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BOARD K-305 pr. 671RTM. Tracking the Enterprise carrier multipurpose group in April 1983

BOARD K-305 pr. 671RTM. Tracking the Enterprise carrier multipurpose group in April 1983
Submarine Atomic Torpedo project 671РТМ "Pike"

In accordance with the Military Order of the Commander of the Pacific Fleet, the K-305 submarine of the 671 rtm project, commanded by the commander of the 2 captain of the rank of BONDARENKO V.К. 23.02.1983. Went to sea to perform its tasks.

6.03 in the Sea of ​​Okhotsk was discovered by IPL (foreign submarine)classified as a US Navy PLA of the LOS ANGELES type, for which tracking has been established. Comprehensively using GPA tools (hydroacoustic counteraction), the presence of fishing vessels and active maneuvering, after 42 minutes the IPL broke away from tracking. Repeated search did not give results. Analyzing the nature of tracking maneuvering, I came to the conclusion that I had seen a similar scheme somewhere. Having looked through one of the reference books on the NATO Navy, I found it. The authority of the document has risen.
Sea of ​​Okhotsk

3 April, I turned 38 years, in 18: 00 was received an order Com. PF begin search AMG (carrier multipurpose group) "ENTERPRISE", which came out of Yokosuka, and set him a long tracking. These guidance were given. It was also indicated that AMG MIDWAY should follow the miles south of 100 miles from ENTERPRISE. Here you need to give a small explanation: when performing tasks of combat service, after a dive, all the hours on the ship are transferred to Moscow time. Pla was transferred to the 4's hourly communications program. Before going to sea, we knew that AVMA "Enterprise" returned from the Indian Ocean, where he carried out military service. I assumed that the Midway AVM would accompany the Enterprise to the 180 meridian and then return to the base. According to our radio and electronic intelligence assets, we observed active work of the RES (radio electronic means) groups of surface ships in the area of ​​the YMOS Yokosuka. I made a decision: to go to the Pacific Ocean through the Bussol strait and, using the data of the guidance and the data of my own reconnaissance assets, to reach the pre-empt point of the AMG. On the second day, after receiving the RDO on the search for AMG "Enterprise", we received a radio bearing on the operating RPD (radio transmitters) US Navy ships in the cruise and mine-carrying group. Then we realized that these were the ships of KSUG (ship search and shock group). After some time, apart from the supposed location of the grouping of ships, the work of three sonars was detected, and at the periscope depth from the same direction they recorded the work of three radars. Comparing these data, they came to the conclusion that the frequency characteristics of the FPP and the parameters of the radar belong to the ships of the USSG Navy sprint type destroyers. The picture is somewhat clearer in terms of building a marching AMG order. The commander of this compound appointed the position of the KPUG from the threatened direction, from which our submarines could operate, from the side of the Kuril Ridge. I had to reduce the speed, change the course and depth in order to skip the KPUG, and then continue to approach the AMG. In 03: 00 4.04, at SCAT, a group target was identified, classified as a squad of warships. In the future, I approved the final classification - AMG "ENTERPRISE", since we already conducted radio intelligence in the AMG intra-squadron networks and had, thanks to GAR, RTR and RR (hydroacoustic, radio and radio intelligence), a full picture of the construction of a hiking order. In the process of maneuvering for the occupation of the tracking position, a “window” was revealed, free from escort ships, on KU = 140 ° - 180 ° left side. In this sector, the position was occupied in the distance 30 cable (5,5 km) from an aircraft carrier. What was reported to KP fleet using a space communication channel. Since receiving the search order and tracking, the submarine has not received any guidance radio. I announced the beginning of tracking the Enterprise through ship broadcasting throughout the ship, warning that there would be sharp changes both in speed and in depth, drawing the attention of the crew to watchful watch.

The navigator was ordered to prepare and install a camera on the periscope. It turned out that there is no film in the camera. "Refer to the political officer." He also did not have. My indignation knew no bounds. The sacred duty of the political officer is to have on board a photo lab with a set of everything necessary for her. The film had to be searched by ship. As a result, the sailors found one tape with a film, the doctor found a photographic enlarger and chemicals. The lesson, of course, was serious. This film saved the prestige of the crew. As I was recently told by the captain of the 1 rank reserve KISIL I.S. after receiving my first report on the beginning of tracking, the officers of the flotilla staff laughed "... let's see what he (Bondarenko) will tell us here and show." And photos are a document. Since no one had followed up on this kind of tracking, people were moved by envy.

USS Enterprise (CVN-65) through the periscope

When surfacing a periscope, it was discovered that at this time AMG was replenishing stocks by the traverse method at 12 nodes speed — from the starboard side of the Avma there was a SACRAMENTO-type transport vehicle, to the right of it, the BANbridge nuclear-powered cruiser, This was 12 nodes.

USS Enterprise (CVN-65), USS Sacramento (AOE-1), USS Bainbridge (DLGN-25) - 1967

At the same time, the passive radar of the submarine was discovered the work of two radars: AN / BPS-9 and AN / SPS-10 from one direction, where the submarine came from. We came to the conclusion that the AMG order included a multi-purpose submarine with a ship repeater, which we constantly conducted according to the RR data also from the threatened direction. After completing the replenishment, AMG began a maneuver of preventive evasion, increasing speed to 26 nodes. I decided to dive to the depth of 200 meters, go under the aircraft carrier and maneuver with it. At the same time, the direct escort ships proceeded independently, and from each side of the Avma they began to work on one helicopter with OGAS, which was changed every two hours. After some time, Avma abruptly changed course to the left by 90 °. This maneuver was also known to us. It is calculated that the tracking submarine will lose contact and proceed further along the intended course of avma, where either the submarine or the CCUG from the warrant will be in ambush. But to lose contact with such a goal, when without acoustics there was a rumble from the working four shaft lines, it was impossible. It was like the time of the next communication session. Began maneuvering for ascent under the periscope. At that time, the head of the radio engineering service, Captain-Lieutenant Sergei Ivanovich Chmyr, reported to me that a ship was maneuvering between us and an aircraft carrier, with a characteristic noise similar to that of an aircraft carrier. Having started maneuvering to ascend under the periscope, contact with avma was lost for several minutes. On the periscope, the deck lights of the receding avma were visible and the f / a contact was restored. With the immersion began maneuvering to reduce the distance and take up their position.

After 2 hours, I had doubts about the monitored target, the g / acoustics also became doubtful, since the noise had several differences from the noise before the surfacing of the communications panel. Surfing to the periscope depth, found that the plane is surrounded by ships lying in drift, and with the ship, which was taken for avma, there is an active radio exchange. It became clear that during the reception of the previous communication session, Avma had gone to the side, and instead of him there was a ship with a similar noise portrait. Assessing the situation and assuming that Avma "ENTERPRISE" went to the AMG "MIDUA", decided to follow in the same direction. Having emerged under the periscope through the 2 hour, for conducting radio and electronic reconnaissance, a short radio signal was found in Avma "ENTERPRISE" radio networks, the radio bearing coincided with the calculated position of AMG MIDUAI, which was a confirmation of the decision. After another 2 hours, the pla took up the position of tracking inside the close guard of the AMG “MIDWAY” and here was located the Avma “ENTERPRISE”. Once, having come up for a communication session, I discovered the Sea King anti-submarine helicopter, almost directly above me. Where he flew is unclear, but finding a periscope, hung. The maneuver of evasion did not comply, because it was clear that the submarine was discovered, especially in peacetime. I decided so. Of course, it was an illiterate decision. It also played a role that the Americans considered themselves invulnerable, and only they are the masters of the ocean. Tracking continued until April 10. But we, too, do not slurp soup.

USS Midway (CV-41)

Emerging for a regular communication session, I discovered on the screen of a television system how some black shadow was coming from the bottom right corner of the screen. Maybe a shark or a dolphin. But at this time, the arrows of the instruments of the lead cable equipment clicked, red and green light bulbs flashed and I understood everything. A look at the depth gauge - 30 meters. In the central - deathly silence. He gave the command of the boatswain on an even keel to dive to the depth of 40 meters. It was clear that iron was at the top, i.e. ship. A submarine having risen through 10 minutes under the periscope, on the course angle 150 ° of the left side, found a destroyer of the type “Spryuens”. The ocean is calm. Acoustics have not heard anything yet, they don’t put on headphones, there’s nothing on the screen of the HOOK either. Here is an example of a silent ship. It turned out that the navigator, after preparing the ship for battle and march, had forgotten to remove power from the lead cable equipment. Thanks to his razdolbaystvu we did not fall under the ram strike. Punish did not.

Destructor type "Spryuens"

Three days after the tracking began, I asked the Chief of Staff of the Pacific Fleet to transfer to another communication session, since the tracking speeds are large, but most importantly, the crew was exhausted and further work was not safe under the previous communication program. At the next communication session, the platform was switched to a more gentle communication mode.

10 April a telegram was received, signed by Com. The Pacific Fleet in which it was indicated that there were no reports from the submarine during 8 hours. Tracking stop, bring the place and actions, to occupy an area with coordinates ...

The surveillance was stopped, it occupied the designated area and continued to monitor the enemy using its own radio and electronic reconnaissance equipment. A radio was received from the coast, which indicated that the company “Coral C” followed AMG and Midway from the west coast of the United States. The meeting should occur in the area with a radius of 90 miles centered at the point with coordinates W = ..., D = .... After analyzing the situation, we came to the conclusion that apparently AMG Coral Sea should be replaced by AMG AVMA Enterprise,. After some time, the data of the electronic reconnaissance of the submarine revealed the presence of the AMG Coral Sea ships, which was reported to the fleet command ship. Two days later, the K-305 Platform was assigned a new area - south of the island of Atta of the Aleutian Ridge. I still can not understand, but I really didn’t like this area. Having gotten my workbook and found the material I needed, I understood everything. I was assigned the area in which the hydrophone grid of the SOSUS system was located. Having occupied the southern edge of the designated area, PL continued to monitor the grouping. With the arrival in the area, literally a few hours later, a hydrographic vessel was discovered, which maneuvered from the western edge of my area to the eastern edge during the day. The maneuvering looked like a chevron with a sharp side on the southern edge of the area. When it became clear that the Americans had formed an aircraft carrier strike as part of 3 aircraft carriers and more than 28 ships of various types, and began to move towards the Kamchatka Peninsula, a report was immediately sent to the CP TO KP. However, for a long period of time with KPOF information was not.

Here you need to make a small digression and return a month ago, as the events that followed will be incomprehensible.

7 or 8 March I was approached by an operational officer of the special department, the captain of 3 rank, I don’t remember his last name and asked me to give him permission to check the closed equipment. I summoned the commander of the communications unit of the captain-lieutenant Fyodorov Yevgeny Ivanovich and told him about the request of an employee of the NGO, to which he brought me two orders: the USSR Minister of Defense and the Commander-in-Chief of the Navy, who strictly regulated the admission of personnel to the closed equipment and documents to it . After some time, LLC again comes up to me, but already with a written report on which I wrote a waiver with reference to the governing documents. Then he tells me that the key documents for one of the communication channels are not suitable. I realized that there was a “mole” LLC in the communications unit. He began to deal with the commander of the CU communications. It turned out that with the transition to seasonal documents, a notebook with keys is not suitable. When I asked why he did not report to me, he received the answer as follows. It happens that after a few notebooks, because of an error on the shore when forming a notebook, sheets with the keys of this equipment appear, and he did not want to disturb me. Of course, he got his. Since this communication channel was a backup one, I decided not to produce a report on the fleet command gear, which I recorded in the event log. On the second day of tracking, this worker of the OO came to me at the CPU and told me with a smirk that on the ship in the warhead-5 a scuffle thrives, you need to urgently understand, and nobody needs aircraft carriers. I called in the TsP politician, I don’t remember his last name, and the commander of the CU-5 captain 3 of the rank of ZAYNULLIN Florida Sagitovich and gave the order to figure out what happened there. It turned out that the seconded young sailor-turbinist from another crew to study the specialty, in every possible way evaded the performance of their duties. Periodically, on a par with all the sailors, he was appointed a worker in the galley. After the shift, he must descend to his combat post and study the material part. He did not like it, and by any means began to shirk here and there. It came to got on the nose. Understood. Of course, there was a flaw and the unit commander and political officer, who at that time did not know anything about this incident.

After 8 hours after the AUS passed through the area of ​​the plan, an order was received - to establish tracking for it. It was decided at full speed, periodically emerging for conducting electronic intelligence, to catch up with the group. An hour later, a group target noise was detected. Visually observed transport type "SACRAMENTO" and a number of the destroyer - traverse way replenished stocks at a speed of 12 nodes. An hour later, a SI NIGHT helicopter was visually detected at the periscope. Since such helicopters are based only on aircraft carriers and providing them with vehicles, once the transport is behind us, it means that it flies to one of the aircraft carriers. Having determined the KU of the helicopter, they calculated its course, which coincided with the radio-technical bearings on the grouping of ships. After 4 hours of AUS, tracking was detected and established. A storm broke out (7 points), AUS reduced the speed to 6 nodes. During the storm, the entire AUS battle order fell apart - the ships stormed on their own. But, despite this, visually observed the flight of the deck aviation. In the course of tracking, it was found that ships of 40-s belonging to Canada are part of AMG Coral Sea. They were armed with old sonar equipment. At the very aircraft carrier one shaft line creaked very strongly, which made it possible to carry out tracking at large distances and accurately count the speed, and, therefore, know the exact speed. 17 on April received an order to stop tracking and return to base.

On the return, I once again analyzed the connection. For all the time of tracking, the submarine 50 went on the air once, using only the space communication channel. The technical receipts were received for all the devotees of the radio from the satellite, which indicated that the satellite had received my information. And the final receipts, i.e. confirmation that my reports reached the addressee were received only on 25 reports. Drawing attention to this during tracking, I began to combine the forms of reports: one covered with a cipher, the other with closed equipment. Which left processed by cipher - receipts came from the coast, and on others were not. Today there is a receipt, tomorrow there is no, etc. I shared my conclusions and doubts with the deputy politician and the LLC, telling the latter that he pay close attention to this.

Upon the arrival of the ship to the location at the pier, I reported to the commander of the flotilla, Hero of the Soviet Union, Vice Admiral A. PAVLOV. about the task and about the case with a sailor-turbinist.

The next day I carried the signature to the fleet commander on an urgent report to the fleet commander on the results of the march. The deputy chief of staff of the flotilla, Captain 1 of rank GONTAREV Valery Pavlovich, went with me. We go in the office. The commander sits a member of the military council of the flotilla, Rear Admiral AMBAROV. The commander began with the fact that I did not know how to contact the employees of the special department that the operas. OO, who was on the march with me already filed a report on the fleet about the mess on my ship. ChVS at the same time agreed, smacking his lips. The more the commander spoke, the louder his voice became. He began to talk about 37 year, when not like I broke, etc. etc. I also increased my volume. But GONTAREV barked at me so that I came to my senses. In conclusion, he received an order from the commander to go to a special department of the flotilla and find out there, report the results. I come to a special department. Sits deputy. head of department. He asked me what fate and why. I began to explain, at this time the head of the department, Rear Admiral Sidenko, sets in. I started first. After hearing me, the rear admiral took out a report from the safe, which the operative wrote, tore it up, and said to me: “If you allowed the inspection of the closed equipment to my employee, then we would understand. I have no questions for you, work calmly. I will report to the commander myself. ”

When the submarine returned from combat service, the division commander was at sea and returned two days later. Having met me, he said the following: “should I kiss your aircraft carriers for your ass?” It turns out an interesting picture: there is no need for tracking for specialists, the division commander is also not needed, it turns out, only I needed it, I myself asked for this “roller coaster”. Nice meeting in two months. The next day, he called me to him. I enter the office. In the corridor of the headquarters he intercepts some senior lieutenant, gives the command "quietly!" And hands me an order with the words: "go up to the head of the personnel department and for the prize get binoculars from the Commander-in-Chief." I must pay tribute to him, after reading the reporting documents for the trip, he congratulated me on the implementation of this most difficult task. I understood him too, but it was still offensive.

13 April 1983, North Pacific, exercises FleetEx 83-1. Carriers left: clockwise: USS Enterprise (CVN-65), USS Midway (CV-41), USS Coral Sea (CV-43)

In 1987, for health reasons, I was discharged from the crew and appointed to a teaching position at the Navy Training Center. At the beginning of the 90s, I was invited to the Navy intelligence department. I arrived at the General Staff building, found the indicated cabinet, entered. A man in a civil suit sat at the table, it was clear that he was already in stock. We met. He suggested that I recall my trip. He started from the beginning, he commented on the story. He did not confirm contact with a foreign submarine in the Sea of ​​Okhotsk. I tried to prove to him that the spectral analysis of noise, performed at the 100 hydroacoustic range, confirmed that these were the sounds of a foreign submarine. He did not argue, realizing that honor of the uniform above all. We switched to tracking the AUS. Here I learned for the first time that the K-305 PL was discovered three times:

- for the first time - a short-term contact, 1 is the minute when a great move was made to intercept AMG ENTERPRISE, which was reported to the command post of the AMG commander. It was a submarine, the work of which the radar was discovered by us.

- the second time - the plane "INTRUDER" in 6 miles (11 km) From Avma, the retractable devices of the plate were detected, and only then, after comparing these two reports, the command of the AMG approved the presence of a follow-up plate. But by this time, the plate was already 2-e days in the position of application of torpedo weapons.

From US sources - from their event log:
“4.04. PL "Los Angeles" reported short-term contact with the submarine on 8: 15 and on 8: 45 on 260 ° bearing. " The report was ignored.
"6.04 aircraft" Intruder "with AVMA" Enterprise "with its radar detected the withdrawable submarine devices in the 60 cable distance from the aircraft carrier. Comparing these two reports, they confirmed the presence of a Soviet submarine in their warrant. ” Here, the Americans took 18 hours to reach the criteria for the conditional attack of a submarine.
"7.04 on 11: 50 helicopter" Sea King "with AVMA" Enterprise "in 6 miles from an aircraft carrier found a plate in 12: 05; 12: 14; and 12: 34 delivered a conditional blow to it. In 12: 44 hit the second helicopter. In 13: 05, the contact is lost, in 13: 20, the Diffar radio buoy is restored, 13: 28 is lost. 13: 38 - restored and soon lost. ”

- the third time - 16.04 in 15: 00 destroyer "HILL", with the antenna "TASS" made contact with the platform. After 35 minutes, the ORION aircraft, based on the Aleutian Islands, arrived in the area and, using the “DIFAR” RGAB, during the 2 hours of tracking, reached the attack criteria in 17: 30 and in 19: 35. However, this time around, the plate of the 8 watch, before its discovery, was in the position of using torpedo weapons.

All this happened during the teachings of the US Navy in the Pacific under the code name "FLITEX 83-1".

From 4 to 17 April, the plan was in the zone of continuous operation of both shipborne and airborne radar and GAS, while 114 once floated to the periscope depth using sliding devices (PNZN, ANIS, SINTEZ, RAMKA, MRP -21 ”), of which 62 times inside the near guard.

After analyzing the FLITEKS 83-1 teaching, the American side came to the conclusion that numerous narrow-band radiations from AUS ships created great difficulties in detecting and recognizing the plate, which generated a large number of false contacts, for which additional significant PLO forces and means were constantly diverted. From 9 to 14, April, 300 was recorded to report on contact with the plate, but only 7 of them, with a certain probability, could be attributed to contacts from the plate.

Evaluating the activities of the USSR Navy's 671 RTM project in the course of the exercise, they concluded that this plan is quiet and represents a challenge to the SOSUS system. The predicted detection range of this project’s TASS antenna should be at least 20 miles, and in fact 3-5 miles. The TAK TASS antennas were ineffective even if acoustic reconnaissance specialists from the Naval Intelligence Support Center were on board the ships. The same result on the system "LEMPS".
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    Acoustics have not heard anything yet, have not put on headphones, on the HOOK screen, too, nothing. Here is an example of a silent ship. It turned out the navigator after preparing the ship for battle and campaign, forgot to remove power from the equipment of the lead cable. Thanks to his gouging, we did not fall under the ramming blow. He did not punish.

    1983 year.
    It was as if he again fell into those blessed times. laughing good
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    “Am I supposed to kiss your ass for your aircraft carriers?”
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    From US sources - from their event log:
    «4.04. pla "Los Angeles" reported short-term contact with the submarine at 8:15 and at 8:45 on the bearing of 260 °. ” The report was ignored.
    «6.04 aircraft "Intruder" with AVMA Enterprise, with its radar, I found submarine sliders at a distance of 60 cables from the aircraft carrier. Comparing these two reports, they confirmed the presence of a Soviet submarine as part of their warrant. ” Here, it took the Americans 18 hours to achieve the criteria for a conditional submarine attack.
    7.04 at 11:50 Sea King helicopter with Avma Enterprise, 6 miles from the aircraft carrier, he discovered a plane at 12:05; 12:14; and 12:34 struck a conditional blow on her. At 12:44 a second helicopter struck. At 13:05 - contact is lost, at 13:20 with the help of the radio-frequency buoy “Difar” restored, 13:28 - is lost. 13:38 - restored and soon lost. "

    - third time - 16.04 at 15:00 HILL destroyer, with the antenna "TASS" made contact with the pl. After 35 minutes, he arrived in the area. Orion BPA aircraft based on the Aleutian Islands, and, using the “DIFAR” type RSLA, within 2 hours of tracking the target, it reached the attack criteria at 17:30 and at 19:35. However, this time, the plaque was already 8 hours before its discovery, was in the position of using torpedo weapons

    That is, in fact, the aircraft carrier and its aircraft did not play any role - the main threat to the Soviet submarine was represented only by the Los Angeles submarine, destroyers with GAS, turntables and BASE aircraft

    as for the short-term detection by the intruder attack aircraft - nothing more than an accident

    By the way, where were the S-3 Viking carrier-based anti-submarine aircraft?
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      "Position of the use of torpedo weapons" means the position when the attacking submarine is in a state of readiness for the immediate launch of torpedoes (submarine missiles, etc.) at a specific and identified target, when all the calculations made are included in the weapon control systems, and the weapon itself is checked made for "shot".

      Then the "if" multiplying in geometric progression will begin ...
      A real (or even a simulated) torpedo salvo ("purging" of TO (torpedo tubes) VVD (high pressure air) will inevitably cause an incredible "nix" in the entire attacked order, and, as a result, the adoption of very urgent countermeasures (jamming, false targets, imitators, "anti-torpedoes", etc.), up to the "cover" of the flagship by the sides (as, presumably, it happened with the LK Tirpitz, which was covered by its own ship (destroyer (?)) during the attack of K -21 05.07.1942/XNUMX/XNUMX).

      As you can see, it is still far from "sinking" ...

      In addition, the hit of a torpedo (and even torpedoes), this, unfortunately for the submariners, is probably far from drowning.

      The "Edinburgh" attacked on 01.04.1942, according to some sources, was blown off the stern. The cruiser New Orleans, which received a torpedo from a Japanese destroyer on November 30.11.1942, 1, recorded in the logbook the detonation of the artillery cellars of tower No. 2 and the loss of the entire bow to the pressure bulkhead of tower No. XNUMX.
      According to the crew, the severed bow, during maneuvering, hit the cruiser on the side, which was the basis for considering the New Orleans the first ship to ram itself. [
      pg? uselang = en]

      So the "amers" in the crosshairs of the periscone lines of the Russian boat can be considered rather "conditionally successfully attacked".

      Somewhere in the "network" there were articles with layouts of how many torpedoes were "needed" to sink a ship of a certain type (LK Bismarck - 8-10; LK Yamato - 16-18 torpedoes, etc.).
      Although here the notorious "if" can always arise ...
      Thus, the British Navy destroyer Sheffield on 04.05.1982/10.05.1982/XNUMX, which received an Argentine (French, of course) anti-ship missile (which, according to some reports, did not even explode), received such damage that it sank while being towed on XNUMX/XNUMX/XNUMX.