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36 Expedition to the ISS

In May, the Soyuz TMA-2013M spacecraft, launched from the Baikonur launch site, successfully docked in automatic mode with the ISS, marking the beginning of the 09 space mission. It lasted 36 days, and during that time, the International Space Station circled around the Earth 166 2 times.

Now the crew of the 36-th expedition from six cosmonauts from Russia, the USA and Canada has safely returned to Earth today, landing in the Kazakh steppe.

Several photos showing life aboard the ISS and breathtaking views from orbit.

36 Expedition to the ISS

At the traditional press conference, Baikonur, 27 May 2013. Russian cosmonaut Fedor Yurchikhin (center), NASA astronaut Karen Nyberg (right) and European Space Agency astronaut Luka Parmitano went into orbit. Fedor Yurchikhin - the most experienced member of the team, this flight was for him the fourth. (Photo by Mikhail Metzel | AP):

Transportation of the Soyuz spacecraft to the launch site of Baikonur, 26 in May 2013. (Photo by NASA | Bill Ingalls):

Flight engineer Rick Mastrakkio from NASA looks at how the Soyuz TMA-09M arrives at the launch site of the Baikonur launch site by train, 26 in May 2013. (Photo by Bill Ingalls | NASA via Getty Images):

A fun tradition is the consecration of a spacecraft at the launch site of Baikonur, 27 May 2013. (Photo by Reuters | Shamil Zhumatov):

No less funny - the blessing of astronauts. Baikonur, Kazakhstan, 28 May 2013. (Photo by Reuters | NASA | Bill Ingalls | Handout):

Go! The launch of the Soyuz TMA-09M spacecraft from the Baikonur launch site, 29 in May 2013. (Photo by Kirill Kudryavtsev | AFP | Getty Images):

Start took place from the site number XXUMX, or "Gagarinsky start." The Soyuz TMA-1М spacecraft docked with the ISS on May 09 on 29: 06 Moscow time in fully automatic mode. (Photo by NASA | Bill Ingalls):

(Photo AP Photo | Mikhail Metzel):

Alaska. View from Orbit, May 2013. (Photo by NASA):

Preparing for spacewalk. Left - cosmonaut Fedor Yurchikhin, puts on a spacesuit. ISS, 21 Jun 2013. (Photo by NASA):

ESA Italian cosmonaut Luca Salvo Parmitano inside the Dome (Italian: cupola), a module of the International Space Station, which is a panoramic observation dome consisting of seven transparent portholes. Designed to monitor the Earth's surface, outer space and people working in open space or technology. (Photo by NASA):

ISS flies at an altitude of about 257 km over the Indian Ocean, 2 June 2013. (Photo by NASA):

The program was about 50 experiments, most of which started in previous expeditions. Among them, for example, the experiment "Endurance" - astronauts study the influence of outer space on the mechanical properties of materials. Also, astronauts investigate the immune responses of a person during a space flight. (Photo by NASA):

Guadeloupe Island in the Pacific (left center), 24 August 2013. (Photo by NASA):

The Albert Einstein, a European automated cargo spacecraft named after the physicist Albert Einstein, approaches the ISS. On board, he delivered over 6.5 tons of cargo, including: water, oxygen, food, experimental equipment. Docking occurred on 15 June 2013 of the year. (Photo by NASA):

And this, by the way, is the launch of the 5 “Albert Einstein” june 2013 with the help of the heavy carrier rocket “Arian-5ES” from the Guiana Space Center on Kourou. (Photo by Stephane Corvaja | ESA via Getty Images):

Spacecraft Albert Einstein is approaching the ISS. (Photo by NASA):

Night Sicily and most of Italy, July 29 2013. (Photo by NASA):

Forest fires in southern Colorado, 19 Jun 2013. (Photo by NASA):

Robonavt is a humanoid robot developed by NASA and General Motors. The robot is a legless humanoid figure, whose head is painted with golden paint, and the torso is white. On the hands of a robonaut five fingers with joints like human. The machine can write, grab and fold objects, hold heavy things, for example, a dumbbell weighing 9 kg. The robot does not yet have a lower body. (Photo by NASA):

Red Sea, Egypt (left) and Saudi Arabia (right), 22 Jun 2013. (Photo by Reuters | NASA):

The Japanese space truck HTV-4 "Konotori-4" is coming to the International Space Station, 9 August 2013. (Photo by NASA):

Japanese space truck HTV-4 "Konotori-4", 9 August 2013. (Photo by NASA):

ESA Italian cosmonaut Luca Salvo Parmitano in deep space, 9 July 2013. (Photo by NASA):

Stationary cameras onboard the ISS photographed a Japanese HTV-4 truck when it entered Earth's atmosphere, 7 September 2013. (Photo by NASA):

Thunderclouds over the Atlantic Ocean near the equator and Brazil, 4 July 2013. (Photo by NASA):

The 36 expedition to the ISS ends. In the photo - the descent module with the astronauts, 11 September 2013. (Photo AP Photo | Maxim Shipenkov):

Russian search and rescue helicopters fly to meet the crew. (Photo AP Photo | NASA, Bill Ingalls):

The lander with astronauts, Kazakhstan, September 11 2013. (Photo AP Photo | Maxim Shipenkov):

And here in Kazakhstan the descent capsule with participants of the 36-th expedition to the ISS successfully landed. Russian cosmonauts Pavel Vinogradov and Alexander Misurkin and NASA astronaut Christopher Cassidy, September 11 2013 returned to Earth. (Photo by Reuters | NASA | Bill Ingalls):

Landing the descent vehicle in the steppes of Kazakhstan, September 11 2013. (Photo AP Photo | Maxim Shipenkov):

Commander of the 36 Expedition to the ISS, Pavel Vinogradov, after returning to Earth, September 11 2013. (Photo AP Photo | NASA, Bill Ingalls):

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  1. PN
    PN 14 September 2013 08: 54 New
    Amazing photo! But a little sad that the evolutionary development of space technology is not visible. I am not only about us, but also about other space powers.
    1. xetai9977
      xetai9977 14 September 2013 17: 47 New
      Breathtaking photos !!! Space is always surrounded by a halo of mystery and romance at the same time!
    2. studentmati
      studentmati 15 September 2013 23: 51 New
      Quote: PN
      Amazing photo! But a little sad that the evolutionary development of space technology is not visible. I am not only about us, but also about other space powers.

      And how to evaluate the flights of European and Japanese trucks?
  2. Su-9
    Su-9 14 September 2013 09: 37 New
    I did not know that both Europeans and Japanese drove lorries to the ISS. Who else? Other than Progress? amers launched their private truck?
    1. Rider
      Rider 14 September 2013 12: 52 New
      Quote: Su-9
      I didn’t know that both Europeans and Japanese drove trucks on the ISS

      indeed, in our press this is somehow not announced.
      and it seems that delivery and supply are made only by Russian spacecraft.

      Well, a little comic.
      NASA interrupts spacewalks in spacesuits of the western sample.
      they, sorry, leaks began.
      Well, forever they don’t rush, then the jolt will clog, now leaks, they have nothing to do for a long time in space without our help.

    2. PN
      PN 14 September 2013 17: 20 New
      Yes, no, about European trucks on the news they often say about Japanese extremely rarely.
  3. Srgsoap
    Srgsoap 14 September 2013 10: 12 New
    Cool photo story! Nice pictures!
    1. AVV
      AVV 14 September 2013 14: 02 New
      The space program must be revived !!!
  4. chunga-changa
    chunga-changa 14 September 2013 10: 15 New
    Here is an excellent tracker from the ISS
  5. crambol
    crambol 14 September 2013 10: 55 New
    The photos are wonderful. Glory to the workers of space!
  6. Valentine
    Valentine 14 September 2013 19: 00 New
    Space rocket technology and cassock pop are a fun combination. Thanks for the photo. Space is ours!
    1. ivanovbg
      ivanovbg 15 September 2013 10: 31 New
      Gorazda you make fun of the "priest in a cassock"! Are you yourself able to propose a supranational, morally unifying doctrine that would be accepted by all Western (Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia), southern (Bulgaria, Serbia) and Eastern Slavs ??? Why are there brothers, Slavs, if even within the framework of Russia you do not have the best national idea yet.

      You have to understand - socialism collapsed, the common Slavic ideology retreated to the previously prepared positions - Orthodoxy. He, in comparison with socialism, has a lot of shortcomings - excludes Catholics, Müsühlmann and all other religions; it can be used only in "defense", but in no way in "offensive", etc.

      But we still do not have a better idea. Even if it does appear, it must somehow be combined with Orthodoxy. Do not break your spare positions yourself, even having the best core ones. But Lomat is the only and last ideological line of defense, having nothing better in the future - this is already direct aiding of the enemy.
  7. ivanovbg
    ivanovbg 15 September 2013 10: 07 New
    It is good that at least in one area of ​​the state can work together. Amazing photo.
  8. 123_123
    123_123 15 September 2013 11: 30 New
    It would be good to deal with failures in the field of astronautics not with the consecration of launch vehicles, but with something really effective. Shots for wrecking and a targeted program for training qualified personnel along with an increase in salaries in the industry are quite suitable.
  9. dvvv
    dvvv 15 September 2013 13: 23 New
    Foty really fascinate, especially a photo of the Earth from space.
    What makes you sad is the innovations that have come to space and one of them is priests. Whatever you say, the priestesses have never contributed to the development of science, but rather the opposite, and since the time of Copernicus. Priests send people well to the cemetery and to the war, regardless of what we are fighting for and help to seize the income of the population in the pocket of the church and those in power. Perfectly strengthen inequality in society and strengthen any power. In short, they obviously do not enlighten the mind, but stupefy and lead away .. here the rockets fall more often after they are sprinkled and blessed ...
  10. georg737577
    georg737577 15 September 2013 15: 23 New
    It's nice to see "Nikon" in the hands of an astronaut, not a publicized "Canon" ...
    NOBODY EXCEPT US 15 September 2013 17: 20 New
    Beautiful all the same !!! Top view !!