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Google Earth - a military secrets debater


About ten years ago, the Google search engine launched a unique Google Earth project. Many areas of the earth's surface were available for viewing in high resolution using images taken from space.

With the advent of information technology, we have at our disposal high-quality maps that have high resolution, can show relief and perform many other useful functions. All these features are completely free. The Google Earth program is one of the best, perhaps the best application that is free and available for everyone.
For the full work of the program requires an Internet connection, since the size of 16 megabytes has only the program, and the maps themselves are loaded during online viewing.

The image and program layers are saved in the cache, which significantly saves time and traffic. System requirements in Google Earth are very small: 1-2 GHz processor and 1 GB of RAM. But if necessary, the program can work on weaker computers, including mobile phones. In many ways, the download speed depends on the Internet, but the 20-50 Kb / s is quite enough not to wait for a long time when the next section loads.

You can use several types of search in Google Earth. For example, enter the name of a city or a specific street in English or Russian, and the program will indicate the exact location. Also the program can count the way. To do this, you must enter the "names" of the starting and ending points and the program will show the desired path, which will be highlighted in blue and accompanied by inscriptions that help not to get lost.

Google Earth has special layers that show panoramas, galleries, weather, and more. If any layer interferes with normal viewing or there is no need for it, then it can be turned off at any time. In the program, the image quality makes a good impression. In some areas of the survey, objects can be observed from a height of several tens of meters, which made it possible to see the smallest details.

It is possible to view 3d objects, this is especially useful when “traveling” through the streets of cities or viewing large objects.


The Statue of Liberty

Arecibo Radio Telescope

In addition, satellite images of military facilities around the world are published. Despite the presence of "closed" to view areas, such as the Aberdeen Proving Ground in the United States, most of the military facilities are readily available for viewing. Thus, the images that were previously at the disposal of only the special services and were marched, were possible for anyone to see.

From now on, everyone can, as they say, individually count the number of aircraft, missiles, ships. The fact that recently was the prerogative of the military intelligence of the world, today has become the object of entertainment lovers. Of particular interest are strategic nuclear forces (SNF). The photographs indicating the latitude and longitude, you can consider the details of interest.

As is known, the basis of American strategic forces is ballistic missiles placed on submarines (SLBMs). Each SSBN is equipped with a 24 class Trident 2 SLBM. Currently, the naval component of the US strategic nuclear forces consists of 14 nuclear submarines (SSBNs) with 336 SLBMs.

Due to the ability to conduct long-term patrols while underwater, SSBNs are complex for satellite visual reconnaissance objects.

Naval base at Groton

SSBN at berth in Bangor

It is much easier to observe the submarines at berths, docks and disposal points.

The ground component of the US Strategic Nuclear Forces is comprised of strategic missile systems equipped with intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs). Currently deployed to 450 "Minuteman" in the mine launchers (silos).

Baza Malstrom, silo "Minetman"

Aviation the strategic nuclear forces are strategic, or heavy, bombers capable of solving nuclear missions. All strategic bombers have dual-use status: they can strike using both nuclear and conventional weapons.

B-52H carrying combat duty at the Mino airbase

B-1B at Texon Air Base

B-2A at ​​Anderson airbase

The aviation component of the United States SNA at the five aviation bases in the continental United States contained about 230 bombers of three types - B-52H, B-1В and B-2А.

The strategic objects include radar missile defense and space centers.

Radar missile defense, Bale airbase

Kennedy Spaceport

Complex "Sea Launch", Long Beach

As part of the US Navy on 19 March 2013, there were 284 ships and vessels of various types.

Atomic multipurpose aircraft carriers such as "Nimitz" parked in San Diego

The atomic multi-purpose aircraft carrier "Harry S. Truman" in Norfolk

Ticondeur-class missile cruiser and Arleigh Burk destroyer

Universal amphibious ships

With the help of Google Earth on the airfields can observe a variety of aircraft.

E-4B President's aircraft, at Andrews Avabase

F-15E at Seymour Johnson Air Base

F-5N squadron "Aggressor" in Key West

F-22A at ​​Elmendorf-Richadson Air Base

F-16 at Luke airbase

A-10 attack aircraft, Nellis airbase

F-15C at Nellis airbase

F-35 at Fort Worth factory airfield

OV-10 at Albuquerque airport

Combat helicopters AN-64, to Fort Knox

CH-47 transport helicopters at Fort Lewis

Global Hawk UAV at Edwards Air Base

Helicopters of the Marine Corps CH-53 at Miramar Air Base

Aviation equipment storage center

Some aircraft can be observed on take-off, in this case, the contours of the aircraft in the picture are not much blurry.

E-3 takes off Avaks

In the air patrol R-3 "Orion"

It is easiest to study the techniques of ground forces in places of permanent deployment and storage. Or in the factories of manufacturers.

Armored vehicles in Fort Bliss

PU ZRK Patriot in Fort Bliss

Abrams to Fort Hood

Tank Abrams manufacturing and modernization plant in Lima, Ohio

A very interesting object to study is the nuclear test site covered with numerous craters in the Nevada desert.

At the site of the Air Force, so everything is covered with funnels.

Soviet vehicles were set as targets.

And this is just a fraction of what can be learned with the help of Google Earth about military facilities located in different parts of the world.
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  1. Boot under the carpet
    Boot under the carpet 16 September 2013 08: 24
    After all, they were not too lazy and transported Soviet equipment :) Such petty ones)
    1. Bongo
      16 September 2013 10: 34
      They even have privately owned Soviet aircraft.
    2. Stas57
      Stas57 16 September 2013 10: 41
      these "petty" ones bought, for example, the only flying IL2, paying for the restoration

      and we unfortunately do not care about it, the house on the ruble is more important

      and here is an article that they still have
      1. Bongo
        16 September 2013 10: 48
        In the United States in this regard, the laws are much more liberal, the authorities are not afraid that this IL-2 will strike an assault on the White House lol Yes, and the population is richer and if not strange fuel is cheaper. So there is an opportunity to buy rare aircraft in private property. In addition, probably the mentality of people of the wealthy is different.
        1. Stas57
          Stas57 16 September 2013 10: 53
          Well, here is something cooler than Il2

          in general, our rich, with a rare exception, spit on air and armor.
          Yes, and the population is richer and, strangely enough, fuel is cheaper. So there is the opportunity to buy rare aircraft in private ownership. In addition, probably the mentality of wealthy people is different.

          Yes, it will be more fashionable at Robinson, but we have enough people with dough, but they are not interested, only Zadorozhniy comes to mind
  2. xetai9977
    xetai9977 16 September 2013 08: 27
    The dream of many generations of scouts has come true !!!
    1. Aryan
      Aryan 16 September 2013 12: 55
      not a fact
      in the light of the latest revelations of the famous prince
      about the participation of google in the anb
      it can be assumed that they may slip
      elementary disuse where necessary bully
    2. Max otto
      Max otto 16 September 2013 15: 05
      Do not flatter yourself, this thing is useless in terms of intelligence. Snapshots are not updated instantly in time. And if you take them into account, then a huge surprise awaits you upon landing in the form of a changed situation. For example, my city in this program is represented by photographs of 2004, there is no newer, but since then a lot has changed: 3 microdistricts, central intersections have been re-planned, "Google spies" will simply get lost in space.
      But in civilian terms, I needed a completely necessary thing, I was somehow looking for a way to one forest lake, it helped a lot.
  3. Landwarrior
    Landwarrior 16 September 2013 08: 35
    There all the same pictures are spread not fresh but about a year's "freshness". So you can see it, but nothing more.
    1. Bongo
      16 September 2013 10: 27
      There are fresh, about a month ago.
      1. Landwarrior
        Landwarrior 16 September 2013 17: 31
        Well, they are updated a little more often if it was cloudy on the previous ones, but even then every few months. Fresh, i.e. "in the heat of the heat" is never there
  4. Nayhas
    Nayhas 16 September 2013 08: 57
    Good resource. I decided somehow to find a shipyard near Shanghai, where the new destroyers are building and just stunned. There are many of them! Moreover, various sizes from giant to supertankers, to small ones. The most interesting thing to watch is history over 10 years. First, uneven coast and farmland, then the construction of the dam, drainage, and now the shipyard or oil terminal. Or huts and fields, and then bam and a navy academy of gigantic proportions with its own pier, a lake with boats ...
  5. Hort
    Hort 16 September 2013 09: 33
    many pictures are old in this program ... And they are not updated for a long time
    1. Bongo
      16 September 2013 10: 28
      A significant portion of the US territory is updated approximately 2-3 times a year.
  6. evgeny1td
    evgeny1td 16 September 2013 10: 10
    information a year ago may not be useful
    1. Bongo
      16 September 2013 10: 36
      You are mistaken - spaceports, stationary radars, airfields, shipyards, etc. Nowhere do not go. Moreover, observing changes at other objects, one can draw very interesting conclusions.
  7. Ddhal
    Ddhal 16 September 2013 10: 31
    Thank you, Sergei.
    Recently I saw a curious map of Europe from! 000 to the present day.
    At the end of the viewing, I again want to spit on the "tagged" for the collapse of the Union ..
  8. Hleb
    Hleb 16 September 2013 10: 34
    but in general it’s interesting to climb the Earth. no, I’m not looking at where they roamed

    for example, the largest border detachment in the world in Tuskharoy
    1. Nayhas
      Nayhas 16 September 2013 12: 02
      That truth is far from clear shots everywhere, Itum-Kale is still visible, but where everything climbed blurry ...
  9. de bouillon
    de bouillon 16 September 2013 10: 48
    there is another interesting resource Wikimapia

    the meaning is the same as that of ordinary Wikipedia, i.e. Anyone who knows can mark and describe all the geographical features on Earth.

    here you can look at the map of Syria

    there you can find all the objects, even by the numbers of military units, SAM positions, etc.
    1. Bongo
      16 September 2013 11: 33
      So this is also a Google project.
  10. Canep
    Canep 16 September 2013 10: 53
    Very good service, I sometimes use it to develop work projects.
  11. Selendis
    Selendis 16 September 2013 10: 54
    Thanks to Google), the CIA spies on ours, the NSA spies on American citizens, and citizens spy on everyone) if they want, and not only American citizens can spy)))
  12. kontrol
    kontrol 16 September 2013 11: 05
    Of course, there is no fresh information, but the port, plant, take-off, and mine pus are very difficult to transfer even for several months. Therefore, some relevance still exists.
  13. Odysseus
    Odysseus 16 September 2013 11: 31
    Interesting photos. Thanks Bongo!
    It would be interesting to look at a similar selection in the People's Republic of China. This is if the author is not in scrap smile
    1. Bongo
      16 September 2013 12: 04
      I will, since you ask. But according to the PRC, the resolution will be basically worse.
      1. Odysseus
        Odysseus 16 September 2013 12: 19
        Quote: Bongo
        I’ll do it if you ask. But according to the PRC, the resolution will be mostly worse

        Well, I think everyone will be interested to look at the military facilities of our powerful neighbor.
        With permission it’s clear that worse.
  14. Ulysses
    Ulysses 16 September 2013 11: 44
    Image refresh rate is not impressive
    Traffic on this bridge in Kaliningrad was opened on December 23, 2011.
    And on the "surfer" still flaunts a picture at the best of the spring of the same year, and maybe even for 2010. wink
  15. Stas57
    Stas57 16 September 2013 11: 51
    Is this humor like this, or do most naively believe that ours will strike by printing pictures from Google?
    1. Odysseus
      Odysseus 16 September 2013 12: 15
      Quote: Stas57
      Is this humor like this, or do most naively believe that ours will strike by printing pictures from Google?

      No, of course. What a strange train of thought. This is a cognitive resource. But, by the way, for technologically undeveloped countries it can also have military significance (Pakistan 2007).
    2. Bongo
      16 September 2013 12: 25
      Did someone say this? Although even these pictures vividly show the capabilities of modern satellite reconnaissance facilities. Unfortunately, our possibilities are much inferior in this respect to the American ones.
      In the photo position of the Libyan air defense system C-125 after an air strike.
      1. NIKNN
        NIKNN 7 November 2015 19: 30
        There are no direct hits. But it doesn’t matter, the accuracy is decent, and it’s interesting to beat (on funnels somewhere no less than our fab250. sad
  16. Tan4ik
    Tan4ik 16 September 2013 12: 35
    How I love google =)
  17. zyablik.olga
    zyablik.olga 16 September 2013 15: 53
    To write such an article and accompany it with pictures, you need to know not only what exactly and where to look, but also understand what you see and this is a considerable amount of knowledge. Respect to the author.
    1. Bongo
      17 September 2013 04: 51
      Thank! Glad you understand that)))
  18. Bigfoot_Sev
    Bigfoot_Sev 16 September 2013 16: 19
    in fact, you can see a lot of funny stuff here.
    Of course, this is not in real time and most of the pictures are outdated (in places as much as five years). but there’s something to see. Nevada training ground is worth what.

    = ^ _ ^ =
    1. OPTR
      OPTR 16 September 2013 17: 23
      Quote: Bigfoot_Sev
      Of course it’s not in real time and most of the pictures are outdated (in places as much as five years)

      Coordinates can also be "twisted", at least on their side. And if the images are outdated, then new objects are not visible on them. It's like in astronomy, seeing the past.
      1. Bigfoot_Sev
        Bigfoot_Sev 16 September 2013 17: 52
        I did not meet a twist of coordinates. I clipped photos to the area through Google’s service. then he looked out of the house. everything is very accurate.

        = ^ _ ^ =
  19. slacker
    slacker 16 September 2013 17: 41
    Good service! A lot of interesting things are opened to a careful look!
  20. Michael_59
    Michael_59 16 September 2013 18: 01
    Yes, our enemies have something to admire ...

    Gritted his teeth when he looked at these pictures - Gorbachev, gn * yes ...

    This is the former part of the Strategic Missile Forces, 2004.
  21. Michael_59
    Michael_59 16 September 2013 18: 05
    The same part in 2011.
  22. Michael_59
    Michael_59 16 September 2013 18: 07
    Rocket Train Base ...
  23. Michael_59
    Michael_59 16 September 2013 18: 27
    She is in 2011. - everything collapses ...
  24. georg737577
    georg737577 16 September 2013 22: 04
    By installing Google services on your PC, you help the enemy!
    1. Ammane
      Ammane 17 September 2013 03: 08
      Urgently need to throw the enemy computer out the window.
  25. Phantassin
    Phantassin 17 September 2013 11: 14
    Thanks for the article, very interesting. No offense, but I was immediately struck by one discrepancy between the signature and the photograph. In the photograph, the inscription under which reads: "OV-10 at the Albuquerque airfield", instead of the light attack aircraft "Bronco", 3 convertible planes МV-22 Osprey are clearly visible.
    1. Bongo
      17 September 2013 15: 17
      Exactly it is. My omission, of course I meant "Osprey".
  26. Sling
    Sling 18 September 2013 14: 04
    Google Earth for an amateur spy, it's a fairy tale!
  27. D_L
    D_L 21 September 2013 00: 53
    Funny program! But not so simple.
  28. Tsar'kov Danila
    Tsar'kov Danila 22 September 2013 14: 53
    I wonder what is it?
    1. Bongo
      22 September 2013 15: 12
      At many US airfields, such crap is worth
  29. Savl
    Savl 23 September 2013 09: 15
    The most interesting thing is that cities without military facilities are shown in lower resolution, compare, for example, Salihorsk, Belarus and Severodvinsk, Russia.
  30. max90.90
    max90.90 26 January 2014 20: 20
    zone 51 all in 3d buildings
  31. max90.90
    max90.90 26 January 2014 20: 44
    area 51
    The impressive secrecy of the base, the very existence of which the government recognized with great reluctance
  32. max90.90
    max90.90 26 January 2014 20: 48
    and here are the 3D objects
  33. max90.90
    max90.90 26 January 2014 22: 31
    strategic transport complex of strategic purpose of the project 941 Shark
  34. The comment was deleted.
  35. max90.90
    max90.90 26 January 2014 22: 33
    Plark of Project 949a
  36. max90.90
    max90.90 26 January 2014 22: 50
    object 2311 navigation radar don-2n
  37. The comment was deleted.
  38. max90.90
    max90.90 26 January 2014 22: 51
    object 2311 navigation radar don-2n
  39. max90.90
    max90.90 27 January 2014 00: 30
    utah hill air force base 388 fighter wing
  40. max90.90
    max90.90 27 January 2014 00: 43
    Wosp-class amphibious assault carrier number LHD-4 "boxer" San Diego
  41. The comment was deleted.
  42. NIKNN
    NIKNN 7 November 2015 19: 20
    To author +
    Do not flatter yourself, in terms of intelligence, this thing is useless. Pictures are not updated instantly in time. And if you take them into account, then you will find a huge surprise when landing in the form of a changed environment.

    Yes, we are not going to land, but touch, we will use our companions or our tourists will publish real-time from their phones on Facebook, and even selfies in the background laughing