02: 45
      Quote: repytw
      There are prisoners, it is possible to organize false detachments of militants to destabilize their rear areas and clash detachments of different directions of the opposition, let our specialists from the GRU GS go there.

      This is a sensible proposal, but it is unacceptable to send specialists directly to carry out assignments. It is YES to "train" the Syrian special services, to take part in the planning and preparation of operations.
      1. atalef
        atalef 18 September 2013 06: 34
        Quote: Corsair
        This is a sensible proposal, but it is unacceptable to send specialists directly to carry out assignments. It is YES to "train" the Syrian special services, to take part in the planning and preparation of operations.

        And that the Russian special services have something to boast about to teach others? Somehow in the Caucasus, these same bandits have been chasing for 14 years. but all to no avail.
  14. The Indian Joe
    The Indian Joe 17 September 2013 23: 37
    Let everything that they have done in other countries happen in the States.
    It will be cruel, but fair.
  15. Horst78
    Horst78 18 September 2013 07: 36
    Even within the framework of one press conference, the United States "forgets" what was just talked about during the talks and tries to change the rules of the game on the fly.
    Poplar them in the fifth point, as a cure for sclerosis am