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The US Navy will strengthen the ship's defense

The US Navy will strengthen the ship's defense

The US Navy will improve the ship's defense system at the last line of the Phalanx.

The contract for the modernization of the system “Falanx” Mk15 CIWS (Close-In Weapon System) worth 136,24 million dollars was received by the developer of the system company “Raytheon” (Tucson, Arizona). The defense system at the last turn of the CIWS is designed to destroy low-flying or high-flying high-speed maneuvering anti-ship missiles (CRP), overcoming other ship defense echelons. The CIWS system is an integral component of the shipboard echelon defense and a ship self-defense system.

The issued contract has a number of options, if implemented, the total value of the contract will be 231 million dollars. The implementation of the contract will ensure the procurement of the upgraded system of the Phalanx of the US Navy (80 percent), as well as Japan (15 percent), the US Army (4 percent) and Pakistan (1 percent) under the program of foreign military assistance to foreign countries (FMS).

All work under the contract is scheduled to be completed by September 2017.

As reported by Raytheon, within the framework of the contract worth 136,2 million, the modernization will be carried out with the production and repair of 19 anti-aircraft artillery systems (ZAK) Phalanx and manufactured 4 defense system from SeaRam anti-missile defense system (SeaRAM).

Contract on 2014 FG An option is provided for the cost of 94,8 million dollars for the supply of additional 12 ZALKS "Phalanx" and 4 systems "Sea Ram".

Ship Falacs is a fast-firing 20-mm artillery complex with an automated radar, which automatically detects, accompanies and destroys anti-ship missiles, which have overcome other defense echelons. To date, 890 has been built by Falans, which are delivered to 25 countries of the world.

The C-Ram complex was created on the basis of the ZALK Falans sensors, the “1B block” and, instead of the automatic 20-mm cannon, has the 11 anti-aircraft Ram-guided missiles. The Sea Ram complex is installed on board the new warships of the coastal zone Independence (LCS 2) and Coronado (LCS 4).
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  1. Vitaly Anisimov
    Vitaly Anisimov 13 September 2013 09: 41
    And they’re doing it right .. The Russian fleet is reborn!
    1. Aryan
      Aryan 13 September 2013 10: 04
      let tractors pull their ships
      deeper in the texas desert
      torpedoes can’t get there
      but non-fact No.
      1. Andrey Yuryevich
        Andrey Yuryevich 13 September 2013 11: 38
        "mosquito" on the drum theirs desert, beat so that the dunes howl! wink
      2. Ivan79
        Ivan79 13 September 2013 12: 11
        "A submarine in the steppes of Ukraine died in an unequal air battle ..."
        Now I understand the meaning of this rhyme. smile
    2. Lord of the Sith
      Lord of the Sith 13 September 2013 10: 12
      We woke up, they always had a hole in the defense of ships from flying anti-ship missiles. It is enough to look, the radius of the "Falax" and the speed of reaction and guidance.
  2. vadson
    vadson 13 September 2013 09: 42
    tougher, tougher budget sequestration needed
  3. vladsolo56
    vladsolo56 13 September 2013 10: 21
    This is a cucumber, stunned how cool laughing
    1. borisvlmv
      borisvlmv 13 September 2013 10: 32
      Quote: vladsolo56
      This is a cucumber, stunned how cool laughing

      YES ... In opu this cucumber would be thrust ....
      1. Andrey Yuryevich
        Andrey Yuryevich 13 September 2013 11: 39
        there is a very prickly variety! Yesterday I was collecting all the hands I had ... laughing
        1. demeen1
          demeen1 13 September 2013 11: 52
          so maybe you collected cacti, slipped in the form of cucumbers
  4. kostya_a
    kostya_a 13 September 2013 10: 46
    Well, that's right, the Syrians are now sitting with the Yakhonts and the Yankees are not coming closer than 500 km. Such things cannot be saved from Yakhont !!!
    1. Nukem999
      Nukem999 13 September 2013 11: 11
  5. Russkiy_Prapor
    Russkiy_Prapor 13 September 2013 12: 35
    AK-630M-2 "Duet" - Russian ship 30-mm automatic artillery mount. Designed to equip missile-cannon missile defense systems of naval ships in the near field, that is, primarily for the destruction of anti-ship missiles and other types of guided weapons. It can also perform the tasks of destroying aircraft, helicopters and other means of air attack of the enemy, defeating small-sized sea surface and coastal targets.
    The system is made according to the scheme of multi-barrel weapons with a rotating block of trunks (Gatling scheme). Automation works due to the energy of powder gases, unlike foreign counterparts (Phalanx, Goalkeeper) does not require an external energy source to rotate the barrel unit. It is a modernization of the AK-630M1-2 complex, from which it visually differs by a tower having less radar visibility.

    Performance characteristics

    Caliber 30 mm
    Rate of fire 10 rounds / min.
    Maximum firing range 4000-5000 m
    Muzzle velocity 875 + 25 m / s
    1. kafa
      kafa 13 September 2013 14: 11
      and if stupid MAMMERS zadavlyat their phalanx stupidly ... and cho fool and under the turban above the guns, the same but better "4D digit will allow you to castrate unfaithful (cheaters) mosquitoes
    2. SHILO
      SHILO 13 September 2013 21: 34
      It is nice to compare with the Shell (although Malekho different things):

      Phalanx \ Shell
      Caliber 20 - 30
      Count 6 trunks - 4
      Pace 3000 - 5000
      Defeat 1500 - 4000

      In a word Shipunov, Gryazev ViVAT !!!
  6. kafa
    kafa 13 September 2013 12: 58
    I wouldn’t be so happy. hello to the rocketers (ours) scratched themselves, but sorry and we ask them (on hostility) engineers are not fools (politicians are a separate caste)
  7. Andrey Peter
    Andrey Peter 13 September 2013 13: 50
    In my opinion, nothing special. Our "duet" I think is not inferior, and outwardly prettier. hi
  8. kafa
    kafa 13 September 2013 14: 21
    and block 630 didn’t spin into you?!? go on to play tsatski and it’s not painful and the second time
  9. Sirocco
    Sirocco 13 September 2013 14: 38
    The US Navy will strengthen the ship's defense
    What say something for every scrap, there is a reception. In my opinion, the main question is how many missiles this complex and the entire air defense system of the ship can repel. After all, it is enough to break through one rocket, so that the ship would get a cord.
  10. UzRus
    UzRus 13 September 2013 16: 15
    Well, right, let strengthen. And it’s not even an hour - you never know what can happen ...
  11. Serg 122
    Serg 122 13 September 2013 19: 59
    Yeah, maybe! They decided to play it safe - all of a sudden, where it gets banged ...
  12. No_more
    No_more 13 September 2013 23: 24
    It was always interesting how the automatic system understands that the target is destroyed. Yes, and the night work of these systems, that ours, that I did not observe foreign ones.
    The Phalanx itself somehow does not impress with its rate of fire, it is clearly sufficient only to try to deal with single missiles, and even this is a question. 3000 rounds / min is not serious for air defense.
  13. Zomanus
    Zomanus 14 September 2013 00: 08
    Their "Falanx" does not dance against our "Dagger" or "Broadsword" at all. So let them update. And we should update the air defense of the middle zone on the ships. The S-350 looks very tempting in this regard.
  14. voliador
    voliador 14 September 2013 01: 53
    And "Phalanx" is an analogue of the 30-mm six-barreled automatic shipborne artillery mount AK-630. So there is no need to compare it with "Kortik".